Romney: Osama hit was easy call

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  • Guest1776rcp

    Oh my! Romney is such a light weight, that wasn’t an easy call because of the potential for things to go very wrong -see Jimmy Carter.

    Why don’t Romney just say “congrats Mr. President now lets talk about the economy” instead Romney walks right into Obama’s trap. I don’t like Obama but I do give the guy credit for going where Bush wouldn’t go -sending drones into Pakistan etc… Its actually the one campaign promise Obama kept.

  • barney59

    Giving Obama the chance to control the narrative again…

    >GOP handlers, please take few hours to read Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals”!

    It’s all written down, easy to see and understand what these radicals are up too!

    I promise!

  • 911Infidel

    If it was so easy then why did the Messiah sit on the intel for so long? Furthermore, unlike “Mr Assasin”, GW was smart enough to snatch a few live prisoners, send a few on a water ride and that’s how we got the intel that led to OBL’s wherebouts. Again, how come Obama waited so long to pull the trigger? He had actionable intel, and he sat on it. Anyone else would have acted on it immediately. But the Messiah effed the dog. Oh and it was Seal Team 6 that got OBL, not Obama Bin Lying. It was an Admiral that pulled the trigger. Why doesn’t Obama put credit where credit is due? Wait…only a real leader would do that. Never mind.

  • 911Infidel

    Obama’s braggadocio about the Bin Laden mission is nothing but “Stolen Valor” at the command level.

    • Obama. So brave. Remember when this site had the prank where the guy posed as a robber, and his girlfriend (with her roomies) ran out, screaming like they were on fire? I’ll bet Obama would’ve done the same thing. If he’d’ve had a gun in his hand, and been dragged along on the bin-Laden hit, he would’ve soiled himself, and everybody else.

      • 911Infidel

        Obama is a girlie-man. Can you see Obama rucking up and walking 20 miles in the jungle or climbing a mountain? Yeah me neither. Glad he never joined the Infantry or some other manly job. Can you imagine him trying to throw a grenade? Hell he can’t even throw a baseball properly. The boy-man would either crap all over himself after he pulled the pin, got nervous in the service and dropped the grenade, or wouldn’t be able to throw it far enough so that it landed at a safe distance. There’s a five-letter expletive that describes Mr Stolen Valor to a “T” . It starts with the letter papa and ends with the letter yankee.

  • Romney: wrong again. There’s one president that would’ve had a hard time ordering that kill:

  • It may be an easy call, but not for Bubba Clinton.

    And didn’t Obama have to sleep on it before he gave the order?

  • It must be a joke within the press-

    A 10 year old that plays COD would have made the right call……it’s a lot more revealing that our POTUS and those around him thought it was a difficult choice.