Sarah Palin: If our fearless leaders insist on waving the white flag then they need to bring our troops home

Sarah Palin reacts to the apology tour this administration is taking in response to the anti-America protests and violence in the Middle East. She says that Obama is indeed weakening America by virtue of his policies and that if they are going to keep waving the white flag and capitulating to these Islamists instead of standing up for freedom, then they need to bring our troops home and stop wasting American blood and treasure:

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  • StandProudNow

    As ALWAYS Gov. Palin nails it!

    • DocBarry1

      I was about to write the same thing – Ditto and thanks

    • Gov. Palin and nailng it… 2 great things that go great together.

  • Scott Huntington

    Stay the course, Sarah> You’re either with U.S. or with the terrorists. Don’t be a terrorist.

    • Rshill7

      Thanks Scott, you’re right; but me, my family, and friends, are going to terrorize O’s political chances at our local voting stations in November.

      It’s what we call legal terrorism. No harm no foul.

      • crosshr

        I stand in 2nd motion,
        legal terrorism, no harm , no foul. Just voting O’s arse out !so help me God !

  • idesign2

    Looks like she’s in Vegas..:)

    • I’d be pizzed if I had to interrupt my Vegas time with a 4 minute interview…lol

  • Wow… think she overdid the bronzing!

    • idesign2

      It’s Vegas..:)


    • She is tan, get over it.

    • 3seven77

      It wasn’t bronzing. I don’t think this interview took place in a studio. This looked like it was in a hotel room that was badly lit. I could see there was no backlight on her hair and they were very likely aiming the front lights lower trying to avoid causing glare on her glasses. It’s a nightmare to get lighting correct when the background is dark and the subject is wearing white. Also, the camera may not have been white-balanced.

  • RedDaveR

    Thanks to Gov. Palin. She has it right. If we are not going to protect our diplomats and our troops, then we need to get them out of there.

  • opinionatedhermit

    Excuse me while I paraphrase:

    “Barrack Obama can see YouTube from his house….”
    -Sara Palin

  • Landscaper

    The Truth ……..Priceless !

  • Thank you Sarah…Spot On….Obama has so weakened America he now threatens the very safety and security of our troops and personnel abroad. The one thing that has always kept Americans safe is the thought of REPRISAL should harm come to one of her own. Now we have a President that instead of defending the Americans that pay the taxes for him to have his LAVISH Lifestyle and Fly all over on a GAS POWERED JUMBO JET, he apologizes to the very people that would harm them…..ABSOLUTELY UNFORGIVEABLE!!

    God Bless out wonderful service men and women!! Sarah thank you for the blunt, honest and clear comments on the Marxist in the WH!!

  • carmtom13

    Governor Palin is absolutely right. Thank you Governor Palin for saying how many of feel about this.

  • Right on Sarah. She would know this more than anyone since her son is in Afghanistan now. Not only are our men fighting with their hands tied behind their backs, they also have to undergo strict absurd sensitivity training so that they do not insult the 8th century Islamic throwbacks. Such rules include:

    Some 120,000 American and other foreign troops mix closely with 350,000 Afghan security forces. Afghan trainees and guards are co-located on US bases, where they share bathrooms, gyms and mess halls.
    To avoid offending them, US commanders are putting troops through intense Muslim sensitivity training. Among other things, they’ve been ordered to:
    * Wear surgical gloves whenever handling a copy of the Koran.
    * Never walk in front of a praying Muslim.
    * Never show the bottom of boots while sitting or lying across from a Muslim, which in Islam is considered an insult.
    * Never share photos of wives or daughters.
    * Never smoke or eat in front of Muslims during the monthlong Ramadan fasting.
    * Avoid winking, cursing or nose-blowing in the presence of Muslims — all viewed as insults in Islam.
    * Avoid exiting the shower without a towel.
    * Avoid offering and accepting things with the left hand, which in Islam is reserved for bodily hygiene and considered unclean.
    Troops who violate the sensitivity rules face severe punishment.

    Sarah Palin is right. If Barack Obama, Dept of State, Hillary Clinton, DOD, Pentagon and the hierarchs in the military who are PC obsessed in fighting these wars, then you may as well bring the troops home. You fight a damned war to win it. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING will placate 8th cent. throwbacks.

    • RebinTexas

      Great comments Mr L – and some info I only knew a small bit about. Thanks and thanks to our Sarah…..what an amazing leader she is!

    • CBDenver

      You are correct that Sarah Palin has a stake in this as the mother of a service man out there on the front lines in Afghanistan as well as a concerned American. I can’t imagine the anxiety she and her family must feel knowing that her son’s life is being endangered by the incompetent Obama policies.

    • crosshr

      Thanks for the info Mr.L. If these orders were imposed upon our troops and allies when they conquered Japan and Germany @ WW2, allow the Nazis to practice their doctrine cos they are human beings too. Where would the world be at today?
      We have won many wars, loose too many battles. Enemy of freedom were never too strong to overcome. We start loosing battles from our heads. We tend to think with our hearts only to realize we usually support a heartless, rotten uncivilized cunning enemy. Palin is spot on, time to bring all our hers home.

    • poljunkie

      Oh Geez. Im surprised they arent bowing.

    • sDee

      SO Obama and Dempsey have forced our troops to submit to sharia.

    • tshtsh

      The only one I would bother with is accepting anything from their left hand (does this mean they still do not use toilet paper or wash their hands), ew. Other than that bring them home (without telling b.o.) and level our local infrastructure.

  • Rshill7

    Friends, I love what Dick Morris just said on Greta, and I usually call him simply, Dick…but how he described the polls was brilliantly accurate and matter of fact…Check it out please and hopefully Scoopalufagus will show it. He’s magic like that.

  • eyewatcher1960

    Right on, Governor Palin.

  • p m

    It’s the money. Cut it off, period. The islamists only use it to feed the uneducated, anti-American youths that we see during these endless protests. Islam’s disaffection for the West is 1400+ years old. Its thirst for revenge is based on its jealousy of the Judeo-Christian West’s intellectual and philosophical advancements. They are not permitted to think, and until they are, they will stay the same.

    Remove the funding and let them ponder their philosophy at will. Also, allow no more to migrate to the West. Most of all, as Sarah says, bring the troops home. Not one more drop of blood. Not one more cent.

  • Fox stop screwing around with sarah, put her on more or cut her loose.

    • IwjwI


  • BHliberty

    She’s right, no more, no more! We need to get out and protect our borders!

  • StrangernFiction

    They need to bring our troops home period!


    Just saw NEWT on Greta, and Sarah was good on Hannity show.
    Hannity has been hammering OBOZO this week as all the conservtives have.

    Newt called him “Entertainer in Chief” and admitted that was not a conforting thought.

    NO one wants to see US Presidency collaspe, but this is one we may accept as the powers from above finally get involved……thank GOD….

    The MSM this week was covering for WH, then on the other hand as I speculated with the tape on Monday about Mitt, that has been non stop mocking, even on CNN?

    I think that Mitt video was OCTOBER surprise the CORN guy and MSNBC was holding to slam him during debates to upset him. There is not really much in there, and is what they have to hype it up so much.

    CORN (Mother Jones) said as much as he rushed it out to save WH…quite evident in hindsight now..

    It certainly does not rise to the level of 4 MURDERED Americans and the coverup and LYING going on to protect O-BLAME-O and his policies as they impled…lucky us…

    Again, I don’t want Americans to suffer or Admin people but the DIS-INFORMATION campaign for over a week was so distressing to most of us, and was confirmed by Col North on Hannity show.

    WH, OBUMMER is imploding in its own web of LIES.

    So, Hillary is going to have to pay for this, and be shamed and that RICE lady, she was used by somebody. Jay Carney is a STOOGE. I did not want Sec Clinton to go out in shame, but if you sleep with the lions……


    Expect Oh-uh-OH to try to pull a rabbit out of the hat, if he gets cornered to cover up his messes, and warm up the B-2s and call BEBi now.

    HE still has the WAR card. he is still the PREZI. Maybe the Generals will overrule him if he does something stupid just to save his JOB…..


    Lets end with some real FEEL GOOD amazing NEWS if every body has not heard??

    Somebody above has heard my plea to take action on Prog Dog BJ Bill Clinton. Sec of explaining crap.

    Someone offered MONICA LEWINSKY $12 MILLION DOLLARS for the sex habits of
    the womanizer.

    I hope they rush that out…ASAP…..

    Could NOT have happened to a bigger MORE DESERVING a-hole.

    First, I offer free hand car washes to the people (all of them) who made the deal to Monica.

    Second, thank you GOD for answering my prayers.

    THIRD, and maybe most important, Don’t temp the LORD thy GOD !

    The DEMS are messing with the wrong entity and have become the party of SODOM and GOMORAH right in front of us the last 4 years.

    And that Convention, booing GOD and ISRAEL??????? WOW !!!!


  • FreeManWalking

    Shouldn’t the WH Lackeys tell their fearfilled der puppet that the LIE has been flushed out and they have changed the story to a Planed Terrorist Attack.

  • Right Scoop- why does your video clip open with the Dept of State’s logo with what appears to be Arabic (?) words underneath? What does it say? Why is it there?

  • yknott

    That woman is an idiot! Thank you KO!

    What’s up with the black wig?

    • Linky1

      And the dude in your avatar has big ears. Your point is?

    • crosshr

      leave muchelle O alone puleezzee !

    • white531

      Forget to take your meds, yknott? Maybe you just keyed in to the wrong site by mistake? Take your sick mind somewhere else where it might be appreciated.

      • Linky1

        That would be the home of the basement dwellers – MediaMatters for America.

    • KenInMontana

      Begone “gater” and darken our threshold no more.

      In language you may better understand, bye-bye Barry’s bi$%h.

  • Sober_Thinking


  • dave kenny

    In thanking Hannity for the opportunity to tell the viewing public the truth,
    she was acknowledging that Fox are keeping her off the air
    Because every time she speaks Obama has another puncture in his electoral hopes
    Fox should be told to let Sarah speak
    If they don’t renew her contract pull the plug on them

    • DocBarry1

      AS I wrote before those remarks were somber and I wasn’t sure if I was sad or really mad at Fox or both?

      • wodiej

        They could be somber in tone because I feel she is out of her element and what she truly excels at and that is implementing policy. Being a political pundit is not challenging. She’s a doer. I want to see her in charge of developing US energy resources. God has a plan for her and Gov. Palin knows it.

        • DocBarry1

          I, too, believe that God has plans for her, but 8 do not believe that it is with the GOPe or Fox News
          You can’t cross the sea merely by
          standing and staring at the water.
          – Rabindranath Tagore

  • deTocqueville1

    Brilliant as always but she is surgically and scathingly targeted. If only the wusses and fellow travellers on the right would help, there might be hope for winning the Presidency. She could still, if asked by the GOPe and Romney, save the day. Will she be asked?

  • deTocqueville1

    Brilliant as always but she is surgically and scathingly targeted. If only the wusses and fellow travellers on the right would help, there might be hope for winning the Presidency. She could still, if asked by the GOPe and Romney, save the day. Will she be asked?

  • Wake Up America ! NoBama !!

  • poljunkie

    I agree, and nice tan. After my own heart.
    Debbie, I’m sorry. I know its horrible for us. I have been wearing sunscreen, I promise.No more baby oil.

  • sDee

    Pamela Geller has been winning significant ground in court and public opinions battles for her First Amendment rights. Her ads and legal team are brilliant.

    It is chilling to watch the government and the media align to cripple the First Amendment in the name of islamic supremacy.

    Here are two recent videos. Watch the US media argue against Free Speech!

    Pamela Geller rolls on over dhimmie Erin Burnett on CNN. Awesome!

    US Senatorial Candidate Wendy Long deals with an islamic sympathizing host who wants to stifle criticism of islam:

    • p m

      Can’t resist asking, sDee, have you read the latest WH Insider report over on UM? Intimates that Amb. Stevens was fingered by zero. I knew it! Very good read.

      • sDee

        I did read it – someone linked to it on another comment where I posted my guess that this whole thing was set up like F&F to shock Americans into crippling the First Amendment.

        There were just too many things in that report which line up with the recent events and patterns to ignore its credibility.

  • Would love for this woman to run for Senate in 2014!!!

    • poljunkie

      Arizona is calling.

    • wodiej

      She needs to run for something. I’d like to see her put in charge of developing US energy.

      • Secretary of Energy or Secretary of the Interior would be best fit.

  • PAWatcher

    No one can get to the gist of the matter better than Sarah. She nails obama for what he is and always gives the Right way to fix the mess obama has put US in.
    obama is not a leader, he is a politician……doesn’t get any clearer than that, obama must go!

  • The Governer was exactly right. As usual.

    You know, Glenn Beck had an amazing list tonight of everything that Obama and his closest spokespeople have lied about, demonstrably lied about. I wish I had it recorded, because he explained them all quite well. (Here are some of them.)

    Nixon did a few things that brought shame to the office of the President, so he resigned.

    Obama calls that level of malfeasance “Monday.”

    Never in my life did I think an American President would so come to represent dishonesty, and on such a grand scale. I don’t mean “lying” like the O-bots bring up every time when they say, “all politicians lie.” We’re talking about Potemkin Village type lies, like we saw constantly during the Cold War coming from the old Soviet union.

    The Obamians roll them out Every. Freaking. Day.

    We can’t even keep up with this level of calumny. While you’re building the careful case to prove that they lied about Romney killing a woman, they are on the the next outrage, and the dying press laps it up and spreads it like manure on a cornfield (or as liberals seem to think of it, manna from heaven)

    Beck seems to be doing a better job now that he has all the room for the ideas in his head. Maybe he just chafed under the tiny, hour-a-day slot at Fox (and his radio program). His shows got kind of disconnected. Now he has a whole network, and it’s looking really good.

    He also seems less likely to simply hype the next show with vague promises of revelations and exposes that turn out to be nothing, like he did all the time at Fox.

    So far, so good. (I hope he starts snagging some of Governor Palin’s time again, and makes more common cause with other folks on the right.)

    As Ledeen always closes, “Faster, please.”

    (EDIT: some badly formed prose. Less badly formed now.)

    • Okay, not “everything” they’ve lied about. That would take about a week’s worth of shows. Just go look at some of the lies at the linkthrough.

      This was some really bad writing on my part. Sorry. I think I have addressed all the errors now.

    • sDee

      One thing I noticed in the Ulsterman insider interview was his comment about the republicans being so afraid to do anything even F&F, which is all laid out ready to go after Holder.

      ” When bodies start showing up…courage leaves the room real fast. Nobody wants to risk anything on principle. Doin’ the right thing is doin’ the dead thing – that’s what back to Chicago is in all of this. Fast and Furious…as bad as that is…that thing was just to get the ball rolling. Get Holder gone, peel away the DOJ onion…and see the real ugly inside.”

      • I’m guessing that has a lot to do with the title of Beck’s next book: “Cowards.”

        We really only have a very small group of folks unafraid to act on principle in Washington.

  • wodiej

    Always good to hear from Gov. Palin. I have to say though, that when I look back on her activities in a leadership role, it fit her like a glove. Go back and listen to her VP acceptance speech and debate w Joe Biden or a rally. The pundit role just doesn’t fit her. Hopefully Romney will give her a role in his cabinet on energy. I think she is waiting on God to guide her where He wants her and she is no doubt anticipating to get started. I think she likes policy and implementing it and doing 5 minute snippets on Fox is not challenging in the least.

  • Yazz55

    The regime of the Obamessiah ramps up apologies to muslim terrorists.

    Muslim terrorists ramp up attacks on US embassies.

    Will somebody please connect the dots!!

    • Sandra123456

      I’m surprised that the Obamessiah hasn’t flown to one of these Muslim countries, and bent over and kissed the ground they walk on.

  • It’s not a totally white flag though. It’s just the new Obama flag.

    Zombie tracked down the inspiration, the original version of this new Obama flag…

  • rgolich

    The reasons are: a) Barry has a strong Muslim family tradition. b) Barry has a strong Marxist family tradition. c) Therefore, he agrees with Islam’s desires and he uses Marxist policies to weaken the USA so we are not so stronger, and free’er econmically and militarily than other nations. All the same is his goal.

  • Okay, this is O/T, but Scoop’s post on it has scrolled off the front page.

    You remember the creepy photo of Jim Messina touting “Obama / Care .. For All”?

    Well Rick Perry has just robbed that “meme” of all meaning. Barking Frillyant!

    H/T Doug Ross, via @HarrietBaldwin on the tweeter, from Gov’nr Perry’s twit thingy

    • poljunkie

      Holy Sh*t.

  • Because of the media and Hollywood whores, being pimped out by the W.H., we will not have good people like Palin leading this once great country. I am scared.

  • Things seem to be going from bad to worse in Afghanistan, and yet we hear NOTHING from the president about it. Not one word. His policy in Afghanistan is falling to pieces, yet he doesn’t even think it’s worth a press conference. Worse, the mainstream media isn’t asking him any questions about it, either. It doesn’t seem like we’re making much of a difference in that miserable country, especially with our own Afghan troops turning on us and killing our own men. Time to go and let the Afghans sort it out. They will probably fall to pieces and end up slaughtering each other like they have been doing for centuries, but there just are some countries that can’t be saved. Afghanistan is one of them. The best that we can hope for is that our military might has proven to them that if they ever decide to attack the United States again, they will pay a terrible price. That’s about the best you can hope for in that part of the world.

    • sDee

      I have noticed this too and believe it is all part of the media lockdown. What could be wrong after all if the President can flit around doing all this cool stuff with that “What, Me Worry?” grin on his face.

      • WordsFailMe

        Comment from a resident Muslim after seeing the new Anti Jihad ads in NYC:

        —-Abdul Yasar, a New York subway rider who considers himself an observant Muslim, said Geller’s ad was insensitive in an unsettling climate for Muslims.

        —“If you don’t want to see what happened in Libya and Egypt after the video – maybe not so strong here in America – you shouldn’t put this up,” Yasar said.

        —But “if this is a free country, they have the right to do this,” he said. “And then Muslims have the right to put up their own ad.”

        Wow we could have Jihad advertising war any day if muslims were not vicious, mindless baboons.

        That one Muslim sleeps peacefully any one night on this continent is enough to send me into a rage.

        • sDee

          Here is an Iranian woman who understands free speech better that the American media:

          An Muslim Cleric told the woman to cover herself up. She responded saying: ‘You should close your eyes.”

          • WordsFailMe

            Hopefully someday it will become fashionable for a Bad Hajib to respond to the arrogant Imam by gouging out the eyes of the baboon.

            • sDee

              We are arming the muslim brotherhood when we should be arming the Christians and the women of islamic countries.

          • That might make a great bumper sticker but I suppose it would be too inciteful?

        • white531

          WordsFailMe, it is good to find another member who hates Muslims as much as I do. Muslim domination of the planet is the real war we are facing. Everything else is secondary. Anyone who does not realize that fact, is simply not paying attention.

          • WordsFailMe

            I don’t remember hating anybody but. Sid taylor from the 4th grade, before Obama. Now, a day without the daily “War Porn” video on is a day without sunshine.

            Whitey. There’s a lot of us. Go to and scroll down until you get to Pat Condell’s video, about 3 down. You’ll want to stand up and cheer.

            I’ve been watching a lot of WWI vid’s. my dad was apilot then. You cannot believe the kinds and the amount of sacrifice people who’s names we will never know made for this country. Lot of men died before they could lift a fist.

            Also, follow sDee, 911Infidel and Nukeman here on RS. Not one of these fellows in “in the closet about how the understand Islam and the maniacs who are it’s slaves.

            These are some guys I learned a lot from.

            It’s a real pleasure to share with you my friend.

            • white531

              The pleasure is mine, I assure you. My cup is full. There are plenty who understand what we are facing. These are dangerous times, for sure. Not because of the enemies we face, but because of the ignorance of those among us.

  • well, our ROE is basically “Don’t hurt them unless they kill you” so what could go wrong?
    pull them out, cook the poppy fields with a tactical nuke.
    make popcorn.

  • SP is dead on. Wish they would’ve talked a little about Rand Paul’s efforts to filibuster re cutting off funds to Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, etc. Bring our troops and money home NOW. Drill here; drill now. Support Israel. Vote Republican November 6, no matter how you feel about the candidate.

    • poljunkie

      Speaking of Rand Paul, did everyone see his quote earlier Speaking on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show the Republican senator said,
      “You know, I think — I’m in the minority here, but I think the election is over,” said Paul. “I think that Romney has already won.
      The people really are tired of the debt. They’re tired of irresponsible leadership. I think they’re tired of having 23 million people out of work. So, I think you’ll find — and this is my prediction, and of course, I could be wrong. I am fallible.”

    • DocBarry1

      The Governor is given so little time, it is amazing what she is able to get in


  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    The woman always makes clear sense to me.

    “You can have free stuff or freedom. You can’t have both”

    – Sarah Palin

  • Guest1776rcp

    Bring the troops home. We free the Muslims from brutal dictators and they promptly use their newly found freedom to shackle themselves to brutal sharia law. Unfortunately the fact is, its just an unwinnable war.

    The last time we had peoples willing to blow themselves up killing Americans we had to drop two nuclear bombs on them to change their way of thinking and not be so hostile.

  • JDOlson

    OK, yes, she nailed it, but look at the time she took to make a complete, stand alone kick to the groin of the BOob’s foreign policy: 44 sec to kick 44’s ass! Sean took 16 sec setting her up, then BOOM: The perfect 1 min ad.

    And why do I get the sense every time I hear her speak that she stopped in the middle of time with her raucous family, or doing a load of laundry, or shooting a moose, or doing the family’s bookkeeping to deliver political, economic, and foreign policy statements that are dead freakin’ on and far superior to any of our conservative pundits, in part, because of their plain language.

    • white531

      JD, I liked your comment. I think what it illustrated, is that Sarah is very human, and lives a very human existence like the rest of us.

      Even so, she has more wisdom than most of the bureaucrats in Washington, and thinks more clearly on most issues facing this nation.

      That’s why they hate her, and that’s why I love her.

  • misterlogic0013

    A woman of few words dead on, she is what we need now, years ahead of all of them .. Special Lady / Her Day Will Come ..

  • BMinPA

    Is that a wig? I wouldn’t recognize her. May be that’s the idea.

  • Lefsa123

    It sounds like Sarah Palin thinks she is an expert on all military action because her husband played war on a TV show. The only person who is impressed with all of Sarah’s advise is her family. Her brother and Dad have even written a book describing all the childhood problems she had when she was young.