Students at May Day Occupy protests want to be professional protesters

I only got 4 words to describe the three students interviewed in this video: Skulls full of mush:

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  • Stehekin912

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • Joe

    They need more “professionals in Syria !

    Replacements are needed for the ones getting SHOT

    Buy them a ticket – Let’s start a fund for them

    If I were their father – I would “kneecap” them

  • I blame the parents…there is NO FREAKIN’ WAY their parents didn’t know they were this retarded…

    • Joe

      WRONG again !

      The parents think this is normal and even gave them bus fare BECAUSE

      The Parents are democRATS!

    • Arrrggghhh

      I’d bet money that their parents are at least as clueless as they are.

      This is what happens when government unions control education. Awful teachers are rewarded while great teachers are encouraged to leave the profession. It’s ironic that that is what happens when everyone is treated (paid) the same regardless of performance. To boot, the bottom of the barrel is protected with tenure.

      • freenca

        Free schooling—- They got what they PAID for !

      • Sober_Thinking

        You are soooooooo right!

  • johnos2112

    I think I will be a professional protester too. I deserve free beer, free food, free cigars, free rock music cds, free mortgage, etc. This is quite embarrassing. Instead of seeing someone with a nice house, family, nice things they envy those who WORKED for them.

  • BikerHoop

    Holy crap! These kids’ parents must be sooooo proud!

    • denbren52

      I’m sure they are! They were obviously raised believing that life is a free ride and suddenly those darn capitalists want to make money on stuff that used to be free like college and stuff. Probably parents that didn’t have the heart (or the [email protected]!!s) to tell their kids that they would never be accepted to college anyway because they have s4!t for brains.

  • WordsFailMe

    I thought that thing about raping the women protesters and having it covered up by the OWS Communist monitors would have drawn a comment of two.

  • drphibes

    Videos like this show that the OWS crowd is not monolithic. You have your hippie throw-back losers who are all talk, then you have your more militant types who are actually destroying property. Then there are kids like these – just immature, not very bright young people that want to be a part of something. All this is a result of our culture – it breeds a lot of empty headed people. The more “intelligent” (I use the word reservedly) ones have had their heads filled with radical ideology. These are the dangerous and militant ones who should be the targets of law enforcement.

  • PFFV

    Proof of the indoctrination process in our Schools right here. American exceptionalism is not taught in our public school system anymore, the teachers unions are infested with the liberal socialist loving morons that hate God and our great country. It’s amazing how many stupid people there are all around us.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Is there any better demonstration of how bad public education has become?

  • freenca

    Ditziness incarnate, could be budding Pelosi cheerleadery thingies…. Bleeh. 😛

  • 4Hoppes2

    When they run for public office down the road, at the rate we are going, these vapid comments will be profound.

  • Watchman74

    Ahh the entitlement generation.. gimme gimme gimme.

    • PJRodman

      Raised by the Boomer generation….makes me so sad how many of us boomers have been so freaking stupid. My kids know better…I will say that.


    …AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH the future in these USEFUL IDIOTS HANDS I am moving as far away from these morons as I can get !”

  • Perfect examples of why some animals eat their young.

  • In the good old days these people would all starve to death.

  • Conservthinker

    This is the result of today’s education system full of Liberal indoctrination.
    Can you imagine these flip heads one day in control of US security?……oh hang on, they already are.

  • Susanna958

    We’re screwed.

  • leaky_sink

    Just an excuse for the endless partying and avoidance of the responsibilities. I mean, you eventually have to graduate (or drop out) the college…gotta find other place to carry on.

  • DCGere

    Wow…just wow. I’m scared for our country’s future.

  • This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
    For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy…
    2Timothy 3:1,2

    It’s amazing how much more real the Bible is. How some folks can’t see it as a message for our society today just as much as it was when it was first written, is beyond me.

  • HARP2

    Some one needs to point out that the difference between the “haves” and the “have nots” are the “dids” and the “did “nots”.

  • Colonel Neville

    Even at their age, anyone breathing should be able to present more than this, their astounding stupidity to the world. The left is defined by its zero Quality Control and what kind of narcissistic mentality this attracts.

    Anyone can join as long as they want to hang out and get free stuff, or to smash and destroy other peoples stuff, or steal other peoples money and stuff and are against er, like, things, like, stuff. Multiple Endless Positions! The Marxist sodden left mob always need more infantile, stupid yet witless irrational spoiled children incapable of thinking logically. Apply now. Zero requirements. Just bring your empty twerpy brat head. “Our children are the future!” We’re utterly doomed then.

    No, really. Colonel Neville.

  • “facepalm” a sincere apology from one sane teen over the idiocy of my generation.

    • I thank God there are a few of you out there John. 🙂

      • so so so few….. when you hand out candy next halloween, require them to answer “what is the capital of Iraq” as condition to getting the candy.

        you’ll have a full bowl by the end of the day…

        • LOL- I live in the boonies, so we never have kids come out here. I just may have to go into town and hand out at my step daughter’s house just so I can do that! Perfect 🙂

          • kong1967

            Uh, huh. Was that your family I saw on “The Hills Have Eyes”? What did you do with the children?

            Sorry, just a joke that I thought was funny.

        • LOL- I live in the boonies, so we never have kids come out here. I just may have to go into town and hand out at my step daughter’s house just so I can do that! Perfect 🙂

        • kong1967

          Lol, the only kids that should be trick-or-treating are too young to answer that question. I’d say if you can answer that question you should take off your mask and stop begging for candy.

    • kong1967

      Every generation has them. This generation is just the loudest because the left is filling their heads full of crap and dragging them out on the streets. Wait a few years and a lot of these people will be saying “what the hell was I thinking?”.

  • JoelDick

    Professional Protester (like Community Organizer) is a good job these days. It can get you elected as the President of (what used to be) The United States of America.

  • Radical1979

    Our forefathers are rolling in their graves at the stupidity of the people who have inherited the greatest nation on earth.

  • It starts at the top. The President right now is someone whose only job was as a “community organizer.”

    • kong1967

      That’s still all he can put on his resume’. I haven’t seen him act as a President yet. Venezuela will send him a job application in November.

  • The scary part about this is that these are the same people who are the foot soldiers for Mr. Hope and Change. I guess life isn’t so grand when you graduate from college and there are no jobs and you have to move back home with your folks because you can’t afford to live on your own, let alone pay back all of those nasty school loans. And do they think Obama is going to change any of that? Not a chance. Perhaps Winston Churchill was right. He said, “A young man who isn’t a liberal has no heart. An old man who isn’t a conservative has no brain.” You’re seeing a lot of heart here and no brains.

  • Wow, its really sad listening to them! This is our future, not good!

    • kong1967

      I wouldn’t jump that far. Think back to the sixities with love and peace. How’d the saying go? Make peace not war? This type of mentality has always been around. These kids have been brainscrewed with liberal indoctinism for the last 15 years so it will take them time to learn about reality. About half of them will grow out of it, and the other half will vote for Obama.

  • GEDouglas

    Sadly they soon reach voting age.

  • sigh*….on the one hand I want to say that we should move the voting age to 24. But progressives would just find some way of targeting and getting their hooks into the 20somethings.

    We just need to re-infiltrate our schools, public schools, grad schools, entertainment industry and rip them out of the hands of the regressives. Need to get our kids back. Bottom line.

  • Sad! Not everyone should vote. There should be a driving-like test for voters.

    • kong1967

      One question…..”do you like Obama”? If the answer is yes you give them a piece candy and send them home.

  • kong1967

    It’s about profits. Oh the horror of it!!!

    I don’t know about you all, but I’m so shocked I just crapped myself.

  • Jay

    Well, we just felt like we should protest something… I mean, like, every thing should be more equal… like free, you know… like, uh…you know.

    Wow. Great education these kids are getting.

  • “Why are you here?” Such a simple question yet they do not have the ability to answer that! Yep, just following the crowd. Its cool ya know? And their answers are pathetic. “uh, uh, we believe that…..umm, like you know, we’re……..I don’t know. WE ARE THE 99%! give peace a chance!” yada yada yada…….

  • dabbobean

    So sad….these weak minded dolts won’t survive two weeks when the SHTF.

    Although their parents have failed miserably, their teachers have succeeded mightily in creating another generation of the useful idiot variety larvae stage democrats.

  • FutureOnePercent

    As a new dad with a 5 month old son, this affirms my decision to not have him set one foot into a public school campus. This makes my skin crawl to see kids this stupid and unaware of reality… and there is probably no one in their life that will teach them the truth.

    Train up child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. – Proverbs 22:6

  • The parents are probably clueless to a certain extent.

    Colleges and universites encourages students to go out and be a part of the Occupiers. They infect the students with their liberal ideas, then they won’t be able to get a job when they graduate.

    This is what happens when unions take over and shut out parents. When I went to school parents were a part and had a voice in what their kids studied..

    Kids today go to school for “Art degrees.” Totally worthless!

  • University of FOLLOWERS, School of DUFUS.

    • DebbyX

      Also took some classes at FUBAR!

  • Lord, we are in trouble.

  • 12grace

    The young leftist protesters may be the very people that decide if we live or die one day. It’s frightening.

    Kids think we’re better off dead
    Schools brainwash children into preferring non-existence

    A 12-year-old girl has responded with the stunning “I wish we didn’t exist” to questions about how she feels about pollution and humanity’s impact on the earth, according to a new video released by Brian Sussman, author of “Eco-Tyranny: How the Left’s Green Agenda will Dismantle America.”

  • Botzilla

    Public schools and Universities cranking out an endless stream of burdens on society.

  • stevenbiot

    I told my daughter that I would disown her for only one reason: If she becomes a liberal!

  • stevenbiot

    Who are these babies daddys?

  • Galatiansch2vs20

    Kids are hungry for a goal, for a mission. These ones, at their young impressionable age have been influenced by what they have heard. They need the Lord & to walk in His ways.

    They needed parents to mentor them, teaching them the reasons this country enjoys the amount of freedom we have. They need guidance by people who can counsel them wisely. I wonder if the interviewer gave any wise counsel off camera?

  • Honestly people like this should be deported from the country. At least the illegal immigrants actually *work* to make a living and thus contribute *something* back to society. These self-righteous brats have actually convinced themselves that by being useless protestors, they are somehow entitled to all these things they haven’t earned. If life is so great and “equal” in Cuba, then please, just get the f*** out and go try living there.

  • Wow, these kids are completely out-of-touch with reality. Dean Wormer: “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.” Now can be “Gullible, and ignorant is no way to go through life, young ladies.”

  • zombie_woof

    Awww geez, cupcake, of course you are entitled to “free” school- and we can teach you how to protest real good so you can get paid for that too. That way, public sector unions can ship you all by the busload to pantomime grassroots demand for collective bargaining rights where no desire for such “services” exists in order that state governments can garnish the limited pay of independent, state certified PCAs and day care providers as union dues- which is basically stealing, but since you will have done the same in getting your “free” education I’m sure you won’t have any problem helping union thugs and their abetting government mafioso do the same thing to unwitting citizens who will get absolutely nothing in return for paying those dues. I’m sure there’s plenty of money in that federal social security lock box (BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!) to pay your tuition.

  • GretaN

    You mean they want to be college professors?