Ted Cruz tells it like it is, explains to Mark Levin why he filibustered the debt ceiling vote

Mark Levin had Ted Cruz on his show tonight to discuss the debt ceiling vote yesterday and one of the things Cruz told him is that Republican politicians hate and fear most when they are forced to tell the truth. Cruz then pointed out that he had his staff print 3 pages of Republican Senators saying several months ago that they would fight for the debt ceiling, that this would be the place where they’d take a stand. And of course they didn’t. But he said it’s as if they think their constituents are a bunch of rubes that won’t remember what they say.

There’s much more. Listen below:

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  • garyinaz66

    the chamber of commerce paid for it, the gop/rnc delivered it.

    if we don’t quit voting for the (expletives) and quit falling for the lesser of two evils argument they hand us every election, they will NEVER stop skrewing us.

    we enable them EVERY TIME we don’t hold them accountable and kick them out of office they then become more powerful, entrenched and harder to remove. they also treat us with more disdain and abuse us more, after all why should they have any respect for us. kind of like those who accept beatings by a spouse without any real objection, they wont stop.

    please florida, take a lesson and boot Rubio before he becomes your McCain, or boehnor, or graham, or McConnell, ryan, cantor etc…. take your pick of examples. its what you get when we let them get away with lies.

    and we get what we deserve

  • stage9

    Oblivious Titanic passenger: “Hey, where’d everybody go?”

    Oblivious liberal-marxist Obama voter after economic collapse: “Hey, how come my ATM card doesn’t work?”

    Oblivious RINO politician in November 2014: “Hey, why was I voted out of office?”

    All of these have one thing in common. They weren’t paying attention.

  • stage9

    13% approval! LOL!

    SUCKcess! Right Karl Rove?

  • ryanomaniac

    Dang it feels good that he is my senator. This is what I want. I want a man who will give his constituents the inside baseball when the other guys are lying their asses off. Tell me what is really going on. Way to go Cruz. You are the man!

    • Weswieann

      Don’t show off – I’m stuck with RINOs in my state 🙁

  • ApplePie101

    I ask again–why are you still in the republican party, Ted Cruz? (Same question to Louis Gohmert.) A potential Moses who just won’t leave Egypt.

    • froggy19510

      But Moses had somewhere to go. It wasn’t Moses that would’nt leave but Pharoh who wouldn’t let him go.

    • Bill589

      Cruz is a potential Moses that wants conquer Egypt and restore it back to it’s people.

      • danaellen


  • Weswieann

    Thank you Senator Cruz for fighting the good fight on our behalf. The actions of those that continue to attack you, notably of your own party, will be remembered by voters. Payback coming.

  • Hot_wings

    Mark Levin had Ted Cruz on his show tonight …..

    …lately he spends more time on his show than Hannity !
    (Not a slam against Cruz, just hope this is going somewhere, effectively)

    • Bill589

      I rate Levin above Hannity, so it is not a ‘slam’, it is a complement.

      • David Thompson

        If you want the real news, listen to Mark Levin!

  • faxxmaxx

    Vote em out!

  • RedDaveR

    We need reinforcements for Senator Cruz this November. Some of them will need to win primaries first against the RINO ruling class.

    • sDee

      The GOP is working overtime to destroy constitutionalist Greg Brannon in the primary for the US Senate. Splitting the vote, phoney lawsuit.

      He will stand strong with Cruz

      I am absolutely and completely disgusted with our party.


  • Charles Hurst

    This is the man that GOP should be standing behind. So when you put someone else in like a Romney or McCain in for the election in 2016 and expect me to vote for the “less of two evils” here’s my answer.

    Don’t hold your breath GOP. When I was on the original Minuteman Project in 2005 who was it who catered to then Vincente Fox and called us vigilantes? It was you George Bush.Who disregarded and campaigned against the taking away of benefits to illegal aliens in Arizona in the grassroots Prop 200? It was you McCain. Who believed
    in bailouts for corporations? You GOP. Who is siding with illegals today? Who didn’t stand with Cruz? You again GOP.

    And you think I’m going to continue to vote for “the lesser of two evils?”
    Think again. The two evils are identical.

    I have written and predicted that the United States will collapse. We have to. We have a 17 trillion dollar debt that neither party will address. We have foreign invaders that are here on a massive level that neither party will address–and they wish to fund them with our tax dollars.

    Don’t blame the Tea Party. You lost two presidential elections because you have no morals. patriotism, honor or courage. I will not vote for you pretending that this will save our country.

    It may be possible that we just need to hit rock bottom. It may be possible that armed conflict is coming in the form of Civil War. Telling me that voting in Boehner so he can keep spending and give amnesty to illegals is not the answer. The answer is massively cutting entitlements, deporting all illegals on a massive level and tell Sharpton, Jackson, GLAAD, the ACLU and La Raz that they can go straight to Hell. That the days of victimhood are over. That’s the answer. If not I expect my fiction will soon be a reality and war is coming.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • SouthTexasFrac

      Just bought your book on Amazon, Thanks.

      • Charles Hurst

        Thanks South. I think you’ll like it. Feel free to leave a review of your thoughts. Progressives probably won’t like it much. Ezine is always free to Patriots. My publisher thought I should charge for it—no way. I decided a long time ago I’ll keep that going until we return to sanity and it is no longer needed.

        Happy reading
        Charles Hurst Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

        • College Geek

          A fellow backpacker!

          • Charles Hurst

            Well I guess the secret is out. You went to my site. I’m in the edit process for my first nonfiction about spiritual revolution on the Pacific Crest Trail as I searched for The Shepherd. “Runningwolf” was my trail name both in the first injury failed attempt after 2007 miles in 2010 and the restart from mile zero at the Mexican border in 2012 where I walked the entire 2660 to Canada. Look for the Runningwolf on your treks–you might find me out there

            Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • sDee

      “And you think I’m going to continue to vote for “the lesser of two evils?” Think again. The two evils are identical.”

      This sentiment is growing with great anger among the base. After years of local GOP party bosses telling us to stop complaining about lack of conservatives and do something, We did find and organize for true conservatives. The GOP instead supported the progressive elephants. We exposed their progressive voting records. The party still backed them.

      Now as we work to fund and get out the vote for a true conservative constitutional candidate for US Senate here in NC, we watch our party undercut him in the primary race.

      We live under an oligarchy. The noose is tight around Liberty’s neck. We watch GOP kicking furiously at the stool.

      • College Geek

        Greg Brannon ftw. I’m assuming that’s who you mean?

        • sDee

          Yes. The GOP has put up faux conservative Harris to split the conservative vote so thier yes man will win the Primary

          • College Geek

            Hopefully not =/. I’ve got my whole family for Greg Brannon and I’ve seen others for him as well.

    • ChicagoHOG27 .

      Amen, brother! Brilliantly stated.

      • Charles Hurst

        Thanks a lot. Unfortunately we have a huge amount of people in this country that just think everything will somehow be fine. Stay vigilant and strong.

        Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • aquaviva

    I stand with Cruz!

  • Darrell Griffin

    Tell me again how suing the NSA compares to this in terms of leadership and courage ?

    Cruz 2016…no pandering and posturing required.

    • They’re both good and needed. Valid comparisons, one to the other. Premium kudos to both factions.

    • Bill589

      Two warriors on our side. It doesn’t matter who is best at what at this point – it just matters that both are fighting for us. United we stand at our strongest.

      • Darrell Griffin

        Sans my point. If two factions are voting for Cruz and Paul, then the vote is split…establishment RINO wins.

        Better to rally behind one guy early, and Cruz is superior to Paul in many ways.

        Paul cannot win the general election, especially when he embraces his father’s idiocy on foreign policy.

        • Bill589

          Cruz is possibly my second choice for President – I love him. Our leaders are not dividing into factions at this point, so we shouldn’t either.

          I think our TPM political leaders will decide who is best to run for president, and unite us to vote for that one person and defeat the GOPe.

          United we stand at our strongest. I hope we keep it that way.

  • sDee

    I hope soon to hear Greg Brannon on Mark’s show. . Time is short. The GOP is set to destroy him by hook or by crook in the primaries.

  • aposematic

    Love the truth…Levin and Cruz… Thanks Scoop!

  • PVG

    These two give me hope!

  • Ez2963

    Run Ted Run!! No dividing our vote this time. Conservatives need to unite behind this guy. He’s the real deal.

  • Robert Sullivan

    prez Cruz, vice prez Lee and speaker of house Levin

    • Rachel

      SecDefense Allen West, Attorney General Mike Lee

    • danaellen

      President Cruz, Vice President Dr. Ben Carson, Attorney General Mike Lee, Ken Cuccinelli on the Supreme Court. Levin would be great too but he has stated he wants the radio not politics.

    • Darrell Griffin

      President Cruz, VP Lee, SecDef West, AG Gowdy

  • c4pfan

    Thanks as always scoop! Levin posted it on his facebook!

  • Rachel

    THANK YOU TED CRUZ! Excellent job of making the Repubs own their vote. Now we know who and what they are and who is going to get the boot in their reelection bids.

    • Poptoy1949

      Could not have said it any better. Thank YOU !

      • Rachel

        Thank YOU! Now it’s our job to make sure all those “Republican RINOs” know we know and will spread the word about all of them. Cruz is on his own in D.C….WE need to be his support troops.

  • LoJoFo


  • David Thompson

    Thank God for Mark Levin and Senator Ted Cruz! Great Interview!

  • Poptoy1949

    Good man that Ted Cruz. Good man that Mark Levin. They placed the Rino’s on their EAR and rightfully so.

  • Poptoy1949

    OOOOOoooooh so very well said.

  • Barry

    The men at the Alamo, Ted, knew that victory would not belong to them at the end of that 13th day. But, they stood by that wall; the wall you know well, Ted. The wall in Ol’ San Anton. They stood by that wall, they fought and they died, and they died brutally. They fought because they knew that if they did victory would belong to their brothers and sisters in arms. They were right. That is what you are doing,Ted. Fighting for those whom you know will be coming behind you, and they will, they will,Ted. It is my hope that because you fight, those who come behind you won’t have to fight and die. To your Latino brothers and sisters, Ted, you might remind them that many of their forefathers were among the 257 who stepped over that sword drawn line in the Mission yard, Texans too. Maybe yours, Ted. That is easy to believe. You surely embody the spirit of all their souls. There’s nothing else to say.

    • Lexington & Concord

      And also – Remember Lexington and Concord!

  • Rhett O Millsaps


    • danaellen

      I love Cruz!

  • danaellen

    I am listening to the voice of the next president of the United States and don’t give me any stupid comments about Canada.

  • PapaLouie

    “… saying several months ago that they would fight for the debt ceiling, that this would be the place where they’d take a stand.”

    Establishment Republicans always want to postpone the fight until the next battle, but “next” (like tomorrow) never comes. They say they can’t fight now because they don’t control the Senate. Give them the Senate, and they’ll say they can’t take a stand because the President has a veto. Give them the presidency, and they’ll still back off as soon as minority Democrats threaten to filibuster. They avoid confrontation because they want to be seen as nice guys who reach across the aisle and are admired by everybody.

    Let’s face it, RINOs are cowards. Their main goal is to stay in office, not to advance conservatism. They only express conservative principles when they think that’s what the voters want to hear. Besides, why would these power brokers want to rule over a smaller, less powerful government? Power and status is what they live for. That’s why they side with the establishment status quo in the first place.

  • O/T heads up (so don’t reply here):

    Allen West: Michael Behenna wins Parole!

  • Rationalthinker

    Is it time again to shout from the mountaintop? TERM LIMITS! Somehow…some way! We NEED TERM LIMITS!!!

  • AngryBird

    17 trillion..and counting.. and the democraps.. don’t think..’its a problem’..

    • sDee

      Obviously, neither do the Republicans.

  • Kenneth Webb


    • sDee

      I remember what the McCain campaign did to Sarah Palin.

      I remember what the Party machine did to Allen West.

      • mediaaccess

        There’s much more. Read The Shadow Party

  • timsrighty

    There are few, if any, problems facing America that can’t be fixed. The problem is the lack of willingness on both sides to do so. Cruz has that willingness and a whole lot more. He seems solid as rock and a true conservative. I wouldn’t walk to vote for Cruz for President…I would RUN.

    • sDee

      There are few politicians who want to solve these many problems from which they profit. “Create a crisis”.

      Cruz has a foothold. We need to send re-enforcements. The battle to get more like Cruz, Lee, Paul there, is in the Primaries….. COMING UP VERY SOON.

      True conservatives are being undercut as we speak by the GOP. These candidates are the ones who need our volunteer and donations.

      Primary turn out is low so grassroots can turn this around. The GOP machine is active behind the scenes to make sure conservatives stay on the sidelines.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    Trouble is, many of the constituents are a bunch of rubes who don’t know or will forget once the pols start running in ’14.

  • Bradley Scarbrough

    How do you listen? I just have a box that says “Sound Cloud” with no buttons to click and nothing happening. Why not just put it on YouTube like everyone else??? Then, I could have just clicked in in Facebook and listened to the interview, instead of coming here and wasting my time. Summary: I didn’t hear the interview, and now I’m clicking the back button. Next time I see a link to “The Right Scoop” I won’t bother clicking.

  • ApplePie101

    Why does Mark keep talking about ‘saving the republican party’ when Cruz is telling him, ‘an awful lot of republicans wanted exactly what Barak Obama wanted, exactly what Nancy Pelosi wanted, exactly what Harry Reid wanted, which is to raise the debt ceiling, but they wanted to be able to tell what they view as their foolish, gullible constitutents back at home that they didn’t do it.’

    When a political party repeatedly tries to prevent members from performing their constitutional duty, and connives at deceiving the electorate, it deserves to be extinct.

    • A Datum

      I think Cruz is saying that these establishment types are not Republicans. They’re elites…they’re masterminds. Yes, the Republican party can be saved. To do that, we must throw out everyone who does not reflect Republican principles. It’s the posers who must go, not the Republican party.

      • Trash79

        I’d like to believe that what you say, is so. But as I see the established GOP transition into Democrat (re Communist) lite, I see the party splitting into the Constitutionalist vs Tyrannist. Or Principled vs Unprincipled. The battle must be fought, hopefully, without the Commie Dems coming out on top.

        • opinionated1234

          Not if we stand United in our Voting. As I said the Candidates should be clear…vote for the Conservatives who are believers in the American Republic and small government! If they have been in too long they get corrupted! We need to establish term limits eventually!

      • Mike55_Mahoney

        Tactically, that’s not going to happen. Strategically the goal should be to dissolve the power in the Senate by electing just 5 Libertarians. That’s doable. Five. That way neither party has the majority and the Libertarians hold the deciding votes. They can leverage just five votes into a lot of concessions.

        • Roy M Mckenzie

          Why would we elect anarchists how would that make our country better?

        • opinionated1234

          I think we need to vote in Candidates with strong CONSERVATIVE VALUES that actually like this country and believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Conservative Republicans who will vote with the party and not with Harry Reid. If you look up the RINOs on Heritage Action Scorecard.com you can see what their voting record has been. It is amazing how the Rinos have all voted most frequently with the Progressive Socialists (Dems) instead of with the Republicans!!!! It is so obvious! Go to the Heritage site and click on their state….you can see how they stack up against true republicans!

  • Carol

    Get rid of the RINO’s, we need REAL conservatives representing us!

    • sDee

      The primaries are upon us. That is our only chance. The GOP has its eye on taking the reins of Hussein’s oligarchy. It is in overdrive to sabotage true conservatives.

      Time is running short. Find TRUE conservatives. Donate.

      There is nothing more effective than knocking on doors to increase primary turnout.

      • gigi0f3

        By Donate, you mean to the actual Conservative, not to the RNC, right?

        • mikeinidaho

          Absolutely DO NOT contribute to the RNC or or ANY RINO organization.

        • opinionated1234

          Donate to the actual candidates!

      • opinionated1234

        Of course!!! the Old guys Establishment Republicans that have been there too long don’t want to give up their million dollar jobs and the power that comes from selling out! We got your number Mitch and the rest of you RINOs!

  • mikeinidaho

    Thank God for Ted Cruz and the conservatives in Congress like him!
    We the People need to elect MANY more like him in the next election or this country is DONE as a Republic.

    • ProudlyUnaffiliated

      Amen, brother! A good start is looking at the Senate Conservative endorsement list. There are some very good candidates this time around.


    Senator Cruz has my complete support.

  • Hoschi0913

    I would love to see a President that gives an ExO to Congress that says something to the tune of ” you have to repeal a minimum of 20 000 laws, rules and regulations passed in the last decade”

  • Terrye Cravens

    I think Levin and Cruz are both back stabbing lying scum bags who want to wreck the GOP and get Democrats elected. Levin is always ready to attack any Republican who is proud to be a member of his party. And Cruz lied about defunding Obamacare. He took money under false pretenses to promote that scam and then he forced the GOP to take an unnecessary vote after he did nothing at all to come up with any alternative. If the idiots in the House who make up the TP caucus had been able to come to a consensus there would not have been a vote on a clean debt ceiling..but all they and Cruz are capable of is political theater, grandstanding and self serving stunts. If the folks at Heritage Action and Club for Growth tell them to jump, they say how hi. They sold out.

    • opinionated1234

      You have no idea what you are talking about. Ted Cruz is showing the American people how corrupt the Leaders and many of the Senator are in the Republican party! They hate him because he has exposed their dirty tricks that they perpetrate with Harry Reid!
      Mc Connell, McCain have sold out to the Progressive Socialists and are being paid by the left and the Chamber of Commerce to vote for big government! They have sold out their Constituents. Ted Cruz is a true Patriot and if you can’t see it you are either a moron or a troll!

    • Jeffrey_Bowden

      Mark Levin attacks the French Republicans (the RINOs, statists, corporatists) who betray conservative principles. Ted Cruz never lied about defunding Obamacare. He devoted over 20 hours to a filibuster centered around defunding it. If the French Republicans in the Senate would have supported him and the House Republicans who bravely voted to defund it, we’d see a very different debate today. That debate would finally get enough media coverage to prove the Republicans have long had alternative plans to Obamacare. In the debt-limit vote, the House Republicans didn’t come to a consensus and there was still a vote on it. Thanks to the leading French Republican in the House: Mr. Boehner. If there’s any grandstanding in the Senate, it’s the French Republicans who seek to silence Ted Cruz every chance they get, as well as trashing conservative principles. This country needs Ted Cruz as President, and many more like him in the House and Senate, who first listen to the American people and then act in their best interest.

  • ProudlyUnaffiliated

    I stand with Ted. Thank you Sen. Cruz, you cannot improve on what you are doing or your message. I am proud to be you countryman.

  • Jason Hunt

    Something to consider: Who voted in this “13%” congress?