Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Speech in Searchlight, NV

Over 10,000 people showed up to hear Sarah Palin speak in Harry Reid’s hometown, population 1,000. People were camping out for two days in RV’s to Palin speak at her first Tea Party Express stop going around the country. And as always, the speech was awesome.


Here’s a crowd crop from the video:

UPDATE: An aerial view of searchlight thanks to the Border Patrol:

UPDATE: Looking at the Left has some great photos including the one below. Be sure and check them out:

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  • leel004

    This is such a hopeful sign seeing such a humogous outcome.
    I was out doing errands and I wondered if anyone would be posting anything about this anti-reid rally. And the first thing I see at RightScoop is an update on the rally.
    Thanks for posting this info. Aloha and God bless,
    PS…you give me hope over here in swampy obamaland….people so blind over here to him. We even have our state legislation soliciting for the creep to have his library over here…sick sick sick

  • You can expect full blast continued BS from the MSM. They will continue to push this crap about radical hatemongering violent evil conservative people.

    That's the only way in their minds that they can hope to blunt the damage in November. Do not let them succeed. Do not forget in November.

  • punditpawn

    CNN said there might have been a hundred or so, at least 'dozens' of people turned out. Um, yea. That would be 1,666 Dozen if you're actually counting, CNN. Losers.

  • ssgtarthurmaliaphdusafretired

    Three cheers for Sarah Palin, GO GIRL GO ! We the people are right behind you.

  • you know why they make fun of her and criticize her?She's a real threat.She connects w/ the American people and she could WIN. They know that.

  • yep.
    “remember in November”
    get in touch Bill and anyone who supports Palin. Here's my email addy.
    I'd post the info here but there might be people about i would not want to invade the site.
    you can use this addy:[email protected]
    Thanks! Sarah is Super.

  • KeninMontana

    She needs to get a running mate, like Michele Bachmann maybe?

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  • johnruseckasltcolusafret

    I want to direct some comment towards the near future and to suggest what we should think about as a step beyond. Let's imagine a historic landslide in November with truly historic results. That's not just a possibility but a probability because it appears that God is giving us Americans one more chance to prove that we are worthy of survival.
    Let's believe it actually happens, and that we celebrate the return of control in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. What do we do next? I know we will be working hard on repealing and de-funding obamacare, but let's really think ahead now.
    Deep in our hearts we know that we have to do something about the so-called Federal Reserve (It is neither Federal, nor does it have a reserve) and here's what it will take to do that:
    We have to realize that the roots of this Federal Reserve are most firmly planted in the United States Supreme Court. It's been set up that way over the past 97 years. Here's how:
    No attorney out of law school can even remotely expect appointment to a judgeship if they have demonstrated the slightest disagreement with, or inclination to so much as criticize the Federal Reserve. Without being a judge you cannot be appointed to a Court of Appeals. That's where your opinions are studied for years. The slightest evidence of a Federal Reserve contrary state of mind automatically disqualifies you from a Supreme Court nomination. So what can we do about that?
    After November there is actually something real that becomes possible after John Boehner takes the gavel from Nancy Pelosi as the next Speaker of the House of Representatives. We, as the winners of the election in November can now do something that has never been done before in our nation's history. We can impeach a Supreme Court Justice. It's a simple majority vote in the House of Representatives.
    As a conservative/independent/republican I would single out one of the liberals or semi-liberals for starters, but, from the standpoint of the Federal Reserve any of the nine would do (I would pick Clarence Thomas last). This exercise will be for something far more important than the personality of any of the nine. In my opinion, when it comes to any question concerning the Federal Reserve, all nine are on the same page or they wouldn't be supremes in the first place.
    A Bill can be filed in the House to impeach the chosen judge by alleging that he or she has violated his or her Oath of Office. Even a sharp law student can find plenty of evidence for the allegation by going through the published opinions of that judge. Then it's time for a simple up or down vote in the House. If it passes by even one vote the judge in question is impeached and sets up an obligatory trial in the Senate. There the judge will have a superb opportunity to defend him or herself as eloquently as he or she is able.
    It takes 67 votes in the Senate to convict and to remove the judge from office. But even if he or she survives, this gigantic 'shot across the bow' of the ship of state of the supremes, will have been fired. It will be drama of the highest order when, during the Senate trial, every conceivable question regarding that judges attitude towards the Federal Reserve is asked.
    He or she can be asked, for instance, what he or she thinks about the fairness of the 12.3 Trillion Dollar so-called “National Debt.” It will be pointed out that this “debt” does not contain a single dime of actual money provided to America by any of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks. In case the reader is not familiar, here's how the system works:
    Our treasurer, Timothy Geithner of Turbo-tax fame, decides how much money Treasury needs and by when. He communicates this number to Mr. Bernanke who selects one of the twelve regional Federal Reserve Banks. The selected Federal Reserve Bank will now call the United States Bureau of Printing and Engraving (on 14th street in Washington DC on the left hand side as you go north on the 14th Street Bridge over the Potomac). After the money is printed, on presses owned by the United States, it is then “Lent” to the Treasury in exchange for United States Treasury bonds. The bonds go to the regional Federal Reserve Bank which ordered the printing and is then owned by the very private stockholders of that bank. Only about 10% of the requested amount is actually printed. The remainder is merely a key stroke on a computer, but bonds are issued for the total amount.
    It is important to note that these stockholders are free to do as they wish with these bonds and feel that whatever it is that they decide to do with them is their business and in no way the business of the American People. They can, for instance, sell the bonds at a discount to anyone they choose in the world and refuse to tell us anything at all about the transaction. The principle that allows them to do that has been affirmed by the United States Supreme Court on numerous occasions.
    It's truly interesting to think about how a selected and impeached Supreme Court Justice would answer such a question on the floor of the Senate. And that's just one of many similarly difficult questions that could be asked.
    However the trial in the Senate goes, the attention of the remaining eight justices will be riveted almost as much the attention of the judge on trial, and they will all be forced to consider their further work in a distinctly new light.
    If the Senate trial does not convict we will have a good argument as to why we need more conservative senators in the Senate in the 2012 elections. The weakened Democrat party will be forced to address the issues raised at the trial, and furthermore, we will have gone a long way towards identifying the pro Federal Reserve REPUBLICANS in both houses of Congress.
    I am soliciting comments on this line of thought. If you honor me with such a comment please e-mail it either to me at [email protected] or to my blog on


    John Ruseckas
    Lt/Col USAF (Ret)
    [email protected]

  • liquidflorian

    Wow, those pics remind me of the Metallica “load on the road” show where they pulled a truck up to a tower records in San Jose and did a show. SJPD freaked out and closed the freeways. No body was hurt, one guy got punched in the face for throwing a beer bottle at the stage, but that was it.

    It would be cool to go to one of these. I'm going to have to see if they're stopping in the bay area.

  • pipes123

    be careful teapartiers of being co-opted by the GOP.Palin was just stumping for the establishment warmongering mcain.
    Ron paul is the father of the movement…

  • KeninMontana

    Sara Palin was returning a favor,something that has gone on in politics from day one and I don't believe realisticaly we will see that change. Myself in my political views am a Libertarian, however I am a realist and donot belong to any party.The Libertarian party's problem is in the candidates they field. Be warned you “Paulites” are not going to like this, the LP has constantly fielded fringe candidates,fringe in the idealogical sense and they come off as crack-pots, for this reason Ron Paul,whom I find has many good ideas is one of these types unfortunately and therefore not a viable candidate. This idea that he founded or hatched the Tea party movement is mistaken, the roots of this go all the way back to Barry Goldwater.If you want the LP to be a viable party you need to find another Goldwater.

  • panurse

    Ya think? Well a few hundred thousand of us disagree with you and our numbers grow everday. Who are the fringe, crackpots? I find that really offensive. And who are you to decide who is a viable candidate? I don't vote for who I think is going to win. I vote ideology. The roots of the teaparty go “all the way back” to 1776. We did have teaparties, in support of the good Doctor, during the 2007 primaries to the tune of 6 million dollars in one day on the anniversary of the 1776 teaparty in 2007. You call youself a libertarian. I don't think so. Sound like a mainstream RINO to me. Liberty is a big tent and the teaparty people along with Palin are welcome. We need to focus on what we agree on. Regardless if Palin was returning a favor to stump for McCain, it's wrong. To many favors, special interest that's the problem. Ron Paul refused to endorse McCain because to do so would lose credibility with his supporters. That's what I call integrity, honor, truth to power. If thats the fringe and the definition of crackpot I proudly stand tall with them.

  • cottonman

    Finally, a 'politician' that stands up with, with backbone, and tells it the way it should be told. I enjoyed the liberal's news after her speech. Their name-calling of her inciting violence was wrong.

  • pipes123

    Thank you panurse….could not have said it better.

  • TourOfRicky

    “be careful teapartiers of being co-opted by the GOP.Palin was just stumping for the establishment warmongering mcain.
    Ron paul is the father of the movement…”

    Bang on. Too bad this blog is turning out to be yet another 'embrance & extinguish” the Tea Party.

    Palin made it clear: She thinks the GOP should 'absorb' the Tea Party. I just hope we'll never see a 'national' tea party that 'speaks for all tea partyers', then it will be toast.

  • TourOfRicky

    I agree with a lot of what Panurse is saying but:

    – Ron Paul is simply too old to run for 2012. All what he can do is steal votes from viable GOP candidates (Ron Paul IS a Republican).

    – Whenever I hear 'common ground', I think 'progressivism', progressives
    are all about compromise, so long as they get another inch of your life.

    I'm all for voting for “Ron Paul Republicans”, John McCain needs to go down, Palin's endorsing him is pure politics.

    I'd rather see Harry Reid re-elected than McCain!

  • joelluther


  • leonardh

    Or maybe to really mix it up, how about Star Parker as a running mate? Imagine– a black conservative woman. Puts the racist argument right out the window.

  • KeninMontana

    I am American panurse, thats what gives me the right to make a statement on who is a viable candidate. You see if you had taken the time to read what I said you'll notice I did not endorse anyone especially McCain,nor did i endorse Palin although I admire her for speaking out. If you indeed knew me you'd know I am the farthest thing from mainstream. My politics for your information are a federal government strictly kept within the confines of the constitution. I agree with Ron Paul on idealogical points, He is a fine Congressman but I do not think he would be the best choice for President. I'm still waiting for that person to step up.

  • campfallon

    I agree with you. Though I think Sarah tries to say she is truly conservative her values…look and see who she supports and what she does…I think she is a good force behind the scenes but Sarah at this rally is not supporting a true conservative. This is a poor move in my opinion on her part. We don't NEED more establishment republicans that don't understand that LIMITED government is what made this country great and it will only be great IF we get back to that idea…found in our Delcaration of Independence and Constitution!

    Listen to her talk..she talks in generalties and little quips…she says nothing substantial…I appreciate her enthusiasm but she is not a leader.

  • charley23

    Sarah's my girl ! She will get the North Slope going, the coastal drilling going, Wyoming, Colorado drilling going and get the refineries going and will get us on the way out of debt !

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