Sean Hannity interviews Andy McCarthy and Louie Gohmert over Muslim Brotherhood inquiry

Yesterday Sean Hannity had both Louie Gohmert and Andy McCarthy on his show to explain the Muslim Brotherhood inquiry made by Gohmert, Bachmann, and three other GOP Reps. Gohmert helped draft the letters that were sent to the 5 Inspector Generals and explains that it wasn’t an accusation, but an inquiry and had the GOP leadership and other Republicans read the letters they would have known that.

They explain below:

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  • anyonebutbarry2012

    We need to get answers, how did this woman get a security clearance. Sean needs to go ask rino rubio, mcshame and boehner, why they all threw bachman to the wolves, not the whole panel just bachman. We want real answers.

    • marketcomp

      Right on, anyonebutbarry2012!

    • warpmine

      I’d like to have those answers to and yes I think we all can handle the truth. Just how badly are we compromised by this PoSOTUS?

      Knew in my gut that having both these Marxist in the WH was going to be serious trouble they didn’t fail to disappoint.

      Do you all think that Mittens will investigate if he gets the chance or will it be the usual BS of allowing one administration to pass into history quietly? Ann Barnhardt seems to think the Republic is dead and further states Mittens is another go along to get along guy.

    • opinionatedhermit

      “We need to get answers, how did this woman get a security clearance. Sean needs to go ask rino rubio, mcshame and boehner, why they all threw bachman to the wolves, not the whole panel just bachman. We want real answers. ”


      Perfectly said!

  • Army_Pilot1967

    The obama administration is moving toward working with the muslim brotherhood???? I’m shocked by this…….NOT. Why is anyone surprised by this? The current occupant of the White House has even had at least one member of the MB at the White House. Why are a few Republicans upset by the letters asking the Inspector General (IG) to look at the possibility of some people in the administration influencing how the US interacts with the MB? Even if the IG uncovered information that some in the administration were trying to steer our government toward having a different view of the MB, nothing would be done by the current administration.

  • 4Hoppes2

    When Bush was president the suspicion of the appearance of improprieties was enough cause to justify investigations. Now we have actual cause for investigation and our own side (McCain, Boehner, and Rogers) threaten Michelle Bachman with the loss of her standing on the House Intelligence Committee.I believe she has legitimate cause for further inquiry into Abedins ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. Since when did the Muslim Brotherhood become immune to investigation?

    • anyonebutbarry2012

      since barry panders to them. Congress does not do their job,. most don’t more worried about political correctness, well we have one example of where that leads, the ft hood shooting.

      • warpmine

        Again if any of them traitors in Congress did their constitutional duty then we’re looking at a different CIC.

  • p m

    Hannity needs to stop interrupting and LISTEN, then even he would have got what Andy mcCarthy said the first time around. Jeez.

    • jlbs

      That drives me nuts, too. They all do it. It’s as if they are saying, “This is MY show and I need to do the talking, here.” I get so upset with Rush when someone calls in and is making a very good point, he interrupts and usually doesn’t let the caller finish. It’s very frustrating.

      Now, this MB thing is the scariest thing I am aware of. I think it’s safe to say that we definitely have a traitor in the WH (and this isn’t the only ‘hint’ that he has displayed). I am just speechless when I think of the Repubs letting him get by with this. Do they honestly think they will be exempt from anything just because they are members of Congress? Idiots!!

      • Nukeman60

        Do they honestly think they will be exempt from anything just because they are members of Congress?‘ – j

        Yes. Yes they do, sadly. 🙁

        Let’s prove them wrong.

        • warpmine

          Of course they believe so, it’s soft tyranny and they’ve already committed themselves to be apart of it, traitors all of them. The citizenry pissed as they are will do nothing except bitch about it and so nothing will be done and we all know it in our hearts.

          The rule of law, a requirement of a nation of laws is defunct, dead. We must now bow down to the oligarchs.

  • benfrank2012

    Hannity has the intellectual capacity of a bag of hammers!

    • Linky1

      and the reason for this statement is:__________________________

      • p m

        He won’t listen? Has great guests, but we don’t get to hear what they say!

        • Linky1

          Doesn’t mean he is stupid.

      • benfrank2012

        The reason for this statement is: He regurgitates every right-wing chain email as though it were fact, and this is demonstrated on his program daily. If it can’t be distilled down to a bumper sticker Hannity doesn’t have the intellect to process it. He possesses no ability to process critical thinking. Are you beginning to get the picture?

  • Raise taxes, reveal national and international security intelligence, submit to extranational authority, open the borders, bring sworn enemies into the government. Baraj Hussein Obama knows he will not be elected again. He must do as much damage as possible while he can.

  • 911Infidel

    Now where did all this information come from? No one making these allegations speak Arabic, so how could they possibly know about these things? Ah…that’s where stellar Americans like Walid Shoebat come into play. The Ikwan can run, but they can’t hide under the lack of language translators anymore. Thanks Walid and Raymond for your service to the cause of anti-terrorism to this country. You guys are doing a yeoman’s job. Speaker Boehner, you’re an idiot. Step down and let a real man take over…Or a a woman…A speaker Bachman or a speaker Gohmert would be a real improvement over the limp-wristed Boehner.

    • ryanomaniac

      Don’t leave out Masab Yousef.

      • las1

        Do a little research about Yousef… you can find it at Shoebat’s site. He’s not as clean as we have been led to believe. Things are not all on the up-and-up with him.

        • ryanomaniac

          Have done research. That’s why I said what I said. Walid isn’t all that clean himself. Like it IR not there are questions about both I guess.

          • las1

            Yeah… the questions about Shoebat have been answered but are still put out there by the usual suspects as if valid. It’s pretty laughable and Shoebat has documented his connections and handlers. So there’s no there there.

            Shoebat made the complete leap to denounce the creed and intent of the Palestinians and the permanent wedge against Israel that the Arabs made of the “fakestinians”. Mousab has not. He’s stuck in between… in a no-man’s-land so to speak and his equivocating support of Israel and his dreams of a two-state solution compromises his position even though he has cut ties with his father. He is in some ways typical of Palestinian Christians in supporting Muslims against Israel. That is changing however… Christians are now feeling the full effects of shariahization going on in the West Bank and certainly in Gaza definitely. But Mousab is a Christian convert, not one by birth. His loyalties are divided and his loyalties are the issue. And that’s what Shoebat has been trying to smoke out of him. I like Mousab, I feel for his position, but he has to cast out the rest of the Islamic demons still haunting him. If he doesn’t straighten this out… he’s damaged goods imho.

            • ryanomaniac

              I disagree. I’ve checked and read a lot about this and things were taken out of context. I respect the hell out of your opinion though. Its nice to have a reasonable conversation with someone that I don’t have to get down in the gutter with like 911infedel.

              • las1

                All I can say to you is that you need to be very careful of Arab Christians. I’ve had personal experience on this when you confront them on their support for Palestinians over Israel. It ain’t pretty. Their dhimmi role is ingrained. Their support for the Arab position is meaningless when Shariah takes over completely as is now happening in Egypt even more than previously. They are like sheep to the…

                I followed Mousab very closely until I heard statements from him that had me scratching my head. I believe he’s a con.

      • 911Infidel

        Still chasing unicorns huh sparky? You really ought to get out of your mommy’s basement and join those of us who live in the real world.

        • ryanomaniac

          You really need to fold the tent back up. I was making a joke and meant no harm. Should have known that wouldn’t have been the case with a sensitive person. Why is it when someone you go against you pull out the “Get out of the basement” crap? Make something else up. Lets have peace, not war.

          • 911Infidel

            The business over children who live off their parents teet is an appropriate comment for those who are unable to fathom simple comcepts, and easily verifiable facts. Cause only a stupid kid living on planet stupid would refute a fact with a dumba$$ retort about pursuing unicorns; and then act like he’s spiking the ball when he just made a complete moron of himself. That is the essence of little kiddies who live a sheltered existence.

            If I’m right, I do not agree to disagree on anything. That is a leftist attribute which I refuse to adopt. If I am wrong on something, I do further research on my own, gather multiple references from multiple sources and then change my views accordingly.

            My war is against error, If you chose error over veritas then I am your enemy. If you wish to opine with sacasm then place the word (sarc) next to your comment to dispel any misunderstanding. However if you wish to continue to defend a shill for Ham-ass which is what Mosab Hassan Yousef is, then you are also the enemy of truth.

            • ryanomaniac

              You are insufferable. I have done my research jackass otherwise I wouldn’t continue to understand what I know to be true. You happen to be the type who is so infatuated with a man that you will take his word as Scripture. If you weren’t so infatuated with Walid you could pour your brains back into your head(not sarcasm). Walid has done some good things but he is jealous that someone who has actually done meaningful things for Israel and the US is Sterling his thunder. That’s what Israeli intelligence thinks. Maybe you think they aren’t that smart since you are a self proclaimed “expert”. What a joke.

              Funny that you tell someone to get out of the basement but anytime I reply to one of your comments it takes a second for you to reply. Why is that? Because you spend your time asking mom to cut the crust off the bread for your sandwiches.

              Are you more of an expert than Israeli intelligence? Oh, that’s right. You got your degree from who the hell knows. Good luck convincing people that you are anywhere near intelligent. Ill give you a heads up. That’s impossible for a human being with a…..oh, still no degree. Ha.

              • 911Infidel

                LOL. No kid you have not done your research. And the original comment that I posted was verification that Walid Shoebat is a reliable source of the Arabic. Which was picked up by Gabriel, Ibrahim. Spencer and Geller. Then it was picked up by Gaffney, McCarthy, then Levin, Hannity and now Congress.

                And the words that your boy uses in Arabic are Ham-ass buzz words that oppose the existence of the state of Israel and justify their terrorism by hiding under the word “resistence”.

                Shin Bet is not the issue, the words of Son Of Ham-ass are the issue.

                Trying to copy my criticism of your ignorance is a compliment. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I’m sure.

                Go on back to your sheltered existence kid, you are definitely not ready for primetime.

                • ryanomaniac

                  “The true measure of intelligence is the ability to fit two opposing ideas in your head at once” That is your real problem. You just can’t do it.

                  Don’t give yourself that much credit. I am unable to imitate blatant ignorance. I just can’t do it. Especially not down to your level.

                  I’ve told you before that you are easily maneuvered. Just like with Rubio. You treat him like he is a prophet and you see one story that was negative and in seconds you say you will never support him again. Don’t give that hindsight is 20/20 BS either. I don’t know how old you are there ole Peaches but good luck. I really mean that.

                • 911Infidel

                  What makes me believe that you’re just a dumb kid is that the colloquialisms that I use continue to sail right over your head. Furthermore my original response back to you is valid. You continue to chase after unicorns, fein peace and talk a whole lot of shite.

                  Speaking of maneuvering, go back to my first long missive. I laid the bait and you bit down hard moron.

                • ryanomaniac

                  Dude, your ego has outgrown your intelligence. I surmise that happened rather quickly.

                • 911Infidel

                  Lets do a little afteraction review. First off you came in here and made a smart a$$ posit to my short missive. Then you feined peace in order to obtain a compromise. I didn’t bite, cause I don’t compromise when veritas is at stake. So I put you to the test.

                  Now here’s where the fun begins. I then picked the terrain and set an ambush. You walked right into it.

                  Now if this were a combat battlespace involving live munitions, they’d still be picking up your body parts and stuffing them into a body bag.

                  Now why don’t you go clean up your room little boy and stop giving your mom a hard time.

  • opinionatedhermit

    I thought that both Congressman Gohmert and Mr. McCarthy did a great job putting forward what they had to say. My hat is off to Sean for this great interview. Very powerful.

    Now I can only ask:

    Is it really the policy of this great country, that those in the upper echelon of our government, and with close family ties to the Gambino family, the Mexican Mafia, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the KKK … Idi Ahmin, Charles Manson … the list can go on and on … is no big deal?

    I mean, do I get this right? “No big deal?” Do I really get this right?


  • aZjimbo

    Did Hannity mention anything about his feelings on what Marco Rubio said about this matter? Well of course not because he is too busy ass kissing rubio to be VP. Never thought I would say this but it is getting to the point that I can not listen to Hannity any more. He has become so mainstream with all these liberals on his shows.

    • Hannity likes Rubio. It’s a free country. Rubio is very likeable and those that meet him are impressed by him. He is not the right guy for VP because until Cuba is no longer Communist, it is not in America’s best interest to have a Cuban American President or VP. Thank God JFK did not have relatives in Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

      • aZjimbo

        I think you missed my point.

  • FYI, this is why Mitt had concerns about security in the UK. The Left is making a big deal about it YET give Obama a pass on his insults and gaffes all the time. The media
    killed the story and the video. The UK gov called in 3 K troops last minute. THEY WERE
    NOT READY. A Muslim teen attacked the Olympic torch carrying athlete and shouted Allah Akbar and the crowd civilians had to stop him.

  • FXPhillips

    Sounds like Sean has taken the establishment RINO line. He apparently doesn’t want to jeopardize his access to the weak sister McCarthyites who want to sweep this executive branch malfeasance under the rug.

    Someone better remind Sean that McCarthy underestimated the problem

    The only real victim of McCarthyism was McCarthy himself as he was smeared by interests who did not want to admit they were dopes and allowed the country to be infiltrated by existential enemies. The same is now happening to Bachmann et al as dopes like McCain, Graham, Rogers, Boehner and Rubio do not want to be responsible for being asleep at the switch as this anti-American regime continues to gnaw at the foundations of the country.