Ted Cruz makes the case AGAINST attacking Syria and he makes it quite well

Oh for the day when we have a Commander-in-Chief that sounds like this. Cruz not only explains why we shouldn’t attack Syria, but tells George Stephanopoulos what he would do instead which includes killing the hundreds of millions in aid to Iraq unless they close their airspace to Iran, taking action against Russia and China if they veto a UN resolution to condemn Assad’s use of chemical weapons and more.

It does seem like Cruz is sold on the idea that Assad did use chemical weapons, however he makes the case that the enemies of Assad are no better than he and by striking Assad we would be empowering his enemies who can’t be trusted with chemical weapons.

Watch the full interview:

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  • Bill in Tennessee

    Good God, what a mess obama (lower case intended) has gotten us and himself into!   If it’s true that a country gets the politicians it deserves, what did America do to deserve this idiot?  Someone please tell me.


    …first of all RS a belated Happy B’Day also 2016 is just around the corner as you will notice as one gets older time moves oh so much faster . May God Bless you RS .”

  • PressWatchusa

    All this discussion is a waste of time – He will do whatever HE wants anyway 
    It is to distract us from all of the other scandals
    He knows he CAN’T be impeached – unless the Senate turns Red in 2014 – by that time – he will resign!

  • Tamikosmom

    Could it be that the Senate and the House WILL turn Red by 2014.  “We the People” are no longer deceived by representatives who talk the Conservative talk but fail to walk the Conservative walk.  RINOs and democrat plants are being exposed big time.

    By Their Votes Ye Shall Know Them
    September 5, 2013 
    Conservative scorecard:  Many of Heritage Action’s Republican readers are expressing on twitter and elsewhere that they are appalled at Heritage Action for publishing the mid-term Republican voting records that look more like those of liberal Democrats than conservative Republicans. 
    (We think their angst should be directed at the ones who cast the vote and not at the messenger.) 

  • Tamikosmom

    Barack Obama is a puppet whose strings are being pulling by those who have a worldwide agenda to raise up the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and establish Sharia.  This will be accomplished by destroying ALL present systems through violence or infiltration.

  • volsense

    Stephanopoulos is a progressive eunuch whose sole existence is to propagandize  the lies and deceptions of the extreme leftwing agenda.  His blind devotion to the Clintons is disguised by his willingness to fabricate any and everything that will make the the progressive agenda more palatable.  His attempt to use the senile remarks of  McCain as policy for our country is derogatory to any viable conclusions towards working in the best interests of our country. Lil George cannot be trusted anymore than anyone else directly involved with this administration.

  • Elanadowns

    Cruz was masterful. Throw anything at this guy and he turns it into butter. I love you Ted Cruz!

  • SigEliteDark

    Instead of adding to obama’s growing mid-east problem, Sen. Cruz offers solutions in an history-based and articulate manner.  Obama’s bumblings, when he is motivated to act at all, are amateurishly linear and predictable.  Comparing Cruz ‘ competence to the lack of it with obama would be like Kasparov vs. Bill Maher in chess respectively–he’s out of his league.

  • President Ted Cruz.. Has a particularly nice ring to it.
    Great work and wording (without a tela-prompter no less).
    Very good.

  • SigEliteDark

    volsense Lil George seems to be showing some wear–he didn’t seem like his usual obsequious slimy self, and he barely contained his fearful contempt of Sen. Cruz.

  • SigEliteDark

    PressWatchusa If barry foolishly disregards what the majority of Americans feel about not striking out at Syria, this might be the catalyst that could spark bipartisan impeachment proceedings based upon grassroots constituent pressures from the blue states and their respective representatives.  We can only hope that this could happen.

  • Stehekin912

    Here’s to a Red Senate

  • K-Bob

    I like how Cruz has applicable Supreme Court rulings ready to hand, with no notes, and knows the various players, and relevant facts.  Here’s a guy that understands how Congress is supposed to be functioning.
    McCain comes off as a total moron for calling Cruz “uninformed.”  I’ll bet McCain hasn’t bothered to keep up with events, and just takes in talking points from his staff.

  • TCW9127

    That is why Ted Cruz is my President!

  • old crank

    Bill in Tennessee    America drifted into this idiot…America just ambled along, fat and happy, coasting on its success in the War and it’s 200-year success with capitalism, and it voted for any charmer  who romanced it for the last fifty years.  Reagan came out of the thirties and forties, with the old, responsible, lean-years sensibilities, and America lucked up when it voted for him.  I don’t think it knew what it was doing – it was just getting shut of the last charmer, Carter.  Thank God for Ronald Reagan –  he is a truly fine example of a leader, and one within living memory so that we may seek out another one by the light he leaves.
    Dear God, let it be a lesson to us.  Fat we may get and happy we may be, but the price of it all is eternal vigilance.

  • Cassie1

    It matters that we show up like never before in masses to make sure we turn the senate red in 2014….it’s our last chance!!!

  • famouswolf

    McCain sides with whatever he thinks will benefit himself and then plays video games, ignoring any further input including the wishes of his constituents.

  • jcrichichi

    Ted Cruz is awesome

  • Tamikosmom


    [AUDIO] Harry Reid: John McCain controls about 10 people and that’s all I needed to get things done in Senate.
    August 9th, 2013

  • njmom

    That was great. Cruz did not allow George to fluster him and stayed on message and made his points well.

  • K-Bob

    Poker Man!  If he runs for any office again and gets the nomination, we should do the same thing we’re going to do if Boehner reneges on his claim he won’t run: vote for the other guy.  Same with Grahamnesty.

  • K-Bob

    Man, Zip over at weasel zippers has really been slamming the headlines on Syria.  He doesn’t focus on video like Scoop, so he’s just giving you the headlines and some excerpts, but if you look today, you can see what a mess this whole thing is.  Including Susan Rice planning to sell Syrai on the very day of the anniversary of Benghazi.
    barack is presiding over the worst meltdown of our credibility in the world since LBJ.

  • RichardDrakos

    Obama has really gotten himself in a jam on this one. Was reading a report that said that Iran, Syria and Hezballah are all gonna strike back. Big props to Cruz for talking about cutting off aid. Can you imagine what will happen if/when Assad falls? The remaining Christians will be on the fast track to extinction.

  • ScottCapodice

    Actually be the smartest guy in the room…I think Ted Cruz is…

  • marketcomp

    No strategic interest, so why doesn’t Obama, Kerry, and McCain see that? Because the interest is to help the insurgent terrorist defeat Assad, just like Mubaric’s defeat was to help the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • comoesta3

    K-Bob I think McCain “takes talking points” from Obama.

  • marketcomp

    K-Bob It sure sounds like it. That tells me that McCain is just too old to keep up with the events and follow the evidence to draw conclusions. Its time for him to go!

  • marketcomp

    JeffRing Hey, I love the sound of that!

  • marketcomp

    SigEliteDark Well said and excellent analogy!

  • jamesbotts16309

    Unlike Palin, Cruz is well read on Supreme Court rulings, and can cite them on demand. He just might be the guy that can fight through all the BS that would come his way if he runs for President.

  • trekkie8214

    Senator Cruz speaks intelligently, coherently and passionately, all without a teleprompter!

  • jamesbotts16309

    No, that’s not meant to be overly negative on Palin, but there are a lot of people that watch this stuff that don’t have a clue, they aren’t overly ideological, and they merely run with the herd. You got to know what you are talking about, and be ready to explain yourself.
    I’ve never seen Cruz at a loss for words yet, and Stupid-o-polis is a politcal snake of the worst sort.
    Our guys have to be able to take these guys head on, and not fold in the heat of the moment. Cruz  is passing these tests, and not merely passing them, but doing well.

  • Stehekin912

    It breaks my heart to think Wacko Bird McCain “controls” that many people…he cannot even control himself.

  • PicklePlants

    Wow, he nailed it.

  • Stehekin912

    Truly Statesman Senator Ted Cruz has a beautiful, orderly, disciplined mind.  How refreshing.

  • marketcomp JeffRing Mark, the bureaucrats and Washington wizards (both Lib & Rino) will have to be defeated before that day will come. And the way the Republican establishment swings at him (noted in this article) it will be a tough row to hoe for certain.

  • PVG

    ScottCapodice If Mark Levin is in another room. But I get what you are saying and could not agree more!

  • CalCoolidge

    More boilerplate and imperious put-down than talking points.

  • K-Bob We must watch what the other hand is doing. Don’t be surprised by a gun grab or immigration turn in the middle of this.
    The slight of hand from this DC band of bandits is incredible.
    Susan Rice… ugh!

  • CalCoolidge

    One point I’d like to see worked in is that a US strike would be a violation of international law.  Even if Assad is responsible for the chems. two wrongs don’t make a right.

  • Tamikosmom

    comoesta3 K-Bob

    So does Marco Rubio.
    Rubio-Obama immigration plan? Senator’s proposal looks like White House policy
    Posted on Wednesday, 01.16.13
    Not only do Rubio and Obama’s plans create a similar type of amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants, the two politicians have used similar language.
    Here’s OBAMA unveiling his plan in May 2011, relatively little-reported at the time:
    “Those who are here illegally, they have a responsibility as well. So they broke the law, and that means they’ve got to pay their taxes, they’ve got to pay a fine, they’ve got to learn English. And they’ve got to undergo background checks and a lengthy process before they get in line for legalization. That’s not too much to ask.”
    Here’s RUBIO in the Wall Street Journal on the undocumented:
    “They would have to come forward. They would have to undergo a background check…They would have to pay a fine, pay back taxes, maybe even do community service. They would have to prove they’ve been here for an extended period of time. They understand some English and are assimilated. Then most of them would get legal status and be allowed to stay in this country.”

  • PressWatchusa

    Sen. Cruz makes too much common sense for Georgie boy to understand 
    If you notice – Georgie doesn’t really give a crap about the answers – just asks the next question quickly
    Georgie knows he can’t debate Cruz – So fires off the next question 
    ABC – All Bull Crap

  • subie201

    Senator Cruz is talking presidential talk!

  • subie201

    How about Supreme Court Justice Levin speaking with President Cruz?

  • 12grace

    Ted Cruz is a Christan leader. Love him.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    old crank Bill in Tennessee The ONLY good thing that can come out of obama’s presidency will be that like Carter made Reagan’s election inevitable, obama’s may make our next great Conservative inevitable.  Will it be Cruz?  ….Rubio?  …Ryan?   We have time to figure that out.  It will require all hands on deck and no excuses for sitting out this election.  No  more excuses.    For after Moonbeam comes Hillary, another disaster in the waiting..

  • sybilll

    I can never watch George w/o remembering how he orchestrated the “war on women” in that January debate.  Not a soul had brought up birth control restrictions, yet he harped on it for 15 minutes.  Sometimes I wonder if he hitches a ride in Michelle Obama’s purse.

  • Pyrran

    PressWatchusa Right on the money!  George is just going through the motions, but at least he’s not stupid enough to challenge Cruz on the facts.  He knows he would get his head handed to him on a platter.

  • Pyrran
  • 12grace

    Bill in Tennessee  
    Ted Cruz is the only one of the three that I would vote for  because Rubio and Ryan support Amnesty.

  • PVG

    subie201 Be still my beating heart!!

  • subie201


  • Defense of International norms ?
    What’s normal in the middle east ? Killing your daughter because she likes boys ? murdering women because they get raped ? Treating women like dogs ? beheading people because they’re Christians ?
    There is nothing normal with thsese barbarians over there…..everything over there is sick and abnormal.

  • JohnCraven

    One of Louisiana’s senators, David Vitter, emailed the following to Louisiana residents:
     Dear Friend,
    Many folks throughout Louisiana have reached out to me with concerns about the ongoing conflicts in Syria and whether the United States will get involved. Earlier this week I participated in a classified briefing as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, but I walked out of the briefing with the same concerns about the President’s plan that I had before I walked in.
    After a lot of careful thought and prayer, I have decided that I will vote NO on the Syria war resolution when it comes before the United States Senate, likely next week.
    As horrible as events in Syria are, they do not pose a direct threat to the United States or our allies. U.S. military action could spark a broader war, and it could potentially entangle us in Syria’s protracted civil war where elements of the opposition are even worse than the Assad regime — all while our troops are underfunded.
    There is a very serious and direct threat to us in the region – Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.  I am extremely concerned that getting involved in Syria, after Iraq and Afghanistan, would make mustering our resolve to stop a nuclear Iran impossible. …
    You can also reach me online at .

  • old crank

    Bill in Tennessee old crank    Yah, I think Cruz has the best handle on things of the three.  I’ve not heard him say anything that wasn’t well thought out and on the money.  He doesn’t get rattled and he’s always well prepared.  I would imagine that getting prepared twelve times to argue to the Supreme Court – winning the case nine of them – would be pretty good training for thinking on your feet.  So far he hasn’t put a foot wrong.

  • paleophlatus

    Not all coming his way is BS. Time to decide is now, not later’ because it will come up.

  • BS61

    No wonder the GOP hate him – he speaks intelligently while they do not!

  • marketcomp

    joehorton21 Well said!

  • marketcomp

    Pyrran marketcomp Well well well now this all makes sense. That certainly explains a lot! Thank you for sharing!

  • marketcomp

    JeffRing marketcomp But if anyone can handle it I am convinced that it is Senator Ted Cruz. He is a very smart man, a steadfast conservative,  articulate, and can communicate conservatism.

  • Tamikosmom

    12grace Bill in Tennessee

    Unfortunately … so does Ted Cruz.  Anything short of deportation is amnesty in my world.
    Cruz: Rubio has ‘worked in good faith’ on immigration reform
    May 6, 2013

    Ted Cruz also supports temporary legalization status in the immigration bill

    June 12th, 2013

  • fubaglady

    Kinzinger is what…20 yrs old?  Please!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    fubaglady Pretty decent guy considering the political crop in IL.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    JeffRing K-Bob You’re right, their “never let a crisis go to waste” policy tends to use cover for other nefarious activities.

  • Dr. Strangelove

    fubaglady I take that back. I just read Kinsinger’s letter to his constituents supporting limited military involvement in Syria.

  • CalCoolidge

    I pull my hair because every GOP who goes onto the show does not work “when you were a policy maker in the Clinton administration” into an answer.

  • Las1

    Notice how when adults are in the room, George doesn’t have that smug know it all look he usually has with a compliant and easy to manipulate guest.  It’s evident he has to fight to tear down Cruz’s arguments… and he lost.
    But, George being George as a former Clinton operative will never change.

  • BeverlyLevitt

    Someone with a brain…….do we dare hope for intelligence to over ride the constant arrogance and stupidity of this Administration?

  • JIM737

    TED CRUZ, PRESIDENT, 2016.  ‘nuf said.

  • toledo_dude

    I love how he explained the US Constitution in terms most could understand. He sited a legal case that supported his position that left George no opertunity to add a lib talking point. Cruz/West 2016.

  • kong1967

    I disagree with Cruz on several things.  All of his actions assume that Assad used the chemical weapons, but no one knows for sure that it wasn’t the rebels.  So I don’t believe we should punish nations that support Assad.
    The comment made about us being Al Qaeda’s air force is not outrageous.  I completely agree.  7 out of 10 of the rebel forces are tied to Al Qaeda, so if we help remove Assad, we are helping Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood take power.  We will be Al Qaeda’s air force.

  • JungleCogs

    Mr. President.

  • Tamikosmom


    Democrat Plants? Republican sell-outs?
    Tallying the House Vote on Syria
    September 9, 2013 4:00 AM
    Tallying the House Vote on Syria Right now, the number of House Republicans planning to back the Syria resolution is stuck at about two dozen, according to the unofficial count several aides are keeping. …
    Boehner, like Cantor, is supportive of the president’s proposal, but he has been more hands-off in dealing with House Republicans than the majority leader has

    The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves” – Vladimir llyich Lenin

  • jay_pe

    I guarantee that George Stephanopoulos was squirming so much while Cruz talked that he may have soiled his pants.

  • stage9

    So…McCain, and one other republican say Cruz is wrong. And THIS is ABC’s argument against Cruz??
    “Weeeeellll, there are TWO republicans that oppose your view….”
    OH, WELL THEN, I must be WRONG because two republicans OPPOSE ME! (And just because Kinzinger served/serves in the Air Force doesn’t mean his opinion is transcendent)
    This is a typical tactic of the marxist media –create an AdHominem argument that suggests that because someone in your own party disagrees with you, then YOUR argument has no merit.
    Mr Cruz is RIGHT ON, and if ABC can appeal to only TWO opposing voices within the repugnantcan party, then what say they to the OVERWHELMING opposition voices within the military??http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/u-s-military-leaders-oppose-syria-strike/

  • nhLevinitized

    kong1967 Snuffalufagus was trying to attatch that “Al Qaeda’s air force” quote to Cruz, to throw it out into the ether that Cruz origionally said it, and to put Cruz at odds with a vet. A gotcha question he successfully dealt with.
    I love it how Snuffy was all leaning forward in his chair, fist on his hip, stroking his chin aggravated and thinking “how can I get this guy, he’s too good.” You’ll never see the former Clinton aide being tough like that on any Democrat.

  • kong1967

    nhLevinitized  “Snuffalufagus”.  Lol, that’s good.  None of the loyal liberal media journalists (or whatever you call the likes of him) are tough on Democrats.  They asked Palin about the details of the “Bush Doctrine” and asked Obama what his favorite color was.  Snuffy is no different.
    Cruz will be great in the Presidential debates…if he runs.  He is no Rick Perry….who I like but was terrible in the debates.

  • nhLevinitized

    kong1967 nhLevinitized I can proudly say I came up with that on my own. If he were fat it would work so much better, but I like it.

  • kong1967

    toledo_dude Cruz/West or West/Cruz.  I like either combination.  I still like West more because he is so blatantly up front about what the left is all about.

  • cabensg

    Cruz didn’t let the shill Stephanopolis lead him away from the points he needed to make. I love how he managed to get Benghazi into the conversation. His interview was 100 times better than Paul’s interview on the same subject. Couldn’t find the link I think the interview was with Bob Schieffer. I’ve never seen Paul quite that wishy washy. I usually at least get some satisfaction from him putting the press in their place. Not that I support him for anything but Senator. Cruz is the man, in my book.

  • cabensg

    Pyrran marketcomp  I read that yesterday and I never count out the influence of money however this is really peanuts to these guys if they’ve been in office very long. I still think it’s ideology. They do not disagree with the left on most issues and are willing to be paid to do what they already agree with. The word Rino was coined for a reason and the reason is they are liberal Democrats who ran as Republicans.

  • DawgByte

    Would George Stephanopoulos be arguing for a military strike against Syria if George W. Bush was in office? What a complete hypocrite.

  • Stehekin912

    Statesman Senator Cruz seems to believe that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people.  I thought that had not yet been determined, and so far seems to be unlikely?

  • SisterMary

    Stehekin912 Assad has used chemical weapons on his own people.  There are conflicting reports and rumors as to whether he did so this time.  It would be nice if this administration and its minions would actually get to work and figure out just what went down instead of posturing, back-tracking, and prevaricating.

  • Stehekin912

    Thanks…that makes more sense.

  • Cassie1

    So what are you saying?? I happen to believe that both sides have used them and believe very little of what stories the media comes out with and especially the admin, however if the info Ted Cruz has received leads him to believe that then it’s okay cause his confidence and smarts on the issues and how to handle them make perfect sense to me. At this point I believe Ted Cruz would make a great leader. We never will agree with everything that everyone does but that is what honest debate is about and I believe he would listen to the people as he has done so far.

  • dodocanspell

    I have gone off Ted Cruz.  Why does he feel so sure that Assad committed the CW attacks. Mega stupid statement.   At the risk of looking like I am advertising my blog,  please read this:

  • lawngreen

    Cruz certainly got his point of view out there effectively. While opinions may differ over whether Assad or the rebels used the chemical weapons, I think two points are clear to any reasonably intelligent, informed adult: 1st, there is ZERO direct, imminent threat to America. 2nd, there is no “good guy” in this fight.
    So why is obam he!!bent on bombing Syria? Frankly, I don’t care. But for what it’s worth, I can see only one reason: he wants to put yet another radical muslim government in power, as another stepping stone toward the domination of the entire world by islam.
    As far as I’m concerned, this is only the latest in a long series of prima faice evidences that obama is evil.

  • lawngreen

    stage9  Not to mention the overwhelming opposition from the American people, whom obobo seems to have forgotten he is employed by.
    I read the Maginnis article. I like it, basically, but I think it’s necessary at this point for the military to stop saying things like “we will vigorously execute any plan” the Kenyan dog-eater* gives us, because “that’s our tradition”. (It is also our tradition to have a president who is American and who does not viulently hate America.) Since obobo cares nothing for the Constitution, Congress, or the demands of his employers, obeying obobo NOW makes them nothing more than obobo’s private army.
    They need to start saying things more like, “We will not DISOBEY the U.S. Constitution and the will of the clear majority of the American people, and we will NOT obey an y fracking international opinions.
    obobo is acting like a warlord. He does not have that right or authority. Neither we nor the American military are his chattel possessions.
    * I don’t mean to imply that obobo eats Kenyan dogs, or at least not that he eats ONLY Kenyan dogs.You figure out the rest.