Sean Hannity: Republican Party won’t be saved by people like John McCain

Tonight on the Mark Levin Show, a very passionate Sean Hannity said that if the Republican Party is to be saved it will be because of people like Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz. It won’t be because of people like John McCain. Hannity also questioned why McCain didn’t attack Eric Holder and instead went after Rand Paul.

Here’s a blurb:

HANNITY: I gotta tell you something, I’m kinda disgusted. And you know what I’m sick of? We’ve got four dynamic, vibrant, smart, intelligent, passionate, fighting, conservatives. We’ve got Rand Paul, we’ve got Marco Rubio, we’ve got your buddy Ted Cruz, we’ve got Mike Lee. These guys are the future of this party. I’m not even talking about the Republican Party. They’re the future of conservatism.

And Rand Paul is tired of what we’ve talked about – imperial presidents. You’ve said it, I’ve said it. You’ve talked about shredding the Constitution. I’ve said it. You know, these are important things and he took it to the president and he won. Now that to me was inspiring.

MARK LEVIN: But the next day McCain and Lindsey Graham go on the floor…

HANNITY: Yeah they gotta go out there, why? Because they’re jealous that he did something that inspired the based which desperately needed some inspiration because frankly we’ve all been disappointed with quote Republicans, that there aren’t enough conservatives? I’m sorry, the future of the Republican Party, if it’s ever gonna be saved, it’s gonna be because of Rand, Marco, Ted and Mike Lee, not because of John McCain. I’m sorry.

So for him to go out there – why didn’t he attack Eric Holder? Eric Holder is the Attorney General of the United States. Eric Holder couldn’t have been more ambiguous about the concept of using drone strikes on American citizens on US soil without any time of due process. None!

Listen to the full audio below:

I gotta say, I like this Sean Hannity a lot.

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  • my2centshere

    I’m not a huge fan of Sean either but he is completely right about this. To be honest, did any of us expect either of these RINO’s to support Rand?

    • talk about political grandstanding last night by Senators (ei: Mitch McConnell) showing up at the 12 hour of the filibuster. A bunch of phonies is what they are.

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      • OneThinDime

        They showed up very shortly after Reince tweeted out for GOP to join Rand on the floor. It was all staged so they could claim they supported Rand. Would McConnell have supported Rand if not for Ashley Judd?

        • M_J_S

          Lets just hope McConnell gets his cowardly and incompetent rear end primaried because he such a worthless piece of crap. Then a solid Conservative can take on Ashely’s Juggs, or Judd, whatever.

    • Just one point of difference. I agree about Sean. But I think he’s made more populist because Fox News vice-presidents, incorrectly, try to change his profile to be more TV-friendly.

  • Yet Rubio voted yes for Brennan.

    McCain and Graham are jealous. While they were in the graces of dear leader for dinner last night, Americans- both left and right were standing with Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. These two did something that McLame and Grahamnesty have never done, no matter how much they have compromised principal and rolled over.
    America knows who stands for the people and the Constitution after last night- and it ain’t the rinos or most of the democrat party or dear leader.

    • PVG

      I faxed both rinos a copy of this
      With this comment at the end:
      Yesterday, for the first time in 5 years, we Americans had something and someone to cheer! Rand Paul did his job! He didn’t take a poll, or give an interview, or weigh his re-election odds or political future. He defended the Constitution and the American people.
      Your remarks on the Senate floor trying to undermine Senator Paul were foolish, embarrassing, and petty. That display proved how out of step you are with the conservative movement. You, Sir, can no longer be trusted to uphold the Constitution and are becoming a liability to liberty.

    • deTocqueville1


    • Joe

      I always wondered about Marco boy

      I never took a liking to him

      His recent actions are showing him to be part of the Old Guard

      Just ‘sayin!


      McLame and Goofy Graham – They are not for the people

      • I still say, and I know alot don’t agree, but Rubio is Jeb’s boy. He’s been groomed well.

        • Amjean

          The minute I found out that Rubio was “Jeb’s boy” I became suspicious of
          his motives. And have been watching him very carefully ever since, not
          really being able to pin point all the reasons for my concern.

          Well, my answer came during the filibuster. After listing to Rand Paul
          and Ted Cruz I realized that these two define what it means to be an
          American; they speak from the mind and heart about the constitution.
          When listening to them one feels their passion, their belief in our

          When Rubio speaks, it seems to me like he is following a carefully crafted

          That is the difference between all our self serving politicians and
          our two new leaders, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

          We have been missing leadership for so long that I, and others, probably
          forgot what a true statesman sound like. It was so wonderful that in recalling the filibuster just two days ago I still get tears in my eyes.

          I know it is a huge task, however, I hope these two fine men start
          tackling all that is wrong with our power hungry leaders taking away
          our money and our freedoms.

    • poljunkie

      You would have loved the message I left at Mc Cains Arizona office. I didn’t hold back. I started out by saying my family was both embarrassed and ashamed of his behavior. I told him he had one heck of nerve to waltz in and belittle Rand Paul, as if he thought it would elevate his status, which it won’t…it will just give the left talking points.
      I told him he should have been real and thought to support Sen Paul who was defending our Constitution, and rights as citizens- but instead used the time to enjoy an expensive dinner with Pres O (who would use him as a prop)
      I went on to say, that although we voted for him in his past senate races, and also for President in 2008, he ran such a poor campaign in ’08 that my family and many of my friends blame him in part for the mess our country is in. That it was humilating the way he ran his campaign- and a perfect example was when he suspended his race to rush back to Washington to work on the economy…only to sit at a table with Obama, and be made to look like fool…just like Obama has done over and over during these last five years.
      Before I ended, I said, the title you shrewdly assigned yourself years ago of Maverick? Well sir, you’ve been relegated to title of a sheep. So Senator, its time to go, and take Meghan with you. Oh, and by the way, this sentiment is shared by my girlfriend in Florida.
      Before I ended I said, thank you for taking my call. I know it was long, and I erased and re-recorded twice to make it shorter.

      • I’ve got a big ol’ grin on my face right now girlie! Way to GO!! I love it!! It felt good now admit it! lol! I’m so proud of you polsis! Excellently done!

        The only thing I’d have added, was that your girlfriend in Florida also says you’re a major a$$hat!

        😀 You ROCK Pol! Really! YAY!

        PS- LOVE the part, “and take Meghan with you” LOL! Perfect!!!

        • poljunkie

          Yep, the first version had the a$$hat in it. But i figured some intern screened the calls and it probably wouldn’t make it.

          I gave my mom the number and when she called some one live answered. She was so surprised, she said she just said Sen Mc Cain should be embarrassed of himself, and this is coming from a 90 year old grandma…so please tell him I called. I thought that was funny.

          It was hilarious, I had to listen to my recording, and re-do it it make it just right!
          What a dork!!!!

          • lol! Your Mom is SO cool!! LOL! Good for her too! That made me laugh. I’ve never gotten a live one yet, and probably wouldn’t know what to say if I did either!

    • mediaaccess1

      I’d leave Rubio out of my savior list.

    • flagged

      J-Linds!! Thankme!! The sooner these RINO’s are out, and more conservatives get in office, the sooner we take Our Country back!


    • OneThinDime

      Don’t forget Sen Mike Lee from UT! He was Rand Paul’s other wing man.

  • clockwindingdown

    I too think Sean did better on ML’s show then he does on his show. I knew whom it was during the interview but had a difficult time believing it, Sean came off much, much better here…

  • This doesn’t change my mind about Hannity. Easy to point out the obvious then the next day or whenever he’s gonna have these RINOs on his show… It’s time to leave the old guard in the dust..

    Wasn’t Mark Levin on Hannity tonight? Thought I heard him say he gonna be on the other day..

    • flagged

      Nah, he had to back out, but I think he said he would on next week… Sean sounds a bit different on Levin’s show, because of the same reason Beck is no longer on FoxNews. He is hamstrung a bit on network….

  • Ray

    a dead, stinking rotten mess is not worth saving.

  • johnos2112

    Well then Sean keep them off your show AND Karl Rove. These people that you call conservatives are not. Keep them off the show. Rove is worthless and a liar! I don’t trust Newt either.

    • flagged

      We can wish, but FoxNews re-signed #crushrove. So we will have to continue to hear his crap from time to time.

  • BHliberty

    I agree with them both. the R party needs to be cleansed of the moderates including the Bush political hacks, for it to survive. Paul, Cruz, Lee, Rubio, and Palin are the new faces of the party! Otherwise it will become obsolete!

  • deTocqueville1

    While I am not a big fan of Hannity’s rah, rah style he does mean well and he hits the nail on the head with these comments.

    The general establishment both GOPe and Dem are now in panic mode as they see the strength and power of and support for those espousing liberty. Accordingly they will go into full attack style.

    Fortunately they will lose. Levin was devastating in his critique of McCain.

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      McLame will always be hailed a war hero, that much is true, as Levin said. But his political career has been awful. When will the establishment realize they can’t win without conservative principles running for election?

      Oh, and great username, #ThankMe!!

  • jimmy travis

    THIS MESSAGE GRADED – “FLASH” While looking up on YouTube for the link to “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” ”, I discovered that The Ministry of Truth had been there before me. They had the iconic American film replaced with Obama’s “A Profile of Tyranny”. Not the same really. You see YouTube is owned and controlled by Google which is owned and controlled by the Democratic Party which is owned and operated by President Obama and The Communist Party USA…breaking…Jimmy Travis /Facedbook… here is a clip from the film I wanted to link to:

  • kssturgis62

    Do the Names Jerry Moran of Kansas, John Barrasso of Wyoming, and Johnson of Wisconsin Ring a bell to Anyone?????

    I turn on CSPAN everyday. I discovered this taking place in the Senate just as it started. I alerted everyone to it, on my wall on facebook, and then in just about all my groups. By 1 to 1:30 in the Afternoon we were having a Party on my wall. People coming and going all day, but My Friend Matt and I watched right from the Beginning.

    This is What I saw and the tapes are there to prove it.

    Rand Paul – walks in Mike Lee, then Ted Cruz, then Jerry Moran, then Democrat Wyden from Oregon, then Mike Lee, then Ted Cruz, then Jerry Moran, Peeks in Marco, Marco makes a joke about water, speaks for about 3 minutes and leaves. Rand Paul, Rand, Rand, Rand, Rand, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand, Rand, Rand, Rand, Mike Lee, Jerry Moran, Ted Cruz, and then the evening sets in and the next tag team arrives, John Barrasso, Louie Gohmert from the house brings him candy bars, Even Mark Kirk who had a STROKE made sure he had Tea and cookies, then the house members started to fill up the Senate, John Barrasso is talking and talking and then asks Rand a question, then comes Johnson from Wisconsin, then John Barrasso, then Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jerry Moran, and then Again Barrasso, then THUNE< then Marco comes in and says something off collar to Ted Cruz about not having a Shakesphere Quote, or a Patten Quote, but starts Quoting Jay Z and other Rappers. THEN HE LEAVES. HE WAS THERE FOR ANOTHER 3 MINUTES AT THE MOST.

    THEN You again had Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, then MITCH MCCONNELL thanks to Brit Hume.

    Do you know what Marco was talking about on Twitter, a HIPPIE HIPPIE SHAKE VIDEO, and who should be in it. Me and my Friend Virginia from Argentina let him have it with a bunch of others.

    BUT THE TEAM THAT STOOD WITH RAND PAUL WAS MIKE LEE, TED CRUZ, JERRY MORAN, JOHN BARRASSO, and JOHNSON. Yep I am going to be Picky about this, It was one of the Greatest things that I have seen in Forever.

    It ticks me off, when Durbin tried to take the spotlight, When harry reid made was so nice about Rand's bladder, and others are trying to take Credit or give Credit to people that were Only there to show face.

    then RUBIO being the Good little Bush Boy that he is, VOTES FOR BRENNAN. Sean made me angry with and so did others with this.

    That is my 2 Cents for the Day.

    #STANDWITHRAND – #STOODWITHRAND – TED, MIKE, JOHN and yep Louie is the James Madison of the HOUSE !!!!

    I get picky to picky maybe for my own good. But WE BETTER hope and pray we keep that house in 2014, or no 2016, and I like Accuracy to the best of my ability.

    • I like that you’re picky!!

    • flagged

      I’m with you! And gotta love Louie Gohmert, but what’s up with Rand voting yes for Shmagel(Hagel)? That guy may be dumber than Biden!

      I just think Rubio’s vote and Rand’s errant vote is just something we may have to overlook or choose not to understand.

      The nerve of J-Linds to blast Rand for filibustering is just more proof they are the old guard. No reason to behave like that. You don’t even see the dems attacking each other like that.

      • kssturgis62

        After Listening to him speak for that 13 Hours, I think I get it when it comes to his votes for Hagel and a couple of others.

        It is all about the Constitution. He has sat on the committees, said what has needed to be said, doesn’t agree with them on everything, but the Constitution says The President shall pick his Cabinet.

        now I know that doesn’t excuse his votes, because the Senate Confirms, and if your putting in bad people or idiots like hagel why would you allow the president to have that person? I think he thought like many of us thought With Romney. The Lesser of Two Evils. If Hagel didn’t get confirmed, Who would have Obama put up and would they have been worse?

        I don’t like his vote, but listening to him for 13 hours talk about George Orwell’s 1984, seeing him respond to the Questions from Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Jerry Moran, the Fantastic Job John Barrasso and Johnson did in the evening, Even what Wyden said from Oregon, I get it with him.

        Its the Constitution – The President shall Pick his Cabinet, and then it is the lesser of two evils. that is what I got out of it.

        Gosh that was 13 hours of some GREAT TELEVISION, Especially when Ted Cruz Read Shakesphere and the things from Twitter to him.

        • flagged

          Yea, I understand your point and probably right, but Hagel was such a buffoon n his hearing I just couldn’t have voted for him. He could’ve pulled an Obama and voted “present”. Lol.

          Four years can’t get here soon enough. Brennan the Muslim, and Hagel the anti-Semite, oh and Obama, I sure hope we have no more Benghazis. I hope we don’t prop up the Brotherhood anymore than we already have.

          I hate I didn’t get to see the filibuster, sounds like it would of made for great tv!!

    • Amjean

      Thank you so much!!!!

      I tried to watch portions of it, however, was working, on the phone, etc.
      so missed a good amount; it was almost 13 hours!!!

      It is nice to know who the “real” supporters were versus the “faux”
      variety. Pretty much you confirmed what I already thought. Thanks again
      for taking the time to write it all down and pass it on.

      • kssturgis62

        The Only Part I missed was about 15 to 20 Minutes at around 9:30 to take my dog out LOL LOL Geesh that dog just couldn’t hold it any longer.

        I am fortunate, I have no kids at home, it is just me and my husband, so I can do silly thinks like this once in awhile. Turn the TV to one channel for 13 hours, and Drink coffee, sit on my butt and be lazy LOL LOL LOL

  • #StandWithRand and #PrimaryGraham.

    • Joe



  • BS61

    Huh, maybe all my tweets of RINO McCain to Hannity worked! Nah, more likely is that he’s been hearing more Levin! 🙂

  • Hannity’s an open-borders guy. Why does he think he speaks for anybody?

    Not for me.

    Ann Coulter tried to explain enforcement to him on Wednesday and he didn’t hear a word she said.

    • TMZ2

      I listen more to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch and Rusty Humphries instead of Hannity. But I watch Hannity sometimes on tv. He is ok, but I prefer other people. I listen to Jerry Doyle, Savage and Levin sometimes as well.

      • flagged

        Never miss #theGreatOne, Levin, or Rush!! Beck is icing on the cake, then try to listen to Hannity. Dana Loesch I’ve got to figure out how to find her, I bet she has a fantastic show!!

  • Martin2717

    Ted Cruz is the one to lead the way. Paul voted for Kerry and Hagel for their current positions not to mention he’s for amnesty now. Rubio has moved into that direction.

    • TMZ2

      Yeah. Nobody is perfect as even Allen West and Michele Bachmann have their flaws. But I agree that Ted Cruz is current favorite of mine in the senate. I think Rand was right to do what he did and I liked it. But he can be wishy on foreign policy. Still more I need to hear. I get the reason to press on drones so I agreed with him on that.

  • JohnCraven

    This mini-rant by Sean with the Great One, like many others he has done on his radio show, is pretty good until he has Karl Rove on his show and Sean gets a thrill up his leg in the presence of Karl Rove and Sean’s brain turns to total mush before Rove. I always feel that if Rove were to ever stop short he would have to dig Hannity’s head out of his butt

    And I have mixed feelings about Marco Rubio who’s personal story is inspiring but then he goes and votes for people like Brennan and he disgusts me when he does these RINO things. But then again Rand Paul, our hero of the moment went and voted for John Kerry to be Secretary of State proving once again he’s not perfect either.

    Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are the consevative heroes right now and should be but they are not the saviors of the Republican Party – that party died a long time ago.

    These Senators are the saviors/heroes of the conservative movement which is not one and the same as the Republican Party.

    In McCain and Graham we have the Imperial Senate as back in the days of Spartacus and in Obama we have Nero Ceasar.

    Either as Indepedents or alternative third party conservatives lay the future of the conservative movement not in the GOP who have voted almost to a man never to be taken back to the vision of Ronald Reagan and the founding principles of our nation.

    The GOP led by these Imperial Senators and others like Karl Rove, inspire nothing, fight for nothing, stand for nothing, and aspire to nothing.

    Independent conservatives like Paul and Cruz, do inspire most all of us.

    They deserve a better party than the GOP to fight along with them.

    New Orleans

    • TMZ2

      quote: “This mini-rant by Sean with the Great One, like many others he has done on his radio show, is pretty good until he has Karl Rove on his show and Sean gets a thrill up his leg in the presence of Karl Rove and Sean’s brain turns to total mush before Rove. I always feel that if Rove were to ever stop short he would have to dig Hannity’s head out of his butt.”

      I don’t know about that. Hannity has to have Rove on because the channel has him booked as a guest. But, Hannity has not been lock step with Rove.

      I just don’t care anymore myself about Rove or about other rinos and what they think. So I tune out Rove.

      The problem with Hannity is Fox News has restrained him from doing certain things. Jerome Corsi was going to be on the TV show in 2011 to talk about his book on Obama’s birth issue. And it was cancelled. So it is what it is by which I mean things happen and people can see it how they want and who know what went on, but it reflected badly on Hannity and angered me.

      This is why I listen to variety of shows and different people and different news sources and make up my own mind. Because even within the conservative movement not everyone agrees on everything and the direction to take. So it is interesting to get a different take from time to time.

      • flagged

        For sure! We need Hannity on FoxNews, because he works under restraints better than I ever could! Think about FoxNews for a minute…Beckel, Colmes, Rove, Kucinich, Juan Williams, Rove…that entire group makes me wanna kick my own ass, but FoxNews would rather have them than, say Beck?

        You are correct. Sean’s got more freedom on his radio program, and much more on Levin’s show! Sean is only one of very few strong enough to pull that gig off. FoxNews is better than the other options out there, but not nearly as right-leaning than most think…

  • Not the biggest Hannity Fan, but he’s dead on. The reactions I’ve seen from McCain and Graham are par for the course.

  • Rocco11

    Not a Hannity fan by any measure, I know The Great One feels somewhat indebted to him, but in my mind he tarnishes his own brand by closely associating himself with Hannity, who talks a fair conservative game, but his heart is firmly in the Leftist camp.

  • Sober_Thinking

    Sean is MUCH better on the radio. It’s funny, there seems to be some contention between Mark and Sean.

    What Sean is saying here is good and right.

    I hope all these guys keep calling out McLame and Graham – as well as the evil regime.

    I appreciate this.

  • ApplePie101

    Why angst about saving the republican party when our nation is about to go over the cliff?

  • bongobear

    I haven’t listened to Hannity in a long time because of what I perceived to be his cozy relationship with a lot of RINOs. I am very encouraged by this sound bite and I hope Hannity continues to exhibit this passion for these issues.

  • Longiron

    Like a politician look at how they vote not what they say. Hannity is a mouthpiece for the RINO establishment and just wants to be in the loop with conservatives in case they win. He will be kissing Karl Rove backside next week, just watch !

  • PhillyCon

    Sounds like Hannity just woke up from a long RINO slumber.

  • The country club Republicans gave us such “winners” as Dole, McCain, and Romney. Why, oh why, do the RINOs want to keep following a formula that always loses? Give real conservatives a chance and they will win. If the Tea Party candidates can do it at the state level, like with Rand Paul and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, why can’t it work on the national level? We have to give it a try, because being the “Democratic light” party sure isn’t working.

    • inchbyinch

      I don’t include Romney with those people. Romney is a good man, most were too stupid to see it so we get stuck with idiot for another 4. Good job guys.

  • RefudiateGOPe

    I have two problems with this exchange.

    I can’t include Rubio in this list because of his ties to the Bush family. I don’t trust him. Let him spend a couple of terms in the Senate to prove he isn’t beholding to anyone but the people who elect him. I can be converted to be a Rubio supporter, but I need him to be more than clean and articulate.

    Hannity proclaims to be a Conservative first and a Republican second, but he spends way too much time kissing up to RINO’s. I think he’s more concerned about his contract that Ailes must approve than he is in pushing real conservative principles. If he feels the need to have the likes of McCain, Graham and Rove on his show, he needs to play hardball with them, not be enamored with them.

    With Mark Levin, just like with Palin, WYSIWYG.