Rick Santelli does the jobs math, CNBC staff fights it

Much to the dismay of the CNBC staff, Rick Santelli says that if you do the math on the establishment survey from February 2009 to now, outside of revisions, the Obama administration comes in down -61,000 jobs:

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  • jrt1031

    and desperation sets in…

    • Gart19

      Rick. Get your resme current

      • …my God. It’s full of people!

        • SineWaveII

          Hi Hillary, reverend, wow the whole state department and intelligence community is down here. Oh hey Bibi didn’t see you there. Why does this bus say ‘Made in Canada’ on it?

  • Rick just said it is a net +194k

    • aposematic

      $5T more debt, 194K more jobs = $25,773,195.88 per job…

  • SKL53

    The desperation of the MSM to get their lying exhaulted leader re-elected! Anyone who does the math knows the stats are HUGE LIES!!! The MSM should be renamed…The LEFTIST CAMPAIGNERS!

    • NCHokie02

      Goebels lied to the German people about Hitler winning the election even though he lost it. Hitler had people in the right spots and they declared him the winner.

      • Hologram5

        And to think the Dems have a MUCH better propaganda network that Geobels did and that worries me greatly!

      • SineWaveII

        Where did you learn your history? Hitler was never elected, he was appointed chancellor by the liberal party in an effort to contain him. Hindenburg won the election and became president of Germany. He appointed Hitler chancellor as agreed. The nazis did win control of parliament in a landslide.

    • clearsighted

      Izvestia and Pravda.

  • Rock on, Rick !

    You ignited the spark of the Tea Party fire with one off-hand comment… you’re part of history, dude.

  • aZjimbo

    Do I believe Santelli or barry? Pretty obvious.

  • Army_Pilot1967

    At one point someone challenged Rick’s number by saying, “…where the government said…” Who believes what the government says, especially with obama and his hacks in charge?????????

    • steprock

      I noticed too. Do they get their numbers via independent research? No, they get their numbers from the same place they get their news stories. Just have Jay Carney come in and tell us the headlines, guys.

      • Dixie T

        Isn’t that the TRUTH!!!

    • Why does Rick believe what the government says minus revisions? His math was based on government reports.

  • Bucketheadbaptist

    One guy speaks truth…

    Everybody attacks.

    Such is the life of a Prophet.

  • “better to be quiet now!” Seriously! The man speaks the truth and he’s shut down and mocked and told to shut up and sit down!

    CNBC Communist Narcissist Bama Channel! – Where truth goes to DIE! FACTS are not found and Propaganda is king! Disgusting!!!!

    • SoLongSong

      Seriously! I’ve never watched CNBC. I find the name of a show I’ve seen prominently featured in their lineup, “American Greed”, to be highly offensive and not worth my time, plus there’s the whole “NBC” within their name too…

    • He still got a dig in on that Stooge that said that. He told him, “Better for you not me.”

  • Dandee

    Everyone knows there is a lot of play in those numbers. They are never solid, just look at how many times they get readjusted down. At least Santelli goes to work everyday. And has some knowledge about the subject. The rest of the network is hopeless.

    Hey when is Obama going to get help to Staten Island.

    • “Hey when is Obama going to get help to Staten Island. ” – Dandee

      When he figures out how it will help him politically and not before. 🙁 Those people in need only count with NObama when NObama has something to gain.

      • He can’t find his way without the black widow, she at home helping nobody LOL their such a joke

    • NCHokie02

      “we don’t leave anyone behind” -Obama

      What are you talking about dandee???

      • Dandee

        We left Benghazi behind, 4 dead, one SEAL begging for help while painting a target. Google Staten Island. No food, no water. Obama could care less

        • Dukehoopsfan

          I just read bloomberg re-routed emergency supplies, including food and generators, from Staten Island to the site of the NY marathon so that folks would see that NY is just fine. You talk about warped …

          • I live in Staten Island, and all I can say is the devastation is tremendous. A few buddies “in the know” told me be prepared for over 100 bodies to pulled out within the month in shore area of Midland beach. Whats worse is the amount of looting and home invasions by people pretending to be cops & firemen (Uniforms Stolen), part of FEMA, Con Ed is widespread and this AssHat of a Mayor is taking the cops away to protect the marathon.
            Sorry for the rant, just watching this on a daily basis just makes me lose more and more faith in humanity.

            • DebbyX

              No need to apologize. I’m sure your buddies are correct. The devastation is mind boggling. Life will be forever different for those poor unfortunate people. And of course Obama is running off at the mouth like the savior he likes to think he is.

              On a side note: There was woman on TV moaning that the people are so poor in her neighborhood, that they don’t have $ to buy flashlights and batteries. And she added, “I only get $32.00 a month in food stamps”. Infuriating, as she stood there with a nice hat and coat, big “gold” earrings and not looking too under fed.

              Had to get that out. I’m sorry for the rant also.

            • Dandee

              So very sorry to see what has happened there. It is truly horrific and I can’t even stand the thought of media time wasted on covering whether marathon is a good idea. Clearly the sponsors realized it was bad. Hope help gets there soon.

        • NCHokie02

          I know I guess the sarcasm in my comment didn’t come through as I had planned. sorry

          • Dandee

            Ok, forgiven

    • After next Tuesday Obama will be unemployed. We’re sending him to Staten Island with a chain saw. It will be the first time he cut anything!

      • He’ll be out in someone’s yard moaning “you didn’t grow that tree”

  • KM

    Silence the truth… That’s today’s media.

  • Lies… DAMNED LIES and CNBC “facts”!

    Rick deserves better than that treatment! FoxNews? Hello? Did you see that? This guy tells it like it is! NO SPIN, isn’t that what Fox always says?! Give the man a new job already!

  • hbnolikeee

    Better to be quiet now? For whom the country or Duh Bumbler?

  • badbadlibs

    “Better to be quiet now”

    See, there’s a shiny object over there America. DO. NOT. LISTEN. to this man.
    Only pay attention to the smoke and mirrors…..

    The media in this country gives Pravda a very, very good name.

  • joyfulgiver

    Ok, maybe I’ve missed something, what the heck are benchmark revisions? Can anyone explain? I look at the charts and see no growth. What do these “benchmark revisions” reveal that I’m not seeing? Is this just media speak? I imagine when Romney gets in the White House these numbers are going to be far worse than we’ve been told.

    • Amjean

      Good point! Can you just imagine….Romney in office one week
      and the real numbers are announced….the media spin will be that
      electing Romney caused the jobless numbers to go up.

      At least we won’t hear that “Bush caused it” like we have heard for

      When Obama loses I wonder if he will blame Bush?!!

      • Romney should say it’s NObama’s fault and watch the heads of the leftists explode!

        • badbadlibs

          God, who is full of mercy, FORBID, but if bo should win (choke, gag), wonder who he will blame the last four years on?

          • Dixie T

            Go to “unskewedpolls.com,” where they have taken out the skewed D+10 to D+13—-to SEE the REAL numbers from all the polls! IT IS ASTONISHING!

            • I hope to God these numbers are right and we win. We MUST win!

              • colliemum

                The numbers are right – but, as they say, “don’t get cocky”, every single vote counts.

                The dems will cheat, are cheating, and will try to do their utmost to make this ugly.

          • famouswolf


            • badbadlibs


      • Dixie T

        The UP side, when Romney becomes President, will be. . . .IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT!!!
        And I intend to use that A LOT!

  • conservative58

    You too can get these number results using the ‘liberal’ math methodology taught by ‘public’ education.

    FOUR more days!
    (That’s ‘1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4’ for all you liberals.)

    • colliemum

      No, for lefties it’s ‘1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5’, with government-added surcharge.
      Voting for them is on 11/7, because they’re so special, they get an extra day just for themselves.


      • Well the day for voting for all leftists is Wednesday. Spread the word!

        • poljunkie

          I know, thats what I’ve been saying. Tues is for the Republicans and Wed is for the Democrats. They are expecting such a large turn out they dont want it to crowded.

  • steprock

    So…their numbers expert makes a statement and ALL SIX panelists fight him over it? They don’t even discuss it, they just argue that he’s wrong right off the bat.

    Hello. Journalists are supposed to show curiosity. It’s a fascinating number and they should discuss it and get to the bottom of it. Propagandists.

  • white531

    The one friend Rick has on that panel is Joe Kernen. He’s a stand-up guy, and I believe one of the few Conservatives on the program.

    • Wigglesworth111

      Kernen is the only guy who listened to what Santelli said. He said “outside of revisions” and then the panel was trying to refute him by talking about the numbers with revisions.

  • Dixie T

    Uh. . . .Rick Santelli has been “right” more than he’s been “wrong.” He IS a numbers guy, and to refute him without doing the math yourselves, means pretty much NOTHING!

  • Tiffini

    I’m not a numbers guy (person, whatever) but is Rick saying that since 2009 that Obama’s admin has lost 61,000 jobs total? I know it’s probably a stupid question, but I’m trying to learn.

    • Dixie T

      Your question IS NOT at all stupid! But, yes, I do believe that is what he is saying. And he says we can all go to the BLS site and go from Feb., 2009 to October, 2012, and discover the same number (-61,000), without all the “revisions”—those revisions that we cannot trust are REALLY ACCURATE!!!

    • stage9
      • That was a good article, thank you.

        • Nukeman60

          Yeah, they take a sampling and then estimate it for the whole country. The bottom line is the jobs numbers are like polls. Does anyone actually think that asking 500-1000 people for a poll truly represents the entire country? Not by a long shot.

          The numbers are always going to be off, and usually by a wide margin (the payroll numbers have a margin of error of +/- 90,900 and the household survey has a margin of error of +/- 436,000).


  • Mary_Linda

    People want this country to FAIL and so they spin a tale of numbers. Santelli knows and does the math. They could care less! Viva non-America!!

  • Rocco11

    These white guilt liberals are amazing.

  • stage9

    I love the way the only argument the idiots on the panel can come up with is siting the government’s own report as proof! LOL!

    That’s like a thief adjudicating his own trial!

  • tsturbo

    Guys like Rick Santelli are EXACTLY what we need in Washington in the Romney administration.
    Common sense, intelligence, and passionate about the country they LOVE.
    What a concept!

  • stage9

    According to the jobs report:

    “In October, the average workweek for all employees on private nonfarm payrolls was
    34.4 hours for the fourth consecutive month.”

    In other words we’re talking PART TIME jobs, not FULL TIME jobs!


  • NJK

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the old media are indoctrinated. There’s no getting through to them. Read this article, and read the comment below from a Russian immigrant who experienced the Russian media with Chernobyl.

    November 1, 2012
    Why a Typical Honest Russian Immigrant Hates Obama
    ByAlla Axelrod

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/11/why_a_typical_honest_russian_immigrant_hates_obama.html#ixzz2B50KTYCS


    I migrated from former USSR to America in 1994, which makes it a good 14 years of living in the regime, plus 3 years of living in its remnants.

    I too experienced the healthcare system of USSR, which is why “universal healthcare” always looked like a naive pipe dream to me. It did exist in USSR – but trust me, an American would not want to experience it. There’s nothing quite like sitting in a corridor for a couple of hours listening to hysterical cries of the kid in line before you getting his teeth drilled without anaesthetics, water or suction.

    Re-sterilized needles? Glorious.

    Waiting for an ambulance for 3 hours to arrive? Marvelous.

    It’s funny how you don’t realize that you live in a shithole until the glimpses of outside world start to come in. It is sad how many people in America don’t realize that they are already living the dream that most (ex)Soviets never had and never will have.

    They don’t understand what freedoms they have, and what material wealth and opportunity they are surrounded by, compared to hundreds of millions of Soviets who were robbed of those things.

    The most frightening is the similarity of brainwashing that they are subjected by the media and academia, which together, more and more, resemble Soviet schools (where they taught us to be the new, enlightened, progressive generation – FORWARD!), news programs (“Time” – gov’t controlled), and Soviet newspapers, such as “Young Leninist”, or “Truth” – amazing name for a newspaper filled with lies.

    In 1986 I was watching our gov’t TV channel (one of 3 overall), and there was a very small news broadcast. It lasted 15 seconds. It was something about a minor malfunction with the reactor in Chernobyl.

    There it is, with translation: http://www.youtube(dot)com/watch?v=4PytcgdPuTI

    Is it that different from what CNN and MSNBC have done with Benghazi?

    It is not.

  • And growth of the working population during the same time period is… so the total able bodied unemployed is currently… what around 23, 24 million??? Look Obama hasn’t delivered, it’s as simple as that and his excuses just don’t cut it anymore.

  • Benghazi gate

  • Benghazi gate report on that CNBC stop being the corrupt media for OBAMA. It’s bigger than Watergate! Americans died!

    • It’s not a -gate. People died. It’s a -quiddick.

      Benghazi-quiddick. That’s what it is.

  • And that’s after FOUR YEARS of pain. How anybody can say that this president’s economic policies were a success is just lying at this stage of the game. Don’t take my word for it. Ask the 23 million people still out of work if they’re better off today than they were four years ago. Go ahead, I DARE you to.

  • thedew777

    As Solo said, the correct number is +194k, stated by Rick hours later. He knew that the correct number was +194K, but that doesn’t make for as good of a obnoxious rant as -61K. Well, I guess he had already made his sign and everything. Look at the numbers on Rick’s board at 11:12 today and ask yourself if it looks like we’re going in the right direction; -724K in Feb 09 to +171K in Oct 12.
    Obama will be president for Nov, Dec, and Jan as well so if you take a conservative estimate of +150K for each of those months and add that to +194K and we get an Obama first term that is about +650K. I’m not saying that’s great, but it’s accurate.
    Really there should probably be at least a 3 month lag in evaluating the job numbers for any president. Also, for those that find “revisions” dubious, who do you think makes the revisions besides the DLS themselves? If you don’t trust the revisions then you don’t trust any of the numbers and the conversation is a non-starter.

    • celestialjunk

      $800+ billion spent on stimulus … QE on steroids … 23 million out of work … job creation lagging behind natural growth, record number of food stamps….. and only +194k jobs created over 4 years in a country of 300,000,000+ people

      I can hardly contain my joy at the incredibly wonderful jobs creation record of the the The Big O.

  • Only idiots argue against the truth. For more examples see Obama and his supporters

  • sjmom

    Rick, drink your Kool Aid and calm down.

    • PVG

      He’s Italian….that IS calm!

      • sjmom


  • Umm, he was making the point without the revisions, as he clearly stated and he didn’t get to finish his point as they all erupted. That’s how I hear it. Any way you slice it, the jobs creation comes up peanuts.

  • This is how liberals like to argue. “There was -601k jobs minus revisions.” “You’re wrong. You forgot the revisions.”

    They do it with anything conservatives say. I saw one argument on Buzzfeed recently about the “Secretary of Business.” Paul Ryan: “We already have a Secretary of Business. He’s called the Secretary of Commerce! But Obama hasn’t filled that position in 4 month.” Buzzfeed reader: “Paul Ryan is wrong that we already have a Secretary of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce supports Obama’s Secretary of Business idea.”

    “Obama went golfing a lot of times.” Washington Post fact checker: “Conservatives are wrong that Obama went golfing a lot of times. Bush went on vacation some times.”

    “Unemployment is a lot higher than Obama’s economic team projected in a report.” FactCheck.org: “Conservatives are wrong that unemployment is higher than Obama’s economic team projected in a report. The economy was worse than they thought at the time.”

  • Conservator1

    Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 on February 17, 2009. The stimulus package cost an estimate of $830 billion which was passed to help the economy recover by lowering unemployment. At the time, unemployment rate was about 8.2% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:US_EmpStatsBLS_Jan09-Sept12.PNG).

    “The Great Recession ended in June 2009, according to the body charged with dating when economic downturns begin and end” according to CNNMoney – http://money.cnn.com/2010/09/20/news/economy/recession_over/index.htm.

    So what does today’s job numbers really mean? After wasting $830 billion we heard Obama joke that “Shovel-ready jobs was not as shovel-ready as we expected.” BTW, after the stimulus bill became law the unemployment rate rose in 2009 and reached its peak in October at 10.0%. Now, some are cheering that the October unemployment rate is 7.9%. But that’s about the same when Obama took office. Also, Americans are stuck in an economy where 23 million people are unemployed, underemployed or who have given up looking.

    The only thing to be cheerful about is we’re within days of electing a new president.

  • 1tootall

    God Bless Rick. I am shocked he is still employed.

    • PVG

      Thinking the same thing my friend!

  • poljunkie

    I hope he uses a “private” doctor and has security. He is one of the few that tells the truth.

  • poljunkie

    My fear is that after about the 3rd or fourth month of the Romney Presidency they will start adding the “phantom” jobs in . Maybe not all of the millions, but I fret that the BLS will begin to add the jobs in.

    Maybe they wont add all of them in but at some point the rate will hit 11 or 12% and the only person or people who will be saying I told you will be Rick Santelli and Jack Welch.

  • opinionatedhermit

    I’m pretty sure Rick’s point was if anybody needs info sent to them it’s Obama and the DLS.

    The other clowns at CNBC would do us all some good to learn this……..

    It’s not like CNBC wasn’t a massive contributor to the Real Estate Meltdown. These idiots didn’t see that coming either……

  • kong1967

    Regardless of which numbers we use, the results are bad. Since when did we become a culture where nearly 8% unemployment is acceptable and considered a success even after 4 years of supposed attempts to shrink the number? I don’t expect it to be at 4%, but….my gosh…..we haven’t even seen an ounce of improvement and it’s going to get much worse when Obamacare kicks in and businesses are being punished.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Lying zombies…

    Go get ’em Rick!

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    Has CNBC pulled the truth video? Either it’s my browser or they have, because I can’t access it.

  • Dodoforever Canspell

    I reloaded and now it’s working.

  • The propagandists are coming out of the woodwork to cover for Obama.


    I understood why ALMOST 50% of America were voting for Oh-uh-oh (way back into June), there were mislead by progressives, I get it. 200 million to smear Mitt was effective, but Mitt overcame it.

    Mitt is just a better MAN, O is just a Chicago Thug, and it is very obvious.
    Os mission was to do what he is doing folks, and RUSH was right.

    But if things swing back to Obummer because because we had a disaster hit the NE and Chris Christi smooched him on his kester…..well folks, it is too late for us who want to save it….I almost can live WITH period with PROGRESSIVES.

    They do nothing but LIE and blame others…just like O-BLAME-O

    ONCE it goes over that little edge, or tipping point, even our folks lose faith and hope and the real fight begins…..

    I am sorry, I am fairly reasonable, but the MEDIA has gone too far this time, and I will see to it they crash……

    No threat, I am just going to lobby ENDLESSLY until they are DONE, FINISHED!

    I sure admire Rick Santelle, but even his co-workers are B#tt sniffers, an I have trouble watching any TV like that.

    I will call TWC if Mitt loses, and encourage all to do so too, and cancel HBO right away, and say it is because of Bil Maher.

    I expect a terrible show tonight, all about SANDY and CLIMATE CHANGE.

    Then I will cancel MSNBC and CNN the next day, and complain they are to idiotic for me.

    These people have gone insane, and taking down our country with behavior not worth saving.

    I say let them go, and if we fall into a revolution, lets hope the good guys win.

    I KNOW the military is Dissed and P#ssed, and will never get along with OBOME again.

    The BENGHAZI story is brining us down and into CHAOS, and only FOX wil cover this disaster.

    AND Nat GEo going to have movie about OBUMMER killing OSAMA before election??

    Something not right in this place, an it STINKS. SEAL got OSAMA, end of story, OBUMMER has trouble waking up early and wiping his rear. HE is useless. I REFUSE to worry about him anymore.

    I expect they will impeach if he wins, if not, we are ALL pitiful, and deserve this little tryant lib-turd.

    I am so glad I am an old guy, but my kid will have to live through a country which has lost it way.

  • connie daniels

    notice how they hate it when you tell the truth they talk over you, Obama does it, that blonde lady of Obama’s does it…..they are so afraid of the truth getting out, somehow when evil sets in, people don’t seem to think it will ever affect them….so If business go under, people can’t pay their bills, such as electric, who do they think will be watching them..or since it is such a great source of moving propaganda the government will give us free electric too..it s like the lady who knows her new BF cheated on women before but she is the exception..

  • buffyo18

    Santelli’s RIGHT. And that sound you hear is Obamas policies CONTINUING to suck the life out of our economy.

    Rick needs to go to work for FOX Buiness where he would actually be seen be more than the people on the set.

  • Nukeman60

    That’s Steve Liesman who said, “it’s better to be quiet now”. He and Santelli have been at each other’s throats for years. He’s a company man and an administration flunky. His point always seems to be that Santelli is merely a conspiracy theorist and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, all the while Santelli has been right more than wrong – and not afraid to say it.

    It seems irrelevant whether it’s -61k or +194k. That number is over a 3 1/2 year time period. When you divide 194k by 42 months you get 4,600 jobs/month (when you need 150,000 jobs/month just to accomodate population growth). I’d say we are somewhere north of 6 million jobs short of balancing with population growth.

    Tell that to the 24 million who are still unemployed after all the talk.

  • Rick is a great Tea Party Patriot.

  • jackdoitcrawford

    Way to tell it like it is, Rick!