PART 3 ADDED – Rush Limbaugh interview with Greta


Rush Limbaugh had a fantastic interview on Greta tonight and fortunately for us, Fox News has posted the most important parts of it for our enjoyment.

PART ONE: Obama Has a ‘Chip on His Shoulder’

PART TWO: The Phenomenon of the ‘Not Romney’


Fox News just post Part 3 on the GOP contenders:

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  • Anonymous

    Great interview Greta. I enjoyed every minute of it.

    • DCGere


    • Anonymous

      I agree.

      Rush’s analysis of Obamacare and what it will do to the Nation should be shouted from loud and clear every rooftop, by every Republican candidate. Those who do not cannot be trusted.

      • Anonymous

        Are the Republicans admitting they won’t be able to thwart Obama’s agenda if they get control of the senate back? The world is not going to end if Obama wins reelection. The establishment is playing conservatives for fools getting them behind the ABO line. You people complain about the establishment forcing Romney on you then parrot the line they want you to.

        Tell me again why Ron Paul shouldn’t just tell Iran he’s not going to bomb them to thwart their nuclear ambitions.

        The ABO line leads to ^^EPIC FAIL!!^^ when I follow the logic of not advertising to your adversary what your intentions are.

        • Anonymous

          I do not buy into ABO. I believe the political class that put him there is the problem and will still be there whether he stays or they replace him with a republican variation.

          It is not that they are admitting they cannot thwart his agenda, the Republican establishment is not interested in thwarting it. They love Obama’s Central Government growth and control – they want to use it for their own power and gain once they take over.

          • Anonymous

            Good cop/bad cop and both believe they are good cop. Indeed! Wreckless spending by both establishments since chasing Gingrich out. Hmmmmmm!
            Now they seem to want a progressive picking our next 2 or 3 justices within the SCOTUS. No thanks!

            “I think people recognize that I’m not a partisan Republican, that I’m someone who is moderate and my views are progressive” -Mitt Romney

            “I’m Not Running As The Republican View Or A Continuation Of Republican Values” -Mitt Romney

  • Anonymous

    Rush is absolutely right, “IT’S OBAMA!” Period! End of story!

  • Excellent interview. Rush doesn’t just have knowlege, he has wisdom. That’s a rare thing anymore.

  • Anonymous

    If those Ron Paul voters feel the need to NOT vote if he does not get the nomination come 2012 then just listen to this.

    • One thing FOX has a proven track record at doing is ignoring Ron Paul. Fact is, Paul is very strong, and he has more possibilities for winning than any of the ‘big important smart’ people say. IT’s a corporate gig. Newt is Newt World Order. FOX is owned by corporates; all media are — except Alex Jones (who has about 15 MILLION viewers a week, which is much more than nearly all the network news stations). That should say something, hmm? Beck left FOX because he couldn’t say what he thinks, and one thing he thinks / or rather knows, from research and Newt’s own words / is that Newt is a progressive. That’s not hype, Newt has said it over and over that he loves FDR, Teddy Roosevelt, government healthcare, etc. What FOX isn’t saying is that Ron Paul is the clearest constitutionalist. AND, the idea that we have to be interventionist and support the military industrial global bankster complex is simply part and parcel of the globalists agenda.
      Broaden the input a little and this will become clear.

  • I can see why he doesn’t go on television that often.

    • Anonymous

      I can see why you don’t post that often 🙂

      You’re cute as button though.

      • Anonymous

        I saw him first.


      • Sir even though I don’t post that often when I do I average more than 5 likes per post (I guess the one above didn’t do too well).

        I look for quality and not quantity.

  • Anonymous

    All of you bloggers attacking me over me being anti-Romney, Rush is on the money. You do not win the nomination without the base and Romney will not win it.

    Thank you Rush, I knew I wasn’t crazy.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t empower the establishment forcing a candidate you don’t like on you by pledging to support that candidate no matter what therefore giving credence to the talking points its more important to win Independents who are going to vote ABO because they are applying fool me…. once theory to Obama than a base that will fall in line no matter what.

      Rush is right but he is also wrong supporting the ABO meme the establishment is pushing. Rush would be the first one to tell you advertising our foreign policy to our adversaries is not wise by talking things off the table in dealing with Iran for instance, so why is it wise to advertise to the adversary which is the GOP establishment (in this case) trying to force feed a candidate on us?

      Rare logic fail on Rush’s part.

      • Anonymous

        I say Anybody but Romney and Rhu Paul

  • Fox News once again being Fox News. THIS IS NOT THE COMPLETE INTERVIEW !! What was “left out” are his thoughts regarding the “other” candidates other than Romney and Newt, their Golden Child. Needless to say, he had other thoughts on the other candidates which were positive. SHAME ON YOU FOX !! You’re TRASH !!!

    • 1. Don’t hate on fox, if they go away were stuck listening to liberal pinheads all day.
      2. Rush broadcasts his radio show every weekday from 9am-noon. I’m sure you can get plenty of information there.
      3. Gretta only has 45 minutes and other things to show besides limbaugh

      • Listen to Alex Jones. Or Glenn Beck, they have radio and TV channels. FOX is not your only option and they leave out actual ‘news’ in favor of fluff. Actually, RT gives more substantive ‘news’ than FOX and all of the networks put together. Get out a bit more and get a variety of views. Just watching FOX reinforces a very narrow outlook.

        • Anonymous

          Alex Jones. 😐

          Actually I don’t watch much on Fox but debates and I catch the panel on Special report beacuse I like Krauthammer even if I disagree often.

        • Anonymous

          RT – Russian Times – really? You are telling people to go there? So you are recommending conspiracy theorists and state controlled media? Yeah. You’ll get the “truth” that way for sure.

  • Jim Botts

    The ratings for “On The Record” must be down. They needed a boost so they went out and got Limbaugh. She hasn’t had him on since 2009

  • Evidently Paul, you failed to see the very end of PART TWO here. The final frame shows…”Coming Up…Who’s Rush Rooting For” My point is that if Fox was truly “fair and balanced” they would have produced a PART THREE showing the conclusion of the interview. THIS HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH GRETA’S PRECIOUS TIME OR RUSH’S HOURS ON THE RADIO. It has everything to do as to why Fox’s ratings are dropping faster than Romney’s and Newt’s polling numbers.

    • “My point is that if Fox was truly “fair and balanced” they would have produced a PART THREE showing the conclusion of the interview.”
      Gretta has a rerun in about an hour, you can catch it there.
      If you miss that you can cross your fingers and hope the interview hits youtube.

      I know O’Reilly is not liked much on here. But he does not post his full show on the internet, so I try to catch his broadcasts when I can, if i miss it i say “oh well” and turn on GBTV.

    • Fox news is the highest rated of all of them. The others are not even close and insulting Fox news doesn’t change that fact. Rush does not do alot of personal interviews outside of his radio show by HIS CHOICE. He is very hard to book.

      He was talking about that about a week ago. He could never work again and be fine, but he does this because it matters to him.

    • Anonymous

      Ummmm, I’m sure FOX did a part three. Scoop just didn’t post it here. Why don’t you make a little effort and try YouTube.

      Do you need someone to cut your food too?

      • Anonymous

        “Do you need someone to cut your food too?” Excellent point, seven!

        I searched and searched and searched the Internet for hours and hours and hours and just happened to find Part Three of the “missing” Rush/Greta interview. Perhaps a Pulitzer will come my way for such hard work 🙂 I sure as hell don’t need my food cut for me!

        This discussion is “much ado about nothing.”

        Part 3, 13:24 –

  • Jim Botts

    GOP nominates Romney, I’ll vote for him, but that will probably be the last time I ever vote GOP again. If Romney or Newt win and the GOP adheres to the Bush doctrine of activist government, the GOP will be a minority party again by 2016. The death certificate will be issued somewhere between 2016 and 2020. I’ll never vote for them again.

    It has become painfully obvious to me that the GOP hasn’t learned a darn thing from the 2006 and 2008 losses. Their whole theme seems to be “Look, we aren’t as bad as Obama!” Wow, what a sales pitch for limited government conservatives, which they can’t win squat without.

    I wish the Libertarian party could get its act together. They probably could if they went little l vs Captital L

  • Anonymous

    It was an excellent interview with Rush. I agree with Rush about the establishment, how they don’t like conservatives, and how they would like us to acquiesce and vote for Romney. However, this is not to be in 2012 and neither Mitt nor Newt will be the nominee. This time around the base will not allow the establishment to choose their candidate and I am very happy about it because I decided in 2008 I would not support Mitt and still have not changed my mind.

  • AWESOME RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • B-Funk

      The Maha-Rushie strikes again!

      • Anonymous

        right on, right on.

  • Rush is THE man! Fox News only had the first part uploaded on their website, (left off the anti-Romney part) so thanks RS!

  • Dax

    Let’s take it to the Republican establishment. They have forgotten who really controls elections. Too bad we can’t vote out the media pundits.

    • cabensg

      They also hate Gingrich and love Romney. I don’t know why Rush is against Gingrich but I think he’s being very short sighted and prejudice. Gingrich did indeed to what no other Conservative Speaker did and that’s all being downplayed as if it never happened. Just because he’s been around for awhile is no reason to not listen, read and watch what he’s say and how he will govern if elected. He is superior in every way to the others and is exactly what we need at this juncture. Rush may be the best at articulating conservatism but he’s not the last word in my decisions and I hope he isn’t the last in anyone else’s.

  • That first clip is full of genius- I don’t know how he does it.

  • Rush, Levin and Hannity…smartest on the radio

  • Anonymous

    Rush was at his best tonight. He seems to get better with age, like a fine wine.

  • ..good, he corrected himself.. “he wants us to believe this..” Yes, because he is a “bad” guy and he does know what he is doing and he does want to destroy us. The B2 bomber, the drone, the Wikileaks, the Gitmo, the hospital, the arresting local sheriffs for guarding their boarders, Acorn… – no, he knows what he’s doing – and all of this is what I said would happen. Now, we have Newt “a frugal socialist”, and Mitt, just a plain sociallist. Palin out, Cain out, and Bachmann and Santorum can’t get traction. I believe America is finished, though I still preach. Food for thought: Evanescence: “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept Communism outright but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you’ll finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you. We’ll so weaken your economy until you’ll fall like overripe fruit into our hands. We are convinced that sooner or later Capitalism will perish, just as Feudalism perished earlier…….All the world will come to Communism. History does not ask whether you want it or not.” ~Nikita Khruschev, U.S.S.R. United Soviet Socialist Republics, Interview Osaka, Japan, June 18 (*171*252*333*414*585*666*747*828*999*Revelation 13:1) , 1957. ” – Great! Proving Khruschev right.

    • Anonymous

      What the the hell is the matter with you , are you on drugs, or are you on drugs and a raven bloody moronic Libtard. When you wake up, just go back to the post just above mine, and you will realize how really stupid you are, get your shit together.

    • Anonymous

      Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory.
      Sun Tzu

      • Anonymous

        And 7/11 you are a flake too, get back to the counter someone want’s a big slurpee.

        • KenInMontana

          Your done, back to the children’s table for you.

  • Anonymous

    Rush needs to understand that if he does not defend the not Romney candidate from the republican elite then Romney wins. Since in this primary there are many conservative candidates the consrvative vote will naturally be split and the elites want it to be split that is why they always take down the not Romney candidate, that way the conservative always stay split….I think conservatives should get their act together and unite behind one candidate and defend that candidate from the rino attacks….

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely…. Perry 2012…..

  • thnx

  • Anonymous

    It was a good interview. I like his point about going on the offensive. Paul is the only one doing it right now. I don’t think that Paul will pull a McCain in the primary either. Paul is doing as well as anyone against Obama in the polls.

    • Anonymous

      Paul is not the only one on offense or haven’t you noticed the three ads a day the good governor of Texas and his team have been turning out? Make ya a deal vote Perry and I will join you in petitioning him to make Paul secretary of the treasury….. Oh wait I have a better idea… I have an offer even you can’t refuse….. Fed chairman… What a coup that would be….lol

    • Ron Paul is on the offense.. No kidding, except that he’s attacking fellow GOP candidates as his ‘offensive’.

      Rush was talking about being on the offense against the Dems + Obama, it’s these half messages, half truths, spins and total twists of reality that make RP supporters so infuriating to many. For guys who spend all day telling everyone how only Ron Paul speaks the ‘truth’, you all sure have a funny definition of it.

      • Anonymous

        I understand your perspective, as I have been a party line supporter myself. Over the years, it has become hard to draw a line between the two parties. Their policies are pretty much the same. Establishment republicans just tend to be liberal light. In rhetoric, there is a huge difference, but in actual policy, not so much.

        In recent years, I took a hard look at the system and realized that Republicans are just as corrupt as the dems. I am talking about the system, not all individuals. In America, we believe that we should have choice. Especially when it comes to politics, but we really don’t. The whole political process is rigged to exclude and disenfranchise any thinking outside of the establishment that doesn’t go along with what the parties want to promote.

        Corruption thrives in this environment. I noticed that one administration could commit all kinds of treason, and the next would protect them. It works both ways. Neither party is any better than the other.

        When I learned about RP, and looked at his record, I realized that this guy does what he says. Though many people listen to all these other guys, and get excited about a few speeches, I only care what they have done in the past. Based on that, I have to discount the rest of the line up. Recycling the same old people from the same old corrupt system won’t change a thing.

        I will submit to your assertion that others are on the offensive. I haven’t seen all the ads. I do appreciate the negative campaigning, because it brings up people’s past and gives me something to research. It also allows me to find out who is twisting and lying.

        I will look for the other ads out there, just to critique the truthfulness of them. I have already seen so much on these guys, that I probably won’t have to do much research.

      • Anonymous

        I think that I replied to the post above yours. Sorry.

  • Anonymous

    This is from Victor Davis Hanson comparing Newt and Romney. I found it quite interesting. I feel we all need as much information as we can get from as many people as we can read/listen to in order to make a more informed decision.

    • cabensg

      Actually that’s about as one sided as you can get. I sure didn’t see any new information only opinion and contempt for people who have accomplished far more than he ever hopes to. NRO is not a conservative site.

      • Anonymous

        What is wrong with you? Am I on Media Matters or MSNBC site?

        He writes for NRO as other people do. He also writes for
        Big Government, Town Hall. I feel like I live in an upside
        down world. Freelance.

        Last post for me and off with the notifications.
        Too wacky on this site for comments.
        Do you know anything about Hanson.
        If not, perhaps you need to do some research before
        you accuse him of being something he isn’t.

  • KM

    The GOP could learn a lot from Rush and like-minded conservatives.

  • Anonymous

    Calling the Narnia Candidate!!

    Palin/West 2102

    • Anonymous

      Few things hearten me more than that thought.

      I could picture their election poster as soon as I read that. 🙂

  • Constance

    My hero. Rush. I still wear the T-Shirt from 2009 that says “I Hope He Fails”. Oh, the angry looks I get at the gym. 🙂

  • Judefour

    But the perpetual wars are non-negotiable.

  • Anonymous

    Rush makes some good points. But, I feel we have a lot of people who are so wired into being PC, they would vote for a rock if it made them look sophisticated. I know people who tried to make me and others look socially lower by indicating they were voting for Obama when we were in social groupings. In my opinion, these people are PC only to the tune of blonde jokes. Now, they shun political discussions in groups because it is known how really politically dumb they are. It would not surprise me to see these people go for Romney and try and have their photo taken with him. This way, they may be able to paper over their past stupidity.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately for us Conservatives the blow-with-the-wind independents and tepid moderates do not listen to Rush. If they did Newt and Mitt would not be front-runners and we could win in a landslide, with Bachman, Santorum or Perry.

    • cabensg

      So I guess a 90% conservative rating for Gingrich as speaker doesn’t mean crap. Compare that to Romney’s record.

    • Anonymous

      True, but they won’t listen to Rush because they aren’t looking for hard-core conservatism. They are the ones that WANT the McCains, the Romneys, and any other moderate that will be wishy washy while governing our nation. They view gridlock as bad and non-productive. Well, pushing legislation just for the sake of pushing legislation isn’t a good thing. The legislation has to be good. We need to get behind the fight to stop the Independents from insisting we choose the McCain type candidates to satisfy them. Giving in to liberalism just for the sake of compromise is still incrementing liberalism.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t listened to Rush for the last couple of years, but I need to start. He is always a boost to conservatism and a wake-up call to liberal agendas.

  • mchill

    you cant make all points in one interview, but I think Rush’s emphasis on 2.5million workers unemployed is too moderate, and takes a lot of heat off the Republican establishment. In the real world 6.5 million jobs have dissappeared from the government accounting – 2.5 million is just the number they are forced to carry because extended benefits forces people to continue to pursue the job hunt. Not extending benefits is what is making the job numbers look better – not the other way round…we still lose thousands of jobs every month – it just represents a smaller percentage of the pie, when you can reduce the pie conveniently every time someone’s job dissappears from the statistics after 15weeks…

    the real unemployment is above 20percent maybe even higher than 25percent…

    It doesnt matter who you blame…get real.

    We need a comprehensive, and bold approach to turn this around.

    Ron Paul has absolutely the 100percent correct Domestic answers – but like
    Jimmy Carters isolationist appeasement strategy FAILS to answer what happens
    when the Rest of the World has something to say about whether or not you can bank your gains or end up in WW3.

    -Newt is the best all-round candidate…he pisses off everyone!

    maybe thats odd but I find that more admirable than being locked into one specific strategy when the system or the first fix for it fails. I like that he concentrates on what works and is willing to allow the American People better choices and make government flexible enough to bend to their will.


  • davefaler

    It makes no difference who controls the White House, Congress or the Senate if your middle class your going to lose. Somehow the American government, the top 1%, wall street and corperate america has convinced the majority that the wealthiest Americans are treated very unfairly and blue collar workers i.e.; school teachers, auto workers etc. etc. are grossly over paid with outrageous benefits. No matter who’s elected the middle class will pay more taxes and get less, period.