RNC Speech: Watch Gov. John Kasich’s energetic speech

Gov. John Kasich gave a great speech tonight, explaining why Ohio went from #48 in job creation to #4!

Watch below:

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  • rjcylon

    Fantastic. I can’t believe any liberal watching that wouldn’t take notice.

  • StrangernFiction

    Hard to respect a guy that played golf with Barack Obama.

    • Oh please give me a break…Kasich has done well in Ohio and he is a pro-growth, pro-business and intelligent guy. What he has done in Ohio in two years is fabulous…he is even approaching 50 percent approval after he was so viciously attacked. He is a great example of how to turn your state around…..when you go from 48th in job creation to 4th…that is pretty darn impressive!! So the golf thing is petty!

    • capelady

      We live in a nation where two opposing factions have to work together for the sake of the country. Politics is about compromise… and you hold on to your principles and pick your battles. Reagan did. Gingrich did. That is the reality. I don’t care who they play golf with as long as they vote the right way when it counts. This is a good man and he has led his state well!!!

    • Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.

      • PVG

        Always liked John……enthusiasm plus.

    • sno_warrior

      you have to be jokin?!!!!

  • searchingforsanity

    A big thank you to RS for posting all of these great speeches! I was able to catch Ann Romney and Christie live. Glad to have the opportunity to view them all here (with a glass of wine, of course….)

  • michael carpenter

    Whats with the swirling back ground? I’m getting sea sick. Make it stop.

  • layne22

    I don’t take that last comment lightly… the United States brings moral purpose to the globe. Good stuff.

  • Terrenceor


  • Wade Shepherd

    Just typical of a liberal with no valid argument. Complain about who he played golf with. You got nuttin, J*ck*ss.


    HMMM.. This is matching up with Dr. Savage and his observation of the last of the old white guy…at least on first glance at the audience.

    Black-Eyed Peas??