Rush Limbaugh: MSNBC mischaracterizing Romney is more outrageous than reporter interrupting Obama

Rush says that Andrea Mitchell intentionally mischaracterizing Mitt Romney’s comments about WaWa hoagies is way more outrageous than the Daily Caller reporter interrupting Obama last week. Rush asks where’s the outrage about this and where are the people calling for Mitchell’s press pass to be revoked?

This is from earlier in the show where Rush played the clips and talked about the mischaracterization by Andrea Mitchell and MSNBC of Romney:

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  • Then again, what can we expect when another moron from that channel (Bashir) created assassination porn of Romney’s campaign bus exploding? MSDNC, the home of Obamabots happily carrying his water 24/7…

  • WordsFailMe

    I guess the great news about this propensity of liberal, Democratic scum editing tape to try to make the conservatives look stupid is that, on Right Scoop, you just put the video of any liberal on in it’s entirety and the liberal makes itself look like a jackass– e.g. Maxine, Shelia, Al, Jesse, Schummer, Obama, Barney “the” Frank and all the little sycophants.

    I’d thought about getting even by editing an Obama “blow” on my own, but the things he says and does, especially when he is in slobber-blubber-stutter-mode need no edit. They are instant classics in cowardice, masterpieces of moronity, icons in the halls of dip stickery.

    (Non-sequitor: Vladimir is certainly making the American President look like a pathetic, whining, racist wimp, isn’t he? If I were a Russian communist, ex-KGB officer, I’d grab the pimp by his pencil neck and bitch slap him till he wet his pants. Again.)

    • MiketheMarine

      Actually, Brother, if you or I were V. Putin, we would be campaigning for the Whiner in Chief and If I was the head of Mosad, I might make Mao disappear.

      • Nukeman60

        I was thinking the same thing. Putin already has Obama right where he wants him. He wouldn’t want to lose him now. Flexibility to Obama is an easy path to victory to Putin.

      • Flagstaff

        Same thought. Putin is now “cooperating” with us in Syria. Help for the weak Obama?

  • steprock

    I think this is systematic behavior and that they just don’t usually get caught.

    Disgusting. They have become willing propagandists. You usually have to have the KGB beat your doors down and throw people into prison in order to get that. Congrats, comrades.

  • Rshill7

    That does it, I’m calling for both a boycott and a girlcott of MSNBC !


    Just kidding. The entire country has been doing that since they began, and their viewership has tapered off since then. By the way. Andrea has a press pass? That’s like me having a license to practice neurosurgery. Sure I could do it, if we had a Holiday Inn Express in our town 🙂

    MSNBC: “news” you can lose. Produced in that state of the art facility, O’s colon.

    • Nukeman60

      If you’re calling for a boycott of MSNBC, I’ll pay for the stamps on the envelopes you send out to their viewers. Shouldn’t be any more than $5.00, what do you think?

      • Rshill7

        I’ll send the leftover change to BR 549 🙂

  • FutureOnePercent

    I want to make a t-shirt that says “I (heart) New Media”

  • No Rush it isn’t when you have no honesty or ethics in your life. Up is down to these idiots. And make no mistake about it they are idiots.

  • This goes beyond hypocrisy on the part of the mainstream media. They are actively trying to manipulate the news in order to get their candidate elected. No wonder fewer and fewer people watch them every day, or read their newspapers. What the idiots don’t realize is that when you decide to become the propoganda arm of the Democratic party, you’re also throwing away your credibility, and that’s not easy to get back. As a result, their ratings stink and both MSNBC and CNN are pretty much on life support now. People can spot liars a mile away, which is why these two networks are going downhill fast.

  • badbadlibs

    Concerning the left; the ends justifies the means every single time. The idea of apologizing or paying any consequenses for their actions doesn’t make sense to them….they really believe whatever they do is sacrosanct.
    If she was fired she would forever remain confused as to why….

  • Jay

    Well Rush, what do you expect from the More Socialist Nationalized Barak Channel? And I can’t believe the outrage about Monroe. They did the same thing to Bush and Regan with impunity. For the libtards, the double standard is the only standard.