Romney refuses to criticize Obama on anniversary of 9/11; Obama, not so much

This afternoon Romney told his audience that the anniversary of 9/11 was not the day to criticize an opponent. Obama choose instead to campaign like today was a normal day:

Romney’s first tweet this morning was about 9/11:

Obama’s first tweet this morning was about campaigning:

Kinda speaks for itself.

Earlier this morning Obama did a 10 minute interview with a local pop station in Florida and never once mentioned 9/11. It was all campaign from beginning to end, as if 9/11 wasn’t today. See for yourself:

Now which one is the president again?

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  • p m

    For the muslim in chief, this IS just another day.

    • Arrrggghhh

      You are dead wrong. I’m sure that he’s in mourning like the rest of us. The only difference is that we’re mourning the deaths of over 3,000 people and he’s mourning the loss of 19.

      • Joe

        ********************** BAM!***************************

      • las1

        Oh man! I’m keepin’ glued to your like meter.

  • celestiallady

    He’s only going to get worse. Heaven help us all.

    • stevenbiot


    • Rightstuff1

      Because this piece of crap will stoop to any level whatsoever to win…nothing and I mean nothing is sacred. Not even the memory of 9/11. I never thought I would see the day. But here it is….I’m living it. It feels unreal but its real enough God help us.

  • stevenbiot

    McCain, is that you? Please tell me we aren’t going to be fighting this battle using kid gloves. No day is off limits to smear this empty suit. Romney the moderate is making me feel uneasy. I’m not donating jack to a losing campaign strategy.

    • Dude, today is 9/11. Give Romney a break. He’s right you know, showing he has more class.

      • stevenbiot

        Yeah, I guess you’re right.

        • las1

          It’s ok Steve… we’re allowed to strap our heads with duct tape against our outrage from the verbal sewage coming from Obama’s mouth. And sometimes our outrage eclipses even a day like today. You’re forgiven my friend.

          Even though Romney’s soft peddling of Obama’s malfeasance and subversive and traitorous behaviour causes me apoplexy… he nonetheless did a good thing on a day like today.

          • stevenbiot

            Thanks broseph!

        • He is, but I understand your frustration at Romney for not being more aggressive in his attack on NObama all too well. Off with the mittens, out with the Queensbury rules, this is bare knuckle boxing and the whole future of the United States is at stake! So ATTACK! ATTACK!!! Being nice leaves you where it left McCain! NObama is NOT being nice! He would stomp on his own family if it gets him another vote! Fight! Fight!

          (takes a deep breath)… Today wasn’t the day to do it, but we better see a ramping up of the Republican message from tomorrow on!

      • joyfulgiver

        Romney is absolutely correct in taking the politics out of the day of remembrance of all killed on 9/11. That was a horrific event in 2001, at one point it united us all. We should all pause and remember, lest we forget.

        • w0m

          …. Taking the politics out of the day, until he held a press conference accusing Obama of apologizing to Muslims after they killed an American diplomat. Before the american families were told. Oh, and what he was criticizing for; wasn’t a statement by Obama, and was given before hand. Urgh the hypocrisy.

    • marketcomp

      Hey stevenbiot, I am with you but we need to show that we are better than Obama and his wing men the democrats and MSM. Obama would like nothing better than for us to forget about this horrible tragedy that was brought upon America. You know it’s easy to forget when you are not an American as we now have had confirmation after confirmation that he is not. Even if we are told that he was born in America his ideas are very foreign to American values and ideas. Remember, my friend, we have tomorrow and the next 55 days to pound the heck out of him from tomorrow to Nov. 6, 2012. I don’t like some of the gestures that I see from Romney but if he peaks too soon that will not be good strategy. Moreover, this should also tell you that Obama is desperate because if he wasn’t he would also morn for one day while we remember the foot soldiers and all those brave Americans who perished during 9/11. So don’t get discourage. We must stay vigilant in our efforts to rid this country of a horrible mistake that was made in voting for Obama.

  • Obama is a despicable human being who seized the levers of vast power through fraud and deception. If he succeeds in stealing a 2nd term in the oval office he will destroy America completely. We will weep, and he will smile because this has been the plan from the beginning.

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    romney took the high road…
    as for barry he is no leader, he never should have been elected . he is not qualified . he is also Despicable .

  • Don

    Not a Romney fan, but it makes sense not to use 9/11 to give the mainstream media a second of air time to challenge his patriotism by attacking their lord and master. Obama will show patriotism, that he sure doesn’t have today, because the world is watching. The fanatical bigotry of the mainstream media against anything conservative will be magnified a thousand times in support of Obama while he is in the spotlight. Honor the day and avoid the trap.

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama is like a skunk and a Muslim

    You can count on all of them showing their a**es several times a day.

  • tularockstar

    This is why Romney has to take the gloves off and put on brass knuckles! Oblamer needs to be hit in the mouth and let him see his own blood! Gov. Romney needs to acknowledge the fact that this fight is a playground brawl, and either he punch the thug Obama in the mouth, or go home!

    • stevenbiot

      That’s what I think. No taking the high road. Cheap shot this Marxist with everything he’s got. We’ve got to focus every single day to defeating this guy.

  • tularockstar

    Oblamer’s stragety: play dirty, hit below the belt, use the race card, dispatch all liberal media for protection and lie, lie, lie, and blame, blame, blame!

  • Reading from the article, when Obama did his speech during the memoriam at the TWC, guess what his idea to honor our victims? You should know the answer by now it’s…..DO YOUR FAIR SHARE TO CHIP IN FOR THE COMMUNITY (code word: community organizing!)

    *I’ll post the link later, too busy to look for it now*

    Isn’t that what he said last year and the year before that? Once a community organizer always a community organizer!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    Romney has much more class and statesmanship that o-what-his-name in the White House!!!

  • Dionysus86

    You know the twitter accounts are run by the campaigns right?

    Agree it was in bad taste to campaign this morning but only an idiot would think that Obama himself actually tweeted that.

    • Joe


      I thought HE gave a “speech”

      OOPS! – YES he did give a speech

      and it was HIM who did the radio gig.


      AS far as the “tweet” goes – The whole bunch of them are disgusting and that proves it

      I guess the tweeter didn’t get the memo what day today is

  • poljunkie

    Romney has class.

  • Joe

    No surprise here !


    Not here either – NBC says 9/11 – NAH!

    The Kardashians are more important than people who died in the worst attack of this Country

    NBC’s ‘Today’ Skips 9/11 Moment Of Silence For Kardashian Interview

  • Joe

    Obama says:

    “Hurricanes – No Attacks – BUT

    9/11 – Not so much – Hey – Let’s dance and pass out candy!”

    Jay Carny Carney says:

    “You must be mistaken”

  • KM

    Who acted presidential? Mitt Romney.

    On the other hand, who sounded like their campaign was in despair and behind in the internal polls? Barack Hussein Obama.

    If you go back one year and watch or listen to the worst president in American history, there’s no doubt that he “knows” that his reign will soon end. The electorate does not want anymore of this extreme liberalism.

    Now, let’s win some senate seats!

  • wodiej

    Doesn’t surprise me. No thanks, I can’t listen to obama on an average day and I’m sure not going to listen to him on 9/11.

  • denbren52

    Everyone I know mentioned something about 9/11/2001 today. Most made it a day-long remembrance. Many changed their profile picture on Facebook to honor the victims, their families and the brave men and women who are still actively fighting terrorism today.

    Is it really to much to ask of our president?

    • Joe

      YES – It is!

  • I sum it up this way:
    Romney – Class!
    NObama – Crass!

    Enough said.

  • AbdulBX

    Romney has class. So much class that we will Obama for another 4 years. What the hell is going on with his campaign? Joe Biden is a killer, lunatic, headline maker on the stump, Paul Ryan is a choirboy. Obama is a “win by any means necessary” campaigner, Romney is class? Obviously, Boston was not ready for Chicago. If they don’t change course, it will be an Obama landslide.

  • Susanna958

    Obama will win. He’s running against John McCain again.

    • drphibes

      He’s worlds better than the sleepy and genteel McCain. And the real poll numbers reveal a lead by Romney. The facts don’t support your cynicism.

  • Rocco11

    Romney better ditch this Frank Luntz fool or he’s going to lose.

  • Sober_Thinking

    He’s too busy to meet with a foreign dignitary (B. Netanyahu) because he’s campaigning. While the nuclear commission is pointing out that Iran is conducting nuclear detonation strength testing and Israel is telling the world that sanctions are not working. When the embassy is Cairo is attacked and Muslim hate against the U.S. is brimming over… Caesar Obamus is too busy to meet with Bebe. Because he’s campaigning for himself.

    It’s more than rhetoric. It’s more than name-calling. It’s a fact and this poser is proving it every day. Barack Obama is… the most selfish man in the world. Stay selfish my friend.

    My disgust for this wretched human being goes up daily. He just makes it too easy.

  • iaintlyin

    i’m wonderin’ how Romney will react if radical Islamists attack us the day before one of their holidays, Ramadan or whatever they call it. This guy has no sense of urgency when he needs it. He keeps this up and his class is going to get him second place come November. Today is a day he SHOULD be standing up for the Constitution. There’s a zillion ways he could justify attacking Obama today under the bannerof patriotism. This dude is looking for ways to blow it and we’ll hear the day after election dat that “i ran a campaign of decency”. Dude, decency is not in the Lefts vocabulary and you better get it out of yours TONIGHT. He needs only to look at what these radical progressives did to the Clintons who supposedly owned the Democratic Party, guess what, they got run over. Wake up Mitt.

  • drphibes

    Such a class act, our P.O.S.

  • sDee
  • PFFV

    I bet if you look deep into Obama’s feelings he feels much like Ron Paul does. They think the USA deserved to be hit on 9-11 because we are in so many other parts of the world meddling in other peoples business. To a coward this is how things work. We must have done something to deserve terrorists killing thousands of innocent people. If you think this way you are an idiot and a lost cause! Go live somewhere else!

    • sDee

      Hussein Obama is a dangerous islamofascist, indoctrinated since youth in the koran, sharia and marxism. He is driven to destroy America from within in support of islamic supremacy around the world. He lies to fool hapless and moronic voters, and is aided in his deceit by a quisling media and a Leftist Party.

      Far cry from Paul’s naivety of islam.

  • Jerseygalnny

    Obama is the most undignified of anyone to occupy the White House, and that includes two centuries of staff as well! Here is a short photo array and it is well worth the view! God bless you all, and God bless America!

  • May this POS be a OTP.

  • iaintlyin

    I just saw Netanyahu on TV. Hopefully Mitt sees the same clip, or any clip of Netanyahu for that matter. That Mitt, is the way you speak up for your country, that is the way you question the actions of a moron. Our supposed leader, who ironically wants to lead from behind, has been irrelevant and deafening in his silence on every single issue that has arisen in the mid east since he was anointed three and a half very very long years ago. He did champion the Arab Spring though, since then, every country involved in civil disruption has fallen to the radical islamists influence (with the exception of Syria). I believe our country is going to resemble these mob terrorized countries very soon if this flimflam artist is reelected. You can take your pick on how that prediction will shake down whether it be, economic factors (a la Greece), union problems ( a la Greece, Spain), religious unrest (a la Egypt and other mid east cess pools), gender envy ( a la home bred problem brought on by 0), facism (a la 0’s instigation). Hey you people already know the fractures this guy has caused in this country, its just a shame the one guy we nomonated to win back the country is lookin like he’d have been a better nominee to be the Pope.

  • anyone who is mad at Mitt Romney for not attacking Obama today doesnt understand what Today is about.. and well Im Guessing Obama doesnt..

    so stop hitting Romney for doing what we all should do today and respect those who lost their life through no fault of their own

    • iaintlyin

      Hey philly, if there were a set of rules being observed by all involved, fine, respect for the victims is a the top of my agenda But, when the country is at risk of falling closer toward what the terrorists stand for then its urgent that every day of conservative awareness attacks count, for the sake of the 911 victims. Do you think the Americans that died on 9/11 want to see a day wasted in this war against Radicals? I doubt it.Because our present muslim in disguise president wakes up and twitters ( yeah our president twitters, nauseating huh) to his minions to firm up the ranks first thing in the morning, you want to lay down for the day while he recruits another battalion of misadvised sheep.Not me, and I had 343 brothers die that day. We have a job to do in the name of defeating those who caused that act of war.

  • This election is nothing less than a political civil war that Liberals have inflicted on Conervatives. If we do not wake up to the fact that they are fighting like the Taliban while we check the ” UN manual of combat” before we reply then Conservatives are going to be toasted.

    Romney is capable of taking the fight to Obama. He now has to stop the freaking nice guy approach.

  • AZ34

    The MSM would be all over Romney if the roles were reversed

  • texasgirl46

    What a loser this guy is….

  • LiberalBoycotter

    What about Biden, saying this is a bittersweet moment, when he was talking about 9/11 today. This guy is a jerk, what is bittersweet about 9/11? I can only think terrorism, and tragedy.

  • bobemakk

    IT’S SIMPLE, OBAMA HAS BEEN IN CAMPAIGN MODE EVER SINCE HE WAS ELECTED. Of course he would slam Romney on such a somber day. There’s no excuse for stupidity Mr. President….it’s time for you to go.