Rubio: I’m probably gonna be a no-vote for Hagel nomination

Rubio explains why he can’t vote for Hagel, citing mainly the concerns everyone else has brought up in the hearing today. He also addresses America’s role if war erupts with Israel and discusses his immigration plan.


UPDATE: ‘Probably’ was my word, not Rubio’s. So I’m guessing that all you in the comments didn’t watch the video.

Normally, if I am quoting someone I put them in quotes. Otherwise it’s likely my characterization of what he said, and given that he hasn’t voted yet, I thought it was fair.

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  • hramirez18


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  • sjmom

    Great question by Inhofe at the beginning of the segment. Wham!

    When Jon asked Marco about running for president his huge smile belied his words. Why doesn’t he just admit the Immigration bill is the beginning of his campaign?

  • Constance

    Did I hear correctly that he “probably” won’t vote for him? Probably? So…. what exactly would be the thing that would change your mind, Senator? You didn’t hear enough today to make that a solid NO vote? Good grief.

    • hramirez18

      he has to wait for the opinion of Jeb Bush

    • No, he didn’t say ‘probably’. That’s my word.

  • c4pfan

    Probably? What a freaking wimp!

    • Rocco11

      my thoughts exactly, this guy has no backbone.

    • Probably was my word. I didn’t know it was gonna make you all diss him. You should watch the video.

  • Sober_Thinking


    Spoken like a politician.

    I don’t want to dog pile on Rubio necessarily… Rubio has said some brillaint things in the past… this wasn’t one of them.

    As long as he remains solid on “secure the border first”, then that’s a decent start. Truly, the border should be secured right now… so stupid that it’s not. So wrong.

    I do like the way he calls out Obama… sends a tingle up my leg.

    • B-Funk

      “sends a tingle up my leg.”

      LOL! Exactly what I was thinking!

      • Sober_Thinking


    • No, not ‘probably?’.

      That was my word. He never said that.

      • cabensg

        Third times the charm right! This was my laugh for the day. Trying to rein in the troops.

        • crosshr

          lollllll !

      • Sober_Thinking

        I stand corrected.

      • crosshr

        I’ve been rolling on the floor Scoop laughing at the ” Probably ” that makes most out of shape, ouchhhhhh !!!!! very touchy touchy ! lol I don’t blame our folks a bit, after the way we’ve been treated from our reps and politicians

  • Rocco11

    Rubio is the Latino Mitt Romney -minus the fortune.

    • Orangeone

      If the Hispanics are so happy with the Repubs, why did Mitt lose Rubio’s home state after Rubio claimed he stumped for him????

  • “Probably” is why I’ll never support a RINO schmuck like Rubio. Israel isn’t a cancer on the Middle East; Rubio is a cancer on freedom.

    • Orangeone

      Rubio and his illegals holding on to his coat tails

  • 57thunderbird

    Makes no difference.He already voted in favor of Kerry.In my book that is strike one.I’m keeping score.

    • cabensg

      If you add in the guys who are actually in the gang of whatever number, that are with Rubio on the immigration deal Kerry would have been strike two. In my book anyway.

      • 57thunderbird

        I will make note.Good point

        • Orangeone

          And I’ll offer my 3rd: Taking a position with Barky Boy on anything, even if it’s the day of the week.

          • 57thunderbird

            Agreed.The fact that he is a Bush lackey is all I need to know to disapprove.

            • Orangeone

              Score for Reason #4!

  • bongobear

    This is all BS…a waste of time. They’re going to confirm him anyway.

    • 57thunderbird

      Probably be confirmed by the same vote as Kerry.

      • Orangeone

        I think 5 against.

      • bongobear

        I suspect you are correct. The senate seems unable to say no to ‘members of the club’. John Tower is the last senator that was denied confirmation that I recall.

        • 57thunderbird

          They give Obamao everything he wants on a silver platter.Phonies,all of them.

          • bongobear

            Couldn’t agree more.

  • Orangeone

    So sad that Rubio focuses on people in our country illegally instead of the 23 million American citizens who are unemployed. Barky Boy disbanned his “jobs council” today saying Job Done.

  • JRD1

    That’s because the new gun in town has upstaged you, Marco. You HAVE to vote against him now.

    You’re history. Yesterdays news. Go look at Barbara’s rolodex!

    Cruz IS the man!

    The TEA party’s darling you ain’t.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I wonder if Rubio and Jeb Bush have figured out that Ted Cruz is the fly in their ointment. Cruz makes Rubio look and sound like a 7th grader.

  • For Rubio’s plan to succeed the country needs to:
    1. make borders impenetrable (how much would this cost the taxpayers?) ; 2. pass a federal law that would make it legal to check an ID of every person with an accent – otherwise how are we going to identify and deport illegals with criminal background? (chances of this getting approved country-wide are very slim); and 3. ensure that the rest of the illegals would be willing to “step out of the closet”.
    Let’s see. Here is a true story. An illegal Mexican man, a carpenter by trade, fairly fluent in English, raising a daughter of 14 born in US (mother left for Mexico), has been in California for 16 years out of his 38, making 15-20 per hour in construction with no taxes on it. The girl has all the benefits, he does not. He may or he may not have a medical insurance, but if his health goes south, he can always go south – to Mexico – for some treatment. If a real medical emergency hits him, a US hospital would provide him with medical help and write off the expenses with charity money. To make his “self-reporting” possible, one needs to offer him an incentive. Obviously, a work permit is not going to cut it. The California taxes would dilute his legal pay down to less than what he makes now. The most laughable expectation Rubio entertains is that this type of illegals would have to pay some kind of a penalty upon “surfacing” – the best anti-incentive one can think up! Having to wait for a green card indefinitely after “self-reporting” would be another anti-incentive (in our story the guy could wait four more years for his daughter to apply for his green card, as if he had lived in Mexico all this time, and, voila, in five years he crosses the US border legally after sneaking back to Mexico just for a few months prior to that to make it look like he had always been there.) I bet almost all of the “crime-uninvolved” illegals fall under this category this way or another. So, what do we get as a result of this “brilliant” immigration plan? Billions of wasted funds (while the country is already broke) and, probably, 10-12 percent legalized. And this all would be happening against the background of the law-abiding would-be legal immigrants waiting for the backlogged immigration officers to make a move on their cases. According to the official immigration bulletin, brothers and sisters of the naturalized citizens have to wait for at least 12 years for their papers to get processed (and it is getting slower and slower). Under Rubio’s plan, the “surfaced” illegals, upon the receipt of the work permit, while waiting for “their spot in the line”, would enjoy the privileges of staying in the US (if one works, one can buy a medical insurance and open a private pension plan account to be comfortably set for life in the US). Justice at its highest, isn’t it?
    I am not even touching the issue of having an expanded workforce base in the time of very high unemployment, with thousands of employers having to pay more on account of their employees “turning legal”. Who would those employers pass the buck to?
    Let us not fall into the trap of believing that any serious immigration plan will be put into execution in the near future. And if it should, it would be another disaster. It is clear Rubio is trying to befriend as many Latinos as possible for his future presidential endeavors. It is also painfully clear that in order for the country to have the “stop-illegal-immigration” ball rolling we should, first, start the procedure of removing the constitutional provision that bestows the US citizenship on foreign parents’ babies born here (without this step we will be forced to go through amnesties every 20 years); and, second, stop providing any type of public schooling to those who do not have the right to live in the country. Is there anyone on the political arena courageous and honest enough to tackle this task? Obviously, not Rubio.

    • sue-marie

      Galina, Let me ask a question or two here. Do you honestly think Rubio is the ONLY politician wanting Hispanic votes? Not hardly….they ALL want the Latino vote. You want to hold him to a higher standard than you do others…it’s just not fair. Secondly, do you really think that any legislation that calls for self-reporting with a penalty in order to stay would be worse than what lays before them if they don’t? Sometimes I too think our politicians are dimwits…but the GOP will make sure the bill carries imprisonment, never being able to apply for US citizenship OR both. An ex: Roosevelt demanded that all Americans turn over their gold…when I first learned about the “great gold confiscation of 1933” in school I was mortified..our country with freedom and liberty for all? From that day forward as a budding student, I was determined I would never want to be a Democrat…but anyway..moving on. Roosevelt and the Dems had to make NOT turning it in worth turning it in. You got up to a 10,000 fine and up to 10 years in jail. Now remember…10,000 back then is like what guys…100,000? Don’t underestimate these politicians…most of them salivate at the mention of revenue…the establishment GOP are just better at hiding it. As far as taking good paying jobs…I think that will happen too but much further into the future. Those work permits will be slow coming for that very reason. And the guest-worker program will be designed to take their places and curb illegal immigration. If we do not do it our way…trust me it will be done and the Dems are not concerned about border security, jobs or future illegal entries. We have to step up and save this country…why? Because we love it and it is worth fighting for…never give up, Galina..if you have already lost.

  • Guppymonster

    He better be a ‘No’ vote on his goof ball immigration plan unless the immigrants can not vote for twenty-five years.

  • james1051

    Hey Marco, no one cares
    You’ve been written off

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  • dontdrinkthecoolaid

    Rubio voted “no” on a bill that would prohibit arms sales to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Bye bye Marco. You’re progressive “slip” is showing.

  • kssturgis62

    But he voted for Kerry. So what does it matter.

  • loftonian

    I heard he would be the next President after Obama when Obama was just being elected the first time around . A lot of the older veterans know whats going on before anyone else . Who could loose against Hillery ? lol

  • Army_Pilot1967

    “…I just don’t believe I’ll be able to support his nomination…” I’ll be curious to see how Rubio actually votes on the Hagel nomination for SecDef. So many of the Senators express disappointment with Hagel, one would think he has no chance to become SecDef. John Kerry sailed through his nomination process, which meant to me that the Senators lined-up and voted “Yes” as they almost always do. Rarely do they reject a nominee regardless of how poorly they’ve performed in front of the nomination committee.

  • bobemakk

    No “probably,” Rubio regrow your stones and vote NO on Hagel and tell your fellow republicans the same.