TED CRUZ: Where are the Democrats, journalists, media calling Obama to account for his lawlessness?

What a great interview with Ted Cruz, talking about the lawlessness of this president and asking why are the Democrats, journalists, and media silent on this issue? With the Supreme Court hearing tomorrow the case where Obama unconstitutionally made recess appoints to the Labor Relations board, Cruz says they should be calling Obama to account for disregarding the law. He emphasizes this isn’t a partisan issue, that Republican presidents have also overstepped and it’s crucial for Republicans and Democrats to call them to account when they do.


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  • Don

    Be reasonable. Ratting on your friend’s bad behavior is being snitch.

  • marketcomp

    Ok, who else is even saying this or even challenging the President and the democrat led Senate on this lawlessness? Not Chris Chistie, not Jeb Bush, not Scott Walker, not Karl Rove. Only two: Senator Ted Cruz and Mark Levin, Esq! These two people know the Constitution and can communicate it to the common man like no other. If Chris Christie were President he who do all that Obama is doing to usurped the Constitution and more because he is a progressive like George W. Bush, but worse. Christie would make the Constitution as irrelevant as Obama.

    • Crassus

      The Joisey Slob has already become irrelevant. It’s time for him to head on back to Hoboken.

    • JohnCraven

      You are absolutely right marketcomp! Aside from Ted Cruz and a handful of others in Congress and people like Mark Levin, there are absolutely no other Republicans calling out Nero Obama on his total lawlessness.

      For all intents and purposes, there is no 2nd Party fighting against Nero Obama’s dictatorship and the evil policies of his comrade Marxists in the Democrat Party.

      The leadership in the Big Whigs of the GOP so much desperately want to be liked by the Drive By News Media as is Chris “Krispy Kreme” Christi is (or I should say WAS LIKED by the lamestreams) that they will never find the courage to attack Nero Obama on anything. To them Ted Cruz is the most evil man on the planet.

      So if we don’t have a second party fighting for us and, barring a miracle, we never will in the next millenium, than why not have a new party based on our founding principles and have them fight for us?

      Otherwise, we have to ask ourselves just how deep in the bottom of the barrel we are willing to scrape for a Republican presidential candidate like Christi and still have a shred of decency left in us and a clear conscience that we did all we could to fight the evil that’s engulfing us on all sides.

      John Craven
      New Orleans

      • cattastrophe

        There is a way to take back the Republican party and it’s not rocket science nor is it difficult. Who do you think was responsible for getting Cruz on the ballot over the guy that even Governor Perry endorsed.


      • lawngren
        • JohnCraven

          lawngren, I went to the first website you listed and tried to join the Constitutional Freedom Party at the “Join” button on the webpage. I filled out everything I think I was supposed to fill out and then entered both of the numbers shown at the bottom of the page and I got told that the webpage doesn’t exist.
          I suspect I did something wrong but I haven’t a clue as to what. Thanks though.
          John Craven
          New Orleans

          • lawngren

            Hang tough. I’ll get in touch with the founder of CFP. She’ll get you through the door.

            AmericanDuckie, are you online at the moment?

        • lawngren

          John, AmericanDuckie (CFP founder) is busy at the moment, but she said please email her here:
          [email protected]
          … and she will contact you and get things sorted out.

          • JohnCraven

            Thanks lawngren. As soon as I can I will.
            I probably entered the code in incorrectly or something very simple like that.

            I’m so disgusted with the Republican Party and its Big Whigs that I don’t even think I want to hang around long enough to vote for Robert Maness in the primary here to replace Hillary Landrieu. The Big Whigs have just entered another candidate into the contest to stop Maness like they did Cuccinelli in Virginia.

            On top of that Mark Levin and Sean Hannity and Rush Lmbaugh act like people can stick around long enough and try and take the GOP back – back to what? The days of Ronald Reagan when even Levin and Limbaugh admit the Big Whigs were even then plotting and planning how they could undermine the Gipper.

            We need a party of our own and we need to stop wasting our resources and energy and talent on trying to take a party back that won’t be taken back. The pockets of the Big Whigs are far deeper than ours and they can always wait us out like did with Ronald Reagan who actually wanted to change the name of the party to something else but the Big Whigs convinced him that the Republican establishment couldn’t function if that happen. Sadly he listened to them. But his gut instinct was correct all along.

            We need a party and candidates of our own to run against both the Marxist democrats and the Big Whig republicans and take our nation back and let the other two parties go the way of the Whigs and the Bolsheviks.

            John Craven
            New Orleans

            • lawngren

              I agree completely. I was in college (went back to school at 30yoa) when Reagan was pushing tax cuts. There was such support that even the legendary Tip O’Neill was awed. But when David Stockman, Reagan’s OMB, started to actually make cuts (in spending? taxes? don’t remember now), the dems howled like a pack of frustrated coyotes, and Reagan called Stockman off. I was never so disappointed in a politician in my life. Until much later.

    • ryanomaniac

      What about Mike Lee?

      • pybop

        Nothing wrong with Lee. Or Palin, or Ben Carson. Give us anyone of them…but please…no more RINOs.
        I’d like to see CRUZ and Bill Whittle.

        • lawngren

          Cruz and Whittle would be a terrific combination. A ne “Dynamic Duo”. I should live to see such a good thing.

      • snowshooze

        Cruz-Lee is fine with me.

      • marketcomp

        Yes, Mike Lee also. Sen Cruz and Mark Levin encapsulates the lawlessness across different areas and Sen. Lee tends to concentrate on Obamacare. While it is significant on it’s own other areas, like the democrat led Senate by Harry Reid, also adds to the lawlessness of Obama and his administration.

  • Maureen Prieto

    Ted Cruz 2016. Period.

    • marketcomp

      I second that!

      • Conservative_Hippie

        I third it!

        • gigi0f3

          Do we have a call for the vote? Do we have a quorum?

          • lawngren

            I move we proceed without a quorum … just like the democrat machine did in 2012.

  • Conservative_Hippie

    Cruz’s is right the MSM is criminally silent! The president’s lawlessness is going on trial at the SCOTUS tomorrow for Heaven’s sakes!! If this were a republican president the MSM would already have him drawn and quatered!

    • Steve Angell

      Almost like they were owned by the Presidents Men.

      Wait they are. Obama is but a puppet to the money men who actually run this country.

      • Conservative_Hippie

        Yeah, apparently the wealthiest congressmen are the Democrats. Go figure!

  • snowshooze

    The next time a Republican is elected the Democrat party will sqeal like pigs, fight to bring back the filibuster and de-centralize power.
    Of course by then, there will be a lot more damage.
    I doubt the Republicans will take advantage of the situation.
    The GOP has been reliably spineless.
    It will be all uphill from here.

  • PuritanD71

    Sorry but they are way to busy trying to bury their good ole friend Gov. Christie. Then off to find another R or side scandal to keep us peons distracted and even fight amongst ourselves.

  • Crassus

    Why would the media call Obummer to account? They’re all a bunch of cocaine snorting Marxists just like him.

  • Cruz for Prez.

  • Expecting Democrats, McRINOcrats in Congress, and the MSMedia to hold Obama accountable and responsible for usurpation of unauthorized power, abuse of power against the people of America, unconstitutional, treasonous illegal acts like Benghazi and the IRS targeting of Conservatives, Tea Party Patriots, Christians and Jews, is like expecting Himmler, Goebbels, and the Nazi State media to do the same to Hitler.

    They are complicit with Obama, protect Obama, and reinforce each other within their govt controlled power structure, whether for purely political ideological reasons, and or for politically corrupt selfish greed and lust for power and money reasons, their actions are treasonous against the U.S. Constitution, the Republic of America, thus U.S. National Security, and We the People.

  • John Queue

    They’re all a bunch of corrupted clowns who think they’re above the law…with the exception of a very few, Mr. Cruz to name one. I am very interested in seeing how Roberts’ court rules on these obvious lawless appointments. Gads! We need a convention of the States…better sooner than later!

    • pybop

      The convention of the states is our last hope. The corruption and devastation is unsustainable.

  • PNWShan

    If I were teaching a civics course, I would be stressing over and over the Balance of Powers. We have gone from a Republic to an oligarchy.

  • Exodus2011

    DEO GRATIAS for the staunch voice of truth, and leadership coming from Senator Ted Cruz

    • Sentinel

      I’m captioning this photo as: “Mike and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.

      • Exodus2011

        Americans won’t soon forget the summer of 2013, when Senators Cruz and Lee came out every day fighting to try and stop WE The People being hurt by the implementation of the Obamacare BULLSCHMIDT …

        and then Oct 1st came …. and Cruz and Lee were VINDICATED

        the GOP Establishment even FURTHER discredited than they were before ….

        DEO GRATIAS for the FEW GOOD LEADERS who put PRINCIPLE before Party ….

        • Sentinel

          Spot on.

  • spin43

    They are working for Obama. They depend on government agency ad revenue like GM, GE, Ally Bank, HHS, Dept. of Ed., etc.


    From the president down if laws are broken they need to be held accountable . This is how a dictator starts to destroy a country and it’s laws , and once this happens there no turning back , and I see it in this guy trying to do just that .

  • DINORightMarie

    …..and where are the Republicans, besides noble statesmen like Senator Ted Cruz?

    Too busy “reaching across the aisle” and “compromising” (read: caving to every extortionary demand), trying to make the MSM and Latinos “like” them by offering amnesty and “tweaking” ObamaCare.

    More of Sen. Ted Cruz, please!!!

  • TheoSentrik

    Is my mind playing tricks on me, or does Cruz almost always appear wearing a blue tie? I love it if true. Blue, the “cool” color, used to be associated with Republicans, but (according to GJPinks per another post) one of the networks changed it to red, the “angry”/”danger” color in 1984.

  • Amjean

    I like that Ted Cruz is using the word “lawlessness”. It is a buzz word that will resonate with many.

  • Sentinel

    UGH! He’s absolutely right and I’m livid at Obama’s lawlessness… but I’m sick to think he’ll get away with it yet again. Especially with the damned MSM flying air cover for this despot.

  • phil

    Obama put ideology before his personal history and therefore cares little whether thats a right or wrong move politically, as long as he gets the people that share his views in power to issue regulations that would move the country closer to socialism,

    and the same is with the courts,

  • sjmom

    Its no wonder Ted Cruz is so feared by both parties. He knows and understands the Constitution and is willing to fight to see it upheld.

    • lawngren

      He’s willing to speak plainly to see it upheld. We don’t know yet whether he’s willing to fight.

  • MMinCC

    Watch how the Dyke Sisters and the Wicked Witch come up with some rationale that excuses Obama’s unConstitutional actions.

    • NYGino

      ….and should there be a split vote the Wizard himself will come out from behind the curtain and declare it is really a tax and all’s well in OZ.

      • MMinCC

        OOH Roberts twisting the Constitution to declare ObamaCare Constitutional was infuriating but he did say that the SC was under no obligation to protect us from how we vote.

        Now had the SC declared ObamaCare unConstitutional, the REgressives would have a rallying cry about heartless conservatives-instead allowing it to precede has shown all but the sycophants just how badly government has screwed the pooch.

        And it’s reflecting on a century of REgressive failure so just call me Mr Silver Lining.

        • Ray Brown

          The NSA has something on Roberts

  • Josh

    45 Republican Senators. One (Cruz) or two (Lee) willing to call the president a law-breaker. 235 Republican Representatives. Only a handful of those are willing to speak out. Wow. We should be swamped with interviews of Congressmen and women calling for Obama’s impeachment. Instead, there are a few videos a month that “imply” that the president may be “over-reaching”.

  • physicsnut

    listening to Brian Lehrer . Now, isn’t it a bit odd that NPR gets public money to talk politically about using public money for political activity. So, they do it too – supposedly disguised as discussion about current events. It seems just as orchestrated over the past few weeks as anything Christie’s people were orchestrating !

    • NYGino

      Hypocrisy laced with irony.

  • lawngren

    OK, Senator. You’ve laid the foundation by calling him lawless at least twice publicly. If the Supremes support this evil “president” today –

    – will you call for his, and their, immediate removal from office?
    – will you stop talking and get whatever help you need to actually accomplish that?

    It’s not just “troubling” that obama ignores the law. It’s terrifying that he and federal agencies have done this and continue to do this. Especially that they continue to do this without opposition. Incidentally, Senator Cruz, aside from yourself and Senator Lee, where are the rinos – excuse me, republicans – who also and more than the dems ought to be screeching and screaming at the top of their lungs until the menace of boama and marxism is REMOVED?

    We are living under the rule of a tyrant who hates us. He is destroying this nation so fast it’s breathtaking. There is almost no time left to jerk his muslim / marxist rear out of office and into a remote, isolated, VERY SECURE jail cell pending trial for treason. That, IMO, is the only thing that will possibly, for at least a little while, stop the slide of America into anarchy and then total tyranny.

  • ivan

    The answer is they are all hiding in his pocket.


    I stand with Cruz completely. He’s going to be an outstanding president.

  • bittman

    The media is too busy covering up for Obama in all of the Obama scandals — Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, NSA spying, and THE BIGGEST SCANDAL OF ALL. — OBAMACARE.

  • Why is the Media complicit? Is Leftist indoctrination in our government education system so prevalent and been going on for so long that we have the current GroupThink that allows the media to think that they are doing what is right by covering up for Barry?

  • The man is brilliant, and oh-so dead-on.


    Where are the journalists , that’s a joke right .

  • Interesting…

    Ted Cruz Hires Top Aide Fired by House Conservatives a Month Ago

    “Sen. Ted Cruz loves to stick his finger in the GOP establishment’s
    eye, and he did so again on Monday, hiring a top Republican operative
    who was fired just last month by House conservatives for [allegedly] leaking
    internal talks to outside groups.

    Cruz announced that Paul Teller, who had spent a decade as the executive
    director of the Republican Study Committee, the powerful group of
    leading House conservatives, will be his new deputy chief of staff.”