[VIDEO] Terrorists slip across the border all the time…

There’s evidence that thousands of people from countries tied to terrorism have slipped into the U.S. unnoticed:

(via BlazeTV)

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  • Bill in Tennessee

    Put me in charge of the 1st Marine Division and deploy  us to these border places, let me set the rules of engagement, and we will clear up this little problem in a week.   Oh…and no UCMJ or “war crimes” prosecutions, for we will be taking no prisoners.  See if obama takes me up on  that offer… I know he’s listening.

  • PVG

    Tweet this link to congress! Secure the border PERIOD!!

  • billma40



  • Tamikosmom

    Allen West gets it when it!
    LTC Allen West on Illegal Immigration

  • Bill in Tennessee

    I also wonder how many of these terrorists come here and get EBT cards and welfare?  Or are we not allowed to ask questions like that?

  • Stehekin912

    Not allowed to ask…just to pay for it

  • Scolded for the Truth

    And they wonder why we want (no, NEED) our 2nd Amendment rights!

  • RichardDrakos

    I saw this last night and it was amazing. Beck/The Blaze are really making headwinds as a network and I hope they continue to grow as they are one of the few places to get stories like this.

  • stage9

    Why can’t residents along the border secretly mine the border with trip wires? Wouldn’t that solve our problem?

  • The Sentinel

    This is war.

  • stage9

    “Why are (our politicians) afraid to tell the truth?”
    Well, either because they’re gutless cowards, OR they’re complicit.
    Either way, they need to have their butts thrown out of office!

  • The Sentinel

    Bill in Tennessee 
    I said it before… round them up, load them up on a C-130 and drop them far out to sea from about 20,000 ft.
    And no… Obama is NOT listening. Not to Americans.

  • The Sentinel

    Bill in Tennessee 
    I said it before… round them up, load them up on a C-130 and drop them far out to sea from about 20,000 ft.
    And no… Obama is NOT listening. Not to Americans.

  • stage9

    Bill in Tennessee If they’re a terrorist, that’s the LEAST of our problems.

  • stage9

    Bill in Tennessee If they’re a terrorist, that’s the LEAST of our problems.

  • stage9

    billma40 Do you know what the problem is here? Our political class loves to impose laws but they’re too darn lazy and good for nothing to follow up and research just what their laws are/are not doing. The look on the Congressman’s face said it all. He had never even KNOWN that that beacon station was there!
    Do you really think Peter King gives a CRAP about the border? I don’t think so…

  • K-Bob

    Maybe a bounty would help.  It worked with wolves. (With apologies to famouswolf and wolfie.)

  • l5j6f7

    Open borders…….Repubs just as much to blame as Dems.   More, more, more…..we must have MORE immigrants?   With a real unemployment rate of about 11%, tell me why?

  • Working this stuff into an article now. It’s been happening for a long time and big sis nap even admitted it a couple of years ago, yet they still want open borders.

  • PVG Problem is they know about it already. THis one is from last year.  http://cnsnews.com/news/article/napolitano-terrorists-enter-us-mexico-time-time

  • K-Bob

    If you’ve been feeling like you’ve just about had enough…
    Check out http://www.threepercenter.org/read.php?4,8 of a term I first saw today, then visit http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2013/09/larwyns-linx-were-about-done-asking.html in Doug Ross’ “Larwyn’s Links” section.
    It’s really hard to disagree with the guy.

  • kong1967

    Not one of us didn’t know this already.  Now if the stupid politicians would do something about it.

  • K-Bob Am I allowed to say OORAH! now?!  Cause I just yelled it out loud.

  • K-Bob

    AmericanborninCanada K-Bob 
    After watching the bikes roll the other day, that’s the way I feel, for sure.
    Antebellum times, for certain.

  • K-Bob AmericanborninCanada Just let me get through the rest of my C. process and I am SO there!!

  • njmom

    Knowing Obama he already has plans to give them amnesty.

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    Hate to break it to you, but this has been going on for quite some time.  Every so often, this gets brought up and someone makes a big deal about it, but the southern US border remains a big joke.

  • E Lee Zimmerman

    njmom Once Putin okays it.

  • K-Bob

    E Lee Zimmerman This gets covered here quite a bit.

  • K-Bob

    AmericanborninCanada Check the update in my comment.
    We need a right-side clearing house to double-vet all activism sites and groups.  It might help with this kind of infighting.
    But still the notion is well-supported.  We are running out of peacetime here in America.

  • NJK

    Obama and the left, and some on the right have pretty much advertised that they aren’t protecting the border, so of course it’s happening.  They’ve forgotten 9/11.

  • K-Bob AmericanborninCanada On our CFP facebook page, we’re trying to work with other groups for the same goals we are. Gotta watch because libs have tried to get on there- so far so good, our moderators are the best of Scoopers who know 😉  But I agree. We need to double vet everyone. Infighting should NOT be happening when so much is at stake.
    Right now, our group is small, but we are getting louder, and no one can criticize because we don’t take any donations yet. Everyone needs to check everything before sending money. I’d expect people to do the same to us when we get to that point.
    Thank you K-Bob!

  • kong1967

    K-Bob E Lee Zimmerman  Yeah, but next to nowhere else.

  • lawngreen

    K-Bob  Thanks, K-Bob.

  • lawngreen

    AmericanborninCanada K-Bob ABiC, if you’re not finished when the time comes, you’ll be declared one by the real Americans. Count on it, sister.

  • lawngreen AmericanborninCanada K-Bob I love you guys!! 🙂 TY lawngreen!!

  • lawngreen

    The Sentinel That’s no joke and no exaggeration. Had a very reserved, cautious non-activist attorney visit my business location yesterday. We engaged in small talk very briefly as he waited for an associate, and twice he made the remark, “Lock and load!” as we discussed social events.

  • TexasPGRRider

    Thanks TONS for postin` This One, Scoop ! ! !  Since B.O. took office, this has gotten Way Outta Control. There`s also a problem with turbin cowboys who come here to train at our military bases, and tend to “disappear”….

  • The Sentinel

    lawngreen The Sentinel  
    Very interesting…
    Thanks for sharing that.

  • Laurel A

    Of course there are thousands here that are affiliated with terrorism. Why else do you think all of the spying by alphabet agencies?! This is job security for alphabet agencies as well as a win/win for politicians. They get to pander to Big Business and get cheap labor subsidized by you, as well as have something to campaign on and get their campaign coffers filled!

  • K-Bob

    Speaking of Beck, tonight’s “Glenn Beck Show” (the 5pm televised show) was one of the best, ever. Beck announced that his movie studio was working on some things, and he had in studio the producer of Schindler’s List and Jurassic Park, who made movies in the studio Glenn bought.  Also, he announced two guys who are partnering with the “Liberty Treehouse” show with Raj Nair, where they educate kids via the film-making process.  It was fascinating, and I could tell they were doing really well bringing in kids who would otherwise do poorly in school.
    We’re winning, folks.

  • spin43

    We are no longer a sovereign country. This is part of the Regime’s fundamental transformation.

    • 12grace

      G-d help and protect us.

  • ryanomaniac

    Wait till we have a terrorist attack and people find out they came across the southern border. Duh!! We’ve been saying that for decades now! Its our governments sovereign duty to protect Americans and they have failed miserably. Tarred and feathered they should be while we light the way with torches and spur them on with pitchforks.

    • 12grace

      It seems we are in more danger from our government that the other terrorist.

    • Stop the Magnet


  • clubgitmo

    I have said this for years. One day we are going to wake up and an entire US will be gone and then the real finger pointing will begin.

    • 12grace

      Yes, this is the frustration many of us have with the “useful idiots”. Those of us that love G-d, America and believe in our Constitution have been fighting with these people/ government that don’t understand what Fascism really in like, etc.

      When the idiots find out first hand what it is like, we will all be made to suffer.

    • 12grace


  • bobforthis

    Why does our Government allow this to happen.

    • Marilyn Stern

      Good question. And then our government gives them housing, food stamps, medical care, education, etc. etc. all on the tax payer dime.

    • 12grace

      2013 Barrack Obama – False Oath – Enemy Within Destroying the U.S


  • 12grace

    Have they slipped by or has the gov’t intentionally let them in in hopes of igniting the jihad?

    Many blessings to the Jewish people and Israel as they participate in one of their most somber dedications to G-d of the bible. Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from Yom Kippur in periodically taking stock of our lives and making sure we are right with G-d.

  • 57thunderbird

    Does this actually come as a surprise to anybody?

  • NPC

    Government, why is this stupidity allowed to continue? We know what the problems are, and we continue to let it go on, Does our government and our leaders have this much hate for this country? have you no family to worry about? let alone, What about upholding the United States Constitution, that you swore to uphold? What is your aim and obsession? are you really the liars we make you out to be? would any uninvited guest be this welcomed if they just walked onto your property? , or found a bunch of these ‘guests’ helping themselves to the frig’ and the rest of the house? And maybe be confronted by them, if you showed them your disapproval for their unwanted entry.? Have you no shame at all? You want the citizens to do it for you? With your o k? Maybe the citizens should do it without your o k, and maybe make a sweep through DC, on the way there. Yes I am P..sed, to say the least. What gives you all the right to threat all the citizens of this country like fools? You don’t think of us as fools when you come begging for our support and our money.
    I’ve had it, I can’t take too much more of this anymore. and I’m sure there are millions more that feel this way. While we’re talking, let’s throw in voter I D as well.
    Everything my parent taught me, plus a few decades of life’s experiences and ton’s of common sense, you are trying to nullify?. No I’m not crazy, just mad as hell.
    It’s like Reagan said, ‘The Government is the problem’. how true.
    You owe this country a precise and clear answer as to why these borders can not, or will not, be shut down. We’ve listened to enough double talk from you.

  • sallyjohanna

    It was expected..and that is the crime. What else could be expected when our borders and security have virtually been erased by the hand of our own government! God help us!