Ted Cruz: Obama’s consistent pattern of lawlessness is the most dangerous of all his actions

On the Mark Levin Show tonight, Ted Cruz hammered Obama tonight for his lawlessness, for continuing to subvert Congress and the law over and over again as it pleases him:

Out of all of the dismaying acts of the Obama presidency, perhaps the most dangerous is this consistent pattern of lawlessness. We have never had a president who over and over again, openly, aggressively defies the law. If he doesn’t like the law he refuses to enforce it. Or he simply proclaims it changed. And this is something that aught to bother everyone. This is something that shouldn’t be a partisan issue. On area after area, from immigration law onto drug law to welfare law, he decided he didn’t like the law so he proclaimed it changed. That’s not the way our legal system works.

There’s much more. Listen below:

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  • proudhispanicconservative

    It’s amazing how the other backbenchers in Congress and in the Senate are so quiet on this issue. Folks we’re no longer in a constitutional republic, we are faking a democracy when in reality we live in a dictatorial regime, where one person can dictate to us what he wants with no ability for dissent. Sometimes I am even afraid to post my opinions is here, because I might be the next one to be targeted by this regime.

    • c4pfan

      Only brave one is Ted Cruz. Even Rand isn’t as brave.

      • proudhispanicconservative

        Rand is concentrating on running in 2016, and he is afraid to ruffle some feathers, and if thats the case he is not my president. Also that endorsement does not sit well with me, I believe in principles before politics, in Rand’s case is the other way around.

        • BearNJ

          The fact Rand supports McConnell makes him a nonfactor in my mind.

          • proudhispanicconservative

            Me too my friend.

          • gayle318

            So true. That makes Rand pretty scary. I thought he was good early on. Ted has not yet let me down.

            • Subie201

              Because with Ted, what you see is what you get!

          • Subie201

            I’m with you BearNJ! I lost all respect for him when I heard that endorsement!

        • Crassus

          Rand’s last name makes him a non-factor with me. There’s too much of the old Rube in that boy.

      • sDee

        I wonder why he is allowed still to stand. They destroyed the careers of Palin, West and Bachmann for such leadership.

        • Brian Jones

          I’m hoping they’ve already tried to destroy Ted Cruz, but failed to find any significant dirt…that’s my HOPE anyways…

          • badbadlibs

            That’s the problem. It wouldn’t matter if they can’t find any dirt on Ted Cruz. They will make it up, then parade lying liars, often led by Gloria allcrapred, to cry and wail how he did such and such and the stupid masses will buy it hook, line and sinker.
            The democrat machine has not conscience and has been getting away with murder…see the Clinton administration.

    • Judges718

      We fight!

    • Steve Angell

      There is only one Party folks. There is the DemocRAT party and there is the RINOcRAT. Party both are RATS.

    • Subie201

      It’s called Tyranny!

  • sno_warrior

    “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we
    are to stand by the President right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic
    and servile, but morally treasonable to the American public.” –
    Theodore Roosevelt

    I believe Mark was right when he said that we have been “taken over by a silent coop.” and guess who is leading the charge?!

    • Steve Angell

      John Boehner of course.

      • Subie201

        Boehner is the devil’s disciple!

  • timerunnersc

    There is only one reason Obama doesn’t like America, he is not American. Here is more proof spoken outright by Mrs Obama and Mr Obama.
    He should be removed and ship back home where his ratings are very high: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpLGscglY9Q

    • notsofastthere

      Unfortunately, this is beating a dead horse. Congress, the media, and the American public has turned a blind eye to facts. Many are still ignoring what he is doing today but many have also awakened.
      We urgently need a new congress.

      • timerunnersc

        That is exactly right on! But the these old nags aren’t dead yet.

      • timerunnersc

        sadly my reply from this morning is not posted here. I guess there must be a gremlin in the works.

        Tea Party American

  • snowshooze

    I have a pen and a phone, too.
    But I still have to wait in line to buy tickets for my baby girls to go on the rides at the fair.
    What is the point???
    I bet the Congressmen have pens and phones too.

    • iaintlyin

      Pens and phones are all over the place, whats missing are balls. Gowdy, Gohmet, West, Bachmann, and a few others have ’em but the biggest set of all unfortunately belong to the tyrant 0. Everything else is just camouflage for not having them.

  • What does it matter if republicans do not hold him accountable?

    • Kansas Gal

      He has successfully neutered republicans in congress. Most of them are now court jesters, and only play the role of the fool. A few are still standing, and we might see a good fight, but chances are the republican party is dead.

  • JohnCraven

    I was able to hear this “live” tonight when our local Rush radio station replayed Mark Levin’s show and Ted Cruz is just great.

    I hope we can send him some help from Louisiana next year in the Senate but it seems that Republicans are hell bent on not taking back the senate – at least not with anyone who is genuinely conservative if the Big Whigs in the GOP have anything to say about it through their Big Government candidates who are nothing more than camoflaged democrats.

    John Craven
    New Orleans

    • sDee

      We hope North Carolina will send him Greg Brannon. Cruz and Paul have gotten behind Brannon but the GOP is setting up the dirty game for the primary. The GOP does not want true conservatives.

      Because they are quietly and actively opposing conservatives, I believe with the phase we are in now, the GOP is a far greater danger to freedom than Obama and Clinton. It is up to us folks we must get behind the constitutional candidates.

      Obama and the marxist minions have brought America to her knees. The GOP’s job now is to ensure we rise up in State Capitalism – much like China – a global, state controlled economy run by oligarchs.

      • JohnCraven

        sDee, I agree with you completely. The Big Whigs in the GOP, like Boner – the weeper of the House – and McLame and Graham-Nasty – serve only one purpose – to keep America on its knees to Big Government and not God.

        It is why I have basically abandoned the Republican Party as any kind of force for good and why I support the creation of a NEW party – not a new Republican Party – based on the principles which are the basis of our Constitution and our Declaration of Independence.

        I support a States’ Constitutional Convention as proposed by Mark Levin in his book “The Liberty Ammendments” for the purpose of passing his liberty ammendments and all other ammendments which we need to return control of our nation back to the control of the citizens of our nation.

        For instance, the Liberty Ammendments do not address how we should be taxed for the things we should be doing as a nation – defense and road construction and commerce. I favor abolishing the IRS and the income tax and putting in place either a fair tax or a flat tax which will not exceed 10% of a person’s income as Dr. Benjamin Carson has suggested.

        Anyway, sDee, I agree with all that you said.

        If we can put forth a States’ Constitutional Convention we can also put forth a NEW party which champions that and our founding principles and should that come to pass the Big Whigs in the GOP and the Marxists in the Democrat Party can go the way of the Whigs and the Bolsheviks.

        John Craven
        New Orleans

  • Nobodys Paying Attention

    Problem is…nobody’s paying attention. Cruz is a stand up guy. Cruz and the other tea party types are lone patriots in a sea of do nothing neo-statists. I’ve been predicting all along, the libturds will hold the senate and take the house in Nov. Then, her thighness marches into the WH with Bill in tow to make things all better for the guy who was really the first black president anyway. Benghazi will be a non issue as the libs thrust their agenda upon their MSM soldiers in a voice to victory campaign. Wish this weren’t the case but it’s unfortunately over for us on the right. By the time 2016 rolls around, Johnnie B and the others will ensure that 10 million new latino vote democrat as these hapless career politicians will ram a 15000 page immigration bill (aka amnesty votes for amerika) through both houses of congress and onto the lawless guys desk for his signature. It’s a sad time in our nation for conservatism right now. Ronnie must be turning over in his grave…

    • famouswolf

      I hope there is enough of America left to be in open rebellion if it really gets that far. Even if it gets that far it won’t be over.

  • People must start talking openly and seriously about Impeachment. We may not have the numbers right now, but we make the case, win more seats in November, and then Impeach this man!!!

    • ImaThinkn

      While a simple majority is only required to Impeach in the
      House, 2/3 is required in the Senate to find guilt. That is an impossibility! Not ONE Democrat would vote guilty. And do you actually think EVERY Republican would? Even if they did, it’s a LONG way from 67 votes. Obama is essentially acting as a dictator right now. No dictator has EVER been removed through legal means because they CONTROL the legal means.

      • Kansas Gal

        We need a convention of states to curb the federal government.

      • sDee

        Obama is not the problem. He is a puppet, a post turtle.

        Congress will not act to stop him – they are propped up by the same globalists..

        The problem is a free people who trust the very men in Congress who are enslaving them – a people more willing vote themselves money than to vote themselves freedom.

      • You’re right. Let’s give up.

        Obama, you win. Which prison camp shall I report to?

        • ImaThinkn

          I only said that IMPEACHMENT was a useless endeavor. You might as well be throwing spitballs. It might make you FEEL good but the outcome won’t mean much other than showing how impotent you are.

    • notsofastthere

      Impeach him – then does Biden become president. We’re screwed no matter what. Impeachment would take 3 years to achieve. Civil disobedience works faster.

  • Longiron

    Cruz is right and that is what happens when you have no Opposition party and one I party rule like it is today. Barry does this for a very simple reason, he knows no one will challenge him on anything.

  • MadMadJack

    It is pretty disgusting that with the exception of Ted Cruz and maybe 2 or 3 others the Congress of the United States has become a haven for career criminals. If ever there was a time for Term Limits it is NOW. The American people must demand it.

    It is also time we brought back Tar and Feathering to those politicians that are corrupt and that do us wrong. And I mean actual Tar and Feathering and marched down Constitution Ave in D.C.. It would also make the job far less attractive to those that think it is a retirement job with giant perks.

    • sDee

      It is up to us. To look for anyone but ourselves to save us, especially the GOP, is a fool’s errand.

    • Crassus

      The only way to get the attention of our current lawmakers is to do what the French did back in 1789. Storm the halls of power and start throwing out dead bodies. It’s gotten that bad.

  • Amjean

    I love that he uses the term “lawlessness”. I hope he keeps pounding away at Obama using this term which I hope will somehow resonate with the masses.

    • sDee

      The reality is that the masses hear partisan hyperbole from Cruz. They haven’t a clue of the truth, and no longer have the spirit or reasoning to discern it.

    • Kansas Gal

      I hope so too, but the masses are not paying attention. They latch on to a few phrases and are happy with that. Equality, fairness, are words that sound good so they vote for the guy who uses these feel good phrases the most. Responsibility, hard work, ethics are not feel good keywords.

      Now I am even more depressed about our situation,

    • iaintlyin

      I think “tyrant” should be constantly used also along with “Hitler” comparisons. Everyday, every speech, every news conference should be spiced with this guys anti-American political statements and tactics. Just in case, EVERY

  • sDee

    I really believe Cruz is greatly understating the gravity of our situation.

    We are deeply entrenched into a systemic form of government that has:

    – Amassed such a force of laws, regulations and money that it can intimidate, punish, and silence it opponents at will, while lavishing riches and rewards on its frends at whim.

    – Blatantly and boldly moved itself above the Constitution and the law

    – Eliminated all politcal opposition while maintaining a sophisticated illusion of a bipartisan politcal process.

    – Established voluntary absolute control of the media.

    This is not going to end well. Be prepared to become slave or fighter.

  • Brian Jones

    “That’s not the way our legal system works”…apparently, it is…and THAT is what bothers me.

    EVERYONE underneath Obama has an OBLIGATION to defy his illegal decrees, but they don’t…

    EVERYONE in Congress has an OBLIGATION to defy his illegal decrees, but they don’t…

    EVERYONE in the State Legislatures has the OBLIGATION to defy his illegal decrees, but they don’t…

    EVERY Sheriff in AMERICA has the OBLIGATION to defy his illegal decrees, but they don’t…

    EVERY State A.G. has the OBLIGATION to defy his illegal decrees, but they don’t…

    EVERY Judge on the Supreme Court has the OBLIGATION to voluntarily take up his illegal decrees and STRIKE THEM DOWN (via Original Jurisdiction, since his decrees pit law-abiding States against lawless States)…but they don’t…

    THAT is what worries me…not the fact that we have a lawless president, but the fact that our Constitution doesn’t have the teeth that I’d thought it had…which is why *THEY* (EVERYONE listed above who has IGNORED their OBLIGATION to ignore his illegal decrees) have either turned a blind-eye to our 2nd-Amendment violations or actively promoted them.

    WE are the Constitution’s teeth via the 2nd-Amendment, and I’m afraid we’re not going to be enough…

    • sDee

      Sobering and well put.

      That is what we need to hear from the conservative leaders like Cruz. Not how bad the criminal is, but the complete systemic failure of the law to stop him.

    • lawngren

      I appreciate the very thorough indictment you have presented. I agree with your conclusion.

      Be sure of your eternal destination first. (“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is no other name under heaven [ except the name of Jesus] given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12)

      The next seven or so years will have an extremely high mortality rate. (“If those days [the “Great Tribulation”] were not shortened, no flesh would be saved. But they shall be shortened, for the sake of the elect.” Matthew 24:22 NOTA BENE: Many English translation say “no human would be saved”, but the Greek says “no flesh would be saved”. The Greek word is “sarx”, meaning every species of living thing.)

      • badbadlibs

        Best comment I’ve read and most pertinent of all.

        • lawngren

          Thank you, badbad.

          We may not die in combat, but we will alll die, except for those who are alive when the Lord returns. (And may God speed that day!) So we’d be wise to be prepared for the inevitable, whatever form it takes, whenever it comes.

      • Brian Jones

        Oh, I *am* sure of my eternal destination!

        The problem I find is this: I have a few Liberal friends who I hold close like family. Whenever we talk about guns, I ask them if they would be willing to *PERSONALLY* come take my guns away from me…to which they always hesitate and say “No”. So then I argue that it would be wrong to ask the Government to do their dirty-work by proxy…

        But then they ask me: “Would you be willing to kill me if I tried”…to which I hesitate and say “No”…so it appears we’re at a stalemate…

        While I value my 2nd-Amendment more than life itself, I *DO NOT* value it more than my friends’/family’s lives (I would be unable to shoot them)…and I’m afraid most of America feels the same way, and the Liberals take advantage of that fact…

        • badbadlibs

          Someone, family, friend or foe that was about to kill my precious grandchildren would get a bullet between their eyes without hesitation.

          • Brian Jones

            That’s not what I said…obviously I would defend my family’s lives with the UPMOST of violence (as I would also do for my Liberal friends I spoke of above).

            • badbadlibs

              What other reason would there be to shoot a “friend or family”?
              The second amendment is for self defense and for the defense of our loved ones.
              I’m not letting a “friend” shoot me either.
              I’m just not understanding your point, I suppose.
              No “thing” is worth killing someone over should be understood, no?

              • Brian Jones

                As I said above, if a “friend or family member” tried to take my guns (ie: confiscate them), I would be unable to shoot them (to stop them, thus protecting my 2nd-Amendment rights). Hell, I couldn’t even shoot a Government Official to stop them from taking my guns…

                Thus rendering me (and everyone else that feels like I do) unarmed…and the Liberals take advantage of that fact…

                • You can address this with an open declaration of intent.

                  I have warned my family that anyone who goes against liberty had best not come asking for favors when the SHTF. And nobody gets to deprive me of my second amendment rights.

                  As long as they understand the consequences, they should leave you alone.

                • lawngren

                  “Thus rendering me (and everyone else that feels like I do) unarmed” … do you have the right to allow anyone to disarm you – thereby making those who depend on you for protection vulnerable to the worst that attackers care to wreak on them?

                  “But if anyone does not
                  provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has
                  denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” (1st Timothy 5:8)

                  That verse, in context, is speaking about food and shelter and clothes, so it may not apply. But I wonder – if merely not feeding your own means you have “denied the faith” and makes you “worse than an unbeliever”, is it somehow righteous to allow your family to be murdered, unjustly imprisoned in a prison run by evil enemies, or abused?

        • lawngren

          I am glad that you’ve taken care of first things first. I’ll see you in God’s Kingdom, brother.

          Someone once explained a mystery to me that I think applies to your situation. The old question arose, “How can Christians be happy in Heaven if they have loved ones in hell?” This preacher responded, “By the time they get to hell and we get to Heaven, they won’t be our loved ones any more.”

          The point is that the fallen nature of humans, if not corrected. leads to evil overwhelming the good impulses and every human, given enough time and the opportunity, would become grossly evil. In Heaven, where “we will know as we are known”, this will be crystal clear. It’s even clear in at least some cases now.

          If your liberal friends come to take your guns, will they still be your friends? They would be exposing you to every danger you own the guns to avoid. They would be disarming you with the result, if not the intent, of making you helpless to prevent arrest by an evil regime. You and all who depend on you for protection would become victims. Are these liberal friends still your friends then?

          You’ve undoubtedly seen the vileness of some liberals against conservatives. You may have seen photos or read accounts of what muslims do to “infidels”. Are you willing to allow your liberal friends with soft words and smiles to turn you over helpless to those fates?

          Just some thoughts for your consideration. We all have to make our own choices, and I’m not saying you’re wrong. I may be the one who is wrong here.

    • Spot on.

  • NavyJack

    “Ya’ll can go to hell, I’ m go’in to TEXAS.” Davey Crockett had the sense to know that way back then…. Cruz for President.

  • imatellau

    This office and the FBI take a zero tolerance approach to corruption of the electoral process,” Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement….

    The fbi going after souza… but NOT a peep about the millions of obamas small donations from OVERSEAS!!!!!

    Just more evidence that Cruz’s proclamation is correct!!!

  • Darrell Griffin

    2012: Cruz 2016 !!!!
    2013: Cruz 2016 !!!
    2014: Cruz 2016 !!!

    Any guesses what I will be saying in 2015 ?

  • palintologist

    Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Ted Cruz. But a letter to Holder is the best he can do? He should be calling for Zero’s arrest. And they should take the Iranian adviser while they’re at it.

  • badbadlibs

    The very fact the con man and holder haven’t been hand cuffed and led out of the capital in orange jump suits is indicative of a feckless congress. John Bohener to be specific.
    The main purpose of our type of government was to protect the citizens from the corrupt, tyrannical men and women that make up the democrat party.
    The con man will continue to do as he pleases, sadly.

    • notsofastthere

      The option left, if government didn’t do its job, was for the people to take care of things themselves.

      • badbadlibs

        It will take multiple millions.

  • aposematic

    America’s political system (both parties–D &R) has been usurped and is now under the control of totally corrupt Pols that instituted a rogue Government and that rogue Government is using the Government’s massive power to squash any and all dissent.

  • joyfulgiver

    “Pride comes before a fall.” We can only hope that his “fall” will be significant. Dan. 5:20 “But when his heart and mind were hardened with pride, he was brought down from his royal throne…”

    • badbadlibs

      Pride does not come before a fall, pride comes before destruction. A fall comes from a haughty spirit.
      By it’s very definition one does not get up when destroyed.

  • badbadlibs

    RS, disqus is awful.
    If you don’t have to reload, you constantly have to refresh in order to post or edit when there’s a busy thread.

    • That usually happens due to timing issues. Check to see if you have other processes running that are slowing your computer (like an antivirus scan, for instance). If your comjputer is slowed for any reason, this can lead to hiccups in the timing chain for posting and getting info from the Disqus servers.

  • virginiagentleman1

    I like Cruz and the handful of men and women like him in Congress. We need many, many more like them and we have a chance to elect them in this years mid-terms.

    Let’s be realistic shall we? The majority of those now seated in Congress are just riding the gravy train of power, perks, and wealth, and they are doing so by selling us down the river. Take a look at the problems we have faced, going back over the last 15 to 3o years. Now take a HARD look at those who have been IN CONGRESS “continuously” during that time frame. See the problem? You’ve just identified those MOST responsible for our fiscal, economic, and YOUR loss of freedoms and liberties, not to mention your ever increasing tax burdens. Are ya gettin’ yer monies worth from these idiots?

    There is another glaring problem that MUST be addressed as well, the AWOL repub elites. Where in the hell are they? Where is the so-called republican ‘leadership’?

    While folks like Cruz, Lee, Gowdy, Goehmert, and some others are carrying the water for the party, the rest apparently have nothing to say unless it is to attack the conservative wing of the party as ‘out of touch’.

    If our circumstances weren’t so dire, it would almost be funny that the ones responsible for our decline would actually be accusing the few who are actually FIGHTING to restore Constitutional law!

    What we have is an out of control and overreaching federal government intent on RULING the populace, and not serving the populace. The Party of Massive Government holds sway in America, a party that has two wings, repubs and dems. They no longer listen to us but TELL us what we will do and HOW we will do it.

    Tell me true my friends, how do YOU feel about your demotion from sovereign citizen of the United States, to a ‘ward of the state SUBJECT?’
    We want to blame Obama and the socialist democrats for our fall from grace, but that would be only HALF right. The republicans, and especially their corrupt leadership, own the other half.

    The time is close at hand where we can remove many of those responsible from office and replace them with Constitutional conservatives. Many that will be removed will be candidates for long prison terms! Why else do you think they are writing and passing laws that make YOU guilty of SOMETHING that YOU can be imprisoned for!

    The way things are going within our very corrupt government at present, I wouldn’t be surprised if soon a new law will be passed that carries the ominous words, “under PENALTY of law” if you have flatulence in public! The charge? Releasing hazardous material in the public domain!

    Hey, YOU KNOW that YOU’VE already done that a time or two in your life! Yer guilty as charged! You should be locked up!

    Sounds farfetched, doesn’t it! Once upon a time, the idea that government, led by Congress, ( Yeah, ‘led by congress’ is an oxymoron!) would be able to FORCE you to buy a government MANDATED health policy ” UNDER PENALTY of LAW” was equally farfetched! But in today’s America, it IS the law.

    PLEASE VOTE this November. Vote to replace the ‘professional’ career politicians who have taken us our near demise as a Republic! VOTE for those who are in favor of TERM LIMITS for all elected offices and especially for the end of “Judges for Life” on our courts. When government officials at all levels are tenured for life and not accountable to the PEOPLE, freedom is replaced with marxist totalitarian rule.

    We are experiencing that nearly totalitarian RULE now. Do you like it, Comrades?

    • badbadlibs

      Wow, excellent read!

      As far as: “Tell me true my friends, how do YOU feel about your demotion from sovereign citizen of the United States, to a ‘ward of the state SUBJECT?”
      I’m hopping mad and hate it to the core.
      It’s a good analogy too. We have indeed become wards of the state, or rather wards of the powerful in government.
      Vote for sure!!!!
      Those who stay home are worse then those who vote democrat, in my book.

      • virginiagentleman1

        The way I see it, we are fighting for our very way of life.

        The great experiment of a free and sovereign citizen that our Founders envisioned, is like a grape dying on the vine.

        To make matters worse, with VERY FEW exceptions, WE the PEOPLE have no voice in our own government. Those we have elected to serve us and speak for us have betrayed us instead, and have become part and parcel of the “status quo”.
        If WE, as citizens with a CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY to VOTE fail to carry out our responsibilities, then our American Republic is nearly at an end.
        FREEDOM, American Freedom, DIES, when her citizens no longer fight for it but instead take the cowards way out and acquiesce, surrender to government power, and stay at home rather then vote. If there isn’t a candidate that you CAN support, then write your own name in or that of someone you do support if their name is not on your ballot.

        • badbadlibs

          Excellent. Totally agree!
          Another good analogy is the one about the grapevine. So sad. It seems we are reaping what the left has sown.

          • virginiagentleman1

            Time to cull the rotten fruit (the Oath breakers) from the vines, wouldn’t you agree?

            • badbadlibs

              100% in agreement. It’s going to take God’s help.

              • Avspatti

                I would like to point out that NOW is the time to work in each state to get rid of the following:

                a. absentee voting without a documented reason
                b. early voting
                c. electronic machines

                and work to instigate:


    • stevemcfadden

      It’s hard to do much when you are selfish and also weak. Don’t rock the boat and foul up my gravy train. The American people voted for me and sent me to do what…..who…….

      • virginiagentleman1

        Steve, I’ve read your Disqus profile, so I know you are being sarcastic with this comment.
        I, too, as you can tell from my comment, believe that the majority of those now serving in the Senate and House are weak, spineless, and self-serving.
        They are traitors to their Constitutional OATHS having already broken their vows, and so, they have no problem betraying those who sent them to Congress. They MUST be replaced! No exceptions.

        From your avatar, I take it that you are, or were, a United States Marine. This Navy veteran KNOWS, and has seen with his own eyes, those crazy devil dog Marines charge TOWARDS the battle! Always forward! And Marine, your Constitution has need of your services, again. But you know that.
        As for me, I will give everything I have in service to my Constitution, up to, and including, my last breath and my last heartbeat.
        My Oath of Fealty to the Constitution is eternal. It never expires, my friend, not even after my death. If we who have taken the Oath don’t fight for our American way of life, who will? VG

  • Conservator1

    Obama has a pen and phone; can I say where he can shove that pen and phone? No and I don’t want to demean either Sen. Cruz and Mark Levin after listening to the these highly intelligent men who are Constitutional scholars.

    Obama’s days are numbered in the court of public opinion and hopefully, in a courtroom soon.

  • Darrell Griffin

    In Virginia, the new Attorney General has been on the job less than a month, and he’s already following Holder’s example.

    He doesn’t like a law, he won’t enforce or defend it. Even though our constitutional ban on gay marriage passed by a large majority.

    Hopefully the General Assembly will show that we don’t tolerate that nonsense in Virginia.

  • The brilliance of Cruz’s rhetoric is that he has made the law the most important factor.

    The left loves to threaten our lives, our women, our liberty, and our property. They love to make personal threats, and their stooges actually have been acting on them (knockout game, etc.). Then they accuse YOU of doing what THEY do TO you.

    Our response has to be different. We cannot resort to anything remotely like they do. We must follow the law, and we must make it clear that the law will be obeyed.

    Starting with the Constitution.

    This President is breaking the law. He should be arrested and tried.

    2014 is about impeachment or the end. You choose.

    • Umm, excuse me KBob, Sen Ted Cruz does not speak rhetoric. He speaks truth and fact. Only those who wish to denigrate and demean him uses terms and words towards that affect.

      But as far as the rest of your post goes, I agree. Obama and the Democrats hypocrisy, their projectionism, their demagoging political agenda to internally destroy the US Constitution and this Republic is their #1 priority.

  • 12grace

    What will it take before obama is tried and convicted? There is a preponderance of factual evidence against him.

    • GWShrub

      Balls!! Impeachment has to start in the House. Where is Henry Hyde?

  • Charles Hurst

    Allow me to draw a parallel to what is happening with the IRS targeting, new laws of allowing an American citizen to be apprehended without cause and obvious targeting of people like Dinesh. Bear with me as I have a point and the point is what happens when you sit back
    and simply hope it gets better.

    Because it doesn’t when you are dealing with tyranny.

    I began a fictional account of this in 2005. It is terrifying how much
    closer we are since publication. People told me at the time I was being
    over dramatic. Actually I was basing my work on the history of fallen
    nations. I was in California at the time. And we were being overrun by
    illegals. I said California would become a third world country. Nine years
    later it is on its way. And why? Because people allowed it. They
    slowly let the bullying agenda go forward. The ignored illegal aliens–it
    would be ok they said. This was America. Guess what–they now outnumber you in California. It won’t be long before the courts rule you need to give your land back to them. This will happen because everyone just hopes it will work itself out. And history shows it will not. History shows the nation will fall or become imprisoned.

    And we are sitting back nationwide and hoping all of these intrusions will just go away.

    Barry should have been removed the second he infiltrated government into our health care. And the fact is he should have been removed by our military. He should have been removed the second he said he would use executive orders at his whim. And he should be removed now.

    Many will sit back and idly hope it doesn’t get worse. Let me explain what
    I learned about tyranny in my research for my writing. Trying to hope
    tyranny goes away is like hoping a bully stops on the playground. You can hope it stops, hide in the corner or try to negotiate with the
    bully–there is only one way to deal with the bully in the end. You break
    his damn nose.

    In the original conflict between North and South in our own history, it
    didn’t just happen overnight. People grew angry over years and began to utter the words–long before the first shots were fired. And I’m hearing
    those words now. I’m seeing them on these screens.

    And those words are Civil War.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

  • Subie201

    What a joke it is to share your views with your congressman or senator! They haunt you for money, promise you the moon and then turn around and vote as they please…stabbing you in the back! They think we are stupid, but this is going to be an a-ha moment….guess what people, we read how you vote! You don’t think we are paying attention, but we ARE!
    That’s why we love Ted…he listens!

  • Dr. Strangelove

    I’ve heard that 0 clip a few times now and it reminds of what they said repeatedly in rehab, “Everything after but is bull$#!t”.

  • Helen

    We need more conservatives in Congress, they are the only ones who are true to the Constitution of the United States of America. I am so sick of the Rinos who do nothing but feed off the American people. They are no better than the democrats which do the same thing.

  • Rick

    These guys are right , they are saying what We have been thinking ,obama is killing the United States with these frivilous Executive Orders, its like a Rogue insane King.