Teacher calls Tea Party leader a Nazi over deportation stance

I bet you never thought that obeying the law makes someone a Nazi, eh? Well according to this teacher in San Antonio it does, well at least when it comes to reporting illegals (via The Blaze):

It used to be, back in the day that if you were here illegally that there was at least some fear of the law. If you ever drove up on a company that was employing illegals, you’d see the illegals run into the woods to hide from what they thought was the authorities.

These days it seems that people are openly pissing on it just with a righteous mindset that they are doing the right thing. This is why people like Obama must be defeated and the rule of law enforced.

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  • Anonymous

    A great reason to homeschool your children. What a weasel – haul a bunch of your students to a meeting to encourage breaking the law. The board that responded did a nice job, tho, so good for them! Wasted on the children, no doubt, with their teacher preaching anarchy to them all the way there, and back and daily at school. No wonder we’ve lost our kids – government schools.

    • FishyGov

      I think the students were there to provide backup for their wayward teacher. They did not seem to backup the Nazi name calling he offered up after the panel members started quoting the law.

      Oh yeah? Well…I got nothing.

    • Government teachers teaching the government line…

  • Anonymous

    If my children went to his school they would be kept home until he was fired.

    Thankfully I do home school my children, and it is dirt bags like this boy that makes me feel good about that decision.

  • I like what Glenn Beck had to say about this a few minutes ago- calling people like this a nazi kind of diminishes the 6 million + who actually suffered.

    No mr. genius teacher, you are not expected to do ICE’s job, ICE should be allowed to do their jobs.

    It is people like this, who take advantage of things such as sanctuary cities, the “looking the other way” on companies who hire, and giving government aid, free healthcare, free housing and education to those who knowingly break the laws and who could care less. This is why I get frustrated with people who say that we can’t do anything about those already here, but make it harder for the new ones to pour across the border. Those who are already here (listen up those who are running for president) are those who openly flaunt their “couldn’t care less” attitudes about this nation’s laws, and who use their minority status as a weapon against those who demand the laws be obeyed. This is disgusting, and that teacher ought to be fired. Too bad he most likely won’t be, in fact, he’ll probably get a raise.

  • Anonymous

    American self hatred is astonishing.

    Did anyone notice that in the short speech given by one of the freed hikers, he said:

    “…we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran”

    putting America before Iran?

    You just spent two years in an Iranian prison, and you are equating, nay, elevating America over Iran concerning the unjust imprisonment of political dissidents!

    • Anonymous

      Just a couple of minutes on Google reveals that Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal are Arabic speaking, anti-war, anti-israel, environmentalist, left leaning activists.

      No wonder that moron living in the White House said he was very happy for their release.

    • Anonymous

      ..we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran”

      Stockholm syndrome, identifying with their captors.

      • Anonymous

        I thought so too, but read about the history of these boys before they were imprisoned. Not exactly friends of America.

        • Anonymous

          Good point, JD.

          • Anonymous


            There you can see a whole list of Anti-American rantings by Shane on Al-Jezeera. Most of them concern the Middle East.

            I don’t know if this guy was born Arabic or Muslim, but he speaks Arabic fluently, and has pro-Islamic, anti war, and anti-Israeli views.

    • Anonymous

      Here’s the video…


      As detestable as it is to have naive America hating leftists cry for mommy when their own actions get them deep in sh*t… it is quite obvious to me that the very first words out of Bauer’s mouth were scripted and are a nice added touch to the Words of Ahmadinejad at the UN today. I might be inclined to give them a pass for now until they mouth anything similar.

    • Anonymous

      I watched an Oprah episode -yes, (sigh) I know – where the woman who released early was interviewed. These three lamebrains went hiking in an area only a mile or so from the Iraq/Iran border without a map or a guide. According to her they hiked for hours. It wasn’t until they were arrested by Iranian soldiers that they even realized they had crossed the border.

      People like this treat international borders as if they are going from Fantasy Land to Ariel’s Undersea Adventure at DisneyLand. No harm, no foul until they end up in prison and an international incident ensues. They should be made to pay all the costs of the diplomacy it took to free their stupid butts.

  • Anonymous

    This vain little twerp is stroking his ego by playing on the mushy little minds of the children he teaches.
    Not a very good “government teacher” (funny that he introduces himself that way), or he would know that NAZIs were Socialist much like himself.
    As for deporting, I’m sure that any Holocaust survivor would agree that being given a free ride back to your country of origin is no comparison to what the NAZIs did to the Jewish citizens of Europe.
    Again, what a twerp!

  • L B

    why even acknowledge that idiot— next question please….

  • Anonymous

    I know this is a tough subject but the law is the law. This country needs to enforce the law. What I would do as President, right now? Report them AND give them a time to get their citizenship whatever that is. 60 days, 90 days and if they do not complete it DEPORT them. Hold these illegals accountable and give them the tools. Enough is enough. BTW, law enforcement can track these kids because they are attending public high schools. Develop a database once they are reported and if they move, locate that student in the data base where they moved to. They don’t cooperate then deport them. Most illegals can obtain a credit card or better yet, go to a local church and ask for assistance to become a citizen.

  • Anonymous

    If he believe these children should be educated for free, he should be working for free.

    • Anonymous

      Great point, K.

  • Anonymous

    Google search finds the following:
    Jonathan Bryant
    JFK High School
    1922 S. Gen. McCullen
    San Antonio, TX 78226
    Tel. 210-444-8040
    Fax 210-444-8020
    A phone call confirms this is the school our “government teacher” works at.
    They were not happy to hear from me.

    • Anonymous

      Suggest everybody phone the school now!

  • The sad fact is that Texas has been over run by illegal aliens and they have a lot of political clout.

    Check this out …

    This headline From Today’s Drudge Report

    81 percent of the new jobs in Texas went to immigrants.


    • Anonymous

      This is disgusting. Not only are the American people forced to pay for the invaders they are supposed to sit idly by and let them take their jobs and country.

  • Anonymous

    What other vile names does the teacher use in the classroom if he is willing to fling the word Nazi around with such ease at a public forum?

  • Calling an Illegal Alien an “undocumented citizen” is like calling a drug dealer an undocumented pharmacist. Sort of like calling a person who respects an upholds the law a nazi. I guess that “teacher” doesn’t know that the Nazi’s were a socialist society, something he and his other liberal friends seem to believe in completely.

  • Anonymous

    We’re upside-down. Unbelievable…

  • Anonymous

    And people wonder why no one respects teachers anymore.

  • Anonymous

    This is what is wrong with the education system today.

    Yes, bring the children in to see that people that break the laws of our country get rewarded. Great lesson. ( Sarcasm)

    Actually, the teacher is the Nazi because Nazi’s insist on installing policies and making everyone paying for their policies.

  • Anonymous

    What the speaker should have replied to this moron is to tell him just that. He is a moron and no wonder our education is in shambles when this is what we put in our classrooms to teach.

    Also, to suggest that you are making an objective statement is beyond moronic. People by their very nature, cannot make an objective statement. Another reason you need your license to teach (if you have one) taken from you and all those like you is your ignorance is something we don’t need to teach.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry mr teacher. You progressives are the nazis and you know it:-)

  • FishyGov

    I don’t want the government run schools to report the illegal immigrant students to the government. Wait! Wait! If the illegal immigrant students are going to a government school and are in its government record system, the government already knows they are attending the school illegally.

    So, if the government already knows they are in the school reporting or not reporting them is a shame.

    If our schools were not run and controlled by the government do you think the illegal immigrant students would be allowed to attend our schools?

  • Anonymous

    Oh, how I wish I could have been there to answer this guy!

    I would have responded like this, “Are you aware that the taxes that come out of every one of your paychecks go to pay for schooling, medical care, housing, and other services for people who are breaking the law? How do you feel about that? Hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars go to people who are breaking the law. Are you OK with that? Because most people in this country are NOT OK with that. Especially when there are millions of Americans who cannot find a job and who are in precarious financial straits right now. American taxpayers who find themselves going to food banks just to survive. These are American citizens who FOR YEARS have paid taxes that are going to support people who are breaking law.

    I would have also told him, “Anyone who has to resort to calling another person a “nazi” or a “racist” because the other person believes that the laws should be enforced has already lost the argument. Name calling and race baiting are the last resort of someone who has no argument to stand on.”

  • This punk is a walking manifestation of what is produced in our educational system. Just another brain-washed fool, brain washing more unsuspecting fools who have yet to learn to analyze things objectively. A critical lack of critical thought. The evidence of damage wrought upon our society is everywhere. However, it isn’t just youngsters who are catastrophically ignorant, their liberal elders like to accuse people of being NAZI’s not knowing what a NAZI is, also. Indeed, it is they who promote the ideals of the NSDAP – NationalDeutcheSozialistischeDeutscheArbeiterPartei: National SocialistGermanWorkersParty. NAZI is a German colloquialism for the first two words based on the German pronunciation: National (not-see-oh-nal)Sozialistische (Sotz-ee-oh-list-ee-sha). I learned this in high school in the fifties.

    • FishyGov

      Spot on Larry!

      Here’s why we can’t fix the public school system:

      1) You may think the core problem for our lackluster performance of our school children is due primarily to government and union interference and indoctrination of their students into the Progressive group think. Nay, nay… you would be wrong in that assumption.

      2) you may think the core problem is the lack of alternative educational choices. Nay, nay…you would be wrong again.

      The core problem is our Universities and Colleges. The Progressive ideology is disseminated there and it ripples throughout our K-12 school environments and Corporate America.

      In order for a student to become a teacher [with a certificate] they must first run the gauntlet of the Teaching College nestled in a Progressive University. It has been often reported that professors don’t look favorably upon conservative students and their grades do suffer for it.

      The desired end product for the Liberal teaching college is a Liberal/Progressive teacher.

      In Corporate American you cannot get a professional position without a College Degree. Where do you get the most prestigious degree? At Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford…Liberal/Progressive Universities all.

      Our educational system is designed atm to produce liberal/progressive students who will in turn teach other students K-Post Grads to worship at the Liberal/Progressive alter.

      This cycle of indoctrination must be broken or their Progress/Liberal psydo religion will remain in perpetuity.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    My comment just disappeared before I was even finished writing it. ??

  • Anonymous

    I just checked out the picture. I hope the bad guy is the dwarf.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this guy obviously wants to be thought of as one of the “cool” teachers. Life must be either so boring for this fellow or he is trying to convince the kids to stop taking his lunch money…

  • Anonymous

    Nazi’s killed free people that were no threat to the them. Here we have people who broke the law and are getting an education for free off the backs of legal, law abiding citizens. yes they should be supportive and there is no comparison. I would find the school he teaches at and promote his firing and removal from school. He is to teach his subject and not to try to convert students to his way of thinking.


    This diminutive assembly of the TEA PARTY NATION members, in no-way represents the millions of individual groups across the country. Michelle Bachmann, chairperson and coordinator for these small organized groups, comprises of 50 to 100 average Americans, wanting our immigration laws strictly enforced according to the original 1986 “Immigration Control and Reform Act”, also celebrated as the Simpson/Mazzoli bill. The TEA PARTY masses of Constitutional Conservatives are by far in greater number, than anybody can imagine and spreading rapidly to every community every day. Millions of Americans insist on a small federal government, a new tax code, and the return of agencies like the copious Dept of Education, The Environmental Protection Agency returned to state control. The Democrats, the main body of the Republicans and lesser political parties are using rhetoric and propaganda, to try and derail the most powerful deterrent since 1986, to eradicate the illegal immigrant occupation. This is not anti-Hispanic, Anti- European, Anti-African , Anti-Asian law, but is strictly Anti-illegal immigrant.


    Only Democrats who expect to collect thousands of extra voters in 2012–illegal or legal–so there must be official oversight of the renamed ACORN groups, who used fraudulent registrations in the last midterm election. ACORN will in a reorganized organization try to alter the course of the—“Citizens only”—vote. The GOP hierarchy sees only dollar figures for their business campaign contributors, with giant profits using discount labor and undermining the 24 million American workers, which remain jobless. Only two Presidential candidates of Bachmann and Cain are strong in their resolve, to stop this invasion from abroad and across the limited miles of the border fence. Rick Perry, Mitt Romney has no sense of the future consequences of unfettered illegal incursions into this sovereign land. Perry has by far the worst immigration record of all, for a border Governor offering taxpayer tuition as a Texas dream Act. Perry sees no wrong with offering another population suffocating Amnesty. E-Verify has the capability to send the millions of illegal aliens packing–when unable to be hired. Huntsman has also bombed out on his seemingly approval of illegal alien growing problem.

    Those Americans and residents that are flagged can resolve irregularities by going to a Social Security office, which the Liberal press keeps silent about. U.S. citizens, naturalized or permanent residents should not be deceived by ruling parties, open border entities or radical ethnic groups, as they see mandated E-Verify crushing their agenda’s. Don’t listen to the activist Liberal press, deceiving the population that the TEA PARTY is falling apart. Learn the facts of the revised E-Verify, that is propagating in status amongst honest business concerns.

    You just have to look who is aligned with this massive 20 million plus illegal alien occupation? The Communist founded ACLU; Causa, (Oregon’s Immigrants Rights Coalition); The Southwest Farm press, these are mega-Agricultural Industry along with Farmers; (Farmers and these Multi-Nationals pay nothing towards the alien worker or his families Health treatments or the children’s kindergarten to K-12 education. The IRS pilfers your payroll check for this.


    Please call your Rep. If he/she is a Member of the House Judiciary Committee and urge clean passage of the “Legal Workforce Act” identified as Verify bill H.R.2885. The Capitol Switchboard number is 202-224-3121. More answers can be found at NumbersUSA, American Patrol and Judicial Watch. Join a TEA PARTY near you and change America’s future.

  • I am a teacher and I can vouch to being in the minority being a conservative Republican, and doubly so being black. But I know as a teacher and having that bully pulpit opportunity 180 days a year, I could convince my students of anything and that is a very sad fact as I see these liberal activists brainwashing their students with OPINIONS and never any facts. Very sad, and every parent who has a student in his classroom should be asking the administration why he is allowed to take students to a political function outside of school hours and make comments like he just did!

  • Shows what an idiot this teacher is: the Nazi Party was the “National Socialist Workers Party” in Germany. I would say the teacher, who looks like and behaves like a child, is closer to that than anyone on the panel who are just stating that they need to follow the law.

  • Maxsteele

    The liberals constantly denegrate the memory of all those that died defeating the Nazi’s and the victims of Nazi atrocities by comparing every single person they disagree with a nazi or racist. It minimizes the scope of the evil that was Hitler and the Nazi party.
    Are not teachers instructed to report if they believe that a child is being abused by parents? So, they have selective adherence to our laws?
    What has our education system come to when it seems that every single teacher is a socialist or ,at the very least, left leaning.

  • Anonymous

    What a douche. You can see in the teachers face as he is being told that they need to enforce current law that he has no real response. “Oh yeah??? You’re a Nazi!” Good one idiot. People like that teacher our youth, sad. Its sad that he brings students as props and isn’t really looking for a true answer. I did like the one guy on the panel that asks “What do you suggest we do? They are breaking the law.” Of course no answer except “You’re a Nazi.” If I ever see anything or hear of anything that a teacher of my student took my child to political forum and used them as props believe me that teacher and I would have a serious discussion. As well as with the administration.

  • Anonymous

    So this is the kind of guy we have teaching our kids and the future leaders of our country. No wonder we have problems in our great land. The educators in the USA have become more and more left leaning and liberal, certainly having an influence our our young folks. Witness this person calling himself a teacher. And of course, it goes back to the age old story, “if you can’t win your argument based on fact, you attack your opponent personally,” just like this guy calling himself a teacher did. He should be fired. PERIOD! We, all people in our great land, need to get back to being held responsible for our actions and words. These comments have no place in our society. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I know all about the right to freedom of speech and the First Amendment to the Constitution. Along with those rights and freedoms comes personal responsibility. This guy set a terrible example as a role model and has certainly not shown personal responsibility as an educator.

  • Jim Kilborn

    Send Jonathan Bryant and email and tell him how you feel!

    [email protected]