Sen. Patrick Leahy tries to intimidate Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts into upholding Obamacare

Sen. Patrick Leahy took to the floor of the Senate last week to try and intimidate Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts into deferring to congressional authority and upholding Obamacare on the basis that it is constitutional via the Commerce Clause. Leahy even mentions how he voted for Roberts during his confirmation because Roberts gave assurances that he would respect congressional authority, and Leahy says this case would be a ‘fundamental test’ as to whether Roberts will be true to his testimony. Leahy went on to say:

I trust that he will be Chief Justice for all of us and that he has a strong institutional sense of the proper role of the judicial branch. It is the Supreme Court of the United States, not the Supreme Court of the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, not the Supreme Court of liberals or conservatives. It’s the Supreme Court of the United States and the Chief Justice is the Chief Justice of the United States, all 320 million of us.

Watch below:

Here’s the entire 11 minute speech that includes Leahy suggesting that a justice voting based on their personal beliefs, against Obamacare, would be committing conservative judicial activism:

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  • Good Lord, Help me please cause I’m really trying hard not to really hate these people. They are like a succubus.

    • NYGino

      Never heard the word before, thanks Shelly. Anyway looked it up, plural is succubi.

    • M_J_S

      plural is “a-holes”

      • mjs_28s


        Everytime I see you post I think “Self! Preach on!”

        Are you my other personality? I ask because sometimes I say ‘a-holes’ and other times I say ‘jay-holes’ (so I don’t offend anyone).

      • K-Bob

        “There can be only one.”

        — obscure The Highlander reference

      • kong1967


      • badbadlibs


    • kong1967

      I gave up trying to not hate them. Since Obama got elected they have become out of the closet communists and are throwing it around now. They would rip up the Constitution in a second if they could get away with it, so they deserve no love.

      • Livin_Large

        I’m sure NSA is enjoying our posts, dude.

        • patriotbens

          Livin_Large, are you a commie? Do you have a problem with this Constitutional Republic? Do you have a problem with your Bill of Rights?

          • Livin_Large

            No, I’m a typical American who never liked the John Birch society and doesn’t like you. You are a small minority, and minorities have rights. On the other hand, I believe sedition and treason should be prosecuted for the good of civilized people. Some of you guys would look really good in orange jump suits.

            • patriotbens

              This may come as a shock to you, but you’re not typical and you’re part of the small minority (20%) in this great Constitutional Republic.

              Is it treason to speak out against those that don’t respect the separation of powers like your hero the drunk Leahy? You and your ilk have no respect for the rule of law. It’s you’re President who belongs in prison for treason along with people like Sanders, Leahy Kerry and Franks just to name a few.

              • Livin_Large

                It might shock me if I believed you didn’t wear a tinfoil hat. If you’re saying that 80% of the American public is sympathetic with your kind, you must be on LSD to boot. Which is fine as long as you keep to your own business. Get into my space, and I’m going to hurt you. I guess that makes me a libertarian.

                • kong1967

                  What is it with you lefties that you believe that you’re a majority? Leahy claims the majority of people are for Obamacare. That’s a lie. Well over 50% are against it. Lefties claim that the majority of the people are for gay marriage. That’s also a lie. 31 states (I believe) have voted on gay marriage and it has lost on all of them by large percentages. That would mean that even Democrat voters are against it.

                  Leahy is accusing Roberts of judicial activism and that they should follow the will of the people, but it’s the liberals that run to the courts to overturn what the majority of the voters choose.

                  Libertarian my ass. Libertarians believe in small government and following the Constitution. Obviously you don’t.

                • Livin_Large

                  I do not consider myself a “lefty” but just an educated person who calls ’em as I sees ’em. Your stats are way off. While the country is sharply divided, the American public is sick of rancor, such as you perpetrate. I believe many of the states which voted against marriage equality are having or will have serious “buyers remorse” especially since the NAACP dropped its opposition and endorsed the concept.

                  Marriage is ultimately as conservative institution. You guys are on the losing side of history. Give it a few more years.

                  I’m curious what you, as a Libertarian, think of the Citizens United decision in the context of the original intent of the Constitution. If you are a Libertarian, I am curious if we can find common ground in the thought that corporations were never intended to have the same rights as people.

                • kong1967

                  I was for it. The unions are drowning the libs with money and why should they be able to fight business without business having a voice?

                  I’ve heard the excuse that unions represent the people. Bullcrap. The unions do not represent the people and the dues are forcefully taken and contributed against the dues payers’ wishes. That’s not representation. That’s forced contributions to Democrats which amount to theft.

                  I am not on a national scale for anyone to hear, so my “rancor” doesn’t amount to any more than getting steam off my chest. The people that can effect things are people in leadership positions and the media.

                  Obama claims he’s a uniter and it’s the Republicans that are causing division. That’s another big lie. What does Obama do on EVERY single speech to EVERY single group? He blames Republicans for everything….EVERYTHING. He put the rich against the poor, the religious against the non-religious, men against women (war on women), blacks against whites, hispanics against whites, and etc. He does nothing but accuse and blame and make various groups angry at another group. Divide and conquer. Yet WE are the ones you blame for rancor? Give me a break.

                  Earlier I watched the poll guy talk to a group of voters and a Republican and a Democrat got up to talk. The Democrat did nothing but spend his time pointing the finger at Republicans. The Republican woman just said what she believed in without pointing fingers.

                  Anyway, if the rancor is to stop, Obama and the libs need to stop intentionally dividing us and marginalizing us.

                • Livin_Large

                  You missed the point, so I’ll ask again. The key point is not that lots and lots of money is in politics. The key point is that it is unaccountable and anonymous. Neither the problem nor the solution are partisan.

                  You say that union super-PACs are comparable to, say, David and Charles Koch’s money. No doubt, unions fund super-PACs. But nobody knows how much they fund or what message they’re funding because donors are not disclosed. Because super-PACs are not unaccountable, they are irresponsible. This degrades the quality of public debate and discourages public participation.

                  Public companies should never be able to use stockholder money to pay for private messages with disclosure and the approval of stockholders.

                • kong1967

                  I don’t know, you have a point. But the stockholders invest in the company by choice, union members don’t. The investor can just relocate his money. The union member can’t…unless he quits.

                  In my view allowing businesses to contribute levels the playing field for what the unions have been allowed to do forever. If they disallow one, they should disallow both. I don’t know really how to answer your question other than that. I apologize if this isn’t a good answer, lol.

                • patriotbens

                  “Get into my space, and I’m going to hurt you.” Come and hurt me fagot! You shouldn’t threaten people on a public thread moron!

                • Livin_Large

                  There you go again, Tinfoil Hat guy. You stay in your swamp and stay far far way from civilized people.

                • Livin-Large,
                  you seem to be a very angry person, I have read several statements by you, seems your mad at people you disagree with or for your on entertainment.
                  Since you told me you lived next door to mr leahy, i guess i should take that into consideration, i’d probably stay mad myself knowing he has taxed me and my neighbors and fellow Americans through the roof and wants more and signed an unread, unconstutional obamacare, soon to be struck down by the supreme court thank God Jehovah, and then your party has mr obama, mr America himself, running for re-election this November, oh man! that’s like three strikes your out, so i guess i know why your angry, and to be frank, we’re not happy with these charactors either.
                  November Americans will vote one out, but you guys there in the high country, will have to vote the other tax and spend democrat nut job out of office, neighbor or no neighbor.
                  I know how high your taxes are and i know people there are leaving, just as they are leaving N.Y. because of the tax burden, lot’s of you have moved here in the south, where we still remember what the constitution stands for, one thing it doesn’t stand for is steal, rob, and tax to death the tax paying citizen.
                  Remeber our Republican Senator Called out, You Lie!, I ask you whens the last time you heard truth called out so openly and proudly for Americans to hear about the matter, I’d say in both our life times Never.
                  That wasn’t anger from Mr (R)Wilson, that was a warning to all Americans not only about the matter, but about the democrat party too.
                  That’s another reason people are moving from the north and bringing their families here all across the south.
                  And democrats are dropping like flies in every election, and also our republican RINO,s so you take it easy, have a great day, a little sun is gooood for a healthy smile.

                  Tea Party Patriot
                  if you have a chance come visit sunny S.C. & be sure & not forget the smiles. ((:

            • kong1967

              We’re in the minority? Hmmm, yeah….that explains why the Democrats got booted out by the masses last election.

              Oh, yeah…’s treasonous to want the Constitution respected and followed. OWS is just fine with you guys and they are violent and thousands have been arrested. We Tea Party folk treat our women with respect, we don’t need rape tents like you guys, and we leave the peaceful protest instead of extending it for months on end disrupting commerce and costing the cities millions of dollars policing it.

              Look up the word treason. Disagreeing with Obama’s policies and tactics is not it.

        • kong1967

          Lol, so what. It’s not against the law to hate the Democrat party and the communists running it. I never threatened anyone or encouraged violence or uprisings. I will take my anger out when I vote.

    • succubus, succuba
      a demon that assumes a female form to tempt men to intercourse, especially appearing in their dreams. — succubi, succubae, n. pl.

      Not sure that’s the term you were looking for…how about Beelzebub…

      • A life-sucking demon is a “life-sucking demon.” No matter its form or purpose. These demonic leeches are sucking the life from from America, one person at a time. Oh, I don’t mind calling the lot of them succubi. They are evil and anathema to the American Way of Life.

        I truly believe the writers of our Constitution were gifted with foresight by God when they penned this miraculous, country-preserving document. A most beautiful work 2nd only to the Holy Bible. We the People shall persevere. It is our calling…it is our destiny… It is our duty. We are the quintessential beacon of light to the rest of the world; we are the last bastion of freedom on the planet…it will be The United States of America who frees the world of Satan’s quest of mankind’s domination and subjugation. These cretins are doomed to failure of monumental proportions and do not even know it.

        May God Bless and keep us.

        • badbadlibs

          WOW! Fantastic post, John q. Jones!

          • Thank you, Bad. I was worried people might think me a little extreme. Just remember.. “Passionate.” 🙂

    • Will Tell

      succubi 😉

    • stevethird


  • So to hell with the Constitution as long as it “benefits” 30 million uninsured Americans (1/10 of the population). Go serve where the people will truly appreciate you Senator, Greece!

    • rls77

      my reaction completely. No one ever talks about how this law does or doesn’t fit the constitution. Even many repubs. It’s always about what they want to accomplish not what is constitutional (i.e. legal)! He’s the one who needs to be reminded of the role of the supreme court.

    • marketcomp

      That’s typical libralism, turn the Constitution inside out for 1/10 of the population or create and enforce a health care law for 1/10 of the population! You know I hear that the word lunatic is being removed from Gov. documentation. I think it is a fitting description for the President and the Senate! A bunch of lunatics!

    • JCastner

      With these “Alinsky-ite” Radicals, like these far-lefties (who see themselves as moderates) for them, the ends ALWAYS justifies the means,” and “the issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution, to get power.” They don’t give a damn about 30 million, 50 million, or 10 uninsured Americans, they are means to an end. That end, is the implementation of this law so that anything that affects the cost of health-care becomes an issue to be legislated, therefore, if pop causes obesity–make it illegal, smoking–illegal, too much salt–illegal, and so on… Additionally, why do they take away 500 billion dollars from medicare? Well, because they’ve already killed 50 million babies over the last 40 years, and that (to them) is a good start, now they want a matching 50 million old people 65 and up. If you don’t believe me, just look at how many Stalin killed of his own people: 50 million; Mao: 80 million; Pol Pot: ?? Millions in the ‘killing fields.” They always start with a great purge. And Obama is in the same vain as all these Radical Revolutionaries–it’s sins natural course (Begin with lies, end in absolute destruction, lastly yourself–just like all malignant narcisists–the father of which, is satan.

  • detectivedick

    Gee, did LIAR Obama stack the Court for his favor???? just wondering?

    • Pretty much. We just have justices that help write the law before they are appointed to vote on the constitutionality of the law. Case in point, Justice Kagan.

  • I find myself shocked even though I should not be surprised. Where is the fortitude of the Senate to pass a budget? If the Supreme Court could respond (which they won’t), they should tell the Senate to mind their own business and pass a sticking budget and until then, “Shut-up” since they cannot even do their job.

    In other words, until the Senate can do their own job they have no right to speak about how others should do their’s. It is the biblical idea of before taking the speck out of your brother’s eye (though one would rightly argue that the speck is not there in the first place for the Supreme Court here), take the plank out of your own eye.

  • marketcomp

    So I guess Barack Obama was tired of bashing the Supreme Court because perhaps Justice Cagin has told him that his health care law is about to go down. So he sends his little surogates, leaky Leahy who can’t hold water and even less credibiliy than the President, to do the bashing! If these Justices allow someone like Leaky Pat Leahy to intimidate them then Lord help us and the Constitution!

  • NYGino

    Heard this a long time ago; if your barber is shaving you with a straight razor it’s probably not the best time to insult his family.

    • kong1967

      Yeah, well….I hope Roberts has a machete.

  • sjmom

    Since the Supreme Court is a separate branch of the checks and balances in our govt it would beehove the Senator to back off. The Dems seem to have no respect for the highest court in the land. This is not the first insult thrown; we all remember Obama at the SOTU a couple of years ago.

    • kong1967

      ….and they keep saying that Congress has the authority. Over who? The Supreme Court is a check to Congress, and they are not underneath Congress.

      • sjmom

        It simply proves the point the Dems do not know or understand the Constitution or our way of govt. Gotta wonder what their definition of co equal is???????????

        • kong1967

          That’s easy…..”I’m the boss” (as in liberals), lol.

          • sjmom

            NOT FOR LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FreeManWalking

    Does he have a speech impediment or is he a little inebriated?

    It also seems he is having a difficult time reading this speech, like it was written by someone else. I got the just of wanting the justices to vote to uphold 0b0care, but the way he was reading this speech, made it difficult for me to follow his train of thought for the most part.

    • keninil

      Sound drunk to me too!!
      — or maybe he is sampling some drugs to see if they should be decriminalized.
      — or maybe his voice is just worn out after 38 years in the Senate Term Limits !!

  • Nukeman60

    This man is slurring his words. Is he allowed to drink while speaking in front of the Senate? Give him a breathalyzer test.

    Having said that, now I’m sure that Kagan slipped the info to Obama that the Justices were going to declare Obamacare unconstitutional and they better do something quick. Obama’s threats to Kennedy didn’t seem to work, so they plied Leahy up with liquor and had him threaten Roberts.

    Don’t be surprised when one of them ‘accidentally’ dies of unexpected natural causes. These guys are getting desparate and that makes them very dangerous.

    • kong1967

      If it’s declared unconstitutional, you can bet your bottom dollar the libs will be screaming judicial activism. Any time it doesn’t go their way that’s their behavior. Yet, they are the ones that use the liberal courts to overturn the law when the public votes to ban gay marriage. I didn’t hear these jackasses saying the courts should obey the will of the people then.

      • Nukeman60

        If it’s declared unconstitutional, I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama put out an executive order to ignore the Supreme Court and proceed as usual (Yeah, I know he can’t do that, but the man has gone off the deep end with his narcissistic, egotistical, power hungry attitude. The question will be whether he thinks he can do it).

        • kong1967

          Well, I’m not so sure he CAN’T do it. They used the nuclear option to pass the bill when they shouldn’t have, and Obama bypasses Congress altogether with the EPA and his czars. The libs also said they were going to work around the last Supreme Court decision….in effect ignoring it. He seems to think he can do whatever he wants…and almost does.

    • Amy

      That gives me chills. In my prayers last night the words darkness in high places kept creeping into my thoughts. I very much believe that’s what happens to those we send to Washington. The Prince of Darkness has a firm hold on that place.

      Have you ever read ‘This Present Darkness’ by Frank Peretti? It’s a novel, but one that I believe correctly depicts the battle of forces between Satan & God. I can’t help but believe there is a huge battle going on for the souls of those in DC – and the USA. We are going to see some dangerous times as we engage in this fight.

  • The only reason the Supreme Court upheld Social Security was because of FDR’s threat to threat to have Congress expand the size of the SCOTUS and to then pack it with cronies who would rubber stamp anything he wanted.

    Leaky Leahy either needs to be voted out of office or Vermont needs to be expelled from the Union and a massive concrete barrier erected around it border.

  • PVG

    Who do these people think they are? The nerve of this guy!

  • ever the threatening unhappy communist!
    we already know what the court is going to do, and that is to put these jerks back in their liberal socialist dirt bag box.
    the democrat party is full of sicko’s from hell, let’s send as many as are up for re-election back to their leader, nation wide in 2012, i’m sure Satan misses his smoking buds.

    Tea Party Patriot
    vote 2012

    • kong1967

      I wish I could be as confident as you. I’m worried about Kennedy.

      • you are, no sweat your with winners, who kicked obamas out 2012

        Tea Party Patriot

        • kong1967


  • kong1967

    Who the hell does he think he is? The Supreme Court’s job is to stop unconsitutional laws made by Congress. He’s flat out saying that the Court needs to just let it go through because they should respect the authority of Congress. WHAT authority?! I have news for you, jackass!! The Supreme Court is there to protect us from you communist PIGS that write unconstitutional laws!!

    • Right on! I wish I had wrote that! 🙂

      • kong1967

        Lol, you thunk it.

        (Yes, I know….thunk is not a word)

      • That WAS excellent!

  • wodiej

    Good grief, there is no limit to the arrogance in Congress. Another “good ole’ boy” who wants to admonish a Supreme Court Justice about a decision he is considering and Roberts political views should not play a part. Never mind that Leahy is a liberal and Roberts conservative.

  • publius1969

    hey you ancient d.c. liberal POS, these justices are supposed to determine if a law is CONSTITUTIONAL! you should be harping on sotomayor and ethics-challenged kagan, any guess whether they will support the Constitution?

  • The only reason Obamacare passed were the LIES that the Progressives told the Blue Dog Democrats like Ben Nelson of Nebraska.

    I hope the Supreme Court realizes that the Congress NEVER read the Obamacare bill before passing it (Pelosi even admits to it) so how can the Democrats even stand by their assumption of Obamacare being Constitutional?

    The only activism being witnessed by the American People are the Progressives/Marxists jamming through legislation that in the end will remove Liberty and Freedom for the American people.

    Sen. Leahy, Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean and their ilk in Vermont can move to another country if America seems to be so distasteful for them. Putin would probably welcome them with open arms.

    • GraceKnows

      Right! Leahy keeps talking about “precedent,” and how the Congress has spoken by passing the bill. WHAT??? Does he really believe the memories of the American people are so short?? This was passed by Democrats, by and large, and, as you pointed out, they reneged on the Congress AND the public being able to have a determined amount of time (not enough, anyway) to read the bill. And they made sure that the bill would be an octopus.

      I can’t believe the gall that people like Leahy have, standing on the necks of the people, complaining and threatening the Supreme Court from his very safe seat on the Senate floor.

      Let’s not forget who gave him his opening: Obama wasted no time with threats and intimidation toward the Supremes.

    • Livin_Large

      Hey Kate – Actually, we wouldn’t mind if you and your ilk moved to another country. Most of you creeps live in states which receive more in Federal aid than you contribute in Federal taxes, and are therefore the fiscal equilvant of Greece to the productive states. You are a bunch of leeches we can really do without. Y’all can settle up for all the Federal roads, airports, etc. you built but didn’t pay for and go run your own medieval third-world nation. You might need some walls to keep people from escaping but you’re generally good at walls, so go have at it.

      • patriotbens

        @Livin_Large: Are you Livin_Large on the teet of the Gubmit? Freakin leach!

        • Livin_Large

          No, I am a small businessman who — like most Americans — refuses to have his country taken over by neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, racists, and crazies like the freaks who frequent this blog.

  • Hey Leahy, Here’s a suggestion for you…shut your piehole and pass a budget! Worthless scum!

  • Sandra123456

    I could only tolerate 1:52 of listening to this arrogant, condescending blowhard.

    Leahy has been in the Senate 37 years. That’s about 32 years too long. He should have been term limited out decades ago with his good friend Orrin Hatch.

  • Perhaps Senator Leahy needs to read up on the Constitution and STOP with the intimidation tactics. That should be illegal!

    • Livin_Large

      Maybe you should review Justice Roberts testimony at his confirmation. He lied repeatedly and should be impeached.

      • Dilbert Goldsniffe

        Livin_Large: You’re a “small” businessman alright. Small in your ability to think critically. Small in your pathetic, incoherent arguments. Small in your asinine attacks on people posting here. Your supposed small business is doomed to fail with your lack of simple comprehension and weak rhetoric. People who really run viable small business operations don’t have time for things like repeatedly posting to the same thread. This makes me think you’re a liar as well as a moron.

        Why do you read these posts if you consider us “neo-Nazis, neo-Confederates, racists, and crazies”? Is it because you’re clearly in the minority, as was correctly pointed out to you earlier in this thread? You really only represent the weak minded minority 20% of Americans who think Bolshevism, Leninism, Marxism, communism, socialism, collectivism, rule of the proletariat, and totalitarianism are the only way America can survive. History shows these are failed government models that do not represent or effectively support the people (or should I say “servants”). If you’re so concerned about “the people” with regard to this issue, why would you support a liberal government empowered tact which detracts from the rights and liberty of ALL people in our country? That’s just ignorant.

        Become self aware: you are a simple minded fool (what your heroes in liberal positions of power call a “useful idiot”). You may have heard of Medicare, the original US government (aka tax payer) funded health care program designed to assist the small minority of people in the US who could not afford health care. The proper approach to “health care reform” was to rethink the and redesign the mechanics of that program, NOT to create an all encroaching overreach governmental behemoth of a system which steals $500,000,000,000 from Medicare while simultaneously destroying the private medical health care system, 1/6 of the US economy. This is what thinking people call a “power grab”. But I don’t expect you, as a LIBERAL (definitely NOT a libertarian, as you claim you are) to understand that. You’re too embedded in the liberal utopian ideology to use logic or factual information to realize that Obamacare is a train wreck which will inevitably bankrupt this country. But you don’t care about that; it doesn’t concern you that our kids’ and grand kids will live with next to nothing in the future because liberals wanted this power grab. You drink the Kool-Aid and love the utopian ideology because you think it will make YOUR life better NOW. Screw everybody else, right?

        The point of this thread is a liberal Senator (poorly) attempting to influence a Justice of the SCOTUS. Clearly, as others have noted, Leahy either does not understand or accept his position as a member of the Senate.

        By the way, it definitely sounds like you need a lesson on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as you have no opposing argument to points made here. Here’s a way you can get that lesson for free: You should appreciate that since it appears you’d like to have everything you need at no cost to you, you’d like everybody else to pay your way through life, wouldn’t you? That might also affect your ability to be successful in your supposed small business. Nothing good comes easy or free (unless you’re one of those trust fund babies, which wouldn’t surprise me). Also, before you make assertions about Justice Roberts having lied before the Judicial Committee you should back it up with facts, proof. I seriously doubt you have anything even remotely close to that.

        My advice: beat it from here! You make no sense, you’re bitter and… YOU’RE IN THE MINORITY!
        Accept it.

        • Livin_Large
        • Livin_Large

          You’re right. I am busy and shouldn’t bother with your BS, even on Memorial Day at 7:00 AM. It offends me and says a lot about your character that people who disagree with you would be knee-jerk classified as “Americans who think Bolshevism, Leninism, Marxism, communism, socialism, collectivism, rule of the proletariat, and totalitarianism are the only way America can survive.” This leap has no foundation in reality and points to the fact that you are an extremist, who thinks everyone else is an extremist too. Not so.

          Your criticism of the Affordable Care Act is not rooted in reality. Although the right-wing propaganda mill has worked to destroy it, when the public embraces the individual provisions as sensible steps forward. Health care costs are a major source of financial ruin in this country. It’s wrong to collect premiums from people and then deny them coverage when they need it. It’s wrong and bad for society to deny coverage to families who have sick kids. Insurance companies should not jack up premiums for reasons that have nothing to do with claims experience. Americans should not be expected to pick up “free” medical care costs to the tune of $1,000 a year because somebody else needs care but didn’t have coverage. This is the status quo you want back? No thanks.

          The extreme right wing will tell you that “Obamacare” is socialized medicine. That’s a perversion of the facts which plays to emotions of chumps like you. It doesn’t create Medicare for everyone, doesn’t nationalize the operations of clinics, hospitals or physicians and it surely doesn’t ration care or create committees who decide who gets what care.

          There’s not substance to the “Obama is a Marxist” line. Obama is a moderate who, early in his term, extended a hand of cooperation and moderation to Republicans, who unthinkingly rejected it. That’s really sad, and the US is damaged when people can’t compromise and respect other people.

          • Dilbert Goldsniffe

            I can’t suffer fools such as yourself. You keep convincing yourself of all that liberal pie-in-the-sky BS you believe in. We, in the MAJORITY, do NOT believe it and will vote to kick Obama and his communist minions right the hell out of office in 6 months. That will begin a new (yet repeated) era in American politics: Republican control of the White House and at least one part of Congress, if not both. Consequently, this will also trigger another round of liberal whining and gnashing of teeth for at least the following 4 years after. I predict 8 years since America will likely vote Romney in for a 2nd term, after having seen what responsible and effective leadership looks like; so possibly 8 years of liberal whining and gnashing but it will definitely be worth it.

            Some coherent words for you to consider, though I doubt it will sink through your thick, liberal skull…

            “It is not the function of the government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error.”

            — Justice Robert H. Jackson

            • Livin_Large

              Ain’t going happen, Tater. Rave on all you want but the American people would never sit still for privatizing Medicare, Medicare Part D, Medicaid, privatizing Social Security, slashing Defense to a shadow of itself, and eliminating the popular reforms embedded in the Affordable Care Act.

              Please review Romney’s budget proposal, which closely resembles Ryan’s. BOTH PROPOSALS DO NOT eliminate the deficit but rather add several $ trillion MORE to it by further slashing taxes to ultra-high income individuals. So keep hallucinating. You can’t cut enough to do the job without income. If they cut what is proposed, there would be massive unemployment and really nasty and wide-spread social unrest. Hey maybe you guys won’t like getting botulism from uninspected bad spinach or falling through an unprepared bridge.

              It’s beyond time for you guys to get a grip because many of the things you despise are essential to the fabric of the US — and slashing them cannot solve the deficit by itself. And the entire political elite knows it!

  • Amy

    I keep wondering why they are focusing on Justice Roberts? Why not Justice Kennedy since he’s reported to be the swing vote? Unless that just looks too obvious…

    I’m not the least bit surprised though – those that are power hungry will stoop to any and all levels.

  • “I trust that he will be Chief Justice for all of us and that he has a strong institutional sense of the proper role of the judicial branch.”

    Translation: Just rubber stamp everything Dear Leaders sends to you for approval. That’s what a Supreme Poodle Court Lackey would do!”

    Arrogance! Man, Nov can’t come fast enough to finally have some HOPE of CHANGE!!!

    Romney’s campaign slogan should be “CHANGE it BACK!”

  • President Obama: Constitution is “charter of negative liberties”

    “During last year’s campaign, WorldNet Daily found a tape of an interview Barack Obama gave to Chicago’s public radio station WBEZ-FM in 2001. In the interview, then-State Sen. Obama maintained that the Warren Court’s decisions on civil rights in the 1960s failed to go far enough — that they should also have sought “redistributive justice.” His opinion was that the court needed to break from the “essential restraints” of the Constitution:

    “The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” — Patrick Henry

    Hmmm… Who is right, Patrick Henry the Great American Patriot or NObama, the (of dubious national origin) Community Disorganizer.

    Decisions, decisions! 🙂

    • Awesome! Hmmm, who do I want to believe, the original writer, or the intended destroyer?

  • WestGAFlash

    Leaky Leahy is still drawing a breath? What a waste of a carbon-based life form. Go to your farm in VT and read a book.

  • FutureOnePercent

    If the judicial system is to defer to the legislative branch, then what is the point of even having a judicial branch? To hell with separation of powers right? Isn’t that just inconveniently in the way of your totalitarianism?

  • Sober_Thinking

    These a$$-hats will say ANYTHING to stay in power and cover their butts.

    I pray that the Supreme Court kills this ridiculous law…

  • froggy19510

    Too bad there isn’t a law for trying to intimidate the surpreme court or the judges. This is just more evedence that demmocrats are just a bunch of thuggs. If they can’t get what they want honestly they will just take it from you.

  • KenInMontana

    What part of the concept of “Separate but equal” does this meat popsicle not understand? Hey Leahy, how about you defer to the will of the people.

  • dabbobean

    Come’on Patty, Have another highball and go lay down somewhere. You’re bothering the nice people.

  • Leahy, dingy with a broken rudder, it sees the rocky shores but can’t turn away from being wormwood. hence Leahy is the dingy.
    Vote him out!

    Tea Party Patriot

    • Livin_Large

      Here in Vermont, Pat is highly respected. He has the longest tenure of any US Senator. He’s my neighbor as a mater of fact. Please feel free not to come here.

      • patriotbens

        Last I checked we still live in a free country so we can still come and go as we please,much to your chagrin I’m sure.

        • Livin_Large

          You wouldn’t like it here. We have same-sex marriage, no fracking, a vibrant Planned Parenthood and 4.8% unemployment, a budget surplus, and we really don’t like whiners. So if you’re coming, please stick to the main roads on your way somewhere else.

          • patriotbens

            You’ll be like California and Greece real soon jackass!

            • Livin_Large

              Did I mention Vermont just had its AAA credit rating confirmed?

              The US used to have a AAA credit rating — before the Wrecking Crew held the nation hostage last summer. What a shameful act of vandalism that increases the cost of borrowing for all Americans. It had the impact of an increased tax without any benefit.

              • Dilbert Goldsniffe

                If by “wrecking crew” you mean Obama, Biden, Jarrett, Plouffe, Geithner, Bryson, Sebelius, Chu, Duncan, Jackson and Krueger then yes. THAT “wrecking crew” is exclusively responsible for the first credit downgrade in American history.

                That is one of many “historic” records the Obama administration has set since 2009; all negative, all intentional and all designed to tear at the fabric of this Great Nation.

                But it won’t stand. I’ll concede that Obama and company have had many successes in the course of their ill will. I’m also confident we in the MAJORITY can and will reverse the self loathing course the liberal democrats have steered us in, much to your dismay as you will soon find out.

          • Dilbert Goldsniffe

            Hey all,

            This idiot (Livinlarge) tried to claim he was a libertarian at the beginning of this thread… what an obvious lie! The fact that he’s a liar just solidifies the indisputable conclusion that he’s a flaming left LIBERAL kook!

        • Livin_Large


      • fortunatly we know all about the dingy’s and the ding dongs from vermont.
        buy the way you must have missed how he broke his oath of office and should be in prison right now!
        He is also a subvert of the United States Constitution, of course you really wouldn’t know or care about that.

        Tea Party Patriot
        ding dong! ding done!

        • Livin_Large

          Is English not your native language?

          Or did you not have access to education?

          Or are you just a slob?

          • sorry i had to go to public

          • Dilbert Goldsniffe

            Are you a glutton for punishment or are you so brain dead and nerve damaged that you can’t see you’re getting you ass whooped in here?

            • Livin_Large

              What, you think I’m upset by being called bad names by barefoot hillbillies and swamp squatters? I think your Mom raised a girly man.

      • Dilbert Goldsniffe

        Oh! THAT’S why you’re acting like such a liberal suck up! You’re a Leahy Lover! Isn’t that cute? ♥♥♥ Here’s a suggestion: why don’t YOU go get drunk with your beloved and “tenured” Senator, dude?

        Perhaps you two could discuss the subjugation and disposal of the American people who disagree with your elitist points of view. Perhaps you can share a few laughs while you reminisce about the secrets “Leaky Leahy” purposefully leaked to the lame stream media while we American Patriots continue to band together in our large and concentrated MAJORITY to consolidate our votes to DEFEAT the likes of communist liberals like (and including) Leahy!

  • trouble06

    Oh yes , you piece of excrement. Chief Justice is the Chief Justice of the United States, all 320 million of us. But YOU and your merry band idiots passed Obamacare to cover 30 million uninsured. Unconstitutional is Unconstitutional you scumbag.

    Yeah and it won’t insure all the 30 million uninsured. There will still be around 11 million unsured so what other law will the Democrats pass to cover those?

    • Livin_Large

      How many ways can you whine? What an infant.

  • He’s drunk on his ass for God’s sake … throw this Bum out!!!

  • ConnieConservative

    He does sound drunk.
    He also sounds like he is trying to intimidate the Supreme Court.
    Are there laws prohibiting that?
    There should be.

  • Just linked this for my readers, those who don’t already read you. Who do these demoncraps think they are?

  • Checks and balances, anyone?

  • A controlled speech,directed from above,you can almost see the puppet strings attached to his yap…..

  • Robalou01

    Patick Leahy….another complete liberal disgrace and I believe his remarks represent the height of hypocracy….The Supreme Court’s job is to uphold the constitution a fact I doubt Justice Kagan will take into consideration,speaking of committing “judicial activism”…How many years has this hack Leahy been in the Senate and wasn’t he close to being accused of treason at some point?

  • RunHard

    This is how soft tyranny sound like.

  • patriotbens

    I’ve heard drunks speak more clearly with marbles in their mouth than this “ahole”!

    • Livin_Large

      You are a very crude individual.

      • patriotbens

        And you’re a koolade drinking drone. The man is obviously drunk! Anyone who’s not a Left wing political hack such as yourself would hear that.

  • busfixx

    You are one that is ready for the nut house or you are just plain stupid.

  • is he drunk?

  • Don’t criticize the SC you should be criticizing the OBummer admin.

  • public_servant_watch

    Does this dude drink–is he drunk right now??? How dare he stand there with this bull rhetoric which has no place while a decision is pending before the Supreme Court? How dare he as head of the Judiciary Committee allow our US Courts evolve into mini mob families by ignoring the multiple complaints that have come before, both, the House and Senate oversight committees by distraught Americans who have had no legitimate adjudication or judgments and property robbed by a corrupt 3rd Branch where the appearance of racketeering for attorney profit and 3rd branch quid pro quo benefit takes precedence over justice. Complaints that without question describe the corruption in the lower courts and these complaints get zero action by this oversight committee. The Senate Judiciary committee relayed to me that they had never seen such thorough documentation of usurpation and corruption and at the same time told me no action would be taken. This is a speech that clearly indicates that Roberts knew it was coming and why!! This is a speech that states I have something to hold over your head and things better go my way when that opinion is rendered. How dare the oversight committees tell me time after time that they are not allowed to interfere in individual cases even when told that they would not be interfering in a case that they would be halting corruption where dishonest service fraud was the only thing my filing fees bought; twice stolen at the Appeals Court for the First Circuit and now stolen by the Supreme Court. The ACA opinion was based on political blackmail and corruption; by law it is void. These men need to resign their positions and we need to take back America. You will not bring your filth into the Supreme Court of the United States and expect the slaves of America to support you! Get out of the peoples court; you are corrupt!!! My Denied Petition The corruption