***UPDATE 5: MORE VIDEO COMING*** So apparently there’s a big tape coming out…

***UPDATE 5: According to twitter, the Daily Caller has a much longer video (40 min) that will be released tonight***

UPDATE 4 – It’s hard to keep a good video hidden these days. Here’s a couple from the speech Drudge is hyping, though not sure it’s everything:

Obama praising Rev. Wright:

The race speech (it might be missing something though):


***UPDATE 2 FROM DRUDGE – FOXNEWS TONIGHT: OBAMA’S OTHER RACE SPEECH. Hannity said on his radio show that it would debut on his show tonight. So watch Hannity.***


This from Drudge:



Hmmmmmmm. I’ll be honest with you, DON’T get your hopes and expectations up. My guess from the way Drudge worded it is that it will be interesting, but not a bombshell. Also he’s excellent at marketing.

Let’s just make this an open thread. While we wait on the big video drop, I give you Tard, the grumpy cat for your entertainment:

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  • Ranger1325

    I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but yet I am. =/

  • Rob_Bryant

    Oh joy. More stuff about race. So excited. So very, very excited. Because, you know, it’s always about race. Everything. You like pizza? Racist. Walking down the sidewalk? Racist. Did you just take a breath? That’s racist.


    So sick of it.

    • pajamakat


      • Rob_Bryant

        I’m pretty sure that agreeing is racist.

    • SineWaveII

      You forgot mentioning Chicago, that’s totally racist. I guess it’s like ‘the Scottish play’ you’re only supposed to call it ‘the windy city’ you’re never supposed to say its name. (Oh wait does that offend environmentalists?)

      • WordsFailMe

        In Scotland, we refer to that which is of our land, our blood n’ our culture as “Scot” or “Scots.”

        Scottish? I kin heare the DOG pipes a’ playin’. Hoot mon. Ye may be a r-r-r-r-reesist!

        • VulpesRex

          If Obama wins again, I’ll be thinking about moving to Scotland…

          Of course, if this video is from a campaign, it can’t be Romney-related. Romney was not involved in campaigning until 2007. ‘Ol Barack on the other hand, was doing heavy campaigning for his Illinois Senate seat. My bet is that Obama made some pretty anti-semetic remarks at a few fundraisers… perhaps for the CBC? And now the tapes are leaking out.

          Zero shouldn’t worry. Obama could declare himself the second coming of Hitler and hold a war council with Iran on the immediate destruction of Israel. American Jews would still vote for the guy 60/40 thanks to the ‘D’ next to his name.

          • WordsFailMe

            I hope you’re right but I suspect that it’s mildly derogatory toward Romney and the lib media leaked advance info to Drudge, the unreptant promoter, to use him to ensure that the vid gets a lot of watchers.

            Again I hope YOU are right.

      • Palmer1943

        and for God’s sake don’t say Peanut Butter Sandwich either. This will confirm your racism.

        • OLLPOH

          u forgot the blackberry jelly. and this is no joke… i made me one yesterday and it suuuuuuuuuuure was good.

          • sjmom

            mmmmm, blackberry jelly………..so good. Now, I have to get some.

          • Palmer1943

            I’m thinking you misspelled Blackberry Jelly, shouldn’t it have been BlackBarry jelly?

        • sno_warrior

          can anyone say watermelon???

    • marketcomp

      LOL! Truth in humor! Lots of truth in humor!

    • maynardb50

      It may be another covert Romney video.

    • bobemakk

      When they have no defense, the democrats starting with Obama and Holder, they always use the race card. Pitiful isn’t it? And the pansy white Obama supporters still vote for him, it sickens me.

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Yesterday, on the news, Romney was talking about debating Portman and he said he’s so like Obama, I don’t like him as much anymore.

    Today, on the news, Obama complained they’re keeping me indoors. And said rather petulantly I’m having to do my homework.

    • p m

      Per Drudge earlier today, he complained that “It’s a Drag.”
      Guess he would know, being the worst drag on America ever.

  • Well, actually the way this is worded sounds pretty negative to me. Plus the NETWORKS have the tape. This is also worrisome.

    Now, if I’d read that Breitbart for instance was in possession of the tape, I’d be getting the popcorn out.

    This… does NOT smell good.

  • WordsFailMe

    Wait up just a minute, Scoop.

    The tape can’t go both ways. Ever body know just crackers is racist. Ever body that ain’t cracker is just protecting hssself.

    bamapohone me.

  • keninil

    LA Times putting out the Rashid Kalidi Obama tape maybe ??

    • Betsey_Ross

      I was thinking that, too. However, Sean Hannity was saying that he might have something on his show tonight. He wasn’t sure if he would have it to release. Frankly I wish they would stick with F & F and Benghazigate. It’s too much to absorb. Adding more junk is probably counterproductive. Or not. A blitzkreig of bad news for Obama also works for me.

    • Orangeone

      One could hope but I’m not hoping.

  • 1water

    Just a thought:
    Is that the tape Andrew Breitbart spoke about in his 2012 CPAC speech?! Or is it something else?

    Remember: “Breitbart: I Have Obama College Films” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fRQ2lIQ3Lg
    Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart claims to have film of US President Barack Obama during his young, radical college years. He tells the CPAC audience that he will release them during the upcoming presidential campaign to expose the president’s radial roots.

    • Sisquinanamook

      The tape was from 6 years ago, so I am guessing this is not it since Obama would have been well past his college years by then.

  • This was Obama’s debate prep? I knew something had to come out today…….need something other than the issues to cloud over the content of the upcoming debate. Needs to be late in the day so it doesn’t get full coverage until tomorrow.

    I smelt this cooking in this morning’s shower.

    • Well, I didn’t expect that. Dirt that exists about Obama was actually leaked! I figured it was all ceremoniously burned in the WH with a cabal of media personalities in hooded robes.

  • JeffWRidge

    Is it just me, or does that cat look like Gizmo from the movie Gremlins?

    • Harley_Charley

      Weird, it DOES look like a Mogwai.

  • That cat looks like Gizmo! LOL!

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • Botzilla

    Hannity has been talking about a video, if he has it then its bad for Obama not Romney. I am hoping for an October surprise but am not expecting too much.

  • If there’s an internal debate at a news network about airing it, you figure it can’t be very helpful for Obama.

    • BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      If this was to help Obama it would have been aired tonight on the Evening News so that time would give the night and all morning to talk about it!

      If it is being held….it is about Obama….I wonder could it be those tapes from the Los Angeles Times and Khalidi??? and Obama at a Fundraiser?

      This is the one were 100,000 was offered for the tape? Could it be Los Angeles Times did something with them to help Obama? I mean edited out the parts about Israel to protect him?

  • Tard ha ha ha!!

  • Orangeone

    Can’t be good for Romney. O’Bambi needs a distraction away from the latest Border Patrol Agent attacks and murder. Drudge might be helping him out with that distraction.

  • Hannity is teasing a video tonight too? The plot thickens?

  • Himm , could be Drudge has a video and its been sent to alll networks and he is claiming that one network might air it to get the all networks to run with it.
    None will air it if each thinks it wont be on the other networks
    If they think one is going to air it then ttey want in on the story , esp to get ahead of it

    • Orangeone

      Hopefully they sent it to Univision

  • I dont care.
    Nothing else sticks this guy does so why should this.
    I havent been back on Drudge since he started pushing Romney in the primary.
    I cant stand that site .
    I go to Bad Blue.
    Hell with drudge.

    • OLLPOH


      why don’t you do it.

  • Orangeone

    BTW Scoop, Tard might wear a frown but looks like an adorable ragdoll kitty.

    • StandingGround

      Yep, I have two ragdolls and he looks like a young ragdoll to me, too. They grow up to be very big, soft, fluffy, snugglebugs. Cute!

      • Orangeone

        I have one too but she has a cutie smile 🙂

  • Howzah123

    Obama could be caught on camera eating aborted babies and having sex with corpses, and the MSM would just blame it on Romney

    • RedCalifornian

      or Bush.

    • Nukeman60

      That’s actually old news. Obama already passed legislation as a State Senator to have aborted babies killed (and supposedly eaten) and sometimes the only way to get dead people to vote for you is to have sex with them. :0

      • whoops2005

        Soylent Green?

      • Hey Nukefriend! Nibblesister and I have been missing you! 😀

        • Nukeman60

          I missed everyone here, as well. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home. 🙂

          • Glad you’re back. Are you doing OK?

            • Nukeman60

              Couldn’t be better. Thanks for asking, btw. I took a little trip to gather non-political viewpoints about Obama. My summation is over on the Biden thread. Glad to hear your voice again. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do (many, many threads to read).

              I heard VirginiaGentleman is back. That is good news, indeed. God be praised. I know my prayers for him and his family were not alone.

              I’m reinvigorated and ready for the final 5 week push to the finish line. I feel more confident now than I did last week that we will be victorious. Lord, I love this country.

              • You always have been feisty my Nukefriend. It’s good to see you in such happy spirit. 😀

    • FriendOfReality


      They would blame it on Bush…saying it was a program that started when Bush was President.

    • Orangeone

      Or Bush, or Reagan

  • rsox1

    The news network might be Fox, and the racism thing working both ways could mean it’s a tape of Obama saying something incendiary. Plus, I can’t imagine Drudge hyping something that would work against Romney, and the fact he says it’s not from Mother Jones seems to be indicating it’s not from the Left. Hmmm. I’m just crossing my fingers, hoping it’s something that won’t hurt Romney.

  • mediaaccess1

    I don’t get the open thread. I just say what’s on my mind anyway.

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      There are threads where generally, comments are directed toward the story featured. On the open thread, other topics can be introduced that people want to share.

  • 1vote

    Anybody here have insight into the military vote being “hindered” ??

    • p m

      AmyinWisconsin had some posts about the failure of counties there to get the ballots out – a few threads back.

  • 4Hoppes2

    My totally irrelevant comment.
    A Catholic priest was counseling a young lady that consistently wore inappropriate seductive clothing during counseling. The priest was very uncomfortable until one day he had an idea about remedying the problem. The next time they met he offered her an apple. Confused and off guard the young lady asked why he was giving her an apple. The priest responded ” it only took one apple for Eve to realize she was undressed”.

  • Rocco11

    Maybe it’s the Rashid Khalidi tape the LA Times has been sitting on for 4 years. NOT!

  • marketcomp

    Ok patriots, brace yourselves. I have always said that I don’t care what Romney did or said nothing will make me vote for Obama. Obama is the most deceptive President in history having a media that should be thrown in jail for not reporting the news on fast & furious, and the Libya diaster. I will never believe anything that the MSM says because they are lying SOB’s and are now just a wing of the democrat party. And I think that if NEW media stop spreading or even reporting on the MSM and their lies then maybe they will be forced to either tell the truth or go away.

    I mean these people, along with Obama, support people who abuse and berate women at every aspect of life, the Muslum Brotherhood. Why do they think these people are right in what the say and do I will never know. But when they use brute force to rule then you know they are doing what’s wrong.

  • Sean just said “a tape ON OBAMA” – if it’s the same one Drudge is talking about.

  • JudyinNC

    Don’t know what to think about this except it makes me very nervous.

  • Unless I see THE tape of tape with Meeshell calling us Whitey It won’t matter anyway.. Drudge is becoming nothing more than the TMZ of news flashes. He becomes too hyperbolic and frankly older with the news

  • FriendOfReality

    I’m thinking if there is a “debate” about whether to release it from the Media that it has to put Obama in a bad light.

  • Philo Beddoe

    We’ll hear another excuse and forgotten or we’ll hear about it forevah.

    Who’s the tape of?

  • Sandra123456

    Pigs in the White House

    Taxpayers spent $1.4 billion on Obama family last year…

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/09/26/taxpayers-spent-1-4-billion-on-obama-family-last-year-perks-questioned-in-new-book/#ixzz28B47WUC3

    • whoops2005

      So that’s how much it costs to keep the POTUS and 3 wookies entertained?

      • Sandra123456

        Can you believe that? The super rich probably don’t go through a billion a year in living expenses. Calling Marie Antoinette…Let them eat cake…


    • Patriot077

      The Queen of England and her family were allotted less than $70 mil.

  • The networks are editing and re-editing as we speak. It will take days before the unedited video is played and everyone will be confused and tired of it by then. Isn’t it sad we expect them to alter it / spin it even before we’ve seen it or have a clue to what it is about? Anyone know what network will air?

  • tinker_thinker

    I heard Hannity talking about a video he was going to show tonight. Wouldn’t say anything about it, just that he was told it would be ready for tonight.

  • 1water

    Releasing big tapes in the evening of debates which are moderated by the MSM might be a good method to crash the game of the left. And in case BHO already has already received the prepared questions, he can’t really use his prepared answers.

  • Susanna958

    Maybe its Breitbarts “vetting”.

  • The only tape I’m really interested in is the one The Los Angeles Times has under lock and key showing how anti-semitic Obama really is. I wonder if it’s that one?

    • From your lips to God’s ears

  • Hannity said he’d be airing a tape tonight on his show.

  • Breitbart? O’Keefe?

  • Tard’s a cool cat

  • jcelephant

    God, do we really need to get so cliched in this election that we spend a couple of days navel gazing on race? Really?

  • WordsFailMe

    I think the station owner maybe one of Joe Biden’s HENDOOZE but here it goes. Obama roll in’ out his new “small business enterprenuer’s plan” in DEEtroit.. Turns out, Obamerrhoid right-If you owns a small bid-ness, you dint bild dat:


  • al_gore_lies

    Word has it….its a tape that Breitbart got a hold of and specifically wanted held until the 11th hour. Compiled by a campus news staff, it shows speakers at a rally being interviewed. During each interview, each subject is asked for their name and where they come from. Barack Obama clealy says “I was born and raised for most of my life in Kenya”.

    Gonna blow it wide open….

  • GetWhatYouPayFor

    Ratings gig for FOX since they have apparently been forbidden to have Sarah Palin on, ratings are flat. I won’t get my hopes up. I am guessing young Obama with black radicals again.

  • Hannity alluded to a Tape that he will air tonight on his show that he was waiting to confirm…he just mentioned it tonight…that the MSM has held and was edited selectively from years ago…..I think it must be the same thing from Drudge!

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    I’m sorry, but I just have to comment on the cat. Grumpy cat has an under bite. I have a friend with a mutt with an under bite, and she always looks sad too, but awwwww…. that is the cutest little under bite I’ve ever seen.

    Now let’s just hope Scoop can post a “Grumpy Obama” video or photo after tonight’s video, though with “racism in both directions,” I can’t imagine what it could be.

    • WordsFailMe

      Mrs. WFM just told me that the tape is mildly negative about Romney. Because it is so mild, the libs leaked the inflammatory info to Drudge who shameless reported it as the insider. Following the free publicity, the news media holding the tape will say that, because of such wide demand to see it, the y HAD to release it.

      In other words, Drudge is being used as a tool of the left. We are being set up folks by the flim-flam man and the shiny, scum trail he leaves in his wake.

      • WordsFailMe

        Look’s like Mrs. WFM dropped the ball on this one. Hannity has the raving Obama tape tonight! And she’s as happy as possible

  • Could this be those Los Angeles Times tapes from the Khalidi fundraise back in 2007 or so where Obama was speaking and we are told said some very questionable items in regards to Israel and Muslims? Remember the tapes that there is 100,000 reward for? Could the LA Times have turned over to networkds to edit out the worst parts of Obama’s words to protect him?

    Because is the media is holding…it would have to be something that could have hurt Obama. If this was Romney it would have been aired ASAP!!

    • Nukeman60

      Not likely the Khalidi tape because that tape was made in 2003 (even though they talked about it in 2007). Drudge refers to a video ‘made 6 years ago’ (in other words, in 2006). That would put Obama in the US Senate, one year before he started his Presidential campaign.

      It may well be a private conversation about the upcoming campaign against Hillary (Drudge hinted about racial overtones both ways). That would be my guess.

  • jaybenson

    Fake birth certificate, missing education records… the announcement will be that it has been discovered Barack Obama is a fictitious character being played by Robert Downing Jr. It’s the only way to explain the last four years. Plus, have you ever noticed the two are never in the same room together?

    • You went full retard. Never go full retard.

      • jaybenson

        Sorry. Couldn’t help but to follow the example of our fearless leader. Plus don’t I sound a lot like another famous (infamous) Jay when I go “full retard”?

  • johnos2112

    Is this the October surprise? Haha!

    • WordsFailMe

      Expect the October surprise to be presented by muslims, explosives and weapons funded by the American taxpayer, imported from Libya.

      • johnos2112

        You could be right.  I sense that some violence could be coming.  Let’s hope not!

        • WordsFailMe

          The only thing that we CAN do is to PLAN…..not to be surprised and plan to be able to carry on the business of our nation regardless of how outrageous the final OBAMA trick will be. Mayhem is not something the Obama campaign cannot use to its advantage.

      • Arrrggghhh

        I’m guessing that an October surprise will be a staged racial incident a la Trayvon Martin. Obama will do anything he can to GOTV with any group that votes for him in the 90-95% range.

  • wodiej

    I can’t see any of your videos.

  • wodiej

    I’m not going to get excited about it. Some people like to juice up their web hits or just want attention. If it is something, it might explain why Romney has been more polite than some think he should be. You don’t play your best hand too early.

  • FriendOfReality


  • kathleen kennedy


  • justplainbob

    He has it in headline right now…With his flashing lights. LOL



  • DownWithObammieTheCommie

    Now Drudge is saying “Obama’s OTHER race speech” on Fox tonight! Sounds like bad news for Barry.

  • StandProudNow

    Hannity just mentioned that the tape will be on his show tonight.

  • Joengima

    Hmm, “Obama’s Other Race Speech”

    I’m intrigued.

    • whoops2005

      It’s totally in Kenyan. No way to understand it.

  • I think that it’s going to be on Hannity. I was listening to his radio show this afternoon and thought I heard him say something about a video from 2007. I wasn’t paying that much attention at the time and didn’t think much of it. Stay tuned!

  • AbdulBX

    Drudge has the siren….uh-oh

    • DownWithObammieTheCommie

      LOL…..that siren cracks me up. Crude graphic.

  • Let me be clear. Obama got Mossad mad and now everything Obama has ever done is now going to surface. By the end of the week we will have pictures of Barry and Larry Sinclar in the back of a limo together with powered sugar Barry’s pecker.

    • WordsFailMe

      ROFLMAO — Along with a couple of Ben Afflect-look-a-likes looking for an ambassador-ship.

  • las1

    This cat kinda reminds me of grumpy Walter.

    • WordsFailMe

      HAHAHA “Oh no this is not what Osama said it would be…”

  • whoops2005

    I just heard it’s Oweblamer casually talking about his time in the Kenyan National Guard. Talks about when he first got his spear and was charged with protecting Nairobi.
    Or maybe that was just the voices in my head.

  • PhillyCon

    You are right … if “chickens coming home to roost” didn’t spark any outrage outside of conservatives … then nothing will.

    His more recent dealings with Libya, EO’s, and the “passage” of Obamacare should be more glaring than a 6 year old tape. But, we live in a day and age of “protected” Obama, where everything he does goes unreported.

  • Joengima

    The only thing I want is to make sure this is as big as Drudge and Hannity is making it seem to be. If it is something Obama and the media can simply spin and ignore or something…

    Honestly unless it’s Obama bashing Jews, Hispanics, Whites and the Clintons, in the speech, I don’t see how it could be big.

  • poljunkie

    At this point, I honestly dont know what he could possibly say to change the roughly 50 % of the peoples minds who are voting for him. He’s done pretty much a horrible job at everything. What’s left? They are in serious denial.

    • Nukeman60

      50% are not voting for him. That’s the media ruse. We have to have faith that people will do what’s right, given all the facts. Polling is missing the three important factors:

      1) people say they are voting for Obama when they really aren’t, because of fear of being labeled racist;

      2) people are saying they agree with the administration, when in fact they agree with conservatives on the path of our country (once again, because they fear the retribution of the press); and

      3) only 9% of people contacted actually respond to polls this year (that is the lowest in history).


      The enthusiasm this year is all conservative, not liberal. Only 8% of people even trust the media. That is promising. The skewed polls indicate a higher Democrat turnout than 2008 (which is what makes them skewed) and that is not going to happen.


      • poljunkie

        I hope you are right.

        We had a meeting with our “stock advisor” today to shuffle our accounts and he said that Merrill Lynch/B of A and their high ups and analysts have projected (although they dont necessarily want this) an Obama win, and the House and Senate being Republican. He kept trying to state how great it would be to have both the House and Senate controlled by the Republicans, which I agree would be nice, but I just couldnt impart to him my feelings of despair over Obama being re-elected.

        After he said that I couldnt even concentrate on the rest of the meeting, and just wanted to get out of there.

        • Arrrggghhh

          Trust me, Merrill Lynch or your broker have no better idea than you do about who will win the election than you do.

          • poljunkie

            I hope thats the case. Sure made me feel ill.

        • Nukeman60

          I wonder if your advisors were watching the polls to come to that conclusion. It would be nice to know their source of reasoning, because I think they are wrong, and if they are, the market will skyrocket after November 6th.

          I’m not certified to give financial advise, but If I were you, I’d put my money in safe investments, with the ability to rapidly transfer them to more lucrative accounts should Romney win. An Obama election will subdue the market, but a Romney win will turn it around immediately.

          • poljunkie

            Oh we are super conservative in our investments. Most of our stocks are those that will pay/reinvest dividends until the market improves.
            We have a pretty good balance of things but he thought we needed some commodities. Its funny he pulled out huge binders that have scenarios based on the current GDP, unepmployment rate, housing market, S and P- and then gives likely projections. As you know is not a pretty picture. With the RE market going to be flooded with short sales that have been held up for the past 6 months they are going to hit the market at the end of the quarter and then saturate the market. This is, going to depress the uptick that has been occuring lately in current real estate values (which are still horrible). When I spouted off my opinion and then ranted about how I felt the Republicans could win and then lower the jobless rate by doing all the things we have discussed here, and finally stablize with a budget… his reponse was only that he didnt necessarily agree with Merrill but that was what they were bracing for. The thing I felt that was most compelling was that he seemed genuine in his belief that Ryan would be amazing for all things deficit related.

            • Nukeman60

              Sounds like you have a good handle on it. Many don’t think about those kind of things. Whatever happens down the road (Romney or Obama), we all know there will be high inflation in the recovery. People need to be prepared for all contingencies. Kudos to you.

              • poljunkie

                Thanks NM. I feel so sick about this. Its not that we take what he says as the Golden Word- not at all. Its just that it makes us really irritated that his company is already going this route. I guess they are talking a line of defense for their investors. But I was really taken aback.

  • Islam_Sucks

    blah…. even if he came out and sang:

    ‘I’m gonna git me a shotgun and kill all the whiteys I see…’

    would we really be surprised?

    • Arrrggghhh

      There really isn’t anything that the MSM won’t just spin. I can hear them now: “He only said that because men that looked like Mitt Romney enslaved his ancestors.” or, “Mitt Romney and the NRA are fighting for his right to shoot people.”

      Let’s try another one: “I’m gonna beat and rape as many white women as I can.”

      MSM spin: If those women get pregnant, Mitt Romney and the Republicans will force them to have the child.

      There’s just no end to it.

  • If the tape is from a Barack Obama “speech” in 2006, there is no way its very controversial. Obama was already in the Senate and thinking about running for President by 2006. And its a prepared speech. Not something off the cuff. Its a nothing burger. Probably Obama saying we need to spend more money on the black community or something.

    Drudge hasn’t had a real controversy since 1998.

  • There is much still to be uncoverred that will have timed releases….til November.

    • AbdulBX


  • SKL53

    Fox was forced to pull a video several months ago that had something to do with Obama addressing Muslim Leaders at a party for Kahlidi. Seems Obama was speaking Arabic in this video praising this terrorist when he was a senator. Administration made Fox pull it! Let’s cover up for this pathological liar!

  • AbdulBX

    Well, it’s at a black church.

  • 1water



  • Is that a Louis Farrakhan suit coat shirt combo he’s wearing…Nation of Islam…scary stuff. #BARRYOMUSTGO

  • Orangeone

    Some of us don’t have cable Scoop. How might we see this damning video?

  • My only fear is that enough people will never see this, and if they do, they will never see him for what he is.

    • poljunkie

      Thats true. Hannity watchers arent voting for him anyway.
      I pray if it is a blowout video that the networks pick it up.

      • ChesterWalton

        This video, along with full transcript, has been available since 2007. You think the networks overlooked this bombshell for 5+ years? This “new” vid doesn’t help Romney/Ryan.

        • Conservative_Hippie

          “This “new” vid doesn’t help Romney/Ryan.”

          -it doesn’t hurt them either. 😉

  • iaintlyin

    well if this is what it has the potential to be and i think its what many knew any way, I’ve got one thing to say, with as much sarcasm and disgust as I can possibly muster, Thanks John McCain, you did much disservice to our country for taking your high road. Retire. A second thing, this will show why the black vote is still so solidly in 0s corner even though their unemployment and dropout rates have skyrocketed since 0 took office. I wonder how many more frustrated white single females, who have lost over 500,000 jobs will find him more attractive after 10pm tonight. Two of the most racist blocs of voters voting in Nov..

  • ChesterWalton

    I would love to see the email trail from the people that thought this was a big deal and got it on Drudge/Hannity tonight. My guess is they are delusional. It was reported on in 2007 and transcripts have been published previously. If it was such a huge game changers, why didn’t it have an impact in the 2008 election?

    This just going to distract from the economy and Romney/Ryan’s message and give the MSM more right-wing fodder to laugh at.

    • Conservative_Hippie

      How about we both watch the tape and then let’s talk – until then, your words are hollow.

  • SocialismSucks2

    The Black Liberation church of Wright is all about racism. Race reperations at its best.

  • I’m with some of you that this isn’ t another dud that will go NOWHERE! This has to be EXPLOSIVE! People already know Obama is a Radical-Leftist!!!!

  • Orangeone

    What is it with this fake accent?

  • Orangeone

    All black racist audience and slavery is to blame for everything. If Katrina was so bad, where was O’Bambi when the latest hurricane? Of that’s right, the DNC.

  • Orangeone

    Thanks Scoop!

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • toongoon

    Obama is the embedded bullet… Take it out!


    … I still cannot figure out how this guy was elected to be President of the United States ? It is beyond reality . Hopefully reality will come back and remove Barry Hussein Obama Soetoro from the OVAL OFFICE on November 6 , 2012 .”

    • WordsFailMe

      I think a lot of Americans, tired of the Bushes, just voted for him because he was black and seemed to have a few new ideas. I can forgive them for that, one-time-only.

      Anyone who votes for this tyrant, this communist muslim, this foul miscreant, this liar for a second time because he is black is a traitor and will never be forgiven and the act will never be forgotten.

      • Conservative_Hippie


      • poljunkie

        I can’t.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    So much hate coming from the senator now president barack obama, i hope Romney uses this like Obama is using the 47% video. Man this should be in an ad in one side wright saying god damn america and Obama praising him

  • Well, I’m late again. Had my homeschool co op, and busy indoctrinating the kids today on the Bill of Rights, and the 1st Amendment. I found out that one of my older students from our group who has now graduated from his homeschool wants to be a History teacher. YAY!! He was my star pupil lol.
    Anyway, I just saw this…. found it very interesting. Seems that dear leader has appointed the wife of UNIVISON owner to a UN Diplomatic post. Hmmmm. http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/09/26/3022322/obama-appoints-wife-of-univision.html#storylink=cpy

    • GRITSMama

      Good for you!! HS’ing is our country’s hope for the future! I’m planning to have a “5,000 Year Leap” book discussion with our HS co-op too. Can’t wait to do the class, the book is such a gold mine of info regarding our Founders, and how profound in the history of mankind was this great experiment called the United States of America; and because of it, the world would never be the same.

      • That’s an excellent idea GRITSMama! Maybe I’ll do another follow up class next year with that book. I agree, I pray more and more homeschool kids as they graduate will be able to show those who have been government schooled the truth!!!
        God Bless!

        • GRITSMama

          One of our’s, is a gov’t major, at a conservative classical ed college. The majority of the students at this school have been homeschooled. They(the students) are mopping the floor of the other schools around the country. Once again, they were the top college in America on the national Proficiency Profile test, and the students having the top scores on every single sub-component of the test. Show’s how damaged our pitiful, anti-socialization kids are 🙂

          • Whoo hooo!! I love it! Excellent Mama! Mine is just started 6th grade this year, and most of the co op is down to 5th-6th grade now, so I don’t hear a lot about those who have gone to college yet. It’s great to hear and I love it!!

      • Galatiansch2vs20

        Have you seen the video Monumental, a historical documentary done by Kirk Cameron?

        • GRITSMama

          No, but from what I’ve read, I’d love to.

          • Galatiansch2vs20

            We rented it from the local video store!

    • Nukeman60

      …dear leader has appointed the wife of UNIVISON owner to a UN Diplomatic post. Hmmmm‘ – ABiC

      Well, there goes the critical reporting of Fast and Furious. I see she had absolutely no diplomatic experience. Knowing that Obama had no experience either, it makes sense to appoint someone else who doesn’t have a clue to a position that is only used for smoozing.

      ‘Hide my faults and I’ll hide yours’ – Obama?

      • poljunkie

        Holy Crap.

      • Yup. You said it so much better Nuke. Gee I’m glad you’re back!

      • iaintlyin

        are you shitin’ us? This is getting so flagrantly corrupt it’s really ….i don’t know what to say. And another thing, this horsecrap Republican Congress leaves town early, what a bunch of phony bastards. Even if it was for show these morons shpuld have stood in Washington until the election, who the hell are they to split work (ha) early. This has evo;ved into some shipshop of a gov’t.. Not a single American amongst them, nor a testicle, other than nancy botoxi’s.

      • WordsFailMe

        I hope she got libya…

        • DCGere


        • That’s what I was thinkin. Irony is sometimes a good thing.

          • WordsFailMe

            Sometimes irony is the only way to overcome obtusity!

        • Nukeman60

          Ha! That’s good. 🙂

          • WordsFailMe

            Hey Nuke you know about weapons-Where does a guy go to get aerosol-grade lard? Got an idea I’m working on…See ya tomorrow, my friend.

            Oh yes and I need a fried-bacon fragrance chemical while you’re at it.

            • Nukeman60

              I just use a spray bottle of pig’s blood. Shoot an attacker in the torso, spritz them in the face, and tell them what it is quickly before they die. I would think that would be acceptable.

              Is that the effect you’re looking for?

              • WordsFailMe

                Great links! I see a real future for Boss Hogs fragrance concentrate since it’s already been weaponized,

                I was really stuck trying to figure out how to maintain the lard in an emulsified state in the delivery device without using some kind of volatile medium. The blood, since it is water soluble solve that problem. And it could be produced in large quantities and stored as a freeze dried power making it easy to store, cheap to transport.

                What would be lost is that sticky, slimy feel of warm lard. I might add a squirt of WD40 to a gallon an see how that works.

                Do you think an average 2-Gal, Hand-Pump Garden Sprayer w/ nozzle set to “Stream” deliver the product at 5-10 feet? For High volume requirements, I don;t think you can beat one of those old hand-pump, water-filled, fire extinguishers–you get a 20-foot spray easily.. As for home/neighborhood use, I was thinking about a Ortho garden hose sprayer with a extended “fireman’s” nozzle-type.

                Thanks Nuke. You’ve given me a lot to think about. When I’m ready for financing. do you want to get a letter?

                • Nukeman60

                  Yeah, lard’s melting point is between 85 and 100 degrees. You’d have to keep it hot. I can have my FNX9 (17+1 cartridge mag) on my left hip and a holster with a spritzer bottle on my right. Seems to work out well for quick draw, but, actually, haven’t tested it out yet, lol.

                  For those big jobs, you need a backpack sprayer. Hope this helps. 🙂


              • WordsFailMe

                I know we’re just spit-ballin here, but seems like adding PIG’s Blood to a typical lawn fertile would not really detract for the purpose of lawn feeding and would have additional benefits.

                So let’s also think about that possibility.

                Of course, like the Home Burglar Alarm system, it lacked a “Crime Deterrence” factor until the installers began adding window decals and lawn signs warning, “THIS HOUSE PROTECTED BY ACME ALARM,” ect.

                Nuke we could be on to something here. Entire city parks could be regularly sprayed with this pig-blood, bacon scented fertilizer. Hell, you could aerial spray entire forests! The whole Midwest prairie could be dusted by releasing the chemicals in a dry aerosol in Canada just before tornado season begins.

                Pigs blood could be incorporated into plastic use to make patio furniture, children’s toys, automobile accessories. sun glasses, Tupperware, ski boots. We are looking at a natural resource whose wealth potential is completely untapped.

                We need to talk, buddy. With your science background and my nose for logistics, we’re half way to the start of a new small business. Wonder if Obama will get us a loan or build a road between my place and yours?

                • Nukeman60

                  For now, we must concentrate on our responses to the wacko moderator questions that are coming tonight. With the proper President, there is no Sharia, no jihadists and hence, no need for pig’s blood in any container. Good thoughts for down the road, though.

                  Now, what repels progressives? Hmmm…

                • WordsFailMe

                  Dad flew B-24’s out New Guinea in WWII then took his family to Japan to train Japanese pilots to defend their country in 1957. I spent a year in Vietnam.

                  We never hated anyone in my family. I got to the point where I didn’t care for the Vietnamese and was happy to aim and fire 105’s, 155’s, 175’s and 8-incher’s, HE, firecracker, CS–didn’t matter–but it never got personal. I never figured that there was anything that any 3 or more people couldn’t resolve with a little good will.

                  I don’t feel that way anymore and maybe it’s just age, but as far as I am concerned Muslims have worn out their welcome in this country. I’m not looking for anyone to convert from their native religion or to kiss America’s butt for any reason, but I’m fed up with the treachery, deceit, lies, arrogance and intrigues and I have no further interest in any dealings with a Muslim. I know there are decent people everywhere, but I don’t care. There is no exception when it comes to my country. My patience is gone.

                  They say that in some societies where the people are both honest and considerate, letting a guest know that his host wishes him to leave is a delicate matter. To facilitate this message and to reduce the chance of offense, the host wraps a towel around the household broom at night. When the guest sees it, he politely finds a reason to curtail his visit and with profuse expressions of gratitude. leaves promptly. That’s nice.

                  Well, as far as I am concerned, the towel is on the broom, Moham, and there’s no tradition for a second notice.

                • Nukeman60

                  My e-mail got it anyway. I liked it. 🙂

    • Galatiansch2vs20

      Why do I suspect some nefarious purpose?

      • Dear leader always does what he does nefariously, so I imagine your suspicions are correct my brother.

        • Galatiansch2vs20

          Only I’m not a guy.

          • LOL SORRY SIS! I get mistaken for a guy a lot too. lol. I had no idea! 😀

            • Galatiansch2vs20

              I think some guys respect a person’s opinion more when they think you are a man.

  • Rocco11

    Black Liberation Theology is based on Marxist theory…

  • Look at the supposed church members clapping like seals while someone is spewing hatred. It’s this kind of things that are wrong with this country.

    • My grandmother church would have never put up with this type of hateful crap!

  • I hope this video release is a misdirection move. What is Obama going to say in 2007 that is going to be a “bombshell” ? I think this is to get the Obama spin machine moving in the wrong direction, so the pre-spin is wrong and the talking points backfire. If not and this is it, well then 3,2,1 yawn.

    If covering up Fast and Furious and Libia did nothing what the heck is Obama speaking in his “Hillary” black voice going to do???

  • MaxineCA

    Daily Caller says it will be released tonight at 9 p.m. ET, so that would make it 6 p.m. on the west coast, same time Hannity comes on here. I can’t imagine Hannity not covering it. (Sure hope Tucker has good security, as he has been breaking lots of stories lately, kind of going “Breitbart”, with no apologies.)

    After watching the clips here I wanted to puke. I’ll have to have a bucket close by to get through 40 min. of watching this fraud, with his fake accent. Should be interesting if he switches to Arabic!

    • WordsFailMe

      West Coast?–better close your drapes and turn the volume down—I will

    • magi52

      Breitbart and him worked together, actually Matt Drudge was Andrew’s mentor.

      Go LoOK up some FreePAC, CPAC speeches, and Dana Loesch speeches and you will learn the History about the NEW Press/MEDIA that is being created first started by Matt Drudge of the Drudgereport.com now spread to Breitbart.com AiM.org here at TheRightScoop.com TheBlaze.com FreedomWorks.org many more are popping up with citizen journalist/reporters along with FoxNews.com

      Glenn Beck explains it ALL in his speech at FreePAC Cincinnati Sept 15th:

      The American people are building this because the OLD Press/MEDIA has failed the American people and is not telling the truth, just spreading Progressive Propaganda and bias information. It is BROKEN and can NOT be fix so WE THE PEOPLE are building a NEW Press/MEDIA that delivers TRUTH/Facts and lets you form your own opinion the way it is supposed to be.

      Spread the word.

      • MaxineCA

        I’m well aware and have been following new media for many several years. Thank goodness for the NEW media!

        • magi52

          I am surprised about how many are not aware of The NEW Press/MEDIA…

          Just spreading the word to inform others.

    • p m

      I’d rather listen to Tard scratching his claws down a blackboard than listen to Turd ‘orating’ for 40 minutes.
      But, gotta do whatcha gotta do. At least up here in Canuckland there’s no need to close the drapes or keep it low!

  • TJinNJ

    Telling Fox News website doesn’t say ONE word about this nor Hannity Show covering this tonight…Fox has been Islamicized…

    No 2 Share holder, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, donates to Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR and Ground Zero Mosque…He also is tied to RINO king maker Grover Norquist via his buddy Suhail Kahn who works with Dr. John L. Esposito who runs the MB dawa operation “The Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding” (PACMCU) at Georgetown University named after himself.

    The second largest shareholder in News Corp. — the parent company of Fox News — has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to causes linked to the imam planning to build a Muslim community center and mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan, says a report from Yahoo!News.

    According to the report from Yahoo!’s John Cook, Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who owns seven percent of News Corp., “has directly funded [Imam Feisal Abdul] Rauf’s projects to the tune of more than $300,000.”


    Suhail Kahn


    • WordsFailMe

      Glad you are on our side, TJ–startling stuff but tends to support some suspicions we’ve all had lately.

      • TJinNJ

        Just filling a void.

  • sjmom

    Too many times I’ve waited to hear something and it was nothing. I will check out Hannity though.

  • Stehekin912

    Man, he was really working hard on that accent. Amazing speeches. Revealing.

  • playsalieri

    I don’t get it. Why did President Obama speak with a pseudo-southern accent? In my opinion, it sounds fake & disingenuous.

    Does that make me a racist?

    • WordsFailMe

      HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa But the word “psuedo” has kind of a racist texture to it, don’t you think—LOL!

      • p m

        Greek…or Scot?! No matter, salieri thought it sounded fake and disingenuous, just like every lie that comes out of that (now I think of it) cruel mouth. Like any actor, he plays to his audience, and like any bad actor, he forgets his lines or delivery sometimes.

    • Stehekin912


      Several times, he slipped up and went accent-less, too. What a creep.

      • shesmilez

        He surely did

      • Jay

        He got to show he a bruthah.

  • Leftists will agree with these Obama comments. His base, the black voter will agree.

    However, the INDEPENDENTS will blow up when they see this stuff, as will the women who live in the suburbs and pay high taxes so their kids can go to decent schools.

  • giomerica

    I wonder if Andrea Mitchell will be able to verify that this actually is BO…

  • Sounds good! Let’s take the bullet out and your ass out of office!

  • Galatiansch2vs20
  • Sober_Thinking

    Scoop, love the cat video… but the “F”-bomb is dropped a few times in the background.

  • michael carpenter

    Grumpy ol’ mug on that little cat, but he seems to appreciate the gesture. Cute


  • RestlessLegs

    Drudge is teasing this with “bombshell” Obama statements like: “Poor people ‘Need help with basic skills, how to shop, how to show up for work on time, how to wear the right clothes, how to act appropriately in an office.'” That’s the best “controversial” statement Drudge could come up with? Unless there’s something else here, this sounds like all sizzle and no bacon. (I hope I’m wrong, though…)

    • Rightstuff1

      I watched this thing and I have got to just say “errrr so what??” I see nothing here at all. Its all fatuous crap. But is it anything other than the same old same old drivel?? Nope its not.

      I’m so underwhelmed I’m angry. I thought this would be something but its turns out to be nothing.

  • So God is saying about the baby :

    But if the young lady decided she didn’t want a disfigured baby, or some such other reason, and asked the doctor to “abort” it. And the doctor takes the living baby out and “aborts” (stabs) it… That would not only be legal ( by Obamas IL state senate vote) , God would be cool with that. Got it.

    • Orangeone

      When is he going to blame whites for shooting her? Or did this happen in Chicago and it’s black on black? Or was it Julia’s baby that was shot?

  • DCGere

    I’ll miss it on tv, dang. Well, I’m not going to get my hopes up, as suggested. As with everything this admin does, it just gets lied about, distorted, ignored, or not even reported. Sigh…

    • Orangeone

      Scoop says Daily Caller will have video on their site.

      • DCGere


        • Orangeone

          It’s up now and wow it’s powerful along with their article and O’Bambi’s racist quotes contained within it!  Now the Repub Super PAC needs to use this!!!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Now I don’t know what time these videos were released but, you would expect Fox News to lead with this but unfortunately on Special Report and the so-called allstars there was no mention of it. It bothers me because when the 47% video came out fox reported it on Special Report, and the leftist sheppard smith lead his news cast with it why I ask?

  • WordsFailMe

    Looks like Obama’s going to stop sending Gitmoans to Canada. Now they will probably go to and even worse hell-hole-Illinois–where they can vote and be close to the city of Islamisc love and black population control programs.

    FED’s may buy the unused prison under a BO/BS Exec Order where the international inmates will share a soccer stadium with the Chicago Fire pro men’s soccer team. (Our money on a Bank of China VISA direct to responsible politicians of the State of Illinois.)

    Word has it that the muslim team will take the name “The Chicago StockYard Birds” and will adopt a camel as a mascot whose name is “Flo.”


  • drphibes

    It’s a “baby” for purposes of a good story. When it survives the hand of the abortionist and is born, it is nothing – fit only to die without comfort, aid, or attempt to save.

  • drphibes

    “But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

  • drphibes

    You’re right, it’s time to take the bullet out. The wound is in America, with a debt that threatens her children. It’s time to take the bullet out.

  • shesmilez

    You can distinctly hear his change into the “b1ack’ speech.

  • 2yves

    I like the grumpy kitty cat video the best. I can’t stand to watch BHO anymore.

  • shesmilez

    And where are those same folks today? Are they better off? Did they prosper as Obama promised they would?

    • drphibes

      I got an Obama phone. Keep Obama in President, I got a phone.

  • MaxineCA

    It’s on Hannity right now.

  • drphibes

    Apologies…HILARIOUS change of subject:

    If you’re a child of the 70’s, you will die laughing.

  • xjesterx

    Hannity is saying the most outrageous comments are not in the 9 minute video above.

    • drphibes

      i find him clean and articulate.

    • iaintlyin

      It’s a country gone amok for the sake of showing our ability of acceptance. rather than continue a path of pride, leadership and moral values, the progressive left has led us down a road marked by perversion, deception, socialism and entitlements. For that, future generations will resent what we let happen to this republic on our watch. As i said once before in this forum, if the O socialists are so proud and righteous of their leader and his agenda, i dare them to put a small ‘0’ tattoo on the back of their left hand. Be proud of what you’re doing you sob’s, this way your grandchildren will know exactly who to blame for living in a communist state, with less of a chance to succeed than ever before. The sad thing is these creeps will pro’bly purge the libraries from any literature of anything showing how good it was and could have been if not for the imbecilic mentality of too many of todays middle class. All these do gooders and future utopians, many of whom have already adorned themselves with ‘tats’, at great expense mind you, should be standing in line to show their support of this cadre of creeps. Mark yourselves if your’e so sure.

  • Orangeone

    Posters: Daily Caller has the full video up and a great 3 page article with fantastic O’Bambi racist quotes. Shame on McShame for not using this in 2008 and silencing Sarah Palin.

  • TheRedWriter

    I’m watching Hannity right now. This is the biggest spin job I’ve seen in a long time. All you have is a different accent. So far I haven’t heard any racism. Our side is getting really desperate, and we should be, but a spin job like this won’t work on anybody.

  • This is the first time the whole 40 minute video was posted. The one on Youtube is on 9 minutes. It’s important for several reasons. First the media spend a lot of energy in 2008 marketing Obama as a “safe black”, Carlton if you will. This video along with excerpts from his “Dreams of my Father” really paint a entirely different picture when put in context with his redistribution comments, “typical white person”, etc. Fact is he comes off more like Malcome X than Carlson, and that’s not going to sell well with white voters – especially the undecided. Obama talks about Mitt’s 47%, but 75% of the voting public are white and it seems in this video he’s dissing them by assigning a racist narrative (white people don’t care about you). How much this effects things remains to be scene. I told readers about this coming out a few weeks ago. Additionally I’m told there are two other surprises.


  • kong1967

    Uh, is that your cat, Scoop? I ask because you mentioned it’s name.

    I’m sorry, but that is one very ugly cat. Something about his eyes, too far apart or something….and the grumpy upside down smile.

    He looks like a freaking Mogwai before it turns into a full-blown Gremlin!

  • kong1967

    This side of Obama was ignored before and it will be ignored again. Mentioning it will just get the “racist” accusation slung at us a million more times……and the “right wing nut jobs” barb.

    This matters a lot, but in this liberal nightmare it doesn’t mean a thing and he walks on water.

  • wodiej

    Thank you Right Scoop for all you do.