Santorum’s phony theology comments misconstrued in the media


I know some of you saw this yesterday in Santorum’s Face The Nation interview, but the media continues to take Santorum’s ‘theology’ comments out of context and are accusing him of saying that Obama’s theology isn’t one that is based on the Bible. Here is Soledad O’Brien confronting Santorum’s campaign spokesman this morning:

A good job by the spokesman. He mentioned the part before the comments that CNN left out, so I’ve cut out the entire context myself:

This is really simple. When most people use the word ‘theology’ it is in a religious or Biblical context. Considering the full context it’s clear Santorum was not using it that way, but rather he was using it as a way of describing Obama’s world view of radical environmentalism which certainly can be referred to as a theology of sorts. And then to avoid confusion, after he said ‘phony theology’, he made sure to differentiate it from a Biblical theology by saying “oh not a theology based on the Bible, a different theology, but no less a theology”. He could have just as easily said ‘and I’m not talking about Obama’s religious theology, but his world view which can also be defined as a theology’.

It’s not hard to understand one bit for those who want to listen. But the MSM continues to take it out of context to misinform the public that Santorum was beating up Obama on his religious beliefs. It’s sad that they are willing to go to these means just to defend Obama and his terrible policies, but they are his propaganda outlet and it’s up to people with integrity to correct the record.


UPDATE: Rich Lowry gets it right on Fox News this morning and says this is nothing more than a trumped up media scandal. Kudos to him:

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  • Linky1

    An amazingly positive article on Santorum up here in the Great White North.

    Canadians no longer have the tingle up the leg when it comes to Obama, owing to his cancellation of the Keystone pipeline deal and the fact that our Conservative Government is going to China to try and sell our oil – not to our friends to the South.

    • PFFV

      Why not just say it, Obama is using Alinsky tactics & theology as well as the ‘Cloward and Piven’ strategy to destroy this great nation.

      • Linky1

        I’ve said it many, many times. So has Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich and now, Santorum.

        Trouble is, as long as the slimestream media is using the same playbook, there is pushback from that front – hence, we have a 50% popularity rating for Obama.

        What do we do? Push back harder, keep on message no matter what the flack is.

  • Garym

    The LSM taking a republican out of context. In other words, water is wet.

  • denbren52

    Drudge is contributing to this nonsense with his headline on the story: Santorum questions Obama’s Christian values!

    It’s quite obvious that Drudge is squarely in the Romney camp but this is a cheap shot and he knows it.

    • warpmine

      It’s now clear to anyone williing to hear Santorum out that he can beat Obama on any given forum of debate on the issues at hand. I had questioned his ability to be a vibrant debater as Gingrich has been but no longer.

      America, if you want your high standard of living back from where it use to be, you best turn Comrad Obamakov out on his ear.

    • Sober_Thinking

      WTF!? (the PG interpretation is: “Well That Figures”

      I agree. If this is how Drudge wants to play it, then he and his site have become a libility, not the asset it has been in the past. Time to remove their link…

      So sad, too bad, buh bye.

      • Linky1

        I have done the same thing. Drudge is gone.

        There are way too many good sites out there (Scoop of course!) that are giving Drudge some well-deserved competition.

        He has had it his own way for far too long and with his page turning into a Mittens love-fest, it’s Buh-Bye, Matt.

        • denbren52

          I think RS should stop listing Drudge in the Breaking News feed. He has become as bad as the LSM in distorting the truth for his own purposes, in this case, his preferred candidate.

          • xymbaline

            I Second, or third, or fourth that comment.

            Drop Drudge.

            Between TRS and BadBlue, I don’t miss him.

        • FreeManWalking

          I question whether the love fest for RINOmeny came from ideology or $$$.

          If it was $$$ I could at least wrap my conservative head around it, but I don’t like it either way.

          Actually he hasn’t seemed to be on the cutting edge going on a few months now.

      • kim

        He has had a “wagging finger” pose for several days and now he has a hands-together prayer-like pose.

        It used to be my go-to spot for news. Now I go just now and then only to see how ridiculous the picture or blurb-of-the-day will be. I get my news from other sources now.

    • TPDanbo

      Drudge is on CRACK !!! Even to begin to defend Obama’s Christian values is so laughable it’s insane,Obama’s so called Christianity is so hypocritical it’s a sick joke! let alone taking such cheap shot!!!

    • Thats the reason I wont go there anymore ,

      Spin spin spin .

      Just give me the truth I’ll figure the rest out.

  • warpmine

    So sad indeed that they the LSM continue to harp on something literally taken out of context in a blatant manner to smear Santorum thus protecting their champion, Obamakov.

    Rick should have just used the ideology word instead but that would not have garnered him, all this sudden notoriety.

    Thankyou RS for posting the entire referenced comment.

  • Just another way of making Santorum or any other Christian who actually walks the talk a radical fundamental rightwing nut who doesn’t deserve to have anything to do with politics. Another way to make this all about religion with them to cover up what this whole past 3 years has been really about- slashing the Constitution to threads, making people believe that government gives the rights, and making sure that those who know our rights come from God are shut up. These people have no desire to show, know or talk about the truth, and worse, continually spoon feed their lies to the masses.

  • BSScoop

    Ok, I’ll say it. I question the theology of Jeremiah Wright’s church. Collective salvation and the like is heresy. I can’t judge Barack Obama but I can challenge the garbage theology of that church.

    Even Rick Santorum can’t say what I’ve said and win the election. I guess I won’t be running for POTUS anytime soon either with my extreme beliefs. I do LOVE being an extremist.

    Don’t Tread On Me

    • CO2isGood

      You might as well go the whole way and say Obama’s theology is bankrupt.

      Clearly both Wright and Obama distort the bible in the same way the muslim extremists distort the koran.

      • BSScoop

        The Koran is a corrupt POS, too.


  • anneinarkansas

    Why would he even go on with that Leftie Soledad?

    • hbnolikeee

      He’s poor and he’ll take whatever exposure he can get. Also, we get to see how well he handles the drooling trolls.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Soledad O’Brien is trying to be relevent… she’s a tool. I despise this sort of blatant mis-information and defamation. I’m stunned these liars get away with this on a daily basis.

    They are trying to paint Santorum as some sort of religious zealot. He is a man of principal and they cannot combat that on an even playing field. Americans aren’t THAT brain dead yet. They will be able to see what they are trying to do – they’ll see through that BS. But many people who aren’t paying attention will hear this and buy into it (he’s such a nice guy, it MUST be true). Our job is simple… combat ignorance and shed light on the lies.

    • hbnolikeee

      It’ really amazing to listen to this simp. She asks a question, gets a clear answer that somehow doesn’t fit her festering talking points so she keeps asking the same question. Either she’s that stupid or just can’t handle the truth.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I vote: both.

  • capelady

    The liberals are keeping the focus on culture wars to distract from Obama’s massive failures. As long as Santorum gets sucked into social values and religion, he is going to hurt himself. There are all sorts of videos from years back that will lose votes for him. We have to keep the focus on Obama, Obamacare, the economy, gas and food prices, and other things that Americans are very concerned about that reflect Obama’s ineptitude or failed ideology.

  • Sober_Thinking

    And the dumb masses simply respond with, “Please Sir, may I have some more?”

    Anyone who isn’t paying attention or waking up can be counted among the useful idiots because they are a HUGE part of the problem – one that lets despots run our lives.

  • He basically proclaimed Obama’s worldview a theology of sorts and then clarified that it wasn’t a theology based on the bible but based on something else.

    I think that’s how everyone’s interpreting what he was saying. That’s at least how i interpreted it. I don’t think it’s being misconstrued.

    And it’s based pretty much on that exact interpretation that I, and many others, think it’s offensive – or at the very least inappropriate.

    • hbnolikeee

      How about I DON”T GIVE A RAT’S ASS what word he used to describe behavior that is destroying America. I just love the shoot the messenger crap. Let’s not talk about the issues but how daintily it is placed for discussion.

      Screw that nonsense. It’s drooling trolls looking for any two points that they can connect in a bad light, nothing more.

      Are you a drooling troll as well?

    • Gtrjag

      I think radical environmentalism is a theology. It is individuals substituting creation for the creator, putting the rest of creation over mankind. That’s what pagans. When you take God out of society, it descends into paganism. America and the rest of the west have begun that decent.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Well said my friend. Collective salvation will send more people straight to hell than any cult out there… well, maybe, in a way, it is a cult.

    The truth is the truth. If they have ears, let them hear.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Agreed. What a waste.

  • Linky1

    Two words- “in context.”

    This posting puts Santorum’s statements “in context”, not bending it to the ideology of extremism the left wants to paint him with.

    That’s the trouble with the slimestream media-when you have the likes of Media Matters (on behalf of George Soros) advancing their agenda and making the copy that the likes of Soledad O’Brien is using, their bias shows unabashedly.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Bravo Rick Lowry – thank you for setting the record straight. Finally, a voice of reason.

    Robert Gibbs is another has been… how funny that anyone asks him for his opinion (he’s been a tool for the liar-and-chief for years). What a waste of time…

    Kirsten Powers ought to know better… she has been more balanced in the past… but she blew it on this one. Shame on her. Dragging out the word “extreme”, really? Too stupid.

    Rick’s comment couldn’t have been clearer… so stupid to even make this a case.

  • Pretty much anything that a social con says about social issues will be taken out of context and completely misrepresented by liberals and the MSM. And based on those misrepresentations we will hear demands for apologies. Once those demands are made, politicians typically tuck their tails between their legs and do what was demanded of them.

    Social conservatism has never been super high on my priority list – until now. This country is heading in the wrong direction in more ways than just economically. And basically those who adhere to traditional values are being told to shut up. And there are topics which are basically off limits for discussion: crime in the inner cities, fatherless children, STDs, the collapse of personal responsibility. The list is endless.

    Look at what mainstream values were, say, in 1970. Consider all the changes since then. And then make the case that all these changes have been for the better. Some have. But for the most part, things are worse, much worse. And we are supposed to shut up about it. It is time to fight back.

  • I don’t see the problem with Santorum’s statement.
    Barack Hussein Obama’s (Black Liberation) theology isn’t a theology at all. Its a destructive, divisive, racist agenda. He’s a deluded, self-aggrandizing, self-absorbed, tone-deaf, unfeeling, uneducated, sociopath. Because he is a demonstrated sociopath, he has no conscience, feels no shame, bears no allegiance or faith.
    Any reference Barack Hussein Obama makes to faith is yet another lie.
    Every Obama lie is yet another arrow conservatives can put in their quiver. If only they grow the spine to shoot.
    String the bow, Rick.

  • JayGatsby88

    Of late this seems to be a republican trend, that is double downing on misspoken statements. Sarah and her history of Paul Revere, Mitt and his corporations are people…. now this. If the MSM is taking Santorum out of context, he sure helped cause the ambiguity. Maybe Santorum meant to say ideology, which appears to be the word he was looking for, as it makes much more sense for what Santorum was trying to say.

    • Many have taken environmentalism up to the level of religion – Mother Earth and all that. I would argue that theology is not a bad description at all, and in fact invokes this religious aspect of environmentalism.

      That said, when liberals misspeak, the MSM always covers for them. This is natural since the MSM is liberal, and they know what the person ‘meant’ to say and of course what they meant to say was just fine, so no criticism is warranted. But for conservatives, every misspeak is interpreted from the liberal perspective and hence is always interpreted in a negative fashion.

      So in a sense I agree with you. However, I think if Santorum had said ‘ideology’ instead, they would still have found grounds for bashing him.

      And out of curiosity, why do you use the jaygatsby88 moniker? I just re-read “The Great Gatsby” and so am curious.

    • PhillyCon

      Trust me, if it wasn’t that, it would be something else. The problem is that we have been trying to play by their rules, and thats why we lose the communications war.

      B/c we have to temper our words while the other side can say just about anything and get away with it.

      Our side has become too “cowed” by the media and by its Alinsky tactics. Every word is parsed and dissected. I wonder if they would apply the standards to people like Maxine Waters.

      • hbnolikeee

        You don’t really wonder do you?

    • 1. Fact check: Sarah’s history of Paul Revere was correct.
      2. It may not be lawful, but it is legal: Corporations are treated as legal entities.
      3. Santorum is right. Everything about Barack Hussein Obama is Phony including his Black Liberation Theology.

    • hbnolikeee

      Everyone stumbles in speeches. The difference is that when Du Bumbler does it doesn’t spend a week in the MSM as some indication of weakness, stupidity etc.

  • Steven

    Santorum was questioning Obama’s theology that would cause him to believe that drilling for oil and natural gas is a sin to the environment. Kudos for Rick Santorum for bringing this up as an issue because we are all suffering at the pump as a result of this radical environmental theology that has shut down oil and natural gas production in this nation.

    Anything more than that context is a lie by the Left and the media, which is trying to extend this to questioning Obama’s Christianity. IF Obama claims he’s a Christian (whether we believe so or not) then I won’t judge that and Santorum wasn’t judging that. His quote was quite particular to the environmental agenda of the Left that is theological as Rich Lowry described.

  • c4pfan

    Anyone would know that this is an obvious trumped up charge by the media, because the President actually violated our 1st Amendment rights!

  • goodbyeobama

    Radical environmentalism is a secular theology. These extremists view Mother Earth as their Diety and subscribe to idea that humans are subservient to mother earth. This is not a Biblical view which is that mankind rules over the earth, not the other way around as the wacko environmentalists think. Obama has shown by his policy decisions and statements that he supports the worldview of AGW just like the extremist environmentalists. It is a phone theology. That is what Santorum was referring to when he was speaking about energy policy before his audience.


    Powers was wrong. Obama and the Radical Environmentalists frequently misstate the Biblical admonitions regarding the Earth. The Earth and its resources are to be used and developed for man’s benefit. We can be good stewards of those resources, but they are to be used. It would be nice if the Dems had the same concern for the life of In Utero-Children as they do for Polar Bears.

    • Nukeman60

      I, for one, wish they would stay away from the Polar bears. These creatures are doing fine (5 fold increase in the last decade) and if the environmentalists get their hands on the Polar bears ‘plight’, they’ll be extinct in a week.

  • Nukeman60

    This Fox host is a piece of work. She attempts to say, ‘Even if he didn’t say these terrible things, is there anything wrong with him saying these terrible things’. Geesh. Condemn him at the same time you admit he said nothing wrong. I guess you can have it both ways. I stand corrected. /sarc

    And then Kirsten Powers (what a brainiac there) says it’s okay to say ‘secular theology’, but don’t bring up the Bible. Why, Kirsten, does it burn when you hear it? He only said it wasn’t based on the Bible, that’s all.

    My brain is spinning, spinning…pop.

    • NJK

      And all the while they’re talking about this, people are having trouble putting food on their tables, and gas in their cars, and Michelle Obama is in Aspen skiing and eating, why, carrots of course.

      This diversion will not work. It is only making people angrier at them. I would be very careful about watching FOX anymore, I don’t. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes are being blackmailed by Zero and his criminal gang, for Murdoch’s legal problems. This is why the judge was fired. They aren’t going to give you the unvarnished truth. Perhaps if they would have told the truth about this ugly man, Zero, in the beginning, they wouldn’t have this problem now.

  • If Santorum wins the nomination, Donald Trump said “there’s a good possibility that I would do something, yes” a third party run.

    • NJK

      Trump has turned into an annoying blowhard. Who listens to anything he says anymore. “I’m going to run, I’m not going to run, I’m going to run, I’m not going to run.” I like Donald Trump, but even I can’t take him seriously anymore. It’s like he has a flower in front of him, saying, he loves me, he loves me not, while picking off the petals. Hey, I’m going to run!

    • Nukeman60

      I’m on record as saying time and time again that Trump has always been in the bag for Obama. He’s backed Romney because that’s what the libs want to run against. I said before if Rick or Newt got the nod, that Trump would run 3rd party. It would only give the election to Obama. What a tool (a self-serving one, at that).

  • I can’t wrap my mind around this. First of all, isn’t it a compliment in the minds of liberals to say that he is not following Christian Theology? Also, he is obviously following a liberal ideology over any other kind of theology, this is very clear to anyone with a brain in their head.

  • Gtrjag

    The effort to paint Santorum as wide eyed radical nut is really starting to tick me off. How are Santorum’s policies different from the main stream of the Conservative movement? They’re not. When the media attacks Santorum they are not just attacking Santorum. They are attacking each and every one of us who still believes in God, who believes in the sanctity of life, and who believes marriage and families are critical to survival of our society. Barack Hussein Obama is the radical. We are not.

    • wodiej

      Marriage, families and God are important but that is not the ONLY thing that is important to our survival. We need jobs, a good economic climate, clean up the corruption, energy independence, zero federal debt, less entitlement spending. Just having social values is not enough.

      • Gtrjag

        They go hand in hand. The reason we are in such bad shape is because America has forgotten God and as a result has lost its moral foundation. In a government of the people by the people and for the people, the people get a government that they deserve. Just look at all the women you know who are not married and having babies. Those children are future voters. If you want to see where our society as a whole is going, just look at the black community. They are ahead of us, but make no mistake that is where our society is going and fast.

        Santorum does not ignore economic issues, as is suggested by the Newt fanciers. The media is just determined to paint him as an extremist, so they continue to ask him those types of questions. I say he’s doing a heck of a job turning it back around on them and making them look like the imbeciles they are. If we lose on social issues, then so be it. I’d rather lose fighting for what is right than win and compromise my principles. If Santorum’s stance on Social issues really does him in than we are going to lose the war anyway. Nothing left to do but hunker down and get ready for societal collapse.

  • Been_There_BT

    Newt 2012 – because I want to hear about economic issues and the plan to solve the mess we are in, not whether Rick said this or that about Obama’s beliefs. Don’t you see what the leftists are doing here?

    • PhillyCon

      We get it: you like Newt. You say it on every Santorum thread. No need to repeat yourself endlessly.

      • Been_There_BT

        Yep, I sure do support Newt and since most of the threads are basically repetition about Santorum and social issues, I gotta squeeze in reminders about the importance of economic issues wherever I can.

        • NJK

          Not only economic issues by our security. The Muslim Brotherhood and American collaborators are all over the place in this government. Every single employee in every department in the Federal Government need fingerprinted and thorough background checks. If we don’t clean out the enemies in there, we are still in danger. Here is a letter that appeared on Atlas Shrugs from someone who’s retired from the military. Don’t assume because they’re in the military that they are patriotic.


          A letter from a retired Colonel:

        • PhillyCon

          I think we are aware of the issues, thanks. But spamming, doesn’t promote your cause. Trust me.

          • Been_There_BT

            Spamming? No thanks, I think I’ll trust myself instead.

      • wodiej

        Why not-Santorum supporters do. I support Gingrich too.

    • Rush: If Romney Loses Michigan Watch For Re-emergence Of Newt

      All Newt supporters in Michigan should vote for Rick!!

      • NJK

        Maybe the Newt supporters should vote for Newt.

        • I guess but Newt can’t win Michigan and Santorum can beat Romney there. Whoever can beat Romney in my state that’s who i’d vote for.

          • wodiej

            well I see your point. It would be better for people to vote Gingrich to give him some momentum. Santorum already has that. It would really deflate Romney. If Gingrich drops out, I don’t know if Santorum can do it. All he talks about is religion. Talk about the Keystone pipeline, bringing gas prices and grocery prices down, jobs, reducing the debt.

            • Yeah but if he can’t win Michigan he can’t gain momentum, if he loses in 3rd place. It’s better to beat up Mitt Romney’s frontrunner status going into super tuesday where Gingrich has a very strong lead in Georgia, it would also help Newt in other states in play where Newt and Mitt are challenging each other, and aren’t sold on Santorum. I hope Newt doesn’t drop out, he’s valuable to this process, and he could end up winning it.

            • Gtrjag

              Did you watch clip number 2? That’s what the man was doing.

        • Been_There_BT

          NJK you are right they should vote for Newt because if he gets at least 15% he’ll get some delegates from Michigan.

          I suspect this new line that “Newt supporters should vote for Santorum” is being pushed because Romney is starting to come up in the polls in Michigan and supposedly is right behind Santorum now. But I don’t believe that poll and Santorum will beat Romney there without Newt’s votes. I don’t suppose we’ll see Santorum supporters being pushed to vote for Newt when we get to the south. Funny how that works.

          • I guess you’re right about newt supporters/votes. I probably shouldn’t have said that. I hope you’re right about Santorum beating Romney in Michigan.

    • wodiej

      I agree-read what I wrote above.

  • PhillyCon

    This is a given, the MSM is going to this b/c its what they do: cover for the Dems and carry the water for the Obama campaign. The difference is pushing back on it.

    Fretting and wringing our hands over it is worthless, b/c they will do it to Romney or anyone else … the key is to fight back, something most R’s are not good at doing. Exhibit A: Boehner and McConnell.

  • NJK

    I wouldn’t get too upset about this. True people of faith know Zero is not practicing anything out of the Bible. The leftist media is only stirring up the left by doing this. His attack on Christianity and Catholics exposed his lie. True Christians and Catholics don’t believe Zero is a Christian at all. When I hear the media doing this, all I think is look at the liars still trying to promote this false image of that man. If anyone thinks this man is a Christian, they don’t have two brain cells to rub together.

    Do you think a real Christian would have did this to the Catholic Church? So I’m supposed to believe the lie I’m being told, and not believe my own eyes or thinking brain. Good grief, someone tell the truth. He’s not a Christian, he doesn’t read the Bible, and he hates Jesus.

    When he spoke at Georgetown University after he first usurped the White House he had them cover up all the religious symbols relating to Jesus. I’m supposed to overlook this, and just believe the lies they’re spewing? He attacks the Catholic Church, they point fingers at the clergy when they were in front of Congress, saying things like, “You embarrassed our president,” and I’m supposed to believe this is the act of a Christian? He laughs behind the backs of those who are falling for this. The guy is mentally ill and dangerous.

  • Limbaugh: Republican Establishment In A Panic Over Santorum, Social Issues.

  • wodiej

    Oh the way Santorum goes around preaching about social issues and his Christianity, it doesn’t surprise me that anyone took it “out of context.” If he and his supporters don’t want it front and center, then stop putting it out there and just talk about the issues. Jobs, the economy, jobs, jobs, the economy, the nat’l debt, jobs…national energy, jobs,you know-what’s important.

    • Been_There_BT

      exactly right wodiej

  • klaffner

    So what you are really saying is that Santorum is so stupid he doesn’t realize that using theological in a metaphorical manner will be willfully misinterpreted and used against him.

    It is heady stuff to be leading in the polls. You begin to see yourself as President. It has consistently been too much for the various poll leaders to handle. Poll Leader syndrome is starting to affect Santorum. He is starting to think he can say whatever he wants. It is the same thing that brought down Newt. Spending all your time explaining and revisiting what a candidate really meant is not the way we want to spend the next 8 months.

    • Been_There_BT

      good point Klaffner

  • Been_There_BT

    Seems to me Rush is the one in a panic over it – going on and on in his defense of Rick – defending him against the leftist smears over Rick’s soundbites and translating what he meant, or putting them into proper context is becoming a full time job – that’s all he talks about anymore.

    • xymbaline

      Rush and Sean Hannity are trying to stay neutral and not tilt toward any particular person.

      i wish they’d just endorse Newt, but their positions make sense. There’s no telling what any of the candidates might say or do that would get them crushed.

      So, I have to be content with endorsements from Chuck Norris, Fred Thompson, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Michael Reagan and Todd Palin.

      • Been_There_BT

        And everyone of those endorsements of Newt are from solid conservatives:)

        • xymbaline

          I know it sounded kind of “rah, rah”, but the fact is, I’m deeply impressed by all those men.

          I remember Fred Thompson from the WaterGate days, and I found him one of the few actors who could pull the heaviest of roles, and you had no doubt that this man could be that that serious.

          Micheal Reagan was here in Florida, staying step for step with Newt. I got to hear the two of them the night before the election.

          Chuck Norris, of course, still does pushups where he stays still and the earth moves. 🙂

          I’m proud of all of them.

  • xjesterx

    HERE WE GO…Drudge has a HUGE headline saying, “SANTORUM CAMP: OBAMA’s RADICAL ISLAMIC POLICIES”. Turns out, it was an aide that during an interview where she said over and over “radical enviornmental policies”, misspoke ONCE and said “radical islamic policies”. She corrected it afterwards and said she misspoke, obviously meaning to say “environmental” since she said it over and over again.

    But HERE WE GO…everybody LOVES Drudge….right? I’m here to tell you, Drudge is about Drudge. He is about getting hits, regardless of who it hurts or how it effects the election.

    I will no longer get my updates from him.

    • Been_There_BT

      I stopped going over to Drudge long ago.

      • Linky1

        Me, too.

        I don’t need a daily dose of the “world according to Mittens” in my face every day.

    • damn, wrong time to misspeak, with the LSM narrative at the moment with Santorum

  • Santorum highlights a clear contrast between himself the the President that can’t be missed which we need to get people on board. Enough with the milquetoast candidates already.

  • xymbaline

    Join the Anti-Drudge Revolution.

    Dump him (along with National Review, if you haven’t done so already).

    TRS and Badblue do the job as well or better.

  • I am glad this site is here. I just can’t see where we can get proper news on television anymore. I prefer getting my news online. These mainstream knuckle heads just cannot seem to do anything but cloud the water and get in the way. Thanks for your contribution Scoop in regards to helping the media share the story properly, and for pointing out where they royally screw up!

  • xymbaline

    Dump Drudge.

  • hbnolikeee

    It’s actually easy to understand. These drooling trolls wait for anything that they can somehow connect the dots to mean the worst unless it’s Duh Wun.

  • Gtrjag

    I think the reason they pushing this idea that Santorum’s a religious fanatic so hard is that they can’t portray him as stupid like they try to do with all our other candidates.

    • B-Funk

      Perhaps, also, there just isn’t as much dirt on him.

      • Reckoner_3

        Perhaps, also, there just isn’t as much dirt on him.

        Obama and headquarters at Chicago validated this in terms of baggage. They’re worried.

    • Reckoner_3

      Yeah, the media should try to paint Santorum as a fanatic, when he shares the faith of 25 percent of this country. Um, hello Catholicism has been around for a while now…don’t think people are going to be convinced of it as a portrayal as one of something like the artist formerly known as Prince’s religion. Especially since Santorum doesn’t even act like a those sedevacantist / SSPX types.

      Remember Bobby Jindal was pushed by the elites GOP establishment early, but that guy writes in his book about an exorcism he witnessed….

      I mean, the approach lacks in credulity because one would have to delve deep into anyone’s details in denomination, it starts to become less and less relevant in terms of relating to policy.

      And one can always put back on democratic opponent, Jeremiah Wright.

  • Reckoner_3

    Mark Levin talked about this today.