Rick Perry: Virginia ballot process has structural problems

Perry says it’s much easier in Texas to get on the ballot than Virginia, given that you can either pay $5k or collect 300 signatures. And he says that he’s filing suit against Virginia because he doesn’t want Perry voters to be disenfranchised.

He also mentions having parades for our military returning from the battlefield. I hadn’t heard that one yet and as interesting as it sounds, I’m not sure that it will push anyone over the top for him.

Here’s the clip:


If you want to watch the whole interview you can find it here.


UPDATE: Ed Morrissey has a piece this morning that puts the blame squarely back onto the campaigns, saying they all knew about the rules well in advance of the deadline.

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  • Go Perry 2012. Thank you Rick Perry for standing up for the voters in Va and for the military. It is about time someone stood up for those who have served Iraq for so long.

    Rick Perry, the true proven conservative with the governing experience, the record of accomplishments and experience.

    • What’s he going to file a lawsuit against? He didn’t get the signatures required, period. End of lawsuit. See you again in 2020 Perry.

  • Perry/Bachmann 2012 because this election will be about 3 things

    1. Jobs
    2. Jobs
    3. hmmmmmmmmm…give me a second, I’ll remember it…..

    • Anonymous

      With that ticket, may I help out and suggest:
      3) respect for the military.

  • Persephone

    Good answer from Perry, regarding the mess in Virginia.
    I am glad that he is contesting it.

    He’s right about our veterans being ignored by the Obama administration.
    It is both sad…and outrageous.

    It would be nice to have a President who is a veteran, and who honors the sacrifices made by our military and their families.
    I doubt that Rick Perry would forget who he had awarded the MOH to posthumously.
    And I am certain that Perry would never use our military for political props.

    Perry 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t Virginia have the right to make its own rules?

    • he’s not contesting that.

      • Anonymous

        My mistake.

      • Anonymous

        How is he not?

        I don’t like what happened in Va., but I don’t see how an advocate for state’s rights should bring in the feds to dispute this. It was legal.

        • He’s contesting that the rules are problematic. He’s not contesting Virginia’s right to make their own rules.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, I don’t see the difference.

            • Anonymous

              VA reserves the right to make their own rules, and those required to follow can challenge them when they are problematic.

              For instance, they could make a rule that says you must jump up and down 10 times to get on a ballot. Perfectly in their right to create such a rule even if it does sound silly, and the one legged man has every right to challenge the ruling because jumping up and down 10 times is a problem for him. Getting listed on the ballot should be easier.

              • Anonymous

                It doesn’t sound like Perry has been disenfranchised since the same rules apply to all. Maybe his supporters should be the ones to claim foul.

                Either way, Virginia needs to take another look at their rules. This is embarrassing to only have two candidates on the ballot, especially when one of them is Ron Paul.

          • He should have sued in state court then instead of federal court.

    • Joe

      Yes – but they seem silly and are now embarrasing themselves with a loyalty oath

      • Anonymous

        Let me get this straight. In Virginia, in order to vote AGAINST Ron Paul in the primary, you have to swear to support him if he wins it?

  • I like the parade idea. He’s got a point, we have parades all the time for other stuff- why not have a celebration of our troops homecoming?

  • Anonymous

    It does seem that the Virginia GOP has made a great mess of this whole process and made it much more difficult to get on the ballot. The fact that you may not write-in a candidate of your choice does seem like an effort to disenfranchise the average Virginia voter, plus the odd requirement that if you have greater than 15,000 sgnatures none of them are checked for validity is bizarre. I’m glad Perry is challenging what appears to be an effort to shove the establishment choice down the throats of the people of Virginia.

  • Anonymous

    I think Perry is waging a losing battle here. They cannot change the law midstream without a legal battle from the two who passed the ballot requirements.

    Ron Paul’s signatures were hand verified, and he had enough legitimate ones. Since Romney exceeded 15,000 they did not bother to verify them. What a dumb rule. All 15,000 could be fraudulent and their policy is not to check.

    Newt’s guy that committed fraud didn’t commit ENOUGH fraud.

    Yes, there is something wrong with that system.

  • Anonymous

    I am from VA and when I heard the news that ONLY Romney and Paul were on my ballot, I said a few choice words. I expect the crap to hit the fan next Monday when vaca is over and the R party in my state gets a ton of nasty email from Conservatives.

    And the fact they changed the rules at the last minute is STOOOPID. Why is it our party likes to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory??!!

    • Anonymous

      Well, it ain’t crony capitalism is it?

      Sounds more like crony romneyism or crony stupidism.

      “STOOOPID” Yep, right there with ya’. Some crony emailism or in-personsim is required. Perhaps some crony money-refundism-noncontributionalism is in order also.

      “Hello, yes, what must I do to get my donations back?” ‘No Problem, I’ll just initiate a chargeback with my pals at Visa debit.”

    • Anonymous

      The Republican party wants to ensure a Progressive get the nomination.

  • Anonymous

    **More VA news**

    “The state Republican Party will require voters to sign a loyalty oath in order to participate in the March 6 presidential primary.

    Anyone who wants to vote must sign a form at the polling place pledging to support the eventual Republican nominee for president. Anyone who refuses to sign will be barred from voting in the primary.”


    • Joe

      Virginia is really screwed up

      That’s where I bought my first foil hat

      • Anonymous

        Memory laps, Joe? I thought you got that in a free Ron Paul give away.

        • Joe

          Nope – He stole mine

          • Anonymous

            It looks better on him anyway, Joe. You make far too much sense to be seen in tin. You strike me as more of the rabbit fur type.

    • I agree with Paul Goldman, a former chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, and Patrick McSweeney, a former chairman of the state Republican Party. Every candidate who qualifies for federal matching funds should be included on every states presidential primary ballot.

      Each state should change their own election qualification rules for presidential candidates so this never happens again.

      These political gas emission rules need to be homogenized by all 50 states.

  • Anonymous

    A loyalty oath? Seriously? I’m sure Democrats who vote in the Va GOP primary will sign the “loyalty oath” and promptly ignore it.

    • Anonymous

      How about just saying the pledge of allegiance in mexican while omitting God? Will that suffice?

  • Anonymous

    I think both sides are at fault. I believe Virginia should change their laws to make it more easy for candidates to get on the ballot, however it is up to Virginia. The candidates Perry and others knew the law and didnt get it organized in time, so they do share some of the blame.

    • Anonymous

      Correct. The Constitution tells us that a state can make whatever election law they want. Until Eric Holder sues them, anyway.

  • Joe

    Virginia may be screwed up – BUT it is up to the candidate to know the rules

    Parades – Have them anyway in hometowns

    Let’s poke our finger in the Dear Leaders eye

    More proof the chosen one is a jerk

    I will have a parade when he leaves and invite ALL of you AND

    Only then will I trash my FOIL HAT and put on one with feathers

    • poljunkie

      Let us know where the parade is, and we will be there, and bring the sparklers!

  • Anonymous

    Want to impress me Rick and Newt? Admit you screwed up as far as VA goes and win anyway. Virginians know your names whether your on the ballot or not. Most all of them know how to write, quit whinning and suing and show me something special.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it is helping either candidate to not admit they screwed up. I expected Perry to just admit he screwed up since he seems to have a sense of humility about him that is endearing.

      Newt definitely made things worse for himself.

      btw, I don’t think write-ins are counted in Va. primaries.

      • Anonymous

        You may be right. I live in Maryland and don’t know VA rules. I have enough to deal with in MD, what with Baltimore liberals and all the blasted unions.

        I agree with you about Perry, too. I like someone who can admit a mistake. I don’t know what it is like to be perfect like Maobama apparently is.

        • Anonymous

          The way I see it is that neither Bachmann nor Santorum have any chance of putting an organization together. Perry has an organization in place, and more money he can tap into. Newt is way too disorganized. I think everyone should coalesce around Perry unless they want Romney as their nominee.

          • cabensg

            Not enough organization in place is not the same as disorganized. The only people saying Gingrich is disorganized (pundits, etc.) are his enemies on the right and left.

        • Anonymous

          No, Virgina rules don’t allow for write ins….Im a Perry guy but I disagree with his suing virginia for his own lack of attention to detail. Im actually more upset at perry who has the money and organization and couldnt get it done, while Newt was scrambling since he didnt have much of anything, but getting signatures of supporters shouldnt be that hard of a thing to do.

    • Anonymous

      They didn’t screw up. VA did.

  • Anonymous

    I can not and will not defend the chaotic mess the elite Rinos have made of voter laws here. While we have an election commission, the majority are republican party hacks.
    As for the infantile move to require a loyalty oath to the eventual rino nom, lawsuits are already flying fast and furious. This ‘oath’ is on its face illegal, the same as the VA. poll tax was. This is a power move to CONTROL voters.
    The truely odd thing is that when you go in to vote, you must show i.d., and voter registration card. You are not asked if you are a D or R! How do the fools think they will control this fiasco? It is time to vote as an independent, regardless of your preferred candidate. How will they control that?
    For whatever reason, sanity has fled the scene in the state gop, just as it has in the federal gop. What does it say about a state or federal party that attempts to FORCE upon the voter a condition that goes against the process of ” FREE ELECTIONS “? It tells me that the gop is dying and is in its death throes, same as the dems. Rotting, stinking corpses, both of them!
    There are many now working on an overhaul of Virginia’s election commission. Surely there must be prison in the future of those who are making such a blatant, in your face attempt at subverting the free election process! What a mockery this present commission and both parties have made of this election cycle, not just in Virginia, but nationwide!
    Look at what is happening in Wisconsin. Special interests (unions) and the dems are suing to overturn the will of the people there. Has it come to your state yet?
    You do realize don’t you, that this will be yet another election rigged in favor of the party annointed candidate.
    I begin to wonder whether or not we are still a ‘free people’, or, are we already a socialist nation, CONTROLLED by party bosses, much like the old Soviet system. The Soviets prepared a list of “approved” communist party candidates, and those were the only ones you could chose from. That was the Soviet version of “free elections”!!
    Tell me this, how is our present system in Virginia and the nation any different?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be voting for Perry. From To The Point News by Dr. Jack Wheeler who used to work for Ronald Reagan. He is one of those advising Rick Perry, along with John Bolton.“Texas has no land border with Mexico – it’s the Rio Grande River from El Paso to Brownsville. Perry authorized the creation of a Tactical Marine Unit of the Texas Highway Patrol, equipped with six “shallow-water interceptor” boats that will patrol the Rio Grande. Each is named after a Trooper killed in the line duty. They are bullet-proof armored, have six machine guns, and three 300HP engines. Perry is taking care of business on the border.”




    I like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachman, but I worry they can’t garner enough votes to win the primary, and I’m worried I’d waste my vote.

  • Anonymous

    I love Eric Bolling. He’s the best that FOX has. He is the only one, I’ll watch on FOX.

    Is VA going to conveniently forget to get the military ballots to Afghanistan? They’ve done this before too, along with the commie Schumer in NY.

    How did VA go from producing George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson to the travesty going on today? This better be fixed before Super Tuesday, or they will carry the taint with them forever. This was no accident. People want to believe it was just a rule change. It is what it appears to be, corruption. Remember, all criminals are not guilty. Just ask them, they’ll tell you, even when the evidence suggests otherwise.

    The Washington Post by Anita KumarDecember 20, 2011
    Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney became the first Republican presidential candidate Tuesday to submit signatures for Virginia’s primary election ballot.

    Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling (R), who heads up Romney’s Virginia campaign, and a handful of volunteers delivered 16,026 signatures to the state Wednesday afternoon to get Romney’s name on the March 6, 2012 ballot.

    “It is clear that Mitt Romney is the strongest Republican candidate in a general election campaign,’’ Bolling told reporters as he walked to the State Board of Elections. “I happen to think he’s the only Republican candidate who has a chance of defeating President Obama.”

    Candidates have until Dec. 22 to collect 10,000 signatures from across the state and another 400 from each congressional district.

    Bolling said he expects some GOP candidates to miss the deadline for signatures in Virginia, whose certification process he called the toughest in the nation.

    Romney’s campaign sent staff to Virginia to help volunteers collect the thousands of signatures.

    Former House speaker Newt Gingrich will appear at a rally in Northern Virginia on Wednesday as he tries to get the necessary signatures for the state ballot.

    Bolling, in response to a question from a reporter, said he thinks a victory by Romney would help his chances in 2013 when he faces Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R) in the race for governor.

    “I don’t think there’s any question that having a Republican president would help improve our chances in 2013 in Virginia, and having a Republican president who is a friend would help improve my chances in 2013.”

    President Obama became the first presidential candidate to submit his signatures Dec. 2.

    The Democratic Party of Virginia is expected to begin certifying those signatures Thursday afternoon, and finish the task by 5 p.m. Friday.

    Follow me on Twitter: anitakumar01

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Ed Morrissey that they all knew the rules well in advance. However, I don’t know how unreasonable those rules are. If only two candidates are able to get on the ballot and only one of those makes the 15000 benchmark to avoid the risk of faillure from invalid signatures, then the rules are probably too strenuous. I have a hard time believing the candidates didn’t put forth the effort.

    What I see is a very limited selection for the people to choose from, and that’s disenfranchising a whole heck of a lot worse than putting police officers at the polling booths or requiring people to have ID.

  • Anonymous

    Three hundred signatures? Sonofagun, I could get on the ballot in Texas! Hmmmm…