Tea Party group founder to Congress: I am outraged by the accusation we are subsidized by the taxpayer

This is an important point because Democrats like to pretend that if you have tax-exempt status that you are being subsidized by the taxpayer. But Laurens County Tea Party group founder Dianne Belsom, who says she’s outraged by the accusation, corrects the record and points out that donations her C4 group receives are not tax deductible and have already been taxed when they were earned. The point, she says, of C4 is to ensure those donations don’t get taxed again at the end of the year.


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  • patriot077

    Exactly so. I hoped someone would make that point.

  • dorsaimail

    what, a Dem congresscritter who is an ignorant fool ?  I’m shocked, shocked I tell ya …

  • stage9

    Liberals blame everything on starving children, because that’s their domestic agenda — ensuring that everyone starves.

    • HASmith

      Well, considering that the Democrat Party is the party of the old southern slave owners, I agree. You’re 100% correct.

    • bahamianhoosier

      stage9 Just take 1 of Moochele’s meal every day and you could feed the whole city of Chi-town!!

  • dorsaimail

    the liberals hate waterboarding because they think the IRS should have exclusive rights on torture …

    • The Sentinel

      Nice. 🙂

    • Conservative_Hippie

      dorsaimail LOL!  Word!

  • The Sentinel

    Sadly, morons like McDermott were probably sleeping while she made that relevant and valid point.
    Democraps will twist this almost as much as their characters are twisted.

  • PhillyCon

    These Lefties really have some nerve.  
    ACORN, Planned Parenthood, PBS, and practically ALL liberal, left wing groups are taxpayer subsidized.

    • stage9

      PhillyCon EXACTLY! Exclusivity, especially that of speech, is a despot’s most prized quality!

    • Conservative_Hippie

      PhillyCon Well said!

    • Bac Si68

      PhillyCon True, but they aren’t politically motivated!                                                              /sarc

      • PhillyCon

        Bac Si68 PhillyCon True dat. Killing babies (with taxpayer money) isn’t political at all!

  • BearNJ

    The problem is the idiot left doesn’t read the tax laws that they pass.

    • PoCoTex

      BearNJ  Agreed! Don’t forget what Pelosi said about that other piece of garbage law called the  “Affordable Health Care for America Act” (I quote):

      “But we have to pass the [health care ] bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

  • Nosmo


  • As right as we may think about the situation, it needs to be remembered that half the country think otherwise.  Just try to take a look at the comments on this article by Dana Millbanks at the Washington Post.  http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/dana-milbank-accuse-and-ask-questions-later/2013/06/03/d107e9e0-cc9c-11e2-8845-d970ccb04497_allComments.html?ctab=all_&
    All I need to do is to read a few of the comments to recognize that there is no solution, that there are two Americas and the sooner we separate, the better it will be.

    • Rshill7

      americalsgt There is literally no common ground left.

      • Rshill7 americalsgt   None at all. It is freighting to imagine how this will transpire, but it has to happen.  They may have their world, and we will have ours.

        • badbadlibs

          americalsgt Rshill7 IF it were ever to happen, that the left get their own plot of land to live as they see fit, it would be an amazing thing to watch them implode and all their ideology get eaten up by one another. The blood bath alone would be a disquieting thing to watch as they vie for whatever food and water that was allowed to be used. I wish it could happen.

    • badbadlibs

      americalsgt That’s why I never get my hopes up for this once great nation to regain sanity and freedoms. The left are possessed by a demon of stupidity and they aren’t willing to get exorcised.

    • RReaganRepublic

      americalsgt That’s truly a inane and illogically stupid argument to make- that half of the country “thinks” otherwise, so we must somehow respect that opinion and position.
      Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong- Good is Good and Bad is Bad. It doesn’t matter how many people think it. If it’s wrong and bad, it’s wrong and bad. A billion Islamic muslims believe that killing all the Jews and enslaving all non-islamic muslim people in a world dominated by them, is good and should be done.. Does that make it considerable and worthy of respect because the numbers are large enough.   No..  That logic doesn’t fly.  So don’t try to excuse their behavior with numbers of people who think and believe and act to enable govt tyranny of the people to exist.

      • RReaganRepublic americalsgt   Exactly where did I say I approve or suggest acceptance?  I was simply pointing out the division in our country.

        • RReaganRepublic

          americalsgt   Yes, my apologies, you never said accept it..  But we all know that the radical left are the ones who will not compromise, bend, and so on, for they are all about their agenda of control, to fundamentally transform this Nation from a Democratic Free Market Economy, as a US Constitutional Republic, to one of a Socialist  Marxist Islamist Nation..  or else they will internally destroy America as it was founded, by collapsing it with unsustainable crushing debt, and smothered with over govt regulations, run by their installed leftist bureaucrats.
          Thus is why they must be defeated, not appease and capitulated too.

        • RReaganRepublic americalsgt  Thank you for your response.  I agree with what you said, but in my opinion, this union is lost.  Empires come and go and secession is the only option with SC once again leading the way.  I am in no way a throw back driving a pickup with the stars and bars in the rear window, but a resident of the bluest state in New England.  From what I read on the posts of the left, most of them say good – go – goodbye at the mention of secession.  Should that happen, I would hope to live long enough for the left to see the country turn into Detroit while they tax to death the middle class to support their welfare state.

  • SurfinCowboy

    That was accurate, to the point, and just plain wonderful. BAM!

  • tinlizzieowner

    “This is an important point because Democrats like to pretend that if you
    have tax-exempt status that you are being subsidized by the taxpayer.”
    Since when has being subsidized by the tax payer bothered a Democrat?

    • CalCoolidge

      tinlizzieowner It doesn’t “bother,” them.  It just means you owe them and they own you.  Just remember you place, serf.

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    She’s straight with the facts, and therein lies the problem: Democrats have been waging what I’ve called the War on Reality for about 12 years now (it began once Bush won the office of President, and it’s continued full-scale ever since).  Until we’re willing to compete on that front, we’ll always lose.

  • Laurel A

    She is correct and well said!

  • paulejb1

    It’s nice to see someone with the courage to refute the lies of liberals in and out of the media.

  • CalCoolidge

    Basics.  Right back Marx.  No property rights means no right even to breathe air, catch a fish, or grow a plant.  Your mere existence creates a debt for whatever of the earth you consume, and you are not entitled even to what you produce any more than the collective. It’s like economic original sin.  You exist (thus consume air water, food), therefore you are an economic transgressor on the state’s property.
    And speaking of economic original sin, well, that’s why Obamacare gives you the penance of having to buy insurance.

    • welltempered2

      CalCoolidge I’m glad I wasn’t there, because i don’t think I could contain myself. The Dems are truly off the deep end.

  • Amjean

    I love this one!   And her “snark” was right on point.

  • PVG


  • kong1967

    Exactly.  They think the money in our pockets is theirs…..all of it.   If the allow you to keep a few extra bucks they consider that subsidizing.  Uh, no.  Subsidizing is sending $5000 refund checks to people who never paid any taxes to begin with.

  • 1vote

    Let the Tea party women take over the conservative cause.  The real leaders (the real hope) for this nation are waiting in the wings.  They can do it, but, will they every have a chance

  • drphibes

    The women are the REAL MEN in the Conservative movement.

    • jamesJ

      As a guy, I find it very sad that we have so many males in congress who have lost every drop of testosterone the good lord gave them. i call them the emasculated congressmen. I am very honored to throw my support behind women like Palin, bachmann, haley, brewer, and I really enjoy watching Judge Jeanine Pirro state her opinions with force and conviction that I rarely see from any Male conservative.
      I want what is best for my country and I don’t care what gender gets us there.

    • PhillyCon

      drphibes Brewer, unfortunately, is vetoing every bill from the AZ legislature until it expands Medicaid.

  • RReaganRepublic

    correct Ms. Dianne Belsom. She tells the factual truth about liberal
    Democrats mentality of and about tax exempt status, and what it is and means,
    in a very concise complete synopsis. 
    never met a tax hike, or govt thug agency to shake down the people with, they
    didn’t like..

  • fireme

    They are trying to Palinize these conservative groups to justify their evil ways. It’s all in the Alinsky playbook.

  • I_should_be_hunting

    Technically, she’s partially correct.  An individual cannot receive credit for a
    charitable contribution for donations to a 501(c)(4).  However, contributions to a 501(c)(4) may be
    deductible as business or trade expenses. 
    The problem is that no clear set procedures are in place.  Is the conduct of the organization necessary
    or ordinary to the taxpayer’s business? 
    How is “primary activity” and “general welfare” defined for a 501(c)(4)?  Is the threshold for “political activity” 49
    percent?  Neither the IRS nor Congress
    has a clue.
    The IRS has a compliance guide, Publication 4221-NC, but to
    see how your business can make a 501(c)(4) contribution tax deductible as a
    business or trade expense, you may have to go into the actual tax code itself,
    26 U.S.C. 501.  The practice of making
    contributions as a business expense began in the 1980s but exploded after
    Citizens.  It’s not great, but this
    article gives some background.  I’ve had
    very few businessmen who did not want contributions filed as a business
    expense, and we have not had a business audited since the 1960s (I began working
    in the mid 1990s).
    My personal and not professional take:  Were these groups targeted?  Yes in my opinion.  Another issue that I feel needs to be
    addressed though are why isn’t every 501(c)(4) receiving the same
    scrutiny.  Currently there are at least 2
    lawsuits about the wrongful classification of these non-profits, and the groups
    suing the IRS are not on the same side in political ideology.  Personally, I think the tax code is
    ridiculous with too many clauses that can and are interpreted differently.  You can call these loopholes or whatever, but
    many returns either lose money or gain money through no malicious or negligent
    intent of the preparer.  Clarify the
    codes and this type of targeting will end. 
    Look back at all the annual reports to Congress from the National
    Taxpayer Advocate (formerly Ombudsman) and the potential for targeting, at
    least based on the confusion of the tax code, and has been addressed
    practically every year.

  • PaulLeslie

    Almost every statement by the democrats was an outrage.  It’s evident that they have no respect for the Constitution and individual rights.
    On the other side – the witnesses showed their understanding of, and love of individual liberty – patriots!
    The dems showed their love of big government and tyranny – followers of Marx, not Madison.