Donald Rumsfeld was on with Mark Levin tonight to discuss what’s going on with Putin invading Ukraine, and Rumsfeld plainly stated that this shouldn’t have come as a surprise considering how important Ukraine is in that part of the world. When asked what we should do now, he quipped “if you drive yourself into a cul-de-sac, your options are few.”

Rumsfeld called all this talk about the international community “mindless” and said that for Obama to say the US is standing with the international community is like having both feet firmly planted in mid-air. Rumsfeld points out that there really is no international community to stand with. He said we’re a whole rang of 100+ nations with different views, different neighbors, different histories and different cultures and there is no strategic vision or mission in this ‘international community’.

Rumsfeld says the real problem is American weakness, arguing that the US is behaving as though it is in decline. He said we’re showing the world that we’re not a reliable ally and we’ve injected instability into the world equation. We’ve created a leadership vacuum, he argues, and says it’s being filled by the Putin’s of the world whose interests are against our own interests.

When asked about our foreign policy, he said we don’t have one, that what we have is an administration “leading from the hip.” In order to have a foreign policy, he says, you must have a clarity of vision and you must decide what political, economic, and security actions will provide an appropriate deterrent to the Putin’s of the world. Then, he adds, you must develop a coalition to support that strategy.

Later in the interview, Rumsfeld also slammed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying that he doesn’t know of one thing she accomplished. He pointed out that a “trained ape” could get a status of forces agreement and we don’t have one in either of the two countries we’ve invested so much, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Listen the full interview below:

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  • B-Funk

    This really feels like Jimmy Carter years 2.0

    • BearNJ

      It does, Obama has no foreign policy except appeasement.

    • Crassus

      Not really. Carter would talk tough and then do nothing. Obama doesn’t even know how to talk a good game when it comes to foreign policy.

  • No_BlahBlah

    Sic vis pacem, para bellum

  • 12grace

    obama’s foreign policy

    obama supports every person and country that hates America.

  • badbadlibs

    We would be a reliable ally if we could rid the nation of democrats.

  • badbadlibs

    Think for a moment; Ted Cruz is President, Col. West is SOD and Sarah Palin is SOS. What would Putin be doing, assuming he could come out of the bathroom at some point?

    • RustyTrombone01

      We can only hope and work our tail off to restore liberty in this country with folks as mentioned. I don’t think we would be in this predicament had the left been defeated in ’12. Unfortunately the international effects of this muslim in office will have a long-lasting impact after he is removed from office.

  • ryanomaniac

    Let’s face it. Al Sharp ton is in the White House.

    • Ellie Dimino


  • DarkKnight2016

    I agree with Rumsfeld. Yea that’s right I agree with him, go ahead and call me a NeoCon Libertarians. I am totally happy being called a NeoCon

    • gregormendel


    • Bear1909

      NeoCon is a meaningless term of zero intellectual value. The free form filth that is the American Left continue to extrapolate historical narratives for their politics based on Howard Zinn’s rolls of toilet paper. “You’ve been lied to, Man!” Ya. And I know your mama too, schoolboy. Sheesh.

      I agree with Rumsfeld too. He’s caricatured as a baboon by the Left because he got Aspartame to remain legal as a sugar substitute for the beverage industry when he was at Searle. Boo flippin hoo….don’t drink 40 diet sodas a day and you won’t poison yourself. YET! He is unqualified to lead American defense because of that!!!!!! Can anybody on the Left even spell non-sequitur?

      Rumsfeld was doing things in the world that most Lefties don’t have the brains to do now, before now, or in the future. Just like Mr. Levin.

      We have intellectual and experienced leadership on our side in this fight. The Left is diabolical trendy filth. They will meet with a bad end. We must not let the name calling deter us.


      • Crassus

        These days I find it’s mostly the libertarians and Paulbots (sorry, I just repeated myself) who use the word neocon. They use it as a derogatory term against anyone who doesn’t agree with their rather pedestrian views. “Oh, you’re just a neocon!”

        • lanahi

          Libs and libertarians just coin new words to create a new reality. It isn’t PC to be a neocon, whatever that is.

      • Rupert Pupkin

        I like how you accuse others of name calling while doing so yourself at the same time. Typical.

        • badbadlibs

          Why don’t you just skip over the poster’s obvious and understandable frustration with this administration and address the substance of his post?
          Or can’t you…….

          • Ellie Dimino

            There IS no substance to his “post”…. That’s the problem. His main objective is to get Beyonce in the WH for her next rediculous performance that WE pay for. This is substance? Come on.

        • Ellie Dimino

          Hey. Truth IS truth, no matter what form it takes.

    • RustyTrombone01

      I personally don’t care what I’m called… I am more concerned that we are able to thwart an invasion of the US much less the Ukraine. As big as this issue is, our domestic issues as a whole far outweigh the needs of the Ukraine at this moment in history. We gotta fix things at home before we are able to lend any kind of support to freedom abroad.

      • lanahi

        Russia really would have had to think twice about invading the Ukraine if we were coming from a position of power through strength. Weakness breeds war from those who just laugh at us.

        • Ellie Dimino

          Unfortunately, MANY are laughing at us. Don’t count Comrad Putin out. He has just started.

          • lanahi

            That’s basically what I said: Other nations laugh at us and then do what they want because they know we won’t, or can’t, stop them.

      • Ellie Dimino

        You are absolutely RIGHT. Just, don’t hold your breath.

      • lanahi

        After watching the results in Afghanistan so far, I do hope we can keep Obama from getting us into ANY war, anywhere. We wouldn’t be allowed to just fight it, win it, and get out quickly…it would go on forever for no reason under his ridiculous rules of engagement, and that’s not mentioning that we probably wouldn’t get in on the right side anyway.

        He’s simply taking his community organizer agitation to a larger world community for the sake of creating instability everywhere, but he’s not the one who has to die for it.

        I know if I were thinking of joining the military, I’d not have to think twice…I’d run in the opposite direction. Who wants to give up life or limb for no reason? It’s one thing to be willing to die for freedom, it’s quite another to be willing to die for Obama and his ilk. I’d take another look at it in two years to see what a different administration would do before I decided the sacrifice of my life would be worth it.

    • Crassus

      Hooray for Neocons!

      • Ellie Dimino

        AMEN to all.

  • Mike Evans

    Comparing Killary to a trained ape is insulting the ape.

  • Julie Golden Gross

    This is right on the money

  • AZWarrior

    When W was president, he pushed for Ukraine inclusion into NATO. Our European ‘allies’ (What a fukking joke) resisted. The reason? because NATO countries are bound by an agreement to defend each other. Germany, France, etc, KNEW that one day Russia would move on Ukraine and didn’t want to defend it against Russia. Bunch of pussies, if you ask me. (And even if you don’t).

    • Ellie Dimino

      Sadly, Putin is NOT finished. There is much more he wants a piece of. Probably beginning with the rest of Ukraine and then POOR POLAND. Look out USA. Our Resident Obama is too weak to defend us. Besides, he enjoys being on his knees.

      • AZWarrior

        And Barbie Ovomit pulled the missile defenses out of Poland- He’s a clear and present danger to European and Middle Eastern, and , hell, Asian stability. What a mess.

  • timerunnersc

    Mr Levin is a great American Patriot.

  • Crassus

    If she gets into the White House, Hillary will be nothing but a trained ape for George Soros and Goldman Sachs.

    • Truman Golden

      She is already a well trained ape.

      • Ellie Dimino

        She is NOT trained. She is just naturally “nasty”.. Want 8 more years of Resident Obama? Vote, Hill.

        • Truman Golden

          She would be Obama on steroids.

    • Ellie Dimino

      As much as I HATE to hear myself say it. Hillary WILL get in. She will run against Jeb Bush. There is nobody who can beat her. Maybe Pneumonia or a Lightening Strike or Athletes Foot of the Brain or something simple like those.

  • BlackCoffee07

    The analysis by Levin and Rumsfeld is of the neo-con, bring back the cold war, US good, Russia and Putin evil variety. It is a simplistic analysis that does not look at the complexities, nuances, various groups and economic interests involved in the Ukrainian situation. One gets a much better analysis, imho, from Dr Michael Savage.

    • phil

      Micheal Wiener is a mental patient who happens to have a high IQ but is still very crazy,

      he thinks Bohner and Christy are great leaders, and although i admit that he has some sincerity, he totally lacks the clear, deep philosophical, reason, knowledge, & logic that levin offers,

      • BlackCoffee07

        When did Dr Savage say that Boehner and Christy are great leaders? I have never heard that on his radio show. Levin was part of the Reagan administration and part of the establishment working for the military-industrial-banking complex. Contrary to his and Limbaugh’s presentation of Reagan as the greatest President, Reagan had a lot of accomplishments, but the presidency was a mixed bag.

        • lanahi

          Every president has a mixed bag of wins and loses. Sometimes they feel they have to compromise, sometimes they make real mistakes, sometimes they have an unfriendly congress they can’t work with, other times they are well-intentioned but just stupid, sometimes they have the wrong information brought to them. This is the first time we’ve had a president who just hates America and wants to destroy it.

          Reagan was a patriot who listened to those with expertise before making a decision. He was right more often than he was wrong, and combined with leadership abilities, it made him a great president.

          It helps to have aids with expertise in their areas of influence, and then to listen to them carefully before making a decision. Obama listens to Valerie Jarrett, who has no expertise at all.

      • BlackCoffee07

        Which is not to say that Dr Savage’s commentaries are problem free. His analysis is a mix of truth and thought-provoking commentary mixed with racism, Islamophobia, improper labelling of opposing views as “socialist.” Moreover, on Obamacare, neither he nor Levin has ever acknowledged that the health care law is based on ideas that the Heritage Foundation put forth.

        • phil

          for different motives,

          one is trying to get people off the the taxpayers back and the other one is trying to put everyone on government care

        • lanahi

          The Heritage Foundation considered and accepted the concept but then decided it could not work inside a constitutional framework, so they dropped it. They agreed that “True health care reform would empower individuals, with their doctors, to make their own health care decisions free from government interference.” That is still their stand.

          This Obamacare is a 2000 page monstrosity created by a leftist congress that no rational person or organization would support.

      • Ellie Dimino

        Come on Phil. Wiener is more interested in Ballet Dancing. He doesn’t have time for deep philosophical, reason, knowledge and logic. He suffers from Little Man Syndrome.

  • Truman Golden

    We have absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine. anyone who thinks we have an obligation to them should ask himself why we have spent 5 billion dollars to destabilize Ukraine and install a fascist neo Nazi government sympathetic to our bankers so they can plunder and rape Ukraine. We should just back away as we have done enough damage.

  • George Allegro

    Since a nation’s advance mostly results from the efforts of its more well off citizens, central governments that assault those citizens will naturally halt technological progress and reduce the nation’s overall quality of life.


    so RUMSFELD IS SAYING THAT THEY DID A GOOD JOB IN IRAQ????or rather get involved militarily again in other country???

  • Ellie Dimino

    MY God. When are the people of our “once” GREAT USA going to wake up and do something about the garbage that’s going on in the WH? Remember the computer Mantra? Garbage IN, Garbage OUT. Resident Obama is slowly cutting this country down to its knees. Can’t anyone SEE this? Just look at the way HE is cutting our GREAT Military? So many Ships just sitting in Bases just here, in Virginia. Cutting the Military? WHAT are our boys and girls getting mutilatated and dying for? Surely NOT for Resident Obama???? WAKE UP America. This Fugitive from the Middle East is killing us. All he is interested, OH YEAH, his wife too, is WHERE is he and SHE going on their next vacation on US???? They are both a total emabarassment. All of Europe laughs at them. Can’t they hear it? I do.

    • Brad Buckley

      The only embarrassment here is your comment.

  • Donald Lee

    The people that support obama are slowly getting what they voted for….NOTHING…..he has no ideal how to run a country. He laughed at Romney when he said that Russia was our biggest problem………..obama just stated that the cold war was over in the ’80s. Sign an order and make all the problems go away. By the way thanks for bringing back the cold war.

  • Brad Buckley

    Besides being an incompetent liar who should be tried for war crimes.Rumsfeld with his comment shows himself to also be a racist.

    • Donald Schuster

      OMG, everyone who criticizes this commie Kenyan coon is a racist?

      • I’ve never heard anything so pathetic….everyone’s a racist who even disagrees with Obama or didn’t vote for him”
        Since when are people racist just because they don’t agree with a person of a different race…This is a first

      • Brad Buckley

        No just the morons who use language and terms like you did

  • Happy2day9

    Rumsfeld is right but We don’t see any actions from leaders such as himself. Why don’t they find a way to impeach Obama? Obama is nothing but a “trained ape”

  • Donald Schuster

    Ape needs to be IMPEACHED for Benghazi and NSA-GATES

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