Sustainable Development: Agenda 21 explained

This is a video by John Anthony, an expert on Agenda 21 and government regulations, and he spends almost 90 minutes breaking down Agenda 21 in full. I’m about 51 minutes in and it’s quite interesting what he has to say about it.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, here is a broad definition of Agenda 21 (Agenda for the 21st Century):

Sustainable developers have designed a global movement coordinated through a global-to-local action plan to create world government in accordance with certain objectives. These objectives include:

  • An end to national sovereignty
  • Abolition of private property
  • Restructure of the family unit
  • Increasing limitations and restrictions on mobility and individual opportunity

This is a plan that’s been underway since the 80s and three presidents have signed off on it, starting with George H. W. Bush. It’s already at the local level in the U.S. – even my city has a sustainability council.

I highly encourage you to watch the video below and it’s an excellent breakdown of Agenda 21:

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  • 12grace

    This is so scary. I wonder when obama supporters will finally figure out that Agenda 21 IS obama’s goal for America.

    • Philo Beddoe

      It’s not only obama. All former POTUS’ since ’80’s have signed off on it.

      We do not have a 2 party system in the USA. We are led to believe there is. Both are working towards the same goal. Total population control

      • IwjwI

        We need a 3rd party answer to the Republicans and Democrats.
        Call it whatever, just do it.
        I like, “We The People,” for a 3rd party name, or the name, “Conservative” because there are states that already have that as an option when registering to vote. Take the “Conservative Party” to the national level.

        I quit the GOP and told them why.

        Starve the beast until it is pliable, or it dies.

        When the GOP sees it’s numbers dramatically fall, it and the GOPe will understand just how serious we are. I think that the GOP will finally start doing what we want when it looses most of the people on it’s voter list and looses financial backing from the “Little People/Hobbits. The GOPe need to feel the pain of loosing enough members and money to get it to the point of submission.

        The RNC/GOP thought that it could win this election without us and with a moderate candidate that was shoved down our throats. The GOP/RNC will keep doing what it’s been doing until we stop it.

        The way to stop it is to quit feeding it people and money and withdraw any of our
        support it has had up to this point.

        Build a 3rd party of Conservatives, no matter what scare tactics the GOP uses to get us to stay. Build it anyway and begin NOW!

        It’s going to take a revolution to turn this country around.
        Let’s begin with quitting the GOP.

        • aposematic

          At present the GOP not only ignores the TP Conservatives but actively works against them and their Candidates. A third Party consisting of R voters such as the TP (I would work to get the Libertarians to join us.) would force the GOP to at least acknowledge our existence and stop taking our votes for granted. See what Bohener has done with all those new 2010 R’s the TP gave him…nothing outside of telling them to sit down and shut up.

          • IwjwI

            Right, @aposmatic
            TP Conservatives in the U.S.A. Legislature have been sent to a “sit down and shut up” corner. Boehner has his marchng orders to not let any of our good TP Conservatives out of the box that the GOPe wants them to die in.

            • 4dees

              The fact that Boehner is replacing all committee heads or members who are conservative with moderates should raise red flags among GOP voters and conservatives everywhere.

          • Philo Beddoe

            Unless there is a verifiable way to vote, as witnessed in the last election, voter fraud will determine the direction of the govt.

        • Go here IwJwi Read all of it, visit the links at the bottom and if you like what you see, JOIN us. We’re getting more folks every day.

        • mark1955

          IT’s beyond obvious that the modern day repub Party,has run more than run it’s course.

          The repubs have brought the party to the point the ‘Whig’ party was around 1854,when it also became a virtual mirror image of the dem party as the repub party is now and had to be replaced. Every last bit of Obama and the dems agenda could have been stopped in commitee,but a repub alway’s steps forward by design to bail them out.That’s not stupidity or gutlessness or cowardice…It’s complicity! It’s more than past time for a change. Sarah Palin 2016!

        • keyesforpres

          Alan Keyes is calling for resurrecting the Federalist party of our Founders.

      • 4dees

        There is now no difference in the two parties we have. Witness the fact that Boehner has now caved to the Dems on raising revenue through higher taxes and by eliminating any entitlement reforms. We are being led down a socialist path by both parties, whose leaders will suffer no harm from the actions they are imposing on We the People. This is very serious and Americans had best open up their eyes.

    • Nitnyline

      Sad to say but his true blue supporters will cheer for it because he will tell them to do so. They are ‘drones’, per Mark Levin. I agree with his assessment of these people.

    • Bush 1 got it going, and every president keeps it going. Congress is passing the laws and signing the treaties to make it happen as well. There is only one party, and it is called the New World Order.

  • Thank you Scoop. It is one of the most important things folks need to learn about! I’m glad it’s finally getting more attention.

    • Yes, I agree… It’s been sneaking in under the radar for far too long.

      • Linky1

        Exactly. Too many people don’t realize exactly what this is all about and the implications of it.

    • IwjwI

      ABiC, Exactly. It is at the top of the “Important” list of things to do to educate the majority. This begins in our own homes with family and friends to light a fire of resistance under their butts.

      Many of us have been spreading the word on Agenda 21 for almost 4 years.

      Glad to see TRS is a site I can count on to help me in my own personal efforts to get this news out. iPhone in hand, it is easier to show my family and friends what Agenda 21 is all about.
      It is easier to convert Obama supporters when they finally figure out that they are being lied to by the LSM. I pack the real news with me on my iPhone.
      From Fast and Furious to Benghazi, they know the truth when they hear/see it and crave more truth.
      Converting one Obama voter at a time, or a small group, is much easier when I have tools of truth at hand.

      Thank you, Scoop, for all you do in helping spread the truth. This site is a ‘must have’ when I go into talks with Obama voters about current events and news.
      Most of these people can’t afford cable tv, or the internet, but they can and they do vote.
      We have to be brave enough to pack the truth to educate people less fortunate who are voters, or potential voters. The ones OFA picks up in busses to go into voting booths to vote for a Marxist/Radical Islamist for POTUS that they really know nothing about.
      I began with family and friends, then went outside of my comfort zone into Obamavilles, (taking in food to get my feet through their doors).
      Once it dawns on them that they are being left out of the Truth Loop by the lying leftist media, they get angry and are very receptive to the real news & me when I next stop by, (even if I don’t have any food to share with them).

      Every town/city has their own Obamavilles.
      When these people feel the pain of having their obamaphones shut off because the government cant afford them anymore,
      [Obama will eventually throw them all under the bus by diverting money, (Obamaphone dollars), from the poor to give it to his wealthy cronies],
      they will be better listeners and more receptive to the Conservative message of less government.
      Just like the rest of us, they are victims of Obamanomics and Big Government.
      This is only just one ’empathizing’ starting point where we have a commonality that they can identify with.

      Regardless the outcome of the 2012 election, I’m still spreading the real news to the uninformed. Obama has the poor right where he wants them to be. Illiterate, uneducated, and uninformed. We need to change this. Even if it is only one voter, or one Obamaville at a time.

      • Very well said! I’m clapping over here.

      • RosalindJ

        How would you describe your process of educating people? I now work in an area that is stuffed with ‘diversity’ – people who are poor, uninformed, civically illiterate and extremely complacent/disengaged. Are you involved with a soup-kitchen type of service that allows interaction?

  • Constitution Lover(underconsta

    In NY they had people “volunteer” for this…without the full extent of the program, they thought they were “going green”. Very scary, this is one of the many issues, including Exec.Orders that I asked if they were gonna bring up at election time???? Its real scary

  • For a more personal, detailed look at UN Agenda 21, read Rosa Koire’s book, “Behind The Green Mask: UN Agenda 21.” She explains the tactics like Delphi techniques, i.e., behavioral control, that these Agenda 21 clowns employ in city and county meetings about sustainable/smart growth. I heard about this crap about 2 years ago, and her book reinforced my terrors about it. People: Wake the hell up! This is nothing short of George Orwell’s “1984.” This is Aldous Huxley and “A Brave New World” kind of garbage. We’re starring into the abyss of incremental totalitarianism. If any of you have ever read the “Communist Manifesto,” you’ll remember that Marx stated the purist goal of the Communist movement could be summed up in one slogan: the abolition of private property. Agenda 21 IS that endgame. It will force people via taxation, regulation and the cessation of services of the suburbs to move back into the urban city centers. There, we’ll be piled one atop the other like ghettos you see in China and India – all in the name of restricting our ability to travel and enjoy the rural outdoors. (Of course they’ll guilt the gullible morons by framing it as less human encroachment of nature, and the only way to save the planet from us.) Ever wonder why the progressive left is so in love with mass transit systems like high speed rail lines? It’s to encourage us to give up cars and the freedom of movement that they give us. This is a large scale effort to acclimate us to being glorified slaves to government. You see this with the massive increase in food stamp usage and welfare dependency. And now we’re hearing about how junk foods will begin to be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. We are being conditioned to accept that our individual freedoms and liberties are NOT inalienable; we’re being taught that it’s government and man that affords us those luxuries. Sadly, I think we’ve come to the tipping point. The Chicago Marxist’s re-election is proof of that, in my opinion. These next four years and the years after will be dark times for America. We must remain vigilant and continue to pressure those politicians that haven’t surrendered.

    • mark1955

      Try to take heart about the election and the type of electorate we have in our Country. This election stunk to high Heavens. It was rigged from start to finish.The numbers don’t even come close to adding up. And especially don’t pay attention to the recent spate of articles stating how there are now more takers in this Country than makers. Those articles are meant both to dispirit you and make you think we are increasingly alone and isolated in our own Country. It’s Bulshe! I believe Obama lost in a landslide if the actual votes were counted. We are still in the vast majority so Hang Tough!

      • aposematic

        He lost not in a landslide but close enough for the decades of cheating in important swing states to put him on top. It was Romney that needed to win by a landslind of true votes to have any chance of winning…Romney lost because the election was close enough for election fraud to give Obuma the win.

    • Linky1

      She was on with Glenn Beck last week, on his latest special on Agenda 21. What is amazing is that both Conservatives AND Republicans alike are warning about this.

      • Patriot077

        And well they should be as it has been promoted by both parties as well. All of these “sustainable” efforts will be inflicted on D’s & R’s whether they know what is happening or not. Only the “connected” will be allowed to live a comfortable life.

        I had the good fortune of hearing her speak at a local event a couple months ago. It’s nice to have an issue that everyone rejects and can work on together to stop it.

    • Andromedastar1

      Kevlar, your piece is so articulate and goes right to the heart of the matter!! We will be diligent and spread the word, even though the libs I know think you are crazy is you believe this is for real!!

  • williamm
    • bullet2354

      This is actually very scarey – (we actually have less world wide poverty, longer life, more food, and more world wide development then at ANY TIME IN HISTORY!)

      1.1. Humanity stands at a defining moment in history. We are confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being. However, integration of environment and development concerns and greater attention to them will lead to the fulfilment of basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and managed ecosystems and a safer, more prosperous future. No nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can – in a global partnership for sustainable development.”

      The “perpetuation of disparities” is 100% based on various governments crushing Freedom and Liberty. Look at Mexico – Look at China – Look at India. Those countries have tremendous resources yet crushing poverty – now why is that? Because their governments will not allow systems to develop to FREE their people to build and produce as BEST ‘THEY’ CAN.

      • Conniption Fitz

        Poverty is the result of both corrupt governments and corrupt religions.

  • Kordane

    All of this is the result of the dominant ethical code that views selfishness as evil and altruism as good.

    That’s the bottom line here.

    You’re not allowed to have property rights and be able to pursue your happiness, because that’s selfish, and selfishness is evil. You must sacrifice yourself to others, because altruism says that self-sacrifice is good/virtuous – So therefore you must sacrifice for the sake of other human beings (redistribution of wealth from rich countries to poor countries), then you must sacrifice for the sake of future generations, and finally you must sacrifice for the sake of non-human entities, such as plants, animals, etc.

    Environmentalism is just a form of altruism. It’s still about self-sacrifice, but rather than just to other human beings, it’s even more virtuous because it’s still selfish to only sacrifice for your own species – so you must instead sacrifice for non-human entities, and thus gain full, undiluted moral credit.

    America was founded on the individual rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or in other words, property rights. ALL of those individual rights are selfish rights. It’s not that “others” have a right to those things, but you don’t. It’s that “YOU” have a right to those things; you as an “individual”.

    For centuries, America has been the battleground for the inherent contradiction between the individual rights (which are selfish), and the dominant ethical code (altruism) which says that selfishness is evil and that altruism is good.

    Well what is it, America? Is selfishness evil and altruism good, or is selfishness good and altruism evil? You can’t have it both ways – It’s a contradiction.

    Altruism is inherently anti-American, since it conflicts with the individual rights that the founding fathers articulated in the declaration of independence.

    I leave you with a quote from Ayn Rand about Altruism: “Do not hide behind such superficialities as whether you should or should not give a dime to a beggar. That is not the issue. The issue is whether you do or do not have the right to exist without giving him that dime. The issue is whether you must keep buying your life, dime by dime, from any beggar who might choose to approach you. The issue is whether the need of others is the first mortgage on your life and the moral purpose of your existence. The issue is whether man is to be regarded as a sacrificial animal. Any man of self-esteem will answer: “No.” Altruism says: “Yes.”

    • Marees1963

      I would correct you on this. Altruism is a Biblical principle in that giving to others is a holy endeavor. The problem is that the governments have removed free will from the equation and God. Therein lies the evil of it. Careful with Ayn Rand, an atheist who cannot be entirely trusted.

      • Kordane

        No, the evil lies in the idea that human sacrifice is a virtue. It doesn’t matter whether it’s voluntary human sacrifice or involuntary human sacrifice. ALL human sacrifice is wrong. END OF.

        And don’t give me that spiel about atheists not being trustworthy. Let me tell you: Trust is earned. It is NOT automatic just because you happen to believe in some supernatural being.

        Tell me, what do you know of Ayn Rand, other than what you may have heard, or what little you may have read? May I guess that you rejected her philosophy simply because it went against your religious beliefs, and that you considered that no further inquiry was necessary or of any value? That’s how it is with a lot of religious folk, when it comes to Objectivism.

        Yes, Collectivism is an evil, but so is Altruism. Both involve human sacrifice. One to the state/society, and the other to other human beings. I won’t ever accept the idea that human sacrifice can be a virtue –

        • Marees1963

          Then I guess you would have no idea what it is to be a parent? A firefighter? Military personnel? If not for human sacrifice we would all be speaking German and the Jews wouldn’t be here. Or the United States of America wouldn’t be here. But that’s okay for you to speak your beliefs, after all many gave their lives for your freedom to do so. As a mother I would give my life for that of any of my children in a heartbeat without a second thought. I most certainly would risk my life, even death, to race into a burning building to save someone, particularly a child, any child. So tell me, are you going to tell the fire department to go away if you become trapped in a burning building? Tell the police to go away when someone has a gun to your head? Tell our armed forces, no thanks, you’ll be fine when the next terrorist threatens us? Somehow I highly doubt it. Thank you for your rant, it has enlightened me to how so many people stand idly by and don’t help their fellow man, because it’s really all about YOU, right?

          • Kordane

            Quote: “If not for human sacrifice we would all be speaking German”

            I think it’s reprehensible to speak of that as being a sacrifice, since you’re implying that those soldiers would have preferred to stay at home and let the world fall to the Nazis, rather than fight them and secure a better world which is free from Nazism.

            I do not think it was a sacrifice. I think those troops were acting in their profound self-interest (yes, they were being selfish), since they knew that when Europe fell, their own nation would be next, and they would not want that future because they and everything they value would be in peril.

            Yes, many soldiers lost their lives in WW2, but they did not “sacrifice” themselves. They were fighting for something of greater value than their own lives. In actuality, they profited from the war; they did not sacrifice, since a sacrifice is when you give up something of greater value in exchange for something of lesser value; you effectively suffer a “net loss” in value. Such as if I exchanged $100 for $1 or nothing at all – that would be a sacrifice. However, if things were reversed, then I would profit and not sacrifice at all. Giving up something of lesser value does not automatically make it a sacrifice if what you gain is of greater value!

            Those soldiers, even the ones that didn’t come back home alive, gained something of far greater value to them than their own lives, since one’s life/body is of great value, but there are many other things which one might estimate to be of greater value, such as seeing one’s offspring survive in a free country; free from the threat of Nazism.

            Human sacrifice is not noble/moral. It is pure evil, and it always has been. Man is not a sacrificial animal, up for slaughter. Human sacrifice was evil when the Aztecs did it, and it is evil now when altruists do it today. All human sacrifice is evil. There are no exceptions.

            • Marees1963

              They sacrificed their lives for OUR freedom not just their own. Also noticed you completely ignored the firefighters, police and parents. Nice try though 🙂 The greatest human sacrifice, Our Lord gave Himself for our sins. You can live by an atheist’s religion, I’ll stick with the Bible that makes the world a better place.

              • Kordane

                I ignored those other things because I thought you’d get it when I explained how it works for soldiers, and you’d be able to apply that same logic to fire-fighters, police, parents, etc.

                You’re wrong that soldiers sacrifice their lives. They’d have to be psychologically suicidal for that to be the case. The overwhelming vast majority of soldiers go to war with the intention to win the war and to come back alive – That is an indisputable fact. Soldiers do not go out there like suicidal freaks, hoping to die on the field on battle, as you would have us believe.

                Soldiers go to war with the wholly selfish intention to defeat the enemy, secure peace for themselves and those they value, earn the wages of a soldier, and come back alive. None of this involves sacrifice; they instead ‘profited’ from their efforts.

                Yes, some soldiers do die at war, but that is simply an unlucky consequence of the risk they took. What’s important is what their intention was, because that is what indicates whether it was selfish or altruistic.

                Yes, there are some soldiers who value their lives so little, and who value the continuation of their country, their friends and their family, so much more than their own lives, that they are willing to take on a suicide mission – But even in that extreme case (which only applies to an incredibly small number of soldiers), the soldier is profiting from the trade of value. They’re gaining the higher value which is the continuation of their nation, friends and family, in exchange for giving up the lesser value which is their own life. If you have a net profit of value, then you cannot be said to be sacrificing. Giving up something of lesser value in exchange for something of greater value is not a sacrifice; it is no more a sacrifice than it would be if I gave up $1 in exchange for $100 – You could not say “Aha! You sacrificed because you gave up that $1” without considering that I’m vastly profiting from gaining $99 more from the trade. The bottom line is: Just because you “give up” something, does NOT necessarily mean you’ve sacrificed.

                I don’t think the bible does make the world a better place. It instils mysticism, faith and altruism in people’s minds. These are NOT good things to have as the base of one’s philosophy. In fact, I would argue that all these things are evil because they are all antithetical to your own human nature; they are ‘destructive’ of human nature, as has been the hallmark throughout human history where such things have been accepted by people.

  • trouble06

    The Left for years have been saying Agenda 21 was a conspiracy theory. That seems to be their mantra when there’s something they want to face. I’ve telling my family for years to be worried about ICLEI.

  • Myptofvu

    rs…I have a real problem loading/viewing videos on your site. Don’t know if its my prob or a site prob but I don’t have the issues on other sites. Just lettin ya know

    • You’re not the only person I’ve seen have this problem. Are you using Firefox? Someone that was unable to view the videos here was using IE and when they switched as I suggested to Firefox, it fixed the issue for them. So you might try that.
      In the meantime, although I don’t advocate you leave TRS, here is the same video on youtube for you to watch:

    • aposematic

      It mainly has to do with privacy/tracking controls. I use latest IE and Firefox. I run tracking controls on both. To view videos here I must turn off those controls; after I turn the controls back on.

    • Myptofvu

      Thanks for the responses. I am using Chrome I haven’t tried other browsers yet i usually just go and view the vid on YT when I run into a problem here.

    • It’s a YouTube video. Perhaps you have a flash problem?

  • Agenda21 is the shiny new name for Totalitarian Communism! 🙁 We are in deep… I’m not even sure we can dig out anymore. 🙁


    … all talk and no action is exactly what these MARXIST’s want ,a dumbed down population with NO SPINE .One day the PITCH FORKS and TORCH’s lighting the way for LIBERTY will have to be RAISED in defiance of such programs as AGENDA 21 and the policies of DEAR LEADER PART II.For as we found out in Election 2012 WINNING at the Ballot Box is going to be impossible from now on (in my opinion the FIX was IN) especially with the MARXIST SCUMBAGS from Chicago in control. So when is the boiling point going to come? Once the STOCK MARKET CRASHES , MIDDLE EAST BLOWS UP , the EU CRASHES or when all of AMERICA STANDS UP AND SAYS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH . My conclusion is the time is fast approaching that all LIBERTY LOVING INDIVIDUALS from around the WORLD will raise there PITCH FORKS and TORCH’s lighting the way for LIBERTY will say ,


  • Soros said…

    I remember when Glenn Beck was on Fox.

    About 2 years ago, Glenn said that the Soros representative told Beck’s representative that the ‘ship has sailed’ and there was nothing Glenn could do to stop what would be happening in the future.

    – – – – – – – – – –

    In this video on TheRightScoop John Anthony lays it out coherently in 1hr 23min.

    Here is a 14min. video about the ‘Delphi Technique’ to control the so-called public meetings.


    From the uploader’s notes –

    “This video shows the manipulation of the audience to gain public consensus for a regional transportation plan … assembled by a number of radical environmentalist groups, social justice, social equity groups, …


    • Watcherinla

      Thank-you for the link. That was an incredibly enlightening video and you can see how they manipulate the meeting to push the agenda. We have to stay vigilant.

    • PS.

      Here is the entire 2hr 6min video from The East Bay Tea Parry.

      From the uploader notes, at the bottom –

      “For a detailed account of the meeting by Heather Gass, go to:

      “Video Produced by Steve Kemp, Golden Gate Minutemen, and Heather Gass, East Bay Tea Party.


  • ApplePie101

    Passing legislation is one thing, enforcing it is another.
    I knew an old lady who repeatedly chased a developer off his own land with a shovel. It showed me what can be done with enough determination and a shovel.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Isn’t this the same as “One World Order” we started hearing about with George H. W. Bush?

    • Yep…

      In the video John Anthony mentions dates and people.

      In 1992 in Rio de Janeiro Papa Bush, representing the USA, signed off on the Rio Declaration.

      Yep, Papa Bush, who, as President, gave the ‘new world order’ speech.

      The ‘ship has sailed’ about 3 decades ago.


  • 57thunderbird

    ‘George H.W. Bush’s New World Order.

  • Haywoodjbl

    Call To Arms

    Be prepared and ready to defend us from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC

    Will be ready?

  • 57thunderbird

    Thank you Art for the links.Very enlightening.I shall e-mail them to my friends and family.We must defeat this agenda.

    • Dittos “defeat this agenda”…

      A ‘ship has sailed’ agenda with a 30 year head start is not impossible to defeat.

      However, 57thunderbird, it will definitely be difficult to educate and inform ‘we the people’ in the new world order ‘transformation’ age of BHObama with a sychophantic lap-dog media and the coming attempt to control the internet.


  • stage9
    • Shows twice as many dems are as stupid as Rs. Anyone who knows a bit of history or looks at the Socialist platform should know better than to approve it, in fact they should strongly OPPOSE It! Socialism is a cancer upon society as everyone here already knows, but I thought it worth restating.

  • Betsey_Ross

    Our tea party discovered our county was just getting it’s feet wet when it came to Agenda 21. The stupid board of supervisors went along with it because the planning commission got it’s tentacles in it deep. This is where the evil lies. The planning commission is populated with planning types and they are taught this in college(where else?) Ours are unelected and our Republican supervisors are unbelievably into this. We have to watch them constantly. Someone from the tea party goes to every meeting because they are just waiting to bring back TDR’s(transfer of development rights) They think this is a money making idea, but all it does is accelerate the amount of land that cannot be touched our used ever again. This is sick, but there they are trying to get them passed.

    Much like Islam, Agenda 21 has its colletive fingers into every part of your life. Where you live, where you work, your transportation habits, your children’s education, your power consumption(do not let them put a governor on your electric box!) and how you own property. It is incidious.

    When you see the founders of Agenda 21 you will get it right away. Maurice Strong. Look him up. He is certifiably insane. Al Gore. Also insane and stupid. A bad combination. Mikhail Gorbechov. Needs no explaination.

    • “… Islam, Agenda 21…”

      Dittos Betsy_Ross –

      “Much like Islam,
      Agenda 21 has its colletive fingers into every part of your life.

      – Where you live,
      – where you work,
      – your transportation habits,
      – your children’s education,
      – your power consumption
      (do not let them put a governor on your electric box!)
      – and how you own property.”

      Wow Betsy_Ross, that looks like the ingredients of a book…

      Oh, it’s already been written.

      It’s called ‘Agenda 21’, by Glenn Beck and Harriet Parke.

      Harriet sent in a manuscript to Beck’s publishing division, Mercury Radio Arts, that Beck’s daughter Hanna really liked, so Glenn published it as ‘Agenda 21.’

      It is a dystopian work describing a dystopian society where survival of the fittest means that the Authority decides who lives and dies.

      Nobody is free…
      … but they are housed, clothed, fed, work is provided, spouses are appointed by the Authority, the caretakers of the Republic.

      It was a good find by Hanna, whose job is reading manuscripts for Mercury Radio Arts.


      Dystopia –

      1-An imaginary place or state in which the condition of life is extremely bad, as from deprivation, oppression, or terror.

      2-A work describing such a place or state.


      • Betsey_Ross

        When we first found out about Agenda 21 it had already spread to almost every city/county/town in the USA. What was absolutlely astounding to us was that our entire Board of Supervisors did not see anything wrong with it. They embraced all of it and it and then they lied to us about it. The Comprhensive Plan was already written and they passed it in front of us as we were protesting it. That plan was not written in stone as it was so ambitious that it was not possible to do much of anything in it because of the cost. The state of VA has since relaxed its plans to force everyone to do this. What was bad was that the Comprehensive Plan was now a 30 year plan rather than a 5 year plan. The really exciting thing for them was they had the skeletal plan to follow that was provided to them by an organization called ICLEI. I can almost guarantee that almost every local jurisdiction in the country has the same outline and plan. It’s everywhere and must be stopped.

  • 4Hoppes2

    Very worthwhile video, every minute of it. This is what results when society divorces itself from faith and reason, and from Natural Law and Gods Laws, you end up with Agenda 21. Seeing this video exposes and couples the self-esteem advocates, the global warming alarmists, the pseudo-science and overpopulation advocates all into one very destructive movement. I hope communities across the country continue to be alerted and take actions to reverse this encroachment on our sovereignty.

  • This is great, thanks Scoop.

  • virginiagentleman1

    Scoop, I have no interest in watching a 90 minute video that “explains” Agenda 21. For those who have not studied the ramifacations of A21, let me sum it up for you;


    The house you live in? You no longer are allowed own it.

    You live in New York but want to vacation in Florida in January? Got your papers and approvals ready, comrade?

    Want to raise your kids your own way, as your parents did with you? Forget it! The government doesn’t TRUST you! We like the Chinese way better. The State will raise your child!

    Want more then the one child allowed by law? Did you apply for an exemption to the law? If you aren’ a member of the RULING CADRE, don’t even bother!

    Do you get it yet my friends? If Agenda 21 succeeds, you are a ward of the World Wide State, and no longer a free citizen. Think about that……………….enslaved to a world wide marxist iron fisted government, comrades.

  • Andromedastar1

    You hear them throwing this word around all of the time. I started asking people what they thought the word meant…..everyone is under the opinion that it merely means to live as green as you can and wise use of resources. NOT!! Just keep trying to educate as many as you can what this is all about!

    • Watchman74

      They do love there sugar coated code words don’t they.

  • Dierardo

    If you have some time today !!!!!!
    I am presently watching an interview of Senator Tom Coburn (OKL) on “C Span in Depth” 12N-3PM ( repeats Later @ 12Midnight): on his books detailing his separate experiences as both, a congressman and a senator.

    The scandalous congressional practices Coburn details in his current book, “Breach Of Trust , is unbelievable… worthy of becoming the agenda for the TEA PARTY movement.

    His earlier book (Title ?) on practices from his experience as a member of the House combine to produce a guide to how America can govern eventually w/o the two-party dog collar around the electorate throats.

    This has the seeds of possibly governing without the 2-Party system.
    (A short-lived founding feature we maybe could revive.

  • Jerseygalnny

    We have an entire category devoted to Agenda 21, on Fundamental Refounding. Our reference section includes the entire text of The Copenhagen Treaty (reference section viewing does require membership, but the category linked there doesn’t) There are some videos, one featuring Tom DeWeese, who has great information on fighting Agenda 21, and the entire list of ICLEI members. Check it out, and join us and the fight! God bless, Patriots!

    • Thanks for the link Jerseygalnny…

      After reading Robin’s loooooong article titled

      ” “Obama’s Green Agenda” is just a cog in the wheel of Agenda 21, and barely scratches the surface, and yet the full story is over 100 years old”

      I found this link to Right On Weekly at the bottom of her article –

      “Bret Baier, it is time to tell the rest of the story…and call it by it’s “brand” name”


      From the 1st paragraph –

      “United Nations Sustainable Development, Agenda 21
      is NOT US policy,
      it is UN policy
      being implemented on US soil
      without consent of the governed, the citizens.

      “It has never been voted on by the people!

      “The alphabet agencies are pushing
      these rules and regulations WITHOUT authority!

      It has culminated in our generation for defeat or victory,
      but it is targeted for defeat in many state houses across the nation.

      “It was targeted for full implementation by liberals in 2000,
      and it is 12 years behind schedule.”


  • Rshill7

    Our individual Constitutional freedoms should be slapping this agenda 21 garbage upside the head everywhere that head is raised. Here is a WND story about one such case. At least this case appears to me the kind of case challenging this agenda 21 march.

    If our Constitution is honored, we can put the kabosh on this kind of thing. We must have honest interpreters of it though at the Supreme Court. Strict constructionists. I am hoping and trusting that miraculous health be bestowed upon the conservative members of the court and that Obama is allowed no further appointments.

    Our Federal Government and it’s agencies seek our submission. They must rather be whipped into submission themselves, and only the people can do that whipping. Our individual Constitutional rights must be upheld.

  • The ‘Delphi Technique’ explained…

    In this interview Heather Gass explains the Delphi Technique, developed by the Rand Corporation in the 1960s to control meetings to give the illusion of public input.

    Agenda 21 Uses Delphi Technique – Fredinburg Interviews Heather Gass
    >> 46min. –

    The Delphi Technique is defined quickly, starting at 1min. 27sec. to 4min. 55sec.


  • DuraMater

    Many are under the impression that basic science departments at universities remain the last bastion of sanity and reason based intellectual activities on campuses in the U.S.
    I think it is important for the general public to become aware of the seepage of this A-21 poison into science departments in the form of something called The Millennium Project.

    This phenom. is not limited to public institutions but has also become mandated as part of academic curricula in Biology, Chemistry and Physical science departments in some private Catholic institutions as well. Evidently, public funding and grant money in this case is equal access, equal opportunity.

    They are very big on Social/ Economic/ Earth Justice causes anyway. But under the guise of advancing the status of women and children’s health and wellness (one of the goals concerns availability and access to contraceptive agents…..Hello, Sandra Fluke.), saving the planet from global warming and eliminating world hunger, science faculty at some institutions have been handed an outline of “The Millennium Project” goals and asked to provide examples and suggestions for lesson plans to incorporate this UN proposal into their individual courses.

    Just to make sure no one escapes the intended message that Western civilization is responsible for the ills and mismanagement of third world countries and that to be a good and socially responsible world citizen, we should all feel guilty and be reduced to living at 19th century standards or less……administrators assign the works of people like Jeffrey Sachs as common readers for incoming freshmen.

    The push to substitute agenda/policy driven pseudo-science group think for the purity of unbiased pursuit of truth using the scientific method is becoming well entrenched in the academe. But I also want to make clear that there remains a stouthearted few of us who are holding the line.

  • c4pfan

    Well, the Dems seem to hate everything Bush, so why not just call it the Bush New World Order doctrine?

  • Frisco1522

    So I wonder what’s next? Soylent Green?
    We need to abolish the UN and throw them off of our soil.

    • sDee

      My town belongs to ICLEI along with hundreds of others..

      UN ‘r us

      • Frisco1522

        Sorry to hear that. You will live in intersting times I’m sure.

  • stang289

    We have it here in S Florida its called Seven50 7 counties 50 year plan . Im going to make it 6 counties . I dont want anything to do with St Lucie county .

  • stang289
  • Patriot077

    This is a radio interview with Rosa Koire that is highly informative … she gives some links and insights that some may want to check out for his own areas of interest.

  • Conniption Fitz

    Agenda 21 is just a symptom and consequence of the sin sickness that has taken hold of Western minds, leadership of governments and even most churches.

    When GOD’s people reject His Word, His Commandments, they are always taken into captivity and suffer until they repent.

    Here is an excellent article that I heartily recommend:

    The authors:
    Bill Muehlenberg is an Australian Christian and has a wonderful website.
    Matt Barber, an American writer, is published on several blogs.

    Another reliable and courageous voice telling the truth about our culture: The Rev. Dr. Albert Mohler

  • louisiana_mom

    From the article: This is a plan that’s been underway since the 80s and three presidents have signed off on it, starting with George H. W. Bush. It’s already at the local level in the U.S. – even my city has a sustainability council.

    If the last two “Republican” presidents were anti-American pro-Global Government, how many of the RINO presidential candidates that were thrusted upon us were also? And how many of our supposed “representatives” have sold their souls hoping to get a position in the Global Government? And if this is on a local level, they have either been snookered or they have sold souls also! But this would go a long way to explain what we are seeing from our so called representatives.

    IMHO, they are all traitors to this country! And should be kicked out along with the UN!

  • JKR

    screw you guys, i’ve been commuting all my life, I don’t want to commute anymore.

  • Linky1

    For anyone on Facebook-here’s a great Anti-Agenda 21 group to join.

  • PJRodman

    A guy on Beck just said that a city in the middle of agricultural Tennessee has become a “walking city” where the streets are designed to be prohibitive to driving. The farmers can’t even drive through the town. Our small town in KY has spent millions redoing the main roads downtown. They have been reduced to one lane with a bike lane. I’ve yet to see a bike. I wondered why the heck we were doing that. It was fairly bike friendly anyway if someone wanted to. It makes sense that it is part of the sustainable planning being introduced on local levels. Seems totally innocuous right?

  • mikeinidaho

    Right up the world-wide communist movement’s alley.
    Not here, not now, not ever.
    And if you try it here there will be bloodshed.

  • yet, here is the goober google ad that continues to pop up here when viewing this article! So sweet…|1027609|sustainable%20companies||C||17310318556&gclid=COm5uo3y_rMCFcKPPAod7Q0APg

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  • Spitweb Directory

    We are very excited about the App and it’s a great new feature that will benefit our customers.

  • This is really scary.The government can take your land.We will all be scattered about the country.It’s liks a communist country.We are loosing all our rights.