By Caleb Howe

Liberal host Thomm Hartmann, of Russia Today’s “The Big Picture”, just can’t imagine how you can be a Christian AND a republican. In his above debate with two conservative guests, modestly titled “Lone Liberal Rumblings”, Hartmann takes on Republicans where it hurts! Like a solitary superhero standing athwart sense, Hartmann trots out the old canard that Jesus really was a hippie and that people who oppose democrat welfare policies are really, therefore, ANTI-JESUS!!

… OK, not in so many words. But his argument is the same we’ve heard a million times. It’s the stand-by strawman of every liberal who wishes to appear oh-so-clever. That it is possible to believe in charity and good works without believing in compulsory behavior enforced by the state is something that never crosses this “rumbler’s” mind. Not even when his guests rightly point it out.

Generosity as a virtue is under-practiced, but it is also under-appreciated. And generosity as a obligation of a citizen to his government, rather than his fellow man, is not only highly overrated, but demonstrably ineffective. Or did we all miss when the government’s “War on Poverty” put up its mission accomplished banner?


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