Romney Revealed: CNN’s documentary on Mitt Romney

CNN did an in-depth documentary on Mitt Romney that includes interviews with Mitt, Ann, and other people he’s known throughout his life. It includes events in his life that most of us are unaware of, including how he almost died in a car wreck when he was a missionary in France.

Watch below:

After watching it, did you think it was fair?

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  • HARP2

    Who knew Libs had their own song ???

  • I wish they’d have an “Obama Revealed.” I guess that’s what 2016 is for.

    • They are going to air an “Obama Revealed” but based on the ads for it, they are going to talk to people around Obama like Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, etc.

      In other words, it will be propaganda because no way any of them will throw him under the bus.

      • ConnieConservative

        That stinks!

      • Hillary says: “Working with President Obama has been, like, so AWESOME!”

        Hillary means: “How the f-dash-dash-dash-word did this big-eared, C-minus-average p-short-for-Richard who can’t even speak to school kids without a teleprompter manage to beat me back in ’08?”

        • Hillary says: “Working with President Obama has been, like, so AWESOME!”

          Before El Presidente’s censors edited the comment: “Working with President Obama has been, like, so AWFUL!”

          • Feihong Wang

            Have you actually read Obama’s books? He certainly writes significantly better than you, or Bush, or Romney. He was a professor of constitution law, and it’s one of the most difficult topics in law. Don’t mix the man with your political view. I think Romney is a decent guy, regardless of what I think of his politics. This video is a fair brief documentary about Romney, and as someone who doesn’t know much about him, I actually have mostly positive impression about him as a person.

        • Tim

          What’s it like walking around so stupid all the time? If you’re going to attempt to make an educated comment, at least make it believable – I’m shocked you even figured out how to even post a comment. I apologise if your stupidity is in fact a mental retardation problem, which, given the level of stupidity you’ve shown, in all likelihood, it probably is …

      • The last thing CNN wants is a “reveal” on Obama’s parents and mentors.

        • sDee

          Fox should run one – probably would get even better ratings than Beck’s show.

          “The conservative documentary “2016: Obama’s America” stole the spotlight from Sly Stallone’s bad-ass geezers and three opening films at the weekend box office, on its way to an estimated $6.2 million total for the three days.”

        • Feihong Wang

          Why not? I didn’t know much about Romney and I have mostly favorable impression of him after watching. If CNN did a documentary on Obama like this, I don’t think it will be a problem either.

      • PFFV

        CNN FAIR, Serious oxymoron here. I gave up watching CNN years ago because they were such liars. Much like NBC and all the other national news networks (except Fox) they were involved in the ‘slobbering love affair’ with Obama. Now we are pretending they are fair? Some people never learn, obviously.

        I will never trust CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, and on and on. Even PBS is brainwashing school aged children with Socialist propaganda on Sesame Street for god’s sake! Conservatives will never be given a fair shake by the liberal controlled media/Hollywood, please stop kidding yourselves.

        • Tim

          Do you think Fox “NEWS” is fair?

    • I never watch CNN. They disgust me.

    • Fox News tried to do it à la Hannity, O’Reilly (to an extent), and Beck (when he was still with them), but the people who are finally waking up and seeing El Presidente for what he is today, weren’t that awake back then.

      • sDee

        Beck got too close to the truth.

        • Indeed. I don’t agree with him on everything and he sometimes says things that I have to wince at, but on El Presidente, he backed up his facts with credible sources and thorough research.

  • I will watch this before bed, but I’m curious about whether or not they did this same level of investigation on Obama.

    I’m not being sarcastic, I just don’t remember if they did or not. Probably a stupid question………D’souza took care of it, just in case.

    • leel004

      of coarse not…no truth about da b o boy

    • They never have investigated or “vetted” El Presidente to date.

  • toongoon

    “Fair” would mean in comparison to his opponent. It’s not in CNN’s nature to be fair.

    • conservative61

      Never was in CNN’s nature. They weren’t called the “Clinton New Network” for nothin’. CNN has only gotten worse under their beloved Obamao’s regime.

  • MaxineCA

    I had to start and stop this several times just in the first several minutes as I wasn’t sure if it was about the life of Mitt or his father George. I made it to to a little over the 7 min. mark, when I lost track of how many times they said they were rich and mentioned the Mormon church. One moment you think they are being fair, and the next, a backhanded insult. I’ll go back and struggle through watching the whole thing before I vote.

    • How is mentioning the Mormon Church unfair when he spent a fair part of his life as a missionary for it in France? Also, how is talking about him being rich unfair?

      I know Obama thinks being rich is bad and what not, but those things alone probably won’t bother most people.

      • As a Mormon I felt my church was handled respectfully. I have no complaints and I think Romney’s service as a Bishop and Stake President can be a huge benefit in “humanizing” the man.

        Dealing with human life, in all it’s complexity, is what a Bishop does everyday… plus his job… etc. It’s another unique “skill” that separates Romney from the Community Organizer-in-chief.

      • MaxineCA

        I think you misunderstood my comment. I never stated bringing up his Mormon faith was unfair. But they seemed to dwell on Mitt’s father and the Mormon faith too much rather than the good things Mitt has done, and the life he has lived recently.

        I listened up to a little after the 25 min mark, and every few minutes bounced from fair to biased. I really don’t care if Mitt cut off some kids hair while in college. I’m know he has done greater deeds in his life, with many more to come.

        • warpmine

          I can just see them talking about Mao’s father….he was a socialist revolutionary that loved to drink and fornicate with every female that walked upright or perhaps his real father, Frank Marshal Davis(mentor) he was communist, a poet and a sexual pervert that took advantage of his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, sexually during art modeling she did for him. Or perhaps his other mentors….almost anyone that hated the United States, that he could hang out with reinforcing his phoney misconceptions of her.

          I haven’t had time to view this but perhaps later when home from work. Either way it’s going to paint Mitt as an angel compared to his Chumagesty.

          • “art modeling”, code word for porn. Why – oh why – was Obama’s past not TRUTHFULLY presented to us?

            • warpmine

              You know why as it would have been revolting to most Americans and O’s crew knew that which is why it was all sealed up tighter than a clam.

        • I know! Why demonize a man over a college prank in light of all the good he has done in his life after college?

          I came back to my dorm room one night in the early 90s to see my roommate’s friend crashed out on my bed drooling on my pillow passed out from drinking too much. So I did what a normal 18-year-old would do in that situation; I proceeded to paint his face in permanent marker – a little beard, glasses, freckles. Then I left and stayed at a friend’s place. The guy thought my roommate did it, and my roommate was also too drunk to remember if he did or not. Ah, college.

        • canscrap

          I was confused by your comment “I’ll go back and struggle through watching the whole thing before I vote”.

          Knowing what you know about obama, you’d still consider voting for him? Not sure, what you mean.

          • MaxineCA

            I was referring to voting in the survey about the fairness of the documentary.

            Good grief, I would never, ever vote for O.

            • canscrap

              thanks for clearing that up…..

  • Media, Obama, Obama-zombies and Dems will pile on the Conservatives. It is an unfair fight they are going to lose.

  • CaseyGeorge

    I thought it was pretty fair overall. Sure, there were a couple things that seemed to be forced into it (such as the 70’s Mormon feminist) just to push certain talking points, but overall I think it mostly stayed pretty neutral.

    • Yep. Agree totally. The Feminist was something that I could have done with out. Not sure why she was integral to his story when everyone else disagreed with her.

      • When mitt was running against Kennedy;dushku said a lot of things about him that made him look bad. Romney was very upset about it and refused to speak to her afterward. After that the church redress boundary lines for the congregations and made sure the two of them attended in different buildings. She was the Boston version of Harry Reid. Ironically this was during the time when Ted Kennedy was still boozing and womanizing and you have this supposed feminist supporting him over mitt Romney. Yes she is Eliza dushkus mother. She is not all bad since she runs an organization that helps people in Africa who are in poverty. It seems like it does a lot of good. She writes quite a bit at the feminist mormon housewives blog

      • She was imortant because she is being used in ads today. I think it revealed her as being petty more than anything else, but that’s just me.


      I agree, and I take back my earlier, premature comment that said it was a hit piece.

  • ConnieConservative

    Just finished watching. I voted Yes, it was fair.
    Not a puff piece, not a positive support, but fair.
    They allowed family, friends, colleagues to be positive.
    Lot of critical questions from CNN.

    I expect “Obama Revealed” will be a love letter/ puff piece.

    • canscrap

      Connie, that was how I saw it too, pretty fair. Surprised by the guys recollection of the hair cut incident considering the kids family didn’t remember it, found that curious. If every man looked as his wife the way Mitt looks at Ann, there would be a lot LESS divorce….He’s a man of faith, a DEVOTED

      • ConnieConservative

        They do seem a very loving, devoted couple.
        I agree, what’s not love? That’s why they’re so desperate for the tax returns.
        The Romneys are squeaky clean. Our President’s campaign wants to manufacture
        something from an innocent item on their taxes.

        My hubby and I don’t always hear every word either. But he sure is a sweetie.

  • I’m still watching. It seems biased. A better way is to have friends and enemies alike and then question the rhetoric they bring out. This would likely show how Romney’s adversaries are biased and without less base, but Obama’s adversaries with much more substance.

  • There’s a lady in that with the last name Dushku, Eliza Dusku’s mom? She went to Mitt’s ward I believe.

  • p m

    Wonder how many malcontents they’ll dredge up from Obama’s past, giving them a chance to further inflate their own self-importance.

    Oh, that’s right, Zero doesn’t have a past, does he? Think we’ll see his
    Indonesian madrassa clerics? His college pothead associates? Anyone like Ayers, Dohrn, Farrakhan, Jackson, Rezko and the rest? George Obama, the brother who has to rely on Dinesh D’Souza to pay for his kid’s hospital care, because there’s no-one else he can turn to?
    Doubt it.

    After the 39 minute mark it became more of an undisguised hit against the few positives they chose to mention about the man. Every achievement was cast in doubt, including the Olympics, and of course Bain. On balance, no, not fair.

    They’re hoping to remind conservatives why they don’t like him. Consider the alternative. ‘Anyone But Obama’ is an imperative, not just a point of view.

    • MaxineCA

      I only made it to the 25 min mark before I couldn’t take anymore. I tried, I really, really tried… but just couldn’t to it.

      • poljunkie

        Same here.

        I did watch the mini “interview” on Fox today with Chris wallace. I thought Gov Romney came off well. It showed him making pancakes (he puts peanut butter on his, not syrup). Showed his “chore” wheel for the kids, grandkids, and it generally just showed them at home relaxing and enjoying the family.
        One thing that we noticed, it looked like they had three or four washing machines.
        Oh, take away from interview, Ann Romney loves Costco!

        • MaxineCA

          I watched as well. Loved, loved, loved every minute of it! What a great husband, what a great wife and what a great family! Won’t it be fantastic when we bring back our founding values to our great nation? Mitt has honesty, integrity, great love for our country and proven leadership skills. Who could ask for more?

          • poljunkie

            I concur. I laughed at some of the things they did. HA. The chore wheel was so funny. AND ironing his own shirts. Awesome. My husband hasnt done that in years. ( note, either have I!)

          • MLCBLOG

            I know. It’s really different, huh?

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I voted it was “not fair” because the option of “somewhat biased” was not there; they left what I think is one of the most revealing parts of Mitt Romney’s life. When Romney’s father died he inherited a fortune and Mitt gave it all to charity. That tells you something

    • I don’t remember the story mentioning that Mitt gave his father’s fortune away; is that true?

      • proudhispanicconservative

        nope they did not include that into this somewhat biased coverage, I was waiting for it and when his father died didn’t even make it to the segment. And yes he gave it all to charity and everything he has he has made it on his own.

      • it is. it was about a million bucks and he gave it to a college for kids who couldn’t pay their way through. plus, he refused pay from the olympics and the governorship of ma. one of those last two may have also gone to charity as well.

        • Funny how the lefty media seems to leave those facts out. Ah, those pesky facts. Lefties pick and choose their own “facts” to fit into their propaganda. Heck, with DWS and Stephanie “Toe” Cutter, they don’t even need facts when lies will suffice.

      • canscrap

        Yep, all of it. They lived in a cheap basement apartment that had no carpet and she bought carpet samples, sewed them together for the floor…. he’s a good man and will spend YOUR money wisely.

        Romney/Ryan 2012

      • MLCBLOG

        Yes, it is true and has been reported.

    • They couldn’t fit it in because of the “hair cutting” story.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I hope you are right my friend, lets all pray for a Romney win, and a rejection to european type country.

  • I have to say it was biased, even though it actually made me like him better. The reason I believe it was biased is because I saw nothing from CNN with the same critical eye on Obama back in 2008.

    Throughout the entire thing, the tone was like that of a true crime program, sprinkled liberally with cautionary type questions and thoughts posed by the CNN interviewer. You’d never haven see that done if CNN this had been about Obama back in ’08.

  • leel004

    the lighting was awful, making it look rather shady, yet when his opposers spoke the lighting seem to be better, but i guess this is objective for ccn

  • Omitted was the fact that Romney gave away his inheritance. I was hoping to learn more about that. Ah, that’s CNN for you.

    • That would run counter to the talking points they receive from El Presidente’s media henchmen. It doesn’t fit into the “evil rich people” and “the wealthy need to pay their fair share” narrative.

      • warpmine

        Can you imagine what the government would have done with George’s money and the benefit it gave to some idiot bureaucrat phoney job compared to actual disbursement to the poor college student? The government would have taken the usual 40% and wasted it on the huge bureaucracy that is the government and left 60% to give to lazy bastards that won’t get off their duffs to work.

  • George Martin

    I voted biased because there was just an overall theme of him being power hungry. I think its funny that CNN put in the credits that they got information from the Obama campaign for the documentary.

  • spottedreptile

    I can’t bring myself to click on CNN – I just can’t. Thanks for all the comments from people who were stronger than I.

    • Sandra123456

      Me too.

  • Nukeman60

    It’s tough to rate a story like this fair or biased when I come into the story a bit biased myself toward the right. Having said that, and knowing that Gloria Borger is a CNN hack who once said Paul Ryan was a ‘polarizing figure’ because the left made an ad showing him pushing grandma over the cliff, I have to say the piece was slightly biased in ways that only the media can be. It’s all in the way they ask the questions or word the answers that puts a slight lean to it one way or another.

    This entire story is full of little digs, starting at the very beginning stating he was a man ‘born to wealth, privilege, and politics’. Well, that may be true, but when your first statement sets the tone for the entire article, you may actually miss what he’s done in his life – and why.

    Talk of his ‘childhood pranks’ used only the one haircutting incident. His anti antiwar protests boiled down to him not serving himself (not surprising, seeing he was in college at the time). With his Mormon missionary outreach in France, they attempted to protray him as losing and rejecting his faith (when, in fact, he took that over and made the mission successful after his accident). The ‘brainwashing’ comment made by his father made Mitt out to be overly cautious (rather than showing that he can learn from both his mother’s and father’s political mistakes).

    They tried to portray his wedding and Ann’s conversion to Mormonism as being controlled by and overshadowed by his father. His childhood ‘friend’, Philip Maxwell, had absolutely nothing positive to say (I don’t have any ‘friends’ like that). The differences between him and Dushku over the ‘Woman’s rights vs Mormonism’ issue gave no back up testimony and when they claimed Romney was bearing a grudge toward Dushku, it appeared that it was actually the other way around.

    Getting involved in business through Bain Capital was described as ‘knee deep in it’. Well, we all know what being ‘knee deep’ in something means. The they questioned whether he was in it to create jobs or make money for his investors. Duh, one leads to the other, they aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

    Onward to politics against Ted Kennedy. Who do you suppose they used to describe the situation? Yeah, you guessed it, Ted’s own son (who actually said the two were total opposites, which countered Borger’s comment about them supposedly being the same).

    Talking about Ann’s MS just had to have some digs in about going to Utah to run the Olympics (as if he couldn’t take care of her while working?) and, of course, the dig whether he actually left Bain Capital or not. Top it off with proclaiming that he ‘overstated the problem’ with the Olympics for his own personal gain, using a guy who apparently opposed Romney in the effort (I’d assume this guy, Bullock, was a part of the initial problem), and you paint a dreary picture of Romney without actually saying it. Typical media.

    Lastly, his run for Governor and his two runs for President can be summed up by their statement, “there is doubt about his conviction’. Are you kidding me? I just watched an hour video displaying his conviction for his family, his faith, and his politics. Where did that all go? Using phrases like ‘he crawled across the finish line’ in the primary and the question asking ‘why you can be trusted’ are not statements made in showing the life and times of a man.

    I have to say I liked the video, even with what I saw as media bias, because it showed a side of Romney’s life that I did not know about and it helped me to understand the man more now than I did an hour earlier. But I vote bias and I’m not surprised.

    • conservative58

      I agree with your comments and think your assessment is pretty much on spot!

      And we all know the media will continue in their efforts to shield and protect Obama!

  • Mike Lee

    Wow. Thank you for posting this. What a beautiful family! I think that line near the end about him being more of a pragmatist versus an ideologue is a GOOD thing. America would be nuts to not elect this man. He will be vastly more effective than Obama. Romney in one word: winner. The man knows how to win. He has lived his life with purpose and with discipline. He doesn’t quit. He learns from his defeats. That’s a rare man. He may not be the conservative that right-wingers are looking for, but I think he’ll make a fine president. The attacks against him are unfair for the most part and quite vicious. The stuff of losers and cynics. There is so much negativity out there today, a positive guy like Romney reminds me very much of Reagan. It’s strange, Obama ran on “yes, we can” but in fact he really is a “no, I can’t” guy. When faced with loss and DC opposition, he hides. Romney is actually a true “yes, we can” guy. I could see him getting things done with a divided congress.

  • ryanomaniac

    It was somewhat biased. Big surprise. Some good things also. Mitts Mormonism could be a problem for him though. Christians may be able to get past it though considering the Muslim currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. When this election really starts to hit the media will really point out some of the crazy doctrines of this religion.

  • Philo Beddoe

    It’s refreshing to hear from people he knew THROUGHOUT his life. What a concept


    has CNN done such an indepth biography on Obama?

    • By in-depth biography, if you mean a slobbering Obama love piece, yes. If you mean delving into his background, his associations, and his ideology, no.

  • Patriot077

    This was probably as “fair” as any of the networks will ever get, but even the title smacks of inherent bias. “Faith, Family and the Road to Power”. Gee, what kind of title could they dream up for an expose on Zero? I’m not holding my breath for that “special report”.

    I had a really hard time watching it to the end. I hope the average viewer will be able to sift the wheat from the chaff, because even with his flaws he is certainly more aligned with the average American than the current pres.

  • conservative58

    Note to CNN:
    Here is some info you may want to include when you ‘reveal’ Obama:

    I’ll take my chances with Romney any day of the week!!!

  • DINORightMarie

    I now know more about Mitt Romney, who he associated with, what formed him, and his heart. That’s more than anyone knows (or is willing to reveal) about Obama.

    This is what should have been done in 2008 – i.e. 2016 is 4 years overdue – and the MSM should have made it!! (CNN – are you listening?! Nah.)

  • DINORightMarie

    Question to those who think this was a biased documentary – which way? Pro-Romney or anti-Romney?

    • Yes. No. Uh, maybe. I don’t know. 🙂

  • For the most part this was a good piece of work. There were some things that I believe were not fairly handled but coming from very progressive/liberal CNN it was without the “flaming liberal bias” that most conservatives have come to know and dislike. As a Mormon, phrases that referred to him as “a rising star in the church”, rankled because that is not how we think. As for the woman that was the ERA supporter and a Mormon…sour grapes. I remember those who had her attitude and they were often the “all or nothing” group and nothing would have satisfied them except completely acquiescing to their demands.
    Finally, in the final moments, the piece referred to something like, any presidential nominee would have their history/background searched out etc. It actually highlighted the glaring absence of any searching, like what was done here, in the case of Mr. Obama. This kind of a piece on Mitt Romney would have been much more acceptable if CNN had bothered to do the same with our President.

  • John Cox

    Can someone please send me the link to the one they did in 2008 on Obama?

  • Skye Lowry

    As a member of the Mormon church, I’d like to point out that Dushku’s statements are both misleading. She claimed she was fighting for women to hold positions of authority in the church and for women to give sermons.
    The first claim is partially wrong because women do hold many important positions of authority in the Mormon church. While they are never called as bishops or branch presidents (similar to pastors or other clergy), they do teach Sunday school, work closely with the youth, and even oversee the welfare programs of the local congregations (just to name a few).
    The second statement is completely false. Women give sermons (talks, discourses, speeches, addresses, whatever you want to call them) almost every week. I have spoken in church several times. Twice a year church officials speak to members worldwide in a satellite broadcast and women speak at these broadcasts as well.

  • If this had been about Obama 90% would have seen bias. I thought they actually tried to make Romney look good. Most was taken from Romney and family or close allies of his like his chief of staff. I would say it was biased in favor of Romney. His detractors got no real time in this video his defense of the few far more time.


    It’s basically a hit piece.

  • Jay

    I was planning to vote for Obama (reluctantly), part of the reason being that I don’t really know much about Mitt Romney. As I watched this program I found myself liking him more and more. What’s not to like? Good family man who has always worked hard, faced and overcame challenges, and always found time to ‘give back’. He seems like the kind of man I’d be proud to see my son grow up to be like. If anyone can help dig us out of the financial mess we are in as a country, it’s Mitt. His wife is also an amazing woman, and would make a wonderful first lady.

    Thank you CNN for helping me get to know the Romneys!

  • For CNN I have to say they did a pretty good job. I cant wait to see Mitt Romney as our next president and Ann Romney our next First Lady , both a class act.

  • Pem66

    It was fair with sticks to the eye i wish they would do to Obama vs love fest. If you based it of what the do to support Obama. It is unfair and biased because it not a level playing ground.

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama Life story
    Born in either Honolulu or Nairobi to a slut.
    Fathered by either an African Anti Colonialist/Commie or an American Communist
    Mother married moved him to Indonesia where he registered for school under the current MFER’s name.
    Studied Islam, ate dogs and snakes
    Mother dumped his miserable ass on her parents in typical coward, cop-out, spoiled brat fashion.
    Obama looked at his grandmother as a typical white person while learning communism and deviant sex [practices with a black traitor

    Then it gets worse….there’s a movie about this low life. Too bad they didn’t have Sam Jackass, Danny the fat, stupid slob who kisses Chavez butt or better yet that pervert banana man to play Obama.

  • seveka

    Romney is GREAT!!!

  • seveka

    A man with moral integrity and good business sense. All needed to be a president!

  • Why didn’t Mitt Romney serve in the Military, he was of draft age?

    Mitt Romney’s 5 sons have never served in the Military either.

  • Mitt Romney was of draft age, yet he skipped out on the Military.
    Mitt Romney’s 5 sons have never served in the Military.
    Why not?

  • Sunova12

    An interesting program. I wanted to ask why Romney limits his comments on big government to size of the budget and not to the size of the control over people’s lives as suggested by his stance on abortion, gay rights, women’s rights, etc.