Teacher beats children in Egyptian Islamic school

According to the video description, these kids are only 4, 5 and 6 years old and yet this Islamic school teacher proceeds to beat them all after he reviews their school work, boys and girls alike. He has no mercy:

Remember, Islam is the religion of peace.


UPDATE: In *cough* unrelated news a 19 year old Muslim girl was stoned to death after taking part in beauty contest.

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  • Babnik


  • Religion of (Rest In) Peace.

  • TLaMana

    At least there is discipline in that school.

    • The Right Scoop

      Please tell me you are being sarcastic.

      • TLaMana

        Of course I was being sarcastic. But just to point out that this is the extreme other end of what happens, which is nothing, in the Public School System.

        I, like I am sure others here, faced the “Board of Education”. It didn’t harm me at all and I wish it was re-instituted.

        • I am right there with you, T. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of corporal punishment. The only thing I honestly thought was kind of wrong in this video was the camera guy seemed to be laughing.

          • merle

            Wait a minute……the only thing you thought was wrong was the laughing? Are you still being sarcastic?

            • We have no idea what the context of this video is whatsoever, so unless you do…yeah. I find nothing wrong with a little beating. It might have gone overboard, but without the full context…you really don’t know that this isn’t just standard procedure to ensure that these kids actually get the right answers.

              What makes me particularly curious about the laughing is that it brings up the question WHY was this being filmed. Is this their version of “Funniest Home Videos” or is it something else?

    • Babnik

      At that age, THAT is not discipline! Those are babies being terrorized by a monster they can’t truly comprehend.

      • At what age will they stop being “babies?” This may very well be a fine line between discipline and flat-out abuse, but I didn’t see him actually beating them up. Catholic schools at least used to, if not still use(d) rulers to smack their kids hands when they acted up or even got a problem wrong. My dad going to a public school used to be left-handed, but back then it was seen as a problem and teachers would constantly smack the kids hands with rulers until they more or less were forced to become right-handed.

        • merle

          He may have been smacking the boys on the hands but the majority of girls were being held by their hair and beaten with a ruler on their bodies. I’ll tell you my mother did that to me and it was demeaning and brutal and painful. I don’t have anything against a little smack on the tush but I don’t think it belongs in school. Consequences will do. Take away what a child likes most. I can’t imagine the children in this video have anything left to take away.

        • ReneePA

          What they did to your father was wrong. Plain and simple. If we are to experience personal growth then learning from our mistakes is paramount. Justifying them simply won’t do.

          • I agree that it’s wrong to smack children just because…but without the context of this video, this may just be a slightly overboard manner of getting them to do well in school.

            • You dont speak arabic i guess. Teacher is checking home work, and he is punishing students who in his opinion didnt do it thoroughly. What a nice way of incouragement. 🙁

      • ReneePA

        I concur. Children learn much better by encouragement and the teacher being engaging and interesting. It is far superior to stimulate a child’s natural curiosity than to terrorize them.

  • Josh

    I cannot bring myself to write what I would do to this … if he ever touched my kid.

  • dagrimwood

    He didn’t even look at their work, just drew a line through it and then beat them. How despicable! What is wrong with these people!

    • It almost looked like some sort of sick prank. I am curious as to why the camera guy was laughing.

  • bigdaddyt

    when i was in first grade i to was paddled when i failed a test. 1 smack for each wrong answer below the failing mark(ie if 7 out of 10 was passing and i got 5 of 10 then i got popped twice) but this is wayyyyyyyyyyyy far above then that. it is truely sick. you can see the kids are terrified of him.

    • OneOfTenVirgins

      There you go, the word TERRIFIED !!!! Those sweet and innocent little ones were sared to death… TERROR IZED.

  • I’ve watched shootings, stabbings and seen plenty of people die, but I was just unable to watch all of that, once he started beating that little girl in pink. Shameful. Big, bad muslim manhood. My ass.

    • Marti17

      I haven’t been where you have V-X, so I have a hard time relating but I couldn’t bring myself to even watch at all. This is the cruelest type of indoctrination – teach them at an early age to fear (for their very lives) the ‘man’ in authority. Then people in the West don’t understand why women defend their way of life and young boys and now girls strap explosives on themselves. THIS is why!

      Thanks Scoop! The USA needs to know what these types of people are really like and what these children (& women) endure on a daily basis.

  • Jimbo

    I say another Navy SEAL bullet will do this creep just fine.

    • watchmen1

      One of mine will do just fine…CLICK! They are not even my children…AND IT WAS HARD TO NOT WANT TO DRIVE HIS HEAD INTO THE GROUND IN FRONT OF THEM!!! (at least they’d learn tyrants are frail and bullies can and should be brought down… but the world they live in is ruled by tyrants bullies and thugs.)

      • watchmen1

        I think I’d need to backhand or at least give a high volume tongue-lashing to all the other worms (teachers and various forms of adults) in the room as well!!!

  • Cindy08

    The sad reality is that this group of people could be living in France or England. Recently, I was reading an article which issued strong warnings about some areas in France that one should avoid. Amazingly, the article related that even local authority do not venture in these hot zones. The communities have their own legal system where they apply the sharia law in full strength and that….. in the heart of Europe!

    These Islamic quarters are called “No-Go Zones” for Non-Muslims. Rape, murder, honor killings are rampant.
    Here is an example of cops investigating a rape in a “No-Go Zone”

  • tshtsh

    I see why you put “reviews” in italics. Were people giggling in the background? When I was in the first grade my teacher/godmother paddled my hand (once)with a ruler, I do not remember what I did though.

    • Sounded to me like the cameraman was laughing in the background too.

  • Las

    Muslims, Muslims and more 7th Century Arab culture Muslims.

    And what say our consensus mainstream media? Nothing to see here folks! Let’s move along.

    To make this all the worse, the faithful Servant of Allah behind the camera is snickering and laughing. For every torment meted out to these poor innocents, do they have any idea the tortures awaiting them if they do not repent?

  • hargisP

    Seems we really have some libs on here. The Catholic schools did the same. And our own schools paddled the behinds of students that did wrong. Of course we are not sure if this was just because they did badly on the test. Child Psychologist are find out that time out doesn’t work. Like the Bible says spare the rod spoil the child. we would probably have a lot less teenage gang activity if more discipline such as a good spanking were used. The children of today rule over the parents.

    • The Right Scoop

      Dude I don’t think you understand. These kids are too young for this kind of treatment. Were you beaten because you got ‘bad grades’? I think something similar to that is what is going on here from the way he is acting in the video.

      You need to know where to draw the line. This is not discipline. It is child abuse.

      • hargisP

        You didn’t read all i said. I mentioned that, in that case it is inappropriate. But at the same time like i said the Catholics did the same. Mostly we have become a wimped out society.

        • The Right Scoop

          No you didn’t. You might to have meant to say that, but you didn’t. You seemed to indicate that it was ok because Catholics did the same thing…which I don’t think is true either.

          • The guy’s obviously deranged, if he thinks this is just treatment of a FOUR YEAR OLD. I can understand a quick paddling for a child that’s being disruptive in the class, but it is not the business of any teacher or administrator, and certainly not the business of a damned priest or nun, to physically punish and terrorize TODDLERS because they allegedly got ‘bad grades’. ‘Bad grades’ are for the parents to worry about, and even THEY have no reason or authority in the eyes of He that GAVE them those kids to abuse them in the name of good or bad grades.

    • Then it looks like you need to provide a list of names, so I can stomp some catholic ass into the ground. Anybody that just beats kids with no reason with rulers, anybody that screams manically at 5 year olds and grabs little girls by the hair so they can beat them mercilessly, is richly deserving of an ass beating, themselves, and I have absolutely no problem using military and private training to kick some stupid, abusive catholic’s ass. Spanking a child is absolutely nothing like beating them. Like some other catholics I know, you interpret the Bible in whatever way you find convenient. Proverbs 13:24 says:

      “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes.”

      That does not say you don’t care about your kids, if you refrain from screaming like a deranged muslim and beating them. What it says and means are quite simple: a child needs discipline, and a parent that refuses to instill that discipline in that child is negligent. Negligent parents don’t love their children. It’s just as simple, as that, jerky. Discipline may take the form of physical punishment, such as spanking, using a belt to the backside, etc. Or, it could be deprivation of privileges, such as taking toys away, not letting them use the vehicle, etc. In many cases, it could just take the form of verbal correction. This raving psychotic does not love children, and, like the catholic school teachers (if they are as you make them sound), has no place around children, nor in polite society. Paddling a kid (WITH parental permission) is NOTHING like the FLOGGING this idiotic muslim executed against a ROOMFUL OF CRYING 5 YEAR OLDS, the vast majority of which, I’m willing to bet, DID NOTHING WRONG. NOTHING to deserve such brutal maltreatment. Thanks for the warning, because if my (liberal) girlfriend & I have children, they’re going into private, probably parochial schooling, and her father’s catholic. I will NEVER allow any son or daughter of mine into an institution with catholics, if they think its justified to BEAT children for the cameras, for ANY reason.

    • ReneePA

      Bull. The best way to teach a child is by your good example. If you can’t set a good example then don’t reproduce. Parents who do not take an interest in showing their child what to do and giving them structure are poor examples. This spare the rod spoil the child nonsense has got to go. It is really too bad that your exuberance was beat out of you and you want to just continue this sick cycle instead of admitting that it was wrong and doing better.

  • BigM

    Even the one filming the whole thing snickers, as one kid after another enters with fear. It seems the more the child displays fear the harder the punishment. Pretty sad :crying:

  • Mikhail Kennedy

    Can you imagine a world where there was never Mohamed and therefore no Islam?

  • PK

    @TLaMana: At least there is discipline in that school? Repeatedly beating a 5-year old girl on her back with a hard stick? That amounts to child abuse and torture, from the religion & culture of death, fear and hate aka the “religion of peace”.

  • dontcallmesir

    I AM GUESSING THAT IF PAIN WAS inflicted upon you as a child, and you never learned much about love or human contact, you might inflict pain on the next generation in this way.
    this was obviously senseless abuse.
    my parents always told me “this will hurt me more than it will hurt you” but they got more and more frequent and intence with their “punishments”. that time sucked very bad.
    the Bible says “spare the rod, spoil the child”. my choice was to spank each a few times with my hand, then do the 1….2….3 thing till the fear of pain taught respect for the “right choices”.
    i have outstanding children.
    these kids will hate this teacher, and probably not send their own kids to a school like this.

  • AshleyTKing

    The cameraman is giggling while the poor girl in pink shrieks.

    • watchmen1

      I’d love to see Seal Team Six drop in, armed with only sticks and given a thirty second “Free for all”…

      “Children, Americans are evil”… touts the disciplinarian as he lay in a pile of moaning faculty members. But alas, his words are heard by none… for the cheers and shouts of glee from the children clinging to and climbing on those who bring but a brief ray of hope to their sorrowful world.”

      P.S. The camera man was thrown through a wall on his A**!!!

      Sorry to those who may think I’m too Violent… Please look up Righteous Indignation!!! And, Lord please forgive me.

  • sparkycpw

    God please take this anger from my heart oh lord. I seek your justice against this man and any that would harm children in this manner. Please put your divine protection over these kids. Let them see what a perverse way of life there parent hope to force them to believe in. Give them the strength and courage to survive and see your true love.

    • PK

      Unfortunately, the young children who are subjected to this kind of abusive authority will themselves adopt this type of abusive discipline behaviour and perpertuating the vicious cycle unto their next generations (the generation curse). It takes the power of Christ’s gospel to deliver them from the domain of darkness into the reality of His light and perfect love.

  • This may be discipline taken too far, but I hardly find this abuse. I am curious as to why the cameraman is laughing though other than that this type of treatment must apparently be perfectly normal in the schools in this place.

    Also…does anyone know WHY this was even filmed?

  • Jackyl

    Why is he hitting every child? Does he even have a reason to punish them? What is the purpose of this and what is he saying? This video just seems to be some twisted form of early indocrination.

    • Almost looks like a sick prank since the cameraman is laughing.

  • merle

    How disturbing that those who filmed this could be heard laughing while this was going on. Sick, really sick.

  • unknown

    No wonder the Muslim culture has terrorist bombers and chant, death to America and Israel by the millions. Like an attack dog learns to kill by being beaten, so to are humans taught to be vicious by being beaten.

  • PK

    “I am right there with you, T. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of corporal punishment. The only thing I honestly thought was kind of wrong in this video was the camera guy seemed to be laughing.” – Orange Shaman

    Do you do this type of “corporal punishment” to discipline your own children? It is an ok practice then so long as the camera guy is not laughing and cheering?

    No surprise at all, honestly coming from a sick mind of yours when you consider a politician’s children are fair game for attack.

    • I’m sorry. What politician’s child have I ever attacked? I prefer to leave families out when criticizing individuals because I truly believe that it is solely the individual’s choices and not so much outside influence which in the end determines what someone will or will not do.

      What makes the laughing stand out more to me is that I wonder if this was their sick version of “Funniest Home Videos” or something else? Surely…the teacher would have scolded him too if he heard or saw the cameraman laughing if this were simply a disciplinary exercise.

      Without the full context of this, we have no clue. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong for the occasional smack and I’m not really saying that he didn’t take his methods overboard. I simply meant that there’s nothing wrong with smacking a kid around a little if they act up or if they just refuse to cooperate.

      I would prefer non-violent methods first, but sometimes beating does work. I could be wrong, but I truly believe that it worked on me. I was a (bleep) this and (bleep) that kind of kid who just didn’t care about anything and probably would’ve ended up in jail multiple times before graduating (or more likely dropping out of) high school had my dad not intervened with the belt.

      • PK

        This is NOT “Funniest Home Videos”, this is outright child abuse cruelty. There’s a stark difference between disciplining a child out of love (Proverbs 13:24)to correct a child’s misbehaviour (which may involve corporal punishment), and disciplining a child out of rage which can cause both serious physical and psychological harm to the child (which is evident in this video). You are certainly entitled to your value and opinion, if this violent child-discipline method of cruelty is acceptable to you, but it is so out of norm I must say.