Rush: Maybe it’s time to say the hell with Afghanistan and bring our troops home


In the aftermath of the riots over the Koran burnings, reports are that NATO has agreed to put our troops on trial. Rush says that if this is the end result of our troops being there, then perhaps it is time to just say “the hell with the place” and bring our troops home:


UPDATE: I’ve confirmed what Rush noted on the show that indeed NATO has agreed to put our troops on trial for burning Korans (via Afghan Govt) :

NATO officials promised to meet Afghan nation’s demand of bringing to justice, through an open trial, those responsible for the incident and it was agreed that the perpetrators of the crime be brought to justice as soon as possible.

H/T: PJ Media

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  • MiketheMarine

    Absolutely, to hell with the place and every muslim on the planet. These intollerant SOB’s shouldn’t even be allowed in our country. Screw them and the donkeys they rode in on.

    • BSScoop

      MTM, please run for president so I’ll have someone to vote for.

      Islam is not a religion, it’s a theocratic, totalitarian form of government that exploits the multicultural guilt of the western nations to their violent ends. It needs to go back to hell where it came from.

      Don’t Tread On Me

      • MiketheMarine

        I’m willing to run if you all handle the finance and campaign stuff. I’ll do the debates and serve this country.

        • BSScoop



        • kong1967

          If you ever run for office, make “MiketheMarine” visible somewhere in your campaign so I know it’s you. I will send you money.

        • WestGAFlash

          What this country needs for four years is a good, tough Marine Gunny that has commanded men in combat. Then we could get something done.

        • Mike, if you do, be ready to have your whole world destroyed, by lies, inuendo, physical, and public attacks. Great idea, but usually, if you have not been raised in it, you cannot believe the dirt the people will use. And, if defeated, just go for another office. Once you have endured the unendurable, the rest is a duck walk. If you are in jest, please don’t raise our hopes. We are are snafu, anyway.

          • MiketheMarine

            Mr. Raven, unlike Chris Christie, if my country and countrymen (and women, of course) call me to action, I will respond with every fiber of my being. I doubt I’m electable but I’ll take the hit. I love this country and I hate what we’re being remade into.

      • OldDan

        MTM, me too! Kick em all out of our country, develop our own energy independence to make em poor, and “cluster-bomb” every muslim city with New Testaments.

        • kong1967

          I want to see Obama ask Karzai to apologize for the Muslims that burn the Bible on a daily basis. The left feels it unimportant to stand up for Christians but they will go to hell and back to appease an offended Muslim.

      • sDee

        I got email to donate to this Marine today. I will look into to him some more later but this from his email was enough for me….

        “I am running against Barack Obama’s closest friend in the Senate, the ultra-liberal Sherrod Brown – and the latest polls have us in a dead heat.

        I’ve served my country as a Marine on two tours in Iraq and I currently serve as the Treasurer of the State of Ohio. I’m an American and a conservative before I’m a Republican, and I’ll stand up to the head of the Republican party, the head of the Democratic party, and the media to do what’s best for the people of our country.”

    • JayGatsby88

      And EVERY Muslim on the planet? Not allowed into our country?? Come on dog, you better than that…

      But agreed, time well over spent in Afghanistan

      • MiketheMarine

        Every muslim on the planet, Jay. Do a little study of islam and you will find that it parallels the Bible from satan’s stand point.

        • JayGatsby88

          Regardless, not EVERY Muslim is a threat to us. In fact, it’s quite the contrary, most are harmless. You are making the assumption that all Muslims are reading the Koran literally (rather than through a more modern interpretation) and wants to kill us all. Don’t you see how that’s a dangerous statement you’ve made, that displays you as racist and narrow minded>? It does echo of republican hyperbole that makes minorities struggle to vote GOP. Besides, let’s not act like Islam is the lone monolithic religion with some crazies in the bunch.

          • “Besides, let’s not act like Islam is the lone monolithic religion with some crazies in the bunch..” Yeah, ’cause there’s been so much violence done when Christian Bibles were burned on purpose.

            All muslims may not be radical, but with muslim brotherhood being welcomed into our government, Islamic mosques being built at an astonishing rate, islam being spread throughout US prisons, sharia loving judges being appointed, schools teaching how to be a muslim for a day(love to see how folks would react if it were how to be a Baptist day) halal foods being introduced into our food supplies without the public being aware of it and more cases of honor killings in the US, I agree with the statements by Mike. If we don’t cut off immigration soon, most of the US will end up looking like Dearbornistan.

            • kong1967

              Yep. The leftist media and politicians won’t label a Muslim attack in the name of Allah as terrorism, but they are immediately all over the news attacking Christians as a whole if ONE single guy kills an abortion doctor or blows up his clinic. I don’t see that one guy being a threat to the world, but you’d sure think he was when you watch the MSM.

            • Delightful ABC, you might look at Sweden, 99% Muslims, now, I believe.

          • BSScoop

            Muslims come in three categories when it comes to incidents like these.

            1. They are violent and act out when their Korans are burned.
            2. They are silent but supportive of those who are violent.
            3. They are silent and threatened with violence if they speak against it.

            If you hold that most Muslims are of the number 3 type, then why don’t THEY rise up and take control of the narrative? Where are they JayGats? And spare me the one or two that show up in the MSM once in a while.

            The truth is, number three for all intents and purposes is a myth. What few truly peaceful and courageous for liberty Muslims actually exist, there are a thousand willing to kill or maim them AND their family for speaking out.

            Islam is evil and the most dangerous ideology to ever consume the human mind.


            • JayGatsby88

              Muslims come in categories?!?!? How do you sound right now? George Wallace called, he wants his talking points back. I understand this is a right wing site, but damn, do we have to reinforce the racist stereotypes of republicans whenever Muslims are spoken of?? Making the good republicans look bad. Everyone seems to be talking in facts, if what you say is true, can you back it up statistically? There are too many Muslims on Earth for your 3 categories to hold weight.

              • BSScoop

                Who says I’m a republican? George Wallace? That racist, socialist bastard is as far from my political viewpoint as Karl Marx himself. Religion is thought and belief, my friend. Not skin color. You are born with a skin color, you CHOOSE what to believe. Muslims have chosen the sword and they will get it.


                • JayGatsby88

                  Do we choose? That’s interesting…. I feel like most don’t. Religion is one of those things, it seems to me in a majority of households, that whatever you are taught is what you become. My house, growing up in an agnostic household, I’d say I truly had a choice. But ok, I stand corrected, the statement doesn’t reek of racism, but reeks of prejudice… better?

                • BSScoop

                  Not bad. I respect your viewpoint. Remember the second best gift God ever gave us was free will. The first being grace from His Son Jesus Christ. God will always call on us to choose. Our God in heaven wants us to choose Him while the pseudo – god Allah expects his followers to convert by sword. It’s a lie, of course and a rouse to institute a totalitarian form of government over the people. Mohammed was a politician, not a prophet.

                  I want Muslims in this country as much as I want Nazis. The American way of life is too precious to trust in the hands of those who have zero concept of freedom.


                  And PS – JayGats, thank you for a spirited debate. The 1st Amendment is wonderful, huh? I appreciate you and your thoughts. This conversation would be impossible in any Muslim country of the world. Keep that in mind.

                • TPDanbo


                • BSScoop

                  Oh, and btw. Banning Muslims from this country IS a BAD idea. Sorry, MikeTheMarine, on that platform I do disagree. The reason, it couldn’t be instituted without trampling on all the rights of the non-Muslims. We have enough religious liberties being threatened right now because of President Hussein, we don’t need any more. What I want is to shame it out of the country and to put an outright ban on immigration from countries who have REAL religious persecution against Christianity. That should put a stop to most of our troubles.


                • Your comment just blows my mind. Fooled to the very end. Well, your choice..

                • steprock

                  You have a choice. I was raised as a Christian and remember vividly that I questioned it and put it up for debate in my own heart and mind. I chose that I believed.

                  My brother did not. How is it then that 2 brothers in the same house came to different conclusions, but neither had a choice? It doesn’t add up.

                  PS: He’s wrong, full of crap, and I love him and pray for him.

                • JayGatsby88

                  That’s an interesting story. But you would admit that your brother is the minority here? Most people follow their parents I would think. It’s rare to see a family where the offspring are Hindu and the parents are roman catholic.

                  But Bill Maher touched on this a few weeks ago. Yes, despite not believing in God, I’m definitely open to evidence of God’s existence and will then worship once I see that proof. However, to simply believe there is a God strikes me as intellectually disingenuous.

                • BSScoop

                  I find it intellectually disingenuous to NOT believe in God. I have a degree in physics with minor in math, I got some analytical skills. My scientific background, after some initial questioning, ultimately reinforced my belief in God. The heavens declare it, so to speak.


                • Agreed. Have same ed. previous comment deleted by DISQUS

                • First of all, Bil Maher is an inconsiderate bastard who USES his fame to project just what a willfully ignorant (and therefore STUPID) inconsiderate bastard he really is!?!
                  So Jay, just exactly how did the imenseness of space come to include our universe? By accident?? I don’t think so. Stop watching Maher. He has corrupted your mind!?!

                • Alborn

                  George Wallace was a life long Democrat.

                • Man, the truth hurts. I think you had better sharpen your own sword, you are going to need it.

            • BDBerzerker

              Let’em have it BSS. You are correct.

          • I beg to differ with you. Every Muslim IS a potential threat to us. Last week an Imam said that any Muslim who doesn’t follow the Koran strictly is not a Muslim… they either are or they aren’t. And, as for so-called “moderate” Muslims, where is the outrage from them when these violent attacks occur? I have yet to hear a single one denounce any violence of any type. Oh yeah, one more thing… I am NOT a Republican.

          • TPDanbo

            Islam is NOT A RELIGION ! IT’S A DEATH CULT! YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY SOME IGNORANT LEFTY/LIBERAL or Muslim, just because not every MUSLIM is not dangerous now doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous! For instance many mosques harbor violent Imans (religious leaders) who go recruiting young Muslims to brainwash into becoming terrorists, second of all it takes is a small collection of radicals to start demanding all conform to Sharia law and the sheep fall in line and bad things start happening,Third as they multiply (like rabbits) and have multiple wives for breeding they take over our rural areas and DEMAND they keep Sharia law,which is totally incompatible with ours! And FINALLY NO I’M NOT A HATER, I just know the Devil’s kind when I see them!

            • JayGatsby88

              How many mosques have you been in? How many Muslims have you met? What’s that saying about not knowing history and repeating it? If only they had the internet back in Jim Crow south, might see a similar thread.

              And of course, saying Muslim’s are akin to the Devil isn’t being a hater at all, noooo. you can still be cool with Muslims saying that.

              • TPDanbo

                I’ve never been in any nor would I set foot in hell either pretty much the same, I don’t need to to know they’re both EVIL and BAD! BUT I have many credible reports from knowledgeable people on Muslims and the EVIL they bring! You are so FULL OF SHITE IT’S COMING OUT EVERY ORIFICE!

              • sDee

                All islamist countries are in the process of, or have already evolved into a brutal theocracy or dictatorship. It is only a matter of time. The Koran obligates them to bring domination wherever they go. Islam is a pre-fuedal theocracy that has survived its entire 1400 years through genocidal oppression of Christians, Jews, Hindus and other kaffirs, conquering thriving compassionate, enlightened nations. 100 million Christians and Hindus have been slaughter through islamic genocide.

                This Jihad may be by the sword or by colonization. The goal is the same.

                All muslims must force submission by non-believers wherever they find themselves. If they refuse the non-believer must pay jizyah, or die.

                What part of that do you not understand?

            • Hey, bomb them all back to the 7th century where they came from. Simple.

          • kong1967

            In a poll a while back, 70% of the so-called moderate Muslims agreed with the movement. They believe in Sharia Law, moderate or not. I don’t care if it’s a peaceful movement into our culture, it’s a bad one. When they get the numbers we will get Sharia Law creeping into our laws….and it already is. This isn’t speculation. Check other nations where they have already done this, and check cases here in the states where Sharia Law is being considered in judicial decisions.

      • W.

        Let them repent and renounce their evil book. It should be burnt.

        • TPDanbo

          It’s time we had a national Koran burning day and celebrate afterwards!!!

          • sDee

            I’m in.

      • sDee

        muslim= islamist = sharia = submit or die

        Mike wisely suggests the great wisdom of stopping it at Step A

      • kong1967

        I think all Muslims should be banned from entering our country and Islam should be stripped of Constitutional protections. If you look at the history of what they have done to every country they have migrated to, they follow a pattern. Any country that allows Muslim migration and growth within it’s borders is in danger of being destroyed from within by Islam. This is no accident and it is a plan documented by Muslims. It is actually happening in Europe. I vote “no” here. If we stop it now we don’t have to worry about it later.

    • sDee
    • kong1967

      I agree. We should classify Islam as a satanic cult and remove their label as a religion. Strip it of any Constitutional protection and ban it’s practice. If Muslims don’t like it they can take their death worshipping asses back to sandland and enjoy the oppression of their chosen Sharia Law.

      Just today I listened to part of a Hannity interview where a Muslim claimed that they have more respect for women than anyone else in the world. Yeah, whatever…you goat screwing bastard.

  • Nukeman60

    They’ve got it all backwards. We should be putting the UN on trial – for their AGW crap, for their Iran has no nuke desires crap, for their Iraq oil for food scam, and on and on. NATO should invade the UN headquarters and put them all in Guantanamo.

    • MiketheMarine

      And bulldoze the HQ building and put up a free parking garage. I should run for mayor of New York.

      • Behind_You1

        My grandfather was the superintendent of the apartment complex that was bulldozed to make way for the UN building. Evict ’em, and put affordable housing in its place. It’d certainly be a better use for the land than what it’s being used for now.

      • mike payton

        We only keep the UN on US soil because it’s easier to bug our enemies’ offices here than it would be if the UN were in the EU or some other useless place. Not to mention blackmail potential since most of the ambassadors are drunks and have high-end escorts on their speed dial.

        • MiketheMarine

          My problem with the UN is the immense waste of American tax dollars while they try to sand bag everything America stands for.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Nah, we don’t need NATO for the job. Two company’s of Marines will easily clean out that cesspool! Think about it Nuke, two companies of battle hardened and pissed off Marines charging thru the doors at the UN are going to cause an epidemic of loose bowels and bladders!

      • Nukeman60

        I’m no Marine, but I’ll drive the bus that gets them there.

        • KenInMontana

          How do I reserve a seat? Preferably the seat closest to the front door.

        • Reserve me a seat.

  • W.

    RIGHT ON – Rush!

    Hope Mark Levin will say the same thing.

  • I agree. Bring them home, boot out the apologist in chief, and elect someone who will be a real commander. Bring them home until they are allowed to do their jobs right, without social experiments, without political correct crap, give them the proper and best tools and equipment. Until then, bring our boys and girls home. Enough with this bull crap.

  • Unfortunately it will be viewed as weakness. We are weak though, there is no reason that we should have been there so long. It boils down to our biggest cultural weakness, kindness, generosity and tolerance for the sake of tolerance.

  • Been_There_BT

    Newt said, if they don’t get their act together, we should get out a few days ago.

  • Amy

    The update on this story is making my blood boil. If this POS of a president is still sitting in office when my youngest is ready to join the military, he and I will be having a long, honest talk about serving this country. I’ve had it. Our military is simply being used and thrown under the bus. This is absolute BS.

    • MiketheMarine

      I’d be happy to tell your youngster a couple dozen reasons to NOT join the military while a democrat sits in the oval office.

      • Amy

        Mine have all joined during war and a (R) in office, so it’s really hard for me to actually think about discouraging our youngest from joining. Our youngest eats, sleeps, and dreams the Marine Corps but I have more reservations about him joining because of the direction this country is taking and not because we might be at war.

        Pretty sad fact that I worry more about the fact that they may face prosecution by the same government who should be watching their six. Or may be used illegally to boost someone’s poll numbers. Or be compromised safety wise because of some social experiment. Death or injury should be enough to worry about w/out adding the above crap to it.

        Given that he has planned his work and is working his plan in regard to being an officer in the Corps, my opinion will probably not be listened to though. He’s wanted this since he was a little guy.

        So, I will continue to pray. Continually.

        • Service is it’s own reward, thank you and your family! If he really wants it, he can achieve anything he dreams. Obama and the Left in general will not be there forever. This new radical-left Democrat party is doomed to fail, keep your chin up.

          • Amy

            Thank you – although I am only one of many, many mom’s 🙂

            I can only pray that the left will find themselves out of power come November!

          • GRUP

            Nancy marched that party off the cliff in Jan. 2007 Defense votes. GBUSA

        • MiketheMarine

          Well, this whole conversation may be for naught if we win in November. Tell your youngster to work his back side off. The higher the grades, the better the test scores the more options he will have including other than combat arms, though I suspect he wants a combat arm.

          • Amy

            LOL – yes, he doesn’t even entertain the thought of being a desk jockey.

            Praying for a positive outcome in November as well ~

            • MiketheMarine

              [email protected] Marines. Even before they sign a contract or take a commission they are nuts.

              We don’t suffer from insanity, we enjoy every minute of it.

              • My husband, ex squid as he is, said he’s never met a sane marine yet, and we’re glad of it 🙂

                • MiketheMarine

                  We do see things a bit differently from most. It is a real gift.

                • 😀

                • yes, all my marine friends were a little nuts. But, they make great friends, I just wish they had let me walk beside them.

                • Conservative_Hippie

                  My Mom who was a Marine Corporal in WW2 used to joke when she married my Dad that the Marines always get their man, LOL!

                • That made me smile C_Hippie! 😀

                • One of my friends was a colonel. A female Marine officer, seeing his grades, tracked him down, and married him. After retirement, he went to work for AT&T, at a high salary. Good people.

            • It is possible to be in the military, NOT be combat-arms, and NOT be a desk jockey. I was a Heavy Aircraft Crew Chief in the Air Force. NEVER sat at a desk longer than 30 minutes in a single day. Went all over the world, and did amazing things! Providing Air-Support for the troops on the ground gives me a degree of pride that I would NEVER have experienced (and most people don’t) had I not been an Aircraft Mechanic. More than a few times the mission I supported saved a lot of men’s lives. Just keep that in mind…I’ll always have an immense level of respect for our Marines, but I also know I’m not (nor have I ever been) Marine-material.

              A lot of people forget about the other branches, and I just wanted to remind you that while most can serve, FEW can be a Marine. There’s no shame in being something else!

              THAT BEING SAID…make sure he waits until Obama is out of office to join. Things ARE going to get worse VERY SOON…

              • MiketheMarine

                Absolutely right, Brian. The various branches only act like we hate each other during peace time. During war, we are all one team and, for the most part, can interchange pieces and still be the best the world has ever seen.

                • steprock

                  When I was a kid on the Army base in Panama, I took it for granted that we had the finest fighting force in the world and that I was safe because if 1 hair of my curly little head was threatened, the full force of that military power would be there for me.

                  Even a youngster understands peace through strength. Now, with PC Marxism running the show, I don’t feel as safe as I did as a child. Our military is still the greatest power in the world, but they are like a guard dog kept on a very short chain.

                • MiketheMarine

                  That is why I didn’t sign a new contract. This guard dog is off leash. I may only be able to influence the goings on in my immediate area, but that area is secure.

                • I’m the same way in my neighborhood. If I see a strange car driving really slow next to some kids, I will follow that car until I know everything’s okay. I’ve actually cut off a driver in my neighborhood that was driving REALLY SLOWLY next to a little boy, talking to him through the window. So I cut her off, and asked the woman how she knew the boy (she responded after the SHOCK AND AWE wore off 😀 ), then I verified her story (that she was his mom) with the boy, and then let them all go.

                  I’ll be damned if ANYTHING bad happens in MY neighborhood…I just wish more people would do the same (rather than pretend nothing EVER happens).

                • a thousand likes for yours and myMarines!

                • MiketheMarine

                  Any place in this country where a Veteran stands, is secure. Our government isn’t trust worthy but our warriors, old and new are.

                • steprock

                  Darned tootin! You go!

                  You intervene and look out for your neighbor these days and they just get TICKED and tell you to shove it. Their house gets broken into and they wonder why nobody was looking out for them.

                  An attitude like yours would go a long way in gang-banger neighborhoods.

                • One night, I got a shot at a serial rapist. No, I did not get him, but they got him 3 days later, in the patch I chased him. No TV, and only the next door lady, who house he had broken in, thanked me. I was satisfied.

                • Don’t forget to go to the grocery store, with a gun. I have stopped two robberies. Every citizen is a soldier.

                • well said steprock.

              • Amy

                I have a lot of respect for all of our branches. I have family members is every single one of them. They are ALL necessary. 🙂

                That said, he has a ‘you’ll have to kill me to stop me’ mentality that drives his decisions and his plans. 🙂

                • MiketheMarine

                  Sounds like a Marine. The most common thought after being attacked is always, “How dare you attack me !”

                • Sounds like a Marine then! LOL! God bless ’em!

              • Conservative_Hippie

                Thanks for your service Brian!

          • Sorry Mike, I disagree. My grades were off the chart, and they demmanded I stay at a desk, or a console. All I wanted was to fight, and all I got was, to direct others. Just tell the kid to curve his grades toward the combat arms.

            • MiketheMarine

              There is a certain amount of deception required to get what you want. I can type about 70 words a minute, but I never let the Corps know that. The primary skill I allowed them knowledge of was my ability to shoot a flea off of a ticks butt at 1000 yds.

      • I joined under Bush. I got out under Obama. HE was a HUGE factor in my decision, since I saw the writing on the wall. Sure would’ve been cheaper for me to stay in, given that they would be paying for the surgeries I’m about to be getting. But then again…I knew I’d have a HUGE problem trusting that damn embarassment-in-chief…

        • MiketheMarine

          I got out during the clintoon administration. I understand perfectly.

        • steprock

          You going private medical then? Beware the VA – my brother tells me tales and I suffered under them when I was a young Army brat.

          Go in for a sniffle, and they may have to amputate. 😉

          (Apologies to any VA docs around. I know you’re in a weird spot most of the time.)

          • Nope…private medical. I have Kaiser Permanente. And actually, it is an amputation (of sorts). They’re cutting my lug off at the hip, rotating it, and then pinning it back together after reattaching all the nerves in my hip.

            • virginiagentleman1

              You are in my prayers, Brian.

              • Thanks Sir!

                April 5th is the day, BTW!

                • MiketheMarine

                  I had knee surgery, trimming cartilage, last Tuesday. Spent Saturday in the ER. Fear of a blood clot. Now I’m on crutches but still at work. In order to stay home from work I must first fall over dead and I don’t plan on doing that for about 40 or 50 more years.

                • Hahaha! I know how that goes! Unfortunately, this’ll be my 3rd hip surgery (2nd on the right side), and I’ve got one more on the left side in about 6 months. I pray to God this’ll be my last…I don’t know what I’ll do if this doesn’t fix me…

                • Amy

                  Prayers out for you Brian ~ May God give the surgeons the wisdom they need, the physical therapists the knowledge to help you heal and may He heal you as quickly as possible.

                • You will do as you have always done, grit your teeth, and go do your job. Semper Fi!

                • virginiagentleman1

                  A Marine on crutches has got to be one upset Marine! Marines think they can march 100 miles on just one good leg!

                • Every day!

                • Sounds like my mom when I didn’t want to go to school. I had to be at death’s door in order to stay home. Well, there was that time I got hit by a car in the 2nd grade- I had to stay home for a couple of days then. 😉 Hope and pray for a full recovery myMarine!

                • I won’t tell you my long story, but I suggest you go to a medical library, and read up on knee injuries. My right leg, had your operation. After research, I used special treatment to avoid surgery on my left. My left is okay now, and right still gives me trouble, after the considerable pain, And, now, I run for exercise.

                • MiketheMarine

                  My knee is secondary in my mind. I have 4 fused vertebra in my neck which is where my focus is. The best thing I’ve done for both is lose weight. I’ve dropped about 25 lbs. this year, since July. Both knee and neck feel better. I’m almost back to my fighting weight. 6 feet tall and about 195 lbs. I can run, again, with the whipper snappers. Ok, I don’t run, but I can whip some young butt, if required.

                • virginiagentleman1

                  Warrior, we will pray extra hard for you on April 5th! My entire family (about 260 people), have you in prayer. Not to mention all the commenters and the Right Scoop family that you belong to. We’ve got your six, Brian!

                • Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!! Gotta love that! 😀 Thanks for the prayers buddy! I’m allergic to anesthesia, so I may just need ’em!

                • DOH! I didn’t know that Brian! Glad you told me, something more to pray about then!

                • Hahaha! Don’t sweat it Duck! I’m sure you’ve got all the bases covered already! You’re my Guardian Angel! 😀

                • 🙂 SWEET!

                • Join the crowd. I found that no anesthesia was better than the dope. I was simply amazed that all that cutting and stuff, was not nearly so bad, when you’re guts are not on fire. The next day, sans drugs, I was unbelievably feeling better. Healed faster. I also learned, home remedies, that avoid the docs, were better for me. Yeah, it takes a lot of reading, what else you got to do?

    • I was on recruiting duty from 2008-2010 for the Army. I wouldn’t know what to say about the current situation if some parent asked me what I thought about their kid going to fight in Afghanistan. Regurgitating BS talking points would blacken my soul.

      I know we dont get to pick our wars in the Army and we have to go where we our told and hope the people elect the right leaders as politicians and that we serve now to be there when our country needs us, but I really dont want to have to go back to Afghanistan and possibly die because we are there for no good reason.

      And it is so past time to leave Aghanistan if we aren’t there to win. And by win I mean kill everyone there who is an enemy of America. Which unfortunately is likely the majority of population..

      • virginiagentleman1

        Thank you for your service, Warrior! A number of my children and my oldest grandson proudly wear their nations uniform, just as I did so long ago. My family represents every branch of the Armed Forces of the United States.
        Honor is not lacking in you, Neal, nor anyone else wearing the Nations uniform. Honor is unknown to the fool in the White House and so very many in Congress!
        We can do but one thing, HONOR our Sacred Oath to Preserve, Defend, and Protect the Constitution of the United States.
        Soldier on Warrior. Soldier On!

      • Thank you for your service, and believe me, WE ALL UNDERSTAND your frustrations and feelings. And us veterans know (especially the ones who serve/separated under Obama) how correct you are. Which makes me feel EVEN MORE PROUD of the ones that decide to serve. I decided to separate, and I’m okay with that decision. But the ones that stayed…they have my PROFOUND thanks!

      • Talked to US guy yesterday, in Aghanistan. he agreed with you. time to leave.

  • The fundamentalists won’t be satisfied until the soldiers are given the death penalty.

    • steprock

      My wife pointed out a bumper sticker the other day that said it would be a good day when Teachers had all the money they needed and the Army had to hold a bake sale to buy a bomb.

      Idiots! If that were the case, the only class they’d be teaching is Communism 101 and praying that somewhere the US Military would save them from their occupiers.

      • Amy

        I hate those stupid bumper stickers… What’s more they don’t realize that teachers in Afghanistan are now able to teach girls to read because of our bombs. They also have schools because of our ability to buy bombs.

        But hey… liberals don’t let facts get in the way of the chants!

        • I’m pretty sure liberals do this:

          1. Make a chant with the truth
          2. If Chant from line 1 sounds bad, make a chant with made-up “truths”
          3. If Chant from line 2 sounds better, deny the facts from line 1 ever existed.

      • Hey, it is still okay to dream. I wish that were that whole real world. It ain’t. Until then, somebody smart, said keep your powder dry.

  • omg obama is actually going to let them try and kill these soldiers I bet 🙁 🙁

    • Conservative_Hippie

      Oh please I hope not! If he does, he is lower than slime!

      • but we already know he is that.
        look at what hes doing to tricare right now.
        he does not care about the military or us disabled vets no matter how many photo ops flotus forces on troops.

    • Reference WW1. they made a movie about it. I believe it was the French who firing squaded a couple of GI’s. What you gonna do about it, if he punishes them in any way?

      • I don’t know honestly. am a disabled vet who then got even more injured so I am pretty much laid up full time physically. I try to spread the news as thats about all I have strength for some days. sucks to admit that 🙁

  • Their going to put our troops on trial for burning contraband? Ridiculous!

    “When tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.” – Allen West

    Screw you NATO! Screw you Obama/Hillary

  • If this this President allows our soldiers to be paraded in front of some showtrial run by our enemies, he should be removed from office. Our people do not answer to NATO or anyone else. The chain of command is absolute.

    • Amy

      We may not answer to NATO, but I can’t remember the last time I read where American troops were injured or killed. They are always referred to as NATO troops. Which is disgusting, in my opinion.

      • It’s disgusting to me that the last update we have seen of our war dead was Nov 1st 2008.

        They call them all NATO troops now to emphasize how “unilateral” GWB was over the “coalition-builder” named Obama and to protect him from ugly headlines. Who gets upset of NATO troops getting killed? At least it wasn’t one of ours.

        • Amy

          I check DOD’s press releases daily, that’s the only way to know anymore.

    • Quite a few people have quit the military, because of NATO commanding US troops.I think the time for making quiet little speachs is gone, it is time for patriots to stand up, and say no more.


  • denbren52

    Unfortunately, I don’t think our Kowtower-in Chief has the courage to tell the Afghans to go pound sand. He will not only keep our troops in harms way but I’m afraid he just might be thinking about turning over the soldiers who inadvertently burned the Terrorist Handbooks.

    We will never make any headway in that Hell-hole with rules of engagement currently in place so why are we there?

  • NYGino

    The absurdness of this is beyond comprehension. Has everybody in charge lost their minds? This goes beyond political suicide, this is National suicide and NOBODY? is going to stop him?

    • StrangernFiction

      It’s more like a cold civil war. The statists (in both parties) are destroying this country from within. This is just one battle in this war.

      • steprock

        A “Cold Civil War.” That’s exactly what I feel like.

        It’s just going to take a few more incidents, his reelection, and some leaders for there to be outright revolt in America. The gulf between Red and Blue is too great. The Marxists have taken over the Democrats and GOP has gone Center.

        What’s to be done now?

  • The whole idea is idiotic appeasement at it’s worst. What happens when they are acquitted of all wrongdoing?? This will just throw fuel on the fire of idiocy.

  • SovereignMary

    Gee, sounds like Limbaugh is sound like Ron Paul and what Paul has been stating all along!

    • Karzai should be mindful that if this goes forward, it won’t just be terrorists out to get him and his feeble security. I guarantee he won’t be in power when American soldiers leave that nation.

  • destruction2

    bring our troops home and deport Obama and his family to afghastan in November.

  • StrangernFiction

    It is way past time.

  • 259 Days left of being lead by the worlds most prominent COWARD! This is beginning to smell like another Obama straw man… NATO “says” they are going to put our troops on trial only to be rescued at the last moment by the Coward-in-chief… this has a distinct wreak to it… General Allen looked like a POW off of the Pubelo in his sickening “apology”… so much for “death before dishonor”… talk about a complete and total loss of faith by the troops that serve under him, he had the opportunity to refuse and resign… at least he would still have his honor and respect of those that served under him… Ahh but now a nice cushy position in the pentagon awaits him… suprising his knees have held up this long!!!

    • lobotrojan

      Allen wouldn’t be in that spot unless he was an Obama supporter first and foremost! As my WW Two vet, remarked to me : We haven’t had a military leader of integrity since MacArthur, Patton, Chesty Puller!”

  • Alborn

    The USA out of the UN and the UN out of the USA. I want a Tee shirt that says that. I have wanted our troops home before this Marxist was elected president because I knew they would not support our troops. How can they when they always blame the USA first. This is not going to end well. It is not against the law to burn the Koran. Get over it Muslims. This country is not subject to your ignorant ideology. Leave our men in uniform alone. Maybe Hillary needs to land somewhere where they really have some enemy fire so she can take one for her country. And believe me most of the country does agree with the GOP nominees views on Isreal. But I agree with Rush bring our troops home and stop giving aide to these countries. If they want to live in the dark ages let them.

  • tvlgds

    I’ve been saying that for over a year. We can’t win. The only thing we’ll get out of this is more flag draped coffins.

    • virginiagentleman1

      My dear friend, we can win any war. We have a war machine never scene in the annals of history. There is nothing on the face of the earth that can stand before us.
      What we don’t have are leaders with a big brass pair!

      • tvlgds

        Having the war machine is useless without the leaders with the balls to use them.

        • virginiagentleman1

          See there, we agree yet again! Great minds think alike! Although I would prefer Palin, any of the GOPers will be better then the eunuch in the White House at present!

        • This is Rome 11.

  • Been_There_BT

    We need to stick it to the Land of Sand with American energy independence. The sooner, the better.

    • MiketheMarine

      Drill baby drill.

  • steprock

    NO WAY are US troops being put on trail A) for this crap or B) by the UN.

    Do it and there will be riots in the USA. Looks like that’s the only thing this administration listens to anyway.

    • kim

      They would love that chaos. I think they are nudging the public for this very thing. Why else has he been so provocative during an election year. Put that in your pipe and smoke it…. and don’t fall for it. Patriots are not OWS.

      • MiketheMarine

        Arrogance, his arrogance and his ignorance are amazing.

    • NYGino

      Give them a taste of there own medicine. “Occupy U.N.”

    • Don’t bet the farm.

  • MaxineCA

    Newt was the first to express his outrage over this. I think he said it best….. We are the ones that are due an apology for the murder of our personnel. If they don’t do that, we should say “good bye and good luck”.

    It’s time we bring our patriots home, cut off all aide and let the barbarians continue to blow each other up. Who are they going to blame then?

    • steprock

      STILL us!

    • virginiagentleman1

      Great comment, Maxine!
      One correction, Palin was the first to address this issue, immediately after Obama’s groveling apology. Newt addressed the issue the next morning. Just sayin’, milady.

      • MaxineCA

        You’re correct. I should have said “out or the 4 R candidates running”. Sorry, I am so outraged and fed up with this administration NOT defending our troops, CIA, Border Patrol, etc.. It seems to be a very bad pattern since he’s been in office and it makes me sick every time it happens.

        • virginiagentleman1

          Not to worry,milady. We have all had it with the imposter in the White House and his marxist admin and cronies. We shall all fight together to ensure there will never be another marxist in the peoples house!
          I agree with you, Maxine, Obama has set a very bad pattern for the short time he has been in office. I believe that his actions are intensional and with malice, towards the nation we so deeply love.

      • Picky, picky, picky.

        • virginiagentleman1


  • This is what happens when you feed the beast.

  • stonefort

    This is what happens when a socialist traitor like Obama is president.
    Liberal fascist piece of dirt.

  • The solution isn’t surrender. The solution is called “Bombing them to hell” and regaining some fear and respect. This is only happening because Obama is a complete fool.

  • Welcome to the club Rush. Better late than never. I came to the same conclusion following tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are backward people following a bankrupt religion. A society that is okay with stoning women and having sex with young boys can not be saved. It was waste of lives, money, and time to try and bring modernity to these people.

    • MiketheMarine

      You learned the same lessons I did while “over there.” These people don’t deserve to live much less have us rebuild their countries.

    • kim

      Thank you for your service. I am starting to understand why so many of you support Paul.

      • I don’t support Ron Paul…he’s just as anti-military as Obama is (but in DIFFERENT ways, in my opinion)…do your own research, and come to your own conclusions, because I really don’t care to argue this point. But I assure you I am not alone…

      • virginiagentleman1

        You could be wrong Kim. Warriors want a person of strength as C-n-C, not a pacifist like Paul. Pacifists, like Obama and Paul get you killed, or put you on trial for book burning. They sacrifice you for political gain. We don’t TRUST them!
        Have you ever worn our nations uniform? Have you ever been in harm’s way, like Kyle, Mike the Marine, Old Pat, ToonGoon? Like so very many others who are vets and comment here? Ask them directly who they support, Kim. They’ll tell you.

        • kim

          Trust me I am not a Paul advocate…. far from it.

          Then I will ask why DO so many in the military support Paul????

          • virginiagentleman1

            Kim, I know of no one who either wears the nations uniform now, or has worn it who supports Paul. I’m sure there must be a few, but I don’t know any.
            Brian Jones, a heavy aircraft Air Force crew chief, has already answered you in the negative. His service has cost him the impending removal and re-attachment of his leg! The man is a hero in my eyes. I have a son-in-law and a grandson in Air force Intel, both on flight crews, or ‘crew-dogs’ as they fondly call themselves. Both have told me about fellow crew-dogs who have needed surgery simular to Brians.
            Those who say they are military and support Paul? I’d take that with half a shaker of salt!

  • Well…time to go now. Obama just succeeded in throwing out our GOD-GIVEN, CONSTITUTIONALLY-MANDATED rights. NATO is putting AMERICANS on trial, for serving in the AMERICAN MILITARY in an OFFICIAL AMERICAN CAPACITY. They will be tried under NATO’S laws, in AFGHANISTAN, by AFGHANI’S. They will be imprisoned IN AFGHANISTAN, and they will be beaten, tortured, humiliated, and finally, publicly decapitated.

    Those soldiers are no longer Americans (for all intents and purposes)…Obama just sacrificed them.

  • What kind of leaders do we have when this is allowed to happen? Maybe wwe shouldnt leave maybe we should look these muslim activists in the face and say they burnt Quraans so what? Thats what freedom is. If you dont like that they did it then dont watch.

  • Now Obama will throw our troops under the bus for the sake of his desperate obsession with licking the boots of Islamofascist animals.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Kick the UN out of our country NOW!

    • tvlgds

      Amen. Get the UN out of the US, and the US out of the UN. We pay most of the funding for their idiocy anyway!

  • MiketheMarine

    Time to disband NATO and the UN. They have both become enemies of our country and since we finance the lions share of both lets close them both down. We don’t need them near as much as they need us.

    Screw them.

    • I might not disband NATO, but I’d redesign it. I’d get rid of countries that are not playing on our team, or have even the slightest complaint, including Germany, France and Turkey. I’d include Israel in the new line up. NATO is composed of a bunch of weak nations that can’t defend themselves against the threats they face, so they glom onto the US to fight their battles, and remember when September 11th came, several nations balked at helping us. Israel is not weak, and has defended itself against it’s enemies, time and again. Only trustworthy nations like that would be in the new, re-organized NATO.

  • lobotrojan

    Rush, is right. The intention to place American servicemen on trial for allegedly burning a koran is nauseating: it is outrageous!. NATO is run by US! We have an American general in charge, Allen by name. This is shameful that an American general would go for this groveling. General: Loyalty to the Constitution and your troops and to the American people trumps “just obeying orders” from this president.

    • MiketheMarine

      Most warriors who attain the level of General, one to four stars, are no longer warriors. They trade in their warriors souls and become souless politicians.

  • mike payton

    You know what? [email protected]#$ you Karzai, you crooked little toad! You are only in power because AMERICAN SOLDIERS protect your worthless hide and keep you in power. And [email protected]#$ YOU NATO for cow towing to these neanderthals.

    I still we need to burn their poppy fields to the ground, salt the earth and let NATO babysit these heathens.

    • MiketheMarine

      Nuke ’em. Let’s see if poppies can glow in the dark. I’m sure they will.

  • Joseph ewing

    Pull ’em all tomorrow.

    Where’s the trial for the shooters that took out two of our troops?

  • virginiagentleman1

    I wonder if any of the governments in Nato and here at home have even a remote idea of the riots that would ensue if any of the troops are put on trial? They appear to have forgotten just how much we here at home cherish our warriors. They are our sons, our daughters, our grandchildren!
    The same can be said of the Nato troops and the respect they are held in, in their own nations.
    Not only is this a very bad idea, it is a dangerous idea. I pray that Obama and our Chiefs of Staff come to their senses.
    DO NOT TRY AMERICAN WARRIORS for burning the unholy koran!

    • NYGino

      There will be a terrible price to pay. Terrible but justified.

      • virginiagentleman1

        I think the word we are looking for is FIRESTORM! This is a very, very bad decision by Obama. I hope it brings down his marxist presidency. Good riddence to garbage.

    • Putting these troops on trial in Afghanistan would be a terrible political mistake. The Americans would take to the streets!!! obummah would really have stepped way over the line going along with this.

      God Bless our Troops!!!

      • virginiagentleman1

        At one time my dear friend, our Warriors were at war with the enemys in Sandland. Now they are under seige by our own president and his general staff!
        Please, Standproud, pinch me and wake me up! I’m stuck in the middle of a nightmare!

  • RocklinConservative

    This is absurd!!! They were already defaced by MUSLIMS!!!

  • Sandra123456

    Leave and nuke. Should have nuked to begin with, and Iraq too.

    The U.S. response to Pearl Harbor was to nuke Japan (after a 4 year delay to develop the Bomb), and that should have been our response to 9-11 and any future attack on the U.S.

  • NJK

    Rush is right. I’m very worried Obama is going to set up the men over there. He’s placed members of the Muslim Brotherhood into DHS and the State Department. I’m worried he had the Navy Seals set up and murdered to appease the Muslim World, and I’m worried he’s going to set people up here.

    Third Muslim Brotherhood Figure in Obama White House Identified, Plus in U.S. Navy

    We have military hierarchy who are probably working for the enemy, and those who have taken orders for so long, they can no longer use their God given ability to reason. They continue to go along with this man in the White House, when their common sense should be telling them something is wrong.

  • NJK

    These soldiers didn’t do anything wrong. It’s only Islamic Jihad, Obama, and our General who by apologizing claimed they did. Shouldn’t Obama and the Military hierarchy be put on trial for treason, and executed?

    • Sandra123456

      Obama should have been impeached long before now, but he’s our first sorta black president so Republicans are scared to do so.

  • nibblesyble


  • cabensg

    Or maybe it’s just time to replace a president that wants us to lose everywhere in the world.

    I want a president who is in any war to win absolutely, completely and without reservation. After we’ve obtained victory…complete victory we will have paid proper homage to those who lost their lives in the fight.

    We’ll never know if this war is winnable or should be abandoned under a president that is in it to lose.

    That this kind of power was given to such a despicable being is more than most of can understand.

  • c4pfan

    Didn’t we already have Navy Seals killed in revenge for Bin Laden’s death? Why are people surprised? Obama is supporting this somehow.

  • denbren52

    NATO has agreed??? And our Commander-in-Chief is silent????

    I have to go contact my Congressman who sits on the House Intelligence Committee (I know … oxymoron). Please contact your Congressman immediately. This cannot stand!!!! If Obama allows this he should be impeached for treason!!

    • KenInMontana

      The current CG of NATO forces is an American General, if that man has a hair on his backside he will do nothing more than refer the matter to their Company CO, to be “handled” there, if not, well then, All Bets Are Off.

  • Philo Beddoe

    This is what happens when you let a foreign entity control your troops AND have a spineless POTUS who hates America.

    Time to say the he11 with it and leave.

  • c4pfan

    So, what do people think Obama will do next?

    • PVG

      Golf anyone??

  • virginiagentleman1

    This is EASILY the most outraged and disgusted bunch of commenters I have ever read on ANY site! And with good reason! A hat tip and salute to every commenter! I had predicted rioting in the streets over this miscarrage of justice! I WAS WRONG! It has already started HERE! Kudo’s to every single one of you for standing with our AMERICAN WARRIORS!

    • NYGino

      vg1, I also have never seen the collective blood boil on any site, on any topic as this one. I had to walk away from my house and try to compose myself. This situation is going to ‘fundamentally change’ a lot of peoples thinking. Our part in this is to let people, who wouldn’t normally stay abreast of what’s going on, be informed.

      • virginiagentleman1

        Amen to that, my brother! The response here is amazing! I too, have had to walk, around our orchard and fields just to let my blood pressure drop back to normal. I THINK I’m okay now!
        Gino, I’ve checked on some of the other sites I like to visit, and the remarks are simular to here, just not quite as angry, but mighty darn close!
        I’m thinking that Obama hasn’t shot himself in the foot with this stupid decision, but in the head! This may well be the final nail in his coffin, and he provided it and drove it in!!

  • Is_Sense_Common

    If our guys aren’t there to win, then they need to come home. May God judge the SOB’s who put them in this position.

  • As CIC obama should stand in for them, this is ridiculous! Worst president ever! He needs to get out NOW!

  • Ok, that’s it! Napalm the poppy fields, destroy all the infrastructure that WE built, poison the water, salt every growing field, then pack it in and leave, with one small exception … Leave a ‘Goldfinger’ design device in the basement, somewhere in Kabul.

    • KenInMontana

      Goldfinger or Goldeneye?

      • NYGino

        Dr. Strangelove.

        • KenInMontana

          “Nuke ’em from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.”

  • DebbyX

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard this on Rush’s program today. It’s so outrageous I thought it must be a mistake. But no, sadly this president has a deep dislike for his Country and the proud men and women who serve Her.

    Bless our troops.

  • “Perpetrators of the crime”? Listen to the NATO can you believe that they are ow doing the bidding of Islamists?

    This is the end of the West.

  • anneinarkansas

    It may be time to bring the troops home…no more must die for people who hate us.

    • Amen to that! We should get the hell out and let them get back to doing what they do best………. killing each other

  • stage9

    I’m trying not to curse…I’m trying not to curse…I’m trying not to curse…

    This is despicable! The Coward in Chief better stand up for our troops.

    • virginiagentleman1

      Try not to cuss! Try not to Cuss! Hard to do isn’t it!

    • jondos

      I doubt Obama will stand up for anything PRO American. He will probably apologize again, “Gee, NATO, that is a great idea, I AM SORRY THAT I DIDN’T THINK OF IT!”

  • welltempered2

    It’s so hard to not get depressed. But I have to say, our civilization is crumbling.

  • When things go awry people have a tendency to put their hands in the air and surrender and it’s hard to blame them. Our military went into Afghanistan because Osama bin Laden’s headquarters for training al-Qaeda operatives was there. So naturally after the 9/11 tragedy George W. Bush did the right thing by putting our troops on the ground in Afghanistan to root out the Taliban and al-Qaeda, with the intention of also killing Osama bin Laden – the mastermind of 9/11. Which happened much later in Pakistan. Nevertheless, the US military has made great strides in reducing the number of Taliban and al-Qaeda forces in Afghanistan and has also led to the defeat and deaths of many high ranking al-Qaeda and Taliban members in Afghanistan, Pakistan and surrounding areas such as Yemen.

    Our military has made an agreement with Hamid Karzai. We need to abide by that agreement and stay until the time our troops are supposed to withdrawal. If our military does a “cut and run” (like Obama wants to do) it would give the perception that America doesn’t keep its word, and quite frankly the United States of America doesn’t need another ‘black eye’ – like we got in Iraq when Obama “cut and ran” there – and has tarnished America’s once impeccable reputation of defending our allies and friends and those requesting America’s help like Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan has done.

    Barack Obama’s desire to “cut and run” and his own public declaration of a set “time table” for withdrawal in Afghanistan, has already sent shock waves throughout the region. Which is that America is abandoning principle in favor of political posturing by the Obama administration, in order for Obama to gain political favor (and votes) from his LEFT wing Democratic Party base. Who, needless to say, want our troops out of Afghanistan ASAP… if not before. Plus Harry Reid and other Democrats thought Iraq was a lost cause and as a result hampered troop morale and at one point denied our troops the necessary weapons and hardware to accomplish their mission in a timely manner. After the successful mission in Iraq – because George W. Bush refused to “cut and run” – Barack Obama didn’t have the courage to negotiate with prime minister Nouri al-Maliki that would guarantee the necessary US miltary presence in Iraq and would insure a smooth transition to democracy for the Iraqi government and its people. Nah uh. Barack Hussein Obama “cut and run” (as usual) and the result is an Iraq in the midst of violence, civil war, and a possible Iranian takeover of Iraq in the not too distant future too perhaps.

    Our military should stay for as long as it takes in Afghanistan (learn from Obama’s mistakes) and train and equip the Afghan resistance force, so they’ll be better prepared to defend their country and their people from terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and other extremists of Islam. It should be noted that our military leaders in Afghanistan must work more closely with Hamid Karzai, in order to “root out” and eliminate extremists who might infiltrate the Afghan resistance force. Which recently led to the deaths of two high ranking US military personnel over the Koran burnings – by an Afghan who was supposed to be working along side us and not against us. It seems there is a high likelihood that al-Qaeda and the Taliban are infiltrating the ranks of the Afghan resistance force, in order to drive a wedge between ongoing negotiations and to thwart a successful mission outcome by the US military. Which is increasingly looking less likely as time goes by. One of the highest priorities needs to be in trying to avert that scenario. With better oversight and better background checks for those applying to work within the Afghan police force, which I have termed the Afghan resistance force. It is terribly difficult to have a successful outcome when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder for a possible rouge terrorist operative within the Afghan police force, who wants to shoot and kill as many Americans as he can. If “trust” is thrown out the window, it will be extremely difficult for our military personnel to work effectively with the Afghan police force. If they can’t effectively work together, then there will be less likelihood of a successful outcome. Since the United States made a commitment to Hamid Karzai to train the Afghans to protect themselves and their country from Islamic terrorists, it is only reasonable that the United States keep its commitment and NOT to “cut and run” like Obama is constantly wanting to do. Nuff’ said.

  • Tammy Fitzgerald

    I am appalled….where the hell is our SUPPORT for our troops doing their duty? This flies in the face of every soldier over in Afghanistan and around the world! What is going on? I have 3 kids in the Army, and 1 is in Kabul as I type…..we have a duty to protect our soldiers not condemn them!

    • virginiagentleman1

      A sincere thank you, warrior Mom! Three hearty warriors from one womb! The ancient Spartans would have praised you, milady. You have my profound and deepest respects, Tammy. Salute to you! And to your husband! Can’t make American Warriors by yourself!

    • Impertinent

      I feel for you Tammy…I applaud your commitment and your kids too.

      But..if they were my kids….I’d tell them to go AWOL. Obummer, their “cic”…doesn’t give a damn about our troops. And the sooner our ( and your troops ) realize this sad fact….the sooner we’ll have them home. Voting to restore America to it’s former glory…and standing watch on the Mexican border….instead of a 5th world crap hole like Afghanistan…..they can stand watch on a 3rd world border with Mexico and make a difference. At least a Mexican knows what a lawn mower is…to an Afghan….it’s a Jeep Wrangler.

  • Typical NATO is made up of European countries of islamic sympathizers and countries where islam is getting a major foot hold in the public life. Europe is doomed.
    You lose your God, You lose your lands. and you lose any common sense.

  • We should absolutely withdraw from Afghanistan. Once we’re gone, my guess is that Karzai will be dead in a month. And if NATO insists on putting our troops on trial, we should withdraw from NATO as well. Let some of the other member countries do a little of the heavy lifting for a while. It’s not as easy as our guys make it look.

  • Jose Garcia

    They don’t want our troops occupying their country and they’re willing to fight to drive them out. They’re a brave people and they’ve shrugged off at least two occupying empires. It looks like they’re about to shrug off a third.

    • Impertinent

      I can’t say what I really want to about your treason…disrespect for your fellow Americans that have died for these stinking, filthy savages. These people that in the 21st century thing that farming rocks is agriculture.

  • CGpatriot

    Beyond pathetic, this is shameful. It’s time to show are own outrage and protest NATO:

    Why should we allow this decision to continue with-out our own out-cry. Let’s get the wheels in motion and march. I’m done with just sitting back and not holding our own Government / other’s accountable. It’s time to pick-up our sign’s and blow-horn’s and tell NATO: You are traitors and a stain on the soil of the United States and we’re done with you. Stop your tyranny against America and our soldiers.

    If NATO can not stand with Americans, they should reconsider their presence here. Tea anyone?

  • aZjimbo

    On the way the hell out of there, just drop the big one and say seeya.

  • aZjimbo

    Is there anything this president has done that turned out good? If so please let me know what it is. Egypt? Libya? USA? Afghanistan? Iraq? Economy? Oil?

  • What is the biggest difference between Barack HUSSEIN Obama and a Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman? The Soldier, Marine, Sailor and Airmen have served their country with bravery and distinction.

    We need to alter the playing field, throughout the AF-PAK Theater, and if I was president, I would be done, immediately. I would effect the withdrawal of the vast majority of personnel in country, leaving behind only such elements as Tier 1, 2 and 3 USSOCCENT [United States Special Operations Command Central). All other conventional forces would be removed, post haste. Upon return, they would be issued new dress blue uniforms, given medals, and ordered to walk in formation past the White House, flanked by their families, in a 2 mile long ticker tape parade. All national building operations, including those that are strictly humanitarian, would be halted, and all foreign aid would be similarly halted. I would establish DIA/CIA drone bases in secret locations, throughout the country. Military operations against the Taliban and al-Qaeda would continue, though without any further cooperation with the AF-PAK theater governments. USSOCCENT would be ordered to undertake DA [Direct Action], SR [Special Reconnaissance], UW [Unconventional Warfare] and PSYOPS [Psychological Operations] missions, and no others. These missions would be conducted both covertly and in clandestine fashion. Any poppy fields identified would be targeted for incendiary bombing strikes. People on the expanded capture or kill list would face extraordinary rendition by SOF and/or CIA personnel, death at their hands, or death by drone. People found targeting Christians would be placed on the CK List. Those captured through extraordinary rendition would be heavily drugged and exfiltrated to waiting USN prison barges, and placed under heavy Marine guard, with the Marines ordered to kill anyone that even looks like they want to get on board. CIA/DIA personnel would conduct interrogations, there, and military tribunals would also be there. Anyone convicted of terrorism would face the death penalty, and their bodies destroyed by absolute cremation, even if I had to throw them in a carrier’s nuclear reactor to do it.

    The military and CIA would divide up the country: the CIA would engage in full-spectrum LIC [Low Intensity Conflict] against the AF-PAK governments, including Karzai, himself. The NSA (and Echelon) would be tasked to data mine every single government database, cellphone and PDA. I would order the intercepts of every email, landline, cellphone, IM, etc. The DIA and CSS [Central Security Service] would do that against the AF-PAK military forces. Any and all incriminating intel generated and verified would be released to the world press, attached to the names of patsies in either their own governments, al-Qaeda, the Taliban or even the PRC [Peoples Republic of China], to generate friction and distrust in their own ranks. I’d order a dirty tricks department opened up against them that was so bad, it would make the Cold War look like a Boy Scout Jamboree. I would petition for sanctions against the AF-PAK theater at least as severe as those under way against Iran. All AF-PAK WMD would be located and placed under constant surveillance; all sites vulnerable to such attacks would be infected with rootkits and Trojan horse viruses, ready to destroy their networks, in the event of hostilities. Mobile launchers and underground sites would be subject to minute’s notice drone or bunker-buster strikes.

    Domestically, I’d commission the DHS and Echelon to start domestic spying on all suspected muslim organizations sympathetic to the AF-PAK forces, especially CAIR. There would be no more “un-indicted” co-conspirators.

    Sure, I may seem a bit harsh and militaristic in this, but its the least they deserve, as far as I’m concerned. If the Afghans don’t want to be a partner in the War on Terror, but would rather foster terror, then they can become a TARGET of the War on Terror.

  • xjesterx

    The mistake we made 10 years ago was not acting like we did in WW II when we kicked the Taliban out. MacArthur went into Japan after they surrendered and was the Governor there. Heck, we WROTE their constitution. This is why their military budget was restricted to 2% of their budget. WE called the shots. WE said “this is the way you are going to do it”. That was that. They attacked Pearl Harbor, we fought back and won.

    Fast forward to Afghanistan, where Bush decided to immediately allow a bunch of corrupt politicians dictate what we were going to do. The same thing happened in Iraq. Supposedly we were there “as long as the Iragi’s wanted us there”.

    Trump might be a con artist, but he had one thing right: we SHOULD have lived up to the liberal attacks saying “Bush went to war for oil”. That’s exactly what we should have done! The oil fields are now property of the U.S.A., and we might give them back IF you act like a rational nation.

    In Afghanistan, we should have said, “here’s your new constitution”, and by the way, your new president is this nice lady we found working out in a field. We don’t care that Islamic religion says women raped need 4 men witnesses to prove it or whatever. WE WON. This is the way it is.

    Instead, we went soft. This set up the perfect situation for our current “leader” to bend over and really take it you know where. For our troops to be “put on trial”. It’s a disgrace.

    • virginiagentleman1

      WE WENT SOFT. Very unmanly! Er, what were we talkin’ about? Oh, Obama! Yes, very unmanly! Putting our troops on trial? Another unmanly display by Obama. Obama= impotent, in every respect. Just sayin’.

  • virginiagentleman1

    WOW! Getting a severe case of goosebumps watching a program called Secrets of SEAL TEAM 6 on the Military Channel. Very bad juju to have these men hunting ya! Ask Bin Laden! Oh, that’s right, you can’t cause SEAL Team 6 terminated the evil bus- turd!

    • Im sure if Obalogiser had his way, he would have handed that seal team to the Pakistanis had they ordered him too.

  • It’s about freakin’ time he’s seeing that Afghanistan is pretty much a lost cause, and pretty much has been since we got there.

  • tjd4life

    So, Obama apologized and apparently that has not stopped the attacks. The U.S. government is trying to explain that those burning were they acts of just a few and not the entire sentiment of the country. It appears that most Muslims don’t agree and they are holding the entire American public responsible by continuing with these acts. If this is the case, why am I not allow to blame the entire Islamic religion for 9/11 if they want to blame the American people for these book burnings?

  • kong1967

    I think Bush would tell the U.N. to go to hell, but we all know Obama will hand the troops over and request for the strictest punishment they can think of.

    I’ve been saying for a long time now that we should leave Afghanistan. Our politicians will not take the war seriously because they won’t do what it takes to win. They tie our soldiers’ hands behind their backs and punish them for political correctness bullcrap. I’m sick our our policiticians putting their political asses up front above the lives of our soldiers, and since it’s not going to change I vote to tell Afghanistan to go eff themselves.

  • What will be the charge? Failure to pay carbon credits? Not first dipping them in bacon fat?

  • These jihad idiots have made their plans abundantly clear. The name of the game is to make islam the one religion, and the entire world subservient. The advantage they assume they have is that they don’t care if they survive the apocalypse; in fact, with 72 virgins anxiously awaiting them, dying might be a more pleasant alternative. Personally, I’d prefer to remain alive. But what do I know? It’s clear that we’re not going to convince them of the joys of liberty and freedom, and they’re sure as Hell not going to convince me of the joys of islam–and that includes the 72 virgins. So, why are we waiting around for the next terrorist bombing? If it’s jihad they must have, then let’s get to it. Remember, Ace, jihad is a two-way street. Clearly, we can’t count on the devout muslim, Obummer the serial apologizer, to take any action in American interests, so we’ll have to show him the door later this year. Then, if the islamofacists want to dance, well, what can you do? Start the music. But no more of this one-way jihad business. The way the game is played, you bomb us, and we bomb you.

  • Enoch73

    What the h*** kind of justice is that?! Let’s go about dispensing justice in chronological order of offenses, eye for an eye style. Those b******s wouldn’t survive the chance to see justice for the miniscule amount they’ve had to “unjustly” endure.
    I’ve about had it with humanity today, bunch a self-absorbed hypocrites. Has the world ended yet?

  • kjatexas

    I’m with Rush.

  • Paulla

    The more our govt. grovels and apologizes, the weaker it seems to the Muslims. Our govt. is enforcing Sharia Law in Afghanistan, and it will enforce Sharia Law here. It is happening already in some of our U.S. courts. They’ve gone over to the side of the enemies of America.

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    I agree 100% with you. Let these donkey and children rapist kill each other off, and carpet bomb the rest of them down if they ever raise another hand to us, and Obama you SOB a-s wipe ghetto cracker, your going to burn for this you worthless Muslim!

  • Shish, Rush, as usual, you push right past the obvious. Obama left the troops there, just so this could happen. He wants the troops out, it hinders his friends from operating openly and more efficiently. If he can destroy NATO in the process, it is a win win for him. It is time to get out of Arabia, NATO, and the UN. Old Calvin Coolidge’s dream is now a reality. Will this happen, of course not, the USA will dream, until reality wakes them, too late. Hope for peace has driven the USA into the last stages of decay. Does anyone really think November will change anything? MaoB has done his part. When you get ready to fight, then, maybe, you may see the task before you. Actually G Washington had it easy, the enemy all wore red coats. Good luck to you survivors.