Rick Perry, Texas responsible for almost 50% of Obama’s net job growth since 2009

Rick Perry and the state of Texas has had a major impact on Obama’s net gains in job growth to the tune of 43% according to JP Updates, and the funny thing is Texas only accounts for less than 10% of the total US population:

From the start of February 2009 (Obama’s first full month in office) through the end of May 2013 (the last month there is available Federal data for jobs per state) the United States had a net gain of 2,076,000 jobs. In the same time, Texas had a net gain of 882,582 jobs. In other words, 43% of the net job gains since Obama’s first full month in office are from Texas. This is a major success for Perry considering that his State has less than 7% of the overall U.S. population.

Those jobs numbers are from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics so there is no room for the Left to argue that the Texas numbers are no good. And the breakdown is as follows:

11,082,548 were employed in Texas at the start of February 2009. The number rose to 11,965,130 at the end of May 2013; a net gain of 882,582 jobs. Nationwide, 133,631,000 (133.63 million) were employed at the start of February 2009, and the number rose to 135.7 million at the end of May; a growth of 2.076 million jobs.

Indeed, Texas is the second largest in terms of the U.S. population but with 26 million people it is as written above less than 7% of the overall U.S. population but – again – 43% of Obama’s job growth.

If you think Obama’s job numbers are bad, where would he be without Rick Perry and the good folks in the state of Texas.

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  • KarlRogue

    If TX and the other red states could throw off Uncle Socialist, their economies would explode. I believe that the new nation or confederation or whatever would instantly become the leading economy in the world, while the Blue states left behind would more and more resemble Mexico or Greece.

  • Keyes

    Yeah, and most of those jobs went to immigrants both legal and ILLEGAL Mr. “I Support Open Borders” Perry.

    • K-Bob

      Keyes I’m sure there was some trickle down, but the jobs that Texas gained were not “take any warm body standing on the corner” jobs.

    • Keyes Your statement is completely unfounded. 1000 to 1500 people a day move TO Texas – many of them move to Fort Bend county (SW of Houston). The neighborhoods that are being built are not “starter homes.” They start at 200K. There are at least a dozen or so (subdivisions) being built at any particular time.
      I don’t see very many California license plates, but I do see a lot from Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Mississippi. They are people who are moving here and bringing their businesses and employees with them.
      Besides, no business is going to admit how many illegal immigrants they “employ” since it’s illegal to hire them. So don’t bother with any numbers as they will be completely fictitious.
      Signed: 63 year native Texan.

    • willisms

      Keyes False. http://www.willisms.com/archives/2011/11/debunking_false.html

  • notpilgrims

    His methodology isn’t completely accurate. He includes how many jobs Texas gained as net job gains for the US, but some of those jobs came from other states, meaning that the total number of jobs in the country didn’t increase if they came from a different state.

    • tinlizzieowner

      A lot of Hurricane Katrina victims ended up in Texas and instantly went on welfare, you going to include them in your ‘equation’ as well?
      😉 😉

      • tinlizzieowner notpilgrims If they are on welfare then they wouldn’t be counted as having a job. Duh!

        • tinlizzieowner

          silentnomore tinlizzieowner notpilgrims 
          And the working Texas taxpayers pay their way, don’t they. 😉 😉

    • badbadlibs

      notpilgrims Why do you bother here? Really, I’m curious.

    • notpilgrims I disagree. The job losses in other states are already factored into the 50-state net gain or loss.

    • Yossi Gestetner

      notpilgrims The jobs report each month reflects a nationwide survey. So the same numbers which make up 135M non-farm jobs that we have now is made up from all state together including Tx’s lmost 12M jobs.

  • white531

    You have to forgive me, but I get emotional about Texas.  Of all the states that make up this great country, Texas has always exemplified what Freedom and Independence really mean.
    I lived in Texas for a time.  Actually, I wish I still lived in Texas.  I’ll tell you why.
    Texans take a back seat to no one.  That’s just for starters.  They think Americans are the greatest people on the planet, and unlike Obama, they don’t apologize for it.
    They believe in Religion and Football, in that order, and they wonder why everyone else doesn’t believe the same.  Visit any small Texas town on any given Friday evening, and I guarantee you the streets will be empty.
    Stop in a convenience store and ask the question.  Where is everyone?
    The clerk will stare at you and say, “you’re not from around here, are you?
    Then politely, because Texans are polite, he will say, “well they’re probably down at the high school.  There’s a football game tonight, you know.”
    Two hundred and thirty years and counting, and none of the original Colony States still exhibit the ideas of Freedom our Founders tried to leave us.
    Texas stands alone.  I live in Arizona.  I wish Jan Brewer was like Rick Perry.
    Sadly, she is not.  Jan Brewer is a Politician.  That means she follows the wind.  Whatever direction the wind is blowing in, that is the direction she takes.
    Rick Perry is also a Politician.
    But Rick Perry is from Texas.
    Any day of the week, I’ll go with Texas.
    I know some of you see a different vision.  I have no problem with that. but I will stake my claim on Texas.  Because I have lived there, and I know how Texans think.  Mark my words.  The great State of Texas will be the last to go  down under the Communism this Idiot President has planned for us.

    • MaroonRepublic

      Well said. I’ll never leave this great state. I have a sign that says, “Faith, Family and Football”.
      Gig’em Aggies

      • white531

        And there you go.  A perfect example of Texas!

        • Kelly60

          white531 MaroonRepublic WHOOP!!

        • Keyes

          white531 MaroonRepublic 
          White, I read something recently that Obama has allowed China to buy into the oil rights in Texas and that they have 10s of thousands of acres for their facilities and that only the Chinese are allowed to work there and that they have their own airport. This means they could be bringing in weapons! You guys need to get on Perry and have something done about this.

        • white531

          Keyes white531 MaroonRepublic  
          Actually, China is doing that in several states.  They are establishing  Chinese factory communities on U.S. soil.  Entire cities, with one goal and one goal only.  Manufacturing products to sell to Americans, made by chinese workers, manufactured on U. S. soil
          In addition to that, they are buying up farmland in America.  They are going to grow tomatoes in Kansas, and sell them to the rest of us.
          Why should  this surprise you?  Did you just believe the Chinese were just innocent in all of this?

    • DebbyX

      white531 Did you ever get to bed or have to gotten back up ; )

  • DivertDakar

    When Dep of Labor releases their monthly estimates for the nation, it is based on surveys from the States. So… Obama’s 2M net jobs comes from the 50 states; including 882K from Texas. Those are all the same numbers.

  • Kelly60

    Wow…my head is so big I can no longer maneuver in my room….Go Texas!!!

    • badbadlibs

      Kelly60 LOL
      Don’t blame you!

  • white531

    I’m headed for a soft pillow, but before I leave you I would have you just consider this one thing.
    Do whatever you can do, to keep Obama from achieving his goal.  You don’t have to agree with me, and I don’t have to agree with you, but we absolutely do have agree on this one thing.   His only  purpose here is to destroy this nation.
    Argue with me all you will, but keep that fact in front of your brain.  The future of this country depends on it.

    • nibblesyble

      white531 Well said my friend!

    • badbadlibs

      white531 What nibblesyble said. !

  • nibblesyble

    I love me some Gov Perry! He makes me feel like there is hope yet for this country!

  • badbadlibs

    I wish it was the great country of Texas, I’d move there.

  • Matt2Matt

    The parasitic democrat party needs a couple of healthy host bodies from which to feed…

  • ryanomaniac

    Lets not forget that a ton of those jobs have been gained by illegal aliens. This one of the things that bother me about Perry. It’s the things he leaves out of the equation.

    • Xcrat

      ryanomaniac A “ton” equates to how many?  Give us precise and verifiable numbers please.  One person’s “ton” may not be the same as another person’s ton.  
      (As a reminder, twenty illegal aliens weighing 100 lbs. each equals a “ton”.)

      • DebbyX

        Xcrat ryanomaniac Serious point, but that was funny 🙂

    • willisms

      ryanomaniac Not
      true. That was a bogus line thrown out by rivals. It was discredited,
      because it makes no sense.

  • The Sentinel

    Speaks volumes.
    Obama is doing all he can to destroy this country… But heroes like Rick Perry, Scott Walker and others are doing all they can to save it. It’s pathetic that Governors are the only thing keeping this country from failing right now…

  • willisms

    Not to quibble, but Texas now has a little over 8% of the nation’s population. Something like 8.2%.

    • Yossi Gestetner

      willisms They have 8.4% but your point and the point of the article stands.
      If Libs need to fight us on the 7% vs 8.4%, we are in a good position.

  • poorhardworker

    Let me get this straight…and decidedly  Conservative State…helped Obama’s figures???  What does that tell you about the path he wants to lead us down???  We have to take a stand soon…or we will  be lost!

  • truthbetold123

    Most of the job gains were in the government sector … FYI