Rick Santelli is fed up over phony tax reform game, says “FOR ONCE DO IT RIGHT!”

Rick Santelli says he’s tired of hearing about mandates, that since the House is constitutional originator of legislation that raises revenue, by design whoever wins the House has a mandate. And the fact that the House held their majority in this election, their 2010 mandate still stands. Somebody please get Boehner on the phone and play this for him.

But even more than that, he’s fed up with kicking the government can down the road and never really tackling the big issues that plague us, despite grand overtures and trillions in spending that are supposed to fix our problems. And now that we face a ‘fiscal cliff’ with only days to get it done, Santelli seems the same old game again with entitlements and tax reform getting ignored and phony deals that just push our problems off to another day. He calls them out and says “FOR ONCE DO IT RIGHT!”


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  • 911Infidel

    Sanetelli should be the economic advisor to the House. Forget the WH. They’re too stupid to listen to a guy that knows what the eff he’s talking about.

    • sybilll

      Santelli often hinted that he offered unsolicited advice to the House starting in 2009, and that those lines of communications remain open. Unless I am reading things wrong, seems they have NOT talked during this lame duck, but they should.

    • Jazzee

      so let’s all email Boehner and tell him
      listen to RICK…do it right this time this quick crap has given us nothing but headaches and it is NOT going to fix a thing
      lets DO IT
      also email harry reid and tell him we want a committee for LIBYA you know the issue of 4 dead Americans HARRY you idiot

    • white531

      We seem to live in a time right now, where people ignore the reality right in front of them, in favor of the bull***t presented to them, via the media. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

      • 911Infidel

        Leftist propaganda rules the culture and the schools. Usurping them is the key. Its up to the parents to change the meme. Without their input and cooperation we’re pretty much screwed. There aren’t many other options short of a rebellion.

  • Betsey_Ross

    They never solve the problems. We’ve had these same problems since as far back as I can remember. They just create more problems that they never solve and government gets bigger and bigger.

    • JoJo58

      Congress seems to think their only job is to write legislation to justify their existence. All they’ve done is create the current mess we’re in. A major undoing of these burdensome laws and regulations needs to happen along with a major over haul of the current tax system.

    • aussieguy64

      Politicians don’t solve problems.

      If you want problems solved, call in a competent engineer.

  • SKL53

    This will NEVER be done right again….SO SAD!!! Read Ron PAUL’s FAREWELL TO FREEDOM!

  • SKL53

    How do you fight all the SOL ALINSKI radicals in this government and media???

    • warpmine

      Firing squad!

      • Dukehoopsfan

        If you get rid of a handful publicly, the numbers of converts would be astounding.

    • aussieguy64

      …One piece at a time.

      Its time to play smartly. Identify our strengths and focus on them. Then grow them to the community. Address our weaknesses. Revive our core values. (What are they?)

      Its time to play the game on those Liberal-Left-Progressive-Radicals. No more nice Conservative. Interrupt them and point out their lies. Repeat it and rinse. You want their listeners to have doubts about the Left.

      • What we should be seeing is an all out indignation coming from the conservative pundits, and the bobble heads in the house, but instead we have them all lamenting and bowing down to their new king.

        • Jazzee

          email them
          you are so right they WON WON WON the house
          grow up boys and girls and play to WIN stop acting like whiners

        • warpmine

          In their feeble minds, it must have been an all (presidential win) or nothing.

        • All out is correct. Playing soft is stupid. Sure, we can let them pretend to run things, but we should be dogging their heels pointing out the unconstitutionality of it, and encouraging the states to say so. We should flag them for race-baiting, and ridicule them mercilessly.

      • Jazzee

        PR 101……say it over and over and over
        repeat repeat repeat
        find 3 responses and repeat them until you can’t anymore
        the republicans are LOSERS if they cave good bye HOUSE

      • warpmine

        Problem with conversing with progressives it that none of them except the policy makers, are critical thinkers. The followers just aren’t that bright which is the sole reason they are so easily led to the cliff. They voluntarily throw themselves off in droves because of their limited life experiences hoping that there’s some kind of safety net or their god will prevent injury or death…….this is why it’s so difficult to convert them.

    • Jazzee

      by being better students of ALINSKY…………..the dumb republicans need to fight to WIN and it is in the rules for radicals…they need to learn and USE THEM against obama and his Marxist crew

  • sjmom

    Can’t disagree with his point to do it right but with the crew that’s in DC would the know how?

  • If you ever watch the Eddie Murphy movie “the Distinguished Gentlemen” how a Florida con man was able to win election by having the same name as a previous congressman who died while having sex. And was able to win simply through name recognition. There was a skit in the movie where a lobbyist lawyer who represents various political action committees. Is asking the congressman how he felt about certain products whether he was for or against them. He asked the lobbyist..with all the money that is poured through by various interest groups and their packs…how does anything get done? The lawyer answers…it doesn’t.
    This is what we the people have been up against for years and we have been taking it and asking like Oliver Twist-” Please sir I want some more” and they sure have been giving it to us…

  • freenca

    Fiscal Conservative too. But where’s the MANdate in the current gyneocracy that rules the whitehouse today? No MEN, just, girlie-men, and menopausals.

    • Do you think that Obama used executive order power to mandate the castration of congress?

  • williamm

    The house needs step it up, but it won’t do any good because the Dem led senate won’t do anything unless we give them everything they want. There are still at least 15 house resolutions from 2011 that are still stuck in the senate with no action taken by Harry Reid.

    Things will only get worse because we still have crybaby Bonehead as Speaker of the house.

  • Can we get a petition going to have Boehner step down, and for that matter, have the President step down?

    • Constance

      I had honestly hoped the House would choose another Speaker, but this week, they all lined up behind this twit and nominated him again. That told me that nobody in the House, including the conservatives we sent there, are serious. Nothing substantial is going to occur, except for republicans caving in, and in the end, being blamed for the hell that will come. Bunch of twits… grrrrrrrr

      • As Boehner said, it is time to kick back and let Obama run things for a while. I think that Obama and Boehner are gay lovers, and Boehner is the woman.

        Edit: Boehner is probably jealous of Christie because Christie got to smooch Obama right before the election.

  • I looked up those numbers today, and the government budget web site is really close to what he mentions. $1T in cuts is going to be needed to start getting a hold on this thing. It simply isn’t going to happen. The next debt ceiling is going to be pushed up to $18+T. There really is no way to avoid it at this point.

    Austerity is coming like a train going 100mph. Tax increase are next, and the social systems will get cut, while the military spending continues or increases. Doesn’t matter who is in the white house.

    Jobs are evaporating, and Obama Care may just be the last nail in the coffin for any possible recovery. The country is not addressing the currency issues, and the banks and Wall St. have a monthly bailout of $80B now to keep them going.

    As usual, I suggest prepping.

    • I’m betting they gut the military and keep on spending on the social stuff. They never cut social spending.

      • I wouldn’t mind military cuts in conjunction with social cuts, but what military cuts are they going to look at? If they are weakening our ability to retaliate in a nuclear situation, then that is really bad. We need to keep our Navy in top notch condition, and make sure that our air force can cover whatever conceivable threat, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Afghanistan abandoned and us getting out of Libya and Syria.

        Even then the Afghanistan troops should be put on the border, and securing our ports. Its time to hunker down and protect this nation at home.

        • Surround Washington!

  • white531

    Santelli for President! I am sick of all these wannabee politicians. Rick nails it every time he speaks. He’s the only person worth watching on MSNBC.

    • c4pfan

      LOL You need to watch Zo’s vid on the other thread!

      • white531

        Thanks. Just got home. I’ll check it out.

  • poljunkie

    I ♥ Rick.
    That’s ok, even tho’ i will be married 28 years next saturday my husband pretty much ♡’s him too. The guy tells it like it is. So you have to respect him for that.

    • Those of us who’s hopes have been thwarted by those who have forked tongues huger for truth, and when it presents itself plainly, we cheer with grande procession.

  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    I like this guy. One problem, if they solve the problems we won’t need them as politicians. This nonsense will never go away until the collapse. Then we will have to deal with who’s the best politican to rebuild…..and around and around we go.

    • I’m not worried about the next politician, because we probably won’t even know who he is. Nor will we have a say in his appointment. For he will be a global leader who has risen to save the world from itself. He will have great power over the masses and shall rule with an iron fist. The greatest army that ever existed will be at his fingertip slaves to his evil ways. The people will cry out with sorrows and gnashing of teeth. Christians will run for the hills. Rivers of blood will flow in his name.

      He is the angel of light.

      • dontdrinkthecoolaid

        2 Corinthians 11:15

  • white531

    Rick Santelli, is what we all are. He just has the guts to put it out there.

  • white531

    Straight up numbers guy. Spends his days on Wall Street.
    How’re you going to argue with Rick Santelli? Answer is, they won’t. They will ignore him, and hope he goes away.
    Good luck on that one.

  • clockwindingdown

    The House needs to start by not funding, i.e. no checks in the mail. Start first with IRS, DHS, DOE, Presidential Aircraft, White house heating, (along with Green fee’s and basketball court maintenance) and of course the wages of House and Senate members.

    Time the American Citizenry start acting like we are going bankrupt. I suggest we take a play from home foreclosure’s. When one is loosing their home and visit’s the bank or financial planner one thing they’re frequently told is “don’t bother paying the mortgage, it will not help turn the foreclosure process around, better to save the money, you’re going to need it.” If we take this approach, apply it to our Nations financial situation we could ourselves, the citizenry, cut off the funding… One cannot always cut the head off a snake but it is possible to pin the tail under a rock so it has trouble feeding…

    Instead what we see is our elected representatives, (not that they are representing anyone), acting like they’ve won the lottery and are throwing a celebratory block party before verify they have an actual winning ticket and the funds are in the bank…

  • detectivedick

    I want the CLIFF….time to stop the revenge

  • They have no concern about solving any problems, or they would have solved a few by this time. ALL they’re concerned about is getting re-elected so they can sit on their butt, & garnering plenty of face time in front of a camera while spouting off some BS about how the other party is blocking all progress. They wouldn’t know progress if it ran over them in the street. You’ll get more progress out of the Third Graders at the local elementary school than this bunch of plastic politicians, and more TRUTH too.

    • Most people who are acting antithetically to the supposed goals are going to fail at making progress on the supposed goals.

  • Bowles says that raising taxes on the highest brackets isn’t going to solve the deficit because it’s a small number. If solving the deficit is what’s important, and raising taxes by a small amount on the rich won’t do it, shouldn’t we then 1.) raise taxes on the rich by a larger amount and 2.) also raise taxes on all other income earners? Because if you talk about raising taxes on everyone, that’s obviously more income, so it would solve Santelli’s concern.

    Even if it’s a small number, though, it’s a much bigger number than 0, which is how much deficit reduction you’d get if you did nothing. During the campaign, Mitt Romney talked about cutting funding for PBS, even though PBS funding is a tiny portion of the whole budget. If you go by Santelli’s concern, then we shouldn’t cut funding for PBS, because it’s so small it won’t make much of a difference, just like he argues that we shouldn’t raise taxes on the riche because it won’t make much of a difference. Fact is, we need to start somewhere, and if we can’t even do something that everyone agrees is small, then what can we do?

    • Lets say that we cut spending enough to have a deficit neutral budget within five years. Since we are raising the debt ceiling about $2T per year now, we would have to cut $400 billion per year, and not spend any more money in any other area. This is just to break even.

      Five years is a long time at the rate that we are declining, so this should be the premise behind any discussion.

      On the other hand, lets say that we raised taxes to pay for that progressive $400B per year for five years. What does that do? First of all, it doesn’t pay down any of the debt, and we are still stuck with a perpetual interest payment on the debt that will not decline. If we did this, then the Fed could simply raise interest rates and keep our debt growing due to the inflation of our interest. This doesn’t give government any reason to lower spending. Tax revenues would actually decline because of the impact of taking that money out of the economy, and the subsequent job losses would be massive. (which decreases tax revenue) As income tax revenues decline, government comes up with new taxes to pay the central bank with. VAT taxes, carbon taxes, and maybe a federal sales tax will be put on the table. Credit is now inaccessible for anyone to start or grow a business, because interest rates were increased, and the housing bubble has completely burst. Millions of people are now living in homes that they do not own, and cannot pay the mortgage on. The banks cannot evacuate everyone, so government steps in and bails out the banks again. Now, government makes a deal with the banks that guarantees them cash flow while government takes over all housing and property ownership in the country. The government is now supporting most of the population, and anyone who works is in a government job program. Food is now rationed, and obesity becomes obsolete, but not before many die from being too weak to suffer through the hellhole nightmare that we now live in.

    • c4pfan

      That’s why I know it’s nothing but a way to raise taxes on everyone!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Boehner, McConnell, Cantor… they’re the roadblock here.

    Dems will behave like Dems… but the Republicans aren’t behaving like they were known once to have behaved. Now we have capitulating buffoons running the House…

    Sadly, any hope of fixing this died on Nov. 7th. Maybe Jan. 2017… but it’s going to be a long, cold winter.

  • Worse, whenever you hear Obama speak about the “fiscal cliff,” he never, ever, mentions anything about reducing government spending. His answer to everything is to just raise taxes. And under Obamacare, those taxes are going up for EVERYBODY. Heck, Obamacare itself (the insurance mandate part of it) is the biggest tax ever levied on the American public, and since the Supreme Court now calls it a tax, it IS a tax. Yet in the last election, Romney didn’t mention that and nobody seemed to bring it up. We are going to literally be drowning in taxes next year and the economy will collapse. But, hey, roughly 50% of Americans voted for this, so I hope they’re happy with the outcome. I’m sure they will be thinking about their vote as soon as they start paying the Obamacare taxes.

  • aZjimbo

    Rick makes more sense than any of the idiot politicians on either side.

  • mikeinidaho

    It will never happen! they will either let the country go “over the cliff” (is anybody else tired of hearing that stupid phrase?) or they will put together some BS package that will “kick the can down the road” (is anybody else tired of hearing THAT stupid phrase ?)
    Either way, the Republicans will cave and the Dems will move us closer to the demise of our country. God help us all!

  • Santelli is a great man and he is so right. Fiscal conservatism is what we NEED!

  • Arrrggghhh

    We absolutely could have tax reform in 45 days. It’s already written. It’s H.R. 25 (The FairTax) and it could go a very long way towards solving our fiscal problems AND ending this class warfare crap.

    • clockwindingdown

      Fair tax is only fair if everyone pays the same amount. By “amount” I me dollar figure not percentage. Percentage is not fair and is a trap the most have fallen into believing is fair.

      Think of a postage stamp, it is a government service that everyone uses. We pay the same amount for a stamp and get the same service. Postage stamp prices are not based on income or wealth, I don’t pay $.42 and another pays $5.33 to mail the same letter, we pay the same for the same service. By advocating for a percentage base tax structure one is advocating for an uneven investment. If one spends more then why not expect more in return too?

      Fact is it is a spending issue our Country faces. Any revenue raised has been pre spent. Why not make our government wait until they have the money before they can allocate it. Reminds me of so many retirement pensions, there is no money in the bank to cover current retires let alone future. Rather the retirement is based on future revenue to meet the retirement funding demand. How is this legal when there are people in jail for committing schemes that are designed on the exact same model but do not have governmental approval…

      These are the types of things that corrupt people in elected offices have passed onto us. This is the fall of the Roman Empire…

      • white531

        More wisdom in your statement than most people realize.

      • Without percentage, you get the exact opposite of a progressive tax, which means it would be exactly as bad as progressive tax, but in a different direction.

        Everyone should pay the same percentage tax on their income. Period.

        • You are correct. And that percentage should be zero.

          • Sure. And the best military on the planet evaporates, and the jihadists win.

        • clockwindingdown

          How many taxes does our citizenry pay that are based on an individuals income?

          Taxes are based on the product/service as a percentage or flat fee for that product/service, not the consumers income, think gas, phone, emergency services, utilities, etc.. Government is a service (supposedly of equality) to the consumer/citizenry.

          If government were to tax based on the model they do for other “services” (think gas, phone, emergency services, utilities, etc..) it would be those whom use it more that would pay higher taxes would it not? However many of those consumers are consuming (welfare, food stamps, etc.) because they lack other resources, therefore they are unable to pay those fee’s. Now most those using these “services” are not paying any income tax, let a lone taxes for the “services” they actually use.

          So I ask how is tax based on percentage of one’s income fair if the “service” provided by that tax revenue is not fair in collection or distribution?

          • You’ll use the services. Everyone does eventually. The only way to avoid it is to live in a hole somewhere and hide, and also never get sick.

            Good luck with that.

            • clockwindingdown

              K-Bob wrote: “You’ll use the services. Everyone does eventually. The only way to avoid it is to live in a hole somewhere and hide, and also never get sick.

              Good luck with that.”

              I see, and that justifies an argument for a percentage based tax structure how?
              Why cannot we all use the services without paying?

              • Fantasy world, eh? Okay, fine. I’ll have a palace and some hot cars and chicks. As long as it’s all free.

                Forget about that pesky “math” stuff.

                • clockwindingdown

                  LOL, excellent! Should be some neighborhood as I think many would join in! Save a space if you get there first…

  • 1tootall

    I’m starting a website dedicated to removing John Boehner in the next primary. While I live outside his state, I hope to gather editorial and financial support for any conservative who will challenge him. Stranger things have happened and been successful. I am still developing the website.

  • louisiana_mom

    Politicians have certain issues which they use while running for (re)election, once in office these issues are never “solved”, they blame the other side for the failure to solve these issues, run for (re)election on the same issue… It’s a cycle and they don’t want to solve these issues… once these issues are solved, then the politicians will be forced to come up with new issues to run on. Look through the years (decades really) of politicians who have run on “reforming the tax code,” has it ever been reformed?

  • NJK

    Boehner would rather deceive, because he’s a coward. He should be tending bar somewhere, not sitting as Speaker of the House. He doesn’t have the brain for it.

  • Dierardo

    Santilli’s right:The Boehner leadership are hopelessly over-matched by the totally amoral ideological utterings of our Br’er Rabbit President’s megalomaniacal thirst for the Neo-Marxist cultivation of endless historical group coalitions against the Flag: the classic leftist neighborhood organizer: nee, rabble rouser.

    We should count our blessings that swimming in this bipartisan swamp of endless character/smarts/subversion mediocrity and hate, we’ve been blessed with Paul Ryan an unique contemporary candidate equipped with the techno-smarts/character/ communication /ethical skills and grass-roots support from a largely opposition-party hometown constituency.

    Like his near twin, and fellow Wisconsiner, Scott Walker who has won over the voters of his state from the union parasites of the Democrats, Ryan is the fellow to lead this recovery of “Our Nation’s Treasure At Risk”.

  • Centurian3333

    Rick: Your rant falls on deaf ears when almost all politicians focus on what benefits them and their agendas. Pigs at the slop buckets only smell the food. God, we need the fresh air of more Santellis, Ron Pauls, Marco Rubios, Allen Wests, and Gov. Christies, Gov Walkers, etc.

  • c4pfan

    Well, he better keep wishing, because the GOP has NEVER shown they will not cave. They will ‘kick it down the road’ to hope they get voted in again.

  • Let’s hear it for the Godfather!