Rush Limbaugh: DNC in chaos and there is no speech that can recover from Democrats booing God

Rush says the DNC is in chaos and Obama is responsible for it:

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  • Spartan4Palin

    The check cashing statement was terrific!!!!

  • msverde1

    I am an avid reader and admirer of many of the literary works of Ayn Rand (Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, etc.). Yet, the two of us have one major fundamental, philosophical difference. You will never hear verbalized from my lips the denial of the existence of our Creator/God, whether in boos or otherwise. There is no need for an allegorical “foxhole” to help me make this conclusion. I could only pray that the same holds true for members of the Democratic Party or conservatives like S.E.Cupp. However, it is your right.

    • poljunkie

      It may be their right, but booing GOD at the convention on National TV while underscoring, and determining their PARTY Platform is an astounding opinion/position for them to take as one of the two prominent political parties.

      • bobemakk

        They literally put more nails in Obamas coffin by doing this…let them keep it up and Romney/Paul will win, HE MUST not lose. 4 years of the Obama regime is enough. God Help US!

    • Rshill7

      Many highly talented people have that one fatal flaw. Rand’s in my opinion was her atheism. She rejected every “platform” so to speak, of Soviet Communism’s ideology except their atheism. She would’ve done well to reject that too. It moots her philosophy in many, many ways.

      • FutureOnePercent

        I’m about 100 pages short of finishing Atlas Shrugged and I agree with you completely. Her denial of God is the ONLY part of her message that I disagree with.

        It’s odd to find someone you whole-heartedly agree with on literally EVERYTHING except for one thing, which I then COMPLETELY disagree with.

        She calls to reason and logic as the only arbiter of truth, yet neither reason nor logic has been able to answer the simple question “Where did we come from?”

        Economically she was spot on.
        Socially she was prescient.
        Spiritually, she was lacking.

        • msverde1

          I’m in 100% agreement on all final assessments, futureonepercent. Enjoy the read! I surely did and will one day revisit it soon. It truly reflects the story of our times today.

      • msverde1

        I concur that she was “her atheism” and yet I disagree that her philosophy is moot because this is not how one gains wisdom through myopic thinking. Several points that she addressed in her literature vividly gave an account how distorted we all have become when we say one thing and behave differently. This is a frailty of humanity and I am as guilty of it as anyone else. My point is that she recognized the power struggle between [government, institutional, etc.] bureaucracy and the individual rights of man to exercise his talent/gift (what I would refer to as God-given) that would produce results and not be given over to moochers. Invention and innovation are predicted on the skill and intellectual prowess of talented, gifted people, regardless of color, religion, etc. I do not have to agree with their lifestyle choices or social behaviors, but I surely enjoy the creature comforts they have designed, developed, or created: This is one aspect of our nation that makes it exceptional and unique.

        A former voice instructor of mine, who is Jewish, out of NYC and I had a conversation back in 1998 about maestro Zubin Mehta proposal to perform a complete set of Wagnerian works in Jerusalem, in spite of the Wagner’s anti-semitic tendencies. As a conservative American who happens to be black, her words to me were naturally profound when she explained to me that she welcome the idea of presenting the program, and furthermore, people should begin to move forward by separating the man from his music, sort of speak. I analogize this disposition to my own sentiments about one of our great American leaders, Andrew Jackson, who at one time own slaves but was one hell of a president, a proponent of small and limited government. In past years I have often used many of his quotes as inspiration and educational motivating instrument for myself and to all who understand what the founding fathers original intent for our beloved country was. Call me naive, but I guess I have move on.

        • Rshill7

          There’s another very good fact-filled book called “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born” by D. James Kennedy

          I submit, that without Christianity, the USA would not exist in any form that would be recognizable. Neither would all of Western Civilization.

          Furthermore, Christ was the greatest gift to women in world history. Without Christ, Rand would’ve probably been a slave, or a subject, to her dying day, and freedom itself would still be a crazy dream, if even a dream at all.

          • msverde1

            Understood, Rshill7!!

            Yet, perhaps, you still are missing my point. Indeed, God has bestowed upon us a gift in His son Christ and He has also given to everyone (men and women) a brain to use wisely to promote the progress of western civilization, as well. There is little dispute. But the focus of my argument, which is sometimes the crutch that too many on the left overly rely on by embracing Jesus Christ without realizing that that embrace also involves a proactive initiative to use your mental faculties to become productive citizens, is not to deny the truth on divine intervention but to ensure that people understand that it is only one cog of the entire engine that drives many parts of the world today. Too many times I have personally seen individuals sit back and wait for some miracle to fall down from the sky, when it has already done so in the form of a God-given brain. This type of passivity is unacceptable to me and many of my associates, and I be damned if I will sit idly by watching people’s lives expire without understanding how things really work under God’s guidance. Despite the fact that many of my Sunday school teachers failed to do year ago, I am determined to not allow myself to become a repeat offender by withholding the truth about the essential nature and critical importance of economic empowerment and self-sufficiency from them. That is the pinnacle of religious and intellectual dishonesty without question.

            As a former student of religion and music and now currently a last term MBA finance candidate, I have become aware that faith without works/deeds (and not necessarily religious in context either, although a countless number of mega churches/religious organizations are experiencing the raw power of capitalism, whether they choose to admit it or not) is the purest of all moot points.

            In closing, all I can say is that I have nothing further to comment on this matter. Best of luck and God bless you, Rshill7!

            • Rshill7

              Then I’ll expect no response from this.

              You might be confusing many messengers with the message itself. Messengers miss the mark with regularity. Some do so due to lack of knowledge about the message. The message is independent of the messengers, no matter who those messengers are.

              For example: “For even when we were with you, we gave you this rule: “If a man will not work, he shall not eat.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

              What you “have personally seen” are people without regard for the message in totality, and misplaced high regard, for either their own, or the distorted one of someone else. Sounds like old fashioned, uneducated, laziness to me 🙂

              Carry on.

          • nibblesyble

            Brilliant as usual my friend!

          • i8Nunya

            2 more good books: “Mere Christianity” by CS Lewis (who was once an atheist but converted to Christianity in later life), and “Evidence That Demands A Verdict” by Josh McDowell (one of the classic texts on Christian apologetics)

            I just have to say how gratifying it is to know that there are still good, decent, Godly people still in America: our faith in J.C. is the REAL “Hope,” and the REAL “Change” will be the transformed souls of all us Believers one day meeting up for eternity in “the place that has already been prepared for us.” Stay strong patriots: America is under attack from within, from all sides! God will protect and save us as a nation but only when as a nation we repent of our sins and come back to Him.

          • theneighborhoodguy01

            Without the Jews, there would be no Jesus. Just a thought I keep in mind every day.

            So without God, no Jews…without Jews, no Christ..without Christianity, no civilization.

  • poljunkie

    I agree with Rush.

    I mean you dont have to be a regular church goer. You dont have to be going to Catechism. Your kids dont have to be attending sunday school- You dont have to be a practing Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, or any other religion under the sun.

    BUT you have to have a good and decent heart.

    Those cheering NO to GOD chants are outrageous, and frankly if I were there I would be embarrassed, I would be hanging my head in shame.

    Personally, I would have walked out.

    As I previously wrote: Michelle Obama, how do you like your country now?

    If I had the money I would make an ad with the Democrats booing God -super-imposed w/Michelle saying for the first time in her life shes proud to be an American.

    • unclesamnephew

      i ask are we cultural christians, or are we Christ christians?

      • poljunkie

        My point is merely, Is it not better to have a little faith- be moved, and uplifted?

        Sometimes you need strength from a place that your husband or child cannot offer.

        I try to follow the commandments and have taught my son to do what is right. Myself, I was raised to have a strong sense of character and to demonstrate integrity.

        As a family, we live a good and gracious life, and hope we extend our decency, and kindness toward others. Honor is important to us, and truth has special meaning. These things fit together into the God question and to our family, Religion is not pop culture… for us it is what is in our hearts.

      • smmy33

        Your point is that:

        Hell No to any reference to ” God” in Ameican life .
        And video’s proudly decrying Americans belong to go government

        Ah, how silly for republicans to be repelled by this…. Just because it’s the same thinking that brought us Mao’s China and the antithesis of everything that has been American thinking for the last 250 years.

    • U can make an ad on YouTube

      • poljunkie

        Maybe RScoop can help out. I am not tech savvy to do so!!!!!

        I would sooooo love it though!

        • Go on twitter and Facebook and convert/convince your liberal friends to our side this one time. That’s better than any ad. Give to Romney campaign and put up a yard sign. There s a lot we can do

          • poljunkie

            Oh yes. I am always chatting away.
            The market, the dog groomer, swim meets. I try to say a bit here and there without being too over the top.

  • Joe

    The FUNNY Thing is –

    MOST of the RAT conventions were in chaos

    Most notably CHICAGO 1968 >>–jjM5uwqU

    Thankfully the violence is gone – but the chaos is still there now

    I love this stuff!

  • AMEN!!! Rush see things like people in an audience would not the smug elites, reporters, writers and analysts. It is amazing reading some of the articles about this and that. Ladies and gentlemen..people do not use some complex analysis when they vote. They know what theyt believe and that is that!! These pundits go in to so much INTELLECTUAL CRAP that the common man or woman does not do. They do not have hours a day to sit in some office coming up with some clever way to find hidden meanings or pathways!! That is BS!

    People look at Clinton they remember him in the PAST!! They know he is not Obama and Obama is not he….People know what the economy is like…they live it….Clinton cannot make that disappear or SEEM OK!! Neither can Michelle….

    Reality is what people see…that is why only 7.4 million people watched Bill…They know that he is GOING TO SPIN whatever he says….but it will not change their reality. Saying oh the jobs are slow but we are getting there or home prices are rising…BILL…home prices ARE NOWHERE near where they use to be…and Bill 15 percent unemployment that is as bad as the Great Depression is not getting better….tell that to one looking for months and months and months….BS!!

    Rush is right….the DNC is a joke…abortion, No God, BS Speeches, No Jerusalem, Attack, Hate and just negative….there is nothing to change that. Bill is already forgotten…the BOOS on GOD and Jerusalem will last much much longer!

  • Obozo will lose

    • Nope don’t see that happening. Even if he lost it, he will find a way to steal the election. You can bank on that.

      • i8Nunya

        That’s my big fear too, especially now that ACORN is back in business under several new names

  • deeme

    I’m with you Rush it’s like one commentator said, I’t like watching a Star Wars Convention..I agree I think this is the end…You can not include God, in a Platform that stands for everything but…AS for the Nazi statements, Pro God, Pro Life people are now nazis…who isn’t for life…???

    Before any man can be considered as a member of civil society, he must be considered as a subject of the Governor of the Universe.” ~ JAMES MADISON

    “The study and practice of law . . . does not dissolve the obligations of morality or of religion.” ~ JOHN ADAMS

  • white531

    Rush’s program this morning was one of his recent best. The clip you see here, was only a small part of it. He had a lot more to say on the subject. The DNC really screwed up big time on this one, and it’s going to hurt them.

    Most surprising thing, was when they asked for a vote for or against putting God and Jerusalem back in the platform. The ones against it were almost louder than the ones for it. That caught them by surprise, too. I’m lovin’ it.

    • poljunkie

      Who was the guy at the podium? Villagorosia? He seemed like he didnt know what to do!

      • WI4Walker

        Yes, it was him. The reason he didn’t know what to do, was because he heard the loud “No’s” but his teleprompter was fed with language stating something like, “and the ayes have it”. He finally just caved to the almighty prompter.

  • mediaaccess1

    I love you Rush!

  • There is no way, no way, the Democrats will be able to hide or silence that devestating video clip of delegates booing Jerusalem and God THREE TIMES in a row. And even to the casual political observer, it certainly did NOT sound like they got two-thirds of the vote for approval. I really, really, hope that anybody who wants to see Israel defended takes notice of this. I think Obama is on the same page with the original party platform, and he knows it. Hopefully, the rest of America knows it now, too.

  • Sober_Thinking

    The more they blow, the bigger the fire is getting… think about it. 🙂

  • BostonBruin

    Could someone clarify for me? Is the phrase “… make the most of their God-given potential …” the text that they took out and then forced back in?

    • A Fox report I saw has this to say about the wording:

      In the section referencing God, the change effectively restored language that had been in the 2008 platform. It now says: “We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.”

      The initial 2012 platform language said this: “We gather to reclaim the basic bargain that built the largest middle class and the most prosperous nation on Earth — the simple principle that in America, hard work should pay off, responsibility should be rewarded, and each one of us should be able to go as far as our talent and drive take us.”

      • BostonBruin

        Thanks for the details! As Rush says, there’s no speech that can fix this screw-up.

        • Booing Jews, Booing God and telling business people that they didn’t build it! What’s not to love about Liberals, eh? :-/

      • poljunkie

        Unbelievable, and NOT in a good way.

  • JohnBarry2012

    Booing God and also deny the Biblical truth:

    “But you shall remember the LORD your God: for it is He that gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish his covenant which He swore unto your fathers.” Deuteronomy 8:18

    • Luke 22:34….. Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”

      Is much more to the point


    …Right On Rush once again you have hit the nail on the proverbial head , just keep on keeping on nailing them every chance you get . God bless Rush Limbaugh . “

  • Gotta love Rush! That was an audio version of a home run! Simply brilliant!

  • stage9

    Check out this really short Documentary entitled “Words Matter” featuring the empty words of Obama:

    Obama Un-narrated Documentary/Review (in his own words)

  • Luke 22:34…..Jesus answered, “I tell you, Peter, before the rooster crows today, you will deny three times that you know me.”


  • maynardb50

    I suspect Obama’s speech has been re-written today to try and effect damage control.

    • poljunkie

      Yep, They will have him walk out to God Bless America!

  • Right on! Right on! Right on! As Rush would say whenever someone says something Rush agrees with. And I couldn’t agree more!!

  • The liberals vote God out of their party, and vote to join the enemy, so they can turn their backs on Israel. How does God feel about this?:


  • odumbo the false prophet. I guess these people will never get it.

  • The far left has taken over the Democrats. Sad part there is not one thing smart about any of them.

  • bobemakk

    Rush is great….but what puzzles me is that Brett Baier warned Dick Durbin the democrat bag of wind that God and Jerusalem was not on the DNC speech agenda. I tweeted Brett, he made a big error here. Why give the democrats any leverage. Geez, even conservatives can screw up.

  • physicsnut

    the dems must be getting their ideas from AlterNet – which is always pushing atheism and perversion and communism – and having us pay for it.