REPORT: Trump University instructed teachers to LIE to students

Time Magazine has investigated Trump University and found a few troubling details. Turns out the teachers were instructed to lie to students, to pretend they were all in tight with Trump:

1. Trump is misleading voters about the program’s approval ratings.
Donald Trump maintains that the program had a 98% approval rating. In a sworn affidavit with a San Diego court filed in 2013, Trump’s director of operations Mark Covais said the company had issued 2,144 refunds to 6,698 attendees of the $1,495 three-day program, or 32%. The refund rate for a $34,995 program, Brill reports, was 16% percent.

2. Trump promised students he handpicked his teachers. He did not.
In a promotional video for the program, Trump said the program’s mentors would be “handpicked by me.” But, Brill writes, court documents tell a different story. Michael Sexton, who was hired to be president of Trump University, testified in a 2012 pretrial deposition that “none of our instructors…were handpicked by Donald Trump.”

3. Teachers were instructed to pretend they knew Trump even when they didn’t.
Trump University administrators created scripts for teachers, instructing them on what to say to their students. According to those scripts, teachers were told to tell students that they had a close association with Trump, Brill writes. “I remember one time Mr. Trump had us over for dinner,” a script distributed to teachers read, after which a instructor was supposed to recount how Trump had confided some nugget of real estate wisdom to him. “No, I didn’t have dinner with him,” conceded one instructor, when questioned in a 2013 deposition about a recorded presentation in which he mouths the script’s dinner-with-Trump line. “I was just trying to be as close to the [script] as possible.” “I don’t know who you’re talking about,” Trump told Brill when asked about the instructor’s dinner tale. “But I will tell you I met many of the professors, and I also studied just about all the résumés. I’m very much into academics. You know, I was a good student.”

They have several more troubling details here that you can read.

Also, the Better Business Bureau recently explained Trump University’s A+ rating to ABC News:

So it’s like having something bad on your credit rating. Once the bad thing expires and comes off your credit report, your credit rating automatically goes back up.


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