So apparently Akin isn’t withdrawing from the race

According to the comments Todd Akin made to Huckabee, he’s all in:

Ugh. I’m sure he’s a great conservative in many ways and would be a good Senator, but this is just a fight we don’t need right now. And if he loses to Claire McCaskill and we don’t get the majority in the Senate, Levin is right – it will be an unforgivable sin.

Here is something that Phillip Klein noted yesterday:

And you better believe that’s going to happen.

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  • He needs to drop out now!

    • CalCoolidge

      The Right is good a circular firing squads. Kennedy and Clinton kill and rape, but they don’t have drop out.

      • I understand where you are coming from but don’t justify bad behavior with bad behavior. I say he should drop out because he can’t win it and could quite possibly blow it for Romney/Ryan.

        • Akin’s misstatement is now equivalent to bad behavior. If the Republicans were not so quick to try to throw this man under the bus, there would be no ads that Claire would run. What happen to the desire to win on ideas and fight.

          Wow, Laurel, who wins the lottery? Neither you nor I know what will happen in two months, which is an eternity for politics. He can win if we don’t back down and crawl into some hole in the ground.

          • Patriot077

            Since Claire ran ads promoting him (as he seemed easiest to beat) this latest fiasco just makes her job easier. If the Reeps had stood behind him, she still has the man’s own ignorant comments to use in negative ads.

            I’m not from MO but I’ve seen several comments this a.m. about the Dems putting a lot of $$ toward Akin’s primary win to help her out. The lead he has in the PPP poll oversampled R’s by 9% to make him eke out a lead.

            He needs to go.

            • So what? When have the dems been right on ability to beat a conservative running as a conservative on conservative principles in such a state as MO? Are we wanting to now argue that Missourians are a bunch of dummies who are going to be swooned over to Claire’s side because they cannot see through this distraction?

              • Patriot077

                I’m not trying to judge any of the voters but it certainly makes me wonder how credible Mr. Akin’s win actually was if the D’s were trumping up support for him.

                I’m with Levin. Since he didn’t drop out, the voters in MO have to do whatever is possible to see he is elected. I truly wish them good luck – no sarcasm

          • MiketheMarine

            Right on. I agree with you .

          • Rightstuff1

            Err yes, his statement is bad behavior. Words have consequences. Sorry but they have. Witness the idiot former CFO clown who went on the rant at the poor girl in the Chick Filet drive thru. Did you weep for him? Bet you didn’t and nor did I he deserved to be fired. So does Akin.

            • That guy got fired and then posted a fake apology that spent far more time justifying what he had done than saying he was sorry.

              In this case he had bad information and spoke poorly what he was trying to say. He apologized and got correct information. There is nothing more he could have done to correct his error.

              This is simply an attempt to thwart the will of the people and is despicable.

        • Just Dad

          Laurel, maybe its time for was as the American people take back control of our politics instead of leaving it up to what “the experts” say. The smear only works if we don’t show up and stand for what we beleive in. If MO believes in this man, then we should stand with the people of MO and not with the establishment, whether or not they run the ads. That means we get out and work and let people know the truth instead of depending on the media to do the work for us. We all know they won’t tell the truth anyway….have faith in the American people, not politics, this is the only way we will win our Country back.

      • MiketheMarine

        Exactly right.

      • Howzah123

        This clueless idiot stepped in front of the bus on his own. By not dropping out, he’s not taking responsibility. I’m listening to this guy’s interview right now and he doesn’t strike me as a Conservative. He strikes me as someone who has mental problems. A man completely out of touch with reality.

        He’s trying to stand on principle which is a joke. The principled thing to do would be to DROP OUT.

        • Analogy for this stupidity.

          He made a stupid statement and took it back. It is that simple he never defended it.

          But the Republicans found him guilty of Murder and put him in jail anyway.

          This is the biggest mountain I have ever seen built out of a molehill.

          They want him out but his statement has nothing to do with why they want him out. They lost an election so now they are trying to force their smoke filled room candidate on the people who elected him.

          I am offended. These Republicans that called on him to resign I pray will all lose their elections. Hows that.

        • Rightstuff1

          Agreed 100%.

  • MiketheMarine

    He shouldn’t have said what he did BUT the unforgivable part here is how big a deal the stupid @$$ed republicans are making it. You hit it right on the head, Scoop. The RNCe gave that entire issue away. You will never see a democrat give up because of saying something stupid. In fact, saying something stupid as a liberal could get you the President’s office.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Bam! Lol… too funny.

    • wodiej

      Hmm, so conservatives should get away w saying stupid, irrational things because liberals do? Wow, what low expectations to have. I guess it’s not a big deal to some who can’t get raped and deal w a pregnancy from it.

      • It would seem to be a bit ungracious here. The point is that he misspoke and rightly was criticized for it and he apologizes. However, that is different than throwing him under the bus because of this “great fear” of the media that the RNC constantly capitulates to.

        I am quite shock of the lack of graciousness that should be in order in trying to understand what exactly Akin was saying from the conservative side. Instead, we rather just give the issue to the Left and RINO’s.

        • MiketheMarine

          Right on. It is time to stop back biting and time to start taking the fight to our enemies. Yes, our enemies. These marxists have got to go. I don’t get how this conversation is helping anything.

          • Rightstuff1

            But the reality is that this whole circus has screwed him and his chances to win that race. Its pure realpolitik. I’m sure he is not only sorry he ever said what he said he is sick to his stomach about what he said. But in truth it doesn’t matter now.

            If I had made a statement such as this I would step back and do the right thing. He isn’t so why the hell not? That’s a problem for me. If someone in my company imperiled my company by what they said, e.g. the CFO clown at the drive thru for Chick Filet ripping that girl, then they will be fired, asked to step down etc. This is terrible for us, it has consequences far and wide. Why isn’t he doing the honorable thing?

            He shot himself in the foot. Yes there are double standards agreed, Conservatives have standards, we Conservatives say “if you said something cretinous it has consequences” and the left don’t. Why? Because they have no standards except double standards.

            But it is academic now. This seat is not going to be won by him and goodness knows what hay the evil dems will make with it, I can only shudder. Agreed double standards but there it is. We have standards and they don’t and apparently Akin doesn’t really care either because he said sorry. Sorry doesn’t cut it, it didn’t cut it for the ex-CFO clown and it wont cut it for Akin and nor should it.

      • MiketheMarine

        No, that’s not my point. My point is there are false accusations. This guy is no William Shakespeare but since when is it a crime to misunderstand something? He should not have even gone there but he did and I’m willing to cut hiim some slack. With all the crazy BS I’ve heard this year from democrats and THIS is what everyone’s getting crazy over? Pulease

        • Misunderstand something? He says women have ways to stop pregnancy caused by rape. HellO!

          • HellO yourself.

            Idiot keep up.

            He took that back immediately. He misspoke and took it back. He is human and makes mistakes.

            Are you perfect?

        • This is not about that at all.

          They are offended that he said that unborn babies should have constitutional rights.

          They claim that no woman would ever lie they were raped.

          They are pushing the Abortion on Demand and Gay Marriage Agenda. Every stinking Republican that said he should resign over this statement should themselves resign. Now some said he should because of the stink I will forgive them.

    • The GOP had 48 hours to deal with this mess. They made a calculated decision(and I believe it was the right one) that they were better off with another nominee instead of allowing Akin to stick around and become a national lightning rod for the Democrat Party as well as a patsy for Claire McCaskill in the Missouri Senate race.

      What neither they nor the rest of us could anticipate was that Akin was so hellbent on seeking power that he couldn’t comprehend that his chances for winning this race are effectively zero now. And now they’re stuck with a lameduck nominee in what should be an easy pickup.

      • MiketheMarine

        Missouri voted for him in a primary. That trumps any desire the GOP may have. I don’t like the states that have open primaries for just this reason. It’s too difficult to figure who voted for what.

        • He’s running for Senate. The GOP needs to win back the Senate and this was a critical seat to get. Now it seems like it’ll be lost. All because one guy doesn’t realize that what he said wasn’t just stupid, but completely bizarre. The GOP needs candidates that don’t need constant defending. There is no defending those lunatic comments.

      • They had an entire primary to deal with it.

        They lost.

        So this was calculated all right. Calculated to reverse a fair election and steal it for their hen picked candidate. That is Communism not Constitutional Republic.

    • I think it is a big deal, so, I guess I am one of those “stupid ass” republicans to which you refer. I know this man is now toxic to the GOP and women by making the asinine statement that he did. Stop acting like the left and calling those people who disagree with you names because you want us to walk in lockstep. If that is what you desire then you belong to the wrong party. I do not manage myself or alter my sense of right and wrong according to what the left does or thinks. If we have any shot at all at winning this seat, it is not with Aiken. I don’t want him to drop out because the left will eat him up. I want him to drop out because his way of thinking doesn’t represent me and shouldn’t represent the GOP.

      • MiketheMarine

        Who did I call a name? I just think the double standard is staggering. I didn’t see you give an opinion on Biden’s gaffe just a week ago. You can think and feel whatever you want but don’t ask me to become as rigid and unthinking as you, please.

      • MiketheMarine

        No , the establishment GOP which is not very different from the DNC. I am talking about the politicians. Geez, He doesn’t represent you? So, you don’t live in Missouri and yet you want a say? Arrogant much?

      • I agree with you, Tammy. I think it makes us less as Republicans if we condone the stupidity that came from Akin. But the biggest reason is that he is now a distraction and has single-handedly destroyed the momentum we had before his asinine remarks. And he has demonstrated that his giant ego trumps the good of the party and the nation. I think he is despicable.

      • Rightstuff1

        I completely agree and I am not a stupid ass republican/conservative. This is similar to the ex-CFO clown that ripped the girl at Chick Filet drive thru. He said sorry too and his company said – too late, you’re outta here. Words have consequences.

        OK so the left have no standards but since when did the left begin to make our moral decisions for us. We are now going to adopt their approach? If so then we have lost our character and lost our way.

        This is not about Rinos this is about words and their consequences. Akin’s words were quite repulsive, apology accepted Mr Akin but your brand is now irredeemably damaged, you cannot win this race and you can only cause further damage the Conservative cause elsewhere by providing fodder for the vicious dems.

  • Mark Smith

    Huckabee screwed Romney in 2008 and he’s at it again. There is no way, no way, that Huckabee isn’t encouraging this for his own means. The guy’s radio show is flailing like a baby seal with a 30 foot great white circling it and that guy doesn’t give a damn. Akin will be on his radio show every day. I’m a ‘small business owner’ getting by and I have 4 more years of Harry Reid and possibly Obama to deal with and I am angry. Every former Missouri Senator Republican living came out today telling him to drop out. Every one.

  • Sober_Thinking

    If he doesn’t drop, then he’s all about himself… he’s being selfish and he isn’t “country first”. In which case, I will not support him. What he said was dumb. What he’s doing by staying in is stupid… I will no longer let him get away with claiming to be a patriot.

    The bench is deep in this state… he could squeek by anyway. But there are other highly qualified people to take up his cause and to win this state. Consider Sarah Steelman… a Palin-endorsed ultra conservative who is a woman. She could steal the left’s thunder right off the bat and would be a shoo-in for the Senate seat.

    But everyone here is right… he’s hamstringing the party and the conservative cause. Why? Because he’s being selfish. Levin is right.

    • Really! He is the one being selfish for standing up for the unborn? He admitted to the mistake he made, apologizing and that is not enough?

      It would seem that one could argue that the RNC is being selfish in not wanting to fight the battle of the unborn in rape situations. Let’s just sweep it under the rug. There is no guarantee that the Palin-endorsed candidate would get a chance when the RNC seems to want to distance themselves from Palin.

      There is a better chance that the RNC would want a lackey go-along do not upset the apple cart person as history suggests than having another conservative have a shot.

      Maybe, knowing that this is the conservative’s only chance of having a candidate in this election for this senate seat is not selfish but desiring to fight for principles and ideas.

      • Sober_Thinking

        I apologize… I was a little emotional when I posted that. Plus, I was a huge fan of Steelman who I would argue was just as conservative if not more so than Akin… so to me she was a better candidate – especially after what he said because it is being used by the Demoncrats.

        What Akin said was insane. However, his intent isn’t. I’m a staunch pro-lifer… I despise abortion… it sickens me and is a terrible thing. So please understand I was angry at Akin… I felt he wasn’t doing the right for this thing in this election by staying in.

        And you’re right… the GOP wants power back badly… no matter the cost. I think that is the biggest reason why we need principled, truly conservative people in Congress and the White House… so we can rid ourselves of the selfish, corrupt, spineless, lying, establisment types who are in it for all the wrong reasons.

        I am getting past the whole Akin thing and would vote for him if I lived there… Thanks for keeping me honest.

        • I understand….you are not Sober_Thinking for nothing 🙂 I am sure you would do the same thing for me.

          • Sober_Thinking


  • This is an example where ego triumphs over both common sense and patriotism. Akin should do what’s best for the country, not for his own ego. If his stubborness costs us the Senate in November, it will be an unforgiveable sin. This guy may as well become a Democrat because no Republicans will ever support him again. Just terrible. I’ve also heard rumors that John Ashcroft would consider taking Akin’s place if he pulled out of the race. That would be a masterstroke if it happened. I think Ashcroft is still popular and would win in a landslide. If, perhaps, maybe. None of it will happen as long as Akin stays in.

    • wodiej

      well since the Democrats crossed over to vote for Aiken and McCaskill helped him w ads, perhaps he is working for them and not Republicans.

      • Patriot077

        I’ve seen that thought expressed on other sites but his past record doesn’t seem to support that.

        I’m really angry with him for not stepping aside – for America.

      • MiketheMarine

        Now that is a real possibility. What is the name of the lady that Sarah Palin had endorsed? Was is Sara Steele?

  • wodiej

    What Aiken said was not a “misspeak.” The first thing someone says is how they really feel. How can rape ever be legitimate? And where did he get this crazy idea that a woman can will her body to biologically shut down to prevent pregnancy from this violent act? He’s truly “out of touch” with reality and has no business being in a position where he can vote on legislative issues.

    • johnos2112

      Rush was right. “I am tired of defending these guys. I am tired of being smarter than they are.” It is not hard to talk about women that have been raped. Why not just defend the sanctity of life? Why should the unborn be punished for this act? Do something positive with that life. I know some will say everyday that person will be reminded of the heinous act. I can only Imagine the horror BUT what about those who can’t have kids that would love and cherish that baby for years to come? That is how I would defend abortion. That aside Akin needs to go away because if you can’t explain conservative values across the board then don’t run for office.

    • MiketheMarine

      No he isn’t. You are not understanding what he said because he said it very poorly. How many stories have there been where a woman accuses one or more men of rape and later it turns out that no sex happened or it was consentual but the woman got angry later and made false accusations? Several, so in my opinion he was trying, badly, to differentiate between an actual rape, as in a crime, versus a false accusation. Being a man who isn’t married and dates, this is a very touchy subject for me. A woman can destroy you by making an accusation like this and it doesn’t matter that you never laid a finger on her. The most scary part is, as soon as an accusation is levelled many people immediately assume that she is honest and the man is a felonious criminal.

      • Amy

        Mike, come one. Two separate issues here. Yes, there are (and will continue to be) instances of false accusations of rape. The left is skewing the ‘legitimate’ terminology to meet their spin. That’s not even what we (the women on the right) are PO’d about.

        The guy stated that we, as females, have the ability to shut the whole thing down in regard to getting pregnant. Which is just ignorant. We don’t. And women DO get pregnant as a result of rape & incest. Minimizing it or saying we have the ability to prevent the resulting pregnancy is not a welcome strategy.

        Like I said above, I’m all for debating whether there are special circumstances for ending a life. I’m just not for debating the subject with someone who fails to grasp the basic biological functions of a woman’s body… I’m especially not for sending him to the Senate – we have enough ignorant asses there already.

        • Are you Jesus?

          He is the only perfect person who ever lived. Sure you have made mistakes. He messed up and apologized and asked forgiveness. Your own problem if you will not forgive but not nice of you.

          Right now it is an outright lie to say this about him as he has explained he had bad information and now has correct information.

          Time to move on and elect him. He is far better than Clair and won his primary playing by the rules.

          It is those attacking him that want to cheat the voters out of their choice and you are helping the cheaters.

          • Amy

            Whatever dude… I really hate it when people pull the whole ‘Are you Jesus?’ crap. Do you ask that about those of us who were disgusted with Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton or the d-bag that got it on with a 17 yr old in a restroom? Just because I’m human doesn’t mean I can’t have an expectation of a certain level of knowledge and competency if you are being elected to a public office.

            The Senate & House are a must have at this point if we are to turn around the country. I’d prefer it if people would stop elected dumb asses to our elected office. We have enough of them already in Congress and they are ruining our country. Do you dislike Pelosi, Reid, etc? Do you voice your opinoin regarding their being elected? Why is it different in this case?

            I’m not going to apologize for having standards. It used to be what set up apart from the liberals.

        • MiketheMarine

          Now, I agree that you shouldn’t make an appointment with the man after mistaking him for an OB/GYN. Clearly, medicine is not his strong suit but this whole subject stills stinks of the, “You must be perfect, cannot misspeak and you damn well better not offend me or your toast.” That isn’t what the first ammendment is about. He made a mistake. A dumb one, but to suggest his intent was somehow malicious against women is patently ridiculous.

          He will, ultimately, step down but we do not need to make this entire discussion a nation issue. Why not, instead, talk about the democrate senator caught having sex with a 17 year old boy in a rest stop bathroom. This Akin story is out pacing that story by a ton. It doesn’t make any freaking sense. We are playing right into Maobama’s hands by making this much of a fuss over a rather dim bulb.

          • Amy

            I’ve not heard anyone on our side say he was malicious – just ill informed, ill prepared and completely mistaken if he really believed the lone doctor peddling that information.

            The other side is always going to assign malicious intent because that’s how politics are played. I mean, really, we have no problem assigning malicious intent to Weiner, Clinton, Obama or this democrat having sex with a 17 yr old (I’m all for talking about that POS too). The other side plays even dirtier so it’s expected.

            I just have a low tolerance level for dumb asses being elected to Congress. We have enough there already. I think I’d run out of comment area if I tried to name them all. Getting competent people elected to Congress is a top priority.

            I’m looking forward to when we can go back to talking about this wonderful economy… I mean, the private sector is doing fine, dontcha know. Businesses are making more money than ever. Happy days are here again!!! 😉

    • So to be fair, everything you say first is always the way you feel. You have never said something that you never ever felt or got tongue tied? You are now twisting his own words.

      He was not trying to say that there is “legalized” rape, but what are ways in which girls do not abuse a provision that abortions may happen in the case of rape. Do you see the difference?

      The whole problem is that the argument is illogical in the first point that one cannot defend a pro-life position and then think it is okay to murder the child if the union was not legal. Should the father of that child pay? Absolutely and as severely as possible. However, a life is a life.

  • NYGino

    Shades of Mark Foley!!!!

  • ChesterWalton

    I personally think the RNC and some republicans in general are totally over reacting and being hypocritical. They court the Conservative Christian vote and give lip service to their cause, but once the elections are over, nothing ever happens. During elections, it is always Shhhh!, don’t say anything too crazy because moderates might not vote for us.

    This will blow over before the convention and I predict conservatives will back Akin to victory in November.

    • las1

      I tend to agree. There’s a political reality here that is in your face. But there are deeper truths that Republicans don’t want to acknowledge. Either it’s life or it’s not. What makes the child of a rape less of a life that many Republicans are so willing to abort because of political fallout.

      Republicans put themselves in this stupid position of supporting abortion “in certain cases” because they won’t defend absolute truth in front of Democrat vultures who love to pick any carcass no matter how old and dried out.

      As for Akin… his comments were clumsy, but not without some validity. But subtlety and nuance of argument is truly lost on Democrats, and Republicans and conservatives play dumber to Democrat dumber. And Levin is right… Clinton and Kennedy can commit it all… and not once did a Democrat of significance throw them under the “well deserved” bus. But we throw anyone under the bus for hiccups.

      And Republicans run around the chicken yard squawking and squawking.. the big bad Democrat is coming with an axe.

      Should Akin drop out now? Yes. But Republicans are truly pathetic. God save us from them too.

  • I am pretty sick of so called conservatives (like Huckabee and Loesch) who criticize those who admonish Akin. I am an American before I am a conservative- PERIOD. My BS detector is not selective. Where is it written that we conservatives cannot win *and* have principles? Truth has no agenda. McCaskill wants to run against Aiken. She invested millions in ads against other candidates. If Aiken goes forward knowing he does not have the support of the GOP financially or politically, he is purposely and knowingly surrendering the senate seat. No better than Obama purposely trying to ruin the economy.

    • MiketheMarine

      Seems to me that we should leave it Missouri to handle. Are you in Missouri?

      • Patriot077

        I think the reason it is elevated to national attention is because of the Senate majority the R’s Must Have if we are to turn this ship around.

        If he was in a local/state race, I would urge him to keep up the good fight.

        • MiketheMarine

          I bet he does drop out. I can’t blame him for trying to take his pound of flesh for being dismissed.

          • Patriot077

            I could almost forgive him for staying in if he was articulate in defense of his position – quite the opposite though, it is painful to listen to him.

        • At least you admit that pragmatism is more important than principles. I guess principles only matter at the local/state level of elections….sigh

          • Patriot077

            I didn’t say that at all. I just don’t think one man’s misguided opinion should jeopardize our entire nation. (as we speak, he is reading another person’s explanation of his use of the word “legitimate” on Hannity)

      • What you imply is ridiculous.

        • MiketheMarine

          Is it? No woman has ever falsely accused a man of rape?

      • Seems to me that you imply that unless you are from MO, you aren’t allowed to have an opinion on this subject. Why do you entertain Maxine from CA? Oh, thats right…….. she *agrees* with you. Furthermore, when your hypocrisy is brought to your attention, you ask me if a woman has ever falsely accused a man of rape? Priceless. I have no more time for you.

      • Rightstuff1

        Mike, I love your posts, you hit the nail on the head every time. But on this one I think its nuts to proceed with this guy, his chances are nil, nil !! He did it to himself. Words have consequences.

        As to your question. Its a good one and let me try answer it. We need to win the Senate. That has National consequences. If we fail in Missouri and it makes the difference in the Senate then its a National problem because it effects us all. My even bigger, broader concern is the consequences here could be more damaging than failing to pick up Missouri, this is fodder for the Dems nationally.

  • MaxineCA

    I didn’t comment on this topic yesterday, as I didn’t feel I had enough info to form an intelligent opinion. The only thing I saw was a :38 second sound bite. He was thrown a “gotcha question” and perhaps didn’t handle it well, to say the least.

    The people of MO voted for him in their primary, so who am I to have an opinion, anyway? I was quite surprised how quickly so many people jumped on the band wagon to ask him to pull out of the race. I know it is a very important seat, but IMHO, this is just another distraction by McCaskill, so she must be scared.

    They know full well if they bring up the abortion issue, they will distract and put that in their twisted narrative that Pro-lifers = war against women. There is no war against women, we are against killing yet to be born babies, regardless how they were conceived.

    • MiketheMarine

      Maxine, you and I see this the same way. I have heard barely a word about the democrat guilty have having sexual relations at that rest stop with a 17 year old boy but this story is everywhere. I blame the republicans. IMHO, this is an attack by the GOP establishment against the TEA party version of the GOP.

    • When Planned Parenthood and McCaskill doesn’t want him to drop out of the race, i think that says a lot… I understand people voted for him but that was before he said something so stupid it hurts. He’s the distraction, and he gave her campaign new life when her seat was so vulnerable and there for the taking.

      • But why did they want him? They think he is too conservative? If so then it was probably for the same reason why Conservatives may have wanted him as well. There is plenty of time for this to blow over. It isn’t October yet.

        • MiketheMarine

          I suspect he’ll drop out. I bet the woman that Sarah Palin endorsed will end up on this ticket. I don’t get the fabricated anger over this. I misspeak all the time. And I misunderstand much. I’m glad I’m no tbeing asked to leave for it.

        • They probably thought he could beat McCaskill, but that was before he said that stupid thing, and if anyone tries to defend it or spin it they just sound just as stupid. If the election were held again today do you think he would still win the primary? My guess he would not.

          • Since there is no primary we do not know. He misspeaks and now NO ONE is allowed to defend his position. Isn’t that being a bit irrational and condescending? He is not trying to legitimize rape at all. He was hoping to rightly argue that there would be abuses to an exception clause if abortion was allowed because of rape.

            Why are we buying the media spin and lies of RINO’s is beyond me. We still have not learned our lesson and yet calmly state we will take over the party before 2016….

            • What media spin? Akin: “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” He said some women have the ability to reject pregnancy if they are raped.

    • Wisewoman2

      The man won the 3-way primary with 36% of the vote. However, he lost the actual vote by a margin of 36% for and 64% against. If he had won by an overwhelming majority i maight could understand him srtaying in. He won with the help of crossover democratic votes to select him over the other two candidates. MAN GO HOME THE COUNTRY IS AT STAKE!!!

      • Rightstuff1

        Agreed – now if there were a re-run of that election today he would get hammered…..

  • Akin needs to take the bullet politically speaking and step down TODAY!

  • anyonebutbarry2012

    akin is nothing but a self centered career politician, he needs to step down, he was told yesterday there be no support from the republican senatorial committee, he is not doing what is best for the party, we need to take back the senate.

    • The RSC is at fault here as well and bears just as much responsibility for throwing this man under the bus instead of fighting rightly for clarification.

      • cathmom

        Yes! And that is what is going to make Akin lose, that none of the GOP are behind him now.

        • What is going to make Akin lose is his own stupid remarks. Stop trying to blame the Republican party and every person that thinks he should go. This was an unforced error and showed a real ignorance. He would be laughable if this wasn’t so serious for the country.

      • Rightstuff1

        The RNC is at fault for holding a guy responsible for his offensive language? Say what???!!!

        How about him being at fault for his stupid and offensive remarks and stepping back to let a real Conservative fight for the seat which he has now no chance of winning.

        Why is that too much?

        • There is quite a difference of holding the guy responsible which is great and throwing the man under the bus demanding that he leaves the race because of his garbled up response to a question.

          He took responsibility for his remark, better than Romney for the failure of Romneycare, and apologized for it. Why are we not throwing Romney under the bus? Oh that’s right, pragmatism is much more important than principle.

  • Kordane

    What’s with the criticism? Shouldn’t all you “from conception” folks be praising and supporting him? Why the hypocrisy? Why the lack of consistency in what you believe?

    “This isn’t the fight we should be having right now”?? – So you agree, but you disagree over the timing. Uh huh. Yeah, really principled of you ¬_¬ Pragmatism before principle – I’ll remember that’s how y’all operate!

    • HAHAHA!!! He said women had some kind of “something” that can shut down all of that (speaking about rape). That’s just a bizarre comment and so unique to him that you can bet the next attacks will be “Does he know this from personal experience?”.

      • Patriot077

        I bet his wife and daughters are cringing.

    • Because he basically said that women have the choice to stop conception and pregnancy with something inside them if they are raped, which doesn’t make any sense.

    • Ironic isn’t it???

    • Patriot077

      Pity he didn’t confine his remarks to his personal opinion that life is from conception instead of offering up his ignorant view that a woman has the ability to control conception.

      Seems that the most honorable way to answer further questions about a loaded subject is to acknowledge that one should review specifics in order to comment.

      My real beef: We know the media are not our friends and yet there are always politicians that comment on toxic subjects as if they are sitting around their own kitchen table.

      This guy happens to be running for a critical seat and I think everyone who is “pragmatic and unprincipled” is concerned for the country, not himself.

  • Amy

    You know, there are two separate issues going on here and neither side is dealing honestly with it.

    The left is skewing the ‘legitimate rape’ angle of it when it’s clear he meant the legal definition of rape. Which, by the the way, was legal in most states before Roe v Wade so it was a gotcha question. No surprise there.

    Then there are those of us on the right who are just PO’d that a man (who will probably be elected to the Senate) can actually be ignorant enough to say that a woman can just shut it down to prevent pregnancy from happening if raped. A really, really biologically ignorant thing to say. This is the 21st century – we all know that sperm meets egg and creates baby. And don’t try to explain to me what he really meant. He was unprepared at best and possibly ill informed & a quack at worst.

    If we want to have a debate on whether abortion should be legal for selective circumstances, then fine – let’s debate. My view? A human life is a human life regardless of circumstances. But please, don’t expect me to get behind someone who thinks I as a female can just ‘shut it down’ and prevent pregnancy if I’m raped. I’ve never heard anything so incredibly stupid in my life. If that’s who is going to be out there debating this, then let’s go back to the economy. Please.

  • B-Funk

    Can’t we win the Senate back w/o MO seat? I thought there were more up for grabs.

    • Amy

      There is – Senator Kohl (D) in Wisconsin is retiring and Tommy Thompson (R) is polling neck in neck with Tammy Baldwin (D). There’s a very good chance that republicans can take the seat.

  • stevenbiot

    I, for one, could care less about what he said. If he’s conservative, and had a slip of the tongue, he should stay in. Get em, Akin.

  • brazen_infidel

    It is heartbreaking to think that we may lose our chance to repeal Obamacare next year because of this one man’s stupidity and intransigence.


  • white531

    Good evening. Joining this conversation is like stepping onto a mine field. Forcible Rape is one of the most serious crimes in our society to most people, especially, women and Fathers of daughters. In any conversation about it in a public venue, you had better be very careful in choosing your words. Todd Akin wasn’t. As a politician, he should have known better. He will never recover from it.

    Three things happened here.
    1) Akin made a stupid remark and later tried to apologize.
    2) No sooner than the words were out of his mouth, the Democrats seized the opportunity as a gift from Heaven and blew it out of proportion, in order to damage all Republicans.
    3) The Republicans were paralyzed for words and immediately called for him to resign from the race, proving once again, that their best tactic in dealing with Liberals, is to agree with them. They didn’t even try to defend his statement as a mistake.

    If this had happened to a Democrat, the media wouldn’t have even run it on the evening news and if the Republicans had dared to bring it up, they would have been branded racist or women haters or something just as evil. It is the world we live in.

    For the record, I know what Akin was trying to say, but he never even got close. There have been studies that do support the idea that forcible rape results in far fewer pregnancies than most people would believe. But, that’s just a statistical thing and a woman who has just been raped is probably going to look for the nearest flower pot to plant on your head, if you made that statement in public.
    Here’s just one site with that type of information:

    We could argue about this for the next several days. It won’t change a thing. Todd Akin’s political career is history.

    • Only if we the voters believe the lies instead of doing the due diligence that each candidate deserves.

  • JD Olson

    Y’all can come down now from the ideological rafters. This has nothing to do with the pro-life movement. This has nothing to do with conservatism. This man has a defective mind. BIG surprise that he doesn’t understand why he needs to get out. He’s using the same mind to come up with that bit of faulty reality, too.

  • Mike Lee

    What a great choice Missourians have. Yeesh.

  • JoeMontana16

    I’m not really worried that we wont get the Senate because of this Guy. There will be some surprise elections this time around. We’ve seen how bad polling has been. More Democrats than thought will be boxing up their $hit.

  • John_Frank

    Hitler Learns About Todd Akin Staying in the Race


    Why does everyone seem to fall for the media deciding whats important. The man spoke incorrectly. He did not DO something wrong. People act as if he commited the crime of rape. Get it together people. We should have never given this story a platform.