Rush: Obama is Time’s person of the year because he got lower information voters to vote for him

Obama made Time Magazine’s person of the year today and Rush explains that it’s because he’s the president of the low information voters:

Here’s the cover photo Time used:

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  • johnos2112

    He should be the person of the last four years too because he has lied to EVERY AMERICAN and he gets away with it!

    • Don

      Not the first time a pathological liar has been named Times Man of the Year. I guess if you are a bankrupt rag like Times Magazine its not unusual to sell your soul to make a buck.

  • marketcomp

    Can these Low Information voters even read Time magazine or do they just look at the pictures? Most of us just ignore Obama. Everytime I see or hear him I put him on mute or just change the channel! Nothing that he says is important or of interest to me.

    • Right on!!! I believe the majority of these voters whose IQ’s did not quite reach into the single digits, vboted for him And since President Clinton campaigned for him (they don’t like each other) on the belief that Obama would support Hillary. In a return phone call to Clinton, Obama said he would think about it, meaning, it ain’t gonna happen, leaving bill holding his head in his hands. The Chicago thug had managed to one up the master politician. The dems will end up self-destructing.

      • marketcomp

        Well Bill and Obama played golf together and all I can think about is that Bill said to Obama just hold out and either let the republicans pass a tax bill that raises taxes or allow the phony fiscal cliff and then blame republicans. But, now that will be difficult to blame republicans because this fiscal cliff plan originated with Obama and the democrats. I would rather be in this position than in the position that George HW Bush was in when Clinton ram that tax pledge of “NO NEW TAXES” and then GHWB raised taxes and Clinton capitalized on that and the republicans lost.

  • 57thunderbird

    It’s true.Far too many uninformed and ignorant voters.This was not a presidential election,it was a popularity contest.

    • Yep. He’s always been clean and articulate. :-/

      • 57thunderbird

        President celebrity.All that he needs is his own talk show.Oh wait,that would be the MSM.He has always been clean and articulate.So was Hitler. 🙁

      • NYGino

        Don’t forget the crease in his trousers ABC, can’t forget the crease!

        • Oh slap me! How could I have forgotten the crease!!! Sorry NY. Thanks for the reminder 😉

          • NYGino

            I’m surprised ABC. Everyone knows one of the most important qualifications for a potential President of the United States is having a straight crease. Of course you are an Americanbornincanada so these things may seem strange. In time you’ll know.

            • I was kind’a focused on the mom jeans. No creases that I could see on those. Sorry NY. Don’t mean to slip like that. I’ll not let it happen again.

              • NYGino

                We all make mistakes. Why just the other day I let it slip out, in mixed company, that I thought voters should at least be literate.

        • Orangeone

          Why does the picture of him riding a girl’s bike with a stupid helmet on come to mind right now????

          • NYGino

            LSD flashback?

            • Orangeone

              Nah, you know the pic, he was “vacationing”.  I know it’s been on this site before….

    • Betsey_Ross

      Rush also refers to them as the moron vote. I think he is all done with the “low information voter” bit. Right on Rush.

      • 57thunderbird

        Moron is much more fitting.

        • tinlizzieowner

          Lenin had a better term, “Useful Idiots”.

      • Orangeone

        Wonder if Rush has been following me on Twitter. I often refer to the Minnesota Morons.

    • Don

      Great point, 57thunderbird. When you turn the public educational systems in our major cities over to labor unions, the illiteracy rates pump millions of lifelong demonrats into the system each year. Unless this is curbed, then its only a matter of time when our country will make Greece look like heaven. When you have a union boss for president like Obama then rock bottom is the only result.

  • Well that makes sense. Here I thought it was because Slime Magazine always picked traitors, dictators and losers for their covers for the past few decades. Silly me.

    • Orangeone

      If I may add sis: anti-Semites and killers of children.

  • NYGino

    Nobel peace prize, Time’s person of the year, how about an academy award for the tears?

    • Orangeone

      People’s Choice Award!

  • objective123

    Yeah, those Somalis that were bussed in to vote in Philadelphia, PA for Obama sure fit the profile.

    • Orangeone

      And Minnesota!

  • 57thunderbird

    An award for mediocrity.Participation trophy.

  • Orangeone

    Scoop, any chance you could add the Time magazine Cover for 1938 next to this one?

  • 57thunderbird

    Did they make him look darker skinned in this photo on purpose?

  • Watchman74

    I’m still waiting for him to earn that Nobel Peace Prize.

  • tsturbo

    They are not “low information” voters, they are “low intelligence and morality” voters.
    Who created this “low information” terminology, it wasn’t Fox or Rush.
    It was the corrupt media’s creation, to once again steer everyone away from the truth.
    Never forget- “Deception is the root of all evil”, and political correctness, the mainstream media, and yes the Muslim religion are all based on deception.

    • Jay

      People whose info is filtered through the alphabet media get low information.

  • He won because we are “A kind of new America.” We are not the United States of America anymore, we are now part of the United States of Europe. We are just another failed and bankrupt European-style social-welfare state, just like Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Ireland, to name a few. The Europeans should be the “People of the year” because, in the end, it is they who won and America that lost.

    • Look, I know it looks bad but for godsakes the fact that there are some young people out there like me who know this crap when we see shows there is still hope. DON”T GIVE UP HOPE DANG IT!! There is always hope. It’s like the old saying goes “This too shall pass.”

  • You know who else was person of the year? HITLER!!
    God I love doing that.:)

    • Watchman74

      And Stalin!! Time has great taste don’t they.

  • armyvet10

    For me this has a couple of items that have been hinted on but could be further clarified.

    1st, Time Magazine, a news media outlet, had to hold a press conference to announce their person of the year. I believe this is because there are so few readers of this so called magazine (butt wipe paper is more close to the truth) that this was the only way they could shout to the roof tops their love for Obama. (perhaps the chief editor of Time and Obama should get a room)

    2nd, while Time did discuss the 15% of voters that magically voted for Obama, and did admit these people knew nothing about, nor want nothing to do with politics, Time refused to call this a popularity contest. (although Rush did) Which is why the left poured so much money into character assassination of Romney, Cain, West, Ryan and any other person who would call themselves a conservative. If you doubt this ask yourself this simple question, why has the left not singled out Boehner to degree of the others I listed. Simple, Boehner is their boy, he talks tough but in the end caves to the left.

    3rd, Time also didn’t mention in all of Mr. Obama’s accomplishments the sky rocketing debt, the class war fare he and the left is creating, the illegal gun sales to Mexican criminals, the illegal war he decided was justified in Syria, the cover up Obama created over Benghazi by invoking executive privilege and the back door deals to get a pork laden health care reform.

    Time magazine should vote itself rag of the year.

  • cabensg

    I’m sure Rush would agree with me when I say the last sentence was brilliant.

    “The low information voter should have been the person of the year.”

  • “Low information voter” = “Useful idiot”.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Hero worship… this is pathetic.

    This man is purposefully destroying this country and they deify him.


  • mark1955

    Obama got re-elected because of Massive Voter Fraud, not because of “Lower information voters” so Stop deliberately pushing that Line for the Establishment Rush, in order to steer them away from the Voter Fraud Angle.

  • Is this the same Time magazine that named Hitler in 1938, and Stalin in 1939 and 1942 as Time Magazine’s Man (person) of the Year.. That’s what I thought..

    In essence, pertaining to the liberal media, does victory and success as a Tyrant Dictator equate to greatness, thus is owed such adulation from the Media. Only in the liberal media’s mind does such a lack of Moral Conscience and Wisdom have such a place in a Free Democratic Society.

    They might argue for their political achievements at that time, but evidence was there for the reality of what they were really all about, but refused to acknowledge.

    The media is just as morally and politically corrupt as those they prop up, propagate, and demolish. As evident with their choosing of Illegal Aliens, aka undocumented immigrants, the PC name liberal media chooses to instill in the public image and mind.. and the Clinton’s, who are as much as, if not more so, politically corrupt than Obama and his crony henchmen / women in power, is symptomatic of their liberal media disease.

    But reasoning why Time Magazine’s criteria for putting Hitler and Stalin the cover as “Man of the Year”, it does not surprise me that they use the same criteria today.

    Thus Time Magazine is now, and has always been without virtue, thus was and still is, meaningless, without credibility, without integrity. Only as a pravda propaganda outlet can such inept idiocy be extolled and espoused- paraded as the opposite. They should gone the way of Life Magazine long ago, but like a govt bureau, exists only for the sake of existing.

    • stupidity of those with higher education in MSM is unbelievable – those “useful idiots” (for a tyrant) think they will be saved from being stepped on. Not so!!!
      Useless press-titutes, urinalists and naive dorks.

    • From your fellow tea party regan conservative, RIGHT ON!!!!

  • Jay

    Well, didn’t Hitler get it in the late ’30s? 0 won on the Jersey Shore/Honey Boo Boo vote.

    My AM radio is broke in the truck. I’m having Rush withdrawals. He is the absolute best, with Levin a close second.

    • I missed Levin’s program tonight – what was on the docket Jay? Pray for Obama’s Impeachment, but will get Bonehead Biden instead. Which is worse, Evil or Stupitdity, or a combination of both?

  • Diogenes_wy

    Is there anybody who actually subscribes to this rag? I’m surprised they haven’t gone bankrupt. I’ve read comic books with better insights on the conditions in America than this piece of apologetic leftist propaganda. I guess when you have fallen as far down the progressive rabbit hole as Time has done naming Oreo Obama as man of the year is par for the course.

    • I do know that their scubscribership is way down. I once got Time in my mailbox (NM) and I used it for cat litter.

  • TimeForAnarchy

    Next year, we can look forward to Sean Penn, Hugo Chavez (post humously) or Harry Belafonte. What a group to select from.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Socialist of the Year would be more appropriate

    • Right On!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • muslimmustgo

    Iv’e never seen anyone get so many awards ie: nobel peace prize,dictator of the year and numerous other accolades for accomplishing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in four years! Well I have to take that back,he’s managed to get to the halfway point of destroying the greatest,freest nation in the world!

  • Rush thanks for the lesson in tough love.