REPORT: Washington Navy Yard shooter a Buddhist with anger issues and an arrest record…or something

Here is the latest from Fox News on Aaron Alexis, the Washington Navy Yard shooter. He’s been arrested a couple of times for shooting at construction equipment tires and shooting through his roof at his upstairs neighbor because she was too loud. And according to his former roommate, he’s a Buddhist.


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  • poljunkie

    A Buddhist?

    I read elsewhere that he recently traveled to Thailand where he converted. But Buddhist? I thought the foundation was Zen and Karma.

    The only other aspects I THOUGHT I knew:

    To refrain from killing anything.

    No stealing.

    and No lying.

    • c4pfan

      A lot doesn’t make any sense.

    • stage9

      He prol’y thought there were mail order brides named Xena and Karman. That’s why he flew to Thailand. Religion can be very confusing sometimes.

      • poljunkie


  • c4pfan

    I wish someone would ask about the fake ID or the ID of the person he used to get in. Is that person alive or dead? Plus, how can one guy get through security that easily? That alone makes no sense to me.

    • I don’t think the police are willing to discuss that yet considering they are still investigating it. But I’m sure that will come out soon enough.

  • stage9

    I didn’t think buddhists had “anger issues”. Aren’t they supposed to become one with happy molecules or something?

  • iaintlyin

    knock knock. who’s there. No one yet but leave the door open for the race baiters, o, al and jesse.

  • Penelope210

    Perfect cover story….move along folks..nothing to see..just more ‘workplace violence’ on a military installation by a meditating Buddhist with anger issues, an ‘evil’ gun owner and suffering PTSD from 911.

  • Minerva

    I don’t believe for a moment that he was a buddist. Sounds more like a cover story for another angry Muslim losing it because the world is so “unfair” to their loving and kind religion.

  • PNWShan

    He might have become a Buddhist to deal with his anger issues, but it wasn’t successful.

  • imatellau

    CIA recruits goes missing for three months no one can find…. Obama is at the ready …..he is on time to the press conference that he is constantly late …… conspiracy theory you betcha

  • Roy Dille-Hayes

    And why the hell was this punk not in prison????

    • JayJCee

      Because no one has time to enforce the gun control laws on the books according to Joe Biden. But hey, that’s why we need to pass more.

  • Don Wyman

    I spent some time in a little place called Vietnam. It was full of Buddhists with guns.

    • tinlizzieowner

      “Welcome Home Brother”.

    • My best friend comes from a family originating from bloodthirsty, baby killing buddhists: CHINA.

  • lanahi

    Doesn’t sound like much of a Buddhist to me!

    Do you realize that ALL of these mass shootings occur in gun-free zones? Only the security officers had guns.

    • B-Funk

      Dittos from my point of view on both counts. I’ve never met a Buddhist who would do more than frown, and when are we going to do away with gun-free zones? I can’t even bring a friggin super soaker to the school I work at during the summer. /facepalm

  • B-Funk

    He’s a Buddhist, and my name is Mr Spock.

  • He was a quiet man…

    The FBI should not be allowed to lead this case, after accumulating a record of politically motivated incompetence and bias. DCIS and NCIS should have this.

    • tinlizzieowner

      The FBI will ‘lead’ this case like they did in Benghazi.

  • tinlizzieowner

    They have to call him a Buddhist. I doubt he’s Jewish, they can’t call him a Muslim that might ‘offend’ somebody and Barry already threw Rev. Wright’s (so called) ‘Christian’ church under the bus, remember? Can’t call him a Scientologist or an Atheist, that would ‘offend’ all of Barry’s Hollywood supporters, What’s left? 😉 😉

    • Conservator1

      Yesterday, I ended a comment mocking the Obama’s administration response:

      “…Team Obama is hoping those who committed this evil act against the innocent were Christians, Jews or even Buddhists.”

      Who knew or thought a Buddhist was the shooter?

      • USMC 64-68

        Visit S.E. Asia, and you’ll find Buddhists don’t really live up to their reputation.

        You can be gutted for the “right” kind of insult.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Sign of the times: My first thought was, “Did he shout Allahu Akhbar?” I’m kind of surprised the MSM hasn’t tried to pin it on the TEA Party.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Of course Sen. Feinstein (Moron-CA) has started screaming for more gun control laws just minutes after the event. News today on the shooter is that he was an obsessive fan of violent video games.

    I wonder if Sen. Feinstein and her colleagues ever think about the effect of violent video games on impulsive and impressionable minds? Oh wait, I used the words “senator” and “think” in the same sentence. Never mind.

  • DHardy

    I think we will eventually find out more and the stories we are hearing today will be debunked…

  • madgrandma

    What was he before he became a Buddhist?…

  • madgrandma

    Everyone here sees the same pattern… Mass shooting in “gun free zone”… Nice Guys, quiet,… sudden Mental issues… or old mental issues… Drugs?… and ANOTHER PUSH TO DISARM HONEST CITIZENS! I’m sick of it!