The Daily Show thrashes how the government’s handled Obamacare rollout…

The Daily Show really goes full bore into the Obamacare website rollout failure and how it’s being spun by it’s advocates:

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  • stage9

    YEAH, BUT…BUT…BUT….WHY would you “shut down the government” to try and stop ObamaCare?? It’s such a GREAT and efficient PROGRAM! It’s ObooHoo’s SIGNATURE accomplishment! It epitomizes the height of progressive accomplishment in our age!


    • sDee


      All of America’s grand Socialist Control Programs are disguised and whitewashed by the media.

      EPA Sucks
      Department of (dependent) Energy Sucks
      Commerce Department Sucks
      Consumer “Protection” Agency Sucks
      SEC Sucks
      Interior Department Sucks
      HUD Sucks
      IRS Sucks
      Department of (regulated) Transporation Sucks
      TSA Sucks
      DHS Sucks
      Department of (re)Education Sucks BIG TIME

      Problem is no one is measuring them or holding them accountable. So they continue to suck our wealth, rights and freedoms. In that regard they are highly successful.

      • Lady_Penguin

        They’re not accountable. They have almost total control of all working arms of the government, mainly the DOJ. There isn’t any Rule of Law anymore – except for what the fascists determine it to be. That’s how WWll ultimately happened; read about Hitler’s takeover of Germany in the 1930’s. Where it all began…

        • timerunnersc

          history does repeat itself, if we’re to careful not to stand against the history of despots.

      • PicklePlants

        Remember the question posed during one of the Republican presidential primary debates? Which Washington agency would you close/shut down? I think you have a fine list right here, sDee.

      • $73426719

        Put brilliantly yet again. You need your own blog.

        • timerunnersc

          sounds like a plan!

      • timerunnersc

        Right On!

        and by the way, Please don’t listen to pushtheredbutton an move away for your on Blog!…. We need an love you here!

        (Just kidding you both about the blog mentioned by pushtheredbutton) ((-:

  • Marridge

    It won’t be fixed any time soon. And even if it does, which it won’t, it is going to bankrupt everybody.

  • CalledUntoLiberty

    He forgot that of the 10% who could sign up, 95% of them saw their premiums skyrocket!

    To quote Metallica:

    Then it comes to be that the soothing light
    At the end of your tunnel
    It’s just a freight train comin your way

    • Marridge

      What do you mean, the premiums skyrocket of the 95% of the 10% that actually did sign up? EVERYONE is seeing their premiums go through the roof! The entire middle class is screwed!

      • CalledUntoLiberty

        Yeah, nearly everyone’s rate went up, but what I was saying that even if you could get through that trainwreck of a website, you would find out you’ll be paying more under Obamacare than if nothing had been done at all.

      • Guest

        I know. My deductible went from $1,000 to $10,000. My employer has done what he can by adding supplemental insurance that pays a portion of that cost but still…Thanks Obama. Now I can rest easy knowing I am funding an undocumented democrat so that we can all be happy. What a crock o….*INTERCEPTED AND CENSORED BY THE INTERNAL REDISTRIBUTION SERVICE*

  • PhillyCon

    But according to Jon Stewart, the government is so great!

    • trytothink

      A few web site glitches gave him a joke, not a break with his utopian mastermind ideology.

  • lawngren

    I know Jon Stewart is a feverish liberal, but I love watching him when he trashes the Left or some Leftist. It’s hilarious! Thanks, Scoop!

    • trytothink

      Sadly, he barely scratches the surface at what’s wrong with the ACA and the ideology that spawned it.

      All he did was make fun because they were having trouble with their web site. He still fundamentally agrees that government should control more of our lives and give out more freebies.

      • lawngren

        Yes, it’s all comedy, and Stewart is a true believer in Liberalism. But it’s still fun to watch. If he got serious, he wouldn’t be fun any more, and fun is what gives him an audience.

  • Eddie_Baby

    So the Tea Party is going to look bad for fighting to prevent this train wreck? I don’t think so.

    • giveususfree

      Now their spinning that because Conservatives in some states fought against setting up state exchanges, and of course because of the shutdown, it’s the Tea Party’s fault that things aern’t working now. “They screwed up the timeline for implementation, you see!” And the despicable lowlife media will rinse and repeat that crap. So now we’re back to our origional problem, the Lib media. They’ll make sure alot of people blame the Tea Party.

      • SemperWhy

        I kid you not, I had a lefty tell me that the federal exchange website isn’t working because “it was more popular with the states than expected so they had a bigger job ahead of them.”

        • trytothink

          That’s like Chucky Schmucky’s spin in the video. Oh, it’s so popular.

          That’s like claiming that the exits are “popular” when the movie theater is on fire.

          They lied and told everyone it would be cheap or free health insurance. Then, those jerks threatened everyone with penalties enforced by the little darth vaders at the IRS for anyone who didn’t go to their precious web site.

          Now because they’ve forced all the lambs in for the slaughter in their baited traps, they claim popularity.

    • Julie Hanratty-Jacobs

      At the end of the day….the Left have committed political suicide not accepting the “gift” the Republicans try to hand them with delaying this horror for another year…as each day go forward…the public is becoming more angry as they find out the “truths” in this bill.

      I see the Tea Party coming in strong for 2014!!

  • $73426719

    Yeah but he supports a single payer system. So his criticisms are from a totally worthless standpoint ultimately. Sigh.

  • Guest

    Who in their right mind could think government could or even should be responsible for something as sacred as your personal healthcare is beyond me. Add to that putting the IRS in charge of enforcing the law?

    We are in bizzaro world. Come, Lord Jesus, come.

  • mike3e4r7

    He really rails into the Obamacare rollout, but I missed the part where he criticizes Obama. Did you edit that part out scoop? How can there not be any criticism of Obama in all this? Hmm,… puzzling. Oh wait, no it’s not.

    • trytothink

      The sad thing is that liberals will point at this as an example of Stewart’s even handedness. Here we are almost 4 years after we all knew that Obamacare was going to be a disaster and this cutting edge comedian finally managed to start poking fun over it.

  • Conservator1

    There’s one thing Stewart left out in his mocking analysis of Obama playing salesmen-in-chief.

    Do you recall the women directly behind Obama who was pregnant woman and has Type 1 diabetes? She was a prop on the stage for Obama’s bull. Her name is Karmel Allison. But more important, she hasn’t signed up for anything. Evidently, if you told the WH you like having an option to enroll in ObamaCare, that got you a spot directly behind King Barack.

    “…Allison was at the White House Monday because she is a potential beneficiary of the Affordable Care Act. She hasn’t decided yet if she will switch insurance plans, but she likes having the ability to do so…”

    Meet Karmel Allison, The Woman Who Fainted Behind President Obama Today – October 21, 2013

  • IronDioPriest

    Yuk it up Stewart. You’re one of the reasons we have this sonofab*tch in the White House.

    And left anyone gloat too hard with the schadenfreude of watching Stewart “turn” on his people, note one thing: He doesn’t say a WORD about the true debacle we are witnessing, as millions of people are losing their health coverage, or being told they must purchase a different plan that they cannot afford; as millions more are losing their jobs, or having their hours cut; as companies all across the country are responding out of self-preservation to the perverse market incentives of Obamacare.

    This whole failed website rollout is, in my opinion, a calculated distraction, meant to keep our eyes (and Jon Stewart’s apparently) off the true evil being wreaked by this law.

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    • IronDioPriest

      *Supposed to say “lest anyone” not “left anyone”

  • badbadlibs

    This full blown idiot wants the country to be further blue and further run by imbecile democrats.
    Stewart has a severe case of; “you can’t fix that level of STUPID”!

  • Sentinel

    Wrong John. This country is poised to turn redder than Elmo bathing in a tub of ketchup.

    • John Morris

      And do what? Obamacare was and is the game. Repeal is not a viable option, defund was a non-starter and we couldn’t even manage delay.

      We have exactly one option and no desire to exercise it. By the rules our enemy has given us they win and we lose. We either accept that or we kick over the table. By 2017 it will be far too late for anything but to be the tax collector for the welfare state and finish establishing single payer in a futile effort to contain the cost. Which won’t work.

      And if we were willing to write new rules; control of the House, which we already have, is more than enough.

      • Sentinel

        I get your point. I’m optimistically expecting a major victory in Nov. 2014 and then expect 2016 to go our way too. I appreciate your frustration – I share it. But there are a vocal few conservatives who are now DOING something about (finally) and gaining momentum. Hang in there my friend and pray. I think things are going to seriously start turning around… Obamacare in particular will see to that.

  • snowshooze

    It doesn’t matter a bit if the roll-out is a wreck. They have their law, and all else are merely details.

    They can and will take as long as they wish, spend as much as they want and do what-ever else they please at this point, and so they are.

    They won. They got what they want and all else is purely academic at this point.
    Until we gather the spine to pull it apart.. we are stuck.

  • Larry Jackson

    And this jerk is an Obama supporter! FYI, Obama S U C K S!