Russian TV news anchor gives Obama the one-finger salute

Apparently Global Healer-in-Chief Barack Obama isn’t as universally loved as we’ve been led to believe.

A Russian news anchor flipped the bird on-camera while reading a report about the APEC summit that took place earlier this month in Hawaii.

Tatiana Limanova made the hand gesture right after she read the name of President Barack Obama.

It is unsure if the gesture was directed toward the U.S. president, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, or someone off camera.

Seems pretty clear to me who the gesture was intended for. What do you think?

Via Hot Air headlines.

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  • Anonymous

    Wow, I don’t know who it was for, but I can guess… Love those Russian know right where you stand.

  • Anonymous

    It’s very clear , she’s a true conservative !

    • Anonymous

      More likely an America hater with some of the old style communism to boot. It was cute but don’t think she is on our side, right or left.

      • Anonymous

        I strongly disagree with our President… but as rotten as his policies can be, he is still our President! She not only flipped her finger at Obama but at the American people as well!!

        • Anonymous

          Cindy, you’re right, this was an insult at the United States and it shows how Obama has ruined foreign policy, well not just Bari, but Hillary as well. Obama has divided the American people in classes and in racial terms but he has divide allied nations against us and empowered hostile nations to bully us,(from the guy whom just a couple of months ago wanted to stop bullying in our schools). This is not going well for us. I expect there to be more instances of this type and more frequently in the months ahead.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe it was suposed to be a thumbs up gesture and got it mixed up. I would think that the Ruskys are happy beyond their wildest imaginations with Obama making one blunder after another. I await the translation.

            • Anonymous

              Oh I’m sure they are. And you might be right, to them, it might mean, “good job, glad to know you’re with us, destroy them from the inside”.

          • Guillermo Levanta

            Your right toongoon and we shouldn’t celebrate what this Russian news reporter did. But remember how the liberals celebrated when an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at President George Bush. They were actually sad that the shoe missed. Two wrongs don’t make a right but it is a fact that they celebrated in that instance.

        • Anonymous

          You are right, however, if she is flipping off the American people, how is that any different than what Obama does as soon as he leaves our soil?

          He runs us down to the UN and to the Europeans but sets himself apart from us. He has called America arrogant, selfish, lazy, unintelligent, unambitious and said some of us have an antipathy for those not like us.

          His VP called us Tea Partiers terrorists yet refuse to attribute that name to the underwear bomber.

          If the President doesn’t respect us how is a foreign country suppose to learn how?

  • Anonymous

    Can we invite her to the next GOP debate?

  • Warning: VERY salty language!

    NO, I don’t like when Rusky bimbos insult our president. I used to get paid bottom dollar to kill people like her, and it was the best job I’ve ever had. He may be a punk, but he’s our punk to deal with. Just as I didn’t tolerate that crap from the Iranians, I DAMN sure won’t tolerate it from reds.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree with you on this one, Virus!!!

      • Hey, the liberals can claim anything they want about me, but if they want to say I just plain have no respect for the Office of the President of the United States because he’s “occupying” it, I’ll tell them to look in the mirror, if they want to see that kind of hypocrisy. Doctor Hu (Jintao) can kiss my ass, (Vladimir) Puddinhead can kiss my ass, Mr. Sluggo (Hugo) can kiss my ass, the Chemical (Castro) Brothers can kiss my ass. And if Sharif (the Supreme Leader) don’t like it…

        …he can kiss my ass, too.

        When people from countries I have absolutely ZERO respect for open their yaps and mouth off about our president, yeah, I have a BIG PROBLEM with that. I still say Obama is a shiftless, worthless man-child that’s no better than Anakin Skywalker…

        …but this isn’t Russia, where we hold violent revolutions and pogroms. We don’t smash people to death with tanks, like the Red Chinese do. We don’t imprison people that speak against us in brutal hospitals, like they do in Cuba and Venezuela. America is better than all those countries, combined, because we actually have the best Constitution in the world, and actually believe in law and government. Our presidents, good, bad or otherwise, are listened to the world over, for a reason. However, as near-sacred as that office is, Obama doesn’t measure up to it. The Office hasn’t diminished, because of him, and will not. The Oval Office represents shoes people like him can NEVER fill. We want to get rid of Anakin (and I know we all do), then we impeach his ass, or MAKE HIS POLITICAL WORLD COME TO AN END IN 2012, LIKE THE MYANS SAID IT WOULD. This Russian scumbag can’t even hold a candle to AL SHARPTON and SPECIAL ED (Shultz) when it comes to professionalism, and that’s really saying something.

    • Anonymous

      Lol! Took the words right outa my mouth, He’s “OUR PUNK to deal with”…

  • Anonymous

    From Russia with LUV!

  • Anonymous

    eff yoo barry.

    • Anonymous

      I think the correct spelling is Bari.

  • Anonymous

    That was great.

  • Oh boy!!!!!!!!!! That was priceless and made me laugh so hard!

    And for my Russian comrades,
    Ох бои!!!!!!! То је било непроцењиво и натерали ме смех тако тешко!

    Well, actually that’s Siberian, but close enough!

    • Anonymous

      Do I want to know what that translates to?

      • Actually it just translates to what I said in english. But now the more I think about it, I’m not finding it as funny. Cindy, Virus and the others are right, and I should have realized it. If it were directed only to dear leader, I’d find it great- because it serves him right. He does that to us every day. But no, I know now it was directed at this beautiful country and it bothers me. Dear leader has a way of turning a lot of people against us, but I know many Russians have felt this way long before dear leader took office.

        • Anonymous

          At first I thought it was cute too.

        • Anonymous

          Duh!! I guess I’m a little slow. You speak Siberian, Ducky?

          • Nope- I like using the computer translator. It’s fun 😉

            • Anonymous


  • Joe

    Can anybody have this translated ??

    • Dan


  • Dan

    i should put in $.50 for her for the finger thingie but i have no idea what else she said so i will withdraw my offer only to protect myself…every word could have been a cuss word and there were a whole lot of words…all them words could have been translated in to one phrase…..”HI UNCLE BAMSTER…THANKS FOR THE LOUSY BIRTHDAY PRESENT”

  • Anonymous

    I think she is made because she doesnt want to become a US citizen anymore since we are turning into what Russia is still fighting.


    • Anonymous

      Right. Now there is no place to emigrate to for a better life.
      Give me your poor, your tired, and we will give them a mortgage they can’t pay for and unemployment checks, and when that runs out, welfare, and when that runs out…tough.

  • I guess Obama is getting his back….remember the bird he flipped at the GOP in 2008?
    Disrespect begets disrespect.

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling Obama gets the bird every time his mug is on television. If I watched TV He would probably get it at my house.

      • What a great invention, the remote. OB comes on, channels change quick.

        • Anonymous

          Cool, a function that turns the channel as soon as his image appears on screen. We need something like “for the children”.

  • No respect…

    Yes, the one finger salute is not respectful…

    … but BHObama has brought the, uh, the salute, on himself.

    As Yackov Smirnoff said, “America, what a country.”

    “In Russia is freedom of speech.
    “In Amrica is ALSO freedom after speech.”

    So, maybe an update is in order.

    In America is BHObama.
    In Russia is ALSO freedom after one finger saluting BHObama.

    Or, something like that.

    – – – – – – – –

    Since humor seems to be the point of the one finger salute, here are a couple of one-liners zinging various Republican candidates.

    But, hey, it’s “clean” humor, so here goes.

    From –

    -“As we go from Palin to Bachmann to Perry, I now understand why the Republicans don’t believe in evolution.”

    -“God has told both Michele Bachman and Herman Cain to run for President, which proves that God loves comedians.”

    -“Every day, Mitt Romney must wake up smiling with this thought: “My main opponent is a pizza guy named Herman.”

    -“Mitt Romney is totally qualified to be President, which in Tea Party logic totally disqualifies him.”


    • Anonymous

      You remind me of a blogger on this site…. I think his name was “VotedagainstCarter”…..But then again, ….. 🙂

      • Nope…

        I remind you of me. 🙂


        • Anonymous

          Yeah, that’s more like it!! You’re unique, my friend! And your posts are very inspiring!

          • I remember…

            An owner of a bookstore in Carmel, California who would, while handing his customers their book and their change, thank them for purchasing a book with 3 words that I have never forgotten…

            … Thank you kindly… for the “inspiring” sentiment.


    • Anonymous

      Humor is always welcome and encouraged!

  • President Obanana is an embarrassment to America.

  • Anonymous

    The Russian version of MSNBC. Not the gesture for Barack Obama but the unbridled expression of something they dislike.

  • DCGere

    She pretty much does what alot of Americans want to do to Skippy. Very unprofessional and unrespectful. But hey, I kinda feel the same way 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It is unsure if the gesture was directed toward the U.S. president, Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, or someone off camera.
    Lemme guess.
    The woman is still alive .
    So the gesture was not for Medvedev.
    Or someone in that studio

  • John Blake

    Sadie, a poster over at IOWNTHEWORLD posted this as a translation. No idea how accurate it is.

    Dimitri Medvedev became today the chairman of the APEC. Previously that post was occupied by American President Barack Obama. SIGN
    On the press conference summarizing the forum, which took place at Honolulu, the capital of Hawaii, Medvedev talked, amongst other things, about cooperation with Americans in the area of anti-missile defense. For now negotiations between Russia and USA on this subject did not result in success.

  • Anonymous

    If our National Media gets any more biased and corrupt it will be just like the U.S.S.R. The Media and Hollywood makes me ill with their lies and lack of reporting the truth. Nearly everything on TV is liberal propaganda that has successfully brainwashed millions into useful idiot drones. Our education system has been infiltrated as well by the Socialist Progressive Radicals. They have churned out the last two generations of trained Democrats right out of school. Now they are protesting for social justice and redistribution of wealth. They believe the government should take money from the rich (Productive) and give it to those that are (what they determine to be) poor, or unproductive. They want more massive entitlement spending and that can only mean fewer freedoms. The bigger government gets the less freedoms we have. It’s as simple as that.

    • Right trail, too weak. I know USA media, just as corrupt at TASS. As to the other stuff, I am so glad you discovered it. Now, run with it!

  • They don’t have a challenger. No more secrets to steal because they want the challenge of spying for secrets. They don’t even like it when everything is given to them for free.

  • Anonymous

    See what happens without a teleprompter.

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to see this image flashed on the side of a building in Times Square on Jan. 1, 2012.

    I saved the picture (CNTRL+PRTSCN) as my desktop. It’s great!

  • Anonymous

    She must be a NASCAR fan.

  • I’m sure Putin was chuckling on this one.

  • like to know exactly what she was saying. . .

  • bobemakk

    He needs one of these from every country, starting with US! I love it, not that Russia is our ally, and when Putin takes over then more problems will start.

    Happy Thanksgiving to “The Right Scoop,” who brings us fair and balanced news.

  • Anonymous

    Obama, raped by a strap-on!

  • I don’t see the controversy here. I do the same thing every time beloved leader or his wife, or his drones turn up on my TV.

  • j

    Collectively, the majority will be doing the same come 11/12.

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s gotten a taste of his own medicine, hasn’t he?

  • Anonymous

    Atta girl, we love it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Saw this one on the Blaze and ROFL, sent it on to my whole list. Gotta love it, it’s often my own reaction to dear leader as well !

  • Anonymous

    Well, not only does she read well, she knows sign language! No teleprompter in sight either. Well done lady!

  • I totally agree with Cindy on that: he was elected president although you dont agree with his antics and policies. However, it leaves me to imagine since newsbroadcasters wear earpieces to hear backstage hands or being prompted to say what is next, I dont get the impression that she was giving the US president the finger. It would have been nice to have the translation that could have prompted here to give the finger..

  • deo heerai

    Nice to see obama’s policy of appeasment paying off