Sununu battles Andrea Mitchell over Romney’s comments

Sununu does a few rounds with Andrea Mitchell, telling her that she’s missed the big story here, that it’s Obama who is dividing the country, that he’s the one nurturing class warfare, not Mitt Romney:

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  • Thanks! That was fun.

  • Why waste time with MSNBLOONEYC?? No one watches it….Put Sununu in Ads or on segments that have more than 10 viewers! It does no good…Andrea Mitchell looks as if make-up is literally pasted onto that hideous face. I could never speak with her…I would tell he she needs a Face Job and Brain Transplant…she is a left wing heckette and Sununu should pool his time somewhere better spent!

    • Maybe because the MSM knows this as well and will only allow him to speak to MSNBC

    • Juan_Rico

      I could hang a set of clothes on a coat hanger and carry on a conversation with it and still have a more intelligent conversation then I’d have with Andrea Mitchell. Where do they find these people? She looks like a fence post with a dress on.

      • warpmine

        Usually find these types strewn about inner city crack houses and yes they to look like a dress on a post…..probably as smart to.

    • mark1955

      “Why waste time with MSNBLOONEYC?” The reason is the,the entire GOPe,is radical left themselves and working toward their own version of a “New World Order,One World Government” slave state. That’s been the Bush crime family’s dream, for a long time. MSNBC is the current repub party’s natural constituency. If you haven’t noticed, almost the entire repub congressional delegation lives on msnbc. That’s not an accident. The repubs are just dying to come out of the closet and ditch the Conservative facade and pronounce themselves of the left! They Hate pretending to be on the Right.

      As far as Bushbot John Sununu ( GHW’s former Chief-of-Staff and the Man Personally responsible for giving us Scotus David Souter ) is concerned, he is currently busy, along with fellow Bushies Matt Rhoades,Ginsberg and Dan Senor, in sinking the MITTEN’S campaign from the inside,so nobody get’s in Jeb’s way in 2016. The exact same playbook Bushbot’s Steve Schmidt’s and Nicolle Wallace used in 2008,to undermine and destroy McCain/Palin’s campaign. That’s after those four highjacked and changed the rules, making it all,but certain that Jebbie will be the next repub nominee.

      • hongryhawg

        If what you say is true, why do fewer people watch it than any other news program? Not trying to be ugly. I’m curious for your answer.

        • mark1955

          “Why do fewer people watch it than any other news program”? That’s obvious, because msnbc sucks. Given all that,why in the world would the repubs go on there, to try and get votes with such a low audience to appeal to? I believe,because they are STUPID and they don’t know what else to do.

  • Arguing with Andrea Mitchell is like running full speed into the Great Wall of China. It leaves a mark but not much of a dent.

    • Joe

      That’s pretty funny right there !

    • Conservative_Hippie


  • las1

    Andrea Mitchell should get training at a community college as a house painter. At least on that job she would be taught not to paint herself in a corner. She must hate her job when that happens. Poor dear.

    • M_J_S

      She ought to paint with her face, because man, it ain’t pretty.

      • “We could press your face in some dough, and make gorilla cookies”

        — Redd Fox as Fred Sanford, talking to Aunt Esther

  • Did this witch actually call David Brooks “down the middle?” LOL!!

    • MaroonRepublic

      To full blooded leftist, these liberals are down the middle. Sad isn’t it.

    • Must… resist… obvious punch… line.

  • Joe

    Go-Go – Go Johnny Go

    Andrea is “brain dead”
    She can’t answer his rebuttal

    She can’t handle the truth

    Actually – She knows the truth – but is PAID by the WH TO IGNORE IT!

  • stinkprogress

    i love how she emphasised the other video that “WE AIRED” referencing the obama clinger video. which she didnt name mind you…….So there we are not Biased!! BWhahahahahah…..

  • Juan_Rico

    So do they perform the pre-frontal lobotomy before or after they hire these “journalists” at NBC? Repeating the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it any less a lie then the first time Andrea. I love how she sits there and deliberately puts words in Romney’s mouth to try and fit the narrative they’ve come up with from this.

    I wonder what’s more important, parsing Romney’s words from months ago, or the people we have dieing right now in the middle-east because of Obama’s idiotic foreign policy. If you work for NBC I guess they answer is obvious.

  • Sandra123456

    Many of us have thought that Andrea Mitchell is arrogant. Now she opens mouth and removes all doubt:

    Andrea Mitchell: I Plead Guilty To Being One of The ‘Elite, Smart People’

  • Landscaper

    Does the make-up crew use wall spackleing on that face and two coats of house paint with a roller? She is ugly inside and out.

  • Just start showing the media hypocrites stuff like this and shut them up.
    Dear leader mocking Americans Refresher:

    That 47 percent Mitt was talking about:

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Ya gotta love Sununu! I miss the days of Crossfire.

  • sDee

    I do however wish Romney and Ryan would lighten up on the “middle class” narrative. I find it all very condescending.

    Which dollar I make or lose, puts me into or out of the “middle class”?

    • I think that it plays into the hands of others by mentioning the word “class”. We Americans desire a more “classless” society without the stupid demarcation of the random number of $250,000 or even what the government declares as the poverty line.

      Just tell it straight that you desire all to succeed. For some of us, success is not measured by the mighty dollar so why would I measure success by it?

  • Arrrggghhh

    I just did an experiment (honestly, I really just did this):

    Me: “If someone doesn’t pay income taxes, would they be interested in a candidate that was promising to lower taxes?”

    My 9 year-old daughter: “It wouldn’t matter to them because they don’t pay taxes”

    There it is Andrea, my 9-year old understood it instantly. What part of it don’t you understand? It’s really not that complicated. Focus! Come on, you can get it.

    • sDee

      very good 🙂

      Be careful though if you ask her when she gets older because a political science student might say “you mean like how George Bush gave Earned Income Tax Credits to those paying no taxes”?

      Or if a math student she might say “sure, taxes less than zero are negative taxes”.

      Anything is possible on Big Rock Candy Mountain. 😉

      • NYGino

        …and if, by some unfortunate set of circumstances, she’s at a liberal arts college (are there still other kinds?) majoring in psychology she would declare…”Well it’s a very convoluted question since the answer really depends on ones interpretation of the meaning of the word ‘tax'”

        And she would say this in a multi-nuanced tone, you know, to kinda cover her behind and add a dash of intellectual elitism to her spew.

        • Arrrggghhh

          That’s exactly why she will NEVER be at a liberal arts college – at least not on my dime.

  • Rocco11

    She’s using numbers from the Tax Policy Center, lol. Is Jay Carney their spokesman too?

  • victoryspeedway

    I cannot imagine having to wake up every morning only to realize that I’m Andrea Mitchell.

    • sDee

      the drugs help

    • opinionatedhermit

      Except for maybe, being the one waking up next to her.

      • pdxlady

        Alan Greenspan? He’s worse!

    • crosshr

      he he, I got a good laugh there victoryspeedway, God bless you !

  • tularockstar

    I love John Sununu! I think Romney is right on by making him his surrogate to respond to the left wing hack like Andrea (the loser) Mitchell! I was waiting to hear John telling Andrea to affix a bigger Obama sticker on her forehead! LOL! You go John!

  • deeme

    I love his facial expressions , they are always like are you kidding me..are you serious..this is not a story..the story is never the we found out the real story is he knew the dangers in Libya and this is what they are talking loaders are not people on s.S. and medicare that came out of their own checks..they are people who are here illegally , getting things for breaking the law, they are people who want U.S. to pay for their abortions., they are people who never want to get a job and live off everyone else..This president is a community organizer..divide divide and conquer..Romney needs to not care about the voters who aren’t going to vote for him ever..and especially ignore the fake stories these so called reporters make up about non stories..that were possibly obtained illegally..Your damn right, everyone needs to pay, so everyone cares about taxes..the half that don’t pay anything will never understand paying taxes if they never have to pay a dime..I love what he said and hope he does say it Andrea..all they uncovered is the Romney I will vote for..we can gut the entrie government and we will still be broke, we can tax everyone 100 percent and we will still be broke..16 trillion….16 trillion..that’s the real story, not the people adding to it..

  • p m

    Love the way he always finishes laughing – figures, though, when dealing with Andrea.

    BTW When is Bill Kristol gonna come out and just declare himself as a democom? All he does is criricize and play into the scum stream media’s set narrative of the day. Idiot.

    • T Pixidust

      Yeah, really. The sanctimony which pours from Kristol has never been more tiresome.

      • meyou

        Seems like a dream he used to be a Demo…can anyone out there confirm?

      • NYGino

        Is that what that is, sanctimony? Man you cleaned up the word well.

  • johnos2112

    Kristol you sir can POUND SAND!

  • When you are married to ex-Fed one Alan Greenspan. The looks department are but a cover for her asinine and distorted viewpoints on all things politics.

  • opinionatedhermit

    The real issue being missed is that America isn’t (or, rather shouldn’t be) about the money.

    Far too often, people use the example of “In America, you can make as much money as you want” as their proof of the distance you can go in upward and downward mobility. And, what American Freedom is all about.

    But, this is still just an example. And, because of it, it is limited. It doesn’t really explain the issue at hand.

    The better way to say it would be more along these lines: “In America, it doesn’t matter how much money you have. Each of us are equal in the eyes of the law. Each of us are equal in political vote. Just because you may have more money than I, so what? It doesn’t mean squat to me. Because, in America, you can’t use your money to tell me what to do.”

    I don’t give a rats what the elites say. They don’t see things from where I sit. And, because of it, the cannot figure out that America is hungry. That America still craves Freedom and Liberty more than anything else.

    Or, better said: “It’s still all about the Freedom and Equality, BABY!!!!”

    • p m

      Love that post, epsecially the last line – thank you hermit.

    • Clapping over here myhermitfriend!!!!!!!

      I came to America so I could be free to speak what was on my mind without fear of being shut up, so I could own a firearm or not, so I could become wealthy or not.

      But I also came to America so I could raise kids in the manner which I deemed best for my family. I came so I could worship openly and freely Jesus Christ. I came to America to live the way which is right for my family and the Lord. To have the freedom to chase that dream He puts inside me. That is what America means to me.

      • Sounds like a certain group of people escaping England not so long ago, just saying 🙂

        Seriously, it is great to hear from you and hermit that the understanding of freedom is still penetrating into the hearts of men and women. It is still a desire for those who truly love this country. It is very refreshing to hear!

        • I can’t help it Puritan, and I’ll never apologize for it either. Too many folks who were born raised here have taken so much for granted what their freedoms are, and they’ve forgotten just how much blood and tears have fallen by those willing to die to protect it for all of us. I count my blessings that the Lord allowed me to move here, and I’ll never be ashamed to speak up about America’s exceptional freedoms, and the founder’s putting it down for the world to see, that God gives us these rights- NOT governments.

          Thank you for your encouragement here and on so many other comments Puritan. I’m blessed also by my friendships here with you and others.

  • Wisewoman2

    Romney’s statement regarding the 47% who do not pay federal income tax is accurate. The MSM is spinning it as a goof up to avoid discussing this critical issue. Romney should not (a) avoid the topic but double down on his statement and (b) at the same time put Obama on the defense. A will not work without B. Therefore Romney and his surrogates should go on every and I mean every so called news outlet and PUT OBAMA ON THE DEFENSE using tactics and statements as follows: When over 8% and closer to 16% of people can’t find jobs to fill the basic human needs of food, shelter, and clothing without government help the country is in serious trouble. “In Obama’s world having 47% of people not paying federal income tax to help run the country is a MEASUREMENT OF SUCCESS.” No what these numbers really indicate is that Obama has LET YOU AND THE COUNTRY DOWN. If I am elected president I will turn these numbers around in a positive direction. No longer will Americans suffer because they don’t have a job. From the first day I take office I will be working to help job creation, etc., etc.
    Obama’s attempt at the 11th hour of suing China through the WTO should be mocked, ridiculed and laughed at. In Ohio he is claiming”this action SHOWS THAT HE IS TOUGH WHILE ROMNEY IS ALL TALK. Mock him Romney and let the country know that again he is leading from behind since you have stated this as one of the goals of your administration. No one needs any further proof than this to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man is a thug and will say anything or do anything to be reelected. He accused Hillary of doing this while the MSM knew he was the real culprit.


    Way to go, John! Oh, I’m sure Andrea is looking forward to another lesson in truth from you. Hahahaha!

    • p m

      I was surprised she had him on again – must have been her producers wanting a ratings boost. She always gets hammered and she and Sununu both know it! The look on her face says it all. And his too.

  • CJ

    I have a new-found respect for Sununu. This guy has been a tiger. Glad he’s on our side!

  • Another illustration that we cannot trust the MSM for any truth or integrity. People just have to smarten up and dig deeper for the truth in this campaign season. Go GOP.

  • Andrea Mitchell, wife of Alan Greenspan…that’s all anyone needs to know…

  • underconstantatack

    Aren’t all the polls fixed by O’s team all the time anyway? I never know what ones are actually accurate…..Anyone have suggestions for the most accurate updated polls? It would be so interesting to see how the polls change when all these lies of O are exposed~some one by one, some by the handful~and yet he still lies to USA and his cronies swear by them..wt????

  • scrubjay

    I always feel like I’m sitting ringside when it’s John Sununu vs. Andrea Mitchell or Soledad O’Brien.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    There is two people that Romney can hire right now, (I like Sununu) but we need more warriors to against these liberals, ROMNEY PLEASE HIRE NEWT, AND WEST FOR YOUR CAMPAIGN.

    • wodiej

      and Gov. Sarah Palin.

  • Howzah123

    Sununu >

  • jhcapron

    Now I see why MSNBC has no audience…

  • Sununu crushed her lol


    The great distraction ploy is working. Dem’s have once again refocused the American people from real issues, to a smear campaign.

    I personally would not even debate the issue, but continue to pound home the fact that the country is in pre-default status and it is due to Obama. Any mention of this would be brushed off as political posturing, and remind the left of Obama’s fund raising comments.

  • I’ve watched Mitt’s “clarification” session and have heard the recordings from that event. Both Mitt and John Sununu appear to want to redirect the conversation to one that they believe that they can win. How arrogant! This isn’t “Taming of the Shrew”. If it’s the day, it’s the day, not the night. Everyone knows what they saw, for goodness sakes. At least own up to your statements and don’t try to sugar-coat them or calm them fertilizer when we know that it’s really crap.

    • KenInMontana

      Arrogant? How is telling the truth arrogant? Particularly when your own candidate spews and spins arrogance every time he opens his mouth. You need to put down that kool aid that you’ve been ingesting and let the fog leave what little you have of your own mind left.

    • wodiej

      cartoons are on ALL DAY.

  • FreeManWalking

    WooHoo John Way to Go! Slapping her down with words, is almost as much fun to watch

    as it would be if you were there slapping her back and forth across the face.

    edit: LOL I just love his entro and exit lines, Happy Tuesday Andrea…Have a Nice Day Andrea… she looks like she is ready to bite nails into when he says that to her and gets her off track…

  • hongryhawg

    That darned Sununu can sure hold his own with these liberal pundits. He’s made mincemeat of a few that I’ve seen. BTW, Romney didn’t say a damned thing Andrea Mitchell wouldn’t have said herself in a situation similar to Romney’s. But, I digress on the hypocrisy.

  • LibLoather

    This was greatness! Sununu knows how to rattle the Lefties with the truth!

  • brendawatkins

    I wonder how long the person who had this video has been sitting on it just waiting for the opportunity to take heat off of Obama? Now seems like a really good time with all the MESS going on in the middle east. I’m a part of that 47% and I don’t feel the least bit offended by what he said. I don’t get help from the gov. but I do get a nice tax return. The ones who bother me are the ones who sit on their lazy butts doing nothing, and get gov. assistance when they are perfectly ABLE to work.

  • Why is Krystol flapping his mouth off about Romney. Doesn’t he realise his comments would be used against Romney. I think he should go back to the Larry Shandling show. At least that was funny.

  • For a self-proclaimed “smartest woman” she sounds pretty dumb.

  • He wasn’t talking about the elderly; he was talking about wage earners. 47 % of wage earners pay no taxea. Wish Sununu had said that.

  • Jay

    Brooks is right. But we’re working harder and harder to support the lazy ba$tard class.

  • Jay

    Ethics? Ethics, Andrea? You wouldn’t know an ethic if it came up and bit you on your anorexic little tush.

  • NCHokie02

    I wonder if Andrea Mitchell dreads having Sununu on. He doesn’t let her get an edge and is able to make his point until he is done.

    I don’t think many people are offended by it. Those who are are probably not going to vote for Romney anyways. The media and Obama administration are reaching for straws to try and hide O’s record and the fire that is blazing in the middle east.

  • wodiej

    Isn’t Brooks the columnist who said he liked the crease in obama’s pants? lol….ah yes, that is an opinion I find relevant.

  • bobemakk

    This has to be viewed on the fair and balanced news stations across the world. These socialist lamestream media networks do US no good. They even fudge the polls, and according to Laura Ingraham, Romney is actually in front. So the poll reports we receive are fudged.

    AND the reporter from the NY Times should be dismissed.

    • p m

      Agree, bobemakk. But worldwide tv stations aren’t much better, they all seem to go along with the lib tide. And for God’s sake don’t go to the BBC – for them it’s all about hating Israel, loving global warming and its latest incarnations, and loving Obama. It’s very left-oriented and far from the reliable source it was about 40 years ago.

      There’s only one station I’ve found that really is conservative and that’s here in Canada believe it or not – Sun News Network – worth a look and highly recommended. No PC crap there! They do cover some Canadian news but emphasise US news strongly. Michael Coren, Charles Adler and Brian Lilly are true conservatives.

      PS You might be able to get it on cable – I don’t do tv, so not sure.

  • Shawn M

    Way better than Christie. He will be in Pres Romneys cabinet

  • kong1967

    Hey Andrea. How about these facts? You are 47% ignorant and 53% stupid. Actually I’d go 100% on both but I had to fit the number, lol.