Sarah Palin: Todd Akin should withdraw or we’ll run a third party for Senate in Missouri

Palin said she isn’t trying to pile on because she understand what Akin is going through. But just as she knew when to fold them in Alaska, she says Akin needs to know when to fold them and the time is now. She said that if he doesn’t withdraw then she will get behind a third party to defeat Claire McCaskill and win that seat:

According to Dana Loesch, Palin can’t back a Steelman third party ticket, so it’d have to be someone else:

And then it may not be possible at all this go round:

UPDATE: Yep, the filing deadline was July 30:


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  • Don’t care if Palin didn’t know the finer parts of MO election law. I agree with her sentiments nonetheless.

    • CaseyGeorge

      She should have looked into it before making such a claim on a national stage. Now it just makes her look stupid. Would you have gone on TV with such a proposal having not looked up if it was possible? I wouldn’t.

      Note to Palinistas: I like her and I’m not saying she’s dumb. But uninformed statements are dumb. And if she was anyone but Palin, you’d agree. #JustSayin

      • mark1955

        You don’t like her and you are saying she’s dumb. This is version number 9,990 of,”I like Sarah,but”. We’ve heard it before and we ain’t buying it!

        • CaseyGeorge

          You don’t know me.

          I do like her & I like what she stands for, but I am not a blind follower who will give her a free pass when she says something dumb. I notice, you made no mention of what I said. If you’d like a debate over what I said, then I’d gladly engage in that. But it would appear you know I’m right, so you’ll just go after me for not kissing her feet instead.

          • stevenbiot

            A large majority of people on this thread know exactly what it feels like to be a blind follower of their leader. And they say only liberals are drones.

        • Rightstuff1

          I like her but there is a point to be made. If you place your effort behind a 3rd party candidate you have to first make sure that is a viable option. Hey its only an opinion and it seems like a sensible one so don’t shoot me.

      • AmericanDream12

        I like her “but”..yep. We’ve heard that before.

      • stevenbiot

        Palin is a paid talker now, nothing more, nothing less. She’s not a strategist, either. She gave up when the going got tough, and she offers her opinion to others about knowing when to fold. Sounds like a real go-getter.

      • tinker_thinker

        Huh? Wow, that is a low blow…I doubt you are a supporter. No, it would NOT have occurred to me to call anyone dumb or uninformed because of that..I think only a lefty would.

        • CaseyGeorge

          Cool Story. Can you point out where I called her dumb? I said it was a dumb statement. If Obama went on national TV and proposed having a Democrat run 3rd party, even though it is not possible whatsoever, would you consider that a dumb statement?

          Obviously if I think Palin said something dumb, I must be a liberal. And guess what, i don’t agree with Ron Paul on everything, so I obviously hate liberty too. How wrong of me to judge a statement independently of who said it.

          • kessi7

            If I might say, those who follow her statements closely have come to learn that she says things that stir a national debate… If Akin drops out, it wont be because he became afraid of the GOPE, it will be beacuse he saw the implications of a conservative wing that was hell bent of him leaving. Priebus, Ryan, Romney, all asked Akin to leave, Sarah comes and does the same, hers has more bite than all the others put together. There was once a army general who came to a city to battle them. When the city refused to open its gates in surrender, he ordered his men to match forward into an abyss. He told the ruler of the city that he would killl ten of his people for every one ofhis soldiers that fell into the abyss and died. The gates were opened in less than half a day…. If my history is right…. Some times, it is not what you say that matters, it hos you say, andthe tenacity of you heart…. Sarah shows it all the time…
            I am not your run off the milll Palinista. Truth be told, she speaks like a leader.

          • tinker_thinker

            Out of all she said what you come up with is something critical. geeezzz, tell why? What do lefties do about anything Palin?

  • So Akin waits until 2 days before the deadline to screw us over? That’s just great!

    • David Shedlock

      And Akin did what to you, exactly?

      • Rightstuff1

        Errrrr how about screwing a conservative take-back of the Senate….thought of that one yet sherlock?

        • Psyphurr Lock

          Can we change the subject to “chains” and slavery? The chains comment by our ding dong VP was FAR more offensive to FAR more people but it more or less gets a pass. What Akin did was dumb too but no where near the level of hateful to what ding dong did. Just saying…..

          We need to quit eating our own. It breeds internal contempt and pulls us apart farther.

          And that whole skinny dipping thing is just a bunch of crap to distract us more.

          What do those two things honestly have to do with getting people back to work, a balanced budget, and saving SS?


        • David Shedlock

          Have you seen the polls lately? i guess the GOP thugs haven’t finished him off yet, but keep trying.

      • Rightstuff1

        Sorry didn’t mean to be quite so cynical in my response but I’ve seen several folks post saying well let Missouri figure this out for themselves – sorry but this is also a national problem. I’m sure you can see that. How about a Senate divided 51-49….with a McCaskill sitting in a seat that we were on track to pick up. How about that Senate blocking all kinds of Republican bills and God help us but you have to wonder how much hay the Dems will make with this in the Presidential too…..

      • Akin has given a VERY WINNABLE seat back to the Dems!!!!! Gee, hope we don’t fall short in votes needed to repeal Obamacare!!! That effects everyone David.

        Clair Bear was DOA….you hear me David…..DOA. She was so DOA, the undertaker had her measurements and flower arrangements on file. The invitations to her wake were already on order. Now, Akin’s logistical base (money and RNC assets) has been pulled out beneath him. The latest PPP poll oversampled the Republicans (+9) and even then, he was only up by one. Get a clue, this joker has imploded and the drumbeat of negative ads will only ad to the misery.

        Money spigot off, RNC infrastructure off limits, dissension in the ranks, McCaskill will likely get a fresh infusion of DNC funds as they see this seat a definite hold. Their base is enthused that they can pull this off.

        • David Shedlock

          Akin may win, unless Karl Rove shoots him.

  • blueniner

    Dana Loesch is in denial……

    • Rightstuff1

      Yes but to be a responsible political commentator aka Mark Levin, The Great One, one needs intellect and stamina. Banging head against brick wall no matter the situation wont get you anything.

    • How so? I think a third party could take the seat (we’ve had Independent Senators, it looks like Snowe’s seat is going to some Independent who’d caucus with the Democrats), but the time to file has expired under Missouri law.

  • Not true that is for FILING AS AN INDEPENDENT, however a Write-In candidate can petition up to the Second Friday before the National Election. So you can still have a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE run…Steelman and Brunner could NOT be write-ins because of MO law and running in primaries!! But the GOP could get behind a WRITE-IN CANDIDATE…Jim Geraghty over at National Review as all the break down on Supporting a Write-In Candidate…He recommends someone with simple name…KIT BOND!! The GOP could easily use the money to get the name out and Bond is easy to spell and remember. He is pro-life, well known, over 80 percent conservative rating and well liked. Would he do it…that is the question…but if the GOP puts their money there…Akin will see the GOP will not change their mind and no money is coming his way. In the end, you must have money to run a successful campaign and without the GOP and other funding resources Akin cannot survive..not only that even the TEA PARTY is mad at Akin so do not think money would come from there….and Bond is Evangelical so that would help too!

    • Micheal, I live in MO, very close to all this Akin stuff. I have friends who campaigned for him. Akin is a staunch pro-life person. I disagree with Coulter that he is doing this because of his own ego. She doesnt really know him. I truly think he believes that by staying in the race he has a chance of saving some children’s lives. That he feels by stopping Obamacare he will save babies that might have been aborted. He’s too focused on that cause to realize the other part about the Repub machine not backing him and how bad that will hurt him. Kit Bond is a good man, but he is old. He wont appeal to the hipsters in st. Louis and KC. There has been all kinds of talk about the Dems voting for Akin in the primary (open primaries here), and funnelling money into his campaign because he was the one they wanted Claire to run against. That’s how he won to begin with, but even he cant or wont realize that. I know Speelman cant run now but even if she could she has lost before in another race (2010 I think?), so it seems she’s not really wanted either. John Brunner would have been our man I believe if Akin had backed out in time and maybe he would have won, just maybe. There really is no one else. I doubt Ashcroft would want to run again…he got negative press during the Bush years and the independent Bush haters probably wouldnt vote for him. If we could come up with a solid younger conservative as a write in we might have a chance. Many here have already conceded that we’ve lost the race. Its a sad week here in MO. Sean Hannity tried really hard to talk Akin into bowing out on live radio, 2 days in a row. The man almost sounded like he would concede on that 1st day with Sean.

  • orthodoxyordeath

    I live in MO, this is a tossup state that leans conservative, when presented with quality conservatives. Akin is not quality, but neither is McCaskill. There’s still a good chance that Akin can win here, because I know, I for one am still going to work to get him elected, because ANYTHING is an improvement over McDevil. YOU don’t live under her representation, so don’t assume you know what’s best for us. We need to be rid of her, and putting in a third party GUARANTEES A LOSS. TRS posted a clip earlier from Levin. Akin is crap, fine. But now, we need to accept his apology and get behind him. Not try crap that will lose the Senate seat.

    • Sorry I disagree with an approval rating at 24 percent with a skewed poll of Plus 9 Republican…that tells you Ortho that is real approval is in the teens!! That is not something getting behind will help overcome. Do you realize that he has plummeted so badly…with a Plus 9 he is one point ahead….in 2010 it was Plus 3…there is no way it is Plus 9..take that way and Akin is really in the mid 30s to 37 that is not a rally behind Ortho…just think of day after day of Claire hitting him with this. I know you want the issues but with Akin no one will listen to him on issues because people will think yes Claire is bad but what else lurks behind Akin’s thoughts…Women will not buy it….

      As well Ortho think of this in a Televised MO SENATE debate with a Moderator who we all know will favor Claire…hits Akin with set up questions to help Claire and they gang up on him….now think in the interview Sunday he was in a relaxed setting with no pressure and he fell right into a disaste of his own making….now put him in a massive pressure Debate with two people egging him on waiting for him to kook out…do you really think he will take that pressure with that much on the line and not say something as bad or worse???

      • orthodoxyordeath

        There’s not enough TIME to get the write-in geared up. If we had a few more months, maybe. We don’t have the time to pick an appropriate candidate, get the name out, and get them campaigning. If we do it, we simply split the vote and lose the election.

        You know how many Senate seats have actually successfully been won by write-in? TWO. Only one, Strom Thurmond, won handily. Lisa Murkowski barely won. Both won elections in states where their party was heavily favored over the opposition. It’s simply not going to work in Missouri due to the composition of the electorate, and it’ll result in splitting the electorate. I live here, I know, because I see the near even split, even here in Columbia, a college town.

        • Bologna…with a strong name and ease of spelling I totally disagree when you have nbame recognition with someone well liked…no it can be done easily!! Sorry in this case Bond would be ideal…You are not going to win with an approval rating in the teens. That is reality and with the ads not even on the air yet from Claire this man will be toast! It will not split the electorate you keep missing the point. AKIN MUST HAVE MONEY..he is already low on cash…he has been cut off from millions…WHO IS GOING TO FUND HIM??? He will not last that is my point and he will have to withdraw…if the GOP puts their MILLIONS which they did not due to Lisa in Alaska with a well liked and well known Missouri man like Bond…Akin will see there IS NO MONEY COMING FROM THE GOP..without that monehy Ortho Akin cannot stay in anyway!! Money runs campaigns that is why he put out another campaign funding request today!!! The GOP has cut him off….

          • orthodoxyordeath

            No one hates Akin more than I do. I worked for Steelman, I KNEW this would happen with Akin. That’s why Claire wanted him. You can say it’s an easy name or whatever, but as I said, historically, it’s a much harder proposition than it sounds. It would require MASSIVE amounts of funding, the likes of which no Senate race has EVER seen before, and I just don’t see it happening. I have doubts about the GOP having the balls to go third party.

            • Ortho I veru much respect your thoughts..The GOP would not go third party they cannot the July 30th deadline passed but they could finance a REPUBLICAN WRITE IN up to the second Friday before the election that is MO law. Steelman and Brunner Unfortunately cannot be write-ins because they ran in the primaries…I liked Steelman as well…but the Dems put 1.5 million in primary cash to Akin…yes Akin…a report came out today that the Dems believed Akin would be the easiest to defeat in a General and you know why?? They felt Akin would be the most likely to implode…now he won the primary less than two weeks ago…he was in a softball question session with Jaco and Jaco did not ask anything hard and look what he did to HIMSELF without any pressure…HE IMPLODED just like the Dems believed….now is that 1.5 million well spent? Picture him in a biased moderated debate on TV with all kinds of pressure against Claire and the biased moderator…do you think he would not go viral or lose his words??? Under that pressure….I can just imagine the GAFFE and the WORDS!!

              Think of it this way…what made Santorum withdraw and Gingrich…MONEY…once they fell in the polls the CASH DRIED UP…no one will send money to a losing cause. Already you have a man with approval in the 20s or really teens…WHY IN THE WORLD would the GOP go back an invest 5 million here when they can go to Oh, VA, MA, WI, ND, MONTANA and even HI with races that are winnable??? The GOP realizes Akin is so damage 5 million cannot elevate him from those numbers…PPP deliberately manipulated the Poll to show Akin up by 1 with a plus 9 sample that was panned by everyone…when Hannity said that to Akin it went over his head!! He is in this zone with his insular friends believing GOD will send down Gabriel and lead him to victory!

              Akin is not in reality but like Rush said it is because everyone around him is like him…so no Objective thought is there!

              There is only one thing that TALKS MONEY!! And Divine Providence will not send him millions…he is banking on the GOP changing their minds…that is not going to happen!

              The best way is to make him face the ECONOMIC REALITY!

              One benefit the GOP will pour money into other more winnable races unless they feel a write-in would work. Now with Claire you bank a smart conservative like Bond or someone else with an easy name to write-in and Claire’s record becomes front and center…with Akin he will not have the cash or trust to get to the issues!

          • Paula4Palin

            I love the idea of this, Michael. I think we can pull this off!!

        • Ortho, I live here too and we also have the problem of these students moving in here for Medical School and grad school from other states, staying 2-4-6 years and influencing our elections, thus this split you talk about.

          • orthodoxyordeath

            Really it’s the MU professors and STL people that make this state lean remotely left.

    • stevenbiot

      Yeah, levin, to my dissatisfaction sure isn’t using his thinking cap on this one. First, he plays nice with a loser like bob Beckel; now he’s hopping on the GOP bandwagon to tar and feather Akin. I’m starting to think the “great one” might need to analyze his nickname.

      • orthodoxyordeath

        He pointed out the hypocrisy in the condemnation of Akin, but the fact that Kennedy and Clinton remain well-liked. He just wants Akin out because the Senate race is too important, though, now that Akin’s all in, he said we need to shut up and support, and he’s right on all fronts.

    • I’m hoping that enough conservatives show up due to the anti-Obama wave that will take over this election, and will manage to drag the guy across the finish line. By that same token, I think there is a slight chance that libs will not be showing up at the polls because they think this guy is doomed and because Obama doesn’t really inspire them to vote. Most people will show up at the polls to vote for the Presidential race- this is on the side. Given the opportunity, I think most Republicans will vote for the Republican ticket down the line, and I think they are most likely to show up and vote.

    • Caiwyn

      “We need to be rid of her, and putting in a third party GUARANTEES A LOSS.”

      Tell that to Senator Joe Miller. Oh, right, he lost to Lisa Murkowski. Never mind.

      • kessi7

        How many victories do you think will save America?
        As long as the Right is still willing to compromise for the sake of Victory, then they have not leart any lessons yet. The GOP will always count on such sentiments to thwart the eforts of real reformers. Someday, you will have to answer this question. What is more important…? Victories or Virtue?
        IN 2010 you put Boehner in as speaker, her played the smart trick of we are cutting 300million from the budget, turned out to be 33million.. Where is the victory?

      • orthodoxyordeath

        I admitted, there have been Senators that won as a third party or as a write in. Let me repeat how many we’ve had in the history of our republic. TWO. TWO throughout all Senatorial elections. EVER

  • Thank God there is no chance to file a third party candidate. I have no doubt that the Democrat party would submit someone to peel votes from the Republican.

  • Joengima

    Sarah Steelman is barred since Missouri Law doesn’t allow losers in primary elections run as 3rd Party.

    And since the Independent nomination deadline passed, only way a 3rd Party Candidate can run is via Write-In.

    So the two choices is a risk with a “Write-In” Candidate, or we make the Missouri Senate Race a choice between the lesser of Two Evils.

    Basically spend all $$ to define who Claire McCaskil is, and to stomach Akin.

    • bucky321

      he has no chance

      • GraceKnows

        If he “has no chance,” it’s because of fair-weather friends and others who listened to the scary media, and hastily threw him under the bus. Somebody on the right had to lead the charge against him, and it will be their fault if the witch McCaskill gets re-elected. SHE is the enemy, not Mr. Akin.

        I LIVE in Missouri, and have followed Todd Akin’s accomplishments for years. He is a good and honorable man. Listen to the damn interview. Read the transcript. READ what this man has done throughout his political career. Few of the big mouths like Danforth (Mr. Milquetoast who never saw a moderate compromise he didn’t like), Romney (who only in recent months was finally crammed down our throats and accepted as the One), et al. Chickenbutts!!!

        Again, I urge you to quit throwing the baby out with the bath water. I am so sick of the fact that conservatives always seem to shoot their wounded!! You’ll have yourselves to thank for your kowtowing to the whims and propaganda of Democrat liberals.

        Educate yourself, for God’s sake. I used to volunteer for Birthright. Read a book.

        • nibblesyble

          Excellent post my friend…I have missed you!!

          • GraceKnows

            Hi, nibblesyble! Been busy, and kind of taking a break from the blogs, but I get Right Scoop by email. So… you know how it is when you can’t resist a remark sometimes! 🙂 Take care – missed you too, my friend!!

            • nibblesyble

              Make sure you come back by November so we can celebrate Obama being booted out! Hugs, Nibbs

        • BS. It’s because he believes the completely asinine crap he said. He truly believes in the magic uterus theory of pregnancy prevention. He is underwater already with no money to fight. AND HE DESERVES NONE. He is dragging down the rest of the NATIONAL conservative ticket.

          • Right, one senate race is DRAGGING down the conservative ticket? By the way, GraceKnows says that they are from MO. I would give them a bit more credit than your knee-jerk reaction.

          • Nick he has admitted that the literature he used for those comments was wrong and he didnt realize it was wrong at the time of his comment – before he did the apology commercial. He has admitted that he was wrong. I dont like what happened, but we are down to him or McCaskil.

        • Could not have said it better, myself….

  • July 30th is the filing deadline for running as Independent that is MO Law…however, not the Write-In Candidate…can it be done…YES with a person with a simple name, money behind them, great recognition and well liked…so Sarah is correct just not a third party but we could easily undercut Akin and if the GOP puts the money behind someone…that name will be easy to put on ballot….this election is too important and bigger than Akin. That is why Jim Geraghty has it up at National Review…check it out…he posted just a few hours ago and his blog is WELL FOLLOWED among the Political Circles…He mentions the name Kit Bond….and think how easy that would to write and spell….Jim’ s point…if you have a long or complicated name Lawyers from Claire could challenge but with a name like Bond that would be hard to misspell and is short!! If the GOP puts there money behind him well then we could have a nice out!

    • orthodoxyordeath

      That’s a sure way to lose the seat, splitting the vote.

      • bucky321

        aken is a lost cause also

      • No ortho it will not split the vote..Akin is banking on the GOP relenting and coming to rescue him with money…if they back Bond where will Akin’s cash to fund his campaign come from??? He is already low on cash and was banking on the 5 million from the GOP…who will raise that for him?? The grassroots do not like him enough and who will send him money? He told everyone today to take a hike and then you think these same people will turn around and give him millions??? I think not! If Akin sees the GOP standing behind a Bond he will not have the money to stay in the race. It is the money that matters and without funds Akin is in big trouble. And he would not last. So there would be no splitting….and someone like Bond is a strong pro-lifer..100 percent NRLC and very well liked and evangelical like Akin!

    • pdxlady

      I think it’s possible. Lisa Murkowski beat tea party favorite Joe Miller as a Write-In candidate for Senator in Alaska in 2010. And she won with her name, which had to be spelled correctly, Murkowski.

      So, with God all things are possible (even for the witch Murkowski; she wasn’t going to give up ‘her’ seat.)

      I don’t live in MO., but I think we have settled for the lesser of two evils too many times, and Akin has shown himself to be not for party or for the good of the country, but only for his own political aspirations. He doesn’t deserve a senate seat.

      • No they did not have to spell her name correctly, Joe tried that and the judge ruled against him.

        • pdxlady

          Thanks Brian. I guess I didn’t remember that part.

        • LastMomStanding

          Didn’t the unions help GOTV for Murky?

          • Murky cried to daddy that she didn’t win and wanted a do over. Took her base and a few cross over Democrat votes to win. Small state where a write-in could pull it off.

          • Big time.

      • Didn’t Plain endorse Miller???

        • pdxlady

          Yes, Kimmy, I believe she did.

          • And Miller wins except AK doesn’t have the sore loser rule and SHe split the vote. SHe lost but refused to cooperate with her own party. We really need another Murkowski in the Senate with a martyr complex.

  • deTocqueville1

    Thanks Scoop. Another great interview. Her passion is needed at the top of the ticket. Hopefully Romney will get some. Dana may be correct but there will be another way. It would appear that Akin is a dead duck and the sooner he and his supporters (like Dana) realize it the better.

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    The state Republican committee is in charge of replacing the Republican candidate when Akin finally comes back to reality. The state would be wise to appoint another woman to run against Claire because the democrats will still try to tie Akin’s comments to all Republicans.

    • Live free the GOP could replace him only if he withdraws and now he must do with a court order….and if he waits until the 25th of Sept that would give little time to act. I prefer the write-in scenario to force him out sooner…this man needs money and if he realizes no money is coming economic reality hits much harder!

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    P.S. It will interesting to see if Mark Levin is really a “Palin lockstepper” here because he is against going the third-party route. All this will do is split the Republican vote in this case and re-elect Claire. Akin must be made to realize he is toast. That is the only solution.

    • bucky321

      she said if he does not step down–he must fold them

  • listen to the levin interview w/ preibus, there might still b hope. preibus said that akin can go to the court until sometime in sept. and requested to be dropped from the ballot (listen to the interview for a better description, but highly unlikely he does that if he hasnt bowed out by now

  • brazen_infidel

    Aha, just as I posted several ago in the “Mark Levin Goes Nuclear” thread.

    I guess great minds think alike! 😉

    I’ll leave it to the experts to work out whether or not Steelman can run again. If she can’t, there’s got to be somebody else!

    • She cant — MO law prohibits her from running. She won 3rd place in this primary anyway so she couldnt beat McCaskill anyway.

  • Jean_A

    I have been visiting liberal blogs and they are just bubbling over with silliness.

    They are happy that the next two months will be about rape, rape, and rape.

    • hbnolikeee

      that’s their delusion.

    • mark1955

      Well given the number of rapes at OWS camps,that’s a subject the libs are more than familiar with.

  • What happen to principle. I guess Sarah and a few of us are willing to go out fighting and not give up. You win and lose but you do not sell out.

    • blackbird

      That’s the spirit right there Brian. Courage to stand on principle.

    • stevenbiot

      Do you remember when Sarah was a big quitter?

      • John_Frank

        Another troll who spews falsehoods. Figures.

        • stevenbiot

          Been here when you were still a liberal.

          • John_Frank

            Oh please. This individuals comment shows that he is merely trying to stir up garbage with long leaps from short piers.

        • So she DID finish her term?

  • John_Frank

    First of all Ms. Loesch has been exceedingly unhelpful in this whole situation.

    Second, did anyone bother to note that what the Governor was talking about was starting a third party, not an independent run or a write-in run.

    For those who are interested, follows is the link to the relevant page on the Mo SOS website dealing with Mo Election Law and Regulations.

    Bottom Line: Akin needs to do the right thing and step aside. Mike Huckabee, John Willke and Dana Loesch among others have been very unhelpful in this whole situation.

    • blackbird

      “did anyone bother to note that what the Governor was talking about was starting a third party” just shows how compromised their focus is, they ain’t thinking straight.

    • mark1955

      What else would you expect from someone like Dana Loesch,who has been a dem most of her life and was a rabid Gorebot untill after 9/11. At least she claims that’s when she changed her political affiliation.

      • Rightstuff1

        Well I’m not against conversions religious or political. Imagine a world without a great apostle by the name of Paul.

        Dana is normally so sensible but sometimes people back the wrong horse for the right reasons. In this instance she back the wrong horse for the wrong reasons and I cannot figure her out on this one.

    • Rightstuff1

      Unhelpful is a synonym for destructive in this instance……

  • sjmom

    All is not lost. Though Sarah’s idea of a 3rd party candidate is a good one it would take time for the person to gain traction. Everyone should stick with Akin and pray he keeps his feet where they belong………………away from his mouth!

    • John_Frank

      Nope. He can’t win. He is toast.

  • stevenbiot

    So palin didn’t know what she was talking about when she talked tough about supporting a third party candidate, huh? Also, not everyone’s a quitter, like she is. Like they told us in school, “before explaining the problem, or diagnosing, know what you are talking about.”

    • idesign2

      You need to listen before spouting off like a moron..:)

      A write in or a third party run is possible.

      • stevenbiot

        A write in or third party is a viable option against big money Claire? Pay attention to politics much, or do you have the famous words of MLK “I have a dream” tatted on your forehead ?

    • You should try that.

      • stevenbiot

        I will, tomorrow morning.

        • ChuckTX

          Is that like free beer tomorrow?

          • stevenbiot

            Chuck, what the hell are you talking about? Go back to sleep.

    • StandProudNow

      So. Your advice does not apply to you?

      • stevenbiot

        Every other shift. Or when I leave in a sponge.

    • That’s it???? That’s it???? I’m so disappointed in your rant….. C-

  • I read from ABCnews that there is another deadline September 25th. “Akin can still drop out of the race. Under Missouri law, he has until Sept. 25 to obtain a court order for his withdrawal, but it would require Akin to pay for a reprinting of ballots.”

    • stevenbiot

      Pay to ruin his own career? A lot of people would do that……not.

      • hbnolikeee

        And you think that from the 5 million in money he has been told won’t come to his campaign they won’t take the required funds to print his ticket out of Dodge?

        • stevenbiot

          Where there’s a will…….

    • Mark Smith

      As Mark Levin pointed out, the majority of the court he’d have to obtain his “court order” from are Democrats, and they’d laugh in his face. Missouri (and the rest of the country) is stuck with this cretin.

      • John_Frank

        Not sure Levin is correct. The motion is purely procedural. As long as the appropriate undertaking was filed to pay for the cost of printing the ballots, the court would have no reason to deny the request to withdraw.

    • I have heard that the court who would grant or not grant the court order for withdrawal have 4 Dems and 2 Republicans. Do you really think they will let him out of the race?

  • stevenbiot

    Yeah, write in a no-name to defeat a well supported lib; that will ensure a win. How many people typing that nonsense have got behind the wheel tonight? Be careful; DWIs are a career ender.

    • Steven you have no idea how that works…you do not just put any name you put a well known, well liked and well financed person. Steven you need to realize Akin has no cash…it is not coming from anyone…you do realize that yes? He is already low on cash and the GOP cut him off! Where will he get the money to continue??? He just lost over 5 million in funds…the GOP is not bringing it back…so how will he rise from his high teens/low 20s approval? Would you give 5 million to a losing cause. He is polling today in the mid to upper 30s at best….PPP gave him 43 percent with 9 percent repub skew..everyone panned it…there is no way Repub have 9 percent over Dems at best 3-4 percent…so figure that in and he is really at about 38 percent and that is without Claire unloading her millions she has to run ads….okay so where will Akin stand in two weeks after she does and he has run out of cash?

      The GOP will put that 5 million in other races unless they finance a well known write-in…like a Bond….heck they may not!! But Akin will not get any of that money…they will not throw 5 million to a man with approvals at best in the low 20s…

      • Any man that claims there are degrees of RAPE doesn’t deserve support.

        • He didnt claim that. Have you heard the whole comment or read any transcripts? The trouble he got into was over the word “legitmate” rape, which most people understood he meant those who really were raped and not claiming to be raped after a fight with their boyfriend or after some parent found out there 14 year old daughter was sneaking out with a 20 year old man. The other mistake he made was using medical information used by doctors some 15-20 years ago. The position of physcians at one time was that in rape cases pregnancy was RARE because the woman’s body reacted to the trauma in such a way that helped to prevent a pregnancy – not in all cases, but in most cases (contractions of the uterus, chemicals relased by the body, etc). What people are missing is that the morning after pill has routinely been used for about 20 years for rape victims so really abortion for rape victims shouldnt be a talking point. Just so you know Im a woman.

  • carmtom13

    Why can’t the repub state committee appoint Steelman to run if Akin steps out? Does anyone know if this is possible? I thought Governor Palin was on fire tonight. Romney and Ryan should personally call her and ask her to speak, there is no one in the party who can get the people fired up like she can. I don’t believe a word Priebus said on Levins show about giving Governor Palin a prime time speaking spot and that there was a scheduling conflict. My message to Priebus: if BS was music you would be a brass band.

    • That’s his job.

      It’s glamorous to own or ride race horses.

      But someone has to clean out the stalls… I like Priebus.

    • Missouri has a law that prevents her from being able to do that. That is who Sarah would back because she campaigned for her during the primaries. But, by law Steelman is not elegible. Also, she has lost in another primary (2010? I think) and came in 3rd place in this one even after Palin’s campaigning for her, so Im not sure many Missourians would want her.

  • Paula4Palin

    stevenbiot has convinced me Sarah is right about this.

    • stevenbiot

      Paula, I’ve been told by many that I’m extremely helpful. I swear I’m blushing.

  • stevenbiot

    Just donate a couple bucks to the dude and remember he’s pro-life. That should get you cats over the follow the leader hump.

  • blackbird

    if there is any one here who thinks that it’s an uphill battle to defeat “big money Claire” may I suggest a donation

  • Republicans hang Akin out to dry…

    Joseph Farah defends stumbling congressman in face of GOP outrage –

    ” I’m not surprised at all that the media and the Democratic Party refuse to let the matter go.

    “What is more disappointing is that the Republican establishment immediately dropped Akin like yesterday’s mashed potatoes … .”

    – – – – – – – – – –

    Akin said one word in one sentence on one day…

    … and now the GOPe and TEA party and, it seems, ALL of the BIG Talkers on radio and tv are ALL throwing conservative Akin under the bus.


    Akin, as Levin said, a good guy, comes up with a lemon statement, and instead of making lemonade, Akin is chastised.

    What a waste of an EXCELLENT lemon… the BABY is the point

    … NOT the rapist
    … NOT the word ‘legitimate’
    … NOT the context of the sentence

    What a waste of an EXCELLENT lemon to pucker the lips of the Democrats and pro-abortion McCaskill.

    What a wast of an EXCELLENT lemon…
    … the BABY is the point ! ! !


    • John_Frank

      With all due respect, Akin can’t win. He needs to step aside.

      P.S. Male social conservatives need to stop telling women what to do with their bodies. John Willke’s ideas about rape and pregnancy are junk science.

      • With all due respect…

        Akin definitely can win.

        Akin did not ‘do’ anything wrong.
        Akin did not ‘say’ anything wrong.

        Akin mispoke with one word in one sentence on one day.

        Akin does not have a history of doing or saying dumb things.

        Akin made a lemon statement one time… so now he’s dumber than Biden?


        Akin can win.


        • keninil

          Akin is still a party putz!

          • Akin is not a party putz…

            Akin made only 1 statement in only 1 sentence on only 1 day.

            Akin does NOT have a history of being a putz.

            The lemmings of the GOPe and the TEA party and the BIG Talkers on radio and tv are not persuasive in throwing Akin under the bus.

            Sean Hannity, in his interview with Akin today, Tuesday, was NOT persuasive as he tried to tell Akin what to do even though he said he was not telling Akin what to do.

            NONE of the BIG Talkers on radio and tv have been persuasive against Akin.

            Akin can turn this lemon statement into EXCELLENT lemonade and pucker the lips of the Democrats about the BABY vs. the rapist…

            … THIS is the context of his comment.

            Where are the ‘thoughtr leaders’ on this?

            They ALL trying to throw Akin under the bus.

            What a waste of an EXCELLENT lemon…

            … the BABY is the issue, not rape and his erronous statement about rape, which he clarified on Hannity’s radio program today.

            What a waste by the GOPe and the TEA party and the BIG Talkers of radio and tv of an EXCELLENT lemon and the opportunity to make lemonade to pucker the lips of the Democrats.


            • keninil

              But barely two weeks into the general-election campaign, Akin committed a series of gaffes:
              He called a McCaskill campaign website attacking his record accurate,
              Admitted not knowing what was in a farm bill important to his state (in a farm state!!! — on a bill he voted for! We need our legislators to “READ THE BILL”)
              Suggested reconsideration of civil-rights laws ,
              Called a federal school-lunch program unconstitutional.

              Akin’s recent statement that “legitimate rape” rarely causes pregnancy, was really stupid — the MD that told him that was talking about ducks!

              • Ah…

                So now Akin is just dumb.



                • Rightstuff1

                  Art when you ask what has he done and someone holds up a list and says “errrr, how about all this…..!” You cannot then say, well, pouty, pouty, its not fair…you, you went and did what I said….

                  Excuse me but you are pulling an Akin minus the apology.

            • John_Frank

              So people are okay with Akin saying in essence that Romney’s exploiting my situation for political gain.

              The whole interview with Akin can be found here:


              According to Mediate, the relevant statement reads:

              Hannity asked Akin, given the number of prominent Republican politicians asking Akin to drop out including Romney, if he is even pausing to consider leaving the Senate race in Missouri.

              “Let me ask you this,” Akin began. “If you were in Romney’s position, don’t you think that he may have bid this thing up and made a bigger deal about it than he needed to?”

              “Why couldn’t he run his race and I run mine,” asked Akin. “If things really look like they’re getting in trouble in Missouri then maybe — but he has just assumed.”


              Are Akin’s supporters now suggesting that we get behind an individual who has not only insulted millions of Americans, but now has decided to publicly attack the putative nominee of his own party?

              No, Akin needs to listen to the sage guidance given to him by the Governor, withdraw from the race and pass the baton on to a candidate like Sarah Steelman who is a strong proponent of the right to life, and who can go on to defeat McCaskill.

              P.S. Want to know who riled him up to make that statement? Go back and listen to the interview with Mike Huckabee from yesterday afternoon.

              • Steelman cannot run. MO Law prohibits it. She could have been picked if he had backed out by the deadline yesterday. He has to get a court order now to get out but that still means Steelman cannot run. She came in THIRD in the primary anyway. Missourians dont want her.

        • John_Frank

          His statement about legitimate rape not making women pregnant was insulting and degrading to women in MO and across America and every time he talks about the issue, he makes the situation worse.

          On Huckabee’s radio show he said he meant to say forcible rape. Well hello, it does not matter. The idea that if a woman is forcible raped she will not become pregnant as pushed by John Willke, M.D. is junk science and is not supported by the data.

          Then on Dana Loesch’s radio show he reverses himself and says that when he said legitimate rape, he meant when the woman is not falsely claiming rape to get an abortion such as the case in Roe v. Wade.

          Sorry, but the reality is that:

          – He actually believes if a woman is forcibly raped there is little likelihood of her becoming pregnant, basing that belief on the incorrect analysis of John Willke, M.D..

          – He cannot win. He has lost the woman’s vote. People who think he can win are deluding themselves.

          • His statement was medically wrong but it was NOT insulting and degrading to women.

            That is a meme that is being pushed but it is without substance.

            Without ‘substance’ means that Akin has an honorable history about the right to life and the primacy of the child… not the rapist.

            His statement was made 1 time in 1 sentence on 1 day… period.

            To whatever degree Akin is wrong about the science of pregnancy by rape or otherwise, his honorable history refutes the meme that he has a history of insulting and degrading women.

            That is just silly.


            • Rightstuff1

              Art come on – “legitimate rape” ??!!! If Obama had said that or any other Dem we would be calling for their heads, apology or no, and you would too and you would be right to do so.

              We are Conservatives and we have morals. We cannot be like the left – we cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hound.

            • John_Frank

              Right, that’s why so many conservative women are absolutely livid with what Akin said.

              It was not just one word in one sentence. It has been a series of statements over a number of days.

              The fact that men like Akin think they can make statements like he did which are patently wrong, then claim he misspoke, then claim when he said “legitimate rape” he meant “forcible rape” and then claim when he said “legitimate rape” he meant a rape were the claim is not false and not face a firestorm of protest is mind boggling.

              Akin has done serious damage to himself. Instead of doing the honorable thing and stepping aside, he and his supporters now believe that they are involved in a “cause.”

              Great, because if Akin stays in, not only will McCaskill most likely defeat him, but as long as he stays in the race his “statements” are and will be used by the Obama campaign to garner support among women voters in suburban areas around the country, so making it more difficult for the Romney/Ryan ticket to defeat Obama.

              • Reckoner_3

                This won’t affect the general race, it’s a bottom ticket in the state of Missouri. THe GOP has done a good job at, and it’s a little thin, the only voters “convinced” by that route are the ones who are staunch pro-choicers to begin with….we are lucky this is in August and not in October. IT will matter as much as Bill Ayers mattered in October, very little…

                • John_Frank

                  Ah …. I believe you are wrong.

                  Why did a number of Republicans involved in hotly contested Senate races feel compelled to come out and publicly condemn Akin?

                  This is a national election. One of the key demographics is the suburban women’s vote.

                  Having pushed the “war on women” meme, the Democrats are now working over time to tar the Republican ticket with Akin’s view point that “forcible rape does not result in a women becoming pregnant. ”

                  The latest example:

                  Pro-Life Doctor John Willke, Linked To Akin’s ‘Forcible Rape’ Claims, Endorsed Romney In 2007
                  During his 2008 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney welcomed the endorsement of a pro-life doctor linked to Rep. Todd Akin’s widely condemned statement that “legitimate rape” rarely leads to pregnancy.

                  As long as Akin stays in the race, he will continue to be the gift that keeps on giving for the Democrats.

                • Reckoner_3

                  No I’m not wrong, because politics can turn on a dime…

                  We’ll see when the polls come out next week. this can overall be seen as just another “tax diversionary tactic”

                  Obama doesn’t want to talk about abortion, especially when liberals know Romney is suspect on the pro-life position/ aka status quo.

                • They will use it no matter if Akin is in the race or not. If he gets out and the committee appoints another pro-life conservative, this will the first thing they bring up to that appointee in any debate or interview. His pro-life position will be questioned with Akin’s comments as the weathervane. We are stuck with this meme for the rest of the election, Akins or not.

              • jwallin

                And the question really is: how conservative are all these folks that want to pitch Akin overboard?

                Seems to me that they’re playing by a Democrat guided playbook and that’s a losing proposition.

                The Republicans consistently play by the Democrats rules and fold whenever challenged.

                Way to go all you brave “Pro Lifers” (but only when it’s not controversial. or if the Democrats get upset. Or the newsies make a big deal out of it)

                McCain lost in ’08 because of that attitude. He couldn’t bring himself to face the uproar if he treated Barry just like any other opposition candidate and ignore his being Black.

                Republicans; no guts no glory.

                Wannabe Democrat lite.

                • Amy

                  Oh do, please, explain to me how I’m playing by a democrat guided playbook when I apply standards to holding elected office and expect intelligent & well-prepared people be elected to Congress?

                  Last I checked they had no standards – other than that of checking your conscience at the door and the willingness to have no standards. Sheila Jackson Lee, Cynthia McKinney, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, Anthony Weiner, Jessie Jackson, Jr., et al. – the list of people with no morals and no guiding principles is long and undistinguished…

                  Just go along to get ahead & the ends justify the means are the democrats SOP. Apparently, it’s our now too?

                  FWIW – I’m pro-life with no exceptions so in that aspect I’m in complete agreement with Akin’s abortion stand. I just question his intelligence and willingness to believe something that only one doctor peddled as facts. Makes me go ‘hmmm…. what else does he believe?’

                  That doesn’t make me a democrate lite. That makes me a conservative who believes in an individual being held accountable. Accountablity – you know that word isn’t used in democrat circles, right???

                • Amy I heard a caller on a Missouri radio talk show day before yesterday who was raped 20 years ago. She said her doctor told her this same information, that during rape the woman’s body reacts to trauma in such a way as to try to prevent a pregnancy. That certain reactions and chemical changes occurred that COULD prevent pregnancy. They gave her the morning after pill even that many years ago just in case though. I had my own infertility specialist talk to me about stress and how it could affect my chances of getting pregnant about 17 years ago as well. So, apparently these thoughts were standard viable medical opinions at one time not too long ago. His mistake was not knowing that these opinions had changed in some circles, but I bet if you talked to many doctors over teh age of say 55-60 they would tell you they were taught this same opinion.

              • John, as a woman, let me tell you this if you dont already understand it. There are women out there who would claim rape when they werent rape. There are women that would claim so after they had a fight with their boyfriend, or after their married lover told her he was going back to his wife. There are 14 year olds who slip out with their 20 year old boyfriends and end up pregnant and they tell their daddy that said boyfriend raped them to keep daddy from being mad at them. People who realize this know this is what Akin meant when he said “legitimate”. He could have used a better word but I do believe he did not mean there were degrees of rape. I heard the man speak on Hannity the day he apologized. He was absolutely sincere that he had made a mistake and he asked for forgiveness. You could hear it in his voice. Its a sad day when someone wants to relay the message of saving the life of the baby and it becomes an affront or attack on a woman.

          • Did you miss his comments the next day stating on Hannity that he realized the literature he used to form the opinion of rare pregancy in rape was wrong? He admitted that what he read and believed was wrong and that he did not know it was wrong at the time of his comment. Do you know that some 15-20 years ago many physicians were using this same opinion? It was considered a viable medical opinion at one time. I heard a woman call into a talk show day before yesterday stating that her own physician told her the very same thing when she was raped 20 years ago. They gave her the morning after pill anyway, 20 years ago. I have to wonder why rape is used as a reason for abortion when Plan B/morning after pill is common practice in the past and now for rape victims and also for anyone who feels they may get pregnant after sex. Plan B pill is available over the counter to any woman who feels at risk for an unwanted pregnancy.

        • blackbird

          It depends on the “one word”

          here is what he said:

          “It seems to me, first of all, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare. If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

          I have to agree with the consensus, his chances of winning are not good.

        • Rachel

          It wasn’t one wrong word….it was a kook concept! Women’s body can control whether they get pregnant or not if they are raped? That’s just silly. And I can easily forgive him his misconception….but the left never will. They will paint him as a crazy person who hates women. You know that’s what they live to do! And voters are stupid and will believe it. He can’t win. .

          • Rachel: I heard a caller on a Missouri radio talk show day before yesterday who was raped 20 years ago. She said her doctor told her this same information, that during rape the woman’s body reacts to trauma in such a way as to try to prevent a pregnancy. That certain reactions and chemical changes occurred that COULD prevent pregnancy. They gave her the morning after pill even that many years ago just in case though. I had my own infertility specialist talk to me about stress and how it could affect my chances of getting pregnant about 17 years ago as well. So, apparently these thoughts were standard viable medical opinions at one time not too long ago. His mistake was not knowing that these opinions had changed in some circles, but I bet if you talked to many doctors over teh age of say 55-60 they would tell you they were taught this same opinion.

          • Rachel

            Yes, Fried. I have come to learn that this was the popular thought in the 70’s. I was in college in the 70’s and never heard that theory, but apparently Akin was still under that misconception. Now he knows better. His debunked theory certainly didn’t deserve the kind of vitriol he’s getting. But you know the LEFT, they are a hateful and vicious lot who use anything to kick a Republican when he’s down. Then try to paint the entire party with their ugly brush. They are predators…the kind that go after the most vulnerable in the herd.

        • logistics, logistics, logistics.

          So far, Akin is 7.5 million in the hole as the big pacs and GOP Senate Election Committee (this will probably increase). No doubt he has lost ground. He’s lost 10 points and leads by one point (and that’s with a R+9 sampling).

          good luck finding the money which has now being shut off

          good luck repairing you image with the fence sitters

          good luck now that the DNC smells blood and will be pumping in money for McCaskill!!!

    • Rachel

      It doesn’t matter what he said or what he meant or that he apologized for the stupid thing he said…what matters is he can no longer WIN. There is no point for him to run…but he insists on running. For what? Is he delusional?

      • So its down to him or McCaskill. SHould be press this Prebius fellow to let loose of the 5 million and fight for a win for the rest of us in Missouri? Shouldnt they use the money for us in the state who want to beat McCaskill no matter what it takes? He certainly wont step out now when he would have to go before a court that has 4 democrats and 2 Republicans to decide if he can drop out or not. If the dems have any power or say in it you know they wont allow him to get out. Why cant they just give us the funding and give us a chance at winning? What does it say about the Republicans turning their back on all the other Republicans in the state of MO?

    • You’re wrong.

    • yes, the baby is the point, and if the government has the right to impose an unwanted pregnancy on a woman without her permission.

      You are saying the that the STATE controls a woman’s reproduction. Because the STATE can ORDER a female to carry UNWANTED pregnancies to term, AGAINST their will.

      Welcome to Stalinist russia.

      Men could go an a rape rampage having contests to see who could get the most females pregnant and the state could force those females to give birth…

      if you can not see where this is a problem for a female’s right to reproduce then you have the problem.

    • GraceKnows

      Good on you, Art.

      • Dittos…

        Thanks GraceKnows.

        Good on you too.


  • Paula4Palin

    This will be Palin’s finest hour if she can pull this off!!

  • why not recruit Dana Loesch to run?

  • We need David Limbaugh to run. He would kick Mcaskills butt and I think his brother might be able to help him raise a little money.

    • Rachel

      Is he from Missouri??

      • Yes he is. Born and raised in Cape Girardeau, MO, same as Rush, and he is a practicing attorney there as well. Brian: thats an excellent idea. David is not afraid to stand up.

  • Doug Soon

    Sarah Palin goin’ round and round saying Todd Akin should step back and not contest Senate seat. Greta kept telling her over and over that Akin decided NOT to step back.

    Sarah Palin is batshit crazy.

    • John_Frank

      Ah yes. Another individual who has no rational thoughts and is exhibiting classic PDS.

  • rod hillen

    Split the vote, Sarah! She’s so smart. Everyday I thank God for having her help elect Obama.

    • John_Frank

      Hate to break it to people, no VP nominee in recent times made voters more likely to vote for his or her ticket than Palin according to NBC/WSJ

      • Rachel

        Sarah is the ONLY reason McCain did as well as he did. He was no favorite with Republicans. Most of us can’t stand him and didn’t get engaged in the 2008 election UNTIL he chose Sarah. Sarah’s great.

    • vote is already split….by Akin’s mouth

  • Paula4Palin

    You know it’s a great idea when THREE trolls show up. They don’t want anyone to pee on parade!

    • Paula4Palin

      Make that FOUR trolls!!! lol

  • What does Faux News have a locked down camera in Wasilla to capture every half assed synapse this dummy has?

    • ProudAmerican247

      “synapse”? Learn how to spell dummy.

      • jwallin

        Perhaps you meant; “learn how to read a dictionary and how to write” as the word synapse is spelled correctly.

        Whenever you’re about to make a grammar correction, it’s always best to double check your comment for similar errors.

    • With her being one of their paid political consultants I guess that would make sense for them to have cameras on her….By the way, she has her own private studio on her property.

  • MaxineCA

    I’ve been following the string of comments on Akin all day and watched Sarah when she was on Greta this evening. This is yesterdays news, and it is up to the good folks of MO to decide what to do….. not those of us that do not reside there.

    As a side note: Many of us on Scoop love Sarah, but it doesn’t mean everyone has to agree 100% of the time with her opinions. So, don’t be so harsh if someone disagrees with her. OK?

    I sure hope everyone has gotten out their anger, frustration or whatever by expressing their view point on the Akin topic. Now, can we please move along and be focused on the BIG issues?

    • John_Frank

      It is not just up to the voters of Mo.

      If McCaskill wins, and we end up with the Democrats controlling the Senate, we can forget about repealing Obamacare, among other things.

      To govern effectively, Republicans need to keep the House and win control of the Senate, as well as the WH.

      What Akin and his supporters are doing has national implications.

      • MaxineCA

        John, I am well aware of the national implications, so please don’t insult my intelligence. I’ve moved along, and will trust in the people of MO to do the right thing, whatever is allowed in the guidelines of their election laws.

        So yes, it is up to the voters of MO.

        • John_Frank

          Not insulting anyone’s intelligence. Just pointing out a reality. Glad we agree on that point.

          Understand the desire to move on.

          P.S. Late yesterday afternoon Akin lashed out at Romney, claiming that “Romney’s exploiting my situation for political gain” during an interview with Sean Hannity.

          People can listen to the full interview here:

          That statement may tip the balance with people like Huckabee and others.

          • MaxineCA

            Thanks for the link, although I hesitated to listen to another word out of Akin’s mouth, I tried…. but didn’t get too far into it. I really don’t want to hear another word about it. I sure hope the good folks of MO can find a way within their election laws to clean up the mess he has created. Otherwise, it’s going to be him or McCaskill. What a horrible choice!

            • John_Frank

              Don’t blame you. Cheers.

            • Maxine and John: Im from MO, and Im not sure there is a way out of this. Everyone is throwing around Steelman to replace him but its too late by law for that to happen. According to our laws she cant get in the race now. And, besides she came in third in this primary so she’s not a favorite to begin with. Im afraid we are stuck with him against her. Frankly I see no way to get a write in candidate in there to get enough exposure to get elected unless he/she is a huge name to begin with. Someone up above suggested David Limbaugh — now he might be a good option. He pro-life and a tough guy and not afraid of any talking points.

              • John_Frank

                Sarah Palin put forward a possible solution, that Akin withdraw and support Steelman to take his place on the ballot.

                Like it or not, given what transpired before Sarah Palin went on Van Susteren’s show, Akin had defeated himself.

                He could have saved this situation if he had immediately issued a statement on Sunday saying that what he said was wrong and then apologized.

                Unfortunately, he did not come forward with a full and complete apology until the release of the Forgiveness ad on Tuesday.

                Yes, on Monday he apologized on the Huckabee show, but then went on to talk about forcible rape.

                In response to the firestorm that had developed:

                – The NRSC withdrew its support

                – Crossroads withdrew their support

                – Minority leader Senator McConnell urged him to withdraw,

                – Senator Roy Blunt along with four former US Senators from Missouri called upon him to withdraw from the race.

                – Mitt Romney called upon him to withdraw from the race.

                Akin now faces a choice.

                Yes, he may bet get financial backing from a number of right to life groups. This support may allow him to mount a campaign. But make no mistake, he will go down to defeat.

                Alternatively, he can set aside his desire to serve, withdraw from the race and throw his support behind a woman candidate that he can support to carry the banner of life, who can go on to defeat McCaskill.

      • Wouldn’t republicans need to win a super majority to repeal it? Would the democrats not try and break the new filibuster record set by the republicans and filibuster the repeal about 200 times?

        • Donald, Obamacare was passed via budget reconciliation (only needs 51 votes to pass). Supreme Court said Obamacare was a “tax” so it can be reconciled out. If the GOP has 51 votes in the senate (technically 50…. VP can break a tie) the Dems can’t filibuster it.

          In the house, they just need a simple majority. Then it’s off of the President for signing.

          To repeal, the GOP needs POTUS, Senate and House.

  • John_Frank

    RS, thanks for posting the video. Appreciate it. Very strong interview.

    • Yes, RS. You are making it easy for me to keep up.
      Thanks for your hard work.

  • MiBones

    This should be the end of it. Everyone has analyzed Akin and his statement. Hopefully, we can agree with Sarah to this extant, that it is time to move on. We need to figure out our strategy for MO and the rest of the election season.

  • Rachel

    Sarah sounds pissed…and I don’t blame her. It’s not his gaffe that’s unforgiveable..those were only words. But they are words the Left will smear him with all day and night. Everyone knows he can no longer win but HIM! This guy is putting himself before the country and there is NO excuse for that. And as far as “principles”….how could he champion his pro-life principles if he can’t WIN? He should be ASHAMED on himself.

  • There’s always Jonathon Dine. He’s a third party candidate. 😉

    • John_Frank

      Ah yes, the Libertarian candidate who has a conviction for drug possession and identity theft on his record.

      Yes, we all make mistakes, but something tells me that he is not a realistic option.

  • Rachel

    Does anyone remember how close to the NJ election (a few years ago) that Torricelli was forced to withdraw (because of corruption charges) and they replaced him with Frank Lautenberg who they had to pull out of mothballs to take his place in the election (and he won). It was pretty close to the election from what I recall.

  • Reckoner_3

    Shame on Senate Candidate Akin AKA Republican Whoopi Goldberg “it wasn’t rape rape” —

    what a joke and waste of 48 hours of News punditry…. Sarah is pissed in the video, (must have been listening to Mark too! lol …. )

    Let’s get back to Ryan and Romney campaign stops already!

    Anyway, the GOP convention will make us forget this nonsense, can’t control an individual’s misguided decisions. I don’t know why the GOP are wasting stress levels , over things they can’t completely control.

    We asked the guy to drop out, he didn’t. Waste of time to bicker about it and waste talk radio air waves discussing it.

    • PhillyCon

      Not to mention, RINO’s in the party now are using this guy to disparage social conservatives. The guy has no clue what he’s done to pro-lifers.

      • Reckoner_3

        Agree he is clueless

        Both Palin and Santorum, answered the “extremist” pro life position question competently.

        RINO’s in the party now are using this guy to disparage social conservatives. The guy has no clue what he’s done to pro-lifers.

        They’ll take the opportunities to do so whenever they can.

  • WordsFailMe

    Be a hero Todd. Take one for the team. The team needs this more than any one man. Palin is just the best. We are so lucky to have her and I pray for her continued health.

  • jwallin

    And by running a third candidate INSURE that McCaskill wins.

    Are folks so afraid of the liberal press that they will throw anyone overboard who misspeaks and arouses their ire?

    Are Republicans so enmeshed in the Progressives game that they are willing to trash one of their own because they failed to adhere to PROGRESSIVE ORTHODOXY?

    What Akins said was dumb but trying to force him out and now trying to run against him is just insane. Ever heard of cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face? This is what you all are doing.

    Good luck with that WINNING strategy.

    • John_Frank

      So, tell us all how Akin wins?

      Limited money. Limited support. Attacks the de-facto leader of the party.

      McCaskill running ads from now until election day showing Republican after Republican calling Akin every name under the book and telling him to get out of the face.

      The third party idea was just a suggestion, put forward as one possible solution in the event that Akin refuses to petition the court for permission to withdraw from the race, upon his confirming that he will pay for the cost of printing the new ballots.

      Those who think that Akin can win are just as delusional as he was when he made his comment about “legitimate rape.”

      Sarah Palin provided him with an option.

      Is he prepared to do what is best not only for America but also for himself, or does he forever want to be known as Akin the stupid rape guy, because that is what he will be known as if he stays in the race.

      • Palin did not offer anything at all. You can not file for an independant spot on the ticket anymore. Either she was ignorant of this … or she knew it and then decided to make this noise, knowing full well it was an empty threat.

        • Being from the state, I understand her “noise” and share in the frustration.

          This state was so EASILY WINABLE until Akin opened his yapper like a hillbilly doffus. Now, with the money going and the negatives rising, all that’s left is for Akin to commit seppuku with a spork!!!!

          McCasklill is ordering new shades for her senatorial office.

        • anyonebutbarry2012

          she said someone LIKE steelman. she did not say steelman.
          a third party run of sarah steelmens’ I could get behind. is what she said.

          she offered no specifics, go listen to the tape.

          • But by MO law Steelman cannot run, even as 3rd party. She placed THIRD in this primary behind John Brunner, even after Palin coming to Missouri to campaign for Steelman. And, she was defeated once before in another primary. John Brunner would have been our person if Akins had dropped out by the deadline day before yesterday.

    • StrangernFiction

      I’m going to laugh if that third candidate becomes CINO Jim Talent.

    • Actually what progressives were fighting is EXACTLY what you are talking about:

      “One main goal of the Progressive movement was purification of government, as Progressives tried to eliminate corruption by exposing and undercutting political machines and bosses. Many (but not all) Progressives supported prohibition in order to destroy the political power of local bosses based in saloons.”

      The “political machine” of the Republican party is trying to railroad this conservative republican out of the race. This is what the progressive movement was trying to end.

      • And, that is probably why he stayed in. He wasnt gonna let the Republicans push him out. That coupled with his strong pro-life feelings.

  • Palin’s arrogance is showing, both here and in the Hillary-as-VP thing (it’s not out of the question until Charlotte…). She’d be better served by sticking to her inspirational speeches.

    • stevenbiot

      Eloquently said.

      • John_Frank

        Right. I guess some folks who purport to be Akin supporters are looking forward to him being known from now on as Akin the stupid rape guy.

        Well done. /sarc

    • John_Frank

      Right. Talk about silly.

      How does Akin win with little money and limited support, while attacking the de-facto leader of the party?

      All McCaskill has to do from now until election day is run ads of Republicans telling Akin to get out of the race.

      • kong1967

        You got it. He’s not going to win because conservatives won’t back him now. I think he had until 5 p.m yesterday to drop out and I haven’t heard if he did or not. I doubt it.

        • John_Frank

          He did not, although he can still withdraw up until September 25 with the Mo Supreme Court’s approval, providing he undertakes to pay the cost of re-printing the ballots.

          • kong1967

            Eh, I doubt that will happen. He’s not going to get any funding so I don’t know what he was thinking by not dropping out.

  • lilium479

    Sarah should run as write in!

  • kong1967

    I like the “sore loser” law. I’ve never heard of it until….ummmm…, but from what I gather if you lose the primary you cannot run on a third party ticket. It prevents a-holes from losing and then knocking the primary winner out of a chance to win by splitting the vote on a third party ticket. If you are going to run third party, you should start there.

  • This is probably why Akin stayed in the race. He probably figured that it was too late for a third party nominee to get into the race and that the other primary challengers were not allowed to run under the Missouri law. But if Akin pulled out and was replaced by the party by someone like John Ashcroft, that would be a different story. Akin is turning into a selfish, egotistical, fool who is willing to see the entire Senate fall to the Democrats rather than do the right thing and get out. It will be a bitter loss.

    • Dont think Ashcroft could do it. He’s old and not what the hipsters in KC and St. Louis are looking for.

  • pmb88

    I wonder how Akin is going to get the money to maintain the campaign if the RNC and many other groups are not supporting him.

    • logistics, logistics, logistics….

    • He probably thinks he can force the RNC to back him when they realize there is no one else but him vs. McCaskill.

  • marketcomp

    Ok I am now convinced that this is just plain wrong. I went on Todd Akin website and read his biography and found some very interesting facts about him, his family, and his time in congress. First as a member of Congress for 12 years he is on the science, budget, and armed forces committees. Moreover, he is the only congressman who voted against “no child left behind.” He is the father of 6 children 1 is a graduated from a Baptist college, 3 boys graduated from the Naval Academy, 1 daughter currently attends Hillsdale College, and 1 daughter in high school. He is a hunter and a devoted Christian and a devoutly pro-life. I have heard a parade of people tell this man to get out of a race that he won fair and square even with the democrats voting for him. Moreover, with Akin’s Christian beliefs and position to protect life is the reason so many democrats voted for him in Missouri not some manipulative scheme to give an advantage to that hack, Clare McCaskell.

    With Todd Akin background as an engineer and in science tells me that he just misspoke. Sometimes when giving interviews people do make mistakes and what he should have done was clarify his position immediately. But sometimes you don’t realize it until afterwards. He has asked for forgiveness and I think it should be granted. I have heard some really terrible things said about this man and from what I see it is totally unwarranted. I mean to tell him to not attend the convention is way over the top. But I don’t think that necessary for him to win the Senate race. No one should be subjected to this kind of public ridicule and ostracizing simply because he made a mistake in explaining something. I never ever looked at Rush or Mark as people who piled on this kind of character bashing of a fellow republican! I mean Akin has been in congress for 12 years and if he routinely says outrageous things then that’s one thing but I don’t see that anywhere otherwise the people of Missouri would not have voted for him. I think the mountain of people telling him to get out of the race is the worst thing here and because of the bashing and pressing of him to get out, the threats to withhold funding which implies a lack of support will be the reason he may have to exit. It is shameful what has been done to what appears to be a deceit and honorable man. He is a far better candidate than Clare McCaskell.

    • nibblesyble

      I don’t like the pile-up or gang-up on him either. He is a Godly man and had made a huge error. I hate this whole thing, and I appreciate the time you took to read up on him rather than quickly react. Sigh…what a bloody mess eh? Thanks for the excellent post.

    • I sincerely believe that he did indeed misspeak but that isn’t the point is it? The point is he has become a liability. Now the left and possibly a lot on the right could over reach and make him a sympathetic candidate and the way things look now it is entirely possible.

      My question is if he by some miracle wins how will the GOP treat him? And Rush hasn’t piled on at all. He actually defended him and said he wouldn’t call for him to drop. He also said he doesn’t feel comfortable with telling anyone when to quit. Be careful you don’t become guilty of what you accuse or dislike.

      Akin on his worst day is still better than McCaskill on her best day. she is one of the most deceitful people in Congress.

      • marketcomp

        Laurel, Rush has piled on by saying that the man is only associating with people who think like him! Todd Akin is an engineer and he is also on the science committee. I don’t think that’s hanging out with people who just think like him. And that tells me what Rush thinks about people who are not RINOs. Look I have always respected Rush, Mark, and Michelle but all three are so far off base on this. And because they donot understand the science behind what Akin said then so many are ignorant because we do trust these people. This is very troubling.

      • SaraPFan

        I like this statement: “The point is he has become a liability.” He has asked for forgiveness. He has admitted he misspoke but clearly he has become the focus of the 2012 Congressional election. This election is to important to have him as a poster boy.

    • John_Frank

      If Akin stays in the race, his opponent will run ad after ad repeating what he said that lead to the uproar and then cut to one of the Republican US Senators from Missouri who called upon him to withdraw, play that person’s statement and then ask the obvious question.

      Do people honestly believe he can overcome that? The best course? To step aside.

    • Market: Im from MO and that’s not the feeling here. We feel the Dems voted for him to skew the election. You should have heard some of McCaskills commercials against Akin. She wanted him to be her running mate. I dont remember hearing one commercial of hers against Steelman or Brunner. There is talk that Dems contributed to his campaign, even before the primaries this was floating around.

  • William Kristol chimes in (Honey vs Vinegar)

  • carmtom13

    Don’t know how true this is, I herd Akin may still step aside. He said he would only get out if the GOP central committee appoints a grass roots conservative and not GOP establishment candidate Bruner. Perhaps Governor Palin got through to him with what she said on Greta’s show last night. Governor Palin sure was on fire last night on Greta’s show. She told Akin in plain English that he will lose and how important winning this seat is.

    • There is no way Brunenr could run against him. Akin has to know that by MO law Brunner could not run as a write in or a 3rd party. I cant imagine him making that statement unless he is also ignorant of Missouri’s laws.

  • SaraPFan

    I’m seeing a lot of backlash about Sarah’s comments. Sarah has been in politics a long time. She’s ran in many elections. According to her, there is a September 25th deadline by which Akin can again get out. Remember in the 2012 Republican primary, candidates had their names on the state ballot and then get out of the race, like Rick Perry did? Rick Perry told his supporters to vote for Newt in a critical state. Candidates did the same in states they knew they couldn’t win.

    George Stephanopolis asked Todd Akin a question mentioning the September 25th deadline that Palin mentioned. I’m thinking that Sarah is imploring him to take one for the team by dropping out by September 25 and supporting someone else even though his name might still be on the ballot. There were many names on the ballot in my state during the last Presidential Republican primary. The majority had already dropped out. People were smart enough to vote for another Republican.

    What Sarah mentioned is there are many “Steelmans” out there that he can get behind. Meaning there are many conservatives that could jump in with a write-in, not necessarily Sarah Steelman.

    • Sarah Palin came to Missouri and campaigned for Akins opponent Sara Steelman. Somehow I dont see him giving in because of Palin knowing she campaigned for Steelman. I can see him using Palin as a reason to stay in the race!

      • John_Frank

        Oh please, that is nonsense talk.

  • dlg1956

    Ann Wagoner would be a excellent replacement for Akin as Steelman or Brunner cannot run due to the sore looser law.

    Ann Wagoner is a solid conservative with the voting record, in the state senate, to know where her heart is.

  • WordsFailMe

    If I could get every commenter on this story into a single room where there was an American Flag hanging on the wall and the “Star Spangled Banner” was playing in the back ground, there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house.

    You know liberals are going to start to use Right Scoop as a source for conservative “hot buttons.” In other words, they will get the ammunition for their next smear campaign, another one which will drag us off topic for another three days, from Right Scoop.

    Talk bad about Obamerrhiod and the idiot Biden, despise communism, socialism and yellow bellied, parasites that suck your wealth into bellies where the create children for the abortionist’ knfe, but cherish and care for each fellow conservative. There really are too damned few of them, us, around

  • theneighborhoodguy01

    One of ours screws up and we think we have to whack him before the Lefties get to him…

    In this instance, the phenomenally damaging knee-jerk reaction from Rove and the others, have left conservatives nowhere to turn. NOWHERE!

    The backlash here will be focused BACK at the Republican Party from the 38-40 percent of Missouri’s self described evangelical conservative voters that still support Akin, and wouldn’t vote for a criminal like McCaskill in any event.

    Now, they’ll just stay home!!!

    Next time, I suggest The Republican big shots and PACs refrain from the mad dash to righteous one upmanship. Todd Akin said something really stupid, but the Republicans tried to bury him before even trying CPR…

  • rightaway

    Palin,.. the expert at going “ROUGE” throwing one of her own under the bus,.. PRICELESS !

    • John_Frank

      No, Sarah Palin did not throw Akin under the bus. He did that to himself.

  • Neighbor: Ive seen on many of the local blogs here in Missouri people commenting they will stay home or vote Liberatarian if Akins is left on the ticket. I believe the evangelicals will vote for Akins anyway, just because of his pro-life stance.

  • John_Frank

    Some interesting statistics.

    According to YouTube, the “Forgiveness ad” was initially posted by Akin’s campaign on August 20, but went viral on August 21.

    At the time of writing this comment it had been viewed 214,796 times. The top demographics for viewers were males between the ages of 35 – 44, 45 – 54 and 55 – 64.

    The key takeaway? While the viewing audience is scattered all over the country, women are not watching the video as much as men.

    Extrapolating from this data, the viewing demographics likely means that Akin is facing a significant drop in support among women voters in Mo.

    Can Akin reverse that trend? Not likely given that 4 former and 1 present US Senator from Missouri came out before 5:00 pm on Tuesday and urged him to withdraw from the race.

    The bottom line? If Akin stays in the race, McCaskill wins.


    Ryan / Palin 2020 .(period)

  • There is a hope to beat Claire McCaskill and take back the Senate.

    Jonathan Dine. He’s the Libertarian Party candidate and already running. Palin should endorse him. The Alaskan Libertarian Party endorsed her run for governor in 2006.

  • Lets just take over the Republican party by voting in conservative candidates come this November. I understand her frustration as well as my own, and millions of others on today’s republican party and the rhinos who now occupy both houses of congress.
    In the autumn of 1789 and his return trip from France, Thomas Jefferson received a letter from President Washington asking him to serve as first Secretary of State under the Constitution. He accepted the appointment in December 1789, and arrived in New York, then the national capital, in March of 1790. The political atmosphere of the capital discouraged him. He later wrote: ” Here, certainly, I found a state of things which, of all I had ever contemplated, I the least expected. I had left France in the first year of her revolution, in the fervor of natural rights and zeal for reformation….But I cannot describe the wonder and mortification with which the table conversations in New York filled me. Politics were the chief topic, and a preference of kingly over republican government was evidently the favorite sentiment….I found myself for the most part the only advocate on the republican side of the question.”
    What did Thomas Jefferson do? He help create a new party and called it the… Democratic/Republican party and became its first President. Hey! anything is possible….