SHOCK – Brain surgeon confirms ObamaCare rations care, has death panels!

Sarah Palin was exactly right about death panels as this caller attests. Tonight, a brain surgeon called into Mark Levin’s radio show and said that he had just recently visited Washington DC to review Obama’s new health care plan for advanced neurosurgical care for patients over 70 years old, issued by HHS. The plan, that included “ethics panels”, stated that if your were over 70 years old and on government supported healthcare and you visited an emergency room, you get “comfort care”:

Here’s an expert from the call:

Caller: Basically what the document stated was that if you were over 70 and you’d come into an emergency room and you’re on government supported health care, that you’d get “comfort care”.

Mark Levin: Wait a minute…what’s the source for this?

Caller: This is Obama’s new health care plan for advanced neurosurgical care.

Mark Levin: And who issued this? HHS?

Caller: Yes. And basically they don’t call them patients, they call them units. And instead of – they call it “ethics panels” or “ethics committees”, would get together and meet and decide where the money would go for hospitals, and basically for patients over 70 years of age, that advanced neurosurgical care was not generally indicated.

Mark Levin: So it’s generally going to be denied?

Caller: Yes, absolutely. …If someone comes in at 70 years of age with a bleed in their brain, I can promise you I’m not going to get a bunch of administrators together on an ethics panel at 2 in the morning to decide that I’m OK to do surgery.

Here’s the full audio:

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  • Anonymous

    debt panels!

    • They are not called “death panels.” Try more politically correct Medicare Payment Advisory Commission​ (MedPAC), to advise Congress on Medicare cost savings.

      Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). A 15-member panel who make cuts to Medicare.

      Comparative effectiveness research (CER) to find cheaper methods of medicine that will limit health care choices for patients.


      They into giving you a thumbs-up or thumbs down like the Roman citizens in the Coliseum. Maybe if they knew the patient, or know of the patient that would be more helpful when denying coverage. Almost like the person’s Dr.

      And IPAB & MedPAC makes choices months or years in advance many miles away from the patient as far as budgeting and allowable procedures.

      • George Lowy

        What are the private insurance companies doing now???

        • George, Health insurance is a contract. Health Insurers sometimes (not often) will break a contract in bad faith. Then we have the civil courts for damages, etc.

          Obamacare gives the power to deny claims to the US Government. They define essential health benefits, EHBs. If your procedure is not on the list because it’s too costly, if the drug is too expensive, George Lowy was a very good man and we’ll miss him.

          Remember George, you are not a person. You’re now officially a unit. Like the IRS refers to you “inventory.” If I dehumanize you, you’ll be easier to dispense of, when it’s inconvenient. Almost like Abortion for old people.

          In left wing “societies” life does not have value. Only the community does. So we may have to sacrifice George Lowy for the greater good. Unless he has money and can see a private, for profit Doctor or specialist.

          Steve Jobs got a magically appearing liver. Money talks. He bought his organ. Socialism is a false, empty promise no one can pay for.

      • So they’re basically playing God and making desicions they have no business. These are folks who have more right then ANYONE. They have busted their ass’ and paid taxes all of their life into the government for what? Apparently not shit. It’s disgusting..

        • BeeJay

          As least you know what awaits you in your old age. What is a life worth? In Britain, it’s $45,000. So hope your procedure is cheap. Obamacare is like the Titanic, except everyone has 2 weeks notice the iceberg is in path and does not change course. Vessel is the American People.

      • Anonymous

        tomolly says……..snopes if u can believe them……says this is all false fabricated stuff….go chk it……… and then what say u

  • Mr. EMT

    I still cant believe any person with a shred of common sense thought the idea of politicians paying health care bills with tax dollars would not come with death panels.
    Hell even obamao himself said as much when he said, “maybe granny needs to take a pill instead of get a pace maker”

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always thought this was a way to “kill 2 birds with one stone” so to speak. Reduce the Medicare expense and eliminate Social Security overages to boot. How else can they possibly pay down all the SS deposits ($60 Trillion unfunded liabilities I think) they have frittered away on the Great Society.

      • Mr. EMT

        With our insurance and tort reform all this talk is about is juggling money and playing shell games with the expense.

        80% of the revenue from the health care industry is passed between insurance companies and lawyers.
        Everyone has this rubbed in their face when they pay the co-pay bill.
        If civil law is attacked, correctly, and tort is reformed and the punishment process turns rightfully to the criminal courts over civil and the process is no longer a lottery game, you will remove the need for insurance, giving a wealth of income back to citizens and reducing the cost of health care to something people can pay for out of pocket. ESPECIALLY if you include allowing faith based programs to supplement greater expenses.
        Give you a quick example. Shriners organization in Texas has a wonderful program and pays for the total expense of hospital care for a child who is a burn patient. They are by no means unique. Look at the Ronald McDonald house and other organizations. America and Americans are charitable to a fault. If they are allowed to be. Over 60% of the hospitals in America are afiliated with churches. Those hospitals will shut and lock their doors under obamacare if they push foward their abortion agenda, and with them at least that many health care professionals who will leave the field to go flip burgers rather than be forced by government to perform abortions.
        Ask any doctor how the price of medicine would be affected if there was no longer a need for liability insurance.
        Obamacare, socialized medicine etc is all about politicians trying to take a slice of the pie, nothing more.

        • Excellent Mr. EMT. Very well stated. And very true.

        • Hear Hear. This system used to work like that… until government meddlers decided it was a good idea to muck it up in the name of being charitable.

          The Democratic party = Good Intentions Paving Company.

          • Anonymous

            And we all know where that road goes, don’t we? This is so sad…

        • Anonymous

          I think the point here is not other programs and solutions, but that a surgeon was shown the DEATH PANEL part of the wonderful health care plan and that it exists and is part of our loving administration’s care for the elderly.

          We’re not here because of misuse of money in the industry. We’re here because of what our elected representatives created, lied about and voted into law.

          • You didn’t hear about Obamacare’s new benefit for the elderly? Special showers.

            • Anonymous

              I think they also will be offering train rides to the showers. Yup, if you are blessed enough and made it to 70 and have paid 2 or 3 times the amount into the system that the average person has paid, wel say buh bye.

        • The avg doctor pays over $55,000 per year in malpractice premiums. Directly paying for health insurance lowers the cost. Except Obamacare puts restrictions on high deductible, FSA, and HSA plans.

    • Anonymous

      berwick has said all along he is a fan of rationing….and nobody listened.
      and here we are 🙁

      • Anonymous

        The State Media does its job very well indeed.

      • And now his star pupil Tavanner has stepped right into his place.

  • Anonymous

    Of course we knew this two years ago. It creeps me out, too that patients are referred to as “units”.
    I would listen to more of Mark’s show because there were two or three other callers that related information specific to their own medical fields. The neurosurgeon is at about 45 mins in.

    • maedell

      I’m a pharmacist married to a retired army officer. We have a disabled child and this new law scares us to death. We have Tricare (military insurance) because it’s all we can afford. We have many expenses for our child that the average family doesn’t have. We can afford to pay cash to a doctor to see our daughter and for lab expenses for awhile but we are not rich. At 50 years old there are only so many more years that we can work and that’s assuming that our employers are willing to keep us on the job instead of finding a way to get rid of us and hire someone younger who they can pay less. I really don’t know what we are going to do if we need a lot of hospital care for our daughter because under this new law new hospitals cannot be built without government approval, which of course the government isn’t going to give. Will there be a way of paying cash to a hospital for care the government insurance won’t agree to? We don’t know. Will there be hospital ships set up by private doctors off the coast of various states where they will not be subject to US law?

      I have personally read over a third of the health care law (and it was absolutely boring and a lot of gobbledygook – I had to go thru a lot of caffeine to read that far). I have seen with my own eyes the section of the law that not only will be used to limit care to the disabled but it says that the government is going to have limits on whether or not disabled patients can Even Enroll in insurance plans!!

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin, right again. Don’t worry Sarah, I never doubted ya for a minute.


  • Anonymous

    Thank you for posting this.

  • blackbird

    Thanks Scoop.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a shock , I thought we already knew that . That’s why we MUST get Obama out of office .

    • Anonymous

      Getting Obama out of office is very important but he was really only a part of passing Obamacare. A majority of the house and senate passed it, supported by many citizens. This mindset already exists among many of the people, Obama was just determined to get it passed. They two houses of congress need to be replaced with fresh representatives and the White House needs a patriot resident.

      • Anonymous

        It is critical to not lose sight of toongoon’s point. The cabal that put Obama up on the fence post had Obamacare waiting in the wings. It would have been Hillarycare or Romneycare had the primaries gone differently.

        They will still be there whether Obama wins or loses. It is up to us to elect a disruption in 2012.

        • Anonymous

          I so agree with you. Once progressives get an an idea in their head it never goes away. You can defeat it over and over and it will eventually pass even if they have to hide it inside some other legislation. Even if obamacare does get defeated now it will be back for us fight against in the near future.

          • Yes…remember what the price of Liberty is? ETERNAL Vigilance.

  • Not that Canada ever had real death panels, but then again… There have been many cases in countries with socialized “care” (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) where people with diseases such as cancer have been denied meds because of cost. Oh, the government will try and smooth that over by claiming the drugs are not proven and could be dangerous, but we all know someone with a death sentence hanging over their heads will try anything if tests show promising results. But it all comes down to cost. Children born with severe disabilities too are not given care because either they are terminal or they will not have a so called quality of life which some faceless board deems good enough.
    As EMT stated, there are many non government organizations and charities which give excellent care, and they are all operated on charity. Same with Christian hospitals. This is nothing but a money scheme/scam for the governent to get another huge piece of pie (blueberry mr. rev?) at human beings expense. The bottom line. Care for as cheap as possible, while milking the system to give them more revenues.
    When people started talking about obamacare, praising the idea, I thought- are you people nuts? Since when does government run anything productively? Besides, has anyone seen how our vets are treated at the Veteran clinics?!
    This is crap. Sarah so nailed it, and so many of us have known it too.

    • Anonymous

      Hey AbC when are you moving into the States, we need more conservative votes!

      • I’m here C_Hippie- I’m just not a citizen yet 🙁

        • Anonymous

          Let me give you my citizen card. I may not be using it much longer.

          Remember to vote early and often.

          Democrat voting will be on November 7th 2012. Be early! Avoid the long lines.


        • Anonymous

          What difference does that make? I know the answer and I respect you for it.

        • WE are in dire need of people like you. Have mate call federal representative to intervein and get you nationalized.

  • I listened to this call tonight and there is something else that stood out to me.

    Government gets to decide what procedures or medical equipment is safe…..meaning that they could cut costs simply by saying that certain equipment or procedures don’t meet government regulation, thus can not be performed.

    That is the biggest part IMO b/c it affects everyone regardless of age, and we all know they will not be able to sustain costs. Just like they can make medicine illegal, they can do the same with care, and let people die due to government regulation rather than patient choice.

    • Anonymous

      If they are willing to let the aged die, and are already willing kill the unborn, who is safe from the gas chambers? They will go after anyone who is undesirable because illness, handicap,color, religious views, political views, personal traits, Margaret Sanger lives.

      • Anonymous

        The “Complete Lives System” or as some refer to “Quality of Life Years”. Babies and Old Folks are not worth the “investment”.
        In my own life experience, I know my son would not live as he was born prematurely with undeveloped sucking reflex. He had no health problems but required tube feeding until he could sustain himself.
        I also know my husband’s diagnosis of cancer at 61 would have received only palliative care rather than aggressive treatment under the health Deform act.
        I want no part of it and advised all my congress critters that I would rather go with no medical care at all than to be victimized by government intrusion into my life and death decisions. And I meant it.

        • Anonymous

          I hope that your family has recovered from these problems and or is receiving good care. I hope that we can all continue to receive care from people who love their jobs, and be forced to deliver their services without adequate compensation. God bless your family.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks, toon, for your good wishes. My son is a strapping 24 year old now (just became a dad) Once he got a stronger sucking reflex he was A-OK.
            Wish his Dad could be here to see the new little one but his condition was terminal. He did, however, receive the best care from the most compassionate and caring medical professionals I could ever hope to meet. Even though his diagnosis was grim, they offered all possible treatments. My husband and his doctors chose which he wanted to pursue, not some board of bureaucrats who only look at “unit costs”.
            p.s. my husband passed away the day before Zero got elected. And though we were crushed and still in shock both my son and I went to the polls the next day and voted against the socialist. I’m glad my husband doesn’t have to see what is happening to his country.

      • Yep. Adolf sold it as ‘for the common good’, same as Herr zer0.

      • Anonymous

        As I thought about my list today, I realized that I neglected to add the the unemployed, who aren’t working and therefore only taking from the “great society”. So my question is; Is the reason that obama is killing small business and standing in the way of job creating pipelines and other industries?

      • Anonymous

        I wish I had saved the website…there was an Occupy protestor talking about Special Aktion (AZ sheriff protests! Google that) and it put chills down my spine because that’s how the Gestapo named the selection and killing of undesirables…we are in nazi germany people….i am so ashamed of my government right now…

    • Anonymous

      They also get to decide what activities are “dangerous”. Like hunting or riding an offroad motorcycle.

      You have hit on the other ugly face of socialized medicine. It is solely about control of the population – it has nothing to do with care.

      Do we think that the people of Europe have come to live like content cattle by accident?

      • Yanno, guns are dangerous. We can’t have so many guns in the population if we’re going to be paying for healthcare. Street bikes. High-HP cars and trucks. Anything with more than an electric motor. Drag racing, roundy-round, road racing: all extremely hazardous. Knives, bats, boxing gloves. Rodeo. Fireworks. Bows & arrows. Martial arts training. Hunting. Fishing. Boating. Privately-owned power tools. Privately-owned aircraft. Chinese food. Hot peppers. Discharged service members. All of these things are potentially killers, and they all harm Mother Gaia; therefore, they must be banned./

        • And let’s not forget the kids either. After all everything progressives do it’s for the kids. No more playgrounds, no more kick ball, no more ice hockey, baseball, football etc. Too many emergency room visits for broken noses, arms and legs.
          No more gymnastics or track, because too many torn ligaments.

          • Anonymous

            I talked to a Physical Therapist the other day who works with brain injuries. He told me that most head injuries are caused in the ranks of cheerleader over any other sport. Interesting huh?

            • That explains why so many MSM types strike me as having brain injuries 😉

        • There will just be licensing and fees for everything because of the added costs of risk. They will tax the miles you drive, as they’ve wanted to…..this will just give them justification for more of your money.

  • Anonymous

    It is great how the politicians opted themselves out of Obamacare, isn’t it? Now we can continue to pay for brain cancer surgery like Ted Kennedy had or prostrate cancer surgery like Chris Dodd had (both over 70 years old I might add), but our tax dollars won’t go to help us pay for ourselves. If this isn’t corrupt, I don’t know what is!

    • Anonymous

      We need to make sure Congress is also subject to every single law they pass – no exceptions. Oh, and strip them of their power to determine their own pay & benefit packages too.

    • Anonymous

      …some are more equal than others.
      – Animal Farm

  • B-Funk

    Sorry Grandma!

  • Under this scenario, my 74 year old mom who had a stroke last year would have been allowed to die.

  • Anonymous

    Where are all the liberals and progressives yelling and screaming that the obamessiah wants to kill granma !

    … and what about the lamestream libfag media?
    They won’t touch it…until after the obamessiah wins re-election.
    If he doesn’t win, they’ll never touch it.

    • Anonymous

      Muffled because their head is up their butt.

    • Anonymous

      Those who know silently cheer it on because when the cement of Obamacare sets in around our ankles, they will be set safely above it as part of the political class.

  • Anonymous

    Right Scoop i visit your site everyday 5-10 per day i comment sometimes this is your site and you know what’s best. question-will the tweeting Sarah Palin come back anytime soon or were there not enough demand for it? thanks

  • Dan

    well the e-viro-wackos will have us right back in the stone age and this government will see to it all older people..who know what we use to be as a country are dead…
    welcome to the Abomanation were your future will be determined by Dear Leader while on the Golf Coarse and Moo-chele is Vacationing in Europe on your dime…


    • Anonymous

      Not back to the stone age – back to an oligarchy. The elites will never give up anything. They really like the chicom state-capitalism model but they’ve got the pesky middle class to get rid of first.

      As you say, we are getting what we deserve. Just witness everyone following the media like puppies as it directs the elephant candidates in another episode of Kabuki theater.

      They have underestimated a great number of us Bible and gun clingers, but let’s see what comes next.

  • If this turns out to be true then all the conservatives in the media need to make this front page news.

    It’s everything we warned about during the ObamaCare debate. Add to this the fact that companies are dumping people by the millions out of private insurance into ObamaCare and you have another major reason to see it repealed.

    BTW: don’t kid yourselves into thinking the SCOTUS will rule and get rid of it. One-bama has already implemented Cap and Trade through other means and will have no problem going around the SCOTUS to implement ObamaCare.

    • Anonymous

      There are conservatives in the media?

      • Yes, But they’re getting harder and harder to find.

  • Anonymous

    With all this momentum to restore our government from this corruption, it is a good thing we have one candidate for president that is an ultra vetted, battle hardened, great debater, great on the fly, commonsense constitutional conservative, with a solid record of principled accomplishments, great written policies/plans, and has proven fortitude as a real warrior servant of the people. . . .

    Oh wait. . . . She’s not running. Never mind.

    • 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Glenn Beck mentioned there were only two people he trusted in the hunt. He named Bachmann but not the other.

        Sarah will have to endorse someone – perhaps it will be Michelle Bachmann as well.

        I’ve always had a gut feeling something good and significant was behind Sarah. I hope it is more than wishful thinking.

        • Anonymous

          I have heard him say the other is Rick Santorum. I trust him as well but I don’t feel he has enough support to pull the numbers. I’m hoping that Michele gets more traction but time’s a runnin’ out.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, Sarah doesn’t have to endorse anyone – particularly any of the soggy cucumber sandwich elites who want to live vicariously through her.

        • Anonymous

          I think he mentioned Rick Santorum but I’m not sure…

  • Anonymous

    I miss Sarah.

    • Anonymous

      Me too.

      • Anonymous

        me three

        • Anonymous

          Me four, I really miss her.

    • Me, too – but she turned on her heel and hauled ass in the other direction this time. I’m still bitterly disappointed.

      • Anonymous

        Heck, you’re preaching to the choir!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah. She owed you so much. /s

        • Nope. But she was positioned to stomp the field and she declined.

    • So do I

  • NY59Giants

    It is a “Brave New World” where we will kill the unborn and now the elderly as a way to control cost and keep the world’s population under control.

    • Anonymous

      Yes indeed, scary times are upon us! That’s why we must be vigilant and remove Obama from office in 2012 and replace him with a conservative with a backbone!

  • Anonymous

    If you never seen it,find watch the movie Logan’s Run.

    • Anonymous

      Awesome movie!! I hear they’re making a sequel.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, but this one won’t be science fiction, their calling it obamacare.

    • Anonymous

      Yea, I saw it in the theater on my 30th birthday. They can kill me. I know Jesus. Take me death panel, I’m ready to go.

      • Anonymous

        Probably not the movie you want to see on your 30th birthday. It is prophetic though.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t fear the reaper, Know the Lord.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I can tell you it is already happening. My mother in-law is in her early eighties and in generally good health. She is on some medications which she just has to take regularly and in the right dosages. When had to move her up with us from Florida after she ended up in the hospital with a minor heart attack. We discovered that the heart attack was due simply to poor medication management and absolutely avoidable. She had been to her primary care doctor for months with symptoms, which he ignored and sent her home. We confronted her primary care doctor and were shocked! It is what i would call a “medicare mill”.

    She is with us and doing well with an awesome doctor who recently decided to stop taking Medicare. She did not say why she will not take it, but not it is hard to figure out. We pay and are now trying to figure out how to file for reimbursement.

    It is bad and going to get worse. Medicare was already cut to the bone. Obamacare took another $500 million out of Medicare, one third of its budget. There is only one place left to cut. That ugly reality is one that no one will be talking about.

    • Anonymous

      We need to use Zero’s own words to illustrate the point. Grandma doesn’t need the pacemaker just a pain pill …

      The only way to significantly trim Medicare costs is to quit providing treatments. This is how they have chosen to deal with the baby boomer generation and they are doing their best to discredit the elderly “takers” with the younger generations who haven’t been raised to respect generational ties and values.

      I thank God that my Mom did not live to see her suspicions come to fruition.

      • Anonymous

        You are right about using Hussein’s own words. That should be the litmus test for the elephant candidates.

        Beck made this point the other day. He reminded us of Hussein’s own words that should be a one term president if he cannot turn the economy in 3 years. Yet no candidate is doing this.

        McCain refused to expose Obama’s socialist/marxist record.

    • Anonymous

      You are so right sDee – I had close to the same thing happen to my Mother at her nursing home and I was told by the doctors that this was the first kick-in of Obamacare in which some things about Medicare were passed into law recently. What I can’t believe is that I posted this article on Facebook and one of my conservative friends stated that this is just “urban legend”. People thinking this is an urban legend is what is causing this country to go downhill even faster!

      • Anonymous

        All we can do is keep speaking the truth. If you know a nurse, a doctor or anyone in healthcare ask them post it too.

        • Anonymous

          Good idea! I should send this article on to my doctor as he is super conservative and not happy at all about Obamacare!

  • In 2001 my mother had an aneurism of the aorta at age 72. She went into emergency surgery and at one point the doctor told my brothers in the waiting room she only had a 30% chance to live. They told him to get back in there and do his best for her.

    She lived another 10 years.

    I guess those days will soon be only a memory.

    • Anonymous

      I believe that the doctor wanted your brother to say what he did.

      Some doctors and nurses are ideologically indoctrinated and part the socialist model of using heathcare to take away liberty.

      But many care, even though we the people have allowed a handful of Statist bureaucrats and politicians to control them through reimbursement and regulation. If we fight this they will fight with us. If we give in, what choice have we left them?

    • I am very glad the doctor succeeded. But I am sure the surgeon came out not to troll for a “let nature takes its course” answer (no doctor worth the title would NOT want to operate with those odds) but to cover himself against malpractice suits in case your mom turned out to be one of the other 70%. This way he could at least argue you gave ‘informed consent’ should you try to sue him if the operation went awry.

    • Now just imagine comfort care under Obamacare. Your mom would get a visit from the Chaplin and some hospice counseling. Don’t think it would happen? Do the math. Millions more being newly insured but not having any detectable increase in doctors. Do the math. Healthcare Rationing can kill you. and Obamacare doesn’t do a single thing the

  • Anonymous

    And the compassion lies with the left. Clearly another example that these people are cold heartless bastards!

    • Anonymous

      Don’cha know they have evolved beyond us?

      They’ve overcome that “conscience thing”.

  • If confirmed, this needs to be plastered all over billboards across the country, in every campaign ad, and shouted from every corner of this country.

  • puma_for_life

    I hate to break the news to the Obat Ethics Committee, but you don’t necessarily die from bleeding in the brain. You just can’t function anymore to some degree, which means they will be paying for lifelong care and a nursing home for possibly quite some time. They are also saying that they want to shorten life expectancy in this country? That’s pretty weird alright, as life expectancy is one of the criteria for judging he advancement of a country. Obama really does want to make us into a third world country. He sure has a deep seated hatred for the US and its people. This is who people voted for…ok.

    • Anonymous

      The Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) portion of Obama care is not going to be funded.

      What a coincidence.

      • puma_for_life

        Well, then they are guilty of murder.

        • Anonymous

          And they care, why?

  • Anonymous

    So we witness the beginning of the end of the finest, most compassionate medical system in the history of the world.

    We have no one to blame but ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    my fellow “units”, please inform your family and friend of this.

  • Anonymous

    The caller right after the brain surgeon works for an assisted living center and they have been advised through HHS starting in 2014 anyone on government healthcare at the age of 65 ie Obamacare will also have rationed care.

  • I do not disagree with this but I do have a question: The doc says he would have to wait to hear from a panel before doing surgery… a liberal response would be, “What kind of surgeon would opt out of doing a surgery to save someone’s life if he wasn’t going to get paid for it”?

    • Considering the hundreds of thousands of dollars that one of those surgeries costs plus the cost of months of follow-up care and tests (I should know because I had brain surgery at age 20) if the Dr proceeded with the surgery without permission from the hospital’s administrative approval, it could be that not only would he/she not be paid, they would also be the one to foot the bill for all equipment & supplies used, tests & procedures done, assistant/nurses pay, ect (not the hospital because they didn’t approve it); and may even loose his/her job and/or medical license for performing the surgery outside of regulations. And while I’m sure most Dr’s want to save everyone they can, they simply can’t do so with the potential of such massive personal costs of going against their employers who answer to the regulators. …Not that a liberal would understand that answer if they even had to ask that question to begin with! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Glad to learn your surgery was successful. So, what if you had that problem when you were 70? Can you please tell us your position?

  • Anonymous

    Its always been all about the intolerant Left having Command and Control, now these Marxist bureaucrats have been given their most vital license of access to additional information and the ultimate decision on life and death….as brought to you by Obama, the Totalitarian-in-Chief!!

  • Anonymous

    Here you have more evidence why both Political Parties want to destroy Sarah Palin. It takes her very few words to expose them both and blow up their game plan. Death panels, permanent political class, crony capitalism, sudden and relentless reform, lame stream media, it shakes them to their core. How dare she speak so ethically and effectively to the American people!

    • Anonymous

      Sarah can, in one sentence, cause so much damage to our mis-representatives that it takes the media months to do damage control for them to recover.

  • I work with many people older than 70, flight instructors. So if a working man of this age were to injure his cranium, proper care would be denied based strictly on his age. Of course, he could pay for it himself. This is just like the “National Health” in Britain.
    When the Demoncrats controlled both Houses and the White House, they set out to pass nationalized health care. But they had to lie to pass it. They said it would make health care affordable and hold down costs. None of which was ever true.
    Socialists lie to further their agenda of control.

    • Anonymous

      “Of course, he could pay for it himself”

      DING, DING, DING! Now you’re getting it. This is a win-win for leftists. Those who can’t afford to pay for it themselves die. Those who can afford to pay for it get separated from their life’s savings.

    • I know that this would matter nothing to marxist/socialist/progressive/humanist/secularists, but my pastor is 90 years old, still preaches every Sunday morning and helps with Awana Wednesday nights. He’s survived a heart attack and cancer- so according to dear leader, he ought to be dead by now. Well, if that happens, our excellent 84 year old associate pastor can fill in. Lord Help us please!!!

  • “Here’s an expert from the call”? I think you mean to write “excerpt.”

  • Anonymous

    Everyone, we will all be 70 someday. Your parents, your grandparents. What else will it be, people who have brain injuries in car accidents? Children born with a problem with their brain?

    John Boehner didn’t defund this!!! Keep that in mind!!!!


    Who do these mere human beings think they are to do this to our health system????

    The arrogance and mental sickness it takes to even think of doing something like this, is astounding. You can’t be mentally right, which I know Obama, Reid, and Pelosi aren’t and think you can do this.

    It’s time to start ignoring Washington, DC, District of Criminals!

    • Anonymous

      Mom is 80, dad is 84, both in good health, I hope they don’t catch a cold or something where they might prescription sinus relief from their doctor. I can’t see why they would sentenced to death for ailments. Just beyond me!

    • Anonymous

      obama loses his protection 10 years after leaving office. New rule passed under Clinton. Bush will be the first.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin was right again but the haters will never admit they were fools for believing the liars on the left. It is stunning how many useful idiots we have in our population. Lemmings and nothing more. Government shouldn’t be running anything except our national defense. Get the hell out of the private sector and out of our lives you dirty lying crooks!

  • Surprise Surprise. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid were lying, and Sarah Palin was telling the truth.
    It wasn’t that hard to see this coming. The news media is complicit in covering this up of course.

    • Anonymous

      By the time the news media has its healthcare coverage go to the government plan katie and dianne will be retired and nobody will be watching the alphabet “C” networks any longer. Those older anchors will just be carted away to the chamber for treatment.

      • They won’t, because these things are “for us the little people”…

  • Anonymous

    Benefits cost analysis, liability summary, Benefits elegibility commitee, advisory board, etc., etc.. No matter what you call them, denying their existence only shows how painfully naive some people can be. There is no way a program of this nature and magnitude could survive without an aggressive cost and benefit analysis for every expenditure. You can come up with any polite oxymoron you wish, but somewhere along the line the decision wil be made to not risk investing any more money in keeping you well. When someone dies in a hospital thaey are more likely to say “patient never reached his wellness potential” than to say “he died in our care”. So rest assured that there will not be any “death panels” because they will surely think of a nice cute oxymoron for them.

  • Anonymous

    Benefits cost analysis, liability summary, Benefits elegibility commitee, advisory board, etc., etc.. No matter what you call them, denying their existence only shows how painfully naive some people can be. There is no way a program of this nature and magnitude could survive without an aggressive cost and benefit analysis for every expenditure. You can come up with any polite oxymoron you wish, but somewhere along the line the decision wil be made to not risk investing any more money in keeping you well. When someone dies in a hospital they are more likely to say “patient never reached his wellness potential” than to say “he died in our care”. So rest assured that there will not be any “death panels” because they will surely think of a nice cute oxymoron for them.

  • Anonymous

    Benefits cost analysis, liability summary, Benefits elegibility commitee, advisory board, etc., etc.. No matter what you call them, denying their existence only shows how painfully naive some people can be. There is no way a program of this nature and magnitude could survive without an aggressive cost and benefit analysis for every expenditure. You can come up with any polite oxymoron you wish, but somewhere along the line the decision wil be made to not risk investing any more money in keeping you well. When someone dies in a hospital they are more likely to say “patient never reached his wellness potential” than to say “he died in our care”. So rest assured that there will not be any “death panels” because they will surely think of a nice cute oxymoron for them.

  • Anonymous

    When is Gov. Palin not ever right? The woman is a Godsend and I am angry, furious, nay ashamed that we, conservatives, didn’t do more to convince her that she was right and that should have entered into the presidential race.

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad to read all these comments. I posted this article on Facebook and I’m getting comemnts that the story is “urban legend”. As I posted to sDee previously, this is why this country is falling apart. Things like this are in the future and conservatives are even not believing this. I worry for us all!

    • Anonymous

      While it does not surprise me you get that reaction – it is no easier to take.

      The Big Lie. People just want so badly to believe in government that they are blind.

      • Anonymous

        Oh so true. Even for some conservatives – most of my friends are conservative and they still have a hard time buying this about Obamacare. Makes me wonder if they have elderly parents like myself who are seeing the beginning of this?

    • Anonymous

      Yep, urban legend until they get strapped to the table.

  • Anonymous

    obama knew that most of his supporters aren’t close enough to 70 to care. And not smart enough to see that they’ll get there some day. And not in the least concerned about ethics. “Ethics panels”. Ha.

    Smoking gun.

  • Anonymous
  • It really gave me the chills when I heard this live on the radio yesterday driving home from work. But it doesn’t surprise me that our own government would view us as “units”.

  • Anonymous

    This unit hopes the republicans get serious about repealing Obamarefusedcare.

  • Yeah, the real question is what will kill us first, the debt or the death panels? I think the debt has a better chance. Why shouldn’t we re-elect obama? $15 trillion reasons, that’s why.

  • Anonymous

    This is not new. Medicare has been denying services to seniors forever. They deny more claims than any other insurer. When a medicare patient stay in hospita past allotted days allow by medicare the hospital eats the cost and makes it up with it’s contracts with private insurers. You and I pay more for private insurance because the government is already rationing care. The only solution is to get the federal government completely out of healthcare and let local governments establish clinics to take care of the low income who cannot or will not buy healthcare coverage. Government is the PROBLEM. My parents who are in their 80s pay over 700.00 a month for their part B medicare and a supplement to cover the 20% that medicare does not cover. And this does not cover their glasses and their medications. The cost will never get any lower until the government is out of healthcare. I am nearing retirement and I want medicare privatized.

  • Short and sweet. national attention and disapproval did not slow down Hitler one bit. Nationlizing health care is just first step to death camps. Nationalizing country, re Mit, and OB, is next step. I have no insurance. I am over 65. I get proper care outside the USA, for cash. Live and learn or die young. It is up to you.

  • “Comfort care” is sick and disgusting. It’s like abortion started by Margaret Sanger to get rid of “undesirables” like minorities. Only comfort care would effect over 70s, the so called unproductive members of society. We need to honor our elderly, not throw them away after they’ve built this country.

    • And of course, the longer our life expectancy, the more years we draw pensions and SocSec and the more insolvent these systems (both public and private) become. So soon we’ll be working until 70 or 75 (which actually makes sense with ever more people living into their late 90s) despite only deserving “comfort care” according to these bean counters,…

  • Anonymous

    The corruption explosion in the Obama regime could not survive without complete deception. Progressives are like dung rolling insects. They need something at ground level to wrap, package, and preserve the crap they feed on. It’s called tax dollars.
    So while they say the opposition wants to kill Granny or have her die quickly they actually steal money (half a trillion over ten years right there in Obamacare) from Medicare in order to set up and facilitate the needed death panels to help reduce or eliminate recipients. (The victims of their deceit)

    • Without doing real reform, they’re ready to give grandma “comfort care” instead of actual medical care. The compassionate left that pushed Obamacare honest, does anyone know that they will be throwing their elderly away. Even without so-called death panels, healthcare rationing kills. it’s not the same as season tickets to your favorite football team.

  • Anonymous

    Socialist Bast*rds.

  • Anonymous

    The “death panel” thing really comes as no surprise. Appalling though it is, a lot of people are in favor of it — and quite a lot of them are doctors.

    We have cheapened human life in a lot of ways, and the results are before us. This might be the last chance to straighten out that we’ll ever get. Regard Britain and see if you can come to another conclusion.

    • Anonymous

      Would love to see your supporting docs on that. Doctors I know are appalled by this and the new Obamacare changes…

      • Anonymous

        Just realized your bold was a hyperlink…

  • Anonymous

    obamacare is ok as long as you are either: 1) a former president, 2) a current or former member of Congress, 3) a federal employee. Other than that, odds are pretty high that you will be sucked into gov’t healthcare. So, anybody think these rules will stand? I think, as the American Idol crowd of of America gets it’s REAL dosage of barrycare in 2014 and beyond, the revolution will be assured.

  • Anonymous

    The libs are going to need shock therapy on 11/7/12, a.k.a., “the day after”. I think we should deny them the care.

  • This sounds like a “weed out the weak” policy. By doing this, they cut the major costs of healthcare…at the expense of parents, grandparents, sons, and daughters. Obama isn’t worried about this. He knows he and his family will be well taken care of in years to come. What’s sad is we’ll STILL be paying for that too. If we vote in Romney, he’ll just most likely change it to RomneyCare and then we’re no better off. The government needs an enema…starting with the White House and then their health care deform they shoved us into without our permission. The last thing I want to hear from govenment run health care is “Bend over and cough.” We’ve been scr*w*d enough already.

  • Peggie Walker

    Hey, you guys really should read the Obamacare plan. Yes, it’s long, but at least pick through and read the parts that interest you. Like healthcare period. It”s not just seniors. If you have a child with a disability that will involve long term care, such as heart problems, diabetes, etc. They will be limited also, and visited by nurses (if they can find them) who will show you how to kill your child so that they don’t waste care needed for someone else. There’s lots more in there also, in re:
    finances, taxes, oh, just lots more. Well worth reading. Why do you think that 28 states have already opted out of this death plan??

  • ScarletDove

    I was listening to Mark Levin when the neurosurgeon called into his program so I heard this call live. I couldn’t believe what I heard but Mark said he had been veted so it was a legitimate call. I’ll be 70 in 3/2012. I grew up with blatant sexism and learned how to live with it, married to a man who was sexist and controlling. Now that I am a senior citizen, I am a single white conservative woman, basically in the minority. I also still work full time, but say I have a stroke after age 70, so no aggressive care will take place with me (the unit), some admin panel tells my neurosurgeon to sustain me. Bottom line, I am no longer a viable source of revenue to the govt, therefore I am expendable. Sounds like the perfect dystopian society that Obama is creating. What a cold, selfish creep, but then he dissed his own grandmother. But what do you expect from a Marxist!

  • Caller: ” yes absolutely, And I’m not doing the surgery unless I get paid, medicine is a business you know…”

    So very sad.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t be too hard on the guy, remember he’s having to deal with the rules as they apply to all surgeons, hospitals and the effect of lawyers. If he operates without permission he might loose his license, be sued, etc… Compassion is the human element, business is the reality. Without a balanced system we have no health care… just my 2 cents…

  • we can also ration money we spend on health insurance, with a huge hole in Obamacare. Claims jumping:

  • over in Britain they have universal healthcare. Their governing authority the NHS is under siege for patient deaths and neglect of care. That’s what happens when you appoint accounts and government employees instead of doctors to decide care due to economic restraints.

  • Absent a general revival, understanding and use of, and to what, the term ‘Humanity’ should be applied . . . we’ll continue on the road to the use of all nuclear and other weapons of mass murder.

    I suggest that, in the aftermath of such, it shall no longer matter that too few, to-day, cared / dared to consider the impact of their decision to ignore what they permit their governments to do to ‘others’.

    Helping the poor in Cambodia

  • President Obama is not ‘creating’ any such society. That society existed long before he or any other ‘President’ came along.

    ‘Now’ that you’re concerned about your personal failure to anticipate what the society you helped fashion will treat you . . . as age has its way . . . is the wrong time to develop that concern.

    BTW: I’m in my seventies and spend ALL of my pension, personal and business generated funds to help the poor in Cambodia.

    It might help you to accept your fate and help change your society for the better . . . when you act to have all Americans consider their lawful duty to refuse to support a society that would permit mass murder in order to secure ‘Political Goals’.

    Do so, and let me know how things turn out . . .


    • Anonymous

      I find the content of your response quite bizarre, perhaps there is some dementia at play here MedicAngel…….and please, dear, do take care of your mind…..

  • Dana Rainey

    I think it would be unconstitutional as it would deprive me my equal rights to what the left say’s, health care is a RIGHT.. Equal protection under the law…

  • Insurance companies who limit coverage is not the same as a government mandated care system, in that, you can shop and find a better company for less, and then afford care that doesn’t leave you stuck with some arbitrary limit. Yeah, I know, we might actually have to do some work to get the coverage we need, with adjusters who are able to make sure we’re taken care of, imposing the force of market competition on these companies.

    Additionally, we might push harder for more “broad based” (Obamaism) competition by getting rid of federal restrictions as to purchasing across State lines. Then it would be market forces naturally trending to a more nationalized structure based on what works, and not by a government mandate that’s proven, particularly by scrapped programs, the legislator’s and regulator’s lack of capacity, means, and intelligence, to implement a variety of aspects of Obamacare.

    But there is no way to refute that just imposing a Communist Central Committee, yes, it is a Death Panel, without any actual means (consider all the waivers granted that make the entire premise of the system, and all logical arguments for it fail), is nothing more than a government take over of healthcare to dictate the means of saving based on the intellectual, anecdotal, and non factual, unreasonable, without a sense of the entire system, limits that one thinks of in justifying their government job, and the bureaucratic power they have been appointed to wield, along with their taxpayer funded benefits of course.

    Government run by incentives, is no longer government, but instead, a dictatorial commercial monopoly, urging collectivism to increase profitability for the government business, irrespective of the people nor the meaning of “government.”

    • Anonymous

      But there is no practical way to know the full coverage of expensive procedures or the attitude of adjusters until you really need the surgery or critical care. Then, if you are denied, where are you? On death’s door.

      We can actually vote for the people who oversee government programs. We have no control over the heads of private insurers. If we did, the egregious practices of coverage denial and fraudulent rescission would not exist.

  • Anonymous

    The caller to the Levin show was probably not a surgeon and nothing he stated was truthful. There is no such rule, there was no such meeting, and the entire conversation here could have been avoided by checking facts.

  • Just remember, ObamaCare is really RomneyCare. Romney is the creator of the ObamaCare model and it was an absolute disaster in Massachusetts. Romney has never had the honest and forthrightness to fess up to his evil plan.

    Yes, ObamaCare is horrible and does include death panels, but have to comment that medical procedures of various kinds have been rationed to some extent for at least 50 years.

    Insurance companies have been right in the middle of this atrocity and they need to be exposed for their banksterism and grand larceny.

  • Socialist fascists always plan to eliminate “useless eaters” in their drive for a state of efficiency dictated by the material dialectic. Older people no longer part of the work force and needing more intensive, expensive, healthcare are marked for disposal. Think “Soylent Green” in the 21st Century. Obamacare is death by decree, attrition accelerated for population reduction goals. Live free or die trying!

  • Anonymous

    Libs don’t care about old people and unborn people.

    They are equal opportunity killers.

  • Heck, we’ve had private death panels for years now through the insurance companies, and we all know that private business works more efficiently than government.

  • This just made it to the Snopes debunking site:

  • CSpruill

    The whole Obamacare thing scares me.  My parents are in their 70s and not in great health.  I’m getting ready to have my first child.  So just because some guy in D.C. deems that my parents are not productive citizens of society then they will be left to die and never see their grandchildren just because they are old?  That’s scary and horrible!  Just remember everyone in support of Obamacare, one day you will be old too and unless you’re an elite member of society, your fate will be decided as well.