Ted Cruz to Obama on Syria: Don’t arm those who hate us!

Ted Cruz demonstrated today on the floor, among other things, that one can understand what is going on in Syria without having been in the Situation Room in the White House. In fact he gets it way better than Obama does, at least from my perspective.

Today he gave a 13 minute speech on the floor imploring Obama to not arm those in Syria who hate us, and asked him to explain his current policy on arming the troops.


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  • Army_Pilot1967

    obama wants to ensure that the worst of the worst in Syria takes power!!!!  One might begin to think that Obama is sympathetic to the terrorists that are trying to take over in Syria.  So the US is going to supply billions of dollars to those that side with terrorists that want to create a radical islamic state!!!  What is up with the leader of the Free World????

    • Orangeone

      Army_Pilot1967 He isn’t the leader of the free world. Did you catch, he is a global citizen.  Says it all. Speaker Boehner needs to be removed from office, not just the speakership because he is supporting treason.

      • Orangeone Army_Pilot1967
        @ Orangeone, my disgust for Boehner has just about reached the same level of disgust that I have for Pelosi Galore.

        • MadJack Orangeone Army_Pilot1967  
          Boehner is *suppsoed* to know better… Yet he swims with the sharks willingly and thumbs his nose at us for trying to warn him about it.

    • Army_Pilot1967   “What is up with the leader of the Free World????”

      What is up, is Obama wants to be the leader of the Entire World.

  • Just here imagining what it might be like to have President Cruz!  I hope he stays the course and doesn’t get corrupted by the RINO establishment wing of the R party. 
    Obama out – End of an era, End of an Error!

    • deTocqueville1

      WolfieUSA Cruz will be the Senate majority Leader after 2014 I believe and he will over the next decade restore that institution to its former proper place within the Constitutional framework.

  • amjrsmith

    What about hte UN Treaty Obama would love to sign about coutries dealing in weapons to other counties.  He agrees with this treaty and wants to sign it, but then he wants to do this. Typical Obama, he wants our guns so he wants that treaty, but it would also stop future presidents from doing what he wants to do now.

  • Leading from behind.  That’s what we used to call “following” and “being lead along by the nose”.
    Obama and Michelle sneaked out of the WH one evening to have dinner without all the hassle of the SS being with them.  On their way out a mugger jumped in front of them demanding money.  Obama immediately hid behind his wife.  Now, this even the mugger was surprised and asked “why won’t you be a man, why are you hiding behind your woman’s skirt instead of standing out front defending her?”  Obama replied “I’m leading from behind”.   The mugger put away his knife, gave Michelle a sad look and said “My condolences mrs, it must be hard living with that sad sorry sack of horse puckey excuse of a man.” and walked away.  Michelle grabbed Obama by the hand and said “It’s okay dear, Mommy is here, you can stop sniveling and crying like a baby now, the bad man is gone.” – True story.  😉

    • kong1967

      WolfieUSA  That just isn’t right, lol.  But it pretty much nails it.  This is exactly what Muslim men do.  They use their women and children as shields….literally throwing them in front of bullets.

      • kong1967 WolfieUSA 
        Cowardly dogs the lot of them… With apologies to dogs.

        • kong1967

          WolfieUSA  No doubt.

  • jdbaird

    Okay, here’s a dose of Obamalogic: Give machine guns and rocket launchers to fanatical, extemist, Islamofascists murderers who will likely kill Americans and Israelis with them; take guns away from law abiding US citizens who aren’t harming anyone… shows where his loyalty lies.

  • doofuschmartz

    On the contrary, 70% of the American people are against arming the Syrian rebels, let Bam-Bam arm them and lose even the small fragments of support he does have left..like McLame, and Grahmnesty…America will recover, but the Bamster…not so much…

    • kong1967

      doofuschmartz  Obama won’t lose McCain’s support.  McCain wants to arm the rebels as well.

      • doofuschmartz

        True, but will they still cheerlead for him when they see how much the winds of support have shifted in the other direction? McLame and Grahmnesty are consummate politicians. Their poll numbers and constituents support comes first. They have to run for re-election (I think), Bam-Bam does not…

        • snowshooze

            Well, my buddy said McCain is in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex. 
            And seeing his positions, I tend to agree. It makes sense. 
            He is a hardware salesman.

        • kong1967

          doofuschmartz I think McCain just won his election this last time around?  I’m not sure.  I wish he’d freaking retire already.  You are right, though, that if the poll numbers change it could make those two distance themselves from Obama.  I’m not really sure, though, because McCain is one of the biggest critics of the Tea Party that there are.  He already tells us he doesn’t give a crap what we want government to do (by voting in Tea Party members).

    • stage9

      doofuschmartz Somehow I don’t really think bam-bam really cares what the American people think.

      • doofuschmartz

        True, S9, but he NEEDS their solidarity, especially the LSM who, I suspect, are virulently opposed (except for maybe Tingles, Madcow, and the other MessNBC loons). He will be on his own fighting that battle in Syria, and he will COMPLETELY alienate Russia in the process, not to mention every other sovereign middle east country. Don’t get me wrong, I DO NOT WANT HIM TO ARM THE SYRIAN REBELS, but there is a potential upside. Actually, there may be a win/win situation in both cases come to think of it. If he doesn’t send the arms…he looks like a coward and a waffler to the rest of the world (uh, that small percentage that doesn’t already think he’s a dirtbag, loser, Blowhard).

      • DCGere

        stage9 doofuschmartz Nor does he care what our military personnel think.

  • tsturbo

    Obama IS a Muslim terrorist. Get it? When you do, things will start making sense.

  • OldmanRick

    The brat doesn’t have a clue on how he will arm the bad guys. Soros, CAIR, MB, and Valarie Jarrett haven’t told him what to do.

  • Proudhispanicconservative

    This guy is becoming a great demagogue lol, if you want prove here is a left wing article saying just that http://m.washingtonpost.com/blogs/plum-line/wp/2013/05/30/ted-cruz-is-turning-out-to-be-a-very-effective-demagogue/

    • doofuschmartz

      I don’t think anyone on this website gives a rat’s posterior what the Washington Compost (that’s a euphemism for bullsh**) has to say about Senator Cruz…or anything else for that matter…

    • deTocqueville1

      Proudhispanicconservative That article is pure claptrap. Anyone even remotely familiar with history, global economics and the past and current geopolitical conditions in the middle east and the broader area would be supportive of the views expressed by Cruz.

    • jrenai67

      Proudhispanicconservative Doesn’t one have to be a democrat in order to demagogue…..I think yes.  Cruz is a concerned citizen as we all should be.  And how much support is he getting?  not enough…the world is up side down and being controlled by the devil

  • Jim25

    It’s not just your perspective, unlike Obama and Rubio he doesn’t want the Syrian terrorists armed.

  • Tamikosmom

    Logic dictates that when all is said and done ALL fighting factions of Islam are the enemies of Israel and America.
    Could it be that the Obama’s administration aiding of Libya’s opposition, Egypt’s opposition and Syria’s opposition as well as the appeasing of the followers of Islam in America is all about setting up the Muslim Brotherhood to rule an Islamic world?

  • deTocqueville1

    Cruz is one of the great Senators in the history of the country and may just be recognised in future years as the greatest.

    • doofuschmartz

      I totally agree, Tocque…it’s especially hard to believe considering he lives in the slimepit of Houston…Uhhh, that would be Shejack’s hood…may Almighty God bless and keep Senator Cruz and his family safe, and continue to give him the boldness and wisdom to handle the daunting and thankless job of Statesmanship…In Jesus’ mighty, awesome name…

  • jrenai67

    It seems h e l l is alive and exists on earth.  We can only pray that good will take those evil away from this earth.

  • jrenai67

    God bless the good and hard working and please take those lazy and weak out of power.

  • ScoobaSteve

    Absolutely Amazing!  Cruz impresses me everyday, and has my complete support and respect.

  • Always a Marine

    Cruz is wasting his breath.  The Tyrant wants to arm those who hate us.  He’s doing all he can to weaken America.

  • clubgitmo

    This will turn out like everything else that nobama has touched.