STUNNED – Krauthammer says Obama’s nomination speech one of the emptiest speeches he’s ever heard

Krauthammer was very unimpressed by Obama’s speech tonight, saying that Biden’s speech was infinitely better and that Obama’s speech was one of the emptiest speeches he’s ever heard on the national stage.

And there’s a lot more. Watch:

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  • NoToTyrants

    Empty Suit… Empty Chair… Empty Promises… Empty Resume… Empty Rhetoric… Empty Speeches…


    • Caused by an empty soul…

      • CalCoolidge

        You guys are good.

      • Rightstuff1

        Couldn’t agree more with you guys. Pithy and word perfect !

      • 1 – 2 punch. Great posts NoToTyrants and Barry.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      I am glad that his speech was another empty speech, I dont know about you but I feel good that he did not deliver on the only thing he knows how to do.

      • IMO, he doesn’t even know how to do that. I never thought he was a great speaker.

        • NJK

          You’re right. That’s just another myth. Good speeches are more than a chin held up in the air like Mussolini and countless uh, uh’s to try to pass himself off as intelligent, they have sincerity behind them, not snake oil. Paul Ryan is an example of that. Reagan was an example of that. I’d rather listen to one thousand nails on a chalkboard, than listen to some drug user trying to pawn himself off as a statesman. Do people really believe this guy? It’s embarrassing. If people had any doubts about Bill Clinton’s character before, his speaking for Obana should end any doubt about that.

        • Rosalie, you are right on! I fully agree. I swear Obama “uh”s and “um”s and “ah”s more than Bush did, and that’s saying a lot.

    • Siobhan7

      The only people who continue to support him are those who have an EMOTIONAL investment in him. Many people with empty lives have attached their egos to him so any insult is seen as a personal affront.

      • Not true, besides those you mention, the people who live off working people’s tax dollars are his base and virtually all support him. Fortunately for us most of them besides being too lazy to work are too lazy to vote.

      • M_J_S

        The only people that continue to support him either have a financial steak in seeing him win or hopeless drones who will follow him to the bottom of the Marianas Trench if he asked them to.

        It is one think to be dumb enough to vote for bumbling Barry one, but twice?

    • tvlgds

      You beat me to it! It was too easy, so I figured I’d look before I commented and repeated what someone else said! LOL!

    • And so ends El Presidente’s dreams of his father. His utopian vision is unraveling. His delusions of grandeur have been dashed. Hope and change have been relegated to despair and degeneration. The emperor most definitely has no clothes. President Empty Chair? More like the Invisible President Zero…abject nothingness.

      • NJK

        That was poetic, beautifully said.

        • Heh. Thanks. 🙂

  • smmy33

    Biden who said ” literally ” literally a hundred times in speech, that viewers made it onto a drinking game.

    Biden who thinks “figuratively” means ” literally”.

    And Obama was the same old , you belive in hope, I belive in hope , that bible gives hope
    So if you hope, vote for me.

    • NJK

      Did he really mention the bible? I wish God, would seek revenge for his using him. I swear he’s Satan.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Lmao I am so happy to hear that he fell flat, and that his speech was empty, I am so happy its finally over, thank god.(yes god is in my daily platform).
    Of course the media is going to have thrills up their legs.

    • warpmine

      Any references to those fantastic boondoggle snot energy projects?

      • proudhispanicconservative

        I could not bring myself to hear his speech, from what I have been reading on the internet it was an empty chair speech, nothing we havent heard before, and a lot of lies.

        • tvlgds

          I can’t bring myself to listen to anything out of his mouth. I cannot mute and turn the channel fast enough when he slithers onto my tv screen.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            I have tuned it out all week, even fox, because even though I know that fox is better than the other networks, I feel that they sometimes put a smiley face on the situation on this country which is going to hell if we dont do something.

            • tvlgds

              Me too. I’ve been watching Animal Planet, NatGeo Wild, CMT, or Investigation Discovery. I can’t handle the lies and drivel.

              • proudhispanicconservative

                I take it you will not be voting for Obama? sarc

                • tvlgds

                  Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm—lemme think a minute-tough question! NOOOOOOOOOO! 🙂

                • proudhispanicconservative

                  Lol, hahahhahahahah

          • NJK

            With his serpant’s tongue hanging out, right? How can any sane person buy this crap? I have to believe there are even sane media people behind the scenes who say, do you believe this guy? I just wish they had enough of a conscience so more soldiers didn’t have to die because of him.

            • tvlgds

              Like Lucifer in the Garden of Eden. The key word in your question is “sane.” The soldiers and the country are dying because of him and his puppeteers.

        • warpmine

          Alright, same old bag of lies from the same old wind bags. How these folks can deny the realities is beyond even a pessimist like me.

      • Oh he kept on pushing the green and clean energy initiative baloney, promising jobs, jobs, and more jobs. He wants most of us running on windmills, solar panels, mercury-filled CFLs, and bio whatever by the end of his second term. By the way:

        El Presidente dare not mention Solyndra, Abound Solar, Ener1, Fisker, Tesla Motors, and so many others. He definitely won’t mention cap and trade or his executive orders giving the EPA power to basically push his energy agenda through, bypassing Congress, of course. He cannot run his campaign on his record, which would include his green energy failures.

        • Guest1776rcp

          mercury-filled CFLs

          Truth be told: The ‘conservative’ named George W. Bush signed the light bulb ban into law.

          • Correct. I vehemently disagreed with G.W. Bush on that ridiculous law. I could not believe that Repubs went along with it at the time. The problem with Congress in 2007 was that it was fully in the hands of the Dems. At present, the Dems and Obama would not make a move to repeal such a law, as it furthers their “global warming”/”climate change” agenda. Yes, there are establishment Repubs who go along with the same hogwash as the Dems. They are slowly being weeded out and it’s about time. I’m cautious about Romney, as he shows left-leaning tendencies. If he pushes the same environmental garbage as Obama, he’ll have hell to pay.

    • You shouldn’t use the word “thrill”- It’s accurate, and since we’re talking to the deceitful media, we should distort their words as they do to us. “Tingle” is a more offensive and effective way to refer to Chris Matthews… will understand once you see how it gets under his skin when someone calls him that. People hate being lied about and mocked/ridiculed. We can do both by simply using the word “Tingle”[s].

      Thanks for shopping at TRS, have a nice day. 🙂

    • sDee

      It did not fall flat. The swooning masses of natural slaves were wetting their pants.

    • M_J_S



  • Mark Seplowin

    Well I was impressed…..

    With Charle’s response to the speech.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Me Too……..Lmao

    • CalCoolidge

      I agree with him completely, but could not have put it together so succinctly that fast.

      No defense of record (although Clinton did).
      More pie-in-the-sky utopian promises.
      Committment to higher taxes.
      Attacking the Republicans with straw man distortions – and this gets to unending Democrat inchoherence, like Obama warning in one paragraph that Romney will give four billiion in corporate welfare to insurance companies, while in the preceding paragraph bragging about bailing out GM (the biggest dole out of corporate welfare in human history).

  • odin147

    Charles is hitting some home runs lately. Btw a memo to the one, man is inherently private, a community is only as successful as the talented individuals in it. In capitalism the individual with talent and drive, charts his own course but in charting his course he benefits those not so talented, lifting the community. That is why capitalism is the only system capable of strengthening communities. There is no role for govt. in communities.

  • Siobhan7

    I just hope there are more intelligent people in this country then the dummies – or we’re cooked. By the way, I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but did you hear how Axelrod and company have been strong-arming Gallup to give Obama more favorable poll numbers? Everything about this regime is just evil.

      • That was actually one of the posts here I have to send to my buddy that I have a chance of reaching. I don’t want to run the risk of flooding him with politics to the point where he gets sick of it, so I am taking it easy, but if anything reinforces the authoritarian characteristics of this administration, it will be this. I have him on the cusp, so I’m trying to make sure he comes to the decision on his own, without outside pressure. People have to make that choice on their own or they will reject it and become combative, or not take you seriously…… theory.

        • Boy, I sure understand your going easy. It’d be hard for me because there’s so much to choose from 😉 But yes, I hope you win him over Stewie. It’d be great!!

          • – It’d be hard for me because there’s so much to choose from-

            You ain’t lying! It’s actually great. Really smart person that I work with, also happens to be a public school teacher here that was on the left, but doesn’t really understand the depth of political ideologies and what they mean. He’s at the point where he understands what conservatism is, but doesn’t believe that there is media bias to the extent we know it exists. That’s the hardest nut to crack because it pretty much tells you that what you believe was not your own thought, but instead was fed to you by the mass media narrative, and that it is parroted by people even though they don’t really understand the foundation of the argument they are making for the left.

            If I can convince one person, maybe he can convince his wife….maybe his kids. In Chicago, this is a big change since liberalism- especially teacher union cronyism runs so deep.

            I’m hoping IL elections run too close for comfort because they take it for granted.

            • proudhispanicconservative

              I have said it all along, this is a fight for our country and we have to do everything we can to help elect Romney, we can do that by convincing at least one person, by volunteering, donating to the important senate and congress races in your area. I will be volunteering on saturday for Romney’s Campaign, I hope that everybody here does their best to help we need all the help we can get.

            • OH OH OH!!! Do you remember that, darn it, I think it was Bill Whittle showing the bias of liberal media?! Scoop has it somewhere in the archives- I’ll see if I can find it. It would be PERFECT!!!!! Give me a couple of minutes!!!

            • This is the one!!! Re watch it Stewie, you’ll know if it’s something great to show!

              • You are soooo my hero today!

                I’ve written it down, I just have to figure out how to deploy these weapons of information. I had completely forgotten about that Whittle video.

                A couple years ago now, before GBTV launched, I had hoped that Beck was going to create a database of information like this…….I’d hate to be a backseat driver, but putting these videos in a sort of categorical order would provide such a huge source of information for the people that it could be used as a library. Categories would have to be vague enough to apply to any POTUS, but also be specific enough to help isolate a specific track of thought in the same way google does when you search. If conservatives had this kind of library, the facts would be unstoppable, especially if linked to video of their own words or arguments within that subject matter.

                My mind is running away from me right now, but thanks again ABC! You don’t have to refer to me by my pseudonym- It’s Ozzie, friend.

                If any of the above is a possibility, I would gladly volunteer for the job of sorting and cataloging.

                • I knew it was you Ozzie, because of the avatar lol, and I kind of liked calling you stewie 🙂 But you only made me remember that when you mentioned liberal bias and the depth of ideolgy. I’m glad I could be a help though! If I had time, I’d try and work on such a data base on my own blog, but I wouldn’t know where to start- there is SO much out there. Anyway, I hope whatever you do show your friend will open his eyes enough to make him think for himself. Have a great day my friend!

        • If that story doesn’t work though, you could always try this one… but give a little bit of time between them! 😉

        • p m

          Good luck, and bravo. He will appreciate you all the more in a few years.

        • MaxineCA

          Here’s some advice from old Maxine – take it for what it’s worth, but it’s what I’ve used in the same situations throughout my life to change minds or opposing viewpoints. (I’m still working on a few lib friends but making progress.)

          1. Personal interaction is much more effective than keyboard action. If you can talk to your friend in person, great. Second best would be on the phone, cell or whatever.

          2. Allow him to express his views FIRST (most likely they will be conclusions only); keep your lip zipped and when he is done, ask him the MOST important question “Why do you feel that way?” Until you understand the basis of their opinion can you start to change his mind. If he is a lib friend most likely the only conclusions he has received were from those preconceived by the MSM.

          3. Once he has explained the basis for his opinion, you can say “Oh OK, now I understand your opinion, without agreeing, but the defenses are gone.

          4. In a friendly way, you can say “I was reading an interesting article about that the other day. Explain (kindly educate him) and offer to share the article. (Save the links that support your position as backup to you being factual.) But if they give you the OK to send the link that substantiates your side, they will appreciate it.

          5. If it gets heated or tough, calm it down by saying that the issues are complex and you don’t profess to have the answers, but you just ask him to look at the bigger picture.

          That’s a start. Good luck. I’m in the same situations with life long friends that I don’t want to lose, but I’ll try my best to save my country over friendships. Let’s hope we can keep both!

      • MaxineCA

        I saw that over at DC. It was very confusing as to whether this 7 mo employee of Gallup was claiming that Gallup didn’t provide services or if they submitted false invoices. Oh wait, Gallup most likely did what they were contracted to do but dear leader didn’t like the results. Guess when Axelrod’s Chicago thuggery strong arm tactics didn’t work, they cried to Holder. If it was simply a govt contract issue, why in the world would Axelrod be involved? I’m sure more details will follow, which should be interesting.

        Hey, everyday we are finally getting more transparency! I can’t wait until we can kick them all back to Chicago….

  • odin147

    The biggest travesty of the last 3.5 yrs has been the time we lost in creating a genuine recovery. I believe if we had fundamental and permanent tax reform, balanced budget amendments, and regulations simple to comply with, I believe the recovery would truly have been booming.

    • detectivedick

      Where did the Stimulus Money go? The Liar and his Progressive thugs have stolen and raided the US Treasury. The Liar speaks softly and carries a big stick up stick. He stuck it to the USA tax paying public and got away with $5,500,000,000,000.00 for what? Show me what he did other than burn a lot of JP7 one Air Force One!
      What a fraud he is, I will be on the Mall to watch Romney being sworn in as President!

      • MaxineCA

        Where did the Stimulus Money go? Oh that was easy….. to dear leaders friends!

    • It’s what marxists do. I can’t believe people are so duped and blind to vote for this again.

    • p m

      May I suggest a regulatory roll-back instead, by about 20 years, and cutback of the EPA budget to just enough to cover true essentials, as decided by the workers who pay for it?

      Love the two other strong prescriptions. Just the kind of medicine that’s needed for a new boom economy.

      • I’m all for that!

  • Mark Smith

    MSNBC immediately, after rapid analysis, went back to 100% Romney bashing. When Special Ed Shultz and Chris Hayes pan it, you know it tanked. A lot of dour faces on MSNBC trying to put on a happy front.

    • p m


  • OK, I know we’re all sick of dims and dear leader, even those of us who didn’t even watch any of it…. I just have to say……!/photo.php?fbid=10151058457446429&set=a.383081621428.163298.266285471428&type=1&theater

    • Nukeman60


      I got so sick of watching Billy Jeff last night that I decided to forgo the ending of the DNC convention and spend the entire afternoon and evening with my 22 month old granddaughter instead of listening to these bozos tonight. She knows absolutely nothing about politics (yet), but she has perfected the phrase “aww paweese, bompa” in the cutest little way.

      I think I came out way ahead. 🙂

      • detectivedick

        I think what you did is called Conservative “Head Start”

      • Aw! Yeah, I think you came out way ahead to grampa! So sweet!!

        Not that this has anything to do with sweet little grandbabies, but if you’re in the mood for a cute commercial, check this out:

        • Nukeman60

          Cute commercial? I thought it was reality! I like it.

          • 😀 I didn’t want to give it away! It was well done though wasn’t it. I’ve not seen it running anywhere yet.

            • Nukeman60

              Romney’s muti-million dollar ad blitz is supposed to start tomorrow. It’s game on from here on out till November.

              • It’d be about time! I don’t watch tv, but the kid does, and the ONLY ad I have seen, Every day, is that stupid one with the woman talking like the only thing that matters in this nation is her freaking free abortions and birth control. I do hope I can survive another month of this.

                • poljunkie

                  Ru oh- its 2 months.

                • Nukeman60

                  Nah. It’s one. In the October 5th Friday dump, they are going to announce that the ad blitz of Romney has overwhelmed Obama and he is going to quietly leave the White House and say he gives up. He’ll take 6 Billion dollars with him, but at least he’ll leave.

                • poljunkie

                  Oh dont I wish NM

                • SEE?!! My brain is so numb I don’t even know what month we’re in lol! 😉

                • poljunkie

                  Its ok, we still love you AB’s

                • poljunkie

                  PS I wish it were only a month.

                • LOL! I should hope so!! 😀

                • poljunkie

                  YOU and your corduroys!

                  ( I saw some one wearing a pair the other day and I laughed to myself)

                • I just laughed out loud! 😀

  • Mark Smith

    Wow. It just dawned on me. That was probably the last Obama speech we’ll be subjected to before his concession one. Sweet.

  • a private plane, yessss. Charles 2012 lol

  • stunned? why? Obama has always been an empty suit.

  • CalCoolidge

    Obama never fails to create the same dillemma for me – that no one could be that stupid, so he must be doing the unthinkable on purpose. Like bankrupting the country. For many, it’s unthinkable, but it’s intentional.

    Tonight, he referenced climate change being a cause of the recent floods. He HAS TO know that his government agencies have adopted a policy of opening the dams the US spend the last 200 years building.

    • p m

      Oh, it’s intentional all right, Cal.

  • 3seven77

    I didn’t watch the speech, but after watching this clip I couldn’t help but wonder if the giant Lady Liberty on stage was rolling her eyes while Obumbles was speechifying.

    • MaxineCA

      It would be a hoot if someone could photo shop it and have her doing the Scoop double facepalm.

  • p m

    I was waiting at the border after a trip Stateside. Guy in front wasn’t being waived on, meanwhile everyone and his dog in all the other lanes were being waved through. This would usually set me on a slow boil BUT this was when Liar’s speech was on a local Bellingham station that also carries Rush, Beck, Hannity.

    When we finally got to the customs booth, we were grinning all over our faces and the guy asked what was so funny – we told him we’d just heard Liar’s speech – he rolled his eyes and smiled too.

    It was HOLLOW – he sounded hollow, his words were hollow, hell, they weren’t even his – they took all the good things from the RNC speeches, including R&R’s, and recycled them for commie consumption. Between looks of astonishment and shouts of LIAR, we had a pretty jolly time – knowing that this was the worst political speech we had ever heard. First zero speech too for me – makes you wonder how he cajoled so many last time. One of several memorable lies:
    “After a decade of decline…” well, didn’t hear the rest – he came along, I guess. What decade of decline?? And did you know the numbers and independent analysts say everything is going great in the US, thanks to him? Thank you RS for not posting his drivel.

    (Pardon the shouting please.)

    • Shout away our friend! 😀

    • kong1967

      For the first time ever I’m actually getting the urge to go watch one of his speeches….which happens to be his worst one ever.

      I guess the “hope and change” bullcrap isn’t going to work this time around. He has been more corrupt than any President that I can recall. He sold a steak dinner and delivered baloney sandwiches.

      • NYGino

        We’re eating baloney but we’re still paying for steak.

        • kong1967

          Steak lined with gold.

  • After this week the DNC is the Demonic National Cult and full tilt commie. Hideous display of evil that paraded through that arena for all to see.

  • p m

    A C grade means he must have written it himself.

    It did sound like he was calling it in too – my exact thought. A very flippant delivery all the way through – what cadence there was, was phoney sounding in the extreme, simply because he has done the opposite of what he tried to preach tonight. Can’t sell what you don’t believe in – that’s why the ‘you didn’t build that’ meme came to him so easily.

    To me, the whole thing proved he has no idea what America is, or what its place in the world is. You have to love America to know that.

    • Excellently said p m!!!

      • p m

        Thanks AibC – I posted a reply to toongoon somewhere else tonight – been saving it for the next time we spoke – it’s an excellent prescription for the kind of education your boy is getting from you. Can’t express how much I admire you guys for home-schooling – you’ll be the saving grace for America.Hope you enjoy it:

        • Wow. That’s a great article p m. I know more folks are realizing it, but don’t understand that the public education system has been following a european socialistic plan for nearly a century.
          I wanted to homeschool for a few different reasons, the main being, I loved learning, but I hated school and wished there was some way I could learn without having to go. When I became a Christian, I wanted to teach my child from a Biblical perspective. The longer I have lived in America, the more I wanted to teach my child true American History… which I know is not taught in so many public schools. I hope I teach him well, and I pray there will be more and more who, for whatever reasons, will join what is becoming a huge education movement.

          Thanks for your encouragement p m, and your kind words!!

          • p m

            You are the one we thank for raising a true American, in every sense. He’s one lucky young man! No question learning is much more enjoyable when not done at a school – especially by loving parents. No greater gift IMO.

    • kong1967

      “To me, the whole thing proved he has no idea what America is, or what its place in the world is. You have to love America to know that.

      Very well said.

    • NYGino

      p m, “Can’t sell what you don’t believe in…”

      It’s been said that the difference between a salesman and a con man is the salesman believes in what he is selling.

    • B-Funk

      I didn’t think about it this way, but I believe you’re right. Good comment!

  • poljunkie

    Why did the Democrats get to go last? They were able to take swipes at everything that was said at the Republican convention. They were able to to add in anything the Republicans forgot.

    • Mark Smith

      Karl Rove made the point two weeks ago the country is most interested in the first couple of nights and then grows weary. DNC went last as they are the incumbent. Rove said they would have been better served going weeks from now instead of right after. It was 1-2-3-4-5-6 nights of politics and who would have thought it would all lead up to night 6 and Obama laying an egg. I’m absolutely ecstatic. Daily Beast and Mother Jones, two ultra-lib sites, are shocked how their hero “phoned it in”.

      • poljunkie

        Wow thanks for the info.

        I attempted to read some articles at Rolling Stone, but when I commented I was nearly riden out of town.

    • BostonBruin

      The party in power in the WH always goes second.

      • poljunkie

        Yeah, I guess they get home team advantage. I never noticed before. Uggg

  • JohnBarry2012

    “Yes, our path is harder – but it leads to a better place (roadmap towards fiscal cliff with more government spending on Affordable Health Care Act Obamacare, more schools and teacher unions). Yes our road is longer but we travel it together (forward onto collective economic destruction, and yes, we all belong to the government).

    • Our Esteemed Ruler wants to double, triple, or quadruple down on everything he promised in 2008. He had no road map on how we were going pay for all of the great things he mentioned or how to even get there. The Dems and their lefty clowns claim that Romney has no plan? Where was El Presidente’s plan? All during the speech, the mind-numbed, zombie-like Obamatons were cheering and clapping. Typical. All he had were more platitudes, slogans, bumper stickers, and empty promises. Pathetic.

  • kong1967

    Obama has already done everything on his agenda except for global warming. He wants to throw more money into failing solar and battery companies. He wants to create a massive number of government jobs. He wants more stimulus (for unions). He wants more regulations and less oil.

    Every last one of these things is the wrong way to go and have failed. Yeah, sign me up for four more years of this incompetent boob. Not happening.

  • wodiej

    For those who got tingles over obama in 08, the thrill is gone for many.

  • BikerHoop

    I didn’t see the speech because seeing and/or listening to his poor excuse of skin and bone literally turns my stomach. However, I’ve read “reviews” on a number of sites and it seems like independents and some Dems are now totally turned off to this character. There are the usually swooning Dems who are, naturally, singing his praises, but most of what I’ve read is negative. Personally, I can’t imagine him being able to give a speech with any amount of substance because he has no substance to speak about.

  • Philo Beddoe

    After watching PARTS of the DNC convention I know one thing for sure–

    There are Reptilians in the govt and they don’t like to be questioned.

  • Wow, it’s a shame I didn’t watch the speech. Maybe I should have. If I did, it would have put me to sleep a lot faster than just going to bed! Thanks Charles! You’ve got to love that guy.


    … Obama / Biden 2012 ,LOSE in a landslide to Romney / Ryan 2012 .”

  • I finally agree with Obama on something: there is a clear choice.

    You can Place our public trust with the guy that promises reform and spending cuts under a large debt clock display, or you can place that trust with a pandering liar who clearly believes that our national credit card still has room to pay for all his pet project toys that will somehow make the problem go away. Yes, we are in debt up to our eyeballs, so let’s go get a second mortgage so we can spend more. Wait…..

  • B-Funk

    I watched the speech live- thank you for the stream, Scoop- and I couldn’t help thinking that it was another speech talking about things that nobody in that arena believes. It felt cold and impersonal. It was also loaded with typical socialist phraseology. I thought he delivered it well, but I can completely see where Krauthammer is coming from. I didn’t see Biden’s speech, so I don’t know about that, but I could assume it’s a correct analysis. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of Obummer’s campaign.

    • When several Democrats tell you Biden’s Speech was better than you know that is bad!! Charles is right!! It was empty!!

  • Whenever good ideas are envisioned and can be incorporated into our system of government, for the people for which it was intended, hopefully, still America…and Americans…then, I believe it to be both strong and encouraging. However, if given the tools to complete a task, yet void of the ways by which they should be done, nothing is applied, nothing has been changed or altered and absolutely nothing has been accomplished. Intelligence to me, is more than a fancy speech of promises we can’t and won’t keep, rather it is one of understanding and commitment towards a better quality of life for all. Gather together the tools, separate the parts, and after understanding how they are to be built, begin applying them with extreme passion and love. We are tired…I am tired of dreams never more than dreams.

  • Dick Morris said the same thing on his tweets…that Obama failed to aritculate a reason for himself. That he was basing it on Hope and that will not work. Joe Trippi also said Biden was better than Obama. Charles agreed….his speech was flat, all emotion and offered nothing to give him 4 more years. When you have nothing to say….YOU ARE AN EMPTY SUIT!!

    The problem with the whole DNC was what I call Magic….They want the last 4 years to disappear and thorugh Hocus Pocus make all of us act like to suffer for Obama is our lot in life. The Great Messiah can only do so much and we need to give him more time. BS!! His record is an ABJECT DISGRACE and that is what all of them tried to make disappear!

    The thing that irks me so much is this notion HE CARES!! That is the Biggest Bunch of Horse..well you know!! while he if off playing golf, flying around to fundraisers, taking vacations and shooting basketball with NBA players we are suppose to think HE CARES!! And his wife that big butt phony does that same….spends millions on expensive clothes, eats whatever she wants and has a staff twice the size of Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton combined..she tells us what WE SHOULD EAT, TO SACRIFICE FOR THEM and HOW TO BRING UP OUR KIDS! It is pathetic. She belongs shopping at Target or Wal-mart and set and example….BUT NO MICHELLE live off the taxpayers in a luxury lifestyle you have not earned!!

  • Sober_Thinking

    Obama offers NOTHING… but destruction.

  • Whenever good ideas are envisioned and can be incorporated into our system of government, for the people for which it was intended, hopefully, still America…and Americans…then, I believe it to be both strong and encouraging. However, if given the tools to complete a task, yet void of the ways by which they should be done, nothing is applied, nothing has been changed or altered and absolutely nothing has been accomplished. Intelligence to me, is more than a fancy speech of promises we can’t and won’t keep, rather it is one of understanding and commitment towards a better quality of life for all. Gather together the tools, separate the parts, and after understanding how they are to be built, begin applying them with extreme passion and love. We are tired…I am tired of dreams never more than dreams.

  • Only 96,000 jobs added in Aug….Unemployment slips from 8.3 to 8.1 but the drop is due to LOWEST WORFORCE PARTICIPATION in 30 YEARS….63.5 percent. In other words, the rate dropped because more people gave up looking and dropped off the work rolls!! A DISGRACE!! Expectations had been 125,000 jobs….only 96,000….people keep dropping off the rolls…that is the way the BLS is getting the number to 8.1 percent. Even CNBC, puts in their story…DROPS DUE TO LOWEST WORKFORCE PARTICIPATION IN 30 YEAR”

    Stocks down and not good….Obama thinks he can show a drop by just continually showing people just dropping off the radar…Sorry Obama those people are still there in America and STILL JOBLESS!!!

  • Joe

    There is something different about his appearance. To me, Obama looks stressed and almost scared. Cannot wait for the debates, Romney will do great, even with the Libbys in charge.

  • Marky_D

    The following is taken from a post made on the UKs Daily Telegraph blog by a poster called ‘bickers’ (giving credit where its due):


    In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

    “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.”

    The Obituary of the USA will be as follows: US Independence: born 1776, Died 2012

    It doesn’t hurt to read this several times. Professor Joseph Olson of Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, points out some interesting facts concerning the last Presidential election:

    Number of States won by:
    Obama: 19
    McCain: 29

    Square miles of land won by:
    Obama: 580,000
    McCain: 2,427,000

    Population of counties won by:
    Obama: 127 million
    McCain: 143 million

    Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
    Obama: 13.2
    McCain: 2.1

    Professor Olson adds: “In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country. Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare…”.

    Olson believes the United States is now somewhere between the “complacency and apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation’s population already having reached the “governmental dependency” phase. If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million illegal immigrants – and they vote – then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years.


    It’s pretty clear that Obama’s speech could have been just these few words ”One more push guys, one more win and we are irremovable.”

    • p m

      Big thanks Marky. De Tocqueville said the same thing IIRC.
      But wow, that breakdown by Prof. Olsen is astounding and needs to be seen by all Americans.

      • Marky_D

        Actually – apologies – it turns out this was one of those hoax emails that did the rounds and doesn’t stand up to investigation. That said, there’s not much doubt that the sentiment is true even if the details are BS – here in the UK we have demonstrations and false outrage at the current governments policy to limit welfare payments to just above the national average wage (yep, you read that right) and its already clear that the party of big welfare, lollipops for all, is going to stroll back into power in 2015 and we will be going back to the IMF by 2016.

        • p m

          Thanks for the udate, Marky. No worries – De Tocqueville and the founders still got it right about democracy versus a Republic! The prof.’s stuff originated in a newsweek poll after the Bush/Gore election, according to some reports. Your post has inspired me to see whether there are such data as Olsen’s somewhere, so thanks.

          As for the UK, having been born and raised there, now a Canadian, it’s heartbreaking to see what’s happened on my frequent family visits – Blair gave away our country just as zero is doing in the US. The behemoth EU rules via unelected creatures born into socialism. Do you remember when the Labour Party was taken over by Trotskyites? Maybe you’re too young. They’d been active since the 20’s but came to the fore in the 80s and 90s. Eventually they got rid of at least the appearance of the commies and then put up Blair as a white washed version of Conservative ‘lite’. He then proceeded to ‘remake’ the UK. Sound familiar? The US commies will do the same thing after a few more election cycles, unless the lessons of the last 4 years aren’t learned and acted upon. Education is the key, I’ve always thought that – a return to classical education is the most important imperative, and with that goes eliminiation of teaching and public sector unions.
          Hang on, Marky – you never know, maybe real Conservatives or UKIP will become a louder voice next go round, rather than the UK doing as the French have just done. Whence comes this dogged belief that other people’s money will always be there, even as they revile and destroy the means of its production?

          PS Do you read Norman Tebbit’s Telegraph blog? I do – for a little sanity…and James Delingpole, natch.

          • Marky_D

            hehe… Tebbit, Hannan and Delingpole… just about the only telegraph blogs worth a read (well, Warner and Pritchard for the economics stuff as well) – we have probably chatted on there as well at some point! You are dead right about Education – my middle child is going through high school now. The whole experience is light on education heavy on left wing political indoctrination. Makes me want to vomit.

            Regarding the Cons – well, UKIP member and activist (minor tbh) here and I don’t hold much hope of the UK shifting to the right. The Beeb have managed to convince the sheeple that voting to the right is akin to aligning yourself with satan and Hollande is described in glowing terms as the second coming of Obama… hence why I find myself on here. I see the US as the last great hope for western freedom. Sad, but true.

  • NJK

    Why would anyone expect more? The guy is a street thug, a bum, the head of the party of the stupid and lost. He’s a cult leader, just like Jim Jones. People like him, prey on those who have no life, no direction, lost souls. I could never listen to this Jim Jones. It’s really a sick in the head bunch.

  • Once again an empty speech full of lies and deception. This guy can’t do the job. He likes the perks, but he can’t do the job. Why should we keep paying a president that is totally useless? Why would Americans never see through this crap? Aren’t we above this?

  • Haywoodjbl

    One word……..BORING

  • Eh2Zed

    I finally figured out what seemed so strange watching the DNC convention. There was a sense of desperation in the interviews and pictures of the convention. I now know where I have seen this and heard this before.
    In the book, “The Longest Day”, Cornelius Ryan describes several scenes on board the troop transports the night before the invasion of Normandy. In the soldiers behavior, there was a sense of desperation to live their last moments in life talking, gambling, laughing, or just resting, but all with a tenseness that betrayed their own private fears of failure and dieing. I have seen this repeated, the night before an insertion into the western Iraqi desert hunting SCUDs during GW1, this same behavior came out in the British and American Spec Ops working out of our FOB. The DNC convention had this same tenseness. Their was a feeling of desperation, everything said was funnier, more poignant, more sincere, more “factual”, more emotional, but without ever actually having discussed the true problems facing the US. No mention of debt, or deficit, nor 8%+ unemployment, nor how to deal with uncontrolled entitlement spending. Just as the soldiers would never discuss failure, or death, the Democrats never discussed the true nature of what the US faces.

  • Nestor Carmona

    His speech and gestures are the same old rigamarole, lousy phony-baloney. I went off to sleep after several minutes. When I woke up I just shut if off. Poor Barry can’t stand on his own.

  • Krauthammer has lost all credibility. Nothing more than a paid shill for the GOP.

  • Mr Krauthammer is an American born Jew. He won’t come out and say it, but he basically wants Americans to throw down their lives to save Israel from Iran. I say NO and Americans should Unite: “We ain’t dying for their Zion”. Telling a liberal to go to h&%% is a typical response for a war monger