[UPDATE: RULES ADOPTED] – Team Romney trying to give RNC power to change rules between conventions


This, via Erick Erickson this morning is not good news:

At 2:00 p.m. today in Tampa, the Republican National Committee, led by Team Romney, is moving to shut down conservative grassroots activists. I’ve been on the phone with several individuals involved in the fight who tell me that the fight is not over, it is only just starting.

Specifically, the media is reporting that the rules fight is over because Team Romney is abandoning Ben Ginsberg’s effort to allow candidates to control delegates. Under an initial proposal, delegates would, in effect, be chosen by the presumed nominee’s campaign and not based on votes in the states and delegate selection processes in the states.

That issue appears resolved, but several people I’ve spoken to make clear that Team Romney and the RNC establishment are using that compromise as a red herring to distract from two major rules change proposals that would decimate Republican grassroots and prevent upstart political campaigns.

The first rule to be proposed is one that would give the Republican National Committee the power to change rules between conventions with a three-quarters vote of the RNC. One source tells me, “With a Republican President, of course this is doable. Everybody will roll over if a President Romney asks them too. They’ll be able to get Ben Ginsberg’s proposal next year.

In other words, if Team Romney prevails in this rules change, they don’t have to worry about Ben Ginsberg not getting his way today on the delegate changes. They’ll be able to do it later when the press and grassroots are not watching.

Click over to read more from Erickson’s article, including a second rule change they are trying to get passed that would hurt future candidates like Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

UPDATE: Quoting Michelle Malkin:

Well, that was…something else. First, Maine delegates were replaced with Romney people. Then, rules chairman John Sununu and GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner stood on stage at the RNC to rule on the compromise rules report. No minority report was mentioned. When asked for yeas and nays on the report, the room seemed equally divided. Boehner forged ahead and approved the report over loud boos and calls of “point of order” from activists on the floor.

No vote on the minority report.

FW’s Dean Clancy observes: “If @SpeakerBoehner had been wielding the Speaker’s gavel instead of the GOP convention gavel, he wouldn’t
have gotten away with that trick.”

And the show went on…GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn just declared that “this has been a great exercise in grass-roots” and that GOP stands for “Great Opportunity Party.”

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  • Here’s the deal, for me: I have communicated my displeasure (via the “Levin Surge”) over this issue. I also noted that I am an active Romney volunteer (because we MUST replace Obama) – and I’ll vote for Romney, no question – but I will NOT volunteer for his campaign EVER again, nor will I make a donation to the campaign should this coup take place. Period. The conservatives are the MAJORITY of this party, and to shut us out, after forcing us to swallow Romney’s nomination is the ULTIMATE middle-finger-showing.

    Now, I’m no Nero.. I won’t stand there and watch Rome burn. But the RNC isn’t leaving us much choice, now are they??

    We’re sitting on a keg of powder, and there’s Obama holding the match… And instead of rallying to not only blow out the match, but tackle the guy holding it, the RNC is handing him (and his progressive friends) kindling and lighter fluid.

    Good God Almighty.
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    • Guest1776rcp

      But the RNC isn’t leaving us much choice, now are they??

      What the RNC is doing is despicable and akin to blackmail. It should be your first clue if you haven’t seen the writing on the wall yet.

      Don’t worry about a four year lame duck because the world is going to end on Dec 21st …just ask the Mayans. LOL!

      • hbnolikeee

        The Mayans only said that because they were running out of Inca.

    • Spartan1975

      Progressives have infiltrated both parties…The dems do not hide it anymore and have openly embraced socialism, communism and Marxism, while the republicans are slowly nudged! You do not need to have many progressives in the party, just a few in power positions suffice! I pray that we the people can get rid of those spineless and pathetic progressives once and for all… We need men and women of character who can carry the voice of the people and fight with integrity and courage like Allen West!

      • the_nev

        Why do you have to blame a political ideology and not look at the reality, which is money. What is a communist if it isn’t an all powerful capitalist? Marxists haven’t invaded the party. GREED has. We, as republicans, drink every bit of kool-aid we can about unions feeding democrats taxpayer money but oh so conveniently turn a blind eye to Republicans doing it with their corporate buddies.

        Washington is corrupt but it’s not due to marxism! Quit listening to beck! He’s a fear monger the same as the statists hannity and levin!

        MONEY is the name of the game and if this passes, the Republican party will share very few differences with the DNC. Its all about MONEY and POWER, not communism or marxism! They will be kings, able to secure their futures no matter what the people want. Sure, they’ll pay lip service to us by adopting platform rules like we’ve seen, but they never listen to the platform anyway!

        • Spartan1975

          Although you may be right on the greed part for some… they are appropriately called RINO’s, we still are as a whole against socialism, communism and Marxism which cannot be said about Dems who openly espouse these destructive policies.
          The Tea Party Mouvement is slowly getting rid of these RINO’s that only care about money and power and I hope we fight…
          Maybe you should watch a little more Beck, Levin or Hannity…

          • the_nev

            I’ll pass on the levin, hannity and beck watching, thanks. I’m not pro-big government and don’t really care to endorse their rantings with ratings. …oh, and yes, I used to watch/listen to them.

            They’re all RINO’s, chief. If they were truly against socialism, communism, marxism, etc.. we wouldn’t still have the anti-patriot act, ndaa, tarp, medicare part D, the TSA, homeland security,etc…

            Is “security” (or as I like to call it: “please save me father government”) a valid excuse for large government to diminsh our rights, kill/brutalize/arrest it’s own people?

            Is large government okay if you agree with it or is it still large government?

            • Spartan1975

              You are somewhat correct that many in our party lost their values and that is why the Tea Party is so important in making those politicians accountable to the people!
              The old guard sees that the Tea Party is growing in influence and are shitting themselves!!!!
              I agree that many programs of the government over the years are bordering socialism and that needs to stop however I do not see Republicans pushing more communist ideologies down our throats and defending them like Maobama and his band…
              Security should be the top priority of government… we should just take all the political correctness away, remodel and make sure our liberties are not infringed more but the world is a dangerous place and I am against anarchism. I believe government has a role and to take a Dennis Miller line “I do not mind helping the helpless but I am sick of helping the clueless!”

              • the_nev

                Sorry, I get your point but I must say that you dodged the question and threw in a sly “anarchist” jab. Anarchy is yet another buzzword in the fearmonger arsenal. Everyone who doesn’t agree with me is ____. This exists across the political landscape and there is no one, no matter how high and mighty they wish to come across, immune to it. It’s simply easier to generalize in the attempt to marginalize, which is why Alinsky’s book has lasted as political strategy for so long. There is a vast field of difference between limited government as it’s spelled out in the Constitution versus how limited government is defined outside of it today.

                Again, I see that word socialism… It’s corporatism/cronyism on both the left and the right, followed by socialism to keep the people voting for you. It is the same playbook with a different cover. The O N L Y differece between the parties is that the Democrats want the pretense of helping the “little guy”, when, in reality, they just want the votes. The republican party doesn’t really care to help the “little guy”, their main focus is the money, as we see with the stuff that went on today. You don’t elect people that are going to screw with the money and now they get to take away and nominate their own delegates to make sure of it. Why vote in primaries then, I ask.

                Now, as to your security comment, yes, the government’s role is security of its people. This does not include pre-emptive war because it’s not defined in the Constitution. How much of my money do you need to conduct warfare? Now, building on that, you talk about taking PC away… what’s this mean? Take away rights of American citizens? Want to lock up everyone from the middle east? More internment camps? How big of a police state are you comfortable with? Want to take away all civil rights but the 2nd? …in the name of safety?

                Are you the type of guy to cheer police brutality because “the perp shouldn’t have ran” but raise alarms across the internet over “Obama’s Brownshirts”? Do you see any difference?

                So again, is large government okay if you agree with it or is it still large government?

                • Spartan1975

                  I thought I did answer the question first asked but maybe did not make it clear!!
                  You have many different questions out there, and I can only try to make you see that not all is black or white!
                  First of all Alinsky was a communist and remains to this day the idol of most Dems not the Republicans… his rules for radicals fit perfectly the cause of liberals as they do not use facts in their arsenal but lies and distortions.
                  You are right that the Constitution initially did not see preemptive strikes as legal. At first we were an isolationist nation minding our business and it did not take long for the Muslims following Islam to attack our young navy and transport vessels because the Koran said they should terrorize and convert the infidels by the sword if necessary… Historically a few years after the Constitution we attacked preemtively those arabs in the middle east and had a base there for many years (the song of the marines that says from the lands of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli comes from this episode)! So even if you say the Constitution does not mention these actions, we as a nation have had to fight in that way in the past! As I said the world is not safe, from the beginning we were attacked because of the Koran…now with technology don’t you think that these people will not try another 9/11 if they get a chance!

                  As for my PC comment you take everything out of proportion, I am for the revocation of the ACLU who only defends minorities and wages an all out war against Christians and Jews… In that way those weasels assure that our security as a nation is in jeopardy! Lets be honest young kids and grandma’s are for the most part not a national security issue, why can’t we focus on suspect Muslims and interrogate them like the Israeli airline does(who have a spotless record) and not be scared about discrimination lawsuits by these cowards. The same goes for our borders and our military who have their hands tied behind their backs and are asked to confront the enemy.

                  I think both parties were progressive but the difference is stark between Republicans and Democrats… the conservatives pushed by the Tea Party realized that they were being overtaken by progressives whereas the liberals opened up the ideas of communism and are now defending them and keeping on pushing them down our throats! We still have RINO’s in our ranks but they are fewer and fewer, meanwhile they seem to grow in the Democrat party!

                  I am for a smaller government yes, but the world evolves all the time! Even George Washington nowadays would keep striking preemtively if he knew that another 9/11 could happen on its own innocent citizens just for religious fanatism…

                  And as far as the Dems being for the little people and the Republicans being for the fat cat… what can I say just continue getting your information from secondary sources such as the liberal media because for sure they really know history from first hand documents! I do not think that prominent Democrat Margaret Sanger created planned parenthood to “care” for the little people. In fact she wanted to get rid of the “little people” and especially the blacks! I do not think the KKK and the Jim Crow laws that were Democrat laws were designed to help the “little people”.

        • sDee

          The Republican party has a cricial role – to fight every force of human nature that inescapably and inevitably pull us away from liberty and a republic, toward a democracy and then tyranny. The 21st century model for such tyranny isglobalism and state capitalism. Many Republicans are taking us there. It does not matter if they do it out of ideology or greed. It serves the same master.

          The elephant politicians fall to greed, blackmail, lust, bribery and threats – but it is progressives who work their way into the elephants’ party machinery. I know this first hand from my local party. These are progressive/marxist ideologues. They are in the party at my local level because ideology drives them. They are there because conservatives are not.

    • sDee

      Yes we have a choice. Many actually. I have never trusted Romney. Watch his actions – the “small stuff” like this. These actions speak far stronger than his campaign rhetoric.

      A very real possibility is that Romney is being sent in to restructure Hussein’s Cloward Piven collapse. Stuff like this is strong evidence that they intend to seize more power and will marginalize the people and the states.

      Now will any one have the courage to ask Romney exactly what he intends to replace ObamaCare with?

      • Guest1776rcp

        Romney’s actions now and in the past don’t jibe with his words and neither does the myth that Ryan is a budget hawk. Laughable is the very idea when one looks at his voting record but the MSM has many TPers convinced Ryan is one of them. Paul Ryan is an big spending establishment yes man and his voting record proves it.

        • sDee

          Regarding the debt bomb and “budget”, it is what Romney and Ryan are not saying that should trouble us all. I think this video brings up the issue no one in government will bring to the people.

          Unless the plan is an increasingly rapid slide into bankruptcy and default, even with Ryans proposal. They have something up their sleeve The question is, what is it?

          • Guest1776rcp

            Who knows what it is but I purposely avoid residing in bizarro-world and understand that whenever Paul Ryan’s votes actually mattered he voted for more debt not less in a variety of different votes from unfunded expansion of Medicare to TARP and auto bailouts. Paul Ryan is an establishment yes man not a deficit hawk unless words speak louder than actions -which would be quite bizarre!

            • NHConservative0221

              Both you and SDee are great at complaining but you have no real solution!

              What are the two of you going to do? Let obama get reelected?? Yeah that’s a great idea!!

              • Guest1776rcp

                I’ve said it time and again. The one sure way NOT to get a conservative in the WH in 2016 is to elect a RINO in 2012. I promise you that much.

                Nothing to fear but fear itself when it comes to Carter II. It’s going to take America twice as long to wake up than it did in 1980. Are you surprised by this with the dumbing down and indoctrination going on in our schools?

                Conservatives couldn’t even get a conservative the nomination and Romney is going to Bush the GOP brand again. Oh well….I’ve been screaming from the rooftops and I understand I could be wrong. We’ll see but I also understand its out of my hands in the grand scheme of things anyway. The only decision I have to make is whether to sell my soul and vote for a RINO even though my conscious tells me not to.

                Isaiah 46:9-10

                • NHConservative0221

                  Giving obama four more years and waiting til 2016 will be too late.

                  What the last 4 years of massive spending and regulations weren’t enough for you?

                  RINO ROmney is nowhere near as bad as obama.

                  Plus if you want any shot at repealing obamacare or dodd frank, any shot shot at keeping the Bush tax cuts then we need to defeat obama.

                  Look at obamacare, once it’s fully implemented in 2014, it’ll never be repealed!

                • Guest1776rcp

                  I don’t believe the hope GOPe will repeal O-Care because it will take Nancy Pelosi’s huge balls to do it and the RINO establishment doesn’t have balls that big. The GOPe will say they had to settle because those dirty Democrats blocked them so they’ll settle for Romney tweaking O-Care to be a “great success” like R-Care is….Just ask Coulter!? Mark my words!

                  If you think the country won’t exist in 2016 then worry not because the world is going to end on Dec 21st according to the Mayans. LOL!

                • NHConservative0221

                  It’ll exist in 2016, but it’d be America in Name Only if obama wins again.

                  To repeal obamacare we need to keep the house, win the senate AND the presidency.

                  So you think Romney would veto a repeal bill? It’d be political suicide after make it a main point of his campaign!

                • keyesforpres

                  I don’t think you understand the executive orders O has put in place. He’s laid the groundwork for total tyranny.

              • sDee

                How is pointing out the truth, and our candidate’s intentional manipulation of it, complaining?

                We are stuck with a one-party government run as two competing crime families. Ousting the more despicable one will only grow the other, unless we look further down the road to getting rid of both of them

                • NHConservative0221

                  What’s with the “we do have a choice” thing that you said?

                  We did during the primary, we don’t have one now.

                  It’s ROmney or Obama.

                  Anyone who thinks there’s no difference between them has a few screws loose.

                • Guest1776rcp

                  Both Harvard wonks who believe government can solve problems? Check!
                  Both power grabbers? Check!
                  Both progressives most of their lives? Check!
                  Both willing to say anything to win? Check!
                  I could go on but there’s plenty not to like in their similarities. Putting rhetoric aside of course because neither man is a truth teller. Actions speak louder than words and Romney’s actions now and in the past speak volumes.

                • NHConservative0221

                  Look, Romney didn’t go to Black Liberation Theology Church and listen to Rev Wright’s hateful diatribes for 20 years. He wasn’t raised by communist Franklin Marshall Davis and didn’t pall around with Bill Ayers. Basically Romney believes in American Exceptionalism while Obama does not. Romney is self-made and created thousands of jobs in the private sector. He made a great VP pick in Ryan who is one of the few in the GOP to have a serious plan for reforming entitlements and reducing the budget. Just look at the core focus of Romney’s campaign of repealing obamacare, Dodd-Frank, reducing spending, cutting taxes, and drilling in the US. You can say it doesn’t completely match his record which it clearly doesn’t, but do you want the guy who will at least entertain and DO some of our conservative principles or let the radical Marxist permanently ruin America?

                  I know Romney is a RINO but it does us no good to keep rehashing that now when we need to defeat Obama. You have to at least acknowledge that the principles and platform of the Romney-Ryan ticket is much more aligned with our goals than Obama’s.

                  Finally in regard to the Romney/RNC rule changes, I don’t think it proves he’ll be a total dictator like some have said. Yes it’s very bad. I think it’s party politics/corruption trying to keep the Establishment in control. Still that’s a far cry from a President Romney from striking down immigration law, raiding Gibson guitars, and gutting welfare reform all by himself like our current thug in chief has done.

                • NH,

                  This is what the RNC desires and if they are able to pass the rules and still win, what do you think is going to happen.

                  Again, the thing is that the GOP continues to prove its inability to articulate and stand up for the values in which the grass-roots demand them to hold to. Instead, they sucker punch conservatives, seeing it be successful (if Romney is in) and nothing will change. It is a pure power grab telling conservatives to take their votes and shove it if they find someone else if not shut up, sit down and take it.

                • NHConservative0221

                  I agree for the most part.

                  But the answer is not to sit at home and let obama win!!!

                  We know Romney is a RINO and we’re going to fight with him. However he’ll do plenty of good things that we agree with unlike the current marxist thug we have now who’ll completely ruin America.

                • Guest1776rcp

                  Every President since 1973 has been “making us energy independent”, so please! If I’m not mistaken Carter even created the Dept of Energy whose stated goal at the time was to get us off foreign sources of energy. So there’s that.

                  The Presidency doesn’t work like the private sector. Romney is going to find himself very frustrated he can’t order congress around like he did his subordinates in the private sector. He’s already making power grabs. No thanks! Bush III is going to kill the conservative cause once and for all. You might win this battle but I fear we will lose the war because Bush III is going to kill the GOP once and for all. Quite frankly I don’t think the Rockefellar RINOs care if they go back to minority party as long as they don’t have to be guilty by association at the liberal DC cocktail parties anymore.

                • NHConservative0221

                  Then go vote for Obama. You’re like talking to a wall!

                • Guest1776rcp

                  Now that’s just plain silly. Why on Earth would I go vote for Obama?

                  I don’t vote for progressives or RINOs. Why don’t you encourage people who can’t vote for Romney to at least get out and vote for the senate and house races?

                  Do you think insulting people with childish nonsense helps the GOP?

                • NHConservative0221

                  What’s the point of winning the Senate if Maobama is still in office??

                  It’s just plain stupid!!

                  YOu want me to talk nice to you when you refuse to lift a finger to stop maobama??

                  It ain’t happening!

                • If we won the senate, then we could start impeachment hearings for dearleader, biteme, holder and big sis for starts.

                • keyesforpres

                  Why don’t you encourage people instead of all this whining? We know Romney sucks, but what choice do we have now? We must keep the House, take the Senate, and make sure they don’t let Romney get away with stuff. Then, in 2016, we can try for a third party.

                • Please, if Obama has taught us anything is that the Republicans will ALWAYS blink first. Mitt’s feet are not going to be held to no fire. Did you see the vote over the rules today? Boehner made sure they got what Romney wanted. It is a sign of worst things to come.

                • keyesforpres

                  I can’t stand Romney, but what do you suggest? Sit at home and let o get back in? Do you know some of the executive orders O has signed? I truly believe if he gets back in he’s going to try to start rounding us up.

                  Our only hope is we get Congress to overturn stuff like O NO care and then demand they do NOT replace it. We can’t sit home.

                • I never said to stay at home. Why is this the only option available? Just because someone is leaning against Romney does not mean that the person is going home and watch the results on TV.

                  For me, I will be going to the polls and voting for every single conservative on the ballot (in my state most of these have R’s behind their name), period. It is time we get a good third party started so that they can be at the table come 2016 since the RNC plans on making it difficult for any presidential candidate that does not bow to them to run. The time is now!

                • Like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell don’t let Obama get away with stuff? You have to be kidding.

                • keyesforpres

                  Vote for new leaders.

                  Got a better idea?

                • keyesforpres

                  Listen, none of here wanted Romney. We kept saying Newt needed to drop out when the writing was on the wall. That if he didn’t drop out when he should have we were going to get Romney.

                • sDee

                  I had NO CHOICE in the primary – NONE! By the time we voted in NC Romeny and his patrons had forced out everyone except Ron Paul.

                  That is what rule changes like this are designed to make happen faster, sooner and cheaper for the elites.

                  After a lifetime of time, money and voting as a Republican, I will now have to leave the party.

                • NHConservative0221

                  The same thing happened to me in 2008 when I lived in Rhode Island. McCain was already the nominee when RI had it’s primary in March.

                  Leave the party all you want but it’s the wrong approach. The way to change things is to promote tea party type conservatives within the GOP. We’ve made several great strides in this area since 2010.

                  Going third party will only allow the Dems to win, Ross Perot style. Also it’s a shame our newest moderator, AmericanborninCanada keeps agreeing with your defeatist attitude.

                • sDee

                  What is defeatist? How can I stay in party that writes rules to purposely consolidate power in the party itself while excluding me and my leaders?

                  That is realistic.

                • NHConservative0221

                  You don’t see how going third party only splits off the GOP vote and lets the Demonrats win??

                  The answer is to fight to gain control of the GOP.

                • Won’t happen with the rules change for 2016. NH, the only thing for the conservatives is to vote conservative and cut our loses and start over again.

                • I see those “defeatists” not as defeatists but realists. Some folks just can not go along with this anymore. Enough is enough. They will do everything they can to nominate the tea party or most conservative Congress and Senate.
                  It makes most sense to some of us.

                • ABC, absolutely correct. I got kicked off of RedState not knowing that one had to toe the line not to speak of third party on the comment thread. I am not opposed to voting for conservatives no matter what letter they have after their name.

                  I am voting for Mike Pence (R) for governor and Mourdock (R) for US Senate. With what transpired at the convention today, I am 95% sure that Romney is not receiving my vote.

                  Conservatives need to learn from history that when one is shown the door it is better to leave than strain at the door frame.

                • keyesforpres

                  So you would rather let Obama get back in? Are you aware of his executive orders? He’s laying the groundwork to round us up.

                • You are setting up a false dichotomy that a non-vote for one candidate is automatically a vote for another candidate. This is not true, nor is this how it works. By the way, several of his orders are unconstitutional so why not just impeach the guy.

                  The only requirement I have is to vote my conscience. I have full confidence that the Almighty who is the one who raises nations and crushes them already has the next person selected to lead this country. Because of this, I will not lose sleep no matter who wins the presidency.

                  Do I want Obama? No. Do I want Romney? No. Why? There are many reasons but the one that sticks out in my mind is that neither one is going to do the needed hard 180 degree turn to get us back on track but just continue our pathway over the cliff. The only difference is the speed.

                  Another reason is the confirmation of what transpired at the convention with the rule changes. Conservatives are already thinking that all we have to do is stick it out and we will be able to change it. Sadly, such a plan will take longer than four years and ever person has stated that we need a conservative for president in 2016. Well, going through the GOP is not the way.

                • keyesforpres

                  Of course not voting for Mitt is a vote for Obama. Think of all the Christians that stayed home last time because they didn’t want to vote for McCain. Had they voted Obama would not be president.

                  I aways vote my conscience and to let O get back in is not something my conscience could take.

                • I am not saying that you are not voting your own conscience. What I am saying is that I must vote mine. Here is the thing though, if in God’s sovereignty, He has stated that Mitt Romney is to be the next president, will it happen? Yes it will.

                  Does God need my vote to make it happen? Absolutely not! There are very strong arguments as I see to not vote for either candidate. I am now hearing the mantra from all sectors, “Mitt Romney is a good guy.” Mitt’s a good guy, really. We are going to vote for a person because we think he is good. Good at what? Lying, deceiving, below-the-belt punches…

                  So far the best argument for Romney is that he is not Obama. We are in desperate need of a fresh party. We have seen what the establishment has done to reduce if not kill our ability to speak at the conventions. And, Romney had his hand deep into this. Granted Romney will slow the train down, but no one knows what that exactly means.

                  Yes, he has Ryan, but Ryan is loyal to the Party first and then to principles second (think TARP, Medicare-D, and if remember correctly the horrible educational bill). Romney made sure he had his “yes men” at the convention. Why would anyone think that he would not do the same thing in his administration?

                • keyesforpres

                  God can’t do it unless we vote. I don’t think God is pleased with folks that refuse to vote and let an evil man like Obama win. If God’s plan is for Romney to be our next president, he needs folks to get out there and vote.

                • Really, we humans can stump God’s plans? When in the history of the world has any human being been able to thwart God’s plan? When has the creation been able to outwit or outmaneuver the Creator?

                  I am with you in that ever person in the US should vote. I do plan on going to the ballot box this November.

                • I know it might be hard to understand for some, but think of it this way. Some people feel forced to vote for mittens, because he’s the chosen one, to defeat dear leader. Others feel forced to vote their consciences, even if it means not mittens. If the GOP loses in November, it won’t be the fault of the people, it will be squarely on the GOP, the one they chose and the crappy way they have gone about running this campaign (again), for trying to paint dear leader as a nice guy but misguided, for screwing the people (again), for shutting out the will of the tea party people and for not supporting those the people have before and now support. If you’re going to blame anyone for all of this, blame the Republican party, not those who are forced into doing what they believe is right.

                • Amen ABC

                • MLCBLOG

                  I notice that Rove’s people are in there helping Romney run his campaign. That says it all to me.

                  And, again I am disappointed by Boehner.

                • librtifirst

                  I’m in the same boat, and I don’t see a path for working within it.

                • librtifirst

                  Romney avoided a brokered convention with tactics like this throughout the primary. It was plain old fraud and manipulation. We did not have a choice in the end.

                • capelady

                  The priority has to be to get the Marxist out of the White House. Then we can deal with the problems of the RNC and the GOP establishment – and if we need a 3rd party in 2016 we will create one – but PLEASE -EVERYONE GO OUT AND VOTE AGAINST OBAMA!!!

                • keyesforpres

                  Amen! What is it these folks don’t get with their, “I’m not going to take it anymore” nonsense. Letting O back in is not the answer. They need to look at O’s executive orders. He is truly laying the groundwork to start rounding us up.

          • librtifirst

            I have known that there is no way to back out of a collapse. That is what I have been trying to convey to people. They are purposely spending us into the ground right now, to set up for the collapse. They know that it is all going down soon.

            We are already bankrupt. We cannot pay our bills, and we cannot pay off the debt, no matter what we do. We have been conquered by foreign banks, and unless we end the Fed and start up our own sovereign currency, we are done for.

            China is backing out of US bonds, because they know that they are going to get hosed. When the Fed Note crashes, everyone holding dollars gets paid back with worthless currency. We should wait until it crashes, pay everyone back with worthless Fed Notes, then start up a sovereign currency that has value. This would wipe out our national debt, and give us a new start. We are going to be in a Super Depression, but that will happen anyway.

            We don’t actually owe all of the debt that the Fed has tied us to.

      • NHConservative0221

        What choice do any of us have??

        Romney is the nominee, period.

        It’s either the marxist thug we have now or fight with the RINO ROmney.

        And no there is no conspiracy theory of ROmney trying to finish the job for obama!

        • sDee

          American has never been in more danger. We are in grave danger becuse of our government – all of it, not just the latest regime. Romney is hiding this ugly reality so a theory is in order.

          It is my theory and I do not consider it a conspiracy – just a theory to explain the insanity that rules this 2012 presidential campaign based on obvious things like……

          – Romney has never once said he intends to shrink the size and power of the Federal government even though that is our only hope. He has only said he will “stop the growth of government”.

          – Romney has never denounced government healthcare as dangerous, anti-capitalist and socialistic. He has never admitted that Romneycare was the model for government takeover of the healthcare payer/provider industry through government regulation. Romney has never said that individual mandates are unconstitutional and as such the states do not have the power to impose such unconstitutional mandates. Romney has never said exactly what he will replace Obamacare with.

          – Romney has not told us how he plans to stop deficit spending. In fact his (Ryan’s) budget only slows it down)

          – Romney refuses to tell America the truth that there are no Medicare and Social Security Trust funds.

          – Romney’s top donors are all globalist banks and financials – the same patrons who are siphoning trillions from us and the same patrons who elected Obama and support Obama’s global transfers of wealth. These are all the same global banking firms that have been propping up state capitalism in BRIC and beyond.

          – Romney’s entire politcal career has been a Progressive one, and he governed left of even Bill Clinton. Romney has openly opposed Reagan and Constitutional Conservatism. As did his father.

          – Romney refuses to expose that Obama’s policies were designed and executed intentionally to collapse America….. or that Congress is complicit.

          I was perfectly willing to put all this aside and deal with it after the election – but then we hear this crap.

          Why can’t all this wait until after Obama is defeated? If there remains risk that Hussein could win reelection, why risk the political fallout from this right now?

          Does that mean I will not vote for him? No. Does that mean I will believe all the campaign rhetoric over all he has said, done and is STILL doing? No.

          • And that is where the problem lies. He knows that he has the “conservative” vote and can now do what RINO’s have always wanted to do, shut down the conservative voice.

          • librtifirst

            They had to do this now to control the last of the delegates. There have been some heated battles, even court cases, brought on by the RP people. They won enough states to get Paul an automatic speaking slot at the convention, but the Romney camp and the GOP just kicked out RP’s duly elected delegates and replaced them with Romney delegates. Hundreds were stolen this way.

            The GOP actually had RP people arrested for following the rules at caucus’ and state conventions. They brought in the state and local cops for the convention, banned all recording devices, then ran an illegal meeting. When the Paul people followed the rules and voted in a new chairman, they kicked them out of the building. They went out into the parking lot of the school, and the new chairman was arrested for trespassing to stop the legal progression of the meeting.

            RP delegates took Nevada. Romney and the national GOP created their own Nevada republican party and replaced the duly elected one.

            They brought in electronic voting machines at the last minute in Nebraska. Paul was expected to win. (you can figure out how that went)

            Oregon good old boy GOPers kicked out duly elected Paul delegates and replaced them. I was familiar with the people they replaced them with. Long time party people. One guy refused to take the place of a legal delegate.

            The stories go on and on, but the point is that they almost lost it for Romney. Without massive fraud, we wouldn’t have him as our nominee. At very least, it would have been a brokered convention.

            The Romney camp and GOP offered Paul a speaking spot, under two conditions. 1: The Romney camp would vet his speech, and he would have to give Romney his endorsement. Many delegates were cut out by being told that they had to promise to vote for Romney, even when it wasn’t required. Many signed the affidavit, but got cut anyway.

            Romney is as much a fraud as Obama is.

      • Cindy09

        Hint: Two weeks ago, Romney’s spokesperson Andrea Saul was caught praising Romneycare.


        The nightmare is not over….!

        • CPAguy

          Romney wad praising RomneyCare just this past weekend and a week before that talking about “repeal & replace.”

          • Cindy09

            This is not good…

  • If anything this fight shows that the Old Republican Establishment is scared stiff over the power of the Tea Party, and how they’re going to make them ilrelivent in a couple more yea

    • librtifirst

      This has nothing to do with the Tea Party. They have been doing this state by state to the Ron Paul delegates. They were the only ones threatening. They have to make it a national GOP rule to protect their chosen ones from grass roots movements. The Paul people took several states. They took Nevada overwhelmingly, so the Romney camp and the GOP created a whole new GOP in Nevada to kick the duly elected delegates out.

      Romney’s GOP machine has been defrauding the voters for months. We could have had a brokered convention, but they made sure that it wouln’t happen.

      After this election, republicans need to abandon the republican party en mass. They are far too corrupt to work within for change.

  • gringa61

    If your state is not listed below, please contact your representatives serving on the Rules Committee.

    North Dakota
    South Carolina

    If your state is not listed above, Please find your delegates serving on the Rules Committee and urge them to Please vote to adopt the Minority Reports on Rules and urge your delegation to call for a roll call vote on all Rules-related votes. To find your delegates go to:


    • NHConservative0221

      Thanks for the list.

      I see that Sununu is one of the two main contacts for NH!

      Gee I wonder why NH isn’t on the list!!

      I’ve enjoyed Sununu’s takedowns of Juan Williams but I’ve never forgotten what a big RINO he is, both literally and figuratively.

    • Is 12 states enough for a floor vote?

  • NHConservative0221

    This really is frustrating and unbelievable.

    I just called and left a message to the NH state GOP to stand up to Romney and the RNC.

    If they’re allowed to change the rules however they see fit in between conventions or frontload the delegates after primaries then all it really does is silence the grassroots and help the Establishment RINO’s.

    Look at Michelle’s site for the number for your state GOP and give them a call ASAP!


    • threaten romney with no votes if this rule goes through.

      • NHConservative0221

        There’s other ways to hold his feet to the fire.. like raising hell with RNC so we can primary him in 2016… but not voting for Romney to allow obama a 2nd term is suicide.

        • Reckoner_3

          Those still on the fence or were leaning towards Romney and discouraged…..

          We’re voting for a potential FOE we can handle after the election vs an enemy we won’t be able to handle in a second term Obama.

  • NHConservative0221

    This is the worst thing Romney’s done since Romneycare!

    • Cindy09

      He is rigging the system to get votes. He is sending a strong message to the Dems. Wait until the Dems deploy their “By all means” strategy to get Obama elected, it’s going to be very very painful for the country!

      I will vote for Romney. But may God help us but both candidates are undeserving for the office of the Presidency not to to mention Congress and the Senate. We need a godly candidate but first we need a godly country! We might just have one without the other!

      • NHConservative0221

        I’m a very strong conservative but I’m not religious at all. I disagree with the need for a godly candidate or country.

        I’ve been able to live my life knowing the difference between right and wrong. Others need religion, some don’t.

        • Patriot077

          Many feel as you do. The trouble comes when the powers that be have no moral compass we all suffer.

        • Cindy09

          You know I’ve never cared about being religious but what really matters to be me is to believe in God, that I know He exists and He takes care of things. When I do my part, He does in part. Faith and good deeds go together. But we have driven away from our God-given values that it took the impact of the 2008 elections to open our eyes. Our liberty is at stake. That’s why I believe we need God’s hand upon this country. From the White House to the nation.

          • NHConservative0221

            I’m not even sure I believe in God myself, but I still believe I know right from wrong.

            I never got the whole “things happen for a reason” or it’s “God’s will” line of thinking.

            I mean what about when a little kid gets cancer? Is that God’s will? That doens’t make any sense to me.

            I usually align with the social cons b/c they’re also pretty tough on fiscal and foreign policy issues but as you can see I have my disagreements.

            • sDee

              Have you read “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis?

              It gets to those questions and much more.

            • Reckoner_3

              Some believers have a misguided notion about attributing everything to God’s will so it’s understandable that it doesn’t make any sense to those with a weak or lack of belief…

              You can “reason” right and wrong naturally but that doesn’t negate the reason in recognizing that good. Good that you align with the conservatives.

  • Arrrggghhh

    The Republican establishment is almost as much of the problem as Obama and the libs. Both must go. Term limits would go a long way in solving this problem.

  • Don

    What the RINOs cannot comprehend is they are the minority in the GOP. If they try to disenfranchise the Tea Party / grassroots movement within the party then they could be making a suicidal mistake. Without the Tea Party and the grassroots movement they have absolutely no chance at the presidency. If Romney is this stupid then he, like Obama, is unfit to lead. This is exactly why we must concentrate on the cowardly RINOs in the Congress and send them back to oblivion where they cannot anyone but themselves.

    • Guest1776rcp

      I don’;t think the RINOs ie “Rockefellar Republicans” actually care if they go back into the minority and get in a President once in a while. I think they’d be happy to get rid of the conservatives associated with “their” party.

  • poljunkie

    This isnt going to end well.

  • 1tootall

    No shame, no class, and no vision. No, not the dems, but the RNC. hard to tell the difference these days. All centralized and elite in demeanor. What a sham and what a shame.

  • WordsFailMe

    Obama and his family of exoskeltal miscreant must be rubbing the forepaws together over their breakfast watching this crap emerge.

    The paulistinians smell the blood in the water, circle and text frantically.

  • Conservatives are fighting like hell to save our country and the GOP machine is fighting like hell to save the GOP machine. Anyone got a case of deja vu??? Sheeesh!

    • Guest1776rcp

      Yep! Seen this movie before and it didn’t end well. Now they’re biting the very hand that brought them back from obscurity. Its almost as if they don’t care, anything, even suicide to get rid of those “pesky low brow conservatives” the RINOs cocktail party liberal friends tease them about.

  • Islam_Sucks


    This is the part where I get the popcorn and watch all the Mittbots explain how he’s so much better than Obama because he’d never just arbitrarily change the rules/executive order that a vast swathe of Americans are silenced.

    Romney’s war on conservatives isn’t even started yet. Just think what it’s gonna be like after he wins the election?

    • We’ll be keeping his feet to the fire once he wins. If he fails us, we’ll find another!

    • Guest1776rcp

      Republicans are only against changing the rules in the middle of the game when its Gore and the Dems doing it. When it suits them its just fine, that’s how elitism works, they do it because they can. Now sit down and shut up conservatives and TPers. Thanks for 2010 but we’ll take it from here and you do what you’re told by your betters (us RINOs).

  • Nukeman60

    They’ll be able to do it later when the press and grassroots are not watching.‘ – Erickson

    Here’s the problem for them – The grassroots are watching and will be from now on. No matter how much the RINOs try to diminish the Tea Party and the grassroots movement, they won’t be able to.

    The real question to ask is this – Do they want to share the future with the Tea Party or do they want to be an afterthought in the next election? We are wide awake and we are mad. We’re giving the Republican party this one last chance for survival.

    If Romney fails in seeing the light and looks to his political future rather than to the future of our country, then we have no choice but to make him and the rest of the RNC irrelevant – not the other way around.

    We have spoken. Romney, you’d better be listening.

    • Well said! Seconded!

      We surround them and they work for us as Glenn Beck often said! They will be held responsible for their actions at the ballot box up and down this nation! We shall not be gagged, ignored, or suppressed! We The People…. In God We Trust!

    • StandProudNow

      I’m not just mad. I’m SPITTING mad!!

      • Nukeman60

        Good. That’s where we all need to be and Romney needs to know it.

      • canscrap

        I’m not understanding WHY this issue is at the convention? I’m listening to Rush and he’s explaining it right now, not sure if I follow, why???

        • sDee

          Me neither. It could be they are so confident in their poll number that they feel they can take the risk to cement greater power over the people now, while they have the chance.

          This was the beauty of the ABO strategy – if people are afraid enough, they submit.

    • sDee

      The ultimate prize statist is at stake – who will hold the reigns for the ultimate Central Government.

      The donkey family of politcal elite thought they had ultimate prize in sight once they had Hussein installed and both sides of Congress. Had it not been for the Tea Party and 2010, they would still be in power.

      Now the elephant family is salivating over the prospects of building state capitalism out of Hussein’s ruins. Well the Tea Party is still here. Some may be fooled by the elephant rhetoric – but as you say Nukeman WE ARE WATCHING.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    The GOPe Bushies and their surrogates will fight to the death to defeat the Tea Party and conservative Republicans. It has been clear for years and reached a crescendo when Gov. Palin gave that labor day speech in Iowa calling out the Crony Capitalists and permanent political class, as the enemy of “we the people”. Her refusal to die and endorsement success has them reeling and desperate. We need to fight like our lives depended on it right now! Third Party doesn’t scare them half as much as reform from within the GOP.

    • sDee

      well said!

  • I’m used to getting punched in the gut on an almost daily basis by NObama and his regime. But this is a punch in the back of the head from the guy you thought had your back! It’s a good thing for Romney that I want NObama out or I’d not vote for him at all. I was actually about to send a $15 donation for a Romney yard sign, but now… Now I’m going to wait and see how this actually plays out and get myself more informed about it before I donate any more.

  • WTF are they thinking??? Seriously. Why why why? A link to their side of this would be helpful….so makes no sense. “Let’s piss off our base at the convention” Who’s idea is this????????

  • marketcomp

    I knew this fight was not over! In many respects RINOs and establishment are like liberals, they never give up give up their quest for power. Perhaps after this election it will be time to start moving towards a Conservative party because if their objective is to shut-down the foot soldiers then the establishment, like Karl Rove and Romney, etc., will see if they can get elected. Perhaps then their goal then will be more like the liberals and Barack Obama and just import some voters since that appears to be Jed Bush’s goal every time I hear him talk. 41 also said we needed a big tent which included Colin Powell and we see where that as gotten us. I am so sick of these people! We have to think about moving on for the future of the Republic.

  • Hacker5988

    Find it interesting that Mittens going RINO already. Have to speculate how he govern if elected ? I don’t think it will be Conservative ?

  • Spartan4Palin

    Unfriggin’ believable.

    Take note GOPe,,,,,your days are numbered if you try to pull this crap over on the people. These backdoor, smoked filled room deals will be your undoing. It is really apparent that we have the DUMBEST friggin’ people in the leadership along with their advisors.

    I hope that many of the freshman elected Conservatives stand up and let their voices be heard about this?

    • GetWhatYouPayFor

      Number one objective is defeat the Tea Party and preserve the status quo. A distant second objective is to defeat Obama. Sarah nailed it last night on Hannity: “Status quo must go!”

  • proudhispanicconservative

    If romney’s likebility is 30% now if they win this fight it will be 0% by the time us over.

  • Stehekin912

    Michelle Malkin reports that Washington State’s delegation will support the minority report and fight the power grab.

    Thanks Michelle and Washington State members!

  • I’ve been trying to get this news spread since Saturday. But I’m only a stay at home mom. Who listens to the likes of me?

    • sDee

      I do. … and those who (still) listen to me!

    • I do! 🙂

    • NoToTyrants

      I Do!

    • Huh, what were you saying? LOLOLOLOL

    • librtifirst

      I look for your posts. It is easier now that you are blue.

  • johnos2112

    This could be a disaster. What the hell is Romney afraid of? We the People? I am really trying to embrace this man and then this crap happens!

    • sDee

      The ONLY thing the politcal elite and the globalists are afraid of is THE PEOPLE. They can do nothing without us but they know we can do without them. The only experiment in government that has proven that we, the people, can govern ourselves is the American Republic. It is why they are are now in a full blown attack on the Constitution.

      Remember the same patrons who installed Hussein, are now all behind Romney.

      • something else I’ve been trying to get out since Saturday: http://www.buzzfeed.com/zekejmiller/gop-votes-to-back-two-state-solution-in-middle-eas

        • sDee

          “”The draft platform, written by the Romney campaign and committee aides states, “We envision two democratic states,” “”

          Make me wonder what he talked about in Israel.

          Remember Etch-a-Sketch comment? What did anyone expect? This guy is already shifting hard left – imagine once he is in the White House!

          • That’s my fear sDee. What he’s going to do (or not do) when he’s installed. Folks keep saying we need to focus on congressional and senatorial races, and I agree- but folks need to focus with their money, because the GOP sure isn’t helping those we want elected, and some of them are up against millions of soros funding and radical leftist opponants. I fear for this country.

            • sDee

              I have not given any money to Romney or the RNC and, I can tell you that I get calls asking when my money is coming – I enjoy those calls but can tell you they just do not care.

              I give my time and money to conservatives now only.

              • I used to get letters. They haven’t sent me any in a while, because whenever they used to, I gave them my opinion instead of cash 😉

                • Now that you mention it, they have stop asking me for my opinion for some time now. Oh well, so much for wanting to hear from the grassroots.

                • librtifirst

                  Me too. Their surveys were blank, and they got a letter.

        • Well, I can’t too excited about that, since the Israelis have said all along they want a two state solution. The accepted that deal from day one.

          It’s the Arabs living in Gaza and the West bank that want to turn the entire region into a new state called Palestine, and eliminate Israel completely. That’s the problem.

        • MLCBLOG

          OMG That is sick.

      • johnos2112

        I am trying to like this guy and YET he pulls this SHIT!  This guy is starting to piss me off!

        • librtifirst

          I think that he is just getting warmed up.

  • Don

    I have sent e-mails to both representatives on the Rules Committee from my state. My point was if they suppress the opinions of the Tea Party and/or the grassroots movement, then Team Romney would prove that, like Obama,he is unfit to lead. With this in mind, without the largest voting block in the party, Romney has absolutely no chance to win in November. This was not a threat, but an indication that a reassessment of how to handle our votes on election day would be handled by the only hope Romney has to be elected. They make their call, we will make ours. Life is simple.

    • Same here, but no response so far. I am not liking this one bit.

  • So, who do I contact to register my displeasure?

  • Look who cares? Either these guys will allow the grass roots to REFORM the party AND the county or they will become the Whigs.

    You cannot stop the majority long term with little rules changes. They tried this in 1976 to stop a certain California Governor who was “too extreme.” He became the President and the people think he was a hero to the movement.

    This is weeds stuff, people, keep your eyes on the prize, and if they betray us and turn into wezeals, they we will crush them!

    • sDee

      This is an example of what the GOP is doing that brings home the reality of what the GOP is doing. It is very important to highlight this subversion to bring more people to arms.

  • I think that GOP wants to make sure that there is no challenge to Romney in 2016 to the shagrins of those here who thought we could primary the man.

    • sDee

      If so, he must know that he will have to be giving us reason to between now and then.

  • He never ran as a grassroots candidate nor did Romney preach to the Tea Party like the other candidates NEEDED to in order to gain support.

    • sDee

      Yup – we know exactly what he is – no need to pretend that he is, has been, or ever will be conservative, limited government, or a defender of the Constitution. It just is not in him.

  • Sunnny1

    TeamRomney is reminding us why we didn’t want him on the ticket. It wasn’t his religion, it wasn’t his finances, it was that he represents the Rove bunch that cares nothing for the Tea Party. They’ll take the hard work we do, but stab us in the back when they “think” we aren’t looking. The problem they have is that we never look away and we are far more intellegent than they perceive.

    • sDee

      The Tea Party movement is just representative of what they truly care noting about – those who know that liberty will only survive with limited government.

      George Romney did all he could to destroy Reagan. His son intends to destroy the spirit of Reagan.

    • they can stab us in the back but we don’t have to vote for him. if it takes him losing then so be it. i for one will not vote for this power grab hungry rino.

      • Sunnny1

        So you’re voting for a commie instead? Really, one is easier to fix than the other. I chose to vote for the future of my country over a quarrel that can be repaired.

        • sDee

          Why do you think it will be easier to fix if you do not yet know his true intentions? It could be far harder when republicans think Romney does no harm. Now at least all Republicans and all conservatives are aligned against the enemy of the people.

          It was Bush for example who convinced conservatives that he needed muslims in the government to help him build a bridge to “the religion of peace” and to “seed democracy” after Hussein was gone. Obama drove a truck through that.

          It was Bush and a big government congress that took us from a surplus to a 4 trillion deficit – plowing the ground for Obama’s marxist rhetoric.

          It was Bush who lulled conservatives into giving up our rights through the Patriot Act. Obama then used it to double down on the Constitution.

          Which is more dangerous, the marxist or the egg?

          • NHConservative0221

            As much of a big gov’t guy Bush was I’d take him anyday of the week and twice on Sunday over Maobama!

            Do you like the Bush tax cuts??? They’re gone if obama is reelected and we’ll all get screwed?

            Do you like high gas and food prices??? There will be no domestic drilling expansion under Maobama while ROmney is campaigning on domestic drilling.

            And Bush spent what $4T in 8 years. Maobama has spent $5T in just over 3 years. Maobama has done crippling regulations.

            Bush tried to reform social security (Ryan wants to as well). Bush wanted to reform Fannie and Freddie and Romney is campaigning on repealing Dodd-Frank.

            Romney is a million times better than Maobama!

            • sDee

              Two steps to the left, one back to the right. You know where that leads.

            • The math isn’t convincing. 1,000,000 x 0 = 0

              I don’t support people who aren’t voting, but Romney has to do what it takes to win. If he loses, I won’t blame conservatives, that’s for sure.

        • i will vote for third party candidate – constitution party candidate over obama and romney. you should pay attention to what rino romney and his surrogates are doing.
          if he loses it won’t be my fault or those of us who believe he is no better than the communist in the white house.

          • NHConservative0221

            Voting third party is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

            We’ll be America in Name Only in 2016 if obama wins again!

            And voting third party is really the same as voting for obama. It’s taking away a GOP vote and flushing it down the drain.

            The Founders would be so proud of you!

            • sDee

              The Founders would literally be up in arms against a anti-Constitutional progressive like Mitt Romney by now. So, we all should be ashamed that we have let our government get so large and so powerful that our only choice is between a big government Progressive and a Marxist.

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Rush just reported that Freedomworks says Romney and RNC are now removing rules committee members who are not compliant, before vote at 2PM!

  • Patriot077

    I spoke to a rep in our Washington State Republicans office and was encouraged to hear that they have been taking calls one after the other ever since this made the news. Good to know that even in this blue state people are outraged.

    He agreed that the RNC is jeopardizing votes based on the calls he has taken. Thankfully our State Chairman is on board with the grassroots and confirmed that the WA delegates are standing in opposition to this power grab – both Rules 12 & 15.

    Does the Romney/Rove/Bush contingent not realize how demoralizing this will be to the people that expended tons of energy and helped the R’s win the House in 2010? This election is theirs to lose.

    I’m writing Romney’s campaign to tell them if they persist in ignoring the Tea Party and grassroots supporters they better be prepared to expect fewer votes for the Comeback Team.

    • sDee

      Thank you for the feedback. I have heard nothing back.

      • Patriot077

        I also called Romney’s Boston office and voiced my displeasure. I let them know they are possibly losing votes & support over this. His website must be Very Busy because I couldn’t get on after multiple tries.

  • stevenbiot

    Did Romney think the Tea Party wasn’t paying attention? This rule would assure that establishment repubics reign. The two parties are becoming synonymous. Romney has to know that this is going to turn off many independents. I am willing to vote for someone that believes the garden of Eden was in Missouri. But, power grabbing isn’t going to fly.

  • Patriot077

    Is anyone else having trouble with disqus this morning? Likes not working & also difficult to reply to posts.

    • sDee

      no working fine for me. did you try clearing history, cookies and restarting browser?

  • Update from Michelle Malkin

    Update 2:50pm Eastern…The Rules Committee just voted 78-14 to accept the Romney-approved deal on Rules 15(16) and 12. There is now an effort to gather enough signatures to force a floor vote on the minority report. 25 percent of committee members are needed.
    Apparently, the Virginia delegation was stuck on a bus and didn’t make it in time for the vote.

    • sDee

      Not that my opinion of the GOP could get much lower what, but what did we expect from a party that redistricts great leaders like West and Bachmann?

      This where a leader steps in and a puppet lays low. Crickets

      • It is a very sad day if this is not taken to the floor for a vote.

    • Ariadnea

      More like, had been arranged to get stuck on a bus. This is dirty maneuvering. People should stage a walk out.

      • Yep, but they won’t because they refuse to think outside the box. Let’s continue to get our heads bashed in while we try to reform the party within. It is like the conservatives within the PCUSA that continue to think that they need to be there to reform sometime. Yet, all they do is keep giving ground, inch by inch and laughed at behind their backs.

        Conservatives need to learn the lesson from the conservative Christians of the PCUSA that there is a time to realize that change cannot be done from within. It should be time to cut and run.

  • It appears that the Rule 12 Minority Report has enough signatures.

    • Yeah, I so hope so, it will make this convention all the more interesting that is for sure.

      Then again, I do know how a chairman can work the vote, overstating his case while understating the case of the others. I hope that those who are supporting the Minority Report know their Robert’s Rules of Order. Or, it may be over before they know what happened.

  • It looks as if it’s official, conservatives you are not welcomed. Here is what Michelle Malkin had to say:

    Update: 4:34pm Eastern Well, that was…something else. First, Maine delegates were replaced with Romney people. Then, rules chairman John Sununu and GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner stood on stage at the RNC to rule on the compromise rules report. No minority report was mentioned. When asked for yeas and nays on the report, the room seemed equally divided. Boehner forged ahead and approved the report over loud boos and calls of “point of order” from activists on the floor.

    No vote on the minority report.

    FW’s Dean Clancy observes: “If @SpeakerBoehner had been wielding the Speaker’s gavel instead of the GOP convention gavel, he wouldn’t have gotten away with that trick.”
    And the show went on…GOP Rep. Marsha Blackburn just declared that “this has been a great exercise in grass-roots” and that GOP stands for “Great Opportunity Party.”

  • Reckoner_3

    If Romney had any character he’d have been up 20 already in the polls….

    Now he keeps hold outs debating the conundrum of less evil guy vs really evil guy….

  • Ariadnea

    I strongly believe it is seriously time to establish a new party starting this moment ready for the next election. With this despicable behavior from the RINO establishment, no one can afford to let it wait until the next election is nearing.

    Sununu might be good as media buffer but this guy has not changed his feather. Boehner is acting like a dictator albeit a crying one, no wonder he’s a lousy and ineffective speaker. Romney, what can I say…allowing this to happen, is despicable.

    • boehner should be ousted as majority leader and sununu should be kicked down the road. will be calling my congressman again tomorrow to let him know i will not be voting for romney in november and that i will be expecting boehner to be ousted for his poor behavior at the convention.

    • sDee

      Another test of Romney’s leadership. But at least this post turtle has good hair.

  • romeny will lose come november with this power grab. he and the gop elites like boehner, sununu and rove will be the reason they lose. boehner will be ousted as house leader.

    • wodiej

      Thinc yew made some grammatikal errors their Carolyn. Just pointing it out sence you seam to have an issue with other posters dewing it. LOL

      disclaimer: grammar misused intentionally to make a point.

      • idesign2

        The point being you can’t respond to the comment, so you just babble.

    • NCHokie02

      Boehner sucks. I agree he should be ousted, all he does is cry and then capitulate to Obama when Obama presses him or something. Weak fish. McConnell sucks too, btw.

  • I think we have some reason to be happy, despite this cluster-schmuck move. The way I see it, this ploy by Team Romney just gives people like Michelle Malkin, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Allen West, and many others, a huge sounding board to resonate against the GOP after the elections. And we will be listening and responding. Responding with cash and rallies, and shut-down switchboards. We’ll be all over this.

    Hey GOP, we’re like the Internet, baby: we don’t forget anything. And remember,

    “The 2014 Primarying” begins November 7

    • so does the 2016 election with third party since rino romney and his band of goons just decided they don’t need conservative or tea party voters.

      • Unless the West/Palin ticket launches a third party bid, we’re stuck taking over the GOP.

        Regarding starting third party, none of the drop-out conservatives from the primaries will do for a third-party run. And I don’t see any new faces being able to carry the weight necessary to make it work. So if West/Palin don’t get busy working that angle by say, early 2014, third party is a non-starter.

  • wodiej

    I don’t understand why they did it. I am wondering if they were spooked by a convention fight because Paul and Palin supporters were raising a fuss.

    • I personally think they are worried about Palin in 2016. I have a feeling Romney is not going to do the things he was elected to do. Remember etch-a-sketch? And if that is indeed his plan, I think he is afraid of getting Primary-ed by Palin at the next election.

    • sDee

      I have never been in the ABO camp and figured Hussein was a one-term president as soon as Fancy Dancer and Axlerod bailed on him.

      “ABO” was a GOP establishment narrative to make voters so afaid of the specter of Hussein Part2 that we would accept a progressive establishment candidate like Romney. It worked and they still use this “what choice do we have?” now to cram stuff.

      So their polling tells them they are in good shape. Obama’s big buck globalist patrons have gotten behind Romney instead. They now think they can do this without Conservative base and without grassroots. So…make this move now to secure more power and Party control later. Low risk of anyone not voting anti-Obama, no matter what they do.

      • librtifirst

        Another reason for such arrogance is that they have hundreds more, and thousands total, electronic voting and counting machines in place. They may not even be worried about it. Many state election results are entirely determined by electronic counting machines, which are programmed by corporate entities, and unverifiable by election officials.

        Edit: Banana

  • idesign2

    Romney Inc. just did what Obama couldn’t, alienate the grassroots from the GOP.

  • capelady

    This was an incredibly stupid thing for the Romney Camp and the RNC establishment to do when they are so desperate for conservative votes. Here we are trying to convince everyone to get out and vote against Obama even if they are not sold on Romney… and his campaign pulls something like this? Stupid!

    • librtifirst

      They had to, otherwise they could risk a brokered convention.

  • LiberalBoycotter

    I have gone onto the Romney website and sent two emails telling them that they have chosen to force us conservatives out of the process, and they need to be afraid that we will turn against them as they have made us enemies.

    The rest of the country I hope will vote for Romney, but we need to stay together and continue to fight to save this great country. PLEASE VOTE IN NOVEMBER FOR ROMNEY/RYAN. he once again is the lesser of two evils. a vote for Barry, is a vote to kill this country.

    I just feel sick with the betrayal that has been dealt us today, but we are fighters and we will win, it will just take us longer. WE WILL WIN IN THE END.

    • librtifirst

      That is what the establishment wants, just a little more time to finish us off.

      • LiberalBoycotter

        What would you suggest we do, not vote for Romney? If we don’t vote that is what will finish us off. If Barry, has another 4 years, we will never have the chance to fix anything. I have always been told don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

        • librtifirst

          It is a tough one, to be sure. The answer would be one based on the fact that we will likely go down with global financial collapse before four years is up. The Fed Note will be all but worthless, and we have no backup. We have a quickly growing police state that is designed to deal with domestic terrorists. (political dissidents) Our systems will fail, and there will be chaos over the whole thing.

          I say, it doesn’t matter who you vote for. We now have only two choices, and both are bought and paid for by the same people. The Bushbama agenda will continue with Romney. Our liberties will evaporate, and our system will collapse.

          Who do you want to manage this? Neither one of them would do anything different. They will both disarm us and take over all resources. They will both sell us out to global rule. They will both hold us down by continuing to keep us tied to a failed currency.

          Some may want a white guy over a black guy, and others might want the black guy. I don’t know.

          I am voting for whoever “else” is on the ballot, but just as a protest vote of conscience, and not because anyone else would ever have a chance.

          Obama is really bad, but it is an illusion that Romney is better. How good were Obama’s lies? Better than Romney’s. How good were Bush’s lies? Clinton? They all carried out the same global progressive agenda and did the opposite of what they said. Now that Romney has been nominated via fraud, why would we expect anything different?

          • LiberalBoycotter

            I agree with you 100% about the New World Order, but I disagree with you about Barry. He is going to take this country down and he will not stop until we are like China, Iran, etc. Barry, is doing everything that he can right now to destroy this country, what do you think we can do to stop him if he is elected for another 4 years. If you don’t mind what is happening right now then do what you say you are going to do vote for someone else, but in fact you really know that if you do that it will be an indirect vote for Barry….

            In my heart of hearts I believe we can still fight if we elect Romney, but we are finished as a Country that I love dearly if we don’t do everything within our power to send Barry, home where ever that may be. I will hold my nose and vote Romney and fight like hell to keep this country alive and well until the day that I die!!!!

            • librtifirst

              I agree with you about Barry, I just see the same in Romney. He is not a decent, nice guy, who intends on doing what he says. If he was, he wouldn’t be the nominee through total fraud and manipulation of the primary process.

              I would love to think that he was just someone who needs to have his feet held to the fire, but I just don’t see it. The president has too much power, and it all goes down the tubes once they are in office. (every time)

              We don’t have time to correct our problems through decades of election cycles. We need a massive political revolution now, or we are going down.

              Sorry to say it, but that is what the evidence tells me.

              • LiberalBoycotter

                We didn’t get into this mess in 1 or 2 elections, and we are not going to get out of it in 1 or 2. I myself am in for the long haul. The American people are starting to wake up, and we have to stay involved, continue to fight and vote for men and women who love and believe in this great country.

                I know this is hard to believe but I think we will have a fighting chance with Romney. Paul Ryan, is going to be the VP, so if Romney doesn’t do what he says he will we will at least have Paul, who we can get behind and vote into the POTUS slot in 2016.

                With Barry, in power we will never be able to even fight, as he has shown his stripes now by changing laws without even going through due process. Barry, has one thing in mind for this country and that is to destroy it, and take over as dictator, and with George Soro’s money he will be able to do it.

                I hope you will rethink what another 4 years of Barry, will do!!!!!

                • librtifirst

                  The people of this country believe in “America”, but our political elite believe in a corporate global monopoly on everything, including government. It is called the New World Order. It is quite real, and ready to take the rest of our sovereignty and put us under full blown international law.

                  Our political elite (the establishment) wants you to believe that elections can be used to change all of this. If you continue to believe in an electoral process that is rigged, then you will never be effective in changing it. The two parties are not really opposing forces. They both push the same agenda from one administration to another, and from one congress to another. This is why the voters are always unhappy with a president by the time he leaves office, and they are always unhappy with those who lead congress. Every election is about “change”, no matter what party is in power.

                  Anyone who was watching the primary closely knows that the Romney and the GOP pulled every dirty trick in the book to get Romney in. They defrauded the republican voters and caucus goers to an extent that I never knew possible in a primary. This latest report of a GOP rule change was just one from a long list in this primary.

                  The US has a two party dictatorship. (where it counts, one party) Those parties control government, and they use their power to shut down any challenge to their authority, or their power base. They have used police to arrest legal caucus goers who were following the rules that they hadn’t had a chance to change yet. All kinds of atrocious events took place.

                  There are only two ways to change the direction of this country. One, is for everyone to abandon the two parties, and make sure that we have fair elections. A fair primary would have meant that Romney lost the nomination. Two, a full blown political revolution with massive protests and riots in the streets all across the country.

                  There is no following their rules and winning. It is that simple.

                  I have no hope of either, because most conservatives are still buying into Paul Ryan as being a fiscal conservative. Paul Ryan, the “lets balance the budget in thirty years” guy. The “cutting spending increases is going to solve our financial problems” guy. Meanwhile, we have a currency that is almost done for, and nothing to replace it. We are about to lose our world reserve status. We have a growing police state that is threatening everything that we supposedly stand for.

                  We don’t have decades. We probably won’t have a presidential election beyond this one. People need to quit listening to our politicians and political pundits who talk about twenty, thirty, fifty years out. It is a joke. The social systems will fail with the Fed Note. The debt can never be paid, and there are over one hundred trillion dollars of unfunded liabilities.

                  We have a presidential candidate and his running mate who are talking about making sure that SS and medicare are there for generations to come. I thought conservatives were not socialists. How are we going to pay out that 100 trillion when we have no industrial base? You can’t grow an economy on a failed currency and a service economy.

                  This country has been shut down economically. There is nothing to build on. We are going down soon, and people are still listening to the lies of these politicians. Round and round we go, where it ends up, very few seem to know.

                • librtifirst

                  Just a side note: Where I live, my vote literally does not count. The two party dictatorship has redistricted to put all of the power in the population center of the state, so the rest of the state could all vote one way, and it wouldn’t matter. Oregon hasn’t counted in a presidential race for many cycles anyway. You are talking to a non voting voter, by default. I still fill out the ballot, but then it gets sent to a secret location where it is counted electronically. In reality, whoever programs the machines decides the elections in Oregon. My vote just gets used as another digit to throw into the pile, and have it come out for whoever is “supposed’ to win.

                • LiberalBoycotter

                  Washington state is where I live and I feel as you do but I can always have hope that one day we will get back to where we were before every crazy came here from California. They hated it in California, then they turned this state into what they hated.

                  I live in a district that has just been redistricted so I hope we can elect a Republican Governor, and Muri, for Congress in my district. The Dem. Governor stole the elections, so I have the same problem here, “just keep counting until you win”.

                • librtifirst

                  Even the libs didn’t like Oregon’s governor. He was losing in the polls, then came in on election night, and pulled off a miracle. (electronic vote counting) All they need is one county in Oregon. My cousin is a State senator, (republican) and he has been redistricted a couple of times.

                  It’s one big joke in Oregon. I hear what you are saying though. It is not fun giving up hope on the process.

                • LiberalBoycotter

                  It seems that is all we have is hope, when that goes we have nothing… You take care now!!!

  • Just to be clear, most of this last minute rule changing and maneuvering was done to keep Ron Paul from being formally nominated at this convention. The Maine delegates that Malkin refers to above, that were replaced with approved Romney delegates, were Ron Paul delegates. He had legitimately won 21 of 24 including Governor LePage.

    Ron Paul had legitimately secured a plurality of delegates in more than five states, and RNC rules had stated that any candidate who meets this criteria can be nominated at the convention. Obviously the RNC decided they could not risk this scenario, for fear of enabling a brokered convention and someone other than Romney being the nominee.

    Now, before you condemn Ron Paul and his supporters, who were merely playing by the rules all along until the RNC changed them to suit their needs, consider how you will feel in 2016 when the establishment is once again pushing a big government RINO and these rule changes prevent someone you prefer and support like Allen West or Sarah Palin from mounting an opposition to the establishment candidate.