Sarah Palin: We were met by a SWAT team in full riot gear at Lincoln Memorial

Absolutely disgusting that the Obama administration would bring a SWAT team in full riot gear to a protest by those who put everything on the line for this country. Just goes to show what they think about us Americans on the right.

Here’s video from Facebook user Paul Longenecker that shows the riot police:

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  • d1comment

    Obama’s blue shirts…

    • Mack10

      Stand tough America!!!

    • Annette Burns

      Blue shirts as in NATO….

  • whocares

    Keep up the fight..!!!!!

  • d1comment

    It’s coming…Dear Leader is just looking for the spark.

    • Stehekin912

      Then he is going to have to manufacture a Reichstag Fire…TEA Party and Conservatives are determined, but not violent. Our sparks fly on the battlefield of ideas.

  • Meggeler

    Obama’s America.

    • davienne


  • eaglechick

    Orders or no should have been a blue flu day

  • FrontSightPost

    It may be Mrs. Palin’s quote, but: 1. That was not SWAT; and 2. They were not in “full riot gear.”

    • eaglechick

      They should have not been there period, if so, a show of gratitude for the freedom they enjoy would be nice. To dishonor a Vet is dispicable!

      • WinMissouri

        It was funny to see the beginning where citizens went over and took pictures of them before they marched to the fence. Bet the police were not expecting to be photographed like a “tourist” attraction.

      • FrontSightPost

        I agree. However, your statement does not invalidate or disprove mine. Additionally, you should inquire how many of those officers that responded are veterans themselves.

    • Raymond Boettner

      Yes, they were. A friend was there and took pics. As soon as I get them, I’ll post.

      • pajamakat

        obummy must be getting nervous.

      • FrontSightPost

        That would be great, because the video clip does not support the headline/her quote – which it really should.

    • Meekrob

      And you’re to be believed because… ?

      • FrontSightPost

        Because I know the difference between full riot gear and just pulling out helmets, PR-24s and a couple sets of arm guards. Do you have evidence to the contrary?

        • No one cares. Look at the photos. These weren’t rent-a-cops or regular uniform patrol. That’s all you need to know.

          • FrontSightPost

            No, we need the truth, not hyperbole. Look at Sarah Palin’s Facebook photos. Not a one shows SWAT cops or even patrol cops in ANY riot gear. The video (not done by Mrs. Palin) actually DOES show regular patrol cops from multiple agencies. Some wearing riot helmets, PR-24s and forearm pads. Some were bicycle officers wearing bike helmets and using expandable batons instead of PR-24s or straight batons. This is NOT full riot gear.

            Pass along info, but let the info be correct. We do the same thing when it comes to the Second Amendment and legislators or reporters don’t know what they’re talking about, why should it be different with this?

            • Because you are picking at a pimple. We know what she meant. We can see the photos. You imply we’re stupid with this nonsense, and frankly it’s getting old.

              No one expects Palin to be a gear head on cop wear. We all know what she meant, and you damn well do too, so if you really want to discuss the armor, pads, batons and other crap, go find a site where that’s topical. It is not the topic of this thread. If you can’t see what the real topic is, you are part of the problem.

              • FrontSightPost

                I didn’t imply anything. My initial statement was simply to show that her words were not supported by the photos or the video that followed. My follow-up statement was in direct response to a reply asking why I should be believed. Not everyone (as it’s plain to see) can articulate the difference between SWAT cops, patrol cops and those outfitted in full riot gear.

                “If you can’t see what the real topic is, you are part of the problem.” Say. Perhaps since this is a website designed to pass along information, how about you make it clear what the topic is? Are you just into cop-bashing in general or is this a specific instance where you don’t like them. Because, I imagine the National Capital Region has a policy in place that requires the response of federal police officers for ANY protest crowd over a certain number of people and that number of cops increases as the crowd does. If a bunch of anti-war protesters showed up and initiated a physical altercation (the ensuing butt-whooping by veterans notwithstanding) we’d be on another page wondering where the cops were and why they let things get out of hand.

                No, the memorials shouldn’t have ever been shut down. I’m mad, incensed and downright angry at the actions of President Stompy Foot and his crew for that and a thousand other things. But staging a protest in Washington DC and expecting all the cops to stay home because we’re on the right is completely ridiculous.

                • Now you are working hard to be argumentative for the sake of it.

                  Knock it off. You know this site supports law enforcement, the troops, and individual liberty.

  • Stewie

    If these people had any courage, they would do the right thing and stand with the protesters.

    • waffle_anna

      Nuremberg trials should have been a BIG LESSON to such cowards.

      • lanahi

        They don’t know anything about history. What trials?/sarc

        • Worship Dancer

          those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    • To all law enforcement- you’re either with the American People, or you’re against the American People.
      Time to pick a side!
      I suggest you choose wisely.

  • davienne

    i’ll just bet that there were no cop-force out when they had all those law-breaking illegals throwing trash everywhere… on capitol hill last week

    • puma_for_life

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I bet the swat team was absent for that demonstration. Really sickening.

  • lilium479


  • magi52

    Some were S.W.A.T. and some were bicycle cops. I found the whole move stupid in my opinion. I would not want to be put in that position. Every police officer swore a oath to uphold the law and enforce it. What part of 0bamaCare or any of the laws passed by a very deceitful, evil, led Congress since Jan2007 when Reid and Pelosi took over leadership do not allow protesting in the United States of America???


    You can’t see your land, your memorials, they belong to 0’CommieObama, and you are now a number…SSN.

  • Press Watchusa

    If they spoke “MEXICAN” – They would have left!

    • boats48

      I think you mean “Spanish” & flying Mexican flags.

  • Press Watchusa

    Calling John McCain

    Calling John McCain

    ———————— Never Mind – I forgot there for a minute!
    Believe it these “Cops” did not want to be there! – They were terrified

    Any WW II vet could have kicked their butt.

  • PNWShan

    On the radio today I heard an ad of various “Federal workers” reciting parts of their oath and at the end the announcer said “Federal workers take an oath to serve you.” I have never heard this ad before. I wonder if it’s new because of what’s been going on. However, as I heard it, I thought of all the NPS rangers — don’t they realize they’re violating that oath with these actions?

  • Watchman74

    I wonder if there were any SWAT at the immigration rally.

    • lee martell

      It’s my guess that there were some SWAT, but lots of undercover cops there, to protect the illegals from being ‘harassed or annoyed’ by American Citizens. That would be most typical from this president who sees it’s people as either his slaves or his enemies.

    • sjmom

      Don’t know if they were SWAT but Rangel and a number of Dems were arrested.

  • Judges718

    Confrontation was completely unnecessary. Riot police were completely unnecessary. These were peaceful protestors.

    If Obama weren’t a tyrannical petulant child, the vets and the truckers would have made their point by visiting OUR open air memorials, and everyone would have gone home without incident. Instead, Obama had to make his point that he is sovereign, we are serfs, and how dare we defy him.

    Obama has revealed his true totalitarian nature, and I predict has incited liberty loving Americans to protest further.

    • Glenn Clayton

      They were no Riot cops they were DC cops… And the protesters were paid by the Koch Brothers they were not Veterans!!!!

      • Judges718

        Fascinating…tell me more….
        Tell me how fire can’t melt steel
        Tell me about World Trade Center Building #6
        Tell me about Haliburton
        Tell me more about the Koch Brothers
        Tell me about the “faked” moon landings

      • Sanji Himura

        Then please explain to me how Obama can order DC cops around? DC cops is supposed to be local, not Federal.

        • Betsey_Ross

          Well, if you lived in DC who would you call when you dialed 911? It’s also a holiday weekend.

      • Meekrob

        There you go again. It’s all about the Koch with you idiots.

      • LiveFreeOrDieTryin






      • giveususfree

        I’ll see your Koch brothers and raise you a Soros, hypocrite.
        There’s no single person on the planet who’s ever bought more astroturf than Soros. Vets are not astroturf, they’ve all accomplished more before 7AM than any basement dwelling Leftist with a keyboard ever will in a lifetime.

  • puma_for_life

    I still really like Sarah Palin. I was very disappointed with her when she chose not to run for potus in 2012 and just gave up on her. But I still like her and I would support her if she chose to run for any office again…how about senator?

    • WinMissouri

      IMO Palin and Levin are more valuable speaking out as Constitutional Conservatives and shining light on what the media/govt hacks try to keep in the dark.

      • Bill589

        IMO Palin has demonstrated the exact executive capabilities that are needed to fix DC. She needs to do to DC what she did to AK.

        • Judges718

          My assessment exactly.

          Her executive talents would be wasted in the Senate.

          She would be an excellent President of the United States.

      • Betsey_Ross

        I kind of agree with what you said for now. However, she is an outstanding executive and would have this country in ship shape in no time.

    • Bill589

      You may have given up on Palin, but obviously she didn’t give up on us, or the fight for our Republic. None of us know what was going on behind the scenes in 2012, except that the GOPe and Dems were BOTH against her.

      • puma_for_life

        Oh, absolutely, I don’t blame her, the establishment politicos absolutely fear her and even now whenever she shows up anywhere in an article, you get the same lefty comments about her that you saw in 2008/20012.

  • Stehekin912

    Illegal aliens = red carpet and welcome mat. American veterans = SWAT team

    • Poi Ball

      I heard there were porta potties for the illegals, any one see any today?

      • Betsey_Ross

        Back when the Tea Party was kind of new, there were porto-potties at the rallies. After the big Glenn Beck Restoring Honor gathering they just disappeared. They try to have rallies closer to buildings that are open to the public. One site has to use Union Station. You can see it, but it is a hike over there. At the Capitol there is the Arboretum also a little far. There has been a change. The city is not as welcoming.

    • giveususfree

      The country’s upside down these days. The regular people are the freaks and radicals, and the freaks and radicals are the normal people.

  • Sentinel

    And yet there was no violence and no arrests? Hmmm… the media will be so disappointed. Those veterans who fought so valiantly deserve so much more respect and appreciation. To Obama’s minions and the GOPe: We won’t forget what you’ve done (or not done) when it’s time to vote in this upcoming election.

  • lee martell

    Those Cops bothering our Vets are not all completely anonymus. Some of these guys are known to be police by other folks. Some of these other folks are going to start naming and shaming these boys on facebook. Watch for it, until facebook (stateowned, by the way) censors those comments as being ‘unObama favorable, and therefore ‘bad’. Yes, we have sunk this low, or at least 47% of us have sunk this low.

  • Glenn Clayton

    l (redacted) brain dead.(redacted)

    • waffle_anna

      How much did Soros pay you to write this illiterate comment? Back to HuffPo with you.

      • Princess Mangina


        Cut him a break; after all… Obama intentionally appealed to the lower IQ voters…

    • Bill589

      I think someone needs a diaper change.

      • cam_s

        I agree..

    • Brian

      some one should have paid you to learn how to spell

    • Guest

      Nice try, Harry.

    • PaulR

      Can you translate your comment into English?

    • cam_s

      What? Learn to type or get the heck out of Dodge.

    • Meekrob

      Why are you leftards so obsessed with male genitals?

    • Dave

      Glenn…there is an old proverb that applies to your post “It is better to let people think you’re a fool, than open your mouth (or in this case type with your fingers) and confirm the fact”…..just saying

    • Keely Shaper

      RIP English

    • Princess Mangina

      Dude… I know these conservative men are hot and all… but, dudeeeee, their straight. If you’re begging for a teabagging then hussle yourself on over to HuffPo…

    • rickg62

      Please shut up, go back to school and learn English. Then come back and participate. Stop showing your ignorance, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  • Judges718

    Here is a photo of the Conservative Titans at the WWII Memorial. My heart swells with pride.

  • Guest

    I wish someone could get some interviews with that SWAT team. I’m sure most of them are just there following orders.

    • Betsey_Ross

      There is a video of them being yelled at by the protestors. The crowd was getting in their faces yelling “Shame on you. This is a peaceful protest.” The team looked like they would rather be somewhere else.

      • Princess Mangina

        They sure did look uncomfortable. They did not want to follow those orders, you could tell. Between a rock and a hard spot. Good, it will make them think about their loyalties. Will the be loyal to a wannabe despot… or Americans? Food for thought.

        • ikemen1

          Remember when the time comes, and they are order to shoot many will…..

        • lanahi

          It will get easier for them to get more bold with the crowd each time they do it. After awhile, they will look forward to it.

    • warpmine

      Jawohl, Mein Fuhrer!

      • Shultz, I vant to hear dose heelz clik!

        • warpmine

          I give Der Fuhrer one thing, he loved his Germany despite him being Austrian opposed to Dear Leader who just despises everything about us, our religion, our history, and worst of all, our Liberty guaranteed by our Constitution.

          • Heh. It’s like all the usual “silver lining” things don’t apply to barack.

            He doesn’t make the trains run on time.
            He doesn’t love his country.
            He doesn’t love his “race”

            He’s just bad any way you look at him.

  • boats48

    Why has no one brought this into court yet? If the POTUS were a Republican, there’d be lawsuits all over the place. This guy wasn’t elected king and there’s no national emergency, where does he get the authority to order this stuff?

    • giveususfree

      A Republican couldn’t get away with 1/10th of what Obama gets away with, and rightfully so, but what we need are Democrats getting away with less, and a return to the rule of law, not Republicans getting away with equally bad actions.

    • warpmine

      Simply because Congress refuses to get rid of him.

  • Stehekin912

    I read that trollies are paid by the number of comments they “attract”. I wonder if that is true.

    • They have nothing else to do.

  • Don

    President Obama refused to negotiate, the House funded all government with out the health care funded, then they even went with the Medical device tax to not be funded, yet the Dicktator in chief refused to negotiate, so as i see it and millions more sees it, Obama shut the gov down..

  • sjmom

    Obama’s America but we’re taking it back.

  • Dave

    Go ahead and puke Peggy you liberal minded fool…keep drinking that Koolaid, and living on unicorn farts and fairy dust….The Lamest POTUS this nation has ever seen HAS shut down the National Parks you ignorant wench….and is paying “park police” and others to keep them shut…isn’t he?….So why not pay those same park police to keep them open so that the men and women in this nation who did serve (to give morons like you the right to protest and spew liberal dribble) can visit them to honor their fallen brothers and sisters….To my knowledge….Mrs. Sarah Palin….did not have anything to do with the “government shutdown” that was the decision Harry Reid and the Obummer made when they decided not to negotiate with the House of Representatives…Pull your head out of your backside…smell what it is your trying to shovel….and grow up….You want to point fingers…look in the mirror and slap yourself! A fed up veteran….

    • Betsey_Ross

      Oh, my. Peggy has done the rounds over at Breitbart, too. He, she , or it do get around.

      • LiveFreeOrDieTryin

        because they cant stand anyone having a voice but commies.

  • Voltaires Crack

    He’s enjoying the opportunity to give vets the shaft. Figures they would go to greater expense to ‘shut’ things that were cheaper/free to run pre-shutdown especially where privately funded. Note to the trolls though: if there were not special punitive glee, why didn’t the prez close down his golf course?

  • IsraeliCojones

    Seems to me that the libtards are in a slight panic…

    You ain’t seen nothing yet, cretins.

    • LiveFreeOrDieTryin

      looks like it to me.
      cant wait for 2014

  • Princess Mangina

    Apparently, after reading the AP poll this week, there are only 37% of the people who still approve of Obama. Hopefully; after having spun your head around spewing emesis all down the front of your blouse, you won’t be getting any messier after learning you are among the dwindling holdouts still blindly following the little emperor Obama.

    What’s next for you? Explosive diarrhea?

    • Meggeler

      Ooo ’emesis’ I like that word! But I agree too 🙂

  • nexxe

    “just following orders” doesn’t cut it anymore.
    As Ronald Reagan warned us.

  • katitdid

    Obama’s hoping that by putting a handful of SWAT in a crowd of hundreds will make it turn into something not peaceful.These SWAT people should be ashamed of themselves. And don’t throw out there they are only following orders. So did the Brown Shirts.

  • Wayne Stumbo

    its going to come down to a revolt against the government.just like in egypt

    • Princess Mangina

      Yeah, just like the Egyptians turned against Obama’s murderous and tyrannical friends the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Ron Raack

    The White House belongs to the PEOPLE not the President!


    …the sleeping giant is finally being woken up.”


      ….and it’s about time too !!

  • GSR

    Remember folks, when limp-wristed, left-wing, govt dependent children use the term “tea bagger”, you should hear with your ears ……..”conservative”.

    • stage9

      call them d-baggers in return.

    • No.

      I hear leftists making fun of gays.

      Never Never let the left control the language.

  • stage9

    DOUGHNUT RANGERS! …in Obama bicycle dork helmets no less!

  • Chester Simms

    I guess we’re a police state now.

    • cabensg

      They’re gonna have to send a hell of lot more police than that. That was pitiful.

  • Ron Gilbert

    I am just a bit tired of hearing people say that this administration is out of touch or that they do not know what they are doing. Yes they do know what they are doing. Everything that has been done to shred our rights, take our money, and destroy our economy is purposeful.

    • Judges718

      What he and his Marxist minions are doing is nothing new. Just look at the examples throughout the world. Obama is using boilerplate Marxist/Communist/Fascist/Totalitarian tactics. Ask anyone who grew up in one of these societies, and by the grace of G-d fled to America. They recognize it all too well.

    • Clare

      Out of touch points to the mental illness of progressive liberal Marxists – in that they have completely departed from common sense and morals. Yes, they are intelligent and deliberate, but they are out of touch with reality. They are also dictatorial which, in America, is out of touch with a Constitutional Representative Republic.

  • Butch

    Not true! I was there. Sarah had left town. The riot police showed up after we delivered the barricades to the W.H. and were shamed into leaving!! Other then this the only problem w/ the police was when they tried to block 17th St. they finally backed their cars up. The police and Park Rangers were fine the same as us vets

    • DeeDEEthree
      • Butch

        If Sarah went to the Lincoln Memorial it was a photo op because when I got there and most of the other people from the WWII Memorial there was one Park Ranger. Very peaceful

        • bluerose75

          Well Dyke….she obviously was not there the whole time…so take your snark and cram it….or get glasses and find Huffington Post…and and please spare me you are really a sincere person and were really looking for Sarah…amazing how many others saw here…PHOTO OP…take your lips to your False Prophet and plant them….that will give you a PHOTO-OP for your liberal life!

  • GigiOf3

    And yet no one was arrested or dragged off in hand cuffs. Was this a demonstration or just a peaceful protest/gathering? I wonder…

  • Guest

    It must be frustrating to the administration and OFA that these folks showed up without being paid.

    • giveususfree

      LOL, right on!
      And they show up at the polls without bribes too.

  • Larry A Singleton

    Too bad the sheep in this country, including those here, don’t realize that they started chipping away at our rights with our vehicles. Driving Is A RIGHT! This was the foot in the door to every aspect of our lives being taxed, fined, levied or otherwise OVER-regulated. It’s the reason it’s no longer “Don’t Tread On Us”. Instead it’s “Are You In Compliance?” With the Better Homes and Gardens Gestapo ie Code Enforcement telling you what you can do on your private property and city councils acting like mini Police States! Used to be a time a broken down chevy in the back forty was almost a family tradition in most places. Now it’s grounds for arrest! I just went and paid almost six f-ing dollars for a quart of oil. MILK is almost FIVE goddamned dollars a gallon. IN some places it IS Five f-ing dollars a gallon. It makes me sick to get anxiety attacks every time I go grocery shopping. Or realize when I pay the bills that our basic nessesseties have become LUXURIES!!!
    What you’re seeing here are the lines the cops are willing to cross. They would have happily, giddily shot these veterans if things had gotten “out of control”. These people have no lines or limits. We’re in a time when the Police are “just doing what they’re told”. Just “following orders”. (Insert German accent.)

    Plunder: How Public Employee Unions Are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation by Steven Greenhut
    One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors and Activist Judges Threaten You Liberty by Reosenzweig & Walsh
    Mean Justice: A true account of a prosecutor’s power and betrayel by Edward Humes
    The Man by Irving Wallace (The “Black” President we should have had.)
    The Innocent Man by John Grisham
    Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case by Stuart Taylor Jr. and KC Johnson
    Vince Flynn’s “Term Limits” as a solution to our political problems.

    The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men by Christina Hoff Sommers
    Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage and the Family by Stephen Baskerville (At least go to Amazon and read the Preface and Introduction to these two books.)
    Purple Heart’s Final Beat – A Soldier Suicide Story

    • Larry A Singleton

      As a supplement to this I was thinking of how this country has declined. We have “comedians” like Bill Maher calling our Greatest Generation “stupid”. We have groups like Freedom From Religion trying to destroy Christianity and we have the results which I wrote about a while back:

      Jihadis aren’t the only terrorists. We have these “Audio Terrorists” in their Boomer Cars who are plagueing our communities and destroying our quality of life and Peace and Quiet in every neighborhood in the country. They assault my home almost hourly on a daily basis. I can’t go anywhere in the city where I’m not being assaulted by them. While I’m eating in a restaraunt, walking down the street; everywhere. They’ve become an almost “constant” in our everday lives.
      One thing I’ll bet you don’t know and that’s that Darrell Issa is the Osama bin Ladin of these Audio Terrorists. Issa is somebody that should be put in a bag full of cats and beat with a stick. He’s the founder of Viper Audio and former chairman of the powerful Consumer Electronics Asociation, which uses its financial muscle to lobby against citizens trying to enact local ordinances protecting peace and quiet!
      He couldn’t do this if he didn’t have the help of our “representatives”; those “cowardly hand-wringers”, our local Police and City councils, (Like Lt. Manning and city councilman Mike Gardner here in Riverside CA.), who have given these punks their tacit approval and unconditional permission to bully and intimidate our communities and its citizens. (Or maybe “unconditionally surrendered” their constituents quality of life would be a better way of putting it.) They refuse to do anything about this problem, but do you know what I DO see? I see the cops set up a speed trap practically in my front yard. I see them collecting REVENUE from their extortion rackets, solar powered parking meters and red light cameras.
      I’m asking you to please, PLEASE watch the Pioneer video “Disturb” at Noise Off-org. Scroll down to the stupid looking guy on the screen shot above “Pioneer Disturb”. And remember; this is a PROMOTIONAL video!
      After you watch it tell me you didn’t want to reach through the screen and wring these punks obnoxious little necks. I’m asking you to please copy the following and pass the information out like religious tracts.
      Why is this tolerated now when I know for a fact this wouldn’t have been tolerated for even an instant in the fifties? I keep thinking of what my Dad would have done and what I would dearly love to do and I just seeth with humiliation and shame that I don’t turn these scum into roadkill. But if I do I know who’ll get arrested.
      Maybe it’s along the lines of why we push “1 for English” and progressively allow ourselves to get raped and abused on every other level. I call them the “symptoms”of the disease which is the decline of America. We’re getting progressively poor with little prospects for work while our bloated government is growing and Public Employees are sucking us dry and bankrupting our communities
      Here are some “ads”. They reflect the utter contempt that these companies and people like Issa, your city councilman and police have for Americans peace of mind. They’re actually making blatant, In Your Face advertisements saying F–k You to the American Public: Remember; they and their collaborators are saying this every time you’re assaulted by their noise.
      JBL: “Either we love BASS or hate your neighbors.”
      JL Audio: “Be Very Afraid.”
      Kicker: “You deserve a beating…Kicker’s loudest, meanest subwoofer ever!”
      Concept “When TOO loud is… …just right!”
      Lightning Audio: “Sonic submission.”
      Boss Audio System: “Turn it down? I don’t think so.”
      Cerwin-Vega Mobile Audio: “Shake the living, wake the dead.”
      Crossfire: “We’re louder…Deal with it!”
      Earthquake Sound: “The Meanest, Loudest, Most Powerful, Mother F— Amplifiers Money Can Buy!”
      Viper Audio: “Cold Blooded. Violent Fury and Multi-Channel Mayhem.”
      Orion High Performance Car Audio: “Be Loud. Be Obnoxious.”
      I read recently that one of these audio terrorists were shot. If I was on the jury I’d hold out for “self defense”; from being assaulted. To me the guys a hero. He just did what I wish I had the guts to do every time one of these scumbags “drives by” my house!
      (I wish they’d start an “urban warfare” paintball game with acid filled paintballs, mark these social predator’s “Boomer Cars” and expose them for the deviants in society that they are.)

    • You seriously don’t want to call the people here “sheep” on your first post.

      Better to lurk a while and learn what’s going on first.

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        I think [hope] he’s referring to our troll parasites. You know your site is a threat when the lefties send in their trolls.

        • Stehekin912

          Sing to the tune of Send in the Clowns…..Isn’t it rich….isn’t it clear….that your website is a threat when trollies come here…..send in the trollllllllls….send in the trolllllllllls…(snark hee hee)…someone more clever than I can fix up the lyrics better…

          • Heh. Good one!

            My like button isn’t working. Dang it.

  • demographicallychallenged

    just curious if the Park Rangers are non essential and they had to close the parks and monuments, how did the vandals get in last month and deface the Lincoln Monument?

  • ApplePie101

    So the paramilitary palace guard are out in the courtyard by command of their Tsar, maybe to perpetrate another Bloody Sunday? Is that where Obama wants to take this? Because he’d better look further down the road and see where that leads.

    • Jane Cook

      Yes, but remember what happened to the last Czar.

  • Bob Kennerson

    Stopped by our socialistic dictator President and his thugs. Absolutely disgusting. What STUPID, low information voters elected him again? Not me!

  • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

    So, was SWAT team at the OWS rallies?

    • ManlyMutt

      Yes.. They were actually raided and arrested by swat in may camps.

    • ManlyMutt

      They also raided the HOMES of OWS protestors.

      • Well that happens when people commit rape and other crimes.

    • stage9

      Yes, and rightly so. The left is full of lunatics.

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        And probably only AFTER their rallies became unlawful.

  • blueniner

    Obamas goon squad has turned from Brown shirts to Blue shirts. Where were the goons when the the rapers, poopers and lowlife thieves were occupying private property in NY?

  • JoeTulsa

    Obama’s Brown Shirts.

  • JoeTulsa

    Obama’s Blue Shirts.

  • JoeTulsa

    Just like the Nazi officials said after gassing people: “We were just carrying out our leader’s orders.”

    • deTocqueville1

      Alas, true!

  • Spike Bement

    I see the Marxists are out in full force tonight.

  • blueniner

    If we had a real media they would have been down there and covering this. Sarah Palin has become the lightning rod to this movement. They said she was talking to the Swat team after her speech!

  • Author Glen Bear Smith

    It won’t end with this. Before it is over, Obama will be responsible for the spilling of American blood on AMERICAN SOIL. His cabinet is just as out of control as is he

    I am Bear Smith

    • Henry Bowman


    • poorhardworker

      I am of the same sentiment! But I do know that we are up to this task. We the People have to stand up first! Then our armies will join and then the vets…and we know the largest standing army in the WORLD is the US hunters…they will be with us. But we HAVE to show that we are worthy offspring of the Greatest Generation!!! Our armies and Vets have given their all and are tired. We the People need to start the battle and then reserves will reinforce! Do you have the heart and conviction? Do you believe in the America we knew…and that she can overcome the damage she has suffered? I do…stand tall America! She needs you. I am a Libertarian…but one of the greatest lines ever uttered was by a democrat…JFK: “Ask not what your country can do for you…but what you can do for your country!” (Came as close as my memory allowed me…) Ask yourselves this same question…because your country, your values, your history…is at risk!

      • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

        Totally! Although, looks like our dear Vets are the first to stand up – forever serving US.

    • RighteousCrow_JustCaws

      He’s already responsible for spilling Americans’ blood; evidence the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial, among other civil conflicts he and his henchmen have instigated.

  • Tall, Dark and Handsome

    I usually don’t speak with Obama supporters.

    When I do its to order the large fries.

    • Henry Bowman

      84% of Obama supporters admit to having had sex in the shower.

      The other 16% claim they have never been to prison.

    • Once you cross the border into Government Land (federal office buildings), you are in barack-voter heaven.

  • Kathy Holczman


  • Are you kidding me!? I bet every one of those SWAT team members did not want to be there. I doubt very much their minds think like the goons running the White House. Why else did Sarah Palin talk to them when it was over. I’m sure she could see the fear/disgust in their eye’s for what they were assigned to do….in BIKE helmets for crying out loud!

    • deTocqueville1

      I wish you were correct however, I am concerned about the SS type militarization of the US armed forces.

      • Xman97

        It’s not in the US Armed Forces.. The problem there is ignorant asses that think they swore allegiance to a person and not the Constitution; and high ranking leaders without the moral fortitude to take a stand against this Criminal-in-Chief. The issue of militarization is in our Police Forces.. they more resemble an Armed Forces than many military units.

        • Worship Dancer

          obama is firing high ranking officers left and right – i have no doubt they refused to pledge allegiance to obama.

    • Worship Dancer

      not all were in bike helmets – bike helmets don’t have immovable face shields.

    • JohnCraven

      I’m not entirely certain that all of these “riot police” didn’t want to be there.

      I think their polically-appointed bosses chose them either because they were Big Government/Nero Obama loyalists or they thought that it would make great video clips for their stenographers in the TV News industry.

      The woman riot policeman up front didn’t seem “unhappy” to be there! She looked like she was a bit disappointed that she couldn’t thump someone with her baton and her riot squad was sent into retreat because they couldn’t provoke a riot.

      I thought it was great when the crowd yelled “Shame on you!” repeatedly.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      • GNBYGM

        “I think their polically-appointed bosses chose them either because they
        were Big Government/Nero Obama loyalists or they thought that it would
        make great video clips for their stenographers in the TV News industry.”

        I guess that could be the case. It’s probably more likely that it was because they happened to be working today and weren’t on any calls when some boneheaded supervisor wanted to flex. But then again, that’s not nearly as rooted in conspiracy and intrigue. Actually, it’s kind of boring. You’re probably right, John.

        Shame on the decision that put those officers in that ridiculous position – yes. Shame on them for following orders, remaining calm and professional in the face of misguided anger and dumb comments like “brown shirts” and “jack boots” – no.

        • JohnCraven

          So it was the veterans’ faults that they were upset that they were denied access to their own open air public memorials?

          And it was probably a “boneheaded supervisor” who put those officers in that ridiculous situation? Well where did that bonehead get his marching orders from?

          “Shame” on those officers “for following orders, remaining calm and professional in the face of misguided anger and dumb comments like ‘brown shirts’ and ‘jack boots'” – when just a couple of days before many veterans – many of whom were disabled – were greeted at the Vietnam War Memorial by Park Service Officers with Guard Dogs at the ready? Ready for what? A disabled vet to hit them with a cane or run into them with a wheel chair?

          I certainly say shame on these officers.

          Our government is supposed to be shut down and government workers are supposed to be on furlough but all of a sudden money can be found in Nero Obama’s “stash” to pay for these officers to harass and intimidate American citizens and veterans with guard dogs and BARACKades and batons and riot gear?

          These officers, if they had any kind of decency or conscience, would have raised objections to being used like this for Nero Obama’s political purposes. But since they obviously did not they deserve to be shamed!

          John Craven
          New Orleans

      • I’ll give you that. Maybe not all, but if they were all Obama croonies they would not of given Sarah the time of day.

        However your point is without question valid. This dictator of ours has done nothing but hire like minded people who hate America’s Constitution/Bill of Rights and all it’s limitations towards Liberalism.

        • JohnCraven

          GiantM, there’s no real way for us to know where these officers loyalties lay, I guess. Yet, it certainly doesn’t seem that they are friends of the veterans in any way.

          Perhaps, most were simply afraid that they would lose their jobs if they didn’t obey orders from their politically-appointed bosses to show up in riot gear with riot batons at the ready – ready for what? A disabled vet hitting them with a cane or running into them with a wheelchair? Of course, not all of the vets there were disabled but if their greatest act of civil disobedience was to dismantle the BARACKades and stack them in a pile at the White House that’s hardly a riot taking place in my opinion.

          I agree with what you have said about the dictator in chief.

          John Craven
          New Orleans

  • NJK

    Isn’t it ironic that a potential member of the Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House, he’s appointed several other members into DHS, and the SWAT teams are going after those who fought Hitler? Why in God’s name is this allowed to continue? John Boehner and other members of Congress, you had a responsibility with your job. You’ve allowed a terrorist to infiltrate the White House. Why? You’re now negotiating with the member of the Muslim Brotherhood?

    • poorhardworker

      You do also know that the highest man in the DHS is an important person in the Muslim Brotherhood….doesn’t that give you the warm fuzzies???

  • poorhardworker

    I LOVE IT!!! A peaceful protest and public shaming them with all their faces visible to America to see! And they left! Please take note, Barack (Barry) Obama (Sotero)!!!! We pay you…you are our employee!!! AND WE PATRIOTS WILL NEVER BOW TO YOU OR YOUR ATTEMPTS TO SUBVERT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

    • Kenyan Mocker

      read my comment

  • Kenyan Mocker

    OBAMA sent the Secret Service so felony charges could be made against those speaking out against him, as per the law he signed giving the SS to place such charges.
    STOP AND THINK – you get a felony conviction you LOSE your right to concealed carry.
    The Kenyan has this planned and plans to win.

  • bluerose75

    I wonder does anyone think FDR or Truman would have done this or allowed this? You see real Presidents know ABOVE ALL they ARE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF and the power to send men and women to die is IMMENSE!! You treat these men and women with the UTMOST DIGNITY and RESPECT!!! They have earned it!!!!!!!!!!!

    OFraud on the other hand is the IMPERIAL CLOWN IN CHIEF and a man that loathes our military men and women!! Hence there is no honor and no class!

  • JoelDick

    Tin Soldiers and Obama’s coming

  • Kenyan Mocker

    My favorite Solzhenitsyn quote:

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur — what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!”

    He also said one great error they made was to not have other dissidents that would be at the doors of those arresting them, leaving them the choice of where they should be, arresting them or home protecting their families.

    • Leftists hate Solzhenitsyn.

      • PhillyCon

        Also, Stalin was the “good” dictator and got a bad rap. Remember that college professor at a NJ college saying that he didn’t kill millions of people?

    • Vernon Weathers

      Mine too. He tried to warn us because he saw the same thing being done here that was done to his countrymen! But they laughed in his face!

  • 2lassie3

    Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for him……..

    • Worship Dancer

      neither did i but WE allowed the circumstances that allowed him to get elected. we should have stopped this crap 30 years ago – nipped it in the bud.

      • 2lassie3

        And-what did you do about it and what can I do about it? When a man gets elected by fraud and dead people, what can you do??

        • Worship Dancer

          like i said we failed to ensure the ENVIRONMENT that allowed it never happened. WE didn’t instill in our children a strong faith in God and a strong love of country. WE failed in allowing history to be rewritten. now we have to clean up the mess. harder to do. as for him getting elected by fraud and dead people – been going on since AT LEAST 1960s – think lyndon johnson. we failed to believe anything like this could ever happen. now that it HAS we have to fix it. it’s not going to be easy or pretty but it HAS to be done.

          • 2lassie3

            Again–What could you personally (as l person) have done about it to make change?

            • lanahi

              No one person can do it on their own. It’s like a drop of water is not the same as the ocean and doesn’t have any power to affect anything, but there is power in the ocean that can wear away heavy rock.

              The leftists know this too, with their steady drip, drip, drip over the years to wear away the rock.

          • lanahi

            We were too innocent, thinking that this could not happen in America. We tried to show our tolerance for varying philosophies and took on the PC meme, thinking all this was a first amendment right. We supported a black man for president just to show the world that we could elect a black man and weren’t racist, ignoring how THIS particular black man was also an enemy of our nation. We did this out of the usual magnanimity that Americans have for others. Many didn’t know what he meant by his claim that he would “fundamentally transform” this nation and felt that the worry-mongers were out of touch with our warnings about him.

            We arn’t so ignorant now, and most of us recognize our mistake. But now most of us don’t know how to turn it around again.

      • Excellently said! It’s good to see you here Worship Dancer.

        • Worship Dancer

          😀 thanks. it’s not gonna be a party to reclaim America and fix all the problems but to throw our hands up and say “don’t blame me” that makes us part of the problem. no one believed anything like this could ever happen because we REFUSED to acknowledge that WE were failing to pass on love of country and love of God.

  • Kathleen Moore

    i think that while we storming the memorials that he’s making plans to do so much to this country. he is always making problems then sneaks in behind our backs while we are busy and slam dunks the country with some other bad law ect….i think we need to be really carful and keep our eyes open. some thing big is coming ! god bless thia country.

    • Worship Dancer

      yep like declaring martial law, disbanding congress, cancelling ALL elections local, state, federal, implementing UN gun grab – house 2 house gun grabs

  • GLRLiberty

    Looks as though the police were sent in to provoke an incident and when it did not happen, they left.

  • Allowing spiteful behavior in a leader leads to slaughter just as surely as statism leads to totalitarianism.

    Folks, tighten up! Things are spiraling out of control.

    • richardolsonhatesAmerica

      Screw lightening up, it’s time for revolution, time to take this country back and KILL ALL TRAITORS.

      • warpmine

        Best read that again. “tighten” t-ighten up.

        • Thanks!

          Heh. One typo starts a revolution!

  • Conniption Fitz

    Police hit several women with batons:
    Megyn Kelly will show the video on Kelly Files tomorrow evening.

  • patriotgrandma

    Obowmao’s SS Squads…now you know how one lunatic dictator with delusions of grandure can use the media to turn human against human and see them as inhuman and so much less that they can beat torture and kill without consequence or guilt.

  • brendawatkins

    I see a Revolution on the horizon!

  • Oak Tree Lady

    They look like the bike police to me!

    • Worship Dancer

      try actually WATCHING the video – here’s a clue u click on the arrow to start the video. SECONDS into the video you will see the cops in BLUE riot gear with HELMETS – NOTE THE SHIELDS – AND BATONS.

  • winterband

    What low vile TRASH the Democrat party has put into power with their ignorance, voter fraud, treason and Islamosocialism!

    It is not only just the criminal traitor Barry Soetoro Obama who is to blame, but the other communist slime in the Democrat party and the RINOs Please be sure to SHARE this post about Hussein “Hitler Lite” Obama far and wide! People do not comprehend how truly wicked and dishonest he is!

    Anti-American, anti-christian, muslim brotherhood serving, sleazy, criminal pervert traitor “Hitler Lite”in the Whitehouse! The website now contains a link to a video where eye witness testimony is given regarding Hussein’s homosexuality, drug abuse, and some very serious questions about murder. This is for real! Fox news reporter Todd Starnes. Also read about documented voter fraud and much more!

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    Share the truth about John “Hanoi Jane” Kerry another lying traitor.

    Online Christian alternative to Facebook. Biblical Christianity Acts 2:38 friendly

    #christian #community #social #socialnetworking #christianity #bible #biblical #fbooked #facebook

  • kssturgis62

    I would say to the Police – You are either on the Side of America and Americans or you are not. You either will uphold your Oath to the Constitution or you won’t. It is time to pick a side.


    Barry sent the swat team out for the wrong people. He needs to send them out to mamma’s little 35 year old basement bloggers. You know, the ones with 2 degrees and no job;)

  • BR549

    I hope you aren’t referring to that emasculated group of wimpy, blue-uniformed morons as a SWAT team. No offense, but let’s not engage in the same level of base exaggeration as the nitwits in the lame stream media. And I would hope that if the SWAT team DID show up that they’d have enough balls (and brains) to help the citizens stack up the barricades.

    • Stehekin912

      I found myself hoping the police would give the veterans a salute by lining up on the street and saluting them, and letting the car lights roll as the vets passed by.
      Silly me. I keep finding myself thinking the brave crew will escort the crazy captain off the bridge. *sigh*

      • sleeper48

        Nope, the lunatics are in charge of the asylum. We have to endure the mess.

        • lanahi

          Do we?

          • sleeper48

            See…we need to be making up our minds about that RIGHT NOW.

            • lanahi

              I have made up my mind. We do not have to just endure the mess. We can change it.

      • BR549

        Exactly. These “riot” police looked like they had been ordered in by their superiors to quell the unruly pitchfork-carrying citizens. What planet did those “superiors” come from?

        Like you, I was wishing, at some point, that the uniforms would just join the people, because, ultimately, these goons have to go home, go shopping, and send their kids to school with the rest of the “common people”. As we get closer to a SHTF scenario, these people hiding behind uniforms are going to discover just how difficult it is to try to pretend to live alongside of those whose rights they are abusing. The higher-ups are just USING these uniforms as pawns in a large game; meanwhile, those pawns don’t seem to have enough warm brain cells to question being tossed into the shredder.

    • Okay, some folks know their police/mil jargon and some don’t. It’s not a big deal.

      • Sean Sopata

        Yes, it is. There’s a BIG difference. The comparison here is a seal team six member to a pfc. The role, and skills, are very, VERY, different.

        • No one cares but detail nuts. This isn’t a gun blog. We know what they mean, even if they get the terms mixed up.

          You did see the photos, right? That explains it all.

          • Sean Sopata

            I didn’t say anything about guns. So I’m not sure what you are trying to say.
            My point is that SWAT is a very specific function, used for a very specific reason. Saying it’s SWAT showing up when it isn’t doesn’t portray the situation accurately.
            I’m not saying what happened was good, or acceptable by any means. Just that saying SWAT denotes the situation as far more volatile than it ended up being. Describing the situation accurately, as it actually happened, will do far more good

            • lanahi

              They EXPECTED it to be volatile. By the SWAT team or whatever it is being there and showing their batons, they proceeded to make it more volatile than it would have been. They were either stupid or were purposely prodding people into violence. It is to the credit of the demonstrators that they did not engage.

            • Yes you are sure because I told you no one cares several times now. This isn’t some tactical/gun/mil blog. If you want to argue the nitty gritty, go find one of those. Just stop bothering people with it here.

              The issue here is optics and barack’s strategy that is putting people in danger. Not on whether the average joe understands police/tactical terminology.

              • Sean Sopata

                Remember what you said here the next time someone calls a “Rifle” an “assault rifle” and you have issues with it. It’s not accurate (read: It’s false), and it’s done solely to entice a response from people in a specific way. If the news can’t be posted accurately, it shouldn’t be posted. I don’t care what “side of the aisle” the news reporter sits on. It’s the responsibility of all journalists to report the news accurately, AS IT HAPPENED, and to not inject personal opinions.

          • GNBYGM

            What photos? The only thing I saw was the video which was 5:13 long. Unless I missed something, the statement that a SWAT team in full riot gear was present is just not true. One does not need to be a detail nut to provide an accurate description of an event.

            This video clearly shows a bunch of bicycle and motorcycle officers being put in a bad position and forced to do something that they should not have been. Now, if we want to be like the left and use improper descriptions and sensationalize a non-event, I guess we can do that. Again, I might be missing something, but if this video is being used to support the initial headline and it’s statement, it is wrong and does matter.

            • You seem to think the only info on the event is at this website. People here have linked to many other sites with info. Go and learn.

              We are not a tactical/gun blog. Climb down off that horse and relax. No one cares about the details. The photos explain it just fine.

              • GNBYGM

                K-Bob, I didn’t think I was on a high horse. Obviously you don’t like opinions that aren’t mirror images of your own. You should also really move away from the whole “tactical/gun blog” reference. I’m well aware of the topic matter discussed here and fail to see any basis in your continued and repeated statement that “We are not a tactical/gun blog”. It really makes no sense. I never once mentioned anything about tactical operations or weapons. ? ? ?

                It’s also presumptuous of you to say that I seem to think the only info on this event is at this website. Either presumptuous or just plain and deliberately confrontational. I clearly asked about the photos you keep referring to in your posts. I also said that I may be missing something. As a moderator you take the time to give me orders to “go and learn” and accuse me of being “on a high horse”, but then refuse to steer me in that direction. I even linked off to Sarah’s page and looked for the photo album she said she would post. I didn’t find it. Oh well, it’s rather obvious that you’d just rather be snarky and argumentative. “No one cares about the details.” Why exactly is that? Details explain events. That’s really kind of the whole point of this allegation, isn’t it? Disappointing.

                • It’s this simple: The topic is a ridiculously overboard police presence and Sarah Palin’s remarks on it, not what make of sidearm or baton the cops used or what is and isn’t SWAT versus RIOT versus Crowd Control or any other detail that’s not really critical.

                  You are verging on maintaining an argument for the sake of arguing, and that’s totally uninteresting.

                  We want things to stay on topic here. Read the Comment Policy. If the policy disappoints you, then perhaps you need to find someplace more to your liking.

                • GNBYGM

                  The policies don’t disappoint me. Your unwillingness to see any point but your own does, but – ok you win. It’s your show. Details are unimportant and headlines that s-t-r-e-t-c-h the truth or overstate events are OK and can’t be discussed, examined or refuted. That’s fine. I enjoy this site very much and have been coming here daily ( or more ) for a long time. I’m a huge fan. TRS is an excellent source of conservative news and information that people won’t really find elsewhere. Keep up the good work, boys.

                • It’s not about my point of view. It’s about exactly what I wrote. Keep it on topic, follow the Comment Policy, and you’ll be fine.

                  Sometimes Scoop or Ken posts things where the topic actually is guns, or what the cops are doing, or something technical or military. Those threads attract people who care about that stuff. But at this site, it doesn’t happen very often. (The school shooting in New Bern was one of those times. Also the discussions about the feds buying up ammo.)

      • lanahi

        They were police meant to intimidate when intimidation wasn’t necessary, that’s all we need to know. They weren’t there to be “helpful”.

  • Nancy

    First off the video was NOT AT THE LINCOLN MEMORIAL. The video was at the WH. The swat team was in fact at the Lincoln Memorial.

  • garland

    So sad…

  • Rockslider1

    they may of shown up but the video this show has the police leaving in the end without incident Ive seen no video where the the police were at the Lincoln memorial and if they were Im sure they were there in the same capacity as they were in front of the WH. I have to believe that the majority of officers feel as we do but in defense of them they have a job to do and keeping everyone civil and safe it first and foremost

    • JohnCraven

      The riot squad sent out by Nero Obama for a riot that did not ever happen was just another prop for the Identity Thief in Chief in the White House, just like the BARACKades at the WWII Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.
      John Craven
      New Orleans

  • SUBVET808

    What do you expect from an Administration who’s Secretary of DHS had put out a memo stating that Veterans were a threat to country. This is more proof that BHO and his Administration hates the military and its veterans.

    • ApplePie101

      Not only that, but he appears to be seriously paranoid–cliniccally paranoid, as the killing of Miriam Carey demonstrated.

  • magsie

    They are not riot police!!

    • bucky321

      swat in riot gear

    • So they do regular patrol with those helmets, gauntleted gloves, body armor and long nightsticks (not the short batons)?

      Must make riding around in a squad car pretty uncomfortable.

      • Guest


      • LiveFreeOrDieTryin


      • GNBYGM

        Yes. For most officers, wearing body armor is mandatory and almost all officers are assigned ASP batons. ASP batons are short when collapsed ( 7-10 inches) and are expandable to a max. of 26″ and easily fit in a belt mounted pouch or holster. Riot batons are solid hickory and are 36″ long. The majority of the helmets I saw in the video were the required type when assigned to a bicycle or motorcycle unit. Most of the gloves I saw were cycling gloves. The type where the majority of the finger is exposed for dexterity and the palm section has padding and a tough strip of leather to help absorb handlebar shock. And yes, riding around in a squad car for 8-12 hours a day, depending on where you work, can get very uncomfortable at times.

        • Assigned isn’t the same as carry. And I know a lot of officers who do not wear body armor as part of their patrol outfits.

          You see cops in photos all the time. Clearly the vast majority are not wearing armor. It’s situation-dependent, just as are arms selection, and other gear.

          They geared up for large crowd control. They were not geared up for daily patrol.

          These are all obvious facts from the photos.

          • GNBYGM

            Assigned isn’t the same as carry? I presume you’re referring to my expandable baton statement. If so, you’re incorrect. Most departments issue their officers equipment and expect them to carry it. It’s usually a part of daily or weekly uniform and equipment inspections. I’m also sorry to hear you know a lot of officers who don’t wear body armor when they patrol. That’s unsafe and irresponsible of them.

            You mention how “you” see cops in photos all the time “clearly” not wearing body armor. That’s an odd statement, given that the great majority of body armor is worn in a concealed manner, beneath the officer’s uniform shirt.They even come with carriers exclusively designed for that purpose and some manufacturers won’t guarantee the equipment if it’s not worn in its supplied carrier. I’ve been in LE for over 20 years and have never seen a patrol officer use his or her body armor “situationally” as you said. That’s just bunk. A detective or non uniformed officer maybe, but not a street cop.

            I don’t know who you’re talking about when you say “they geared up for large crowd control”. If you’re talking about the officers in the video attached to this topic, all I can say is – you’re wrong. This is not a matter of opinion, it’s a matter of fact. Maybe we’re not on the same sheet of music because I’ve not seen the “obvious facts” you speak of in “photos” that you’ve mentioned. Where are these photos? Can you steer me in that direction so I can see what you’re talking about?

            Although somehow I suspect that this misunderstanding is more based on your desire to zing the officers in this video rather than actually ask magsie a real question.

            • I see cops all the time. They get out of the squad car, walk into the diner and eat. They don’t take off their armor first. It’s also damn obvious they aren’t wearing any. You can see the way armor alters the outline of even loose clothing when people move. And of course, not all officers are trim and buff. When you can see the fat rolls unchanged around their bodies, that’s a clue.

              Also cops on foot or bike patrol: no armor. Maybe you live in some dangerous location. But most places thankfully aren’t like that.

              And hey, you may wear it, and many others too. But I’ll go with what I see all the time, thanks. It’s not like tactical gear is all that hard to spot if you own some yourself and get the catalogs.

              Clearly if the officers I see around our town aren’t wearing it all the time, when they do wear it, it’s situational by definition.

              But no one at this site really cares. If you want to argue that stuff, please go find a military/LEO/Gun blog or forum.

  • clubgitmo

    The revolution is coming. And its not going to be pretty.

    • warpmine

      I’m not looking for aesthetics just Liberty. We at least have modern medical as opposed to the hack it off surgery of the eighteenth century.

    • Sean Sopata

      No, it’s not. Sadly, Americans seem to prefer posting on semi-anonymous comment boards over actually DOING something about it.
      It’ll never happen. As much as I’d like it to. To many keyboard warriors

      • lanahi

        You may be underestimating Americans by quite a bit.

        • Sean Sopata

          I hope I am underestimating them. I fear I’m not though.

      • ryanomaniac

        Could you tell us what you’ve done? We may want to join in or are you just a keyboard warrior calking the kettle black?

        • PhillyCon


        • Sean Sopata

          I didn’t say I’ve done anything now did I? I have written (via email and snail mail) as well as called my local representative. Granted, I’m quite certain it leads to nothing, but at the very least, it’s more than just posting on various internet forums. I sincerely hope others have done the same.

      • clubgitmo

        I disagree. We are slowly getting to the point of no return. Something is going to push the American people over the edge and its coming and welcome it. It has taken much too long already for it to happen but I think it will.

        • Sean Sopata

          Don’t get me wrong, I certainly hope it does happen. But I’ve seen very little indication that there will be action taken by the masses, other than typing angrily worded posts on the internet. And until EVERYONE is willing to stand together against the madness, I’m not certain how far things will go to bring the country back from the brink.

          • ApplePie101

            We are not ‘masses’. We are people.

            • Sean Sopata

              Thank you, Captain Obvious. “The masses” are a descriptor. Here’s the portion of the definition that I used:
              the ordinary people.
              plural noun: the masses

  • TKWink’057

    This left wing Poser in Charge who cannot negotiate because Community Organizers only know how to take what WAS never theirs but another who worked to acquire the object, is playing with fire, Americans.

    DC Career Politicians, McCain, Graham, Reid, McConnell, Schumer, Durbin, Menendez, Rangle, Hoyer, Cummings, Mikulski , Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein and a few more ARE THE REASON AMERICA IS IN THIS MESS! These liberal people helped pave the path to our $17 TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICITS and have been in DC too long! 20+/- YEARS S TOO LONG and thee are the very ones who have chained our future generations with their UNPAID CRAP! VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT OF OFFICE AND SHOW DC THAT TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVES MEAN WHAT THEY SAY! No More DC BLOAT! Balance the Budget, no more Federal Mandates, Learn the Constitution Is Law and has Teeth!

    SCOTUS only said ObamaCare is a TAX, Constitution has 3 EQUAL Bodies of Govt, Judicial, Executive and Congressional. Laws CANNOT be CHANGED OR ALTERED by Executive branch! Congressional branch is ck. & balance so DO YOUR JOB & CK & BALANCE! House Can DEFUND ANY BILL/Law HOUSE WANTS as it is their AUTHORITY!

    Idiot LIBERALS who think “its law of land” drank too much DC water and think America is not educated! America is HELL OF A LOT MORE INELLIGENT THAN MOST DC Elected! Not Ted Cruz or Mike Lee, Marco Rubio, Paul Rand! VOTE THE DC CAREER POLITICIANS OUT 2014!

    • LiveFreeOrDieTryin

      Err Rubio? He has to go too.

    • TKWink’057

      What is the Lame Duck Muslim Liberal In Charge Second Term Agenda? Tear Down and break America!

      Immigration was thrown out 2013 knowing DC cannot and will not go against Americans! Illegals are non English speaking law breakers! Could be future but law breakers are illegal criminals and get used to knowing You Are Criminals first, Illegal second!

      Barry Hussein Sotero has a place, temporarily, in DC then he can go back to that illegally gained real estate he got from Rezko, the gangster doing time!

      • Sean Sopata

        You use the term “Muslim” like it’s an insult. Like everyone who is muslim is automatically “A bad guy”. That’s cool, I guess. Not very constitutional, but whatever floats your boat.

        • It wouldn’t be an insult if he weren’t claiming to be Christian. His actions, and his aiding the people burning churches, make that claim less likely each day.

        • lanahi

          What’s unconstitutional about expressing your feelings about Muslims, even if you do or don’t believe they are all “bad guys”? It’s called Free Speech.

          • Sean Sopata

            There’s something in the constitution about allowing people to practice their religion.
            People cry “2nd amendment!!” and “unconstitutional!!!” if someone says “We should have stricter gun control”. That’s not free speech, according to the mass amounts of comments on the topic. That’s “at war with the constitution”. Yet the comments I’ve seen regarding “muslims are all bad!” and “get them out of our country!” is “free speech”. Hypocrisy at its finest.
            My point is that the thought process that people have of:
            if muslim = true then
            person = bad
            is a ridiculous one.

            • lanahi

              You seem a bit confused.

              Free speech is the ability to voice your opinions in public without worrying about being carried off in a government paddy wagon. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or wrong, loving or hateful, whatever topic it is on, or whether it agrees with the government or not. We all have the right to voice our opinions without punishment from the government. The Constitution limits the rights of GOVERNMENT, not of the people.

              This is different from ACTIONS against others. There is a saying: “Your right to wave your arm ends where my nose begins.”

              Someone who says: “We should have stricter gun control” is exercising free speech and should be allowed to say it, even if he is ignorant. Someone who actually TRIES to take guns away from us is acting unconstitutionally because gun rights are as important as free speech under our Constitution.

              I have known a couple of nice Muslim people, so I know they arn’t all bad. But I also know their religion preaches “death or conversion” of the infidel, so a total believer is an enemy. I also know they have not protested terrorism in any way, so they support it with their silence. I do not call that “good”, and it is my right to call it as I see it.

              • deTocqueville1

                He is VERY confused. Rambling and incoherent.

              • Sean Sopata

                The problem is, over the years, and over the course of history, Christianity hasn’t been all that innocent with regards to violence.
                My point is that being a muslim doesn’t automatically make a person bad. As there are “bad guys” from all walks of life and from all religions.
                Please note, I am most certainly not saying I have issues with Christians, or any religion, in and of itself. Life is hard enough these days that if it helps them get through things and find peace, more power to ’em.

                • lanahi

                  Are you going back to the dark ages or the time of the Crusades to “prove” Christians are violent? The Crusades, by the way, were sparked by the Muslims swarming over the globe killing people who would not convert.

          • Sean Sopata

            In and of itself, it’s not, however, muslim Americans do have the right to practice their religion without persecution, yes?

            • lanahi

              And so do we, but Christians nowadays, under this administration, are the ones who have to fight for freedom from persecution…the Muslims have the support of the president, the Christians don’t.

        • TKWink’057

          If he were a Chistian, that would have been there in that space. It was nothing but a reference to his religion and many a religious person seek guidance from their religion to guide them in difficult moments. USA was founded on Christian Judeao values, not Muslim values and the reference is a Constitutional one.

        • deTocqueville1

          The Constitution has nothing do do with it. Try actually reading the Constitution!

  • LiveFreeOrDieTryin

    Tomorrow there will be video of these cops bashing some lady in the face. Stay tuned.

    • ApplePie101

      You were right.

      • LiveFreeOrDieTryin

        should be a warning to all THEY WILL HURT YOU NOW. I never saw any of this at immigration rallies or OWS rallies. They marched right in the middle of these peaceful people and provoked them. yeah they were loud but not violent why storm them with batons and push them around? It was a message. That’s why.

  • InfoDump

    So Premier O’s jackboots were issued to try to intimidate our veterans. Those same veterans fought for Premier O’s right to act like a disgraceful, traitorous tyrant. We’re paying for this intimidation to take place. I seriously believe we need to not only defund Obama-Care, we need to defund the Obama Administration. No such thing as Constitutional rights with Premier O. This country is on the verge of civil upheaval.

  • FreeManWalking

    in 0b0’s amerKia the right to peacefully assemble Does Not Exist.

  • FreeManWalking

    As long as the military doesn’t take up arm against the American Citizens we have a chance.

    This demonstrates that there are those that are willing to make a show for 0b0 and stand against the American Citizen. How Close were they to using a Taser or Baton on someone?

  • harglide

    MAN, this is BIG! I mean, BIG!!

    Will we ever, have another flippin VOTE?? For the prezzz?

    Really? Just askin…………..

  • ApplePie101

    Can’t adaquately express how proud I am of the patriots who stood up to those armed jackboots, especially those who moved in with their cameras. Tyranny hates the spotlight.

  • Sean Sopata

    Those aren’t the SWAT team. I know that term likes to be thrown around, but they aren’t actually SWAT. (note, I am not saying that them being there is ok or not, just that the term being used isn’t accurate).

  • Edna Jackson Barefoot


  • Diogenes_wy

    A small group of police wearing bicycle helmets, blue windbreakers and carrying collapsible batons do not make for a riot squad or SWAT team. This, more than likely was a test squad sent in to determine (or provoke) the intent of the gathering. Had it turned physical, the real riot boys would have appeared an taken extreme action and the press would have painted the protesters as violent and maladjusted discontents, thus downplaying and ignoring the reason they were protesting.

    In light of these types of tactics, confronting this squad was the wrong thing for the protesters to do and could have led to an escalation to violence either real or perceived. First rule of protesting: Never give the police reason to act. If they had just ignored them completely the police presence would have looked silly and contrived and would have given the press nothing to report.

    • You folks keep trying to sell that line. Why not look at the photos and stop peddling this nonsense?

      “Real riot boys” don’t “take action” if they don’t have to. Clearly there was no call to “take action.”

      • Diogenes_wy

        Please re-read the post. I was discussing tactics. I never stated that in this instance that there was reason to take action only that this situation could have gotten out of hand because of the crowd’s reaction to the police presence, a tactic which could have been instituted in an attempt to escalate the situation which would then discredit them. It is apparent in the video that this did not work and so you see the police retreating. Think of it as a fishing expedition: Throw a little chum in the water and see if the fish will bite.

        • Okay, I get it. Yeah, it was a provocation.

    • Dr. Strangelove

      Looked like a peaceful protest to me. I was in a protest in Springfield, IL with 8-10 thousand people and there was maybe a cop on every other corner for traffic control. I’d say that a squad of police in formation such as this was designed to antagonize and intimidate the protesters, who acted in a restrained manner.

  • Jean Maida Dunn

    I am very proud of our Veterans and it saddens each of us to know what this Administration is doing to the very Heart of this Country.Lets be careful not to fall back into the same traps with these elected officials,and be careful who it is that decides to run for office.Please remember who has caved on us.Especially when it comes to issues they have signed off on against what We The People have wanted, or expected them to do, in and for our best interest or needs.It’s heart wrenching when they go against us.I feel so strongly now about how important it is for them to be honest ,and the lack of that honesty will determine how well they do their job and for who they chose to listen to. While Marco Rubio seems like he is on the up and up,time and research will give us the facts. Mr.Rubio is a Rothschild Czar sleeper cell that has gone the way of the NWO. Paul Ryan needs watching as well, he also has caved on the American people.It’s so important that we take these lessons of today and apply them for tomorrows future,or we will find ourselves in trouble again and again.I like Rand Paul, a-lot but I feel he is on shaky ground,which means he has caved twice on the American People already.He signed off on the Amnesty Bill and NDAA,and had a long drawn out story as to why he had to do it,or why he thought it was the right thing to do, after knowing very well that’s not what the American people wanted or needed. It also was upsetting today,that he was not with the Patriots of this Country,while they rose up to express their grievances against this Administration.Could it be because he already knew what was the determining factor with OBAMA CARE,??see how sneaky they were to fund it while we were all preoccupied with the DC gathering.Now that needs some investigation,I only caught two posts that went through,both said they decided to fund it,however I have not been able to verify that,It’s late now and it will have to wait until tomorrow.I know Cantor and Ryan were discussing the funding of it..No more absolutely no more of these type,who say one thing to the American People and turn around when the time comes and does the opposite.I am not saying he is not a good person because of it,but to me he doesn’t make for a honest President.If we are to ever have another election again, he is worth keeping an eye on.These things should show us now,after everything we have been through,how very very important it is to be Honest with the American People. Michele Bachmann is another who has caved, she went against us on the Amnesty Bill.I know it is up to each individual what choices we make,but lets not be so quick to want officials who change their minds behind our backs.I have felt that knife in my back several times,from some of them as we wait for the results,if a bill has been passed or not, and who was responsible for that bill going against our wishes.It’s bad enough when you are stabbed in the back,but when they turn it,it hurts and is a horrible let down.Think about so many of these bills of late,and who went against what we needed them to stand firm on.This Administration is the worst cesspool of waste that we have ever had to deal with.I know if there will ever be another election,I think it will be so important for us to keep notes on everyone of them who will run,and remember who the cavers were.We also need stay watchful of the smooth talkers.I just think once a caver always a caver.Those that do not do what we want or need,the ones who speak well say all the right things,and then drop their load,are worth paying close attention to. Good Night and Godspeed I did not write this to anger,but to discuss things.I would like to find out if anyone else believes we have had enough of those who cave in for one reason or another.It never seems to be for our benefit.

    • lanahi

      We’ll remember.

    • captneal

      Great letter, seems most of them cave. Paul Ryan is a RINO, hi budget deal is a disaster just like Dems, raises spending.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Hey, I had a bike helmet on yesterday, does that mean I’m SWAT now? Bit of an eggsageration there. But on the other hand, with a little “creative editing”, the drive-by media will make this look like a full blown riot. It’s about time we started taking it to 0’s back yard. He’s going to vewy, vewy, angwry.

  • JimNEPA2_0

    They aren’t all wearing bike helmets. Some of them had riot helmets with face shields.

  • ryanomaniac

    Notice, except for the bicycle cops, the color of the cops’ helmets? Powder blue. Who else where that color? The United Nations!

    • svartalf

      So does Metro DC Police…

    • captneal

      I did nit see powder blue helmets, I saw blue and white which is a polioce color across the country.

  • jimmie smith

    Looking at some of the faces of the LEOs sort of told me that they didn’t want to be there?

    • deTocqueville1

      Then they should have refused to be!

      • lawngren

        Amen. Nobody forced them to be there.

      • lanahi

        Wonder if some did refuse to be there?

    • lanahi

      I saw their fear of the masses, and they were showing more force than they should have. Some, like the cop who was trying to tear a flag from a protesters hands or the ones using batons on old ladies, seriously over-reacted. This, if taken any further, could have sparked the very situation they were there to supposedly prevent…stupid cops.

  • km

    Welcome to liberal Utopia.

  • SteveRound

    Pathetic Feel sorry for the police who are stuck having to man a post against vets. Many of them are vets themselves. Talk about the no win situation. Wonder if the riot squads were out on the mall when the illegals were out there? Probably not.

    • lawngren

      They don’t have to. They could have refused. No one put a gun to their heads and said keep the vets out or die.

      They would have lost their jobs and might not have found a job in law enforcement again. They might have been out of work for a long, long time. That’s a tough choice. It should have taken them about, oh, two seconds. I understand the pressure, but those officers do not understand honor. They should have the name “Judas” tattooed on their foreheads. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.

      “Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide
      in the strife of Truth with falsehood for the good or evil side…”
      from “The Present Crisis”, by James Russell Lowe

      • rappini pasta

        The Conservative movement/Tea Party had better make an across the board clean sweep of the Liberal Demorats and Moderate repubs come Nov 2014, or you can grab both your ankles if the don’t get the Senate.

        • lawngren

          Long odds. I hope that God will decide for some reason to help us out on this one.

  • JungleCogs

    More proof that Boy-King Obama is an ass.

  • rappini pasta

    The Rino republicans better stand fast and hold Soetoro at a stalemate, because he is using Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals against the United State of America.

    • lawngren

      The repubs, if they have the courage, had better come up with some rules of their own, like impeaching the muslim in the White House, and they’d better do it very fast, or they’ll wake up in the middle of America’s Night of the Long Knives bewailing their fate too late.

      I saw only three repubs with the courage to do that – they were with the vets at the barricades. Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and Mike Lee.

  • Jerseygalnny

    A friend went to DC, and I posted his pictures on FR Like me, he is a strong Sarah supporter, and he got to shake her hand!

  • jrt67

    I think the better thing to do would be to completely boycott dc and all its free government run exhibits… Obama loves the protests turn our back on them and that would shock them. Shut the whole town down for all we care.
    God Bless America

    • suedixon

      not a bad idea. we should all stop buying anything and stop paying our taxes. let’s see how barry sotero the muslim dicatator or who he blames.

  • captneal

    I do not agree with what BHO and WH are doing but the protestors were at the fence, if some idiot had tried to climb it then all hell would have broken loose. I have been in the position these cops were in and it is no fun. If some one else was President and a group of Muslims was at the fence would you want them stopped? Barrycades at the Memorial;s are a completely different thing, tear them down.

    • sacha

      These were our WWII Vets not Muslims. The Cops and BHO are and were disgraceful in this event.

      • Kathleen Moore


    • lawngren

      “This morning, Todd and I met with Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and
      they joined us and other Americans at the World War II Memorial and then
      ***at the Lincoln Memorial, where we were met by a SWAT team*** in full riot gear!”

      barrycades at the memorials are the topic under discussion, not “a completely different thing”.

      You have been in their position? You were blocking veterans from visiting their own memorials? Then I hope you’re not in uniform any more, or ever again, because if you were in their position, you were evil and treasonous.

      As far as wanting muslims stopped from visiting American war memorials, of course I would want them stopped. In fact, I want all muslims deported, because they follow a religion that says pretend to be peaceful until you have power, then murder all who will not worship allah. There are other vile, foul practices of islam that are totally reprehensible. It is a thoroughly evil, barbaric religion.

    • lanahi

      Maybe they should have had the cops on the OTHER side of the fence then?

  • Conniption Fitz

    Kelly Files tonight – 9PM will show a video of violence by DC police – hitting older women with batons, scaring and pushing little kids.
    Obama’s tactics aren’t pretty.

  • GibbyD


  • JTFowler

    GESTAPO COPS supporting Obama’s Thugs and Tyranny… IF THEY HAD ANY PRIDE… They should REFUSE to OBEY UNLAWFUL ORDERS! DEMAND THE RESIGNATION OF WASHINGTON DC POLICE CHIEF and his Henchmen! We don’t want SCUM in the Police Force who SUPPOSEDLY took an oath to Protect & Defend Citizens!

    • Clare

      The vets were crying out to them “shame on you, shame on you… took an oath, you took an oath…”

  • AndrewsArmy

    Time to start asking why NPS Director, Jonathan Jarvis has a swat time at his beck & call.

  • Caniac Steve Henderson

    sad is it ?? Yet we allowed this to happen …how ?? for the last 25-30 years we have elected,re-elected those who are there now haven’t we ?

    • Worship Dancer

      yep that’s what i said above & some question what we could have done to stop it. well if WE allowed that kind of environment then WE are at fault in allowing it. we failed to consider that something like this COULD happen so we never stepped in to ensure it did NOT happen.

      • lanahi

        The worst that can be said about Americans are that we were politically naive. “It can’t happen here.” Well, it DID happen here, and now we arn’t so politically naive. The confusion is what we can do about it now that it has. The goal of the left is to make us feel hopeless about it and to just give up. Discouragement weakens us so we fall in line. “What difference does it make?”

        • Worship Dancer

          **SIGH** too true naive is a good word.

    • factsobill

      Still a trollhole, steve!

      • Caniac Steve Henderson

        and when you ran for office did better ?? as it is easy to lob crap at folks we don’t agree with unless we have some skin in the game isn’t it ?? but’s your opinion..and you used it…

  • dgstern51

    I’ve not been a big Palin fan, but she is right on, here. All of this is so wrong, the President not acting presidential and our elected officials feeling that “my way or the highway”is the only way. I wish there was something in our Constitution that would allow for a nationwide referendum on all of them. We’re in the mess we’re in because of the way we voted. This should not have been a surprise when we had already had
    4 years of Obama-carelessness and trillions of dollars in new debt. But we should continue to pressure our senators and representatives to knuckle down and get this dispute overwith. We don’t need higher debt celings, we need real spending cuts.

    • Mythslayer

      QUICK, there is a way, read Mark Levin’s newest book, “The Liberty Amendments”. I just got my copy. He tells us how it is accomplished.

  • B. W. Wright

    One of the saddest moments I’ve ever witnessed. SHAMEFUL AND SPITEFUL of BHO to pit “people against people”. How sad I am for our Country that has such a despicable tyrannical (so-called) leader of our Great USA! NO LEADER IS HE!

  • Sharon Meade


    • Dan Harrod

      The worst type of intimidation to our veterans by Obama – he is not one of us!

  • Nampara33

    What a lot of people don’t realize is that before the vets reached the
    White House a citizen was arrested for pulling a knife on two officers at the Lincoln Memorial and another was arrested with a rifle, while wearing body armor at the WWII memorial.

    • kong1967

      Before the vets showed up. So they send the riot police while Sarah Palin is there and no incident is occurring.

    • lawngren

      What a lot of people do realize is that there are fedgov false flag operations going on. Aside from which, so what? A SWAT team to “defend” against those who risked their lives for America? Against two of the most peaceful politicians on the Right, Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Palin?

      It’s not a case of “someone” needing a reality check, either – those memorials were shut down, and death benefits denied veterans, to demonstrate publicly that obama despises the American military, that he can grossly insult them publicly and get away with it. Of course he despises our military. He’s a muslim. In obama’s eyes, we are infidels.

      • factsobill

        At the same time granting Illegals a permit to demonstrate against the American People! Treasonous is what it is!

        • lawngren


  • 1tootall

    I see these goons, and it occurs to me where all the weapons and ammo went…NASA , the National Park Rangers, and The Dept of Education now have fully armed SWAT teams!!! What the heck???

    • kong1967


      • 1tootall
        • kong1967

          OMG. Do we ever reach the height of limits for this administration? It’s one thing after another after another.

          I wasn’t doubting you. I just never heard that before. I am weeping alright, but not because you proved your claim. I am weeping because Obama is doing all of these things and we have to guess why. Or was it because I broke my hand when I punched the wall out of anger, lol?

          • 1tootall

            I meant it in that way. I didn’t sense you were doubting me…and I assumed you would weep at Obama’s unconstitutional behaviors. It is what it is.

            • kong1967

              Unfortunately “it is what it is”. This isn’t America any more.

          • lanahi

            It doesn’t matter WHY he is doing it.

            • kong1967

              No, but don’t tell me you don’t want to know the exact reasons even if it’s wrong no matter how you look at it.

              • lanahi

                We will never know the EXACT reasons, but I think we have a good idea already.

                • kong1967

                  Maybe, but it’s a guess. That’s my point. Knowing the dictator in charge, he’s not ever going to get the benefit of the doubt as to his motives, and it’s well deserved.

        • Worship Dancer

          NASA? i thought obama made them the muslim outreach? NOW that explains it – the real reason so he could funnel weapons to the muslims via NASA.

  • Joe T.

    The US government has done worse to veterans, such as in 1932 under a GOP president. See brief essay below:
    Most of the Bonus Army camped in a Hooverville on the Anacostia Flats, a swampy, muddy area across the Anacostia River from the federal core of Washington, just south of the 11th Street Bridges (now Section C of Anacostia Park). The camps, built from materials scavenged from a nearby rubbish dump, were tightly controlled by the veterans who laid out streets, built sanitation facilities, and held daily parades. To live in the camps, veterans were required to register and prove they had been honorably discharged.

    The Bonus Army massed at the United States Capitol on June 17 as the U.S. Senate defeated the Bonus Bill by a vote of 62-18.

    The marchers remained at their campsite waiting for President Hoover to act. On July 28, 1932, Attorney General William D. Mitchell ordered the police to remove the Bonus Army veterans from their camp. When the veterans moved back into it, they rushed two policemen trapped on the second floor of a building. The cornered police drew their revolvers and shot two veterans, William Hushka and Eric Carlson, who died later.[10][11]

    William Hushka (1895–1932) was an immigrant to the United States from Lithuania. When the U.S. entered World War I in 1917, he sold his butcher shop in St. Louis, Missouri and joined the United States Army. After the war he lived in Chicago.[11] Hushka is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

    Eric Carlson (1894 – July 28, 1932) was a U.S. veteran from Oakland, California. He fought in the trenches of France in World War I.[11][12][13] He was interred in Arlington National Cemetery.[14]

    When told of the shootings, President Hoover ordered the army to evict the Bonus Army from Washington.

    At 4:45 p.m., commanded by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, the 12th Infantry Regiment, Fort Howard, Maryland, and the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, supported by six battle tanks commanded by Maj. George S. Patton, formed in Pennsylvania Avenue while thousands of civil service employees left work to line the street and watch. The Bonus Marchers, believing the troops were marching in their honor, cheered the troops until Patton ordered[citation needed] the cavalry to charge them—an action which prompted the spectators to yell, “Shame! Shame!”

    Shacks that members of the Bonus Army erected on the Anacostia Flats burning after the confrontation with the military.

    After the cavalry charged, the infantry, with fixed bayonets and tear gas (adamsite, an arsenical vomiting agent) entered the camps, evicting veterans, families, and camp followers. The veterans fled across the Anacostia River to their largest camp and President Hoover ordered the assault stopped. However Gen. MacArthur, feeling the Bonus March was an attempt to overthrow the U.S. government, ignored the President and ordered a new attack. Fifty-five veterans were injured and 135 arrested.[11] A veteran’s wife miscarried. When 12-week-old Bernard Myers died in the hospital after being caught in the tear gas attack, a government investigation reported he died of enteritis, while a hospital spokesman said the tear gas “didn’t do it any good.”[15]

    During the military operation, Major Dwight D. Eisenhower, later the 34th President of the United States, served as one of MacArthur’s junior aides.[16] Believing it wrong for the Army’s highest-ranking officer to lead an action against fellow American war veterans, he strongly advised MacArthur against taking any public role: “I told that dumb son-of-a-bitch not to go down there,” he said later. “I told him it was no place for the Chief of Staff.”[17] Despite his misgivings, Eisenhower later wrote the Army’s official incident report which endorsed MacArthur’s conduct.[18]

    • kong1967

      Relevance? This excuses Obama?

    • lawngren

      That was a long time ago. We can’t do anything about that. Maybe we can’t do anything about hussein-in-the-White-House, but we can try.

      And Hoover didn’t jet around the world apologizing for America, bowing to our deadliest enemies, didn’t abandon an American ambassador and American military personnel trying to protect embassy personnel, Hoover didn’t destroy the coal industry single-handedly, didn’t take over the auto industry, didn’t give billions of dollars in bailouts to his donors, didn’t give the crotch salute repeatedly to the American flag and jihad-murdered American soldiers, didn’t stop burial benefits for American service members killed in combat, didn’t create and force through (via his proxies reid and pelosi) the worst “healthcare” nightmare imaginable, didn’t express contempt for those who demanded to know that he was eligible to be president in the first place ….. I could go on, but you’d have to have been living in a cave in afghanistan not to know these and other evil, treasonous things obama has done. If you choose not to acknowledge reality, that’s your problem.

      • Joe T.

        That seems a bit off-point for this discussion. I may have misunderstood but I thought the topic was about law enforcement upholding the law even when those not in compliance were veterans. As to the rest of your content, all I can say is that I disagree with your characterization of events.

        • lawngren

          You were discussing what a US President had done. I replied. How is that off your topic?

          I do agree, though, that we disagree.

          • Joe T.

            In ’32, it was an order from Pres. Hoover to disperse. I’m no attorney to know if that’s considered a law but, even if not, it was an order to the US Army to disperse them.

            • lawngren

              You began your original comment with these words, “The US government has done worse to veterans, such as in 1932 under a GOP president.” I may have misunderstood your point. The order to disperse, as you say, came from Hoover. The “bonuses” these soldiers were demanding were “service certificates” which had been issued as redeemable in 1945. They were desperate (this took place in 1932) so they tried to force early payment. I sympathize with them, but they were in fact trying to force a change in a “contract”. Their situation was pitiable, and I would have seen nothing wrong with those vets asking for or lobbying for an early payment, but they were legally in the wrong to demand and attempt to force it.

              The vets who attempted to visit their own war memorials were not demanding anything from the government. They had not set up a camp. They were going to be in and out in the same day. No reasonable person could have considered them a threat. The personnel to keep the memorials closed (excluding the riot cops, who came in at the last minute) probably cost as much as the personnel to keep the memorials open. So there was no savings involved. That was a lie.

              There are undoubtedly hundreds of millions of dollars in government waste that obama never considered cutting first. He was never concerned with saving money. In the words of a park ranger, obama’s intent was to “make life difficult every way you can.” It was a deliberate insult to American veterans and an attempt to force the repubs to cave to obama’s debt limit increase. This is meanness at its worst.

              That is not even close to Hoover’s action.

              • Joe T.

                I appreciate your understanding and knowledge of the event. It was not my intent to mislead or omit facts (although a park ranger’s opinion is not a fact but only conjecture, since I doubt Obama’s reasoning was available to the ranger), my point was simply that worse has been done to veterans by a president.

                • lawngren

                  OK, I’ve got it now. Yes, I agree, the “Bonus Army” was treated far worse than participants in the Million Vets’ March. Being shot to death, for example.

                  Thank you for taking the trouble to explain. I think we have some differences of opinion, but I don’t want to turn our conversation into an unpleasant one needlessly. Goodnight and God bless.

        • lanahi

          What “law” was being violated?

  • GrayRider

    #ObamaGestapo You can run Barry but you can’t hide. #ImpeachObama

  • Joseph Lobosco

    What happened to this country??!!

    • kong1967

      Putin is taking notes.

  • Suzie q

    My vote will stay Conser., & I see no one more Conser. Than Mr. Cruz.He has my vote,and I will be proud to do so. It’s time for real changes, beginning with term limits for the holier than thou Senatores. Their perks alone, keep taxes higher than need be. Entitlements have to be limited, who do they think they are ? How do they hold their heads up ? Shame, Shame, no conscience, no self pride, Time for sweeping changes .

  • kong1967

    The riot police show up to non-violent protests by conservatives and veterans, yet Obama, Pelosi and Reid not only supported the violent, unruly, law breaking OWS mob they encouraged it. Poop on cop cars, set trash bins in fire, rape women and even kill an occasional bystander….ACCEPTED by the Obama administration. A veteran trying to get into a memorial to honor his fallen comrades? REJECTED by the Obama administration and send the riot police!

    I am way beyond disgusted and appalled.

    • lawngren

      The obama REGIME – every one who assists as well as moochelle and hussein – are publicly declaring their intentions. No one should be surprised when they actually start the mass arrests, indefinite incarceration without charges, FEMA concentration camps, etc.

      • kong1967

        Although I think at this point that is a bad dream and won’t happen, as you said I will not be surprised if it does. Obama has the characteristics, the anti-American sentiment, and the self aggrandizing motive to crush us.

        • lanahi

          And what government CAN do, it will do, whenever they think there is justification for it.

          Read the Patriot Acts to see what government CAN do. It includes indefinite detention without formal charges against anyone who is said to be a “terrorist”, whether there is any evidence of that or not. There are already czars in Homeland Security and others who are calling ex-military and tea party members “potential terrorists”.

          Like that poor guy who supposedly made the video that caused rioting in the middle east…he also was imprisoned just on those charges, true or not, without a trial. Just a test case, I think.

          • kong1967

            As for the poor guy who was imprisoned for causing rioting in Libya, that’s not why he was arrested. He was arrested for violating probation. Of course, twelve cops showed up at his door in the middle of the night as if he was a dangerous criminal, and they obviously used the probation violation as an excuse to put him in jail because Kimberly Guilfoyle said they don’t arrest you for his type of violation.

            But they didn’t haul him off to Gitmo and they could only hold him to the penalty of his probation violation (to serve out his previous sentence). You’re making it sound like they they made up charges and whisked him away into a dungeon somewhere to be held without formal charges and indefinite detention. That’s not true.

            Yes, there is the danger that one day someone could be taken because they are the enemy politically, but there’s oversight and I don’t think Obama can just yank them up without Congress knowing about it. If Allen West signed on I can guarantee you there are safeguards against that happening. It’s designed so they don’t have to give terrorists in the states access to public courts.

            The key word you mentioned is “potential”. The DHS did not label vets as terrorists. Granted, I don’t even like them labeling our vets as “potential” terrorists. It sends the wrong message about who they are keeping their eyes on, and those eyes are in the wrong place.

            • lanahi

              The Patriot Acts allow for indefinite arrest of anyone “suspected” of being a terrorist. “Potential terrorist” vs “suspected terrorist” means the same thing, in the government’s mind, and they have to prove nothing at all. They also can now search any house without warrants, simply by labeling the occupants as potential terrorists.

              “The Department of Defense Dictionary of Military Terms defines terrorism as:
              “The calculated use of unlawful violence or THREAT of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to COERCE or to INTIMIDATE GOVERNMENTS or societies in the pursuit of GOALS THAT ARE GENERALLY POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS, OR IDEOLOGICAL.” With this paranoid administration, that definition of terrorism includes ALL of us who don’t like the current political powers.

              It is a VERY small step from “potential terrorist” to “terrorist”. The government can imprison indefinitely on only “suspicion” since the Patriot Acts. Tea party members are already referred to as “extremists”, another one of their favorite words.

              “Charles Woods, the father of a Navy SEAL killed in Benghazi, said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told him when his son’s body returnedto Andrews Air Force Base: “We will make sure that the person who made that film is arrested and prosecuted.” Nakoula was made the patsy and arrested for blasphemy against Muslims, not because he violated probation.

              The continued assault of anti-government speech and labeling of tea party as extremist and ex-military as potential terrorists is a meme leading to a build-up of suspicion of these groups and eventually arrest without charges. If you don’t think the federal government will do this if it is within their advantage to do so, you are naive. Illegal force of this administration shown in DC over the barriers and the martial law shown in Boston after the bombing is just a start. They got away with both, just test cases. The noose around our necks is getting tighter every day.

              • kong1967

                You are dead wrong on Nakoula. He most certainly was arrested for violation probation and making false statements. No charges of so called “blasphemy against Muslims”. There’s no doubt that was the motive for the arrest, but they can’t arrest you for exercising your free speech. Being so, they arrested him on the only thing they could arrest him on. If not for his past crimes they would have been up sh** creek without a paddle and wouldn’t have been able to arrest him for anything.

                Obama can’t just round up the Tea Party and whisk them off to a dungeon without charges indefinitely. There’s oversight to prevent it. Would he if he could? I don’t know, but I’d say probably. If he tries it will be civil war.

                You say the government WILL do whatever is within it’s power. I disagree. The power to do what Obama is doing has been there all along. Would you fear Reagan hauling people off in the middle of the night to some dark dungeon for an indefinite period? No. Obama? Yes. It all depends on the character and hutzpah of the leaders elected to office. That’s why our founding fathers wanted a sober and informed society…with guns. It is up to us not to vote in people like Obama, and the founding fathers entrusted us with that power to uphold freedoms. No laws will stop an administration like this, and no laws will make them do it either.

                • Worship Dancer

                  want to bet? all they have to do is declare you as a potential terrorist and you CAN under NDAA be “detained INDEFINITELY” WITHOUT a trial.

                • kong1967

                  I think most of what people fear is unwarranted. The law is for terrorists and I don’t believe everyday Tea Party folk have to worry about being hauled off to a deep dark dungeon indefinitely without being charged. Obama is sinister, I’ll give you that, but has anyone been hauled away as of yet? Obama has abused the law and used the IRS to target Tea Party groups, I’ll give you that. But is that legal? No.

                  My point is that if Obama wanted you to disappear….you would. He wouldn’t need no law to allow him to do it. Under Clinton there were over 60 people that mysteriously committed “suicide” or were killed that were closely linked to Clinton’s scandals. A lady also said a few men approached her and threatened to kill her dog (and she was a potential witness against Clinton). Some of the “suicides” were shot in the back of the head or even beheaded……yet classified as suicide.

                  If a President were to start hauling off Tea Party members using the law, I don’t think there’s any way in he** he could get away with it with the oversight. I don’t think it would be so easy for him to classify Tea Party members as terrorists under the law.

                • Worship Dancer

                  true but when a president calls anyone who is against his agenda enemies and vows revenge – trust me he is planning it. think about it – under martial law HE becomes the law – suspends congress and the Constitution. why do you think he’s been firing so many generals?

                • kong1967

                  I’m with you on fearing what Obama is capable of. I just watched the CBS video of Benghazi and it’s even worse than previous reports of what Obama and Hillary knew, ignored, and did. Obama is capable of doing anything for power.

                  I am backtracking on everything I said in the previous post. I would hope he couldn’t get away with accusing everyday people as being terrorists because of the oversight, but I am so appalled right now with the Benghazi report that I don’t put anything past the communist bastard.

  • ElectronCharge

    It was fine to have rallies in support of amnesty for illegal aliens, and “first amendment” protesters were OK in the shut-down-for-no-reason National Mall…but veterans and their supporters are met with SWAT and riot gear?!?

    The 0bamas and their allies are picking a fight they won’t win. Despicable.

    • Sean Sopata

      That’s what is endlessly amusing. Palin in Cruz were joining in on a rally to support amnesty for illegal aliens.

  • Laurel

    My daughter was there and got to meet Palin so she is a happy girl!

    • Michael Gunslinger

      Awesome a real American. Sarah is one of us for sure.

  • BayouCoyote

    Is it just me or did BaQuacks like a duck say something around the 4:00 mark?

  • lawngren

    On one brief video, I saw a lot of cameras in the hands of the good guys. That’s probably why the good guys didn’t get roughed up or arrested. Photos of those cops should go viral on the internet. They declared themselves to be the real enemies of America, and they ought to be identified as such. They ought to be ostentatiously shunned everywhere conservatives meet them. They should be politely told everywhere they go, “You can not call yourself an American any more. You are a foreign mercenary on sovereign American soil. You should leave. You do not belong here. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Your mother must regret that she gave birth to you.”

  • RowdyD

    Any SWAT or Police Officer that denies entrance to Citizens visiting these openair Memorials should be fired and forever barred from any LE job as they take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from both Foreign and Domestic challenges.

  • DebbyX

    What Country is THAT in?

  • DebbyX

    Hey Scoop……………….check out “pooh flinging monkey”. I don’t think you’ll like what you read!

  • Stephen Atchison

    SWAT team?

  • “Full riot gear” usually includes a face shield and full helmet – not Barry-like bicycle helmets like these 12-15 dorks wore.

    Also, the “shame on you” chants in the video are re-treads of the Occupy protests. I wonder how many “libertarian” (from the “confused” wing of the Libertarian sect) members were at this event were ALSO present for the Occupy events?

    The TEA Party I know wouldn’t crap on ANY police in this manner. In fact, the TEA Partiers I’m familiar with would have LAUGHED at the pathetic “demonstration of force” depicted in this video.

    Someone was at this event to “get arrested” & create a scene. That’s who was taken down by the Capitol police. Someone (from the “confused” wing of the Libertarian sect) wanted to create a scene. TEA Partiers don’t behave in this manner. Leftists do.

    • Worship Dancer

      you might want to look a little closer at the video. there are MANY who have the full face shields and full helmets.

      • Er…there were 3 or 4 that had full face shields attached to skater helmets.

        Minus the black clothing, riot shields, large batons (for intimidation), a “riot contingent” this does not make. This was a pathetic show put on by the Capitol police. I’d guess that even they are a bit embarrassed by it. Who the hell do they think they’re intimidating in their little royal blue windbreakers? LMAO!

        Do I think they should have done it at all?

        Absolutely NOT.

        Do I think they did it as a “show of force”?
        Absolutely. (Even though it was pathetic, it DID elicit a response from the crowd – which is most likely their sole reason for doing it in the first place. – the one guy near the beginning of the vid yelled “looks like they’re from Kenya” – wtf was that about? Could he have said anything more stupid? I doubt it.)

        The Capitol police made their little “show of force” and some people were impressed/intimidated by it. If I’d been there I would have had a video camera running and ALL you would have heard on my video would have been my laughter………it would have been extremely annoying.

  • $35978291


    • boldaq

      You’d better wake up. Sarah was there because the vets wanted her there. She’s nothing like the race-monger Jackson. We need more people with Sarah Palin’s courage to lead the fight against the tyrant Obama.

      • Sean Sopata

        It’s become pretty public that the organizers are not happy that she and Cruz took over their demonstration for their own political gain.

        • boldaq

          It’s only “pretty public” in your Democrat mind. Veterans are overwhelmingly conservative. Who in the hel do you think supports the veterans? Obama? He’s the one who shut it down and threatened to stop the vets disability checks!
          We vets need all the help we can get from Washington but it’s only coming from people like Palin and Cruz, not Democrats.

          • Sean Sopata

            As opposed to the GOP, who have hurt multiple bills designed to help veterans? The Veterans Job Corps Bill, for example.
            And no, it’s not “in my Democrat mind”. There are many articles which show the organizers of the Million Veterans March are unhappy with their march being taken over.

            • lanahi

              And they wanted to control who was there and who wasn’t? The issue belonged to all of us. Cruz, Lee, and Palin were there to support the vets, and because they were there, it got media attention that was needed in order for it to be effective.

              2 MILLION bikers were recently in DC but very little media coverage. How do you ignore 2 MILLION bikers? Simple…it wasn’t “newsworthy” without Palin there.

              A few organizers were unhappy about them? It really was not THE ORGANIZERS’ event at all, they just started it. They should have been happy to have the media attention to it and many thousands who were there because of Palin, Cruz, and Lee as well. It would have been different if OWS had come instead. What reason did the organizers have to complain of those who came to support the cause? It was not “taken over” by hostiles but rather supported by big names in order to get the full attention to it.

              • boldaq

                Thanks, Ianahi. You said it better than I could.

              • Sean Sopata

                Here, let me copy and paste directly from the Million Vet March website (They have the same message on their facebook page as well):

                UPDATED: Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:35 PM EST – The political agenda put forth by a local organizer in Washington DC was not in alignment with our message. We feel disheartened that some would seek to hijack the narrative for political gain. The core principle is about all Americans honoring Veterans in a peaceful and apolitical manner. Mr. Cruz, Ms. Palin and some attendees, including political parties may have not been aware of the goals of the marches which took place in over 60+ rallies across the nation.

            • lanahi

              “As opposed to the GOP, who have hurt multiple bills designed to help veterans? The Veterans Job Corps Bill, for example.”

              That’s like saying we are against health care if we don’t support Obamacare. Those “multiple bills” when put forth by Democrats are there to spread their agenda, not to “help” anyone, especially veterans. (BTW, when have leftists supported veterans?) This bill was a gimmick to spend another billion dollars with probably no real benefit to veterans. You have to read the bills, not the supposed aim of the bills!

        • lanahi

          Explain “took over”, please. They were there in SUPPORT of the cause.

          For their own political gain? Their “gain” was to the cause they stood for that day, and that was the only “gain” that was important to them. They are putting themselves on the line whether it is a “gain” for themselves or not.

          Leftists are happy when no voices are raised against the current regime. When conservatives stand up against what is going on, they cry about the motives of those standing up and say it is a personal motive. The meme is always in the leftists favor: If they had NOT been there, we would be hearing “where was Palin?” or “where was Cruz?”

          I would have been happier to see many more in the public eye being there in support of them, all the so-called conservatives in congress, for a start.

    • lanahi

      Her interests support my own. We are in this together, and I stand with her. My country is Sarah’s country, and her success in this movement is mine also.