Special Report highlights the new “Obama flag” and @MichelleMalkin’s comments about it

Good to see Special Report highlighting Obama’s new memorial to himself in the form of his own version of the American flag. What a messiah complex! They also show Michelle Malkin’s tweet response to it, calling him the “Narcisist-in-chief”. That was awesome. But they don’t make the connection to the bloody hand prints in Benghazi though:

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  • Stehekin912

    I don’t see how that abomination of a flag has anything to do with “red states and blue states”.

    • Or any states. No stars, just an “O”. Like a little toilet bowl, sitting above a field of blood.

      • bobemakk

        AND, Obama is bleeding America for his own benefit. He IS a Muslim, enjoying a lavish lifestyle on our taxpayer money, besides all the wasted stimulus money.

        • Go see obama2016 he is pro-muslim though i believe Dinesh d’souza said he is atheist
          ( like most dictators are. obama the wanna be dictator)

    • warpmine

      Can’t see the connection either but then, I’m not high on Kool-aide.

    • That’s what the country’s flag will look like under another four years of El Presidente’s malevolent rule.

  • The rest of the “conservatives” out there need to take Malkin & Priebus’ lead & quit railing on Romney. Focus on Obama. You can bitch about Romney’s decisions after he’s elected.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Um… ok.

      Was this somehow Romney’s fault?

      • Um…no.

        And I don’t see how I insinuated that.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Alrighty, my bad.

          I think I agree with your point – we need to unite behind Romney and get him elected. If that was your point, I full on agree. If I missed it again, sorry m8, I might need more coffee.

          • That was precisely my point. You go into battle with the army you have.

      • agas84363

        naaaa! had to be Bush

        • Sober_Thinking

          Lol… my bad.

    • Yep. I was rather vocal about not wanting Romney. Once it became obvious Romney was going to win, I stopped criticizing him. What could we possibly gain from that now?

      Once the election is over, I plan to do everything I can to make sure he doesn’t go all wobbly.

      • I don’t care if Romney is mormon or not,but I fear obama is out of control and main str. media is in bed with him.I t is time to vote this wanna be dictator out.

    • bobemakk

      You are right and did you see the latest video of Obama bashing Romney for outsourcing jobs? It sickens me that Obama can condemn Romney when Obama allowed GM to build an $80 billion plant in Communist China outsourcing thousands of jobs. In that video Obama is a liar (as usual).

      Additionally why doesn’t GM pay back stimulus money that they owe instead of outsourcing jobs to Communist China and building a plant there?

  • The scary part is those who are pledging allegiance to Obama and his regime on top of this atrocity. Is this the first time a politician has politicize our flag? If so, it is a great desecration that needs to be prosecuted by . . . . . hmmm! Guess, it will have to be We the People after all!

    • p m

      Brrrr – National Socialist Party redux. What’s next, a ‘new’ swastika, hammer and sickle?

  • Yours is the best story I’ve seen of it Scoop, and I’m not just saying that to suck up either.
    This is an abomination of Old Glory, and dear leader, or anyone for that matter, has any right to do this.

    Breathe in… I need a little bit of this right now- c’mon folks, let’s look at a real flag! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shWyIxnjNAI&feature=related

    • Johnny Cash was one of our best spokesmen. Here’s a group, Madison Rising, that stands by our flag http://youtu.be/c8C7i9kdEf8

      • Madison Rising is a great group. I’ve heard them before. Thanks for the link! 🙂

      • 1vote

        Thanks Bill. That was great. I never would have heard that on my own.

        I guess Old Glory ain’t good enough as is for our prez. God help us !!

      • BikerHoop

        That was a very stirring remake… thanks.

  • Sandra123456

    What if President Bush had his own flag?

    • The guys who do the 21-gun salute will present him with one when his Father passes away, someday.

      I have one of those.

      Wouldn’t ever want any other for my country.

      • Nukeman60

        My older brother has ours. It’s in a beautiful triangular case and proudly displayed on his mantle, next to Dad’s ashes. No better one made in all the world. I agree.

        • Patriot077

          My husband enjoyed woodworking and he made beautiful flag cases for his uncle and a family friend who fought in WWII. Later he did the same for a close friend from his war – the Viet Nam war.

          He would be thoroughly disgusted with this latest obamanation.

      • We’ve got one too K-Bob. It’s an honor for sure.

    • There would have been massive riots in protest and flag bonfires. Now that El Presidente has his own flag, the left is giddy with glee.

    • Anthony Kramer

      He would get the same response, you don’t get it our flag is our simple of our freedom. Even yours

  • No red states or blue states just an asshat in the whitehouse

  • Nukeman60

    This flag seems very appropriate for Obama. He’s taking away the states with total federal control, and he has blood on his hands through his failed policies. There should be drops of blood dripping from Florida to top off this Obamination.


    46 and counting, louder and louder.

    • Sober_Thinking

      Sure is a lot of red in that flag… China, blood, embarassment, angry…

      • Workers unions, communism.

  • Landscaper

    Don’t mess with Michelle.

  • That Flag is not one inch symbolic of the US…..it is and always will be about Obama and nothing else….his narcissism is sickening!

    PLEASE go over to INSTAPUNDIT and check out the “HONEY, YOU DID BUILD THAT VIDEO” off YouTube…IT IS FANTASTIC with the parents and child….It slap Obama beautifully!

  • Rshill7

    As disgusting as this flag is, some of you may want to read a ten part article in the “Washington Examiner” entitled, “The Obama You Don’t Know”.

    I mean this guy really “cares” about folks…and how. He should be rooming with a couple of former Illinois Governors.

    • I was just looking at that article. Seem poor, little “Barry” wasn’t so poor after all.

      Oh, here’s a link to it.

      • wodiej

        I read it too but he has plenty of other “issues” stemming from his childhood and how he was raised. Disturbing.

        • p m

          And boy, isn’t the world just paying the price, eh?

        • I wonder which room in the White House is the “Choom Room”?

          • what is choom room!

            • In one of Obama’s books, he referred to a van they used to smoke pot in as a “Choom Wagon” or something like that.

  • I read the characteristics for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Now I understand BO.

    • Well, that makes you a raaaaacist then, too, doesn’t it? <emoticon goes here>

    • Reading The Communist manifesto helps too 😉

  • 1970greenie

    I pledge allegiance to the flag and the United States of Obama. Not to the republic for which it used to stand. Now, one nation, under Barack, with redistribution and contraception for all.

    • StrangernFiction

      The Land of the Decree and the Home of the Slave

  • Sober_Thinking

    This “logo” is a national insult. If this were a Muslim dominated nation, he would be in huge trouble.

    If he had even a shred of decency, he would drop this like a hot rock and move on. I’m guessing he won’t do either.

    What an arrogant ass.

    • sjmom

      Didn’t you say you had been in the military at one time? If so, isn’t it a federal crime to desecrate the flag? I thought it was.

      • Anthony Kramer

        Actually it is not, you know it is our freedom of speech that would allow us to desecrate the flag. I think personally he should be impeached.

        • sjmom

          I agree.

        • Sober_Thinking

          Spot on – he should indeed be impeached… many times over.

      • Sober_Thinking

        Yes, I served over 20 yrs. in the USAF.

        In the military, there is punishment for defacing the flag… or at least there was. You couldn’t for instance fly it upside down on a military base unless you were in distress or you couldn’t cut up a flag and make a shirt out of it. It’s been a while and I might be fuzzy on the details… but yes, at the very least, there were standards by which we were instructed to abide by. And regulations on how it was to be displayed.

        In this case it’s simply in bad taste for anyone to do this, let alone the pResident of the U.S. – it’s appalling in his case. He should be ashamed for this and the so-called “slogan” that goes with it… it’s stupid and insulting.

    • If this were a muslim dominated nation, he’d change it to this: http://live.rightpundits.com/?p=3018

    • BikerHoop

      DuhOne? Shred of decency? Ummm… not so much.

    • Anthony Kramer

      What a dictator he will become. We better vote him out before he turns the military on us.

      • Sober_Thinking


        He might start using military spy drones on us… hey, wait a minute…

  • 3seven77

    This cannot stand. We need to hammer the Obama campaign about this ‘flag’. An American politician has no business modifying the flag to suit his/her purposes. I think that from now on whenever this ‘flag’ is mentioned, it should ALWAYS be referred to as the Bloody Bengazi Banner. In every post, in every tweet, in every comment.

    • Anthony Kramer

      You guys need to go to his site where he has his monument to himself. There are at least 5 different flags with his face where the 50 stars go. Just Google “Obama Flag” that should make your dinner come back to the table.

  • Jaels_Song

    No worries buddy. You were astute and on your A-game to notice the similarities between the likenesses. We citizen journalist in the new media are sharing your article to comment on the Obama Pol Mao flag everywhere. Thank you, it is very powerful indeed.

  • 911Infidel

    Looks like some seriously good a$$wipe. Might be something worth taking on a hunting trip in case the TP runs out.

    • LOL!

    • Anthony Kramer

      I would suggest we all buy one and burn it on Sunday. The bad part about that suggestion though is that it will help his campaign if you buy them. Hey maybe we could lie to him so he will don’t some flags thinking we love him. Then we can burn them Yea!

      • 911Infidel

        You gotta have emergency TP. Never know when a disaster will strike. Might make a quick gun rag too. You know, something to wipe the excess gun oil on after a fun day at the range.

  • The irony here is that he refused to put his hand over his heart when the pledge was given and on top of that refused to where the flag pin during his first campaign. Now, he wants to imitate the very image he despises. Isn’t this the start of insanity?

    • Well, he is kind’a big on wanting to “transform” things. 🙁

    • freenca

      Wasn’t his Mrs. seen mouthing off ” All this for a da## flag? ” over the playing of our national anthem, some time ago? What, now they want their own banner too? HMMMMM!!!!! Quite presumptive of them, me thinks!!!

  • GuessWhoFan

    This man suffers from delusions of grandeur and basic conceit. I am hard pressed to think of anyone in the world of whom I hold a lower opinion.

  • Holy Mother of God — pleasemake it stop!

  • sjmom

    Why would anyone expect anything else from this megalomaniac? Let’s see; God, Israel, the American flag, what’s next from this abominable being we call Obama? He gets more like Nebuchadnezzar each day; for Obama it’s a flag, with Nebbie it was a statue but in both cases it’s about worshipping them. For those who don’t know what happened to the king please read Daniel 4 in the Bible. It wasn’t pretty.

  • Maybe he will come out with arm bands for the troops next.

    • El Presidente’s civilian security force has already been issued armbands and commie red berets.

  • Jaels_Song

    Democrats proudly display their Obama Pol Mao flag everywhere!

  • ConnieConservative

    This is the second strange Pres. Obama flag. The first one had his photo
    on it. The military should educate their Commander in Chief about proper
    U.S. Flag protocol. Our flag is not a vanity plate.
    It represents our great nation, not the democratic campaign.

  • hbnolikeee

    Waste of time misdirection. Let them wipe their collective butts with that nonsense.

  • daddynoz

    Obama’s flag disconcertingly appears like those torn from life at the Benghazi consulate.

    An extremely poor choice in political taste and timing.

    Not that this is important to the MSM who only cares for an Obama re-election. Some of us in the majority find this situation a major offense who should be found accountable.

    Fast and Furious, integrity of the vote, strong bonds with real allies, etc. This administration does not care about the appearance of false transparency or hypocrisy.

  • iaintlyin

    I’m interpreting this flag as “1 nation under O”. I believe he has intentionally stripped away the 50 stars as a coy way of saying the states won’t have individual rights by the end of his next term if he wins. This is a very blatant statement that this pos and the rest of his rat bastard friends have some very sinister plans ahead for us. This guy has got to be stopped in November.

    • I agree completely iaintlyin. Only thing is.. what’s gonna happen in October. A lot of time for him and his army rats to come up with more crisis that can’t be wasted, and a hum dinger of an October surprise that will prompt dear leader to suspend the elections “for the good of the country.”

      • iaintlyin

        I want him to suspend the elections.

    • indthinker

      Do you think his next move will be to take it upon himself to abolish term limits while he’s still in office? It wouldn’t surprise me.

      • Landscaper

        never happen

    • ur right he nationalizing everything, i am lucky to have info, his next move is the nationalzation of the grid system, what left to federalized? just the electric grid, look up smart grid it will power all the power of the energy in the hand of the state

  • iaintlyin

    If this guys socialist friends and supporters have any balls at all, instead of writting sayings on their hands and waving flags that aim at crushing our republic, they should tatoo themselves on their forearms with a common symbol (maybe this flag). This way their grandchildren and future generations can easily spot the morons that gave this country away to socialism. By 2020 future generations can look across the table and know who to thank on National Obama Day (the only Presidential holiday left by that time). I’ll bet many GranMas and Gran Pas won’t pick their heads up to look them kids in eye. By the way, the only people that will be allowed to take that 1 day off will be, you guessed it……. union members.

  • michael carpenter

    I’m going to print out a copy of this Obamanation of a flag. Then I’ll burn it in the back yard and extinguish it with urine!

    • iaintlyin

      Why in the back yard, we should organize a O flag burning in the parking lot of every Home Depot in the country on a planned day. Thats our problem, we don’t organize en masse against this bunch of America hating creeps. Its getting close to the point we won’t be able to express our opinions in places like this, we better get out of our back yards and into the streets then continue to the voting booths. This has got to stop. Every single day theres another slap in the face to us while his chin gets higher and higher and our enemys get more and more brave.

      • kong1967

        You know what? That’s a very good idea and I think we should do it.

        The left doesn’t see anything wrong with burning the real American flag, but watch their reaction if we burn the Obama flag. They would go balistic and I’m sure of it. Something’s wrong with that picture.

        • iaintlyin

          How do we get started? Whenever I suggest something of this sort the posts goe completely ignored. Its a shame 99% of the people in this forum tsk tsk tsk at events that include the desecretion of our flag but at a grand opportunity like this they shun the chance to show true Americans that we will not put up with this. I don’t get it. When I suggest not buying papers and’or putting your delivery on hold for a predetermined full week, I’m met with malaise. Remarks such as I don’t get the papers anymore and such roll in. Bravo to those who don’t but they fail to acknowledge the second part of the suggestion, use the social networking sites to inform others of the plan. This is how the Muslims did it, its how the OWS criminals do it and we sit on our asses and do nothing.

          • kong1967

            That’s a good point but it’s probably because we aren’t trouble makers. We show our faces to support certain causes or we might gather in protest and hold up signs, but we don’t get destructive or draw attention to ourselves….aside from people like Breitbart who was willing to put himself at risk.

            Liberals don’t have to worry about backlash from the liberal machine…which includes the media. Conservatives who make themselves get noticed have their reputations smeared in the media and they get the IRS mysteriously suddenly beating on their doors. It’s serious business for you to cross the Democrat party in public. They even have Tea Party activists followed.

            I don’t think we could organize something like that here. Maybe if people just started making videos of themselves burning the Obama flag and putting it on Youtube, but you’d have to be prepared for what can possibly come next in retaliation.

            • then have a nerve to say bye bye to the republic…….

              • kong1967

                I wasn’t talking about standing up and fighting for our nation. I was talking about doing things like burning the Obama flag in public, something that would make a great point but would probably make you a target. Obama would probaby call it inciting violence and have you arrested. That’s not fighting for our nation, that’s just making a point. We have other ways to get our points across.

          • we should burn our insurnace plans to to snub obama mandate that we have to buy one, repeal obamacare then we buy health care…. , i see let do it in otc

    • kong1967

      You will be visited by brown shirts in the middle of the night.

  • John3_3

    It’s a disgrace! It’s desecration of the flag!

    • stage9

      ALL liberalism is a desecration.

    • kong1967

      I personally think it should be a crime. It is desecration of the flag.

  • aZjimbo

    It never ends with this cocky, me, me, I, I, I, fraud of a prez.

    • kong1967

      What’s going to suck is that we will hear him put his two cents worth into everything for the next thirty years after we kick him out of office. He won’t have the decency to shut his freaking mouth like Bush did.

      • aZjimbo

        I told friends the first time he/she get interviewed after being thrown out of the white house racism will be brought up. Mark it down. JS

        • kong1967

          I’d imagine the entire Democrat party is going to scream racism after he loses.

          • aZjimbo

            shoot they are screaming racism now.

            • kong1967

              Lol, right you are.

              • aZjimbo

                these people are simply

  • Fundamentally changed flag how appropriate. Not

  • LiberalBoycotter

    What the hell, he told everyone he was going to change America, so why not change our grand old flag. Old Glory, should now be O Bama. The hope is gone, now all that is left is change, so if he is reelected, he is going to give us more change that we don’t want..

    • kong1967

      There won’t be any change left. We will be using stones for barter.

      • Bryan Ewbank

        There are far, far better uses for stones than merely bartering with them!

        • kong1967

          Well, we will always have our free birth control we can trade. I won’t need mine.

  • kong1967

    I hate Obama with a passion. He makes Clinton’s narcisism seem mild. I have zero doubt that if Obama had the power to eliminate the Supreme Court, Congress and the Senate in order to absorb all their powers for himself, he would do it in a heartbeat.

  • Yazz55

    The hammer & sickle will be added to the flag of the obamessiah shortly. Then he will be ready to declare it to be the new flag of the country. No congressional approval needed.

  • Welcome to the WELFARE STATES of AMERICA, one collective nation, under Obama, transforming our once great Republic to a country of mostly poor subjects and a few rulers.
    What will replace the Constitution?

    • iaintlyin

      I’m not sure of the full text of the Constitutions replacement but I do know the first change. “We the people” will be replaced with, “I, Barack Hus….”. Sorry I can’t even type this guys name.

  • Bryan Ewbank

    We really need to get back to “THESE United States”, not “The United States”. The mental shift back to THESE will help people realize that the federal government ain’t the be-all and end-all of everything. Most everything should be at the State level.

  • Bryan Ewbank

    What is amazing to me is that the great and powerful O doesn’t see anything (ANYTHING!) wrong the design, and most certainly doesn’t understand what the flap is over.

    • James1754

      Of course not. He did not see anything wrong with the one that had his face replacing the stars either.

  • iaintlyin

    Sometimes a thread like this grows too fast for its own good. Please scroll down a bit to see a suggestion I made regarding how to handle 0’s new planned flag for America. Please, its important that we find a way to show our discontent with this affront to us. Again we have an opportunity to show our numbers and perhaps wake people up to a very noble and important cause. If you know of a way to better organize this suggested “flag shredding” post it, let me know. This guys got to go and his co horts need to be countered before its too late. The posts and responses were about ten hours ago on this thread.

  • JDOlson

    Here is an uncanny juxtaposition of images that’s been on the innertoobs:

  • James1754

    Actually, I have grown to expect nothing less from our peerless leader.

  • demographicallychallenged

    I like the new Obama-Nation flag. I even have a National Anthem that goes with it. I cant show the lyrics here because it would be flagged. The music is scratched by Fiddy Cents.

  • agas84363

    I just don’t get it…..the 50 stars on our beloved flag signify the fifty states …..the stripes signify the 13 original colonies…..there is nothing on our beloved flag that signify red and blue states………..What the heck is Obama talking about other than wanting his own flag??????………………. NARCISSISTIC HUBRIS !!!!!!!!!

  • bobemakk

    That flag is an “Obamanation” to ALL AMERICANS. God help US if he is re-elected.

  • steprock

    There are only United States???

    THAT IS WHAT THE FLAG IS FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! Maniac! Geez, I’m gonna be on blood pressure meds before November.

  • ggswede

    It’s missing the hammer and sickle.Or the crescent and……

  • Hillarious clinton should have said disguting

  • On top of that, now’s Obama’s fanatical cultists have created their own salute and pledge of allegiance to Obama.. Can anyone say Heil Obama.. amazing..

    No one would ever even thought this would ever happen in and to America 5 years ago.. Orwellian is just the tip of it.. Like a bad Twilight Zone episode..

  • Rob Wane

    Flags are great tools to express our intentions, thoughts and patriotism and for me I can see the connection either on red and blue states as well on Benghazi tragedy.

    eagle weathervane

  • tianhao385
  • is this the one he wants draped over his coffin???

  • hmmm where did he come up with this at?