Rush caller: Pulling a gun on me wouldn’t make me vote for Obama again

Mel, an African-American caller, told Rush today that he is absolutely not happy with Obama’s weak and watered-down immigration policies that are heavily weighted toward leniency. He also isn’t happy with today’s announcement, noting that Obama is “willing to break the law to appease a certain segment of society.” Despite having voted for Obama in 2008, he told Rush “You couldn’t put a gun on me and make me pull a lever for this fellow, this term.”

He goes on to explain to Rush why he voted for Obama in 2008. Listen below:

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  • CarlosLumpuy
    • Is_Sense_Common

      Thanks for finding that! I was just thinking about him.

    • Joe

      That was a good caller way back (4 months ago)

    • I remember listening to the caller (Live) on the Video you gave a link to.
      Fortunately most Americans know obama is terribly bad for America or any other country for that matter. He’d would make a great war lord with the cancer of his heart, mind, and soul.
      the history of obama will be compared to Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Moa T., and other despots.
      Mr pure cold with evil intent.

      Tea Party Patriot
      Thanks for the reminder.

      • CPAguy

        Obama isn’t that bad. He might not even be as bad as Carter.

        The problem is, that the only alternative is Mittens. Mittens would slowly destroy this country under the guise of faux-Conservatism.

        Mittens is much more dangerous than Obama.

        Our only hope, is that Justices Thomas and Scalia manage to live another 4 to 8 years until Conservatism re-emerges.

        • oldguyjustsayin

          does the CPA mean you are one? I beg your pardon, but you don’t understand what is happening with Obama. One advantage of Mittens is that he is NOT an extreme ideologue thinks he is the smartest guy in the room… hence he is able to be persuaded…. or pressured…however you want to phrase it… Obama does not possess this feature… not to mention he is a chronic serial liar…who seems to believe that the more outrageous the lie, the less people are to question it. There is some value to “anybody” but Obama as his vision and purpose is clearly to reshape free market basis of our economy.

  • Is_Sense_Common

    At the 1:54 minute mark, Mel states one critical difference between demoncrats and conservatives: “I felt…

    Conservatives think and use their brains to find answers to issues, hopefully considering the potential risks and outcomes.
    Liberals feel this way or that way and are guided by “good intentions” and what feels right.

    • libs are driven by what FEELS good for them and are mostly wrong.
      They are educated beyond their intelligence – can talk, but there is not much sense.
      All people get old, but very few, libs in particular, mature.

  • HiramHawk

    Obama’s New Black Panthers will likely have little effect on the election outcome, this time around…

  • marketcomp

    This thought is becoming more and more pravalent among Black Americans as time goes on, and this immigration law lost him another 10% of the Black vote despite what the ignorant John Lewis says.

  • Joe


    —–Hard Working

    ————–Well Informed


    ——————Self Respecting


    ———————-Patriotic Person

    Will not vote for Zero –

    regardless of race – creed – religion, etc.

    All others will – (even if they are dead)

  • marketcomp

    Another caller into Rush’s show said that, ” the next time American wants to do a Jackie Robinson experiment make sure that the person is a American who believes in America.” And I thought that was absolutely right on the money.

  • I wonder if anybody in Congress will have the stones to actually fight Obama on this? I guess they could come up with a law real fast that would prevent Obama from doing it, creating yet another Constitutional confrontation we do not need. But if Congress stands for anything, it should be the rule of law and no president is above that. Presidents like Nixon and Clinton found that out the hard way. Time for Congress to take a stand against this imperial president.

    • MaxineCA

      Many have already expressed their outrage over this. I’d like to see them jump on it, but I seriously doubt Reid will bring it to the Senate floor. He was a huge supported on the Dream Act, since he has so many latinos in NV. That’s one of the reasons he never gets voted out of office.

    • nehemiahreturns

      I will not hold my breath waiting for the majority in Congress to take a stand against anything this president does.

    • Karl Rogue

      *creating yet another Constitutional confrontation we do not need. *

      When was the last one? I’ve forgotten?
      And even if confrontations were a daily occurrence, what makes you say a constitutional confrontation is not needed?

      Presently, the Constitution is nothing more than a totem. It has no force of law. But it could it could be the law of the land again, if the lawless were confronted.

    • Would be a big mistake for the GOP to fight this now. Do it after the election. The more the GOP fights this NOW, the worse it will make them look, and the better it’ll make Obama look. That’s exactly what the cynical pr*ck wants.

  • Sober_Thinking

    We can only pray that all Americans notice Obama’s lawlessness.

  • Unemployment is at 8.2% and among youth it’s much higher… And NObama’s solution? Legalize nearly a million illegal aliens. That’s REALLY going to help the employment issue isn’t it NObama? Jeez!

  • 12grace

    Pray that G-d allows America to have a Patriot in the highest office in our land next time around.

  • MaxineCA

    Well, that was the most refreshing news I’ve heard all day! Maybe this will wake up all of the unemployed in this country especially the young and all minorities (including the legal immigrants). By going after a select “base” maybe he’ll lose the others that blindly supported in him last time. I really hope this blows up in his face as all of his other campaign tactics have.

  • Nukeman60

    People don’t like being scammed. They were all fooled by the smooth-talking snake-oil salesman in 2008. I truly believe that there are a lot more people out there just like Mel that aren’t being vocal right now.

    Whatever the polls say, add at least 10% to the ranks of Romney and subtract it from Obama, ’cause the mass of voters out there that are disgruntled is growing and growing each month, much like the Tsunami coming toward shore. The swell might look small out to sea, but as it approaches shore, it will speed up and swell to 1000 feet tall.

    Watch it and enjoy.

    • nehemiahreturns

      You’re right. I believe many, many voters will quietly go to the polls and vote Obama out without a word. Perhaps out of fear in their communities or alienation from family and friends. And no one will be the wiser.

      • Nukeman60

        I liken it to the Wisconsin recall election. The polls tried to say Walker could be in trouble, the exit polling told a story of too close to call, and the actual result was a big win for Walker. The pundits right now don’t know how to poll the populous and the populous is keeping mum.

        • p-o-p-u-l-a-c-e.

          • Nukeman60

            Thank ewe. I stand correctedly. 🙂

        • Wisconsin results were much better – 119% of polulation had voted!! More than exist!!!
          DemocRATS’ miracle!!!
          Add that 19% to his win….it was AT LEAST 26% win, if not 30-35%

  • styxman65

    Maybe Obama should dump Biden and pick up Bloomberg,,, Between the two of them deciding what is best for us,,,,who needs congress.

  • 911Infidel

    Mel was great. But the guy after him…another black dude made the statement that the next time that America tries a “Jackie Robinson Experiment” in a national election, that we make sure that candidate loves this country. I’m paraphrasing but that’s drift of his argument. Two guys with common sense and a national identity. Who knew? But don’t tell DHS that. Nationalism is a no-no in the Obamination that is DHS these days.

  • B. W. Wright

    This was one of two African Americans that called Rush today! We are all Americans first and these two guys see that!! Obama is half-black and half-white. Both races should be ashamed of him!!

  • badbadlibs

    Deomocrats are tyrants, nazis, communists, un-American, un-patriotic criminals. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM.

  • Jay

    Romney’s first executive order should be to emasculate the EPA. The Keystone Pipeline would practically build itself. We can get rid of the Big O but it won’t do much good if we leave the entrenched liberal bureaucracy in agencies like the EPA, Dept’s of Energy, Education, etc. We need more than a change at the top, we need wholesale house cleaning.

    • kong1967

      Republicans never did anything about them in the past. I can’t see Romney upsetting the apple-cart that much. I’m crossing my fingers, but….

    • wodiej

      Even though people like Gingrich and Palin will not likely be part of his administration, I am sure they will continue voicing their opinions on these things and I hope Romney and his advisers take heed. We the People have put a crack in the Republican establishment and after too many RINO’s, that same thing won’t work for us anymore.

  • There is a segment of the American population who vehemently opposes amnesty for illegals. And that is the African American population.
    It has been stated and noted amongst many blacks, that if this was to take place. Unemployment which is the highest in the African American community will soar even higher.

    • wodiej

      I really question how many welfare recipients would take the jobs illegals are doing-picking crops, working for construction companies and a number of other minimum pay, hard working jobs and give up their welfare for doing nothing. Few.

  • wolfveryne

    The First Black President ,, will have “The Worst Presidential LEGACY ,, in HISTORY .

    • CPAguy

      Obama is not “black” in any traditional sense. He is a mixed race European/African.

      But progressives/socialists are all about using optics to push their agenda upon us.

  • Yazz55

    Doesn’t stating that you won’t vote for the obamessiah make you a racist by definition of the faithful lapdog media??

    • kong1967

      If the caller was a known name the Democrat party and the media would destroy him. They’d call him all kinds of names such as “traitor”. On one hand they say black people think for themselves, yet any black person that dares go against them gets threatened and everything else.

      The Democrat party is a disgrace to the United States of America. Hitler would have loved them.

  • kong1967

    This President has circumvented the laws ever since day one. He has bypassed Congress on more than one occasion and has his czars, the EPA, and the NLRB making rules and regulations that circumvent the law (not to mention the Justice Department). Pelosi was so excited saying how she agrees with the President bypassing Congress (not just this time) because the Republicans won’t cooporate.

    This is a red flag for what’s coming in the future. The Democrats have made it very clear that they want one-party rule and they will stop at nothing to get it. They want to completely control everything without the Republicans having a say about anything. Dana on “The Five” said that if you are surrounded with people that agree with everything you say then you need to change the people surrounding you. The libs think just the opposite.

    If we don’t put a stop to this our future and the Constitution is going to be trash.

    • Suzyqpie

      Where there is no opposition there is no freedom. See EU. Sometimes called EUssr.

      • kong1967


  • CPAguy

    No Mitt! No Obama! Conservatives, 2016!

    • bshade

      It will be too late!! We are racing toward collapse. We need to change the WH Now.

  • wodiej

    Voting for someone w no record vs a war hero. I know, that’s such a difficult decision. Sounds like a typical uninformed voter.

  • daisybud

    “Obama is breaking the law to appease a certain segment of the population.” Well, well, well, Black people. He’s certainly not doing it to appease you but you still want this dude back in office. I hear it’s about 90% of the Black vote now. Guess what, if you thought unemployment was high among the Black population, just wait until you’re competing with illegals. Go ahead, vote for him and vote to destroy your own future. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitts answer was just that Mitt could get this passed by getting all the Democrats to vote for it and a few Republicans.

    Now am I missing something. I thought Mitt was a Republican. Republicans are supposed to get a few Democrats to go along and get things passed not the other way around.

    Guess I was wrong. Mitt must be a Democrat.

    How many other issues will he try to get passed with all the Democrats and a few Republicans.

    If this is what he plans to do why should Republicans vote for him.

    I and my large family will not vote for Mitt. Or Obama.

    We are just screwed as a country.

    • I’m sure the point Mitt was trying to make is that he could get it done lawfully. As a “refugee” from Detroit, my experience has me voting each election and pulling the republican ticket no matter what. I can’t stand lazy folks that won’t work, but will mold their lives into social dependency. I do believe (and I’m sure most others do as well)that illegals have a right to opportunities here in the U.S., but through the legal process. What that solution is, I do not know as the term “illegal” has taken on many meanings. That needs to be the starting point. Enforce the laws we have and turn these folks around and make them come through the gate with the proper paperwork. In the meantime, these people need to understand that they are nothing more than political pawns. That’s our job! I have many hispanic friends who are offended at first, but understand when you explain to them the real role they play without realizing they are being used for political gain.