“Reverend” Jeremiah Wright grabs crotch repeatedly during bizarre sermon illustration

Yes, this is Obama’s spiritual mentor in action. I’m not sure when this particular episode took place but one has to assume Obama witnessed plenty of blatant irreverence like this during his 20 years of sitting in the pews at Wright’s church.

I mean, even setting aside “God damn America” and all of that…does this sound like a Christian preacher to you?

Be sure to hang in there to the end for the full, painful impact.

Via the Blaze.

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  • Linky1

    This is just TOO painful to watch. This man is a Reverend that influenced Obama? Words do indeed fail me now.

    • Words fail you? Then borrow the words of Wright from one his most famous sermons: “He was RIDIN’ DIRTY!”

  • Maybe he just needs a little somethin’-somethin’.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Poser. Liar. Hypocrite. God will not be mocked.

  • reliapundit

    in his 20 years of sundays at the church, barry never saw anything like this.


    • badbadlibs

      It’s easy to lie when you follow the father of lies.

  • stevenbiot

    What a wanker! Although, I love Bob Marley.

  • XXIIFan

    The man is an idiot… not worth paying attention to or wasting time trying to figure him out.

  • sandynsavannah

    I cannot …will not……. listen to a man that spoke death…cursed…….. my beloved home repeatedly…

    All I Have to say is ….

  • But I was under the impression that it does not matter what one believes in this election….boy I am sure getting confused, quickly.////

  • StrangernFiction

    Damn that was funny.

  • 3seven77

    Ol’ Jeremiah sure has a neat scam going on there. No wonder the south side of Chicago is a crime-ridden slum if this is what people are given as “role models”.

  • GiantM

    This is no different than burning the American flag and calling it freedom of speech, or placing a picture of Jesus in urine and calling it art. Desecration of the pulpit!!

    Blasphemy in it’s purest form on display for all to see. What saddens me are all those who are facing him and find it amusing. This man will dread the very moment he is reminded of this when he meets my G_D, because he certainly is not or ever has been speaking on HIS behalf one iota!!

    • kong1967

      It says a lot about Obama that he sat in this guy’s church for twenty years and called him his mentor. It is stunning and shameful that we have this mentality sitting in the Oval Office.

  • 12grace

    John Hagee – 10 Signs we are the Final Generation

    Pastor John Hagee on Why America is on the Path to Disaster

  • 12grace

    John Hagee – Counterfeit Christianity (Part 1 of 5)

    John Hagee – Counterfeit Christianity (Part 2 of 5)

    John Hagee – Counterfeit Christianity (Part 3 of 5)

    John Hagee – Counterfeit Christianity (Part 4 of 5)

    John Hagee – Counterfeit Christianity (Part 5 of 5)

    • Cindy09

      I love Pastor Hagee. He has done a lot for Israel. He is a man of honor.

      • 12grace

        Yes, I love him ,too. He is a true man of G-d.

        • GiantM

          This man IS blessed because he continually blesses Israel. I’m with yah Grace.

  • M_J_S


  • 911Infidel

    Here is your portion Mr Wright (about at the 6 minute mark)

    • badbadlibs

      Acts 2:38, Jesus our escape.

  • badbadlibs

    This man is NOT a “Christian”, never mind a “Christian preacher”. Jesus said we would know them by their fruits. This man follows satan.

    • GiantM

      Yup, the enemy has him by the crotch….no doubt.

  • brendawatkins

    I wonder if any souls came to Christ at that service? I really don’t envy this man come Judgement Day. To much is given, much is required.

  • kong1967

    I don’t get it. How can anyone pass that off as being religious or even proper to be going on in a church? What minister in his right mind grabs his crotch and sings about going after a married woman and refers to a woman as a ho? I didn’t see one thing that was appropriate or could be associated with God or relgion in any way shape or form.

  • geez – my Pastor doesn’t deliver his message like this

    • alex1913

      Your Pastor probably doesn’t get some strange on the side either… 🙂

      Of course, I’m not saying the good Rev. Wright isn’t on the straight and narrow… I’m just saying he kind of plays to the potential Mrs. Jones’ in the pews… that’s all I’m saying and I’m saying it poorly as well… 🙂

    • alex1913

      Hey ComfyPaws, I checked out your twitter page and enjoyed almost all the tweets… well done… how do you get on twitter? Does it cost money to send these texts? I might have to try doing this stuff a bit if it doesn’t cost too much. 🙂

  • wodiej

    Another indication that obama is not a christian.

  • denbren52

    A Christian would spend no more than 5 minutes in a church where this …. was preaching. A Christian would turn right around and walk out never to return to that so-called church. A Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit, knows false teaching and cannot be deceived by someone like this. And someone like this can never convert a person to Christianity.

    Conclusion: Obama was not a Christian when he started attending Wright’s circus tent (I refuse to call it a church) and he wasn’t a Christian when he stopped attending.

    • PVG


  • I just got done burning all my old funk and R&B albums. Yikes.

  • Yazz55

    Just exactly what religion was that?

    • PVG

      Religion of the holy CROTCH!

      • wodiej

        lol…church of the poison mind

  • alex1913

    This guy is mesmerizing…. I just put ten bucks in an envelope and mailed it to Chicago marked…

    Some nut that Obama listens to for advice and stuff
    Chicago, USSA

    …Wonder where it will end up. Maybe at Wrights church, maybe at Rahms office… heck, maybe it will be delivered to Oprah. Who knows. Strange days folks. Strange days. 🙂

  • Dan

    what a dip-stick…..


    …another lost soul to EVIL.”

  • Susitna

    Under normal circumstances people like Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Farrakhan and the leaders of the New Black Panthers as well as Biden and Pelosi would receive the appriopriate treatment in a mental health clinic. All of them are so pathetic and obvioulsy intellectually deteriorated that it would be inhuman and a waste of time to criticize them at all. What they need is a professional diagnosis so that the American people can know that they are not dealing with leaders but with „patients“. It is very interesting that all these useful idiots (and, as we know now, patients) of the “New Elite” are showing symptoms of acute dilusional logorrhea at the same time. Are they out of medication? But, what worries me the most is that they still have an audience………

  • To be fair, a lot of those crotch grabs looked like leg grabs.

    Either way, am I the only one who finds Rev. Wright to be one of the best sources for theological entertainment out there?

    Nothing can be the classic: if you got some white friends, they be clappin’ like this, y’all.

    • WordsFailMe

      Pride goeth before the fall…

  • brendawatkins

    The congregants should have left that church feeling dirty.. yet they cheered him on. I guess that’s to be expected when the leader himself is Godless. This is nothing to laugh at, or even make fun of, this is something to be pitied.. this man has a lot of souls he’s going to be accountable for.. I pity this man.. I really do.

  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    Hmm. Well, certain STDs can do that to a man. Maybe from this point forward I’ll list Wright as “serial-self-groper Jeremiah Wright.”

  • Constance

    Granted, being raised as a midwestern Lutheran, we didn’t even raise our voices in the church, much less clap or shout back at our pastor. Lutherans are a loving but boring bunch, dontcha know. You betcha. However, I would have paid money to see our pastor behave like this, and in turn, watch the locals remove him from the pulpit and bar him from coming back in. It would have been worth the price of admission just to see it.

    • WordsFailMe

      Since Altar Boy Omama left, it looks like Reverend Wright’s Church has shifted from Full to Self Service.

  • marketcomp

    I think these people who be happy that the Rev. is pushing their records in the pulpit!

  • msverde1


  • The only thing that gives me comfort is, the man will get his comeuppance on Judgement Day.

  • I’m waiting for Jamie Farr, Peter Lawford, and Jaye P. Morgan to take turns gonging him….

    (I *might* have to wait awhile for Lawford, though…)

    • WordsFailMe

      Because Lawford sleeps with the Kennedy’s?

  • Trust1TG

    A whole lot more about Obama and the New Black Panthers – http://rogersdaughter.wordpress.com/2012/04/09/obama-and-the-new-black-panthers/

  • WordsFailMe

    For a really current review of the history of black Christian preachers, or “How Trayvon Plays in a Mind-Not-Wasted,” otherwise entitled : “Kwanzaa as Celebrated in Akron,Miss.” use this link. This video is a classic.

    Courtesy of StrangernFiction.


    Pass this link around.

  • And to think Barack Obama listened to this turkey for twenty whole years? Obama was under the tutelage of Jeremiah Wright for twenty whole years and it obviously shows. Jeremiah Wright drilled into his audience that Jews are bad and white people in general are no good either. Black Liberation theology has its origin in Marxism, and therefore, it’s anti-American to the core. Marxism is the antipathy of Democracy and freedom. Marxism ‘enslaves’ the masses and suppresses freedom and liberty. But it was expedient and necessary for Obama to join a church in order for him to climb the political ladder of opportunism in America, and he chose to join a fellow Marxist by the name of Jeremiah Wright and ended up taking his family to Wright’s so-called “church” on the south side of Chicago. Marxism permeates Black Liberation theology and since Jeremiah Wright espoused Black Liberation theology to his audience it has obviously rubbed off on Obama, who listened to it intently for twenty whole years.

    That’s why the Obama administration is on record as having the worst relationship in U.S. history with our greatest Middle East ally, the nation of Israel. Jeremiah Wright is a racist, Jew hating bigot and it obviously left an indelible mark on Obama’s subconscious and future policy decisions. Obama wanted Benjamin Netanyahu to reduce Israel’s border to indefensible pre-1967 war constraints, which would have allowed terrorist Palestinians under the leadership of terrorist Hamas to strike deep into the heart of Israel at will. Plus it would have also encouraged other terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and countries like Syria, Iran and Egypt to bomb and attack Israel with impunity also. Which is perhaps what Obama really wanted… to help get rid of the Jews?? Obama has demonstrated over and over that he doesn’t like Israel or its leaders and you get the feeling that the same racist mentality that governs Jeremiah Wright, governs Obama. That’s the perception anyway.

    The only reason Obama threw Jeremiah Wright under the bus was because Wright became controversial on the campaign trail in 2008 and since Obama’s number one priority was to become President of the United States, he needed to remove any hindrance to his election prospects. Therefore, Jeremiah Wright became “expendable”, and subsequently, thrown under the bus by Obama. With friends like Obama who needs enemies? Jeremiah Wright became a “casualty” of Obama’s rise to power and of course Obama has thrown many other people under the bus when they got in the way of his dictatorial rise to power and/or in the way of his socialistic agenda to turn America into an extension of socialist Europe – which is in the process of imploding economically – just like America is doing – while Obama continues to spend taxpayer money like a drunken sailor on a no-limit credit card; as well as the money his administration prints “out of thin air” which is causing inflation to rise and our DEBT to skyrocket to over $15,000,000,000,000 trillion and counting.

    That’s why it’s really hard to believe Obama’s really a Christian. Or for that matter, that a racist like Jeremiah Wright would be considered a Christian either. Both of them are giving Christianity a bad rap in my humble opinion. Black Liberation theology is not in alignment with true Christianity either by the way. It is principally a Marxist ideology that uses the Bible and Jesus Christ to their own devious ends. >> Which is to end white dominance in the world (through revolutionary and subversive means and tactics – which Obama is trying to implement while he’s in office by the way), plus the “redistribution of wealth”, taking wealth away from those who’ve earned it – mainly white people who are the majority of high wage earners – and then “redistributing” the money to those who haven’t earned it and therefore don’t deserve it… but is given to them anyway… i.e. mainly minorities who are considered the underprivileged and therefore the recipients of Obama’s massive “wealth redistribution” scheme. Which when you think about it, is basically highway robbery and socialism in a nutshell. Both of which Barack Obama approves wholeheartedly apparently. As evidenced by his numerous actions and policy decisions to “spread the wealth around” at the expense of the American taxpayer and America’s economic future… which is in severe peril and jeopardy ever since Barack Obama slid into the White House unvetted and obviously WAY in over his head. Even as he and his own administration are in the process of bankrupting the country and dividing the American people against each other, using partisan class warfare tactics and other reprehensible, un-American, and many would say illegal means and methods to achieve their devious goal(s). November 6th can’t get here soon enough! VOTE THE BUMS OUTS!!! THAT INCLUDES OBAMA!!!!!

  • Just tryin to break off a little summin summin…

  • sjmom

    This is a preacher of the Gospel???????????? It sounded more like a night at the Apollo Theater. Hope nobody paid to see it.

  • OH. MY. GOSH.

    *passed out from shock*

  • Dick_Parker

    By therir fruits ye shall know them!

  • burn in hell, is the song he will hear later, then forever.
    Wolves in sheep clothing spearing not the flock, made for the slaughter.

    Tea Party Patriot
    God Jehovah is not mocked, and will not forget the butchers of his flock.

  • sparing not the flock

  • is this the same brotha that lives in a cracker gated community?

  • bobemakk

    A former US Marine who should be stripped of all his veterans benefits and thrown in jail. A DISGRACE!!!!!!

  • theWYcowboy

    Let me preface by saying, I did not watch the video. I wouldn’t dignify wright by watching him. I am simply replying to the headline, “wright grabs crotch.” Many of these, let’s just call them “folks” have a problem continually grabbing their crotch. Remember a singer by the name of jackson…..he was constantly touching himself. I find their actions despicable.

  • That is nasty.

  • He’s a minister like I’m Fast Freddie Spencer.
    He claims to be a minister for the tax exemption and the protection afforded religion. He’s the worst sort of scammer – he feeds on his own, and those he doesn’t eat, he poisons.

  • worth less nigga go back

    • K-Bob

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  • My eyes were opened in 2008 when Rev Wright, black theology, Faraakhan were exposed and I realized that many black churches echo this racist theology. Democrats can give campaign speeches from their pulpit and IRS looks the other way. I did not realize that while I believed there was no difference in black or white we are Americans first, a reverse was happening in the black community. Obama was elected because we had gotten past his race, but he never was. Eric Holder will not prosecute Black Panthers
    but attacks voter ID states. We are in a race bating period and Obama is the cheerleader. Rev. Wright was his mentor.