Students kicked out of school for wearing t-shirts with American Flag on Cinco de Mayo

I never thought the day would ever come when students in America, wearing the American flag on a t-shirt, would become so offensive that it would get them kicked out of school. How outrageous!

On the other side of the fold is a segment from Glenn Beck this morning, who has some words for those who are so offended by the flag.

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  • Tyler

    That's probably one of Glenn's angrier moments, but I CAN'T BLAME him.

    I'm actually putting on the line a potential relationship with a nice Mexican gal I met at a concert the other night to make the same type of point.

    If it's a culture war people want, then consider me a superstar who's ready to rub the red, white and blue in their faces.

    I've got no problem drinking shots of Herradura chased by margaritas and Mexican beer and eating Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo…but I have a problem when someone gets offended by the American flag…in AMERICA.

    Unless I have a Mexican girlfriend or wife next year…count me out of celebrating it AT ALL.

  • KeninMontana

    Did they not see the sign at the Border? This is The United States of America not the “republic” of mexico, don't like it? Well then here is a solution, take your backside back to mexico and celebrate your “holiday” there. Although this really does not surprise me all that much coming from The Bay Area (read San Francisco).

  • pparsealot

    I live in the Bay Area, and I saw this report on the news last night and was hoping it would get Beck's and others attention. This is not unusual news here, it happens daily and is TYPICAL of this liberal region. Remember we are not far from Berkeley and Haight Ashbery – need I say more, where the flag was and is more often than not burned rather than respected.

    I have in the past dealt with various community leaders in San Martin and Morgan Hill and they ALL have administrative hemorrhoids – the most incompetent group of I have ever met! So a group of administrators in a school district that has a high percentage of Mexican-Americans and Mexican Nationals, and their racist reaction to a group of students wearing patriotic attire does not surprise me in the least. And to think these individuals are responsible for the education of our children – God help us! However, be prepared, this issue will only grow and become more widespread, especially as immigration reform becomes more heated. I believe this contentious issue could lead to a “Summer of Discontent” in this country, and it is not going away.

    I saw where a filmmaker used a movie trailer format to send a message to Arizona on Breibart TV this morning, and it pretty much reflects a sentiment that is becoming more apparent in the Southwestern US. Here is the link:

    This attitude towards Americans by a select minority is quite simple: “We didn't cross the border, the border crossed us.” This radical view, held a small but vocal minority of Mexican-Americans or Nationals does get the attention of the media. BTW I am strongly opposed to the “Boycott” San Francisco has imposed against Arizona.

    I have many, many dear friends who have come from Mexico, or are natural-born American citizens of Mexican descent who DO NOT feel this way and are just as opposed to illegal immigration. As the rhetoric heats up, and the issue of immigration is going to get heated, let's just make sure we check our own views & presuppositions and not cateogorize a group of inidividuals just because they “appear” to be “like” law-breakers. For when we do, we become just as narrow-minded and racist as the school administrators in Morgan Hill.

  • Tyler

    WOW! Robert Rodriguez can't even bother to do a BRAND NEW trailer. He just ATTACHED stuff onto an OLD one he did. That makes the trailer even more sad.

  • This is pretty astonishing, and, speaking as a member of the far left, I absolutely think they have grounds to sue. If nothing else, the principle should get a stern talking to.

    I tend to revile the “love it or leave it” rhetoric, but in this situation I have to side with Ken in Montana. If you don't want to see an American flag, then don't come to America.

  • KeninMontana

    Don't misunderstand me , I have no issue with people wanting to celebrate their heritage, I do have an issue with blatant disrespect or hypocrysy (sp?) As a veteran I stood and still stand ready to defend to the death all the rights and freedoms enjoyed by those who live and reside here, but I will not abide the disrespect and intolerance shown to our flag which is the symbol of the freedoms enjoyed here and a symbol that Americans of many differing descents felt was worthy of shedding their own life's blood to defend. I challenge anyone to take a trip to those gardens of marble in Arlington, to look upon the names upon those stones and prove otherwise. If you seek the honor of this nation, I suggest you look there or into the eyes of a veteran, in those places you will find the repository of America's Honor. It does not diminish with age, it only fades when forgotten by those that never took the oath to defend her.

  • Hey, no, I'm in total agreement with you and I commend you upon and thank you profusely for your service. I don't know how much you and I would ever agree on, but I can tell you that on this topic we have common ground.

  • KeninMontana

    You are welcome, you may be right on idealogical grounds but that does not mean we cannot have a civil discourse on any subject. I enjoy spirited debate, what I do not care for is when the mudslinging and disparaging personal remarks start, to me it is the sign of a weak mind regardless of the political stripe of the person spewing it. I'm more than willing to listen to different points of view , the free exchange of ideas is one of the things that has enriched this nation.

  • Jojode

    My message for GB is DITTO! DITTO! DITTO! DITTO! I could not have said it better. This is an outrage. Everyday I think that's it and then there's one more thing. How stupid can these people be. I hope the parents sue the school distric and the principal and vice principal get fired because obviously they don't have any common sense. Maybe we should not allow no other celebration other than American on public grounds at all and end this nonsense.

  • Tyler

    You can't combat fascism with MORE fascism.

  • pparsealot

    BREAKING NEWS! Hispanic Student Protest:

    Between 80 and 100 Hispanic students walked out of class and marched to Morgan Hill's city hall in a staged a protest march in opposition to the 5 students who displayed American flags yesterday on their clothing.

    There was a strong police presence at Live Oak high-school and they followed the protesters in their march to prevent any civil unrest. Hispanic students were “offended” that the American flag was displayed on “their” day (Cinco de Mayo), and felt that the 5-students demonstrated a lack on consideration and sensitivity in respecting this.

    The 5-students were told by the vice principle of the school that in wearing the shirts they were “provoking” the possibility of violence and fights which had happened on Cinco de Mayo the previous year. Ironic that 2 of these 5 students are part Hispanic themselves!

    The protesters were also “offended” that the 5 students were allowed to return to class today without punishment or suspension, and that they had not been “respected.” The protesting students are demanding an apology from the 5 students. The city manager of Morgan Hill, Ed Tewes, met with the students at the flag pole of city hall and discussed the possibility of the city-wide celebration of diversity.

    Following this meeting the students returned to their classes 90-minutes later, meeting with the school administrators to address their concerns. What about suspending these students for walking out of class, leaving school property in a protest, then returning to voice their concerns? Who is running this school? I think we know.

    To make this issue all the more absurd, Kirk Hanson, executive director of the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University, not far from Morgan Hill, stated the school's actions were ethical against the 5 students attire if their objective was to keep the security, safety, and avoiding violence, and deeming these students act as “threatening.”

    If school officials were so concerned about the potential of violence, and impotent to prevent it, perhaps as Jojode mentioned, there should be no celebrations at school at all.

    I'll add one additional word to my opinion of community leaders in this community besides incompetent, they're IDIOTS! If they don't diffuse the anger and tension between the Hispanic and American students at this school, like yesterday, there will be fights and violence among the students, which may spill out into the community in the after school hours, and this could result in not only students being hurt (or killed), but innocent bystanders in the community.

    Stay tuned, this is NOT over!

  • Tyler

    Yep…insanity in a hand basket.

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  • carlitamonique

    i don't even know where to start!! that movie trailer is the STUPIDEST thing ever!!! i think if i were mexican i would be very embarrassed to have chichi and machete be the “representatives” of the mexican people in the clip… and the ghetto car… that is not even mexican!!! that's just the confused mexican-american cholos!!!! again i would be very embarrassed. that is not the mexican people i have met.. they have more class and culture than that! what an idiot! STAY STONG ARIZONA!!!! not all latinos are against you… count me in!

  • TourOfRicky

    Flags are bullshit anyways.

    The best thing to do on the 4th of July is to BURN THE U.S. FLAG (try burning the Mexican flag in Mexico!)

    The U.S. flag does NOT make America: AMERICANS MAKE AMERICA

  • narseendin

    Just unbelievable..Hello Mr.Obama..Is there anybody out there to take care of this..for heaven's sake.

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