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This is an outrage. Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, who’s been in the Air Force for 19 years, was relieved of his position and reassigned because he disagreed with his openly gay commanding officer about gay marriage. Monk’s commanding officer wanted to strictly punish a subordinate Airman for mentioning to his trainees that he disagreed with same-sex marriage. Monk apparently thought her punishment was to harsh and it came out that he also disagreed with same-sex marriage. He was later reassigned.


GUNS.COM – An Air Force veteran was relieved from duty after disagreeing with his openly gay commander.

Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk, a 19-year Air Force veteran, stepped in when his openly gay commander talked of severely punishing a subordinate Airman who expressed his religious beliefs, objecting to homosexuality.

Monk, an evangelical Christian, shared his opinion with his commander, advising her the incident be utilized as a learning experience on tolerance and diversity. Later, Monk was relieved of his duties and reassigned. The commander also banned Monk from returning to the unit and when he came to retrieve his personal effects, he had to first request permission.

“I was relieved of my position because I don’t agree with my commander’s position on gay marriage,” said Monk. “We’ve been told that if you publicly say that homosexuality is wrong, you are in violation of Air Force policy.”

Air Force Instruction 1-1 states that commanders “must avoid the actual or apparent use of their position to promote their personal religious beliefs to their subordinate or to extend preferential treatment for any religion.”

Monk has retained an attorney from Liberty Institute to defend his religious liberties and rights.

Monk has served as a First Sergeant at Lackland Air Force in San Antonio since 2011 and has recently returned from a deployment. He has requested that his position be reinstated.


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  • terpsez11

    openly gay commanding officer— God help us all

  • MadJack

    Swell a gay commander.  Damn we are screwed.  The 1st Amendment is being trampled day after day.

  • Watchman74

    I’ve woken up in the Twilight Zone! What a strange world we now live in when everyone else can be “out” about there beliefs, but Christians now have to stay in the closet.

  • Orangeone

    We have this and this is how she responds because she can’t do her job, runs to her friend Obama’s DOJ

  • AmericanborninCanada

    Well sure. We all knew this wasn’t about ‘tolerance’ but acceptance and those who refuse to accept homosexual marriage will be punished.  Oh and they don’t want special treatment either except maybe extra time off to go get married…

    GOD please help us.

  • Orangeone

    MadJack The outed gay commander is easily identifiable by our enemies.  Once one is captured and tortured live on the internet, it will change.

  • tinlizzieowner

    I’m sure glad I got out of the Air Force in 68. For those of you who don’t know Lackland AFB is the Air Force basic training center, this is where you go first, when you enlist.
    Apparently, ‘basic’ training these days, means to embrace ‘Gays’, (or else).

  • Rshill7

    All of our rights are being trampled. Every last one of them. Take a look at this story.  You or members of your family might be next. The collective is trampling on the individual. This cannot be allowed to stand:

  • Rshill7

    And this:
    Just as we thought. Obamacare seeks to control each and every aspect of our lives, and will.

  • The Sentinel

    Back during my time of serving in the USAF, the commanding officer would have been punished for this… not the SMSgt. Furthermore, to be a Senior Master Sergeant (E8) at 19 years means this guy is on the ball – smart and loyal. To treat him this way is discriminatory and illegal… or at least it used to be.
    Tolerance applies only to anyone who is not conservative or a Christian. I expect dictionaries to be edited to reflect that. Sarcasm… but pathetically, becoming more true every single day.

  • Orangeone

    AmericanborninCanada Time for heterosexuals to sue, that’s discrimination based on sexual preference.

  • Scolded for the Truth

    The same thing happened to me when I was serving with the Marines in 2007. General Amos (then a two star–now commandant of the Marine Corps) told my command to tell me I had to leave the Marine Corp Billet I was in (I was a Naval Officer) and that I could never again wear the uniform of the Marine Corp. My crime: I told a reporter that I did not trust the Wahabbist Imam chaplain, who was assigned at Quantico and who was teaching our service members about the peaceful religion of Islam. Not only did he silence me, but he silenced any service member who believed it necessary to warn others about the dangers America continues to place itself in. After this event the Ft. Hood murders took place. Now we add talking publicly about one’s concern over the immoral behavior known as homosexuality.

  • MatthewDietz

    Apparently we don’t have the right to disagree anymore. This is insanity! Homosexuality is a BEHAVIOR! It’s not who you are. Christians, me being one of them, disapprove of many types of BEHAVIOR. Cursing, stealing, adultery, premarital sex, cheating, lying and yes….. homosexuality Why do we disapprove? Because those BEHAVIORS are destructive and it’s been proven all throughout history that they are indeed so. These people call themselves “progressives” while they are really “regressives.” “Do whatever feels right., it’s only natural.” That is turning us into animals. Animals don’t have a conscience, they just act on the natural instincts. Christianity is real human progression. This government doesn’t have the right to force us to accept this BEHAVIOR. We’ll tolerate others that partake in it, because Christianity is most tolerant religion in the world.

  • M_Minnesota

    Barry and the left want to do it this way.   First you go after the clergy (Chaplins) who have guns or are around guns and then focus on Civilian Clergy who may not have guns.

  • enoughofthenonsense

    I suggest that his CO go “back in the closet”.   Imagine if it was the other way around…..oh boy would the CO be in trouble

  • Tamikosmom

    Would an officer who was a follower of Islam be reassigned for “openly disagreeing with his gay commander” on gay marriage?

  • tinlizzieowner

    Well put.

  • 1tootall

    a Female, no less.  Wow.  The age of the military now acting as “crossing guards”.  Imagine. Yes, this is sexist…get over it.

  • tinlizzieowner

    Scolded for the Truth  
    Thank you for your service “Brother”. Welcome to Right Scoop. This isn’t OUR military anymore, we might as well be fighting for the enemy, rather than against it.

  • tinlizzieowner

    The Sentinel   
    The ‘tolerance’ situation in the (so called) ‘modern’ military is becoming down right pathetic. :-(

  • DZortea

    Tamikosmom  Look at what they overlooked with the Ft. Hood terrorist.

  • pushtheredbutton

    Is this not Bull-S**t I see before me? WhatThe(Sandra)Fluke is going on in the USA??? WTF?!!!

  • pushtheredbutton

    This is all part of a ploy to force Christians out of the US army. The bride of Christ must not oblige. Christians must remain in the US army. Without them in place, it makes the coming American revolution almost impossible to mount. And moreover, it will make the persecution of constitution-lovers and Christians, using the army, far easier for the man of HusSeIN and his henchmen to execute. 
    Do not let them rinse you out ye faithful men of war.

  • lawngreen

    pushtheredbutton If there’s a revolution coming, it had better come fast. With all the muslims and extremist homosexual activists in the armed forces already, if a revolution were to start, the straights would have a war on their hands just cleaning out the ranks. It will only get worse.
    Not, of course, that either of us, or anyone else on this site, is advocating or desiring a revolution and coup d’etat. Just observing trends and speculating on percentages and possibilities and likelihoods  … uh-oh, I said “hoods”. Is that racist?

  • lawngreen

    Tamikosmom  Can’t wait to see the brass solve that dilemma. Or just confronted with it.

  • DHardy

    They keep this up and all they will have is the Godless, Muslims and Gays in the military..Good luck with that!

  • lawngreen

    Rshill7  This is Agenda 21 under one of its many disguises.

  • lawngreen

    Rshill7 Those inspectors need to be … reasoned with.
    Yes, I know. Totally useless. Need to start at the top, where the rot started.

  • lawngreen

    tinlizzieowner  Uh …. just how do you mean “embrace”?
    Sorry. I know what you meant. Just a little gallows humor there.
    Don’t ask me how I meant “gallows”.

  • njmom

    The Air Force is being run but anti American Leftists who I pray are removed when the GOP takes the WH in 2016. However, if its a RINO God help us.

  • Laurel A

    Our military is dead. Between this crap and constantly reneging on benefits no one is going to join. And who wants to follow Mr. Thin Skinned Leading From Behind Blowhard in the WH anyway?

  • Laurel A

    DHardy It’s rapidly getting there right now.

  • fiznart

    Freedom of religion, Freedom of speech – no longer exists for the Christian follower :o(!
    But talk about immoral behaviors (in any shape) and you’re good to go :o(!

  • pushtheredbutton

    lawngreen pushtheredbutton Yes it is, you sick sick racist! Go and offer an ablation at your local NAACP and your sins shall be forgiven.

  • stage9


  • stage9

    pushtheredbutton SOCIAL ISSUES MATTER!

  • stage9

    M_Minnesota Then you arm a “civilian defense force” that shares your “values” and will do your bidding. Then you disarm the population and the military becomes irrelevant because it is no longer commanded by competent commanders.

  • stage9

    Scolded for the Truth And THAT my friends is why I got out. The PC BS was too much for me anymore. And that was back when Billy was in office. I can’t even IMAGINE serving today.
    You’re a true Patriot brother. You don’t need a uniform for that.

  • stage9

    The Sentinel  He’s doing the right thing exposing this nonsense. Staying silent about it is the WORST thing you can do.

  • stage9
  • Orangeone

    njmom I don’t want the GOP in the WH either (see Reince thread).  I want a Constitutional Conservative in our WH, and more of them in the Senate and House.

  • stage9

    Orangeone I don’t know what’s worse, that they boast that this is “history making”, or that HuffPo has a section dedicated to promoting vile and disgusting behavior like homosexuality.

  • Orangeone

    pushtheredbutton lawngreen We will form our own army and the Constitution provides for it, it is the civilian militia.

  • Orangeone

    Tamikosmom The muzzie would pull a Fort Hood and be paid for years for doing so.

  • AmericanborninCanada

    stage9 Thanks for the info Stage9 brother. :(

  • Orangeone

    stage9 Orangeone She won’t be long in that position because she is targeting white male heterosexual officers.  The community doesn’t trust the creature either. Whine, whine, whine and run to her boy Obama to save things.  Disgusting.

  • DicksTrash

    It’s the military and if you have any sense at all, you’ll keep all politics off the table when you’re in it. The Master Sergeant was was right and wrong in the very same instance.

  • chris3

    Political correctness cultural Marxism:

  • RightStuff1

    DicksTrash You will need to explain how he was wrong. He suggested that the “offending” (I hate that word because libs are offended by everything on the planet except their own behavior) soldier and his comments be used as a proxy to show how people of different beliefs and attitudes might all get along and he was removed from duty for doing so?
    This is how we treat a man who has put on the uniform and literally put his life on the line in Iraq and Afghanistan? Really? I am so sick of this crap. Sick and bloody tired of this total BS!!!!!!

  • RightStuff1

    pushtheredbutton lawngreen has to be in the form of money as well those commie swine sure do like the green stuff to lavish on themselves….iniquitous scum that they are…

  • RightStuff1

    Tamikosmom The answer is NOOOOOOOO…..but that’s ok. This is 1984 in the flesh. Double think is alive and well. Women are worth 50% of a man in Sharia law and non-muslims that would be all of us Christians are worth 50% of a muslim woman. So we have libs speaking on behalf of muslims when they also claim to be for womens rights, gay rights. The two are wholly incompatible but that doesn’t worry libs because they emote, they do not think and they live by slogans alone. By the way I’m a racist. Just thought I would get that in.

  • RightStuff1

    enoughofthenonsense This will destroy our military and is in fact doing so. They will become less efective. This will increase numbers of casualities and the left don’t give a rip because that is not important. This is not about a strong military this is about playing politics and to hell with the consequences. 
    The country is falling apart. So plain to see.

  • benty910

    Remove people of the Judeo-Christian Faith from the Military, put girls in the frontlines, “celebrate” Islam and Homosexuality and degrade the Military and it’s role in America and the World. World Communism gives Obama a pat on the top of his head. My, my Obama is more useful than expected!

  • lawngreen

    pushtheredbutton LOL!

  • wraith67

    You don’t have to condone homosexuality in the military any more than you have to condone Islam or Wicca. This was a dyke with an agenda that though she had license because of repealing DADT.  And the line about “he was just at the end of his tour” is a crock of baloney too – a Senior Master Sergeant knows if he’s being relieved or not.  But this is because of a lack of leadership at the Joint Chiefs level and then down.  These guys are all supposed to know what the constitution is and should be stomping hard on subordinate commanders that try to pull this kind of thing.

  • PNWShan

    DicksTrash He tried to keep politics out of his. The master sergeant was pressing him for an answer on how he personally felt about same sex marriage. She stepped over the line.

  • DicksTrash

    You’d have to be in the military to understand. Sorry, but that’s the truth. There is no such thing as the 1st Amendment in the service. None, whatsoever. Never has been. With that said, I think there’s more to this story than we know. People just aren’t relieved because of a single disagreement. Something else has been brewing.  RightStuff1 DicksTrash

  • DicksTrash

    Doesn’t matter what she said or she said it.  He should’ve had a nice hot cup of STFU. This is the military, not IBM.  PNWShan RightStuff1

  • jamesbotts16309

    Conservatives should start supporting spending cuts to the military. If our military leaders are going to crap on us like this, I see no reason to keep funding them to the extent we have in the past.
    It would send a message up the chain of command real quick, because they are the ones that fear cuts the most.
    This isn’t the only such incident related to disagreements on social issues either. Events like this are becoming a habit, because military leadership has become a bunch of sell outs just like the establishment Republicans.
    Stop instantly opposing cuts to the military just because you have been programmed to believe they are on our side. Not all of them are.

  • Unionville

    Beware of ENDA.  It will be the end of free speech in America and freedom of religion.  This man is lucky that it hasn’t passed as yet.   He still has recourse through the law but after ENDA, not so much.

  • warpmine

    jamesbotts16309 No, what we should advocate is for desertion of all rank in the military of Christian men and women. Time to come home and let rot collapse. They want it that bad let them have it. A revolt will quickly take hold and the anti-American traitors will be quickly dispatched. We can then begin again. It’s outrageous that soldiers risk life and limb defending the constitution all the while Obama destroys it. Screw all the leftists.

  • tinlizzieowner

    lawngreen tinlizzieowner 
    I meant ‘embrace’ in the same way you meant ‘gallows’. ;-) ;-)
    English is a fun language, if you can manage to stay in school long enough to actually learn how to speak it,
    (I think you can figure out where I’m going with that statement). ;-) ;-)

  • Pokerwife1

    Can we also talk about how a “subordinate” is being severely disciplined for expressing his opinion?  I realize that the military is not a place for expressing opinions but since when do we “severely discipline” people for their opinions?


    I really can’t say very much positive about people that identify themselves by their fetish for gay sex. I’m certainly not anti sex, but I don’t use my sexual proclivities as a claim to fame, or pretend they’re some achievement I should be proud of.

  • bahamianhoosier

    Watchman74 Precisely their goal! They want average American Patriots to be the chastised and ridiculed minority stuck in the closet! Our grandparents would be outraged!!

  • Terry_Jim

    ” a learning experience on tolerance and diversity. ”
    Boy, it sure is. There is no tolerance for diversity of opinion.

  • fireme

    Obama is weakening the military while he builds up his domestic force.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    They’re going to force all of the patriots out of the military until there is nothing left but queers and gangbangers.

    • Mark

      Unfortunately that seems to be the plan

  • lawngreen

    tinlizzieowner lawngreen Read you 5-by.

  • stage9

    DicksTrash If that’s true then they need to dissolve all of their “EO” training, because that garbage is a one-sided condemnation of ANYTHING that doesn’t tolerate their narrow view of “diversity”, and let’s face it, diversity training was designed to specifically disparage the white American Christian male. I do not beleive in diversity; I believe in EQUALITY!
    diversity = division
    equality = cohesion

  • Tucker69

    The military is no longer a Volunteer run entity; it is a payed job, Therefore; it would seem to me that all parties that work “In” the military should be professional. That being said, discussing ones sexual beliefs or practices within your workplace environment is a taboo. You wouldn’t go to work at your local phone company and openly admit to having any sexual orientation because no one would really give a rats ass. Don’t do it in the military. In the same token, no one at your local phone company, is going to fire someone else because they don’t believe or do believe in same sex marriages. Again, no one gives a rats ass about it when they are at work. Keep your personal opinions and your personal life out of your professional life. Also, I believe the commanding officer should be demoted in rank for using his/her authority in his “JOB” to make a point on a personal issue.

  • Startrekin81

    Tucker69 While that is true, it doesnt stop the other side from discussing their pro-gay pro-same sex marriage beliefs.  It’s a double standard and it is wrong.
    As for the commander, he shouldn’t be demoted, he should be fired. That is abuse of power.  I would like to see his rank striped and him forced out of the service.  Unfortunately, he’s a member of the fraternity known as the Officer Corp.  He’ll never be punished.  At worst, he’ll be asked to retire.  Officer cover their own, but screw the enlisted.

  • DavePotter

    PNWShan DicksTrash So, she stepped over the line. In the military you need to learn fast that those with less rank than you are your punk and you are the punk of those with more. you don’t stand up to those with more, you just say what ever they want to hear. It isn’t your place to correct them. Crap rolls down hill. Always has, trying to turn it around and push it back up only gets in it your face. The word ‘fair’ does not exist. Right or wrong doesn’t matter, only rank. Fight the system and the system will crush you. Such is life in the military. If you don’t approve better not join.

  • Terry_Jim

    Startrekin81 Tucker69
    Her. The Commanding Officer who wants to  “severely” punish ” a subordinate Airman who expressed his religious beliefs,” is a her.
    I hope the little fascist gets removed, but this POTUS is more likely to give her a phonecall of congratulations..

  • Stormy1413

    Tucker69 I agree the commanding officer should be demoted.  But for the record… the military has always been through volunteer unless the draft was initiated during war time.  And it has always been a paid position.  There are only a few reasons why someone joins the military.  1) They may actually be patriotic and want to serve their country.  2) They can’t make it in life and so they join the military for the perks.  3) More rare, but happens… they have sociopathic tendencies and want to kill or hurt others while hiding behind their uniform.  In any of these scenarios…they get paid, and it’s always their choice if they want to join or not.

  • jazzee

    Tucker69 Well I think the military has tried to do that but NOW anyone who doesn’t agree with the new social justice gay policy is punished…should have stayed don’t ask who cares…never thought it was fair for someone to be fired for being gay just do your job and shut up
    it is not my business BUT don’t give the gays more rights than the other guys and gals…not right either….sexual stuff is personal and should remain that way but that is not what is happening
    we are destroying the military………………and it needs to stop
    why are gay couples going to be given special time off to get married so they can collect gov benefits?? they doing the same for straight couples NO…so get back to the basics kill and destroy that is the military’s job and shut up about anything else

  • jazzee

    Terry_Jim Startrekin81 Tucker69 I bet he called her already GAG ME

  • jazzee

    Dr. Strangelove AMEN

  • jazzee

    fireme excellent point
    and will the SHEEP ever wake up??????????/

  • Tucker69

    Stormy1413 Tucker69 While the information you are providing is accurate, the point really was that if they can make a “career” of the military; than perhaps a little on the job etiquette needs to be applied.

  • jeffrey728

    Terry_Jim Just like you can’t say you hate Jews or you hate blacks. It really is a shame that we can’t vocalize our hatreds as much in public. That’s a key part of being an American: hating a minority group.

  • Terry_Jim

    jeffrey728 Terry_Jim Senior Master Sergeant Monk did not express any hatred, neither have I. I do not hate the CO, but I vehemently disagree with her illegal punishment of Airmen who have a diverse opinion, not a bigoted ,hateful one.
    Do you hate the majority group who disagree with redefining marriage to include homosexual marriage?

  • jeffrey728

    Terry_Jim jeffrey728 It’s not a diverse opinion, anymore than believing black people should have fewer legal rights than white people is merely a diverse opinion. And most people SUPPORT legal same-sex marriage: it is shrinking minority that oppose extending the same legal rights to gay people that straight people have. 
    Anyone who purposely creates a hostile workplace through disgusting and discriminatory remarks deserves what he gets.

  • xuxu

  • hckslvn

    Freedom of expression does not equate to freedom from repercussions.  The military does not restrain anyone from taking part in any group or organization, but the stipulation is that service members must be conscious of verbalizing personal opinions while in uniform.  The image of the uniform always comes first!!  You are made aware of this as you raise your hand to defend the Constitution of the United States.  That doesn’t mean you are offered the same protections as other citizens. As a service member, you subscribe to a higher calling so that others can have those protections.  You DO make the sacrifice of some rights for the welfare of all. We learn this on DAY ONE when we take the oath. This is the reason that I believe the Commander took the following actions with the SMSgt and the Airmen.  Those in position of authority have an even higher responsibility to protect, train and lead junior troops.  Whether the Commander is LGBT, or not, does not relieve the Commander of the responsibility to establish a climate fostering a  healthy professional environment for general welfare and morale of the unit as a whole.  The SMSgt should have understood this and supported the Commander.  If you want to express your opinions, you can do that on your own time, but your personal opinions have no place when serving and wearing the uniform.

    • Mark

      Exactly! The SMSgt was reassigned and the commander should be relieved of her rank, position, and duty in our Air Force. Inexcusable!

  • PNWShan

    hckslvn Okay, so what about the lesbian commanding officer? She had a definite opinion on gay marriage, she forced the officer under her to voice his opinion on the matter, and then she punished him for it. Shouldn’t the lesbian officer also be held to this higher responsibility of not voicing (and forcing) her personal opinions on others?

  • hckslvn

    PNWShan hckslvn Again the fact that the Commander is a lesbian or that the SMSgt is a heterosexual is a factor, but it does relieve both parties of their commitment to establishing a professional environment.  That is the job of the Commander and the SMSgt acting as a First Sergeant.  The SMSgt has the responsibility of acting as a trusted agent for the Commander.  When all fails, the Commander has the overall responsibility.  Moreover, what bias or background an individual may possess has to be tempered with professional responsibility.  That is why the military has a unique set of laws, which provides standards for military members to adhere to in spite of bias, background, religious affiliation, ethnicity, sexual orientation and so on.  The Commander asked for the SMSgt’s professional opinion.  The SMSgt acting as a senior advisor to the Commander made the choice to impart his personal opinion.  Factoring the overall good for all service member under the Commander’s, she made a choice for the good of all in lieu of the individual rights of the SMSgt or the Airmen providing the training.

    • Mark

      The commander should not be a commander, she let her personal feelings and beliefs interfere with her ability to command and should be relieved of her rank and position and kicked out of the Air Force.

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